Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

20/12 Ria Ka Adda .:Jal Jal k dhua hoh gaye hum :.

secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Nudgy Hello Ladies & Laydaaz Cool LOL

Yes, once again you'll have to jhellofy me LOL coz today's Adda opener has a headache Ouch Fikar not, Dr LOL has treated her Cool LOL

Epi rating: Ermm hesitating to type LOL *whispers* 5/10 *ducks from shoes* LOL

@KMH Team excluding the actors:  Tell me, why are you doing shoddy work? *nudge* The quality of the episodes is POOR. Direction, Editing, make up, lighting Thumbs Down Theres' nothing hatke in the story or even execution that will pull viewers like me (crazy ones LOL)  to re-watch. Pleas-do- something-before-its-too-late.

Now let's jump into the episode *still angry* *takes a deep breath* *drinks mehrinda* *starts typing* Geek

1) Chikoo's facial expressions in response to Aro's: "Kas k pakro" Angry "meri aankhon mein dhekho" Day DreamingAngryROFL
2) Aro-Dj conversation Thumbs Up
3) Arjun's self talk in his house & Rashi being there for him. KK is improving Clap
4) In the start of the ^ scene, camera walay bhaiyya tried to experiment with dfrnt camera angles Thumbs Up
5) Aro regretting & touching his cheeks to make sure if it really was him Embarrassed
6) Last scene- Arjun-Aro convo. Beautiful Dialogues & BG music! StarStarStar *offers Mehrkits to dialogue writer & Music director* Smile


1) The way that Crazy chic was throwing herself on Arjun i mean dancing LOL reminded me of:

No wonder Arjun pushed her away in the end ROFL

2) Shoddy camera work Stern Smile When Arjun lifted that chick, camera walay bhaiyya was focusing on her leg LOL It looked like she was going to give a back kick to the camera ROFL

3) Arjun breaking the glass. oooh someone is getting jealous LOL Read the caption as "Aro chose another dog over me" Cry ROFL

3) Aro crying in the car Cry Not at all convincing act Stern Smile I was LOL because of Chikoo. "Tumhe gas hoh gayee hoh gi!" ROFL

4) Nudging Arjun's sis Rashi: Oye! Bandage toh ker diya, who will clean the wound? No dettol? LOL Thank God her eye make up has been toned down Thumbs Up

5) DJ expecting a toofan LOL *nudging DJ* Ekta serial hey, toofan aaye ga thish thash drum rolling music k saath muft muft ROFL

Qoute of the day (for Arjun): "Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair." - Mitch Albom

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We are here to have fun and at the same time provide objective feedback. 

1) Follow IF rules & respect each others opinion. There is a decent code of conduct you can maintain and not pounce on each other if there's a difference of opinion.

2) Actor bashing will not be tolerated. Discuss the show & characters :)

3) Please use @Name format and avoid quoting long/multiple posts.

4) First page is for episode analysis, so reserve only if you want to analyze.

5) Join us on RKA Facebook by becoming friends of "Ria ka Adda". Send us a
friends request and we would love to see you as part of the family!

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Therusha_Pillay IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:32am | IP Logged

omg today epi was a treat indeed….arjun and arohi were outstanding…

Starting off with arjun dancing with that gal yoah she looks like some wild cat ahahahahaha her moves around arjun shouted one word DESPERATE…. is she even legal for a club :P she is so tiny next to arohi but it worked getting arohi all jealous lolzzz fab job karan u even got me jealous when u lifted her up… I loved when arohi told me chikuuuuuuuu to look into her eyes ahahaha the poor guy tried to act like he was in love it looked so fake yaar…but I have to say chikuuuu is really funny…. kritzzz amazing job on acting drunk I loved the emotions though ur eyes when arjun broke the glass…wow karan so possessive already ummmm im just freaking loving it…ur eyes gosh amazing expressions… hope u didn't get hurt to badly…. the car scene arohi is really funny when she's drunk lolzzz poor chichu keeps saying he loves her and arohi cant get her mind of hottie KUNDRA oooooooppssss I mean arjun :P really I was blown away by kritzzz acting she looked like a baby whose fav toy had been taken away yaar… so much of crying… make up everywhere but kritz always manages to look beautiful J arjun mr hawttttttttness  gosh soooooooooooo angry I loved the flash backs and ur face god the emotions u can portray is amazing…. I can honestly say that KARAN KUNDRA always wins my heart over in every epi, I don't know how he does it but KK rocksssssssss this guy can put any Hollywood, bollywood actor away…I totally adore his sister thank god there is one person in that room that has a heart seriously she is a sW*Heart I really love their relationship…god know's why she had to marry such  two faced man yaar… he looks way older than her… arohi and DJ so sweet that scene reminds me of my nani I really love DJ… I hope that later on in the story she will help arjun and arohi to be together….kritzzzz was so cute the gal couldn't even walk prop ahaahahahahaha gosh kritika once again u are fabbbbbbbbbbbbbb …. I loved the way u expressed urself to DJ….and my fav scene of the night arjun sneaking into arohi room…oh gosh how romantic yaar … our KK sure is Romeo ahahahahahaha don't worry arohi…arjun will always wipe those tears away :P lol arjun getting all close to her  HEAVEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN karan and kritika chemistry can make any1s heart beat so fast yoahhh I just start blushing by looking at them… karan looked super hawtttttttt man I loved when he told her his truth that scene was soooooo touching amazing acting seeing arjun cry goddddddd I felt soooooooo bad for him, L his truth even really touched arohi … u could just see it in her eyes but then ofcourse knowing DRAMASSSSSS arohi had to tell mr sW*Heart to leave… I mean seriously the poor guy who hardly ever trusts any1 poors his heart out to u and this is ur reaction….cmon arohi wake up yaar u Love arjunnnnnnnnnnn ….then ending with that witch gauri god I just cant stand her y isn't she slping like normal ppl… and that evil crepy small I totally hate this women…she has really poisoned arohi mind….

I really loved the epi yaar amazing dialogs from arjun and arohi…sealer of the show was arjun for me…. KK just rocks man….and kritzzzz u wer really wooooooooowwwww today…. seeing arjun dance made me want to watch KK form of dance ahahahahahaha no one can have that style: P     

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shaan17 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:40am | IP Logged


To avoid a sudden heart failure please follow diligently the following remedies:

-         Please keep handy the 3- ply Tissues Cry

-          Buckets of Water, water and water to dump in your head  (to all those who comes from my country … please think twice before attempting this…let me remind you all that we are waterless at the moment, helloooo we are suffering from a drought – use with great care)!!!!


-          The story starts with a recap of Fridays episode. Creative people we are KMH2's fans…die hard fans… we DO NOT need recap!!! I repeat WE DO NOT NEED RECAP!!!I re repeat W E    D O   N O T   N E E D   R E C A P!!!!!

-          We know every single moves, every single action, every single words uttered by even the silence of the characters…so next time please skip the recap. We would rather have these minutes used in recap turned into more than 20 mins of KMH2 …

-          Then we saw the pain in arohi's eyes…L … OH DEAR…it made me really sad sniff sniff my heart went to you arohi!I only wished I could take away some of your pain. In  the car with Pinkoo it was the climax… whilst u were touching your heart I could nearly feel the pain sniff sniff…I always say u act really well…better than any bollywood actresses… trust me you do hun…(BTW this is where some of 3 – ply tissues become handy L…also save some for later)CryClapStarCryClapStar

-          YYYYUUUUCCCKKKDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead…I felt like puking seriously…I could not watch that girl in the black dress…she made me wana kill myself!SEE adda people I told you that girl is having high hopes…poor thing…grabbing Arjun here and there and that in a not so well groomed way!yuuucccckkkkk even die hards of kk will not act that way!!!Shame on you little girl in the non sexy little black dress who thinks she might get Arjun away from Arohi! Creatives control the freaks on your show ROFLDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadThumbs Down

-          But it is very important at that stage to compare the jealous scene with that of KMH1. Remember guys that in KMH1 it was Arohi who devise some plans to arise jealousy in Arjun…Remember guys…at the engagement party…Arohi in the pink lengha :D…so yes now its only a reversal of roles…Whilst it worked in KMH1 it didn't seem to work in KMH2 because I could not see what was it that Arjun was trying to prove. The drinking scene would have had been enough to show his love for Arohi!

-          So much love Arjun in such a short span….WOOOAAAHHH!!!is that real?whilst arjun and arohi didn't have an amazing love story or an amazing super duper unforgettable moment, I do not understand how come Arjun has all of a sudden developed so much love for Little Arohi. Ok we know Arjun is some one who has his heart in everything he wants or does but lets not forget that he is not someone of many words and yet comes to Arohi face to face…where has your male ego vanished??atleast for some days u could have had some ego and debated on what to do and not react the way you did…that is having the guts to go see Arohi in her room!

-          But oh well…girls like it when guys break stuffs for their sake. Atleast I need to give the creatives that much of credit. And break stuffs with the Arjun's passion and obsession :D…don't we all like that girls…we playing hard to get and Guys going all bizzeeuuurrrkkk to be able to handle us ROFLLOLBig smileLOLBig smileTongue

-          I think its high time addaians give the poor pinkoo some credit….wasn't he looking sweet when he said "Arohi stop crying nah baby I love u please…." ROFL…LOLLOLLOL

-          Oh Arjun…so much guts…entering the alhuwalia house :D…hats off…ANECDOTE: "I always thought that a real man is someone who knows his way to his girl and will never let her confusion or uncertainty gets in his way"

-         Loved:

(A) Arjuns and sisters scene

(B) Dadima and Arohi's scene – Arohi acted really well… the way she cried would be the way I would have cried and saying to DJ how bouri she is coz she drank oh sweet :D

-         Hated:

(A) I know I previously said that the confession of Arohis love to Arjun should have been at night for greater dramatic effect and I can see creatives heard my voice (rofl) but guys I didn't say that there shouldn't be any light!!!ROFL!

(B) Gauri…making the story stupidly longer…why cant the story be made wittingly longer rather than stupidly longer…AAAARRRRGGGHHH

-          Congrats to Kritz and Karan for the amazing acting and crying scenes!!![If I were You Arohi I would have run into the arms of my man…:p]StarStarStar



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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
@mehr me did not find anything wrong in epi.luved it totally.m speechless for this epi.i hav a lot of things in my mind but to write is very tough job.mindblowing epi for me n my many buddies who r emotionally attached with kmh.i cried bitterly first tym in season 2.

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Good takes guys!
I'm really looking forward to seeing the epi! Arjun crying to Arohi ...wait sneaking into her bedroom? Shocked sweet! LOL 
Will watch epi later and give some thoughts.

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
@Therusha: *welcomes with phoolo ki baarish* Thanks for sharing your perspective :) You reminded me of another buddy Kat LOL woh bhi isi tarha KK per taarif ki baarish kerti thi LOL

hmm that girl was despo Stern Smile and Chikoo is three much ROFL

DJ is cool Smile I'm sure she & shefali will play a part in bringing Arjuhi together :)

Yup, today KK stole the show :)

@MitEssH: You are welcome to share your views Smile

@Shaheen: will wait for u to edit your phatta :)

@Tanu: U liked the epi? I'm happy for you Hug

Whatever i wrote in my post was strictly my opinion Smile Super disappointed with the execution.

@Sumzzzzzzzzzz: where's my sumzlaxy? sumzbury? UnhappyLOL Hug

Yep, Arjun abhi sneaking mode mein hey...soon he'll become stalker too Wink *haan*

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saman87 Groupbie

Joined: 16 December 2010
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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 11:27am | IP Logged
hello hello ppl! episode was not tht bad but it could have been much better... the way the friday epi ended this episode should have taken off with a high note with arjun doing something different then just dancing W*H tht weirdo, clingy girl! bt oooohh karan n kritika were totally fab n touched my heart! Clap we have seen tht breaking glass scene so many times bt arjun doing it in totally arjun singhania style was totally classy!
n if they actually want ths serial to be diff then cudnt we have kuch diff n arohi gets to know the truth about her chachi/so called best friend n her scheming ways, ya phr chiku se shaadi k waqt hi pata chalay ga?? =p
totally liked:
. arjun's talk with sis... although he his completely heartbroken he does not give up coz he knws tht arohi loves him too!
. arohi n dj scene was so beautifully done. loved it! the way dj scolds arohi with pyaar is when aro confesses to dj tht she is drunk, was adorable!.. dj came to check on arohi coz she is scared of dark bt nw she is no more scared of dark all thnx to arjun! Wink
. arjun-arohi convo was gud too n i liked the reason due to which arohi bacame cold towards arjun even though she was moved by his story. it goes with her character pretty well that she suddenly she comes back to reality n ques arjun tht y didnt he say anything in the police station then?? something tht should pop up in every practical girls's mind in tht situation.
confession: i actually cried when arjun was telling his story ! gr8 acting!
epi rating: 6.5/10

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 11:41am | IP Logged
@Saman: Zabardust post StarStarStar Because you gave suggestions as to how they could've done differently Smile

True, it could've been better. Ye sab bohat baar dhekh liya...naya kya hey? They could've executed the disco scene properly by proper direction :l

"he does not give up coz he knws tht arohi loves him too! " Clap

" it goes with her character pretty well that she suddenly she comes back to reality n ques arjun tht y didnt he say anything in the police station then?? something tht should pop up in every practical girls's mind in tht situation."' Approve

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