December 17th/20th Written Update

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December 17th, 2010

Faiba leaving saying that no one respects her in the house and she goes upstairs. Smriti begins to leave but Mihiir stops her and apologizes to her, and Purva tells her not to even think about leaving, the house needs her., and Kamini looks mad. Faiba counting all her luggage when Mihir comes and tells Manik to tell the driver to drop her off at the station, and Faba leaves. Kamini walks by Smriti and tells her that she knows that this time it wasn't her fault, but she was the cause of all of these problems over all. If you weren't here, Faiba wouldn't have taken these steps, so until you are here, all of this will continue.

Purva thinking about Shalaka, and holding herself responsible, and she will leave so everyone will have to accept Smriti. Mihir calls for her and asks about Shalaka, and Purva says that everything will be fine, and like before. And Purva just looks depressed.

Shamad talking to Anokhi on the phone and Anokhi telling him to keep courage and everything will be fine. Akaashi comes and tells him to buy things for the house and sees Shamad flipping through a magazine, looking at all these models, and Shamad says look at how beautiful these girls are?! And Akaashi is getting mad and tells him to hurry up, and Shamad asks if all those girls are really that beautiful. And Akaashi says no,  and that anyone can look beautiful, and that she'll look more beautiful than the one that he thinks is the most beautiful.

Purva running in the Sanghvi house, saying her stomach hurts a lot, and calls the doctor who tells her to call if her pain continues after taking a medicine.

Akaashi walks down in a dress and Shamad says she doesn't look that great and Shamad challenges her to win the beauty contest, and hands her the form. Akaashi looks at him and asks him if everything was a prank and Shamad says that she should do anything that she wants. And Akaashi looks really happy.

Purva takes the medicine and quickly puts it away when mihir enters the room. She quickly leaves and hands Smriti a shirt to give to Mihir as she goes downstairs, and clutches her stomach in pain. Smriti is ironing the shirt when Mihir enters the room and asks her what she's doing there and Smriti says that Purva told her to do that, and Mihir leaves right after taking it. And Smriti thinking that as long as she stays there, she will have to face Mihir constantly, and she has to leave. But before she leaves, she'll have to fix the problems that came on Shalaka.

Purva getting ready to leave the house when Kamini stops her and tells her that Shalaka finally agreed to eat something, and that she wants Purva to tell Manik how to make dhoklas, which are Shalaka's favorite food. And so Purva goes and tells her and just as she is about to leave the second time, Mihir comes and stops her, telling her to tie the tie and Purva does this. She clutches her stomach and Mihir gets worried, but Purva brushes it off and quickly hurres out, telling Mihir she's going to the market.

Smriti is inside some new mansion (I'm assuming the Mehtas house) and is about to sit down when the MIL calls out her name, and asks her how she had the courage to even come there. Smriti says that she just wants to talk to her once, and right then the FIL comes and asks her what she wants there. And Smriti continues again, but the MIL comes and asks her if she doesn't understand when something is said once.

The FIL tells her to stop and Smriti starts. She says that whatever happened the day of the wedding was nobody's fault, and she explains the entire story to them. And she folds her hands and says that please, let this wedding continue, Shalaka and Mayur are very happy with each other, and Mayur's mom says that they never had an issue with the marriage, but that they do live in a society. And one has to follow the customs in society, and Mihir is Shalaka's brother, and is living under one roof with 2 wives, so this can't happen. And Smriti stops her and says that Purva is Mihir's wife, and that she'll leave the house very soon. Smriti says, I am not Mrs. Mihir Sanghvi, I'm Mrs. Karan mehra, I was just facing some troubles and had to go to the Sanghvi house. And Mayur's mom is surprised and asks so Mihir has only one wife? And Smriti once again says that please accept this relationship once again, and she's crying. And Mayur's parents look at each other and the screen freezes.

Precap: Purva walking out of the hospital when she bumps into someone, and is shocked seeing them.

December 20th, 2010:

Smriti asking Mayur's parents to not break the relationship, to accept Shalaka, and the two parents look at each other and accept. Mayur's mom says that she'll trust her and Smriti is extremely happy and leaves, but also telling them not to tell the Sanghvis that she did anything, otherwise they will be embarrassed.

Purva at the doctors, and the doctor tells her that she's under a lot of tension, and it's important that she stay happy, and take care of herself. She should bring her husband, the doctor has some specific instructions for him. Purva says that her husband is out of town and she'll come back when her husband returns. Purva leaves and thinking that she has to hide her pregnancy from Mihr, because otherwise, Mihir will never accept Smriti. She bumps into someone, and looks up shocked to see Mayur. Mayur asks her what she's doing there and she says she was there for a blood test.

Purva and Smriti are standing outside the Sanghvi house, and Purva asks Smriti where she went, and Smriti says that she went to give medicines to karan's mother. And she asks Purva where she went, and Purva says that she went to the office to take care of their parents' trust fund.

Akaashi and Shamad are in the office, and Akaashi heads upstairs to drop the forms off and Shamad follows her a few seconds later. But the man standing there doesn't let him go upstairs, asking him where he thinks he's going and essentially insulting him for the way he's dressed, and he calls security and tells him to drag Shamad out. Akashi sees this and yells out to Stop! And she hurried back downstairs, and tells everyone that Shamad is her husband, and the man looks him up and down, and Akaashi tells him to apologize, and the man does so reluctantly, and the two go upstairs. Akaashi registers for the beauty pageant and the two leave.

The phone is ringing in the Sanghvi house, and Smriti picks up and the woman on the other side says that they are calling frm the Sevanthilal and Revathi trust fund and just wanted to say that no one has been there for a long time, and if someone would be coming by. Smriti is puzzled because Purva had just said that she visited and goes upstairs to talk to her, but finds that Purva doesn't look too well and makes her go and rest.

Akaashi and Shamad are walking inside taking sweets, but Akaashi suddenly realizes that she didn't talk to Gomti before registering for the contest. Shamad convinces her that it's ok , that Gomti will be really really happy to know that Akaashi is participating.

Purva talking to the doctor and says that everything is fine, and hangs up. She places her hand on her stomach, and apologizes to her baby, saying that she's going to take him away from his family and his father, but that they have to leave to make everyone else happy. You know what? Your father is the world's best person, the best husband and the best father, and when we leave, I'm going to miss him so much, but we have to leave. And she gets up and takes our her saris from the cupboard and the file from the hospital, only to see that it's been exchanged with Mayur's report. And she starts panicking, thinking what if they find out about Purva's pregnancy, she has to go and get the files back.

Akaashi and Shamad hand Gomti a box of sweets and they both argue over who tells Gomti the news, and Shamad finally says that Akaashi is going to participate in the beauty pageant. And Gomti Aunty thinks shocked and doesn't seem so happy, and Manik is jumping over with excitement. Gomti quickly puts the sweet back in the box and hands it back over to Shamad and leaves quietly. Akaashi is tense, they should have asked Gomti, and Shamad goes to talk to her.

Gomti is sitting on the bed wiping away tears, and shamad asks her what the matter is. Gomti says that she's happy seeing the two of them really happy, but she's scared that the beauty pageant that they are so happy about now, but that it might cause problems for them in the future. And Shamda convinces her that if Akaashi is happy he's happy and if they're happy, then Gomti is happy, and she finally consents. And Shamad leaves to shre the good news, and Gomti still looking nervous.

Next day, Kamini enters Shalaka's room and has tears in her eyes. She slowly tries to wake up Shalaka, and reminds her that it'sher birthday, and Shalaka gets up crying saying that there will never be another happy day in her life, that everything is over, and she runs outside of the room, pushing away Mihir and Purva who are standing there. Kamini is yelling at Purva and Mihir that all this is because of Smriti and Mihir consoles her, but Smriti is right ouside the door hearing this and stays silent.

Everyone is sitting at the breakfast table, and asks where Smriti is, and Smriti comes bringing a tray of cake, and Kamini yells at her, saying that the mood of the house is not one in which anyone wants to celebrate. And Smriti walks to Shalaka, and says happy birthday and to go check out her gift, open the door and look at your gift. Shalaka is rude in the beginning but she finally gives in and goes to the door, and hears someone calling out her name, and turns to see Mayur standing there with his parents, and she's really happy. Inside, everyone goes towards the door to see what is going on. Mihir is surprised, and Mayur's parents say that they came to wish Shalaka for her birthday and they all come inside.

Mayur's parents apologize to kamini and that they understood how much of a misunderstanding they had when Smriti talked to them. And they ask to accept the relationship once again, and Kamini is overflowing with happiness. Shalaka then slowly goes and apologizes to Smriti, and calls her bhabhi and hugs her. Mayur is standing in the background and watches. Purva asks Smriti what she said to them to convince them, and Smriti tells her not to worry. Purva thinks she has to talk to Mayur to find out what Smriti said to them.

Precap: Purva on the phone, saying that she wants a flight ticket for that night, urgently, and Smriti is standing outside the door, hearing this, and is shocked.

Wow, nice, the story is moving ahead and that too at a decent pace. I'm excited to see what Smriti does after hearing Purva's plans for leaving, and do you think Purva will manage to get the files back from Mayur without having anyone else find out about her pregnancy?

And I'm really sorry for not having the written update for last Friday, I'm in the hospital right now and have been there since Friday.

Anyways, do hit the LIKE button!


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thank for the update naina2127...i hope they find out purva pregnancy tomorrow, i just want this storyling to be over and more anoki storyline...and i hope you get better soon

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Thanks for the two written updates.

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Thank u very much & hope u get well soon Smile

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hi sweetheart i hope noting serious n u get better soon.

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Aww Naina that's okay, I hope you feel better soon and everything is okay.

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Thanks for the update.. hospital??get well soon...

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Thank u so much for the updates yar.. First take care of urself nd get well soon.. Do updates When u feel completely alright...

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