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OS: Aham Makes Gopi Confess Page#5 (Page 5)

sujji0609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 11:48am | IP Logged
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sadhli... that was awesome dear... this is exactly what i wanted to see yaar.... you know even after Ahem shouted at Gopi... i really hoped that the creatives show Ahem contemplating between his heart and mind... and trying to realise what is Gopi for him..... but was disappointed there.... a bigggggggggggggg hug for this lovely treat... you truly made my day....  

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ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Wow Sadhli, That was great....I am so glad you had sent me a PM otherwise I would have missed this!!

Thanks!! Maza aah gaya!

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-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
thanx sujata and shelly for liking...
-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Aham makes Gopi confess

Another OS after so many days...enjoy and dont forget to comment...

There is business trip in Mumbai and Aham has to join it and also there was a restriction for all Married Business Men to come with their wives. So Aham left with no option as he will have to take Gopi with him .

So both Aham and Gopi reach Mumbai and their room was booked already so they need not to look for anything else. Aham asks receptionist to send someone with them to take the luggage till their room.

Both enter the room, and Aham bit angry as he has to bring a gal who was not of his status, while Gopi goes to balcony to look the vast sea and almost lost in the view, she chuckles on looking at the waves and enjoying every bit of it. While Aham is angry he dares to have a glance of what Gopi is doing but he loses himself looking at Smiling, Happy Gopi. Here Gopi was reminding him of a small lil girl who is amazed seeing her surroundings and which made Aham to forget that he was angry with something. He goes and stands beside her w/o saying anything. Gopi senses his presence and runs inside all shied laves Aham again confused "how come m here"

Its evening time when all businessmen are called to attend a get together on beach.....Aham reluctantly goes with Gopi and starts talking with all other businessmen but does not pay any attention to her. Gopi looks at waves so curiously and starts walking towards the ocean. Aham does not even notice what she is upto and still busy in his talk. On the other hand Gopi is still walking and playing with waves and suddenly someone screams seeing her there that males him to look at who is screaming and for what, here a shock was waiting for him. He was almost numb seeing Gopi in middle of sea and still not aware of her surrounding. He does not think for a second, removes his sherwani and dives into the sea. Till then Gopi was also about to drown as its deeper. Aham reaches to Gopi, holds her and takes her in his arms. Then comes to shore and all the time he was looking at Gopi who is senseless and making Aham's heart beat faster and even more fast.

Aham lies her down on her back, caresses her hair first with concern then pushes her stomach so that the water can come out through her mouth, and it helped too....but still her heartbeat is very slow which made Aham's heart to beat faster. He is in trauma as what to do and how to bring her back in her senses. Just then he recalls the way of blowing air in mouth to circulate fresh air in body and many times it saved lives also.

He cups her face and looks at her closed eyes, wet hair and face then his eyes lowers on to her lips which were tempting him but he turns his face ways thinking "no...i should not do this..i cant" but next moment he stares at her face and opens her mouth with his hands and blows air from his. The Very next moment he forgets everything while blowing air as his lips were touching her soft petal like lips and he loses himself in her completely, and not in a mood to come out of what ever world he is in. But then Gopi coughs a bit and he comes out of one of the best dreams of his life.
Gopi looking at him all confused "why Aham is so close to me, and what happened to me" and keeps her hands on his chest. He feels a sensation passing through his body as her hands were like burning coal on his chest.

Gopi again asks: A...A...Aham  ji...wo hum yaha...??
Aham comes out of his trance......but does not leave her....

Then Aham realizes their situation as few people were screaming and shouting abt whats happened to Gopi but still having her face between his palms and gazing at her, as he is not in a mood to ruin this moment but he has to as everyone is looking at them. So he loosens his hold on her, both stand and start walking to their hotel, Aham just running his fingers though his hair and still standing at the place where he was trying to figure out whats happened to him while Gopi thinking what happened between them....why suddenly she was in Aham's arms and again unknowingly she was walking towards the sea. This time Aham looks at her and gets angry abt how careless girl she is, just now I saved her life and now she is again going towards sea. He runs behind her, grabs her arm and twirls her to make her face him. Then shouts at her "what are u doing, why dont u use ur u want to commit suicide..if something would have happened to u my heart was almost stopped looking at u almost lifeless.........dont u know how I saved ur life, how i blew air in ur mouth to save u"

As soon as Aham finishes last line...Gopi's eyes shoot up to look at him....she was like questioning him through her eyes "how could he"  Aham still gazing at her but didn't realize what he blurted out even didn't sense her un-comfort only thing he knows he must have lost her. He holds her arm tightly and pulls her alongwith him to the hotel

After reaching Room, Aham asks her to take bath and change her cloth as she will fall ill. Gopi refuses saying better u take bath first i'll take later, Aham in his standard style grashouts at her "dont u have brains....first enters the sea just like its a playground specially constructed for u and now u are behaving like a stubborn kid,  and still u are throwing tantrums. Go take bath m waiting here" Gopi leaves w/o anymore arguments with him.

In room Aham still fighting with his feeling why he behaved like A Jerk there, why could not he controlled his feelings...*pause* but how come I was unaware of my own feelings for her...m I falling  for her...not possible...Aham Modi cant fall for her never in this life and turns and again looks a gorgeous Gopi in A Pink Saree standing in front of mirror.

Gopi recalling all his words how he saved her and how blew air in her mouth. Gopi looks at him with questions in her eyes how come he touched her and did he kissed her ?

Aham just mesmerized with her Angelic look that he could not control his  urge to have her in his arms and to let her know his unspoken feelings that
how much he loves her but always trying to ignore them but now his feelings are overpowering him. His feet just following his eyes and he reaches upto her, holds her waist from back and she goes all numb feeling his wet and warm hands on her waist. Closes her eyes tightly, Aham drops a lil kiss on her bare shoulder and looks at her beetroot red Face in mirror and smiles to himself that how much she shies of him feels happy also for having such a naive and innocent wife. He turns her to face him, then cups her face and says:
Gopi I love u so much...that I cant even think to live w/o first time I felt in my life what u are for me...not just a Wife u are my Life....i cant even imagine of loosing u......please dont try to risk ur life again.

Gopi opens her eyes and has tears but also has a smile on her lips which was just a reflection of her happiness. Aham still gazing at her first at her eyes, then to cheeks and till her lips. She just cant take his gaze anymore which was melting her and hides herself in his chest. Aham encircles his arms around her waist and buries his chin in her hair and Gopi too makes it a hug by putting her arms around his back and utters "I too love u a lot Aham Ji" but in a lower tone that he listens but acts he dint.

And now Aham turns a bit naughty and realizes Gopi too loves him a lot so wants her to confess. So he loosens his embrace and asks her
Gopi u said something...
Gopi: n..nahi to Aham ji....aap jaiye kapde pahan lijiye nahi to thand lag jayegi.
Aham feels bang his head on wall what a stupid girl she is, she loves me, i love her but she cant even tell it to me......and shows his anger "no i dont want to wear it" and leaves w/o looking at her again.

Poor Gopi left with no option except following him as he might get fever, so she takes his sherwani and follows him downstairs. She reaches on road but cant see him there and looks here and there sadly. Suddenly some goons see her alone and tries to tease her, she tries hard to get rid of them. Aham sees this from a distance and clenches his fists with  anger. He goes upto them, pulls Gopi towards him, hides her at his back and then punches at a goon and his nose starts bleeding, seeing this all goons run away. Aham is very angry this time, he harshly pulls her with him and enters the room. And questions her: why were u following me, dont u know abt the world?
Gopi stammers: wo aapne sherwani nahi pahni thi, thand lag jati isiliye...and shows him the sherwani that she took with her.

Aham is just helpless as he cant be angry with her anymore due to her innocence. But still he is not happy as she dint say what he want to listen. So fakes anger and takes another sherwani from cupboard and wears it and looks at sad gopi, also smiles mischiveously thinking how she will pacify him.

on the other hand gopi is just uttering Aham ji gussa ho gaye kya, dusri sherwani pahan li...ab...

puts the sherwani on the bed and stands at window side, looks outside towards moon and again thinks...kya maine kuchh galat kiya.....jis wajah se Aham ji naraz ho gaye hai..

Aham senses her confusion and thinks this time I wont spare u...u hv to say.
he goes to her, stands behind her........pushes her onto window, holds her arms and snakes his hands till her hands....Gopi starts breathing so fast that she does not know whts happening to aham...he was angry n now.....

Aham still on her backside, puts his chin on her bare shoulder....whispers in her ear huskily...
"my lil wife is confused isn't it"

she blushes a lil...and turns towards him just to see what he is upto..but as soon as she turns back she is shocked...

As Aham is still on bed and all this was just her dream...aham turns his face other way as soon as Gopi looks at him. and smiles again.
Gopi turns towards window again thinking...whats happening with me....when Aham ji is around me, i behave like I cant bear his gaze n now m dreaming abt him so closer to me....Kanha ji wts happening to me...plz help me also give me any idea to pacify aham ji.

and this time more thoughtful "as she can make her aham ji angry as first time in life he was so good to her, he just wants to listen that I...I..." again starts blushing and shying.
goes to Aham, sits on the bed beside aham..but he turns his back on her..

Aham still smiling..and Gopi abt to cry......she starts speaking: "a..a..aham ji...please dont turn ur face..i never had anyone in my life and now when I got u i made u angry. Plaeas maan jaiye na, dekhiye maine kaan bhi pakad liye" saying so she holds her ears with her hands and Aham cant keep his anger anymore after hearing Gopi's plea....
coz now he cant see her crying anymore...and turns towards her but he gets to know how cute and innocent his wife is, the way she was holding her ear and pleading him thru her eyes.....

He moves towards her, removes her hands from her ears then cups her face and says
"nahi Gopi..please mat roo na...main tumhe khush dekhna chahta hu, tumhare aansu nahi dekh sakta. please rona band karo...dekho nahi to ab main bhi ro dunga" and saying so acts like crying.
Gopi is worried...her aham ji aso crying....

she takes his hand in hers and asks "aap kyun ro rahe hain ab to maine maafi bhi mang li, and about to wipe his tear..."
Aham holds her hand, stares at her and places a gentle kiss on her fingers....still looking into her eyes, but what all Gopi can do is just to shy, blush and avoid his intense gaze so that she wont melt looking so much of abandon love in his eyes.
Aham now drops a kiss on her wrist, looks up at Gopi who is closing her eyes tightly, and her heartbeat and fast breathing is closely observed by Aham.

Aham stops with a mischievouly smile, leaves her hand and keeps looking at her just to make her realize as if he is not there.
Gopi dint expect Aham to leave like that, she was expecting him to say something or to make her feel like someone special....but now she feels like Aham left like that just to punish her. And she opens her eyes in anticipation that he must have left the room.....but as soon as she opens her eyes she finds Aham gazing at her with so much love in eyes but Aham still wants her to confess first. And decides to tease her more, so abt to leave but this time Gopi grabs his arm and looks in his eyes pleadingly.

Aham says "gopi kya hai ye, why u hold my hand, leave me...i hv to go out" and tries to take his hand out of her hold.
Gopi replies Aham ji plz maaf kar dijiye na...still not looking in his she wants to tell him to be with her, but does not have courage to say what she has in heart....
so again asks him the same...please mat jaiye...and dares to look up in his so naughty eyes and feels caught as he was waiting for this moment only, and she lowers her eyes again...

Aham sits dows puts his finger below her chin to raise it up so that she can face his eyes, as soon as gopi feels his touch on her skin she gets some butterflies around her and aham looks in her eyes and says "achha to agar aap nahi chahti ke hum jaye to kah do jo hum sun na chahte hai...."
Gopi shies away, turns her face and says "aham ji a...."
Aham puts his finger on her lips "shhh....nahi kuch aur nahi gopi.....bas wo jo..." saying so he caresses her lips with his thumb and still staring in her eyes....then her cheek with his fingers.....just to provoke her to blurt out her feelings.

Aham is all in a naughty mood till that moment...and Gopi just helpless controling her racing heartbeats, uneven breathing...but she knows she cant keep control on her as Aham's touch making her melt and she can blurt it out at any moment and best thing is to go away from his Killer Gaze, His naughty eyes and his touch.....

she still keeps repeating "a..a..aham ji...please....m...m...mujhe jaane dijiye na"

Aham has decided his last plan and now cups her face....and kisses her on forehead first then slowly moves onto her one eyebrow then onto other one.......

And Gopi is clutching his sherwani...still trying her best to control herself...and again utters "A..A...ham" after so much effort....
Aham just pulls her face closer and closer and before she could finish remaining words he places his lips gently on hers...and this was so unexpected for her, she all lost herself in Aham's gesture of love and her hold on his sherwani loosens and automatically reach upto his neck and she starts roving her fingers in his hair, now Aham leaves her just to know her instant reaction after such interaction......and this time as soon as he breaks apart Gopi cant stop and blurts out "Aham ji I love u....please dont leave me ever"

Aham was so happy finally he succeeded in provoking his nanhi munni wife to confess her feelings, but is a bit more naughty now so he asks her again "Gopi I dint hear anything, thoda jor se bolo"
Gopi does not what to do as she herself blurted out and now no one can save her from Aham....she tries to get rid of him saying "aham ji wo main..."
Aham again cups her face and threatens her through his eyes to repeat otherwise he gonna kiss her again...Gopi wants him to kiss her and also wants to say those words .....but now all sad as she will have to get only one thing...
amd Aham observes her confusion so says "just said it na be saved from me"
Gopi hesitantly looks into his eyes and finishes "I Love u Aham ji..."

and as soon as Aham listens this...he just places his lips back onto hers to complete the Pending Kiss.

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sam1903 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 2:36am | IP Logged
amazing sadhli...
when i was reading... iw as like dil dil dhak dhak dhak dhak dil dil...
and ahems's dilemma followed by his realization woow...
and when he looked at her for first time when she was standing in balcony... his sudden change in expression only thing goes in my mind hate her or love her but u can't ignore her...
and finally haddi and gopi together....
i will never love this part...
u shld make it a point... when haddi is there then no Gopi and when gopi is there then no no no Haddi
nanhi munni si wife...
bechari gopi baal vivaah karwaya hai kyaaa
loved this os..

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suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
fantastic sadhli enjoyed it  more plse ClapStar

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Rafeal. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 2:55am | IP Logged
I'm sure u fell dhadam coz u were dreaming abt this.. ROFL.. So our sadhliben is also a romantic at heart? U hav given the gals a real valentines treat.. Kuddos,ben!

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saina01 Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged
That was just wow hun.. Simply breathtaking! Now I know what goes on in that mind of

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