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~MG NEW FF- My Selfish Heart UPD: CH7-PG32 ~29 JAN (Page 26)

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SO MY APLOGIES 4 THE LATE POST! I had this ready 2 go & than I refreshed the page! Damn laptop! LOOLS Well that & the COD: Call of Duty problem with my brother.. Heres the part! ENJOY!  *just before i was about to update this, once again i pressed the <-- button & it all got refreshed AngryCry*

Chapter 6:
That one man

Two weeks had gone by and Geet still had everything under control. She never lost her temper, always remained professional and almost never made any mistakes. Maan often kept an eye on her, to see if she was working or giggling off with Pinky, and much to his dismay, the girl was always working.

"She doesn't seem half as bubbly as Vicky described her to be," thought Maan to himself as he made his into the conference room.

At the same time Geet had just finished placing all of the photocopied project files on the conference table and made her way out of the room, only to smack her forehead right into another.

"Ouch..ouch..omgsh ouch.." mumbled Geet, sounding rather babyish.

"Do you not watch where you're goi-" began Maan but swallowed his retort when he noticed Geet standing at least five feet away from him pouting.

Her eyes were downcast and he noticed her peek through her lashes to see who she had bumped into. Upon realizing that it was Maan she straightened up and looked away.

"What on earth? Do I have like a rubber forehead or something that she smacked into me and ended up that far back" Maan questioned himself.

"Wohh… Main um…I set the files on the table and was just coming to get you but now since you're here I have to go get my notepad from my cabin and bring Adi sir in and…" Geet stopped when she realised that she was rambling on and looked up to see her boss staring at her with his eyes narrowed in a fairly unpleasant way.

Maan on the other hand was still confused.

"Did she move away from me on purpose?" thought Maan as he set his over analysing brain to work, "She moved back; she moved away from me! What does she think of herself?"

After a moment of watching all sorts of strange expressions pass over Maan's face, Geet finally decided to break the silence.

"Maan sir?" began Geet.

Maan's eyes that were set intently on the ground now flickered back up to Geet's.

"What do you want?" he asked rudely.

"Well, I need to leave the room and your kinda in the way…" Geet responded shielding her displeasure from the way he had replied to her.

Maan looked slightly past his shoulder and back at Geet whilst keeping his face straight.

"There's plenty of room to leave the room Ms.Handa," replied Maan while glaring at Geet, "Do you honestly expect me to move out of the way so you can get through?"

Maan knew he was being insistent now, but he simply wanted to test his theory. He noticed Geets pout turn into a frown as she stood there momentarily still in hope that Maan would move out of her way. But Maan showed no movement.

Geet took a step to her left to check the amount of room she would have to squeeze by Maan, and for her it just wasn't enough. She took a step back and stood once again where she was before, in front of Maan, as a look of discomfort washed past her face.

"Sir… I really need you to move, I'm getting late," protested Geet hoping that Maan would take the hint and step out of her way but he instead did the opposite.

Maan took a threatening step towards Geet, towering her with his height and increasing the amount of flush that was already apparent on her face from discomfort.

Geet took a flustered step back as she trembled from the thought of her boss being so close to her. They were still two feet apart but within that distance Geet was suffocating.

"Hai babaji! Ab inhe kya hogaya! Why can't he just let me leave the room. Why so complicated Maan sir!" prayed Geet looking up at the ceiling.

Maan looked at the odd girl in front of him and then up at the ceiling. Geet soon noticed Maan's disgustingly, confused gaze on her and cleared her throat. But before she could say anything she heard Adi's voice and he soon stepped into the room along with Pinky, Sasha and Tina, the companies foreign affairs manager, all with him.

All this noise made Maan turn around and he brushed his shoulder against Geet. Geet looked up startled by the movement but calmed down almost instantly as she realised it was purely accidental on Maan's behalf. Unconsciously Maan took a few steps to the side as if to not only distance himself from Geet but also take up a space of his own, making him look superior.

Geet frowned but quickly took the opportunity to make a run for it and dashed out the door. She hadn't given Maan a chance to stop her or Pinky and Adi a chance to talk to her, she just left.

"What happened to her?" questioned Pinky.

Adi, Tina and Sasha all looked up at Maan for an answer but soon realised that it would be sheer stupidity to question their boss.

Ignoring the trio, Maan made his way over to his chair at the end of the table and seated himself. He picked up the project file and pretended to look it over in order to make himself look busy when he was really deep in thought.

"Two weeks! Two bloody weeks have gone by and this Geet is still hasn't done anything wrong!" thought Maan angrily, "If she won't make any mistakes than how else am I supposed to yell at her, insult her and make her shed tears!"

Maan looked up to see that Pinky and Tina had left but Adi and Sasha were rooted to their spots looking at him and waiting for him to speak up.

"What!" barked Maan startling the two, "Can't you see that I'm busy? Don't you guys have work to do! Do I pay you for nothing?"

Adi and Sasha looked at each other wondering whether they should even answer those questions.

"Wo…who Sir…" began Adi.

"GET OUT!" yelled Maan.

Adi and Sasha scurried towards the door now eager for their escape from their angry boss until Maan spoke up again.

"Adi," called out Maan causing both Adi and Sasha to turn back and look at Maan.

Sasha left once she received a glare from Maan leaving Adi there alone to face Maan's wrath, or well atleast that's the way Adi saw it.

- - - - - - * - -

Geet paced back and fourth in her cabin trying to dismiss the reoccurring thoughts she was having on what just happened in the conference room.

"Oye Geet, did you have to embarrass yourself like that?" she thought out loud, "Two weeks of gaining Maan sirs respect probably all went down the drain cause you couldn't walk past him without the thought of touching him!"

Sighing, she sat down on the couch by the door as she cleared her mind.

"No Geet no," she said to herself deciding to use a positive approach to the situation, "You did not do anything wrong. He was in your way and he should have moved, but he didn't."

Instantly Geet stood back up in frustration.

"But why didn't he move!?" she questioned the painting on the wall, "If he had moved than I probably could have saved myself from looking like such an 18 year old girl who didn't want to touch a man."

Now wasn't that true.

"Wait a minute…" thought Geet, "I am an eighteen year old girl, who doesn't want to touch-"

Geet's conversation with herself ended as she heard a faint knock on the door. She quickly ran over to her desk and pulled out a file. While pretending to read it she asked the person to come in. A moment later Adi stood in her cabin smiling.

"Oh Adi sir!" greeted Geet excited to see that it was just Adi and not the man she just had an awkward moment with not too long ago, "How can I help you?"

"Well you can't really do much for me, but there is something that you can do for Maan sir," replied Adi still smiling.

Geet's smile faded upon hearing what Adi had just said. What could she possibly help Maan with right now? Wasn't he in a conference meeting? Shouldn't SHE be there right now?

Geet abruptly stood up and made her way to the door by Adi.

"Whoa Geet wait up!" said Adi reaching out to stop Get

Geet moved herself away from Adi's reach and pulled her hand back from the door as she looked at Adi desperately, "I'm supposed to be in the conference room right now!"

Adi shook his head at Geet, "No actually the meeting seems to have been delayed for an hour cause Maan sir doesn't have the files necessary for it yet. He wanted you to get them for him".

Geet breathed a sigh of relief but looked back up at Adi a second later.

"Wait? What's that's supposed to mean? Didn't I already set the table with the photocopies and give Maan sir the files needed for the presentation?" asked Geet, "Than which one is he missing now?"

"Calm down Geet, just calm down!" said Adi, "You wouldn't know about this file, it's actually not even at Khurana Constructions right now!"

"Than how am I supp-" began Geet only to get cut off by Adi again.

"They're at Maan sirs brothers office right now, you just need to go pick them up from there," said Adi.

Geet stared at Adi surprised, "Um… which office would that be?"

Geet hoped that Adi wouldn't say the place that she was thinking. She didn't want to go back there. She didn't-

"Uhm Maan sir said you would know considering you had the key last time…" trailed Adi confused at what he was saying and why he was repeating Maan's exact words.

Geet turned her back towards Adi understanding where she would have to go.

"Vicky Khurana's location of KC?" she questioned already knowing the answer but hoping that it was some other brother and not who she thought it was.

"Y..yes that's what…Maan" stuttered Adi, his thoughts were jumbled and he was confused. That combination equalled stuttering. Stuttering in front of a pretty girl = Embarassing.

"Maan sir said." finished Geet gritting her teeth.

"Yes," replied Adi while backing away and making his way to the door clearly flushed red and embarrassed.

When Geet heard the door shut she made her way back to the couch and fell onto it while rubbing her forehead in confusion. Why couldn't Maan tell someone else to go an-

Geet stood back up stumbling and attempting to steady herself when she heard the door opening again.

She calmed down upon seeing Adi poke his head through the door.

"Yes Adi sir?" asked Geet smiling politely once again.

"I just wanted to give you a heads up-" began Adi.

Geet looked at him waiting for him to continue. Did he know anything about

"Next time you're working, or well doing a good job at pretending to be working-"

Geet gasped and flushed in embarrassment.

"Just remember that the door is made of glass so it's see through…" And with that Adi was out the door leaving Geet cursing herself at her stupidity.

- - - - - - * - -

 He paced back and fourth while on the phone with him. Why didn't he understand that he wasn't meant for this job!?!

"No, he's just not responsible for this job! I'll have to do it myself," he thought adamantly.

His phone rang once again and he picked it up in frustration.

"I thought I already told you to stop calling! I'm going to do this on my own! You don't even know her! She has no reason to know you!" he answered.

"Well, why won't you listen to me when I tell you that I can do this bhai!" the man responded, "It'll be easier for me! I'm experienced in this using them and dumping them business! She won't even know what hit her!"

"ENOUGH!" he roared, "Not another word …"

- - - - - - * - -

As Geet stepped into the building she decided to make her trip quick and simple. She would go into his room, open the foreign affairs cabinet, find the file and make her way back out.

If only life were that simple.

- - - - - - * - -

"Not another word or I'll forget who you are!" he yelled angrily.

"Are you taking her side over mine bhai! How could you? Do you have any idea-" but he was interrupted in between his sentence.

"No you idiot, I'm not," he responded angered to his limit at this point, "That's the difference between you and I. You jump to conclusions - I don't."

"But bhai…" the man on the other line protested.

"NO, I've heard enough now!" he responded, "I told you once and now I'm telling you again. I'm going to do this, not you. I'm going to make Geet fall in love with me, and I'm going to break her heart. I don't know how but it'll be me not the other way around."

Sasha gasped and Adi dropped his file on the ground, they had clearly heard too much. The file barely made a sound the equivalent of a whisper, but it was enough to get his attention.

"Hold on, I'll call you back," he said while turning around to analyse the room.

"Who's there?"

- - - - - - * - -

Geet closed the door behind her as she entered Vicky's cabin and took in a breath of fresh air before making her way over to the file cabinet.

She wanted to avoid the pictures hung on the wall, the stuffed animals on the couch, and the comfy chair that Vicky sat into but couldn't. She took it all in as she looked around the room after what felt like ages but hadn't been too long at all.

This place wasn't like Maan's office in any way. It was lively and had happiness etched in every corner of it. Geet missed this place, but not more than she missed Vicky.

"Geet," she told herself as she opened the cabinet, "You're here for work. Just take the stuff and leave."

She had promised herself that she wouldn't cry again, especially not over a man. Whether it be the one she loved or hated, cause either way they all left her in one way or another.

Geet stopped in the midst of closing the cabinet as the door opened and froze when she heard it click shut.

Trembling, while clutching the file to her heart, Geet blinked rapidly to get rid of any fear that was making it's way through her.

"Relax Geet," she thought to herself quickly, "It's probably just Romeo up to his dumb flirting ways after seeing me here." She turned around as she spoke,

"Who's ther-"

She froze. She screamed.

Precap: "You're still just as feisty, I like it,"
Precap#2: "CAN YOU STOP TOUCHING ME !?!?!"
Precap#3: "Can you please stop touching me?!"
AHAH, hey you all. I'm teasing y'all with these precaps aren't I? Well I did write a nice little intro/end thingie but than my page refreshed & I lost it all so I'm gona make this brief instead of nice & detailed like it was before:


- I'm going to try & update my baby 3x a week now

- The next update is most prolly this weekend - maybe Fridai if there's a lotta comments!

- THANKS SO MUCH TO: chotii & anione else who promoted my FF in that new FF Jalwa thread place Big smile Hug, I have yet to comment in it LOOLS

- & I'm closing my old FF thread for this FF which was in the FF forum cause this is the thread from the GHSPF & it got moved here … so yeah PM me if you wana noe more!

- OHYEAH, I'm going to try & add drama to every single update now cause I couldn't bare it if even 1 part was boring! AHAHA LOOLS, You might've seen me post this somewhere + Aniwhere where people complain about TOO MUCH DRAMA IN A DRAMA, I sai this "A drama isn't a drama without Drama" - Well there is a limit, like killing the Main characters is " outta this world drama" Therefore it's unreasonable but ADDING NEW CHACRACTERS + A WITCH SASHA HATIN ON GEET, yeah thas reasonable… Enough of my bakwas LOOLS

Much Love until the next update:

~Simmi Big smile


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lemme say this, I like your penchant for drama.. very muchLOL...  and the storys goin great... good workBig smile

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loved it yaar...awsome one !!! so adi and sasha heard it ???
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awesome updateClapClapClapClap
so maan gonna make her fall 4 him to break her heart and adi & sasha heard it
precap s interesting
continue soon

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hey love it update soon

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awesome update....

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interesting update. well i'm glad adi heard it. in the hour of need may be he can spill the beans and then the whole thing can turn around. geet can trying breaking maan's heartSilly
"she wouldn't cry again, especially not over a man. Whether it be the one she loved or hated, cause either way they all left her in one way or another." ..........i guess there is more in the closet of geet than i had presumed. it wud be interesting to c how u unfold the storyDay Dreaming.
Hugsimmi ...seriously....r u thinkin of updating this ff three times a weak...woot woot.Dancing

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