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NEW COMBO FF=) ~*Mohabbatein*~CH12 ON PG 14

kashish_s2 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
Hey Kashish here and im presenting to you a combo FF with all my fav Star One couples. LOL Dont worry there's just three and its not that confusing. While we all know that PRIDA(prithvi & damini of LNMDJ fame), MAANEET(maan & geet of GHSP fame) and SHANAK (shantanu and khanak of RBO fame) have set their own standards, i started t imagine what kind of standards and limits would be broken if we bring them together and i immediately got to work to produce this FF. It was posted on the three forums and i got response back and that really encouraged me . however it took a lot of effort to post on three forums so i used FanFiction Forum as a platform where member from all three forums can access it. Ok now to the story-


s2 By Kashish s2

So what do you you get when you put Prida maaneet and Shanak together -
you get :
Maan and Shaan means honour
prithvi(earth) and damini(lightning) means nature
Geet and khanak means music
so putting them together and the names of their shows together i came with a tag name for this story
*Love is the honourable nature of music*
~Ek rang badalti, geet se saji, anokhi jodi aur unki khoobsurat, hairat bhari kahaani~
Chapter One:

It was a bright morning in Delhi and a breakfast table was all set with servants walking around it trying to make it perfect. Perfect? Of course it had to be perfect it was Khurana/ Saxena Mansion afterall. Everything about the Khurana's was perfect, ethical and right. Nothing went a miss. From a perfect and thriving business to a perfect family. But ofcourse nothing is perfect and same was the case for the Khurana family. Whilst the whole world looked upto them, Mrs Savitri Devi asked her God everyday what she had done to get the grandsons she had got. Yes she was proud of them but unlike other people, there were no solutions to their faults. She had three grandsons, one that was so focused and upto work that he didn't even seem to know that girls existed, the other was so serious and tough that he absolutely hated nonsense, which seemed to be present in every girl for him, therefore he disliked the girl species all together and the odd one out, her youngest grandson was just immature. Yes immature, girls seem to be just a mean to flirt and have fun not fall in love and marry. There was her destiny. No daughter-in-laws and no great grandchildren. But she couldn't blame them either, brought up without parents, they had an immense amount of pressure on them. She finally let out a sigh thinking all that and came down the stairs and sat down on the breakfast table and to her surprise no one was there!


Over in Agra, The Gujral Haveli was echoing with sounds of ladies quickly preparing breakfast in the kitchen as their boss was an early riser. Then they finally heard it, the heavy footsteps of Mr Yashvardhan Gujral descend down the stairs and proceed towards the mandir and bow his head. He finally came towards the lady standing near the breakfast table. She was Aaima, who had looked after his daughters for as long as they remember. Their mother had passed away at an early age , leaving him with three daughters whom he loves to death. All three were amazingly different. His first child was tough and lets say kinda tomboyish and never let him feel the need of a son while the second one was mature and composed and the third one was his princess being the youngest ofcourse. He just waited and dreaded the day of their Bidaai. On one side, his promises to his wife, Jayshri Gujral would be accomplished of giving them a future but on the other hand he would miss them and the haveli would become so silent and widowed without them. Thinking all this, he turned towards Aaima- hamari betiyaan kahan hai?

Chapter Two

Savitri Devi turned to look at Nakul . "Hamare puthe kahan hai. Ek tho hamesha hi late rehtha hai par baaki du, who toh hamesha hi jalti udhjate hai."

Nakul looked at Savitri Devi with confusion with which one to start with. When Savitri Devi spoke, she liked quick answers. "Maan kahan hai?"

Rocking music starts and scene changes to the study which is covered with files. His hands moved quick filtering through files signing them and moving to the computer checking his mails and the documents on his laptop and turning to the wall to search for other files. All these while, only his mascular body wearing a short sleeved shirt with a waistcoat is shown. His hand adorning a watch switches to pick up a file and opens to read it when his phone buzzes and his face is shown. Maan Singh Khurana with a stern face receives his call and walks down towards the breakfast table while talking to his client.

Another servant, Ramu walks towards Maan and stops. Seeing him quiet and standing still he speaks, "Nashte mein sir aap?"

To which Maan replies, "Bricks aur bhalo(sand)

Ramu is confused, "Ji sir?"  Maan: "masbhut(tough) hona zaroori hai, yeh masbhut karte hai"

Ramu nods but still stands there thinking of where to get bricks and sand for Maan sir to eat and how to make it edible. Maan finally gets off the phone and looks at Ramu with questioning eyes.

Ramu: sir aap bhalo aur bricks khalenge yah unme masala aur sauce dalo

Maan looks at Ramu with a W*H face: Ramu yeh tum kya kehraho- bread finish hogaya jo mujhe bricks khawana chahthe hoon.

Ramu: par sir maine abhi poocha ki aap kya khayenge aur aap ne yeh jawab diya.

Maan: rolls his eyes- main phone pe tha. Slightly screaming

Rolling his eyes again he leaves

Moving back to Savitri Devi: Oh tho who study main hain aur Prithvi?

Scene changes to the stable where Prithvi Saxena is seen riding a horse- his muscles and posture are shown and finally his face with awesome music. He gives a killing look. Now you must be wondering why its Maan Singh Khurana and Prithvi Saxena. Well Maan and Prithvi aren't really brother but their fathers were best friends and if they had a son and daughter they would get them married but unfortunately they had two sons which became really good friends. Their fathers died when they were jst 19/20 and that's when Maan and Prithvi took over the joint business, Maan/Saxena Constructions. Maan however is the CEO as he is a few months older. The two families lived in the same house and Maan's mother treated Prithvi as her own because his parents were divorced. Prithvi soon became the son of the family and him not being a part of it had become impossible. No one spoke of prithvi not being blood related. He was one of Savitri Devi's grandsons and that was final. Prithvi was tough and a no nonsense type person. He hated fake girls and doubted if he ever was going to fall in love especially with someone in Delhi.

Scene changes to Savitri Devi ' tho who stables main hai- who hi thu ek jagaa hai jaha who ladkiyan bardhast kartha hai. Nods her head. Aur hamere sabjade Shaan?

Scene changes to the bedroom where a boy wearing a red vest is shown. Om Mangalam is playing the background and we are slowly transported to his dream where he is flirting with a girl. She slowly turns around over the bar and then turns back to him with a garland in her hands- the song pauses at will u marry me and we see a shocked face of shaan. He jumps up from his bed.

"kya shaan? Kya dream tha. Completely dara diya. He was taking long breaths. He turns to look at the time.

"oh crap, im late." He rushes to the bathroom

Shaan and Maan were brothers- afterall the names rhymed. He was outgoing and flirty but kept his limits. He knew the morals that his dadi had taught him, and he wasn't keen on disappointing his brothers ever. They were the world to him.

Scene shifts to Savitri Devi- " woh tho abhi thak sorahe honge right? Nakul nods

"good morning Dadi" Maan says coming from the study which is downstairs, fidgeting with his phone.

Next ' "good morning Daadi" Prithvi enters from outside, wiping his hands

And finally- "good morning Daadi" Shaan rushes downstairs from upstairs in a rush, buttoning up his shirt and combing his hands through his hair.

Savitri Devi sighs as she watches the three go to their seats and start to talk.

Precap- introduction of the girls

Chapter Three

Ok so guys lets shift to Agra to see what the girls are upto. Who am I? oh sorry im the narrator of this bakwas story, Kashish and im going to add spice to this romantic story with my side thoughts. Lol. Ok enough of my pak pak- let's get on with the story

Yashvardhan Gujral was a strict person with high expectations with people he conversed with, however he loved his daughters and became younger with them . Itna bhi kadush and sado nahi tha but we all know that the boys are going to have a hard time sitting with him and talking about marriage. LOL

Anyways- Hamare bethiyaan kahan hai?

Aaima: who tho? Tryin to figure out to do and say. She was an elegant lady with strict morals which she passed onto the daughters of this family but she seemed to save them from any trouble including scolds from Yash sab. He looked at her discomfort and guessed that his daughters were upto no good. He laughed inside (u know ive always wondered how u laugh inside and not outside- anyways) Damini ka phone aaya?

Scene shifts to a stable where a girl with an elegant and tall body is standing with pants and shirt with boots on. She was on the phone shouting at god knows who

"mujhe who kaam done chaiye, aur abhi chaiye 'samje tum!" she huffed after yelling walking towards a white horse that was fidgeting in another persons control

"chodo use" she instructed and the horse came galloping towards her. She patted it and her lips are shown smiling. Then her eyes and finally her whole face. Damini Gujral was beautiful but unapproachable, she hated fakeness and hardly had any other qualities of a girl in her. Her liking for horses was what calmed her down and toofan(the white horse) would only be cared by her and no one else. She was proud of that. After all toofan(storm) and damini(lightning) go hand in hand. She finished riding toofan and went in to have breakfast after cleaning herself up and walking down wearing an elegant salwar. Yes she was modern and no nonsense type but her values and morals never left her. She came and sat next to her Dadi ma.

Kashish: ok u must be confused by now. So let me explain. Damini grew up with her dad but when she was 19 and finishing her business studies, her Dada(granddad), died leaving all his property with Yashvardhan and his three daughters. As there was no son, damini being the oldest took up her farz and went to Delhi to take up the business- its been 5 years now and the Damini had taken the business making it one of the best Interior designing business in India. She calls her family in Agra everyday and has no intentions of marrying as she doesn't believe in love. Dadaji had another son and a grandson, Brij as well but he disowned them due to family problems and this will be explored later in the story. Ok movin on

In agra

Aaima: Nahi abhi tak nahi- woh call karti hi hogi

YG: hmmm aur hamari dusri beti- geet kahan hai?

Now we are transported to the taj mahal(see why I chose Agra). The wind is blowing and we see a white duppatta flying and flowers falling around her. We see her smile as she moves her body to the music of the  dhol only slightly. The gujrals were part Punjabi as Jayshri, the daughter's mum was Punjabi and geet had gone towards it. We see her eyes, big and full of excitement and finally her face. She looks around and finally spots her fianc Dev.(don't worry guys thori dino mei main ise story se nikal ke phekthi hoon, jst wait and watch) He was on the phone.

Dev was from Canada but lived in Delhi cause of his debts but Geet doesn't know this. Dev proposed to her father for her hand and he was a bit hesitant but seeing Dev's  good nature he approve(good nature my foot) anyways. Dev on the other hand was on the phone.

Dev: ' hello maan?'

Maan in Delhi: yes dev main abhi baat nahin karsaktha, im having breakfast

Dev: suno tho Maan, I have that land that u want as long as u give me that price for it.

Maan: Dev we will talk later. And he cuts the phone

Dev fumed in anger. He hated Maan but he needed the money and Maan was paying double. Then he saw Geet and smiled.

Kashish: ok the back story is that Dev is only marrying Geet for her land in hoshiarpur ( her mums inheritance) and he has finally got her to sign the papers and he wants to leave now .

Dev leans to give Geet a kiss but Geet slightly annoyed shys away. Dev rolls his eyes and says lets go home.

Back to the haveli

YG: acha geet dev ke saath hai( a little uncormfortable cause he is not sure about Dev yet) aur hamari pari, Khanak. Khanak kaha hai.

And we are transported to the bedroom and the camera is focused on the bed which is messed but shes not there and then it moves towards the bathroom door and the song hum tho bhai jese hai waise rahege from Veer Zaara is playing and Khanak comes out drying her hair singing it.

Hum tho bhai jese hai waise rahege

Ab koi khush hoon yeh ho kafa hum nahi badlege apni adaa

Samje na samje koi hum yahi kahege-

Hum tho bhai jese hai waise rahege

She is done getting ready and the phone rings downstairs

She quickly rushes down in her pastel cream salwar screaming Damini diiii

But before she gets there YG gets it. Hello damini?

Damini: namastey papa. Kaise hai aap?

YG: hum dikh hai and he is about to say something else but khanak takes the phone and screams DIIIIIIIIIII

Damini: khanak!!!!!!! Stop screaming

And then Geet enters running and gets the phone

Geet: Damini Di kaise hai aap?

Damini: Geet- kaisi ho tum aur Dev? And geet blushes" haan haan ab tamatar ki thara red nahi hona!"

Geet: Diiii!!!!!


Precap: some secrets come out, some may not kinda prithvi and damini moments

So this is chapters one to three which have already been posted on other forums the nxt one will be up shortly=)Big smile Hope u guys enjoy reading and please do comment

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bluedreamz953 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Yay!!You finally chose a title!!
Please update soon!
kashish_s2 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bluedreamz953

Yay!!You finally chose a title!!
Please update soon!
Yes i did!! may i know ur name?  Mohabbatein was a movie that is very close to my heart. it taught me that love wasnt linked with life and SRK was ofcourse fab but kajol was missingConfused anyways i thought mohabbatein because of the three couples and the update will be up today! =)

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...San-Yo... Goldie

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Thanks Kashish. Nice FF.... Well being lil biased I will be following only for PriDa. A typical PriDa and LNMJ fanTongue.. So hope to get more and more PriDa scenes.. and might be sometimes for Geet couple also, though I havent watched this show but good couple..

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nice story please continue  but please little space in words  okay i dont understands  please ok

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kashish_s2 Senior Member

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Ok guys here is chapter four and this where our stories start, where love blossoms, where nights and days become oneSmile
Precap: some secrets come out, some may not kinda prithvi and damini moments

Chapter Four

After putting the phone down everyone is all smiles and YG goes out to pray to tulsi and Dev takes Geet to her bedroom. Geet is scared. He locks the door and moves towards her and pushes her to the wall tryin to kiss her. Dev yeh aap kya karahe hai. Choddo mujhe, Geet is shouting.

Dev: im ur hone wala pati, if I dnt do this who will. His eyes were furious and filled with lust. Geet finally managed to push him and slap him. Dev is furous and rushes down the stairs and yells at YG saying this alliance is over. YG is shocked. Him, khanak and Aaima rushes towards Geet's room. Seeing her in this state YG is furious he call the police but Dev had long left the city with the property papers. Kahank and Aaima try to comfort her but Geet is in state of shock, covering every part of her body and flinching when someone touched her. The doctor came to check on and suggested that she needed change of environment as this place reminds her of wat happened.

YG: hame lagtha hai ki ise Damini ke paas bejdena chaiye. Khanak was worried for her sister and approved this idea. She had to stay back though due to her studies.

Geet reached Delhi and was received by Damini. She was still upset and this upsetted Damini

Upon reaching home, Damini showed Geet her room and started to walk out but turned around and stood next to Geet who was looking out the window.

Damini scremed: Geet! Yeh tum kya karahi hoon apne aap ke saath. Damini knew she shouldn't scream but this was the only way to get her out of this depression. Geet look at yourself. Tum kya thi aur kya hogaye hoon. Tum YG ki bethi hoon aur Damini Gujral ki behen. This surely doesn't suit u. U hve put me to shame. This made Geet look up at her sister's disappointed face and finally realized she was being selfish. Geet ek hadse ke vajarse puri duniya nahi rokthi aur dev jese log is duniye main bohut hai. Tum aaj ki naari hoon. For Gods sake stand up urself. Look at me- Damini Gujral , and u r my sister, Geet Gujral. U should be able to pass all hurdles.  

Geet stood up determined. Ur right Di. I have to do this and move on. Jst cause one jerk came and tried to ruin me doesn't mean I stop living. Aur kitne dino se main janti thi this dev ko jo main app aur papa ko disappoint karo. First thing main job chahthi hoon

Damini smiled knowing it worked, Thik hai join me in office anytime

Geet looked at her sister gratefully. She was about to say something when damini interrupted

Damini: don't u dare say ki tumhe apne pero pe kada hona hai and all that cause u can still do that in my company and why should u give ur skills to another company

And they both laughed

Kashish: ok guys that took me like two hours and ill be updating a lot because I want to finish this before jan ends cause then school starts. Hope u guys dnt mind and keep reading and commenting. I love ur comments. Oh and shanak love story will start a little while later so Shanak fans please be patient=) Oh and if any of u are confused , I abbreviate a lot like Yashvardhan Gujral( the dad) becomes YG or Aaima becomes AM sorry cnt help it. And I decided to give u a treat and put up another update because I had time to write it. So here it is

Over in the Khurana/Saxena (KS) Industries Prithvi and Maan are engrossed in work when the PA comes to tell them that they have a meeting . Prithvi and Maan are sitting with their new client. Ms chingalala(LOL just imagine the Punjabi queen from Geet) who is adamant on having her house designed by the construction as well. Maan is furious as she is being stupid because they make building not design them but prithvi agrees to which Maan is confused. When all leaves, Maan looks at Prithvi

Maan: Prithvi yeah kya kardiya tumne, main yeh designing wesigning nahin karne wala hoon aur jaha tak meri knowledge hai tumne interior designing ka course nahin kiya hai? Gives a fake smile.

Prithvi: don't worry maan hum outsourcing be tho karsakthe hai. This hadn't occurred to Maan

Maan: right- we'll get the best company cause we are the best and we cant stand our clients to be dissatisfied. Prithvi knew that Maan would react like this. Prithvi tum research karo .and he was interrupted by prithvi

Prithvi: Maan sabse best, according to research is the gujral empire of designing. Main une abhi jake milraha hoon. Maan smiled. Prithvi was too good.

Maan: alright Prithvi. And he continued to look through his blueprints

Geet came in to see Damini.

Geet: Dii who KS Constructions koi aapko milne aaraha hai. Unhe kuch interior designing assistance chaiye aur koi Mr Saxena aarehe hai

Damini looks up: Dikh hai. Ill receive them


Prithvi enters  the Gujral Empire and is blown away by the sight- they were indeed the best. He asks for the CEO and is told the way to Damini's cabin. He knocks on the cabin and Damini without turning says come in. He enters to see the back of Damini and immediately presumes that she is the secretary.

Prithvi: Ummm CEO bahar gaye hai but I booked an appointment

Damini turned and Prithvi was blown away by the simple, elegant and beautiful girl standing in front of him. He composed himself again.

Damini: Mr Saxena, main hi hoon Gujral Empire ka CEO, Ms Damini Gujral. There was an air of self respect around her and prithvi noticed. He was infact shocked

Prithvi: I just didn't think that…

Damini: that a girl could be CEO. Damini had hit the right spot and they both knew it. FYI Mr Saxena, ek ladki CEO bansakthi hai, there is no rule or law against it. It s just u men's stereotypes.

Prithvi was angry now: excuse me Ms Gujral, tum ..anyways lets get to work. I need an interior designer for our construction and…

Damini: u need a quote

Prithvi: No, we have chosen u do the deed.

Damini: We'll think about it.

Prithvi: Excuse me but I don't think you know that KS is the best

Damini: And I don't think u heard me say, We'll think about it.

Prithvi was now angry. Ok so first time he had met a girl with so much attitude and not on bit of fakeness or drooling over him. He was impressed and that angered him more. He stormed out the door to which Geet walked in looking suspicious.

Geet: Oh Di good looking

Dam: and arrogant as well

Geet: so u admit he's goodlooking

Dam: I..uhh Geet. Geet knew what her Di was like and how self respected she could be, but she had felt something. The guy seemed like a brother and nice. Oh well. Damini Di will surely need someone tough to handle her.

Geet: so Di how was the meeting.

Damini: Geet we are not doing it.

Geet: But Di KS is the best, we need to do it

Damini: Damn it. Fine then ur handling this. Without giving Geet to protest she walked out and then walked back in again. It was her cabin. Wat was happening to her


Prithvi walked into KS constructions fuming and walked straight into Maan, and he exploded

Prithvi: Maan im not doing this. Wat does she think she is, rejecting us. Ohhh Maan u should seen her soo much attitude soo much arrogance. Ughhhh I hate her. Damini Gujral!!!

Maan was seeing Prithvi like this for the first time . Usually he didn't give two hoots let alone remember her name. Maan knew Prithvi was…maybe just a tiny bit liking her. He could be wrong. He had heard a lot about Damini Gujral, infact a lot of people had recommended her to him but he always ignored but he had always wanted to meet her. A girl in this age, independent and not fake. That was rare.

Maan: calm down Prithvi we have do this deal, theyre the best

Prithvi: Ok but ur handling this and walked into Maans cabin then realizing its not his cabin and then walking back out to his.

Maan: Paagal hogaya hai. Lol

Precap: Maan and Geet ka pehla apna jagda and maaneet episode


I hope you liked this update. Please keep commenting and do give feedback on how to improve. Big smile

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i like yr ff please continu soonSmile
goodgirl5 Goldie

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kashish plz kya tum urdu me puri story likh sakti ho plz 

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