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~MG NEW FF- My Selfish Heart UPD: CH7-PG32 ~29 JAN (Page 8)

-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Ooh that was interesting as I'm wondering why maan is hell bent in torturing geet and wonder what happened in this last moments with vicky and maan anyways great update and continue soon Smile

.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
OMG!!! This was greatClap. Please do continue soon and PM me the next part please please please,
kasturi11 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
hey i liked ur ff
do pm me for next update
MaanGeetkiSimmi Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
So i just want to apologise for not updating in like 4 days LOOLS. The reason is that my grandparents just came back from India & I got all the latest fashion suits and stuff & i was way to involved in that and the holidays that I didn't have time!I'm going to try to update everyday now as I want to have a 'SPECIAL part ap on New Years!
Read & enjoy & COMMENT + LIKE 
Commitment = Easy come, Easy go
There was no shock, fear or embarrassment on Geet's face as she lookeda t Maan. Instead she had a faint smile on her face. It was barely there, but Maan noticed it: she was smiling.

"Quit staring at me and smiling like an idiot!" said Maan while glaring at Geet. How could she possibly be smiling while he was standing there attempting to intimidate her?

"Hey! I wasn't staring at you! I..I was just recognising you!" said Geet with a frown appearing on her face, "And I was planning on saying thanks to you for helping me out that night but now forget it! You obviously have attitude issues mister."

Sasha's turned to look at Geet so fast that the whole office could swear they heard her neck crack. But all Sasha could comprehend was the fact that Maan and Geet had met before - and that too at night!

Whilst Sasha burnt in jealousy, Maan felt his anger increasing to the point where he was ready to show this Geet what she was really in for and Geet was just angry to see this man here before her but behaving so rudely after helping her out that night.

"Control Maan, control yourself," he thought to himself as he balled his fists, "If you scare her off now than she won't even sign the contract or furthermore agree to the job!"

After a few seconds of thinking, which is just how fast our Maan Singh Khurana is at thinking, Maan decided to not even talk to this Geet.

"Pinky, send this lady to my office in exactly five minutes," ordered Maan as he turned his attention to Sasha, "Sasha, in my office with the contract now!"

By the time Geet could even understand what in the world was going on Maan had already walked away with a love struck Tasha following behind him like a dog.

"So obviously this man works here?" said Geet to herself," But he talks with so much authority and UGH! He is so arrogant..why doesn't he get fired?"

Geet snorted while laughing as she turned around to face Pinky, "Imagine if he was the boss ha.haha.."

Pinky was observing Geet's actions rather clueless and as Geet looked at her questioningly, The only thing that Pinky had to say was, " I think you made Maan sir angry'"

- - - - - - * -

Geet had been standing outside Maan's cabin for about five minutes now and he still hadn't opened the door. Words couldn't describe how stupid Geet felt that moment but you could clearly tell that she was nervous because of the way she kept fidgeting with her dupatta and chewing on her Bottom lip. All she could think about was the words of wisdom Pinky had given her before she had left: "Just say yes to everything he says!"

"Hmph so he likes to be right all the time? Well the complete opposite of optimistic Vicky than" thought an impatient Geet to herself, "but wait'I don't even know him well enough to judge him yet. Maybe he's not really as bad as everyone makes him seem?"

Geet came out of her thoughts as soon as she heard the door open and saw Sasha step out. Giving Geet a once over Sasha rolled her eyes and decided to give Geet the pep talk she gave to every other new female employee at Khurana Constructions.

"Listen up Miss. Bhenji type," began Sasha.

Geets eyes widened in surprise and than narrowed in frustration and anger as she realised this was the same Sasha she had talked to on the phone last night.

"You don't want me as an enemy - alright?" continued Sasha, "So stay out of my way and stay away from MK alright?!?"

"Stay away from MK? Huh.. Why would I even want to go close to that man anyways?" replied Geet spitefully.

"Oh just shut it," said Sasha and was about to tell Geet off once again for excuse but was interrupted.

"What's going on out here?" asked Maan as he stepped out of his cabin to see Geet and Sasha arguing away.

Sasha sensed the annoyance in Maan's voice and was quick to say, "Nothing MK, just wishing Geet good luck for her position as you're secretary."

Geet sensed the sugary fakeness in Sasha's voice but it was what Sasha had said that caught her attention.

"I'm supposed to be you're secretary? But..but I declined that offer!" yelled Geet.

"I thought I told you over the phone!" Geet said as she turned over to look at Sasha who did not look happy herself with Geet's position.

"ENOUGH!" roared Maan fed up with Geet already.

"You!" he demanded looking at Geet, "Come to my cabin now and we can discuss this matter like adults in there."

Geet felt slightly embarrassed but swallowed the feelings back in as she stepped into Maan's cabin and shot Sasha an annoyed look before fully entering the cabin.

Once inside Geet stood awkwardly by the door waiting for her boss to enter. As Maan came inside right behind her he noticed that Geet hadn't taken a seat yet.

"Damn," he thought, "I thought she would go ahead and take a seat and I would get my first opportunity to yell at her but she seems to be a little smarter than that.."

Rolling his eyes he guided Geet to his desk and once he sat in his chair he ordered her to do the same.

"Sit," he said simply.

Geet plastered a blank look on her face and made her way to sit on one of the chairs opposite to him. She didn't really know what to do now or how to behave. Vicky was her one best friend and even though they knew everything about each other he had never given her the opportunity to meet anyone from his family.

"You can meet them on our wedding day," Vicky had often joked.

So just because Maan was Vicky's brother that didn't mean that she could be friendly with him. Cause clearly he didn't seem like the friendly with his employee's type, well other than that Sasha that is. Geet wondered if there was something going on between them' ?

Pushing her thoughts aside and deciding not to stay silent any longer Geet finally looked up from the table and at Maan.

"Here's my resume," she said as she saw him reach out for it.

But before he could even touch it or her, she placed it on the table and slid it towards him not looking up at him while she did so.

Maans eyebrows furrowed in anger and disbelief as he came to understand that she didn't want him touching her.

"And Why isn't she looking up at me anymore?" he thought.

"Miss Geet, if you don't look up at me now I'll think that you're too insecure to even be present here at the moment and we may not be able to continue with this meeting any further," said Maan professionally.

Geet instantly made sense of what he was saying as she looked up at him and directly into his eyes. It was than that Maan realised the mistake he had made by getting her to look up. He couldn't believe the beauty of her eyes. She had such a simple face, sweet voice, and average Indian dressing style that he had never imagined her having the eyes of a seductress. Those eyes were the only part of her that he could even see that day when he had dropped her off to Khurana Constructions and now he had realised what Vicky had meant when he said that her eyes did most of the talking. He couldn't tell whether her eyes were hazel, honey or green but whatever colour they were- they had him in a trance. He fake coughed in order to get rid of the sudden feelings that had arose in him but now even as he looked away, he knew that those big, round doe-eyes would haunt him forever.

Geet looked everywhere but at Maan Singh Khurana. She didn't want to notice how incredibly good looking he was. She didn't want to notice his cold, brown whirlpool of eyes or the way his muscles were defined attractively all thanks to just the dress shirt and vest that he was wearing. She didn't want to notice how thick and well gelled his hair looked and she most definitely did not want to notice the perfect shape of his lips.

"AND WHY IS HIS BEARD SO PERFECT !?!?!" thought a dazed Geet.

As quick as he could - Maan diverted his attention to her paperwork he spoke up for what seemed like hours later when it was only a matter of minutes.

"So you worked for Vicky for about eight months, Am I right?" he questioned looking up at her confidently.

"Yes," she nodded.

"And you have you're Basic Business Courses completed at University?" continued Maan.

"Uhm, not all of them," replied Geet.

Maans gaze flickered towards Geet in confusion.

"Than how are..?" he began.

"Vicky hired me and allowed me to go to University during the weekends to complete my courses," she replied as simply as she could so it wouldn't seem like a big deal.

At this Maan's anger rose. "She took so much advantage of Vicky's kindness and the stupid boy let her," he thought angrily.

Geet began to fidget as she noticed Maan take a deep breath and look down at her file once again.

"Alright so you've worked at Indian paints before this for awhile, you've taken business courses in high school and are completing you're current courses in University, you're from Hoshiapur.." Mann rambled on and on and Geet rolled her eyes.

"What a ggudha oloo ka phatha!" she thought frowning to herself, "Of course I already know that - It's about me!"

"and you've also handled many of Khurana Constructions Assignments're 18 ... WHAT YOU'RE ONLY 18!?!?!" exclaimed a clearly shocked Maan.

Maan looked up at Geet and than back down at her file.

"Vicky was 22.. She's four years younger than him?? Wait I'm 24.. Ugh who cares if you're twenty four Maan.. Vicky was 22.." thought Maan to himself, "HE LOVED A GIRL WHO WAS 4 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM!?!?!"

"YOU'RE BASCIALLY A CHILD!" yelled Maan out loud.

Geet's mouth was left open at his sudden outburst but it was what he had said at the end that angered her.

"I AM NOT A CHILD!" she stood up and yelled.

The stared at each other for about a minute before Geet sat back down in her seat and replied to her boss.

"In case you didn't know, the age you officially become an adult is 18!" she explained to Maan as if he were stupid, "And like you just said - I am 18!"

Maan stared at Geet and wondered what on earth Vicky saw in her. He sighed as he reached out for another file and a pen and handed it to Geet.

"Sign it." he stated arrogantly not letting her know that he was the least but sorry for his out burst.

Geet stared at the man who would soon be her boss in disbelief. But nonetheless reached over to grab the pen and signed the contract. Still fuming in anger she picked up her bag and made her way out towards the door .

"Tomorrow," ordered Maan as he saw her reach the door, "You need to be here by 7am sharp and Sasha will explain to you the responsibilities you will have as my secretary."

Geet froze. His secretary?

"OHHHH NOOO!" she thought as she gasped. She quickly made her way back to Maan's desk but was too late as he had already signed the contract as well.

"I don't want the position as you're secretary!" she said, "I wanted the position as you're ac-..."

"I don't care what you want Miss Handa!" Maan said cutting Geet off, " You have already signed the contract," Maan stated the obvious holding up her recently signed contract.

"And For your kind information.. I'm no saint and I am certainly not like Vicky, so the rules in my office," Maan said looking Geet right in the eyes, "The rules in my office are different and I want everyone to abide to them - Including you."

- - - - - - * -

Geet walked to the main corridor still dazed about what had happen a couple of minutes ago.

"How could I even be stupid enough not to read the contract before signing it!" Geet thought as she grabbed her temples in annoyance.

"So Miss. Behnji Type.." Geet opened her eyes to see Sasha talking to her. . . Once again.

"Have you signed the contract or did my little pep talk scare you?" Sasha asked Geet while smirking and checking out her nails.

Geet stared at Sasha in disbelief and she actually felt quite sad for the poor girl.

"I think we should set some things clear before I begin working here," smiled Geet as she

Explained to Sasha, "First- I am not interested in Maan sir, so you can just get that thought out of you're head."

At this Sasha rolled her eyes and waited for Geet to continue.

"And Second- If you think that you have a chance with Maan sir than you are SO WRONG," Geet continued laughing at the expression on Sasha's face.

"WHY YOU LITTLE BEHN-" Sasha yelled.

"Can I ask you a question?" Geet asked Sasha.

Sasha stared at Geet's face in anger and waited, "WHAT?" she yelled.

"Do you by any chance have a sister who works at KC named Tasha?" asked Geet.

- - - - - - - * -

The next day Geet had trouble choosing out her outfit for work. In fact she didn't want to get up so early in the morning either. When she had worked for Vicky the time that the employee's had to be at work was at 8:30 and Vicky himself would often pick Geet up from home and take her to work with him.

Geet shook her head as she made it clear to herself that Maan and Vicky were 2 very different people who definitely had their own style of working.

"I'm judging Maan too early," thought Geet to herself, "I should at least give him a day or two before putting a label on him."

As Geet glanced at the clock and realised that it was 6:30am already, she quickly changed into her light blue salwar suit and decided to leave her hair in a simple braid as she usually did. It was far too early for her dress up or do anything to her hair. Gulping down her chai, she picked up her bag and headed out the door for her first official day of work.

Geet got out of the taxi and smiled as she paid the driver. Excitement filled her as she was finally stepping out of the reoccurring depressing moment in her life once again to start afresh. Geet wanted to make sure that she fully commited herself to her work and help her boss out however she could even thought he was a angry young man. Why?

"Because I literally have no life," Geet smiled as she thought to herself, "No family, No friends, No Vicky.. All I have is spare time, which I'm going to commit to Khurana Constructions once again."

Geet walked up the stairs to the grand building and reached for the door to open it. A frown made it's way onto her face as the door wouldn't budge. She pulled and peeked through it but nothing was helpful. She even looked around for a security guard but none were present.

"Shouldn't Maan sir have give me a key for the building yesterday?" thought Geet.

Sighing she turned around to leave when something caught her eye. Slowly turning around Geet read the signs on the door:

"Khurana Constructions"

"Contact & Address"

"Hours of Operation"

Geet's eyes snapped up as she read the "Hours of Operation" sign and her eyes skimmed to what was written below it. She fumed in anger and kicked the door angrily as she read the hours of operation on Mondays to Fridays: 8am-8pm.

Geet looked around and spotted a bench by the door to sit on, she was not paying another taxi to go back only to return an hour later.

Once seated, Geet felt all of her commitment going down the drain.

Excuse mistakes - there's a first for everything LOLWink - as I felt too lazy to proofread

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loved it continue soon !!

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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great update............................loved it

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Maan is hell bent on making Geet's life tough.

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Please add me to your pm list!

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