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~MG NEW FF- My Selfish Heart UPD: CH7-PG32 ~29 JAN (Page 32)

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pray for my eyes, they're so weak right now !LOLOuch
Chapter 7:
That one man: Part 2
Months of pain came rushing back and she let all the pain and horror out in her scream. Of course no one heard her.
She was muffling and mumbling as he covered her mouth with his hand. Her eyes widened as she shook her head vigorously still under the illusion that he was a figment of her worst nightmare. He wasn't here. He couldn't be here.

"Get away from me!" she managed to scream through his hands.

"Geet, why are you doing this!" he asked, "We can make it work! Just give me another chance!"

If any other day, at any other time, a man pleaded in front of her like this she would have rolled her eyes and mocked him upon his choice of words. But this wasn't any other day and this wasn't just any other man. This would be her doom if she didn't get out of here. He wouldn't leave her now. No, if she didn't leave from here now god knows what he would do to her.

She suddenly felt one of his hands leave her wrist and make its way to her waist. She felt disgusted, but not at herself this time. She felt disgusted at him instead; didn't the man have any shame to be touching her like this now after he was-

Taking advantage of having a spare hand she began to pound against his chest, hard.

"Don't touch me you filthy beast!" she yelled in desperation that maybe someone would hear her, "Let go of me!"

"You're still just as feisty, I like it," he said and smirked amused.


Geet saw him remove his hand from her mouth to touch his cheek as the slap registered into his mind and she made a dash for it. Unfortunately she wasn't fast enough and he grabbed her wrist. It was enough and that was all he needed to keep her back, he was just too strong for her at the moment.

All her emotions came crashing down as she turned around to glare at him.

"Leave. My. Hand," she said threateningly.

"Or what Geet?" he asked clearly amused, "Huh, what are you gonna do?"

The next Geet knew was that she was being pulled towards him forcibly as he groped her greedily.

"Stop touching me, we can talk this out!" tried Geet. She was obviously not going to talk this out. The moment he let go of her - she would run for the door.

He knew that much.

"Why so you can run away again?" he questioned her harshly, "Geet stay with me, I'll love you forever! Even that Vicky won't be in our way now!"

"Love me? You'll love me?" she yelled at him mortified, "And what do you mean Vicky won't be in our way, he was never in our way! How do you even know him-"

"You ask too many questions," he said as he made his way closer to Geet.

He put his hand to her waist again only this time he was holding onto her firmly, so she couldn't escape.

"CAN YOU STOP TOUCHING ME !?!?!" she screamed while attempting to pry his hands off of her.

He covered her mouth again as he moved close enough for him to tower her with his height.

"Stop screaming Geet, no one's going to hear you. Even if they do, the door's locked now baby," he stated simply as if it weren't a big deal, as if she had no choice.

Geets eyes widened as she heard his words. Her silence was mistaken as his opportunity to run his fingers over her cheek. A mistake commited on his behalf.

Geet whipped her hand back and SLAP!

This wasn't just the same kind of slap he had received before. This wasn't the slap from an eighteen year old or a slap from an angry girl. This was a slap from a Punjabi sherni who just had someone raise their hand on her purity, again, and this time it was bound to have some effect.

It did just that. The man tumbled over onto the couch as Geet held back her tears, blinking rapidly and ran out the door.

It was her mistake to have come back here. But what scared Geet the most was the fact that he had found her. After all the hiding and running she had done, he had finally found her. But how, of all places, had he found her in Khurana Constructions? And that too in Vicky's Office?

"How'?" thought Geet as she ran through the corridor and out the door, not allowing a single tear to make its way down.

- - - - - - * - -

Maan tensed as headed to the kitchen from the storage room.

"Where is this girl? The clients are already here and she hasn't even arrived with the file!" a furious Maan thought to himself.

Maan stopped walking as he heard a soft panting sound. He retraced his steps and his eyes widened at what he saw.

"So she's sitting here chugging down water while the whole office is going crazy looking for her!" thought Maan as he made his way into the kitchen where Geet stood drink from a glass.

His eyes took in her dishevelled appearance and dug his fingers into his palm as he formed a fist. What on earth had she done to herself?

"Is this how she plans on going in front of the clients?" thought Maan angrily.

He made his way into the kitchen until he stood right behind her. His eyes travelled from her messy hair, to her panting chest and finally to her torn dupatta. As his eyes made their way back up to her face, they pondered for a moment too long at her heaving chest. Maan came out of it the moment he saw her take the last gulp of her water.

"Geet Handa!" said Maan sternly.

The next he saw was water dripping down Geet's chin and along her neck down into her salwar before dripping away from his sight. He noticed all that before he finally realised that his arm was soaked with water as well.

- - - - - - * - -

She had been paranoid beyond reason as she made her way into Khurana Constructions. She looked back behind her, beside her and everywhere around her to see if he was there. He wasn't. She breathed a sigh of relief before making her way into the kitchen for a drink of water.

"I probably look like a mess," she said out loud before gulping down a glass of water.

It was than that she felt someone's presence behind her.

"Just calm down Geet," she thought, "No ones here, your just scared because of what happened earlier."

And that would have taken her mind of the situation, if only she hadn't heard her name being called by Maan.

Before she could stop herself, the shock took over and the last gulp of water that would've gone done her throat in a matter of seconds came squirting out of her mouth and landed all over Maan's arm.

- - - - - *- -

It would have been a great opportunity for Maan to yell at her, to insult her and embarrass her, if only he wasn't soaking wet.

He unclenched his fist as he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Calm down Maan, just take a deep breath," he thought to himself while closing his eyes, "Just go to your cabin, get Nakul to bring you some extra clothing and the clients will just have to-"

Maans eyes shot open abruptly as he remembered the clients.


- - - - -  * - -

Adi was backed up against the wall in Sasha's cabin, and not in a pleasant way. Sasha was far too close to him for comfort even if it was just to yell at him.

"OH GOD! What if Pinky walks in' wait what?!" thought Adi, not enjoying the proximity at all as his mind jumped all pver the place.

"Sa-Sasha Ma'am," stuttered Adi while peeking to see if anyone was at the door, "If you re-really want to yell at me, you could do it standing five feet away, this really doesn't look right!"

"Doesn't feel right either you bimbo!" thought Adi at the same time.

Sasha narrowed her eyes and stepped away from Adi and began pacing back and fourth.

"You think I would go for you huh?" Sasha asked Adi rather rudely.

"Lagta toh aisa hi hai'" mumbled Adi while keeping his distance from Sasha.

"What did you say?" asked Sasha stepping closer to Adi.

"No-Nothing!" sqeeked Adi backing up against the wall.

"Assault! This is assault!" his mind screamed yet he refused to take any action.

After a moment of silence and Sasha's anxious nail biting she finally spoke up.

"Listen Atku! Don't you dream that some day you'll stop stuttering and will finally be able to tell Pinky you love her without getting stuck at the "I" and having to turn away?" explained Sasha in her kindest way possible.

"What a-are you talking a-about? I'I'.I'" said a frustrated Adi.

"You, you, you don't love Pinky? Puh-lease, it's so obvious," groaned Sasha.

Before Adi could protest or defend himself any further, Sasha took a step towards him.

"That's how I feel about MK," she said dangerously while eyeing Adi, "And I'm not going to let some Bhenji come in between us!"

"Love him? Shes calls that love?" thought Adi as his eyes widened, "She's freakin obsessed! What a chipku!"

Maan would never feel for someone like Sasha and Adi knew that. She was far to plastic and manipulating, he was sure Maan knew what Sasha was really like behind that pretty face.

"Why are you telling me this?" questioned Adi curiously.

"Because'" began Sasha, "I don't want you to run upto Geet and tell her what we heard Maan talking about."

Adi's eyes widened in shock and he shook his head in disagreement.

"She's nice Sasha!" mustered Adi trying not to yell, "She doesn't deserve Maan sir doing that to her! I have to-"

"You have to mind your own business!" yelled Sasha selfishly, "MK's mine! I'll make sure that he won't even touch that bhenji! Let me take care of this issue, you'll only make it worse!"

Than Sasha threatened Adi in a way that he didn't think was possible.

"OR you could be a little Goody-good and go tell Geet all this, break her heart and lose your job for accusing the boss!" said Sasha convincingly.

"Maan sir can't take away my job for telling Geet the truth! It's not part of the contract!" protested Adi.

"Yes, but when I tell him that you and Pinky'. You know have a love affair going on, he'll believe me!" threatened Sasha, "Just think about it: I've been working here for almost 5years, while your still on your 2nd year."

"So your sa-saying that you're going to lie to Maan sir and make Pinky and I lose our jobs for your selfish needs?" yelled an outraged Adi.

How low could this Sasha stoop?

"Why Adi - it doesn't even have to be that complicated," cooed Sasha, "Just keep your mouth shut and don't say anything to Geet and I won't say anything to MK!"

"But you have nothing to say about me! You have nothing against me!?" said a confused Adi.

"You and Pinky, remember?" said Sasha while smiling sickly.

"But that's not even tr-" mumbled a hopeless Adi to Sasha's retrieving back.

Once she got to the door she turned around once more to give Adi a final glare.

"Just remember what I'm saying Adi," hissed Sasha dangerously, "Keep your mouth shut and don't say anything to Geet or else- He'll believe me over you and you know he will."

With that Sasha was out the door leaving Adi with his head in his hands. He was both confused and frustrated.

"That's the problem!" said Adi out loud, "I know he will."

- - - - - - * - -

"Sirrr! Sirrr!" called Geet.

For the last thirty seconds she had been chasing Maan around the office and now he had finally entered his cabin, finally putting her chase to an end.

This was not supposed to happen; Maan should have yelled at her or fired her, or said something! That's what normal people would do though, not Maan Singh Khurana. He instead gave her the silent treatment, putting her into panic mode.

"Let me help you!" she requested as she made her way over with the cloth she had grabbed from the kitchen.

But when Maan finally turned around and glared at her through his coal eyes, Geet finally realised what she was doing. It was as if realisation had finally dawned upon her and she saw Maan as a man, who she was alone in a room with, rather than her boss.

She froze momentarily before finally coming up with another idea.

"Here," she mumbled as she put the cloth forward for him to grab, "Use this."

She angered Maan in ways that he didn't even think were possible. This was her way of helping him? Maan grabbed Geet's hand and pulled her towards him hastily in anger. His hold on her was loose yet he gripped onto her so firmly that she felt her heart thumping vigorously in a panicked and unhealthy way.

"This!" lashed out Maan harshly while pulling the cloth out of her hand, which she had balled into a fist while struggling to get out of his hold, and holding it up for her to see, "This is your way of helping me?"

Maan noticed Geet grow uncomfortable under his hold and frowned leading to him to loosen his hold on her and giving her the opportunity to grab the cloth and pry herself out of his hold.

"Woh'Woh I thought I should go get Adi sir'" mumbled Geet, "Or someone'the um Ramu, your driver...or uh Nakul! YEAH HIM - so he could go get you another shirt!"

Geet finally managed to look up causing Maan to look away.

"I am not going to look into her eyes!" he told himself sternly.

"Did you say something sir?" asked Geet taking a step closer to Maan.

"I said go close the door!" yelled Maan causing Geet to jump up.

"Yess Maan sir!" squeeked Geet as she made her way to the door.

"I already have a shirt" said Maan sending Geet into wonder.

"The man keeps a change of clothes with him at work?" wondered Geet, "What a freak!"

Turning around to face Maan she decided to ask him for permission to leave the room, " Maan sir, May I leave sin-"

Geets gasped and covered her eyes quickly turning right back around to face the door. A man naked. A naked man. A man without a shirt. A man with no shirt on.

"Geet calm down! Get the image out of your head! The body'I mean the muscles' NO I mean the abs! OH NO!" Geet's eyes shot open in panic.

She had memorised his body in a matter of seconds, was that even possible? She closed her eyes. She opened her eyes. She closed her eyes. She opened her eyes. How come she would still see him shirtless? Had her mind really betrayed her and let her eyes capture his image for her to savour? No, she would not think back to his toned abs and sculptured abs or the way they had rippled when he turned around to face her for a moment. She would not feast upon this sight at night when she was dreaming. Nope. Never. Geet groaned inwardly; What had she gotten herself into?

"He's a man Geet. A MAN! And this is Maan Singh Khurana! The type of male species that dominates at the top. He's angry, arrogant, rude and cold hearted," Geet tried filing her mind with negative thoughts, "Could I say that about him in two weeks? Oh yes I can! He makes me work, work-"

Geet thoughts came to an end as she felt something rock solid touch her back. Her breathing hitched as her eyes widened. A warm fuzzy sensation took over her mind, making her feel woozy. She was the sensations would have continued to go through her if she hadn't felt the warm, hard hands sliding around her waist until they finally got a hold of her hand all together. That's when Geet's mind came out of it's frenzy, and that's also when the door shot open.

Precap: "Can you please stop touching me?"
Precap#2: And thats when she felt his lips touch her... LOLWink
Well, my eye hurts Ouch Like it's the size of a golf ball right now - I could really use a few prayers for my eye to get better right now cause I won't be using the laptop, my iphone or TV until they do Shocked That's how painful it is right now, yet my selfish heart: keeps getting me onto the laptop to update & check out the GHSP Forum! Thanks to everyone who commented! I appreciate it + even though I don't reply to it - that doesn't mean that I don't read it! I read them all + Appreciate them! ,So yeah...Do pray that my eye gets better I really don't wana go out with my eye the size of a golfball OuchLOL It's not funny - yet I laugh.
OH & a special note that I wna put out there: Please be positive in the GHSP forum- we need more positivity out there. We can find something bad in almost anything, but it's when we find something good we can all come together with it!  SO CHEESY - INOE but talk about GC's hotness, or DD's hair, or Geet's cute pout & MAAN'S ANGRY FACE - SEE SO MUCH 2 TALK ABOUT Big smile


BTW: I JUST HAVE 2 PUT THIS OUT THERE THAT, I just know like I can't give details on who and how the DD engagement rumour is on. It's pree evidant AND I CAN'T sai it's true cause im not shure but, no not because I watch CID LOL Because well ... can't sai but in the end when the truth comes out I'll be laughing cause I knew all along, No offence LOLBig smile
~Simmi  Big smile

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nice update!

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awsome update.
btw who was the man in vicky' s office?

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wowwwwww awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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great part

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lovely update waiting for the precapEmbarrassedWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Awesome part..... loved it

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