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NEW COMBO FF=) ~*Mohabbatein*~CH12 ON PG 14 (Page 9)

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Hey guys Kashish here
ok important note: wont be updating tomorrow- family gathering at one of my cousins house and i cnt write cause we'll have this huge gathering and sleepova thing. Anyways im sorry.
so as i gift i present...............
TWO UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes guys and i have tried to put all three jodis and thats why its really long. By the way i suck at romantic scenes so please forgive me. and here's the update

Precap: Shaan gets the shock of his life when cupid strikes him. LOL

Chapter Seven

Its 5am in the morning and for the first time in khurana history, Mr shaan Khurana had woken up and taken a shower early in the morning. He was infact packing now when his phone rang.

Shaan: Hello

Agent: Mr Shaan aapke tickets thayar hai aap bas airport jaakar check in karsakthe hai. Flight ek gante main hai.

Shaan: thanx . He puts the phone down and begins to write a letter to put next to Prithvi's bed as he is the only one who will be able to manao Maan.

Prithvi bhaiya, before you say anything, I know I shouldn't have done this but school trip tha and I couldnt miss it, plus Agra, you know how girls get all romantic near the Taj Mahal. Acha Acha promise I wont do anything silly, khana khaoga time pe and ill be good. Promise ill be good. Acha im going now and will answer all ur questions when I get back. See ya and please bhaiya, Maan bhaiya ko samhalena. Love you bhaiya. You're the best

Reading this Prithvi got out of bed and went to the bathroom to have a shower.

He comes out to talk to Maan and knows he is in the study. Maan wohhh…and he tells him and then

Maan: wohh ladka apni zimadariya kabhi nahi udayega. Main thak gaya hoon use samjhathe ki kal ko agar mujhe kuch hogaya tu tumhe aur daadima ko uski zaroorat hogi aur thab..

Prithvi: Maan. Maan! Kya hogaya hai tumhe. Wooh zimadariya samajayega. Aur tumhe kya horahahe jo hame tumhare siva kisi aur ki zaroorat hongi. Aur Shaan ne kiya hi kya hai, sirf ek school trip pet ho gaya hai, kuch galath nahin kiya usne. Kya hame uske wajar se kabhi bhi kisise sharamandigi udhani padhi hai yeh police station janaa padha hai. Aur maan main hoon na Daadima ke liye. Kya main unka putha nahi hoon? Maan knew he had hit a soft spot and he didn't even think it like that

(English translation of above: Maan! Wats happening to you. He knows his responsibilities and wats happening to you that we'll need Shaan to take care of us. Ans what has Shaan done, its just a school trip, we've never had to apologise or go to the police station because of him. And maan I am here for daadima if something happens, aint I her grandson as well)

Maan: prithvi maine , mera yeh matlab nahi tha. Prithvi looked down. Mere bhai tum jante hoon ki Daadima ka sabse pyaara betha tum hoon aur hamesha rahuge. They hugged. Prithvi smiled. He hated emotions and stuff so he walked off to retain his dignity and ego

He walked past the temple and stopped. Praying- maine koi acha kaam hi kiya honga jo mujhe yeh parivaar mila. Thank you.

He went to his car and drove to his office and stepped out. The peon came running to tell him that someone from GE was here to see him. Prithvi thinking it was Geet Gujral went to meet the girl that had left his brother in awe. He wanted congratulate her. He smiled and walked inside . His heart fluttered but why? Seeing her it explained. There she was standing in a beautiful salwar with hardly any makeup but looking stunning and her attitude still showed while her mouth was shut. Damini looked at Prithvi with shocked eyes. She was sure that Maan was going to receive her and it explained why she felt that tug in her heart before turning around.

Prithvi: Miss Damini Gujral how may I help you?

Damini: Mr saxena I wasn't expecting you infact mujhe is company ke CEO se milna tha not an employee. She smirked knowing it would hurt his prestige.

Prithvi felt the insult and saw her smirk and smirked back: FYI miss damini, A CEO is an employee of this business and yes you are talking to the CEO of this business.

Damini: but Mr MSK isn't he the CEO. Impressed by his reply. She could tell he was hardworking and treated everyone equally . This one of the things she valued in people and one of the things that most people lacked.

Prithvi: incase you haven't noticed, KS constructions. Oops my bad- Khurana and SAXENA Constructions is a joint company with two CEOs.

Damini: oh! Truly shocked but didn't let it show. Well I want to talk to MSK ?

Prithvi was hurt and he had no idea why. Umm he's not here but I thought you wanted to talk to the CEO and Im standing in front of you. And I have ' he looked at his watch' 5 minutes. Shoot!

Damini: she was angry now. Miss damini Gujral ko 5 minutes boltha hai. : well I dnt want to talk to you. And she walked towards her car which was across the road. As she was crossing, A car came zooming towards her and Prithvi saw that. His heart stopped beating and he shouted: DAMINI!

He rushed and pushed her out of the way. They rolled on the grass for sometime and came to a stop with Prithvi on top of Damini holding her waist tight so close he could seal her rosy lips with a kiss and that's what he wanted to do. He was so close that he could sense her breaths comin and going and her eyes became a mirror to her emotions, she was scared. He held her more tightly reassuring her it was alright, he was there. Damini in return seized his shirt pulling him a little closer.

Maam aap thik to hai. (stupid people abhi disturb karna tha) both snapped out of it and got up and looked the other way. Oh god this was awkward.

Damini: Yeah im fine.

Peon: Aur sir aap?

Prithvi: yeah im fine a little pissed off at him to disturb the moment. Hold on Prithvi what the hell is wrong with you. You wanted to kiss..looks damini up and down..her. Ughhh you have better standards. He now turned around to talk to the peon. Call the police and tell them

Damini: par kyon?

Prithvi: Ms Gujral if you haven't noticed the accident was meant for you and it wasn't even an accident, it was on purpose. Noone drives over 50km/hr near our office- there's speed cameras. I suggest you be careful someone is trying to kill you.  As soon as that dawned on both of them they both were scared. Prithvi was scared of losing Damini and Damini was scared for her family. Ummm ill drive you home.

Damini: No its fine. Ill manage.

Prithvi: Stop being stubborn. Ill drive you home and drop ur car off later.

Damini: how do you know that I don't have a driver.

Prithvi: youre an independent girl, u wouldn't have a driver

Damini was shocked and happy that he had noticed and Prithvi was embarrassed that he knew so much about her already.

Back in Agra-

Shaan had landed in Agra and was know looking at the Taj Mahal. He was flirty but he did know its importance.

Kashish : and guess who else was there guys

Khanak walked with her friends. Guys hum yahan kya karehe. Taj Mahal tu main roz dekhthi hoon tho tum log mujhe yahan kyun laye hai.

Priya(Khanak's friend): Khanak do you remember how you had to give me a treat.

Khanak: hain par yahan

Priya: tumhe ek dare karna padega

Khank: Kya? Ok but kya karna padega

Priya looked around and spotted Shaan ; Woh jo chikna hai na -use pareshan karna padega

Khanak: bechara itni achi si sight seeing kar raha hai and then she stops seeing Shaan flirt with this other girl. Ohhh. Ise tu mazaa chakana hi padega.


Maan moved closer to Geet scanning her every feature, slowly tracing her face with his fingers only gently as Geet put her hand on his shoulders, She slowly pushed him away and tried to walk away when he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Her heartbeat was pumping abnormally. He  moved closer, this timer not intenting to tace her face with his finger but his lips. He first kissed her forehead, then her eyes, her cheeks, her nose and as he moved away to see her quivering lips, he moved closer. Whys he taking so much time. Geet seized his shirt and pulled him closer, encouraging Maan. Maan put his lips on hers and held her waist pulling her closer as Geet put her hand in his hair, pulling herself closer and and and…..

Geet jumped out of bed and Maan jumped out of his chair in his study room(LOLOLOLOLOL)

Maan: yeh mujhe kya hogaya, Geet!

Geet: Yeh dusht dhanav ab tujhe sone bhi nahi detha. Sigh

They were both sweating.

Chapter Eight

Shaan: after flirting with god knows who was starting to walk off when he saw the most beautiful girl. Not the most prettiest but the most beautiful girl walk towards him smiling. Her innocence was present on her cute face and he felt his heart flutter for the first time. He came and and stood in front of him and next thing, he walked a step and tripped. She had tripped him.

Oooh Yeah
Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Shaadi Ki Degar Na Jaaye Magar
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Khanak was dancing around Shaan and finally Shaan decides to walk of but Khank catches up(just imagine Rani Mukerjee's dance moves on Khanak

Andher Se Chahe Kuch Bhi Ho Yeh Khanak pulls down the zipper of his jacket
Adha Magar Hai Heero Wali  She moves her hand towards his collar putting it up
Din Raat Kitaabein Parthe Hai Yeh
Ladki Ki Tasweero Wali
Kahin Jeevan Mela Oye Shava
Par Shaadi Jamela Oye Shava
she was walking around him
Darwaza Inhe Dikhlaon Zara She pushes Shaan down
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
She runs and stops and does the dance actions

Gore Gore Yeh Chore
Gore Gore Yeh Chore
Shaadi Ki Jo Baat Karo To she gets garland from somewhere

Budi Yeh Haalat Karthe Hai Achcha Mmm
Bin Shaadi Sang Rehne Ki Yeh
Badi Waqalat Karte Hai 
She is tryin to put on him but he dogdes and finally get him and pulls him with it
Har Ladki Pyaari Oye Shava
Bin Zimivari Oye Shava She stands on a chair and acts like she is protesting

Laila Ke Bina Yeh Majhnu Bane and then jumps infront of Shaan

Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore 
She does the action again with the her friends doing it too

Jab Yeh Budhe Ho Jayenge She gets a stick and hits him every time she says a line
Kaans Kaans Ke Reh Jayenge
Kande Par Koi Haath Na Hoga
Hum Dum Koi Saath Na Hoga
Tokar Kayenge Oye Shava
She pushes him again
Phir Pachtayenge Oye Shava
Tab Yaad Inne Aayenge Hum
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Chore
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore  
She continues to do her dance steps
Yeh Ishq Ishq Chilaatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai
Oooh Yeah
Shaadi Ki Degar Na Jaaye Magar
Yeh Gore Gore Se Chore -6
She stops and looks at Shaan and feels something and they have a eyelock

Finally the giggles of her friends make her snap out of it. Khanak: ek dare tha I hope you don't mind and then she walks off and stops hearing someone sing and turns around

Shaan: Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Khanak is shocked and her jaw drops and she composes herself and runs her hand in her hand
Pyaar Usse Bhi Hai Magar Shuruaat Tumhi Se Chahe
Khudh Mein Ulji Ulji Hai Par Bhaalo Ko Suljaayein
She quickly takes her hand away
I Mean You' re All The Same Yaar
Hum Achche Dost Hai Par Uss Nazar Se Tumko Dekha Nahin
Woh Sab To Teek Hai Par Uss Barein Mein Maine Socha Nahin
She tries to walk away but he grabs her hand and they feel something and Shaan pulls her close
Sab Se Alag Hai Tum Yeh Keh Ke Paas Tumhaare Aaye
Aur Kuch Din Mein Tum Mein Alag Sa Kuch Bhi Na Usko Paiye He lets go of her

Uff Yeh Kaisi Shirt Pehnthe Ho he touches his shirt
Yeh Kaise Bhaal Khatathe Ho he runs his hand through his hair
Ghaadi Tehz Chalathe Ho pulls his keys out
Tum Jaldi Mein Kyo Khaathe Ho
Gimme A Break he gives his famous smirk

Tumhe Badalne Ko Paas Woh Aati Hai
Tumhe Mitaane Ko Chaal Bichati Hai
Baaton Baaton Mein Tumhe Pasathi Hai
Pehle Hasathi Hai€ Phir Bada Rulaati Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti imagine Saif's actions on our apna Shaan

Khanaktries walk away but he grabs her again and she has had enough , he had messed with Khanak Gujral, she pulls her hand out and points her finger at him

Eh Itna Hi Khudh Se Khush Ho To Peeche Kyon Aate Ho
Phool Kabhi To Hazar Thofein Akhir Kyon Laaten Ho she walks away
addressing one of her friends
Apna Naam Nahin Bataya Aapne
Coffee Peene Chalenge
Main Aapko Ghar Chod Doon
Phir Kab Milenge

Bikhra Bikhra Be Matlab Sa Toota Phoota Jeena
Aur Kehte Ho Alag Se Hai Hum Taan Ke Apna Seena

Bheega Tolya Kahin Farsh Pe
Toothpaste Ka Dakhan Kahin
Kal Ke Mauze Ulat Ke Pehne
Waqt Ka Khuch Bhi Hosh Nahi
She continues to walk away while Shaan follows her Then stops and addrersses Shaan
Jeena Ka Tumko Dang Sikhlati Hai
Tumhe Jaanwar Se Insaan Banaati Hai
Uske Bina Ek Pal Rehna Sakhoge Tum
Usko Pata Hai Yeh Keh Na Sakhoge Tum
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Theyre sitting on bench and Shaan is chucking grass at her and slowly moves towards her and she moves backwards
Jaane Kaun Kaun Se Din Woh TumkoYaad Dilaayein
Pyaar Ko Chahe Bhool Bhi Jaayein
Taareeqein Na Bhoolayein
First March Ko Nazar Milaayee
Chaar April Ko Main Milne Aayee
Ikees May Ko Tumne Chuwa Tha
Che June Mujhe Kuch Hua Tha
Finally she pushes himaway and walks off.
Ladko Ka Kya Hai Kissi Bhi Mor Pe Woh Mur Jaayein
Abhi Kissi Ke Hai Abhi Kissi Aur Se Woh Jud Jaayein

Tumhaare Mummy Daddy Ghar Par Nahin Hai
Great€ Main Aaa Jaon?
Tumhaari Friend Akeli Ghar Jaa Rahi Hai
Bechari€ Main Chod Aaon
Shaan comes to her and sings like he is talking to her
Ek Haan Kehne Ko Kitna Dehlati Hai
Thak Jaate Hai Hum Woh Jee Behlati Hai
She stops and goes emotional looking at the Taj Mahal
Woh Sharmati Hai Kabhi Chupati Hai
Ladki Jo Haan Kehde Usse Nibhati Hai
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti and then turns around and attitude
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Na Na Na€
she walks around him making him dizzy
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti (Ladki Kyon€ Oh God)
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti (Na Na Na Na, Oh God Shut Up€)
Alright Alright Iss Mein Jagadne Ki Kya Baat Hai Yaar
Pehle Pehle Bawarein Jaise Aas Paas Mand Rai (Arre€ But I)
Phir Busy Hoon Kehkar Tumko Woh Tarkai (Come On )
Samjha Karo Darling Aaj Bohat Kaam (Arre€ Meri Bhi To Suno)
Door Hua To Kya Dil Mein Tumhaara Naam Hai (Oh€ wow)
Jiss Chehre Par Marte Hai Woh Boring Ho Jaaye (I' m Not Listening To You)
Kuch Hi Din Mein Nazrein Inki Idhar Udhar Mand Rai (I' m Not Listening To You)
Sirf Pyaar Se Zindagi Nahin Chalti (OK I' m Not With Her)
Tum Interior Decoration Ka Course Kyon Nahin Karti.

She stops and looks at him.

Shaan: hey it was joke afterall Shaan Khurana ke saath panga liya tha

Khanak: and afterall mujhse panga liya tha. First tho flirt karthe hai aur upar se attitude amazing. She turns too walk away

Shaan: Are naam to batate jao

Khanak: Itne smart hoon tho khud pata lagalo . Just then Priya calls from the side. Chal Khanak! Khanak looks down and thinks to herself yeh priya bhi abhi mera naam lena tha

Shaan smirked: Khanak, nice. Khanak turned to go. Shaan: Khanak, hum hai rahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte. He smiles (hai!)

Khanak turned: kabhi kabhi SRK ke dialogues chodke aapne original use kara karo. And she walks away

Precap: Shantanu finds Yashvardhan finally and enters his house while Khanak is coming downstairs. Will Shaan find out that Khanak is YG's daughter? Keep reading to find out.

SO did you guys like ur XMAS gift. Big smileLOL Have a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS. and enjoyyyy.. see ya guys in a couple of days.
THANK YOU and please leave comments coz i love themBig smile

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loved them dear.... they were superb

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awesome loved it
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Awesome yaar
Double updates!!!
Loved them both...
LOL Maan and Geet were dreaming of a kiss already!Badmaash kahi ke!
Thanks for the updates
Love you
Merry Christmas!!
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o's awesome..tumne to do do song seq. daal diya...luv shanak...

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loved it ..awsome one ...
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wow loved both the parts but who wants to kill damini
really loved maaneet dream,prida romance and shanak dance
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nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

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