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Mayurians Forever-#154-We r ready for Arti Mis

-Raman- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:41am | IP Logged

*Do check members list*

*No-one vil be allowed other than those

in the list*


1)No member can invite a friend who is not common to other memberz

2)All members have to check whether this rule is being followed in their presence rather than being lenient

!!*Mayurians Forever 153*!!

Well, I still remember the day when I thought to make some CC where I can interact with my sweetest Mayurian Friends. I asked out for this to all my friends that time on some MN topic in mjht forum, though we were off the tangent in that post, discussing abt CC, but thank God we weren't reported nor that topic got closed.ROFLROFL

Me, Fari, Nidzy, Tapoor, Mahi decided to open this CC and I included all the names of the people I knew that time, slowly many new members came and became a part and should i say integral part of CC. Becoz it was not an invites only CC.
It was great fun.
Full of masti, Drooling, discussing abt MN, more discussion abt MN and some more discussion abt MN. *sigh* Those certainly were golden Days.
I can never forget those days, few of best days of my Life.Day Dreaming

And Now i feel proud to say that its one of the most famous CC of the Chat Club Forum
stalkers love to Visit our CC.ROFL
I can't believe we are this much Famous.ROFL

Now this CC has many members along with the Orignal Members who started this CC.

What is the Cause of this CC?
What is that which binds all of us?
What is that becoz of whic we our MFians?
Who are the people who chemistry is unbeatable?
Who are the characters that we can't help but stare at them?
Who are the two characters who have become a part of our lives?
Who are Two characters whose insane fans' second home is this CC?
Who are the persons, whose crazy fans just can't stop talking about them?
After all
Who They are?

They are none other than our 
who are our
MAYURDay Dreaming

Mayank and Nupur, to say just two fictional characters, but have become a part of our life.
We all crazy MFians, speak Mayur, talk Mayur, think Mayur, Dream Mayur.
Infact Mayur are our life and we all are their CRAZY PROUD FANS.
We MFians can't bear anyone saying even a word against MN.
We MFians are such a team who reach everywhere for bhajaofying the band of bashers.ROFL
We MFians are STARS. Koi Shak???WinkLOL

Mayank and Nupur
A beautiful, mesmerizing, stunning, hot, sizzling, magical couple having
A most enchanting, fascinating, eternal Love Story ever.
Truely defining the OPPOSITE ATTRACTS

and the people who gave us MAYUR
whose even name bring a huge smile on our visagesWho are the best actors of entertainment industry
Who are the most humble, polite, naughty, sweet, gorgeous, amazing, hardworking, dedicated, and honest persons
And who are in LOVE with each other and hide this from us.ROFL
our very own
ARJUN and RATIDay Dreaming

We all MFians, all Mayurians can't thank them enough for giving us our JAAN Mayur.

All in all we all are Crazy Mayurians and ArTians, and feel immense Proud to be called as
Mayurian and ArTian.

Wowwwww Its seems like some Dream, Finally our MN are Back. Day Dreaming
Our Nupur is back
We have won
We have get back our MN in our Lives.
Again that drooling is back

Life seems so beautiful now. Embarrassed

We The MFians

It seems so simple a siggie but never any siggie have took this much time as it took.
If i missed any member, then i am really sorry. But i tried my best to add all people abt whom's selected celebrity i got to know.


A VM Specially Made For The MayUrians
This is a little tribute to our CC & the moments we have spent together.Also defines who we are and how we set ourselves apart from the rest in the most Unique way possible.
Sanam has done an amazing job and i am in love with this VM. Sanu Its just FABULOUS.Star

Direct link for VM:-

100th CC Celebrations MFians - Jane Kyun Dil Janta Hai

Made By: Sanam

My Special Thanks to Faria, Nidzy, Tapoor, Mahi who are my Partners and helped me in opening this CC for all crazy Mayurians and ArTians.


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-Raman- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:42am | IP Logged

Members (MFians)

Rabi (

Nidzy (mayurarti)

Faria (faria70)

Mahak (Mahaklovesmayur)

Tapoor (Tapoor)

Mariyam aka Mari (Mari-ARtian)

Hina (Sunshine girl)

Sanam (PehliNazar)

Shamsa (-Arjunlicious-)

Nidz (Nidzcole_ArTi)

Sonia (Luv.MayUrArTi)

Afshaa (Afshaanfreen)

Aneesha (theaneesha1992)

Lina (rkmnsg)

Nikki (dmgmjht4ever)

Bhavna (Bhavana)

Ayesha (Ayesha.Ization)

Komal (KomaliciousXOMN)

Daania (-Daania-)

Mahima (MjhtFan_Mahima)

Maria (gr8_mms)

Pebo (..pebo..)

Pia (dmg1_mjht)

Maham (pinkvic.selena)

Reema (reema_ arti)

Supriya (-SupriyaluvsMN-)

Sushmi (susmiluvesamyur)

Maria (maria-soniarti)

 Fahi (Pagli91)

Vinu (Wind)

Stuti (stuti123 )

Pallabi (palz_ArTi4ever )

Swati (swati05)

Sonal (Mystique)

Raman (luvmayur_raman)

Yamini (Yamini.Arjun)

Varsha (-krazyria-) 

 Annie (annie07) 
  Divya (myownarea) 
   Debo (debolinaroy08)


-Raman- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 September 2009
Posts: 4066

Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:43am | IP Logged

MFians Introduction and Thoughts

Name: Rabia 
Nick Name: Rabi 
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 26 September
Little bit abt u: I m I m 18 yr old, I love to be here in IF. I love my family more then anything in the world n after that Mayur. I am just crazy about them. Btw i am a very simple girl. I am a very boring kind of person, not at all good in making new friends. I live my life according to my rules. Stupid rules, i must say. LOL and i love all my friends......
things u like: I love Mayur, for them I watch mjht. And i really like those people who love Mayur. And i love choclates, teady bears, fast food, and ice cream. I love soft music and songs. I love to watch movies of my favourite stars.
things u dislike: I hate lairs, hypocrites, And those person who said a word against Mayur.
Ur any creativity:hmm my Three ff. Of course not good ones. jusk ok types,even may be lower than ok..hehehe....1-U Are Mine and 2- Mera Intazar Karna 3- Tum Mere Kaun ho? and Siggies....... Wink


Name: Nida
Nick Name: Nidzy
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 21st july
Little bit abt u:Im Alwayz cool & bindaas
things u like: making friends,adoring mayur playing basket ball,writing
things u dislike: Back biting , dishonesty,EXAMS
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc) ;FF's Love unconfessed ,Nafrat se mohabbat,Tum miley,Real Life Love Arti ,Mayur Married


Name: Faria
Nick Name: Faria
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 22nd December
Little bit abt u: I m faria from Bangladesh. I loved my family, frnds a lot. Loved I-F and the most important thing is that I love my mayur. I m a crazy mayurian./artian.
things u like: Reading novel, mayur ff and watching mjht specially mayur sequences.
things u dislike: Dishonesty, fraudulence .
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): My ff ' desert love


Name: Mahak
Nick Name: Mahi, angel, etc...
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 3rd march, 1993
Little bit abt u: i am a total shy type of girl.....who wont be able to start a conversation.....but i make friends very easily......i have a passion for writing and singing.....
things u like: i am passionate abt writing......
things u dislike: lies......i simply hate lies......dishonesty.......back biting.....
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): life in a movie [mayur ff], arrange marriage [mayur ff], my gallery of short stories [ismein kaafi stories kihi hain], my one shot gallery [ismein many shots are over]


Name: Tapoor
Nick Name: Tapoor
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 16th janu
Little bit abt u: i m so simple 
things u like: dream
things u dislike: hypocrisy 
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc) ff hote hote pyaar hogaya. a day like today, beete lamhe hame jab bhi yaad ate hai


Name: Mariam Ghaffar
Nick Name: Maria
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 8 sep
Little bit abt u: i m a tudent of masterz,m from pakistan,i m a huge fan of arti/mayur,i love mjht,my family n my frendz
things u like: chocklates,flowers,reading ffs,love to watch movies,listen music,msging on cell fone.. 
things u dislike: liers,greedy peoples,terrorizm
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): nope

Sunshine Girl

Name: Hina
Nick Name: No nicks 4 me.....
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 19 dec,1988
Little bit abt u:M a reserved kinda person...all my freinds say b4 they know me they thought that my attitude was too much to handle but once they saw the real me their opinion changed....Nd i love I-F .......Ive got to visit the site once a day no matter wat???
things u like: Computer,college,food,outings,shopping,gifts,birthdays...........the list goes on
things u dislike: overconfident self praising people,people who think that no1 except 4 them exists in this world,power cuts,people who dont even think before insulting someone directly or indirectly.......
Ur any creativity:Have started working on it....My OS Silence That Spoke Volume

Name: Sanam C.
Nick name: Sanu, Sana, Sani, anam, ana...
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 2nd October
little bit abt u: hmm abt me well just ask me! I'm an open book! i dare you to read me.
things u like: hmm i luvv my friends, also i like to read mystery stories Nancy drew my fave.. I also like to write bt not so good at it! another passion has to be listening to music!
things u dislike: hmm pet peeves! disrespectful ppl, two faced ppl and the list goes on...i'm sure u don't want me to continue!
ur any creativity: hmm i have written many ffz /short stories also i like to make vmz & my current crave is for making siggies!

ArTiToTheEnd Old Username Now (-Arjunlicious-)

Name: Shamsa
Nick Name: Sam-Sammy-Shimi-Shamzy
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 14th-Oct-1989
Little bit abt u:I've Finished my furthers studies at college in web design development

things u like: i like watching tv , serfing on the internet , playing football
things u dislike: eating foods......... 
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc) Vm Just one in MayUr pic's.........


Name: Shreya
Nick Name: Shreyu
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 5-10-1987
Little bit abt u: I am a computer engineer, and die-hard Mayurian. I love reading novels, Mayur FF, OS and watching MJHT
things u like: I like many things, such as books, VMs created by Aisho(KaranPatelLover), Nidhi(hgrhr), etc, etc. I like my PC so much. I can't live without it for many days. 
things u dislike: I dislike the pranks or jokes that can hurt others' feelings.
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): FF: Ek ladki thi diwani si (Completed, but I am thinking to edit that on Valentine for special part if you all would like to read), Milenge kabhi hum tum


Name: Lina
Nick Name: Linu, Chatter box, Limi, Desi Girl, Leena, Lolipop, ect.
Age: 13
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u: Well I live in USA, in Florida, in Miami, ove dancing, I want to become a dancer or teacher, love little kids, they are soooo adorible. Ranbir Kapoor, gosh I loveeeee him, and also my SRK and Shahid Kapoor, and more than anyone in the world, I love Mayur. They are my cutiepies. No one can ever reach to them, have 2 little sisters, annoying, but love them, love mummy and daddy, lol. I am in 8th grade, want to go to high school......
things u like: Chocolate, Dancing, Swimming, Playing, Singing.....
things u dislike: Lies, Cheat, when someone say anything bad about Mayur! Can't stand it!
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc)


Name: Nidheya Suresh
Nick Name: Nidz/Nidzy/Nid/Mrs. Cole Sprouse/Cruella
Age: 16 (will turn 17 on 2nd August)
Date of Birth: 2nd August
Little bit abt u: I live in Hyderabad. I'm a loud and talkative girl. I'm very histrionic and dramatic. I'm totally filmy and always lives in my own dreamland. I'm angered very easily and I react too fast, but when I cool down I start thinking I'm a big feminist and I love Cole Sprouse
things u like: Reading, Writing, MJHT, Laptop, Cell Phone, Talking.
things u dislike: Silence (except during sleeping time), chauvinistic attitude, guys who think they are the best, arrogance from men (we women are WAY better), fraudulence, cruelty, women abuse.
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): Since I want to be a writer that is what I consider myself best at. I've written too many MayUr/MJHT FFs to pen them down here.
But I have my VM shop "Nidzy's Vidding Joint" and my siggie/avi shop "Magical Designs".


Nickname:I dont have any but sometimes my friends call me Sonu,soni....
Date of Birth: 1996
Little bit abt u: Im cool , fun, loveing,nice,i love to make friends,caring.and im Crazy but ArTi/MayUr
things u like:I Like MAYUR & ArTi i actually LOVE them,I love my friends they are soo sweet,funny,I like to watch MJHT Mayur i like to watch sbs sbb TT about ArTi
things u dislike:I hate liars,people that hurt other people,i hate bugs,spiders,insects crawly things
ur any creativity:I created PMs (Photo Mixes) , not good at writing FFs,Im good with Vms but havent made any Yet


Name: Aneesha
Nick Name: none (but here they call me cuvil)
Age: 18
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u:I luv to make friends and basically better for good
people and worse for bad
things u like: making friends, , dancing , music, IFing, adoring mayur/ arti
things u dislike: egoistic people, hypocrisy


Name: Bhavana
Nick Name: Bhavz/Bhavu/Bhavi/anything else my friends wud like 2 call me!
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 26/11/1992
Little bit abt u: hmm....i'm a bit crazy & a bit confused gal! i'm actually quite an introvert....but with my close ones, i never stop chattering! A die-hard fan of MJHT & MayUr!
things u like: hanging out/chatting with friends, music, watching TV & last but not least, browsing I-F!
things u dislike: studies[na jaane kis mahaan aatma ne yeh concept shuru kiya!], baingan!
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc)- writing! but i wanna learn making siggies & VMs too!


Name: Nidhi Patel
Nick Name: Nikki/Niks
Age: 13
Date of Birth:February 24th!
Little bit abt u: I live in the USA, a 7th grader who likes shopping and having fun w/ friends
things u like: Chocolate, cake, MJHT!
things u dislike: Liars, morons who try to act cool
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): I'm okay at making ffs, siggies and vms. I'm good at poetry


Name: sehrish
Nick Name: Sesh or sehr
Age: 18
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u: I am a medical student.loves to read novel i am angry person but nyc for fndz and to bubbly and funloving
things u like: I like many things, such as romantic books, VMs on mayur etc. I love my pc too much and spend quality tym with it.. I can't live without it for a single day even and i am a music freak. 
things u dislike: i dislike liers the people who lie or hurts me i hate thmm
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): FF: os on mayur, ss :kabhi alwida na kehna,and twoo ff
do dil ek jaan and death cant defeat love


Name: Ayesha
Nick Name: Aye, Ayeshu, Choti Bheem, Ash, Ashi etc.
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 21st December
Little bit abt u: I am a 10th grader. I am funny, nice to people who are nice to me and I love fighting!I love teasing people and talking. I love pulling other people's legs, specially my brother's.
things u like: i like reading, watching TV, chatting, I LOVE my laptop, and yes MayUr 
things u dislike: I hate studing and remaining silent
ur any creativity(ffs, siggies, VMs etc): Only VMs.. Otherwise I am useless


Name:Komal Yadav A.K.A Toshi yadav.....
Nick Name: komz,komzie,tosh,KSBK,moto,sweetu etc........
Age: 14+
Date of Birth: 29th november
Little bit abt u: Well i'm a full on bindass girl.......I love my family more than any thing....then come my friends and Mayur.........I dont believe in love in really life..i think it just waste of time but in case of Mayur love is everything............Bcoz Mayur makes everything Magical......I'm good at making friends...Yeah the most important thnig i'm a moody person and a little short temepered.
things u like: i like making new friends,i love to adore my mayur and watch their special moments again and again.......writing,reading and listening songs!!!
things u dislike: People who are rude,dishonest.....and those who backstab others...
ur any creativity (ffs, siggys or VMs): Well my field is only ff and siggies...No vm......

Daania (Dee.Mayur_Arti and now -Daania-)

Name: Daania
Nick Name: Dani, Danu or Dee
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 29th march
A Little bit about u: I am a 12th grade Pre-med student (hate it ). I am basically a simple person who is extraordinary in her own way. I like making friends, meeting people and talking. I like to live in my own world and have a fierce imagination (man, the stories I cook up ). A bit short tempered but I realize soon if I am at fault but seldom apologize. Too much of a Feminist, say something demeaning about women and I'll break your face.

Things u like: reading, Writing, Listening to music, Internet, Laptop, Cell phone, Kittens and puppies, in short the trivial things of life.

Things u dislike: Bad grammar, wrong pronunciations, awkwardness and silence, male chauvinists, Arrogance, Violence and Abuse against women, Liars, Frauds, Cheaters, Bad breath, Fake people.

Ur any creativity: Well I guess I am the most useless around here because I haven't done anything......Yet.


Name: Mahima Garg
Nick name: Nups and Mahi
Age: 16
Date of Birth:
things u like: one word mjht
things u dislike: nothing as such
ur any creativity: i edit pics, make avatars, make vms, write ffs
my mayur ff- reason to live
my mayur ss- roller coaster of love
my mjht(mayur, benia, sajan, suraj ff)- come fall in love
my and pebo's mayur ff- dangerous love


Name: Nayab
Nick Name: Fiza
Age: 16
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u: im sensitive but still luv having fun wid near and dear ones
things u like: reading, cricket, surfing IF
things u dislike: EXAMS, liars, coakroaches
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc) ;FF's mayur pyaar ka angel and OS on mayanks bday


Name: Fahima
Nick name: Fahi, Fahimz, Fahimzy, Fahimster 
Age: 18
Date of Birth:
little bit abt u: Hmm well i am fun-loving and bubbly, love to have a laugh and make others laugh... i love my family more than anything... love Bollywood films and love listening to hindi music.. 
things u like: Watching films... and listening to music Oh and of course... Mayur. 
things u dislike: Racism, Hypocrisy
ur any creativity: Just a couple of OS on Abhi-Nikki (nothing on Mayur... yet)


Nick Name:i have so many nicks like momi,chichi,mms,sweeto,mimi,momo n many more
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u:im frdly type of a person who love to chat wid frds but i dont like lairs..
things u like:watching tv,sleeping,eating n chating wid frds on net/cel
things u dislike:i hate lairs
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc):none


Name: Priyal
Nick Name: Pebo , piyu ,priyu , pagal , joker , sweetypie ....................................
Age: 14
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u:im a very talkative person and give very sarcastic comments but i even enter tain ppl when they r sad, living in mumbai, india and a very bubbly frnd as most of my frnds tell me
things u like: i love chocolates. entertaining ppl, reading ff and listening to songs
things u dislike:i hate studying specially physics , when ppls showw off , extra attitude and when ppl backbite abt me
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc)yeah my 2 ff's "because i really love you , Nupur" and now Mayur ss : the rock stars


Name: pia
Nick Name: pia 
Age: 16
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u:i'm bubbly,funny,mad about dmg&mjht!
things u like:dmg&mjht
things u dislike:nothing.... 
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc):no!


Name: maham shah
Nick Name: selena
Age: 17
Date of Birth:
Little bit abt u: well hi m maham frpm peshwar pakistan m biggest fan of mayur selena gomez and dsiney show and i love to reading books
things u like: Reading novel, 
things u dislike: fake things
ur any creativity: ff, siggies, vm etc

Name: Reema
Nick Name:Reemu,Reemz ,Riya
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 10th sept 1994
Little bit abt u:i'm from mumbai but study in my family and frends especially IFians...
things u like: food,tv,music
things u dislike: liars...
Ur any creativity:i'm not at all creative..


Name: Supriya (Earlier mjhtmayurluver & Now -SupriyaluvsMN-)
Nick Name: Supi, Supz, Supri, Ria, Priya..
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 19 Dec 1986
Little bit abt u: Sweet, Talkative, Carin, Luvin, A True Friend 4 Lyf & Crazy Mayurian/ ArTian
things u like: Reading, Singing, Talking, Making Friends, Watchin Mayur again & Again...
things u dislike: Dishonesty, Lies, Cheating
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): Still havent tried anything... may will start makin Siggies soon!!!


Name: - stuti ......
Nick Name: stutu .......
Date of Birth: 24th october 
Little bit abt u: i am a mad person actually really mad abt mayur/ArTi .........and my stay here at the forum nd our cc has made me even more mad lol.........

things u like: - there is a loooooooooooooooo g list .......
things u dislike--------- loooooooooog list ..........
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc):


Name: Maria
Nick Name:Mari
Date of Birth:Oct 8th 
Little bit abt u:i m Maria from Pakistan.i loved my family more than anythinh else in the world.i m crazy Mayurian/Artian.
things u dislike:I like poetry,dancing music and watching mjht specially Mayur scenes.
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc):i write poems

Name: Pallabhi

Nick Name: Swatz
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 2nd May
Little bit abt u: I am swati and I am from lucknow. I am absolutely crazy abt MN and ArTi. I am an introvert by nature and very possessive abt my family and friends.  
things u like: reading, listening to music, IFing LOL 
things u dislike: BEWC LOL, dishonest people, hypocrites
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): I love making MN and ArTi VMs Embarrassed

Name: Vinu

Nick Name: Vinu
Date of Birth: 30Th March
Little bit abt u: 
things u like:reading ,writing etc
things u dislike: hypocratesLOL
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc): ff's -Zindagi mjht ff, Life partner mayur ff, khwabon ke rishte mayur ff

Name: Sonal

Name: Raman

Name: Raman Preet
Nick Name: Reema
Date of Birth:19 dec
Little bit abt u: im MCA very lazy in doing anything...I love CHEESE,I love my friends MayUr/ArTi a a die-hard MayUrian..i can do anything for my special friends & for my ArTi...i am fun chatting with addicted to facebook & these two places
things u like: Paneer, watching television, my pc, collecting pictures(ArTi), love chemistry, sometimes i love to study my course books but usually i never opened them, love examssss
things u dislike:I don't like reading,cheaters,liars
ur any creativity: (ff, siggies, or vm etc):siggies but all r very weird


Name: Yamini
Nick Name: Yams, Yamzie, Yammzo, Mrs.B ROFL
Age: 25
Date of Birth: Nov 6th
Little bit abt u: im friendly, down to earth, understanding, arrogant & sarcastic at times, straightforward and i can be a real meanie to my enemies..ROFL
things u like: I love music and singing, i love food and i love baking! LOL


Nick Name: 
Age: 18...soon going to be 19
Date of Birth: 
6th August 1991
Little bit abt u:  
I'm 18years old....n i'm from India. I'm a very shy....reserved kind of girl. I love making friends but i feel very shy to start a convo on my own. But once...if someone becomes my friends.... i do lots of chat..bak-bak with her. I love my family. I'm a die-hard crazy paagal lattoo LOL Mayur/ArTi fan. I can express my feelings better by writing than by speaking.

things u like:  I like painting, listening music, watching mayur/arti.... reading, writing, chatting n most imporatantly day-dreaming.... about mayur/arti
-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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congos.. every1!Party

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congrats to all
hmm...ab bol Supi........well mujhe hamesha di ki yaad aati hai Madhuri ko dekh kar...thats y I love Madhuri too....

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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aww..dis Article.. is soo good na!TongueDay Dreaming

Rati and Arjun exposed

Tellychakkar met up with good pals Rati Pandey and Arjun Bijlani on the sets of Miley Jab Hum Tum. This vivacious pair seemed to be upbeat with life and their show. Their chemistry and friendship was obvious when they divulged details about each other. But are they only good friends or is there something cooking between them? You decide.

A light hearted banter with Rati and Arjun.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you met each other for the first time?

Rati: I knew him even before we started working together for Miley Jab'We had met two years ago through a common friend at a party. At that time, I did not really think much about him.

Arjun: But there must have been some thought that came to your mind. I know it would have been something good. So please tell what you thought of me.

Rati: Someone is eager to hear praise but that is not coming in.

Arjun: When I first saw Rati, I felt that she is a nice sweet girl and when I came to know that I will be playing a role opposite her, I felt that it will be fun working with her.

What is the equation that you share with each other?

Arjun: We feel very comfortable with each other. Not every one is comfortable with their co-actors but we are. As actors, many a times we have to do scenes where there is a physical proximity and girls generally feel uncomfortable in such scenes. For example, there were lifts in the salsa dance sequence and she was feeling totally comfortable because we share a great comfort level with each other. I am lucky to have a friend cum co-star in her.

Rati: Thank you for saying that. I too have to say that we share a good friendship and comfort level.

How different are the two of you from your characters Nupur and Mayank?

Arjun: I am quite the opposite of Mayank. I was not at all studious when I was in college whereas Mayank is too studious. Mayank is not even interested in love whereas that is not the case with me. I totally believe in love. I think love is the most beautiful moment that we all go through. You know something? The best part about love is to love.

I hope someday I get a chance to play a character that is similar to me. The only similarity that I share with Mayank is that both of us are good at dancing.

Rati: Like Nupur I too am very bubbly but unlike her I am not ignorant. I love the character that I am playing as it is so very similar to me in real life. I am also getting to do something different as the role I am playing is unlike from what I played in my previous serial Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai.

One thing about him/her that you don't like?

Rati: He does a lot of wrestling with me on the sets. His hands and legs are always on the go which I completely hate. But he is really a sweet guy.

Arjun: She is nice but she gets hyper and extra sensitive at times. She gets upset with me about minor things and I have to try hard to change her mood. Whenever she gets upset I have to plead for atleast 30 minutes before she relents. Another thing that I don't like about her is that she applies too much of make-up.

Rati: He is lying. I hate wearing too much make-up.

Can you name one song that suits him/her the best?

Rati: Bachna Ae Haseeno' Now I don't have to tell you why as the song says it all.

Arjun: Khuda Jaane' from the film Bachna Ae Haseeno as it is her favorite song. This song always reminds me of her as she likes this song and I have heard this song very often with her.

One thing that many people don't know about him/ her?

Rati: That girls need to be cautious of him (laughs). I am only kidding. I can't think of any such thing. Arjun you tell me what is that one thing about you that many people generally don't know?

Arjun: People generally don't know that I am extremely short tempered. Not many people know that she is very sensitive. She appears to be a fun loving, chirpy and a loud but she is very sensitive. As I mentioned earlier, she gets hurt with even minor issues.

Do you guys have fights and disagreements?

Rati: Yes, as actors we often have disagreements related to work but nothing major. We sort out our differences by mutual understanding. For instance, if we are having a difference of opinion pertaining to a particular dialogue, we would talk it out with each other and with the director and sort it out.

Arjun: It is the level of understanding that helps solve our disagreements.

The cutest thing about him/her?

Rati: It is his smile. He has a broad and cute smile. When I see his smile my anger vanishes.

Arjun: I love her nose. I rub my finger on her nose during the shoots and her make-up gets wiped on my finger.

Rati: Oh my God! Are you are teasing me about my nose? I will have to get a plastic surgery done now.

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swati05 IF-Sizzlerz

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congo shongo gals   Party

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Arey nahi na....... khali wish se tu kaam nahi chalta na....... I just wished u Birthday in advance wo bhi rokhi sokhi.......... ROFL 

Hey Raman!!! Hug when was ur Birthday, i guess i missed it too......... Ermm
btw congo on new thread!!! Party 154th man!!! wowwwwwww 

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