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~MG NEW FF- My Selfish Heart UPD: CH7-PG32 ~29 JAN (Page 3)

kajol.kasu Groupbie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
unique story..pls continue..

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wow that was really nice plz can u add me in pm list 
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Originally posted by liv2laugh

Nice start .Add me to your PM list please. Big smile

plz add me in ur pm list
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awesome ... 
plz continue soon
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add me 2 ur pm listSmile
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gr8 part........... plzzzzzzzzzz add me to ur pm list
MaanGeetkiSimmi Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
So hey guys! This is officially the second part to this FF! Hope you liked it & i'll update as soon as I get your wonderful comments & likes - which by the way thanks to all the people who commented or liked the previous part because it really encourages me to write Big smile
The Mahi-Mahi Dance sequence was just toooo brilliant!
The Helpless  
Gazing around the office Geet tried her best not to let the tears fall. As she turned to leave her cabin her gaze landed upon a photo frame that rested upon her desk. She made her way over it and softly grazed her fingers across vickys face.

"Why am I running away from everything?" Geet thought to herself, "Why am I running away from everything when I should be the one picking up all the left over pieces?"

It was because she was weak, she was weak and she knew it herself. Unable to take the pain any longer Geet ran out of the cabin and into the hallway where her belongings were. Her eyes landed on Vicky's cabin and she had the urge to peek in once more.

"A little peek, that's all I need before leaving," She said to herself and made her way over to the room. She stopped herself realising that by doing so she would only end up crying even more than she was now. She sighed as she made her way back to pick up her boxes full of her belonging and stepped out of Khurana Constructions.

She couldn't say that she was surprised when she saw the road empty with nothing but a few rustling leaves. She hadn't expected the man to stick around and wait for her but for some reason wished that he had.

"Couldn't he ask me if I needed a ride back or not? Who leaves someone alone like that? How am I supposed to get back home now?" Geet thought to herself.

Fortunately for Geet it was barely a 4 minute walk to the main road where she got in a taxi and headed back to her apartment. Upon reaching her apartment she realised that the month was almost over and she had yet to pay the rent.

"I can manage for this month and maybe half of the next, but what about after that?" thought a worried Geet.

"Well duh ghadi kahin ki, you're going to have to get another job now," muttered Geet to herself.

She had decided that she would start job hunting from tomorrow on and hopefully land a job by the end of this week. She already had job opportunities in mind and the first was that she could work for the Chopra's? Mr.Chopra loved her and her work and had asked Vicky many times to allow Geet to work as his secretary. But Vicky being Vicky had never allowed Geet to even consider the thought, not that she ever would've left Khurana Constructions , well at the time.

Dropping all her belongings on the ground Geet made her way over to the bed and collapsed on to it. Today had been a long and tiring day and all Geet needed was a good night sleep to make her feel a little better.

- - - - - - * - 

The phone call ended with a click before Mr.Chopra even had a chance to reply to what Maan Singh Khurana 'requested', which was something that could also be known as an angry demand. Maan had gotten Adi to make all the phone calls to every other company out there that was willing to hire Geet or had the post for a secretaries position open. But after finding out that Mr.Chopra in particular was an important client for Vicky and Geet was one of his favourite of all employees, Maan had decided to personally call the old man himself and make sure that he wouldn't hire Geet.

Obviously all the business men asked the same question over and over again: Why?

Why could they not hire Geet? And what was Maan Singh Khurana going to get out of this? Maan got up from his chair and made his way over to the large window right behind his desk. Above everyone else and 20 stories up high in the building, Maan felt powerful. He smirked to himself; this power was what had gotten all the other businessmen to agree to him and to not hire Geet against his will.

"Miss Geet Handa, I will make you helpless and leave you with no other option but to come and work at Khurana Contructions ," thought Maan to himself.

Just yesterday Maan had gotten Sasha to call Geet and ask her to come work at the main branch of KC but that girl had the nerve to refuse and say she could find work elsewhere and did not wish to work at Khurana Constructions.

"If she thinks she can just leave after breaking Vicky's heart and insulting him by not attending his funeral than she's wrong," said Maan in anger, "I'll make you work Geet Handa, you'll be working so hard that you wish you hadn't taken advantage of Vicky's kindness towards you!"

- - - - - - * -

Geet had woken up this morning to the ringing of her house phone.

"Maybe I should get that cut too? The house bill would certainly be less.." thought an exhausted Geet to herself while reaching out to answer the phone.

"Hello?" she answered in a groggy, sleepy voice.

"Miss Geet Handa?" questioned the young lady on the other line.

"Erm yes, who is this?" asked Geet.

"Sasha..." said the girl with attitude clear in her voice. "Sasha Saxena - I'm calling from Khurana Constructions."

"But.." began Geet, "Oye you dumbo, your names Tasha not Sasha? And why does your voice sound so different?"

"Oh god! Stupid girls these days" muttered Sasha on the other line.

" EXCUSE ME?!?! You bim-" exclaimed Geet.

"I'm Sasha Saxena, calling from Khurana Constructions, the main head quarters owned by Maan Singh Khurana."

"Oh!" said Geet, now everything made a bit more sense.

 - - - - - - * -
Now in her kitchen as she was cutting vegetables Geet thought about why Maan Singh Khurana would want to hire her. She of course had refused wanting nothing to do with Khurana Constructions. As desperate as she was for a job, she had decided to start afresh and forget about her past and anything attached to it. She had done it once before with Vicky and now she would do it again, the only difference is that now she would have to move on alone. She picked up her phone and began to scan through the business men in her contacts list, wondering if they would hire her.

Within the next hour Geet had gotten rejected at every single company she had called and was now beginning to get frustrated. She decided to check out her missing options and make the last few phone calls to the few sources she had left.

"Mr. Thupada.. Nah he's got too many men in the office," she thought as she went through the list, "Mr.Rai? No he's way to into the way his nails look rather than the stats of the company.. Mr. Raichand? Ugh noo.. Mr.Chopra.. THAT'S IT MR.CHOPRA WILL DEFINETLY HIRE ME!!"

Geet had already reached for the phone and dialled straight to Mr.Chopra's cell rather than the company itself because of her good relations with the man.

But by the end of the call Geet was fuming with anger to find that Mr.Chopra refused her offer to work at the company stalling it with a "we have too many employee's right now and there's no room for more"

She didn't believe the excuse but pardoned the old man because he may have his own reasons. She had no other job ideas left and her limited options kept slipping out of her hands. She would give it another day before she would make the final decision: whether she should really work at Khurana Constructions for Maan Singh Khurana or not.

- - - - - - - * -

The day had begun perfect for Maan Singh Khurana as he received a call from Sasha fresh in the morning telling him that Geet had agreed to work at Khurana Constructions.

"Get the contract ready within an hour and I'll double check it when I arrive," ordered Maan.

"Yeah MK no problem, it'll be ready" said Sasha in a sugary voice, "Are there any special conditions you want to place in it ?"

"No just the normal contrac.. actually wait," paused Maan as an idea came to his mind, "Make it so that she can't leave the company for a year. Yes, make the contract so that she has to work with us at KC for at least year at minimum."

Sasha's senses were now on high alert as she sensed competition and wondered why Maan would want this girl to be working with him for at least a year. With jealousy in her mind she already began plotting how she would make Geet Handa's life hell if she tried to take her Maan away from her.

- - - - - - * -

The decision had already been made and Geet had been doing nothing but regretting it the minute she walked into Khurana Constructions main office. She twirled a piece of her hair and tucked it behind her ears swiftly. As she walked down the corridor of Khurana Constructions she heard whispers here and there. Surprisingly they were not about her but her boss, well as soon as she signed the contract that is. Someone on her left was crying as they had forgotten a file at home and ten or so employees were comforting her while people on her right rushed around everywhere murmuring words among the line of "he's here" or "We've got to finish this project before MK arrives"

"Well," thought Geet as she made her way to the receptionist, "Lets see what this MK is really about."

"Hello miss? Could you please tell me what way Mr.Khurana's office is?" she questioned the female receptionist who had her back facing Geet.

When the receptionist turned around Geet tried her best to not break out into laughter.

"Oh! Hello.. My name is Pinky," said the girl with a mouthful of chocolate, "Could..could you um.. please hold on a second?"

At this Geet could no longer keep silent. She burst out into a fit of laughter and as she finally decided to stop laughing with one hand on her stomach and one attempting to cover her mouth she finally spoke.

"You''re face!" Geet broke out into a fit of laughter once again, "It's covered all over with chocolate!"

A moment of laughter later Geet looked up at Pinky, who was looking past her with a mortified look on her face.

- - - - - - * -

Maan entered the KC building with eight guards on his tail each taking the same steps right after he did, because that was the way he 'liked' it. His expression was serious and his mind was set on his work and assignments for the day. He had almost forgotten about Geet at that moment until he heard musical laughter coming from within his office. He walked in to see Adi working on a project, Sasha and Tasha waiting for him at the door, Pinky with chocolate smeared all over her face and a joyfully laughing Geet.

"A joyfully laughing Geet?" thought Maan angrily, "In my office - where I had promised to make her life hell!?!"

He made his way over to the receptionist as Geet finally stopped laughing, sighed and turned around to come face to face with him.

Precap: . . .

None Big smileLOL
It's the one about DD pointing out her " MY BROTHER & MY BOYFRIEND" to GC, it seems like that's what she said - WHICH IS HEARTBREAKING, but hai not that i believe it! WinkBig smile MUAHAHA LOL

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Amazin update! Was waitin 4 it. Is maan is misundrstandin geet n vicky's frenship? Plz cont asap. Thanx 4 pm

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