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~MG NEW FF- My Selfish Heart UPD: CH7-PG32 ~29 JAN

MaanGeetkiSimmi Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! My name is Simmi & this is a Maan + Geet FF that I first posted in the fan fictions forum & GHSP forum but now it's officially been moved to the FF forum. So I had to shift my PM lists & stuff too LOL Im rambling... ohwell, please do read & comment. The more comments = The more inspiration I get to write, oh yeah and the Maaneet scenes will just be a bonus than LOLBig smile 

He was the predator and she was his prey. He knew that within his selfish heart he should have stayed away from her but in the end was absolutely powerless. Everything about Geet Handa lured him in and he had no intention of getting rid of her yet he had no intention of making her his. Maan Singh Khurana had given up on love quite awhile and he would not give any women the right to control him again. Join Maan and Geet as they find themselves stuck within battle of two hearts conjoined in a passionate bond that will tear them both apart painfully on the inside. With Geet's confused heart and growing feelings for her boss, she keeps struggling to figure out whether he really even cares or not - while Maan keeps tormenting himself with just the sight of Geet and her presence.

This is the story of two unique individual who know they should stay away from each other, yet keep giving into the desires of their selfish hearts.


Chapters Index:
Chapter 1:
You Can Run but You Can't Hide
Chapter 2:
The Helpless
Chapter 3:
Commitment = Easy Come, Easy Go
Chapter 4:
The Right Enemy?
Chapter 5:
Give me a reason
Chapter 7:
That One Man: Part 2
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MaanGeetkiSimmi Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
You can run but you can't hide
Vicky Singh Khurana's funeral was made a quiet, sensible and formal affair. Every person that he had ever known was present at the funeral either shedding tears or mourning over the great loss of a friend. All but one was present at the funeral, Geet Handa.

Maan Singh Khurana balled his fists in frustration as he paced back and fourth in the funeral hall's garden. After looking at the guest list he had just realised that the one and only person that was missing among the crowd at his youngest brothers funeral was Vicky's own secretary and great friend Geet Handa. He had invited all of Delhi from the top ranking business men to Vicky's friends, so how dare an average secretary not show up? She was going to pay for this insult she had thrown at his brother and when he found her, which he would, he would make sure that the tears she had not shed at the funeral would be shed in front of him on his time.

Far from Maan's prying clutches and away from the midst of the city, Geet Handa had locked herself up in her apartment and she refused to allow anyone in and she wouldn't leave the apartment herself. A big fat tear made its way down her cheek as she attempted to block all thoughts of Vicky Singh Khurana and his nonexistence in her world. All efforts went in vain as the images of the past she and Vicky had shared came back to her. She wanted to scream, cry and plead to god just so that he would give her another chance. A chance to bring Vicky back into her life and the world itself. But she knew that was not going to happen. Not only had she lost her boss but also her great friend who knew everything that had ever happened to her in her hard and eventful life. Now that Vicky was gone, Geet was once again feeling all alone. It was as if Vicky had taken all her secrets and confessions with him leaving Geet with no one else to trust or look at her the way she knew only Vicky could: with hope, love, respect and understanding.

She had decided that she would not be going back to Khurana Constructions. It was just too much for her to see all those pleading looks from her fellow workers, the evil gleam in Tasha's eyes who now would know that Geet was once again alone in the world. She wouldn't give people a chance to pity her or bother her. And as the sun set Geet felt herself drowning into a deep sleep exhausted from all the crying.

"Why did you have to leave me all alone Vicky, I miss you so much," Geet thought, once again,sadly to herself.

- - - - - -

Panting, out of breath and covered in sweat she peeked through the corner of the building to see if she was still being followed. Panic was clearly visible in her eyes as she noticed the gang of young men were still following her and fresh on her trail looking for her here and there.

Although she knew that it was unnecessary, she still held her breath until she realised that she was hidden among the shadows of the building and no longer visible to the men because they had passed by her already. After waiting a couple more seconds she finally stepped out of the shadows. Clutching onto her handbag tightly she ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the city, hoping and praying that it wasn't too far.

Now that Geet Handa had decided that she'd be strong and independent women at the tender age of 18 - again, she knew that such troubles would follow her. She sighed in realisation that ever since Vicky had left her, life would not get any easier.

"It's all in films and books," she thought helplessly to herself, "There's no Romeo who's going to come save me."

- - - - - - -

Steadying his brother, Dev, as he stepped out of the Khurana's Delhi branch of bars was Maan Singh Khurana. He once again was stuck in a situation where he was helping one of his brothers out of a club or bar only this time it wasn't Vicky but Dev instead. His rather cold eyes looked clearly irritated and he inhaled a deep breath of fresh air as he worked on clearing his mind and shoved his younger brother Dev into the front passenger seat of his sleek, black BMW.

"This should not be happening," thought a furious Maan.

He couldn't even be angry at Dev for drinking his pain away today because he too had lost his younger brother. If things had been different and Vicky was still alive than it would be Vicky whom he would be helping out of the bar. Vicky was supposed to be the younger, childish and fun brother not Dev. If things had been different than today Maan wouldn't be feeling the loss of his brother right now. Maan pinched the bridge of his nose as every nerve in his body heated up in anger.

"Control yourself Maan, you still have this drunk b*ast*rd to take care of when you go back home," he said to himself. Shaking his head he was about to get into his when he felt a rather soft grip on his arm.

- - - - - - -

As soon as Geet found herself noticing clubs, shops and bars she breathed a sigh of relief realising that she had now entered the city and was safe. Deciding that it was safer to be in a much more public area she found herself stepping into the parking lots of one of Delhi's most famous clubs: Climate - that just happened to be owned by Vicky Khurana and his 2 older brothers, whom Geet had awkwardly never met.Geet felt tears stinging her eyes as she blinked them away before she would lose control. Vicky had brought her to Climate Club once and she had hated the atmosphere, alcohol and high class that was presented there. Obviously she never told Vicky that, it would break the poor boys heart.

Tearing her eyes away from the club she heard the roaring of a jeep and she turned around to see the young boys that were chasing her from before only about a minute away from her. Geet took a few stumbling steps backwards before she finally found her feet and made a dash for it wherever her feet led her. Finally turning her back to the jeep she turned to see what direction she was headed in and saw a man standing beside his BMW ready to get into it.

"Heyyyy! Wait!" Geet yelled desperately trying to get the mans attention.

He never turned around even the second time Geet had called out to him. Finally as Geet slowed her pace and reached the man she gently grabbed him by the arm, startling him.

- - - - - - -

Maan turned around angrily only to see a girl in a simple yellow suit, half covering her face with her dupatta, staring at him desperately before her eyes circled the area around her. The only thing that Maan could see when he looked at her were her pair of soft, honey brown, doe-eyes. He could swear to god he had seen those eyes somewhere but could not place his finger on it.

"Woah, snap out of it Maan!!" he thought to himself as he felt her shake his arm vigourously obviously attempting to gain his attention.

He roughly pulled his arm out of the girls gentle grasp and gave her a deadly yet questioning look.

"Please.. please help me," she managed to choke out hurriedly. She pointed at  the jeep full of young boys that was now parked on the other side of the parking lot across from where she was standing. Maan turned over and smirked at the sight he saw.

"How typically indian," Maan accidentally said out loud.

"Whats that supposed to mean? Does it look like I enjoy being chased by a bunch of cheap, young gangsters?" Geet shot back at Maan offended at what the man in front of her had just implied.

Maan shot the girl in front of him a cold stare before turning his back on her and reaching out to open his cars door. Geet's eyes widened in shock as she tried once again to persuade him to help her.

"Listen mister, I'm just requesting for you to do some macho moves, scare those hooligans off and be on your way. Are you capable of doing that much?" Geet managed to say through her grinding teeth.

Upon hearing this Maan's fists balled as he realised that this girl was questioning his abilities.

"Does she even know who I am?" Maan thought to himself, "Well obviously not."

He turned back around to face the girl and noticed that she still had her face covered with her dupatta but he noticed that behind the anger in her eyes eyes she was actually afraid. Afraid that he would leave her and than these hooligans would misbehave with her. Anger rushed through Maan's nerves as a vision of an innocent girl being bothered by a bunch of men who had nothing better to do came into his mind. And no matter how cold hearted or ignorant he may be, he had decided that he would help this girl out.

"Get in the car." he demanded her.

"Huh," the girl looked up at him confused.

"I said get in the car and I'll drop you home." he explained impatiently

Maan saw the hesitation in her eyes and once again he was angered by this girls behavior. He was trying to help her and she was .. UGH!!

"You think that..." Maan began angrily.

As if Geet could feel the anger radiating off him she was quick to reply.

"NO! Nothing.. uh I'm going to go sit in the car." replied Geet quickly.

And before Maan could even reply he found the girl opening the back door of his BMW

He rolled his eyes as he took a few steps towards the young boys before he found them racing away in their jeep because of the cold stare he had give them. He rolled his eyes and stated , "People these days."

Geet tried not to make herself comfortable in the mans car as the leather seats welcomed her and the car was surprisingly warm. She looked around the car and she finally realised that she wasn't alone in it, there was a man sitting in the front passenger seat. She removed her gaze from him and was about to put on her seat belt until she heard him mumble.

"Maa..Vicc..where am I?" the man slurred in a clearly drunk state.

Geet immediately stopped what she was doing and her head snapped up to look at the man in shock. His voice sounded so much like ....

"Could it be? NO IT CAN'T BE....!" Geet thought to herself shocked and surprised.

Geets mind didn't get a chance to ponder any further as Maan entered the car and turned it on.

"Where are you headed?" he asked her in a flat, monotone voice.

Geet thought carefully and decided to complete what she had left her apartment to do in the first place.

"Khurana Construction," Geet answered, "The second location in Delhi owned by Vicky.. I mean Vicky Khurana."

Maan's eyes immediately flashed up to the rear view mirror as he attempted to make eye contact with the girl. Curiousity was making it nearly impossible for Maan to keep his questions to himself. It was nearly 11 o'clock at night, offices were closed BY 9 O'clock and locked - than why on earth did this girl want to go there?

"I'll ask her right before she gets out of the car," Maan had decided.

Reaching Khurana Construction was easy as there was not much traffic out at this time and as geet stepped out of the car and made her way to the drivers seat wanting to thank the man, his window came rolling down. He pulled of his sunglasses and Geet suddenly realised why she had gotten in the car with this man in the first place: because of his eyes. They were a dark brown whirlpool that to the outside world may have looking mysterious, alluring and sexy but Geet only saw one thing in them: trust.

As Maan was about to begin his act that he had carefully planned out in his head, he was interrupted by the girl herself.

"Thank you," she said to him and smiled briefly before turning around.

Maan noticed that she was about to leave and quickley called out to her.

"Excuse me," he began arrogantly putting his sunglasses back on and turning his head to face forward so he wouldn't have to look at her.

Geet turned back around with a questioning look in her eyes.

"Actually, woh.. I'm a client of Mr.Khurana," began Maan, "So I feel that I can ask you this with full authority: What are you doing here so late at night? In case you havent noticed the offices are closed and you won't be able to get in."

Geet noticed the arrogance in his voice and realised that he was insulting her and making fun of her also.

"Well.." she began with a frown set on her face.

Suddenly a thought came to her mind and she reached into her handbag and pulled out a key. Maan instantly recognised the key as the key to Khurana Consturctions. Now it was Maan's turn to frown as he wondered how on earth this girl could've gotten hold of this key.

"You! How do you have this key?" Maan demanded yet again angrily.

"Woh actually sir, if Vicky's.. I am Vicky sir's secreet..." Geet couldn't think of a way to phrase her sentance.

But Maan's head snapped up to pay attention to what the girl was saying right when his ears picked up Vicky's name throughout her mumbling. On the other hand Geet heaved a deep sigh as she spoke again.

"I was Vicky Khurana's secretary," she began, "Geet- Geet Handa."

With that she turned around and made her way into Khurana Constructions as Maan analysed her retreating figure. As he drove away his anger and arrogance took over once again and he decided that he would settle the score with this girl by leaving her alone at Khurana Constructions. He had origionally planned on picking her up and dropping her back home aswell but now that he knew that she was Geet Handa - he most certainly would not give a ride to that disrepectful women.
"Geet Handa - I knew I'd find you - You can run but you can't hide," thought Maan.
Hey guys just so you know Vicky owns his own branch of Khurana Contructions so therefore Geet and Maan did not work in the same office & Geet was Vicky's secretary! Hope that wasn't too confusing Tongue
~SIMMI Big smileEmbarrassed

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Nice start .Add me to your PM list please. Big smile

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iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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awesome awesome first part and I would love a pm continue soon please!!!!!ClapClapClapClap

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.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey!!Hug This was awesomeClap. Please add me to ur pm list and please please please please please please please please please please please pm me. N please please do continue soonSmile. I loved itClapHugHeart

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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simply loved it.!!

although sad that one of the kurana men had to

plz pm me!!!

will be waiting for the next update

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chubzy IF-Dazzler

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Nice n very intrestin! Plz cont soon.

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suprise007 Senior Member

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wow, really really gr8 ff, really enjoyed reading it, can't wait 4 moClap

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