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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:27am | IP Logged

Hello everyone,

Here am I back again to analyze another of GHSP's wonderful package. Don't get me wrong friends; its not may habit to say "wonderful" and neither am I always positive but the episode was wonderful because it was totally logical and the pics that followed are beyond description. Gteam has erased the least bit of sadness that could have caused the viewers due to the episode with the new photos. So I found the whole package, wonderful that actually left a bittersweet taste in our mouth.

So our current situation is that we are not very happy about the precap where NE dissects geet with her words and quite happy about today's photos where we get the taste of our most favorite kubaan hua dance performed by maneet in an earlier episode. So my effort today is to lessen the amount of annoyance that the precap has caused.

Now friends, we all have already learned a little about the new sibling of maan, NE. Yes, she is a little spoiled, starts arguing with strangers for no good reasons and today we saw her another victim, arjun. See how easily she changed her attitude towards arjun right after she saved herself from the elevator incident when in the dark she was even ready to do almost anything to keep arjun beside her. So its no surprise that she will bark a little after being misinformed about her another brother dev by an office staff. Its natural that she will choose to believe any information that favors her own brother instead of someone she doesn't know (geet). Its more than natural to be mad when she got to learn that something went wrong in the family which even the office people are aware of but she is not. All her anger and behavior are very much justified today. And we should not try to judge maan or dadi right away for not being the ones to either stop NE's big mouth and inform her about dev-nt-geet tragedy. When did they get time anyway? NE dropped in the show like a comet with complains and afterwards started her wedding plans for maneet. Dev issue is such that it cant be informed while having tea or coffee. Its huge and it needs proper situation. But now that NE has put the question, she needs to be answered properly and that will happen soon. So lets not concentrate on what she said and how she said that. She has the right to be mad as much as she wants.

Now those of you who are sad for geet please don't be. Yes, the dev issue will always bring a darkness on her face but that phase of her life is over. Whatever humiliation geet would be facing due to NE is nothing compared to the day when geet was betrayed by dev in the name of marriage. Nothing compares to the pain she went through every single day considering herself ineligible to love anyone or be loved. No sorrow is greater than the one she felt when maan left her in the pee loon episode after learning that she was pregnant. If she could have handled those miserable moments, than NE is nothing. Besides geet was questioned by someone who is very much unimportant to the viewers. NE may be very important to maan and geet but what does it matter anyway what she thinks as long as maan is there for geet. The important persons of the family knows everything and so it doesn't matter if NE is told the truth tomorrow or even after a week. She can make as much fuss as she wants but she is unimportant. Her resentment won't change anything; it will never make maan love geet less. So friends, don't trouble yourself seeing geet's tears; girls do that often. But one thing I would like to suggest the Gteam is that, after the initial reaction and depression, geet should confront NE. It may happen that maan could give a 2-credit lecture on being strong in any situation and how truth is always so powerful, etc for geet's general knowledge considering geet's grief and that may inspire geet to reply NE. Suppose NE asks dadi and maan about dev directly when geet appears and confront NE, that would be wonderful too. The idea is, we need to see a strong geet in situations like these. We know, geet is strong and has the courage to handle any situations successfully. She shouldn't remain sad or feel guilty because she is not the criminal here. Caring for maan's family is fine but not at the cost of her own reputation. She is going to be the first lady of the khurana family and the juniors should talk to her respectfully and for that she has to show her inner strength.

Its very much understandable what geet is feelings at the moment considering herself the reason of maan's separation with dev and wondering if the same would happen with NE. But as maan said earlier that he would not have supported geet if she had been wrong, so geet should not worry about it much. Maan's general knowledge class is very much necessary for geet at the moment.

About arjun, I am not sure whether saving dadi was part of his plan or if he just got lucky but surely that gave him a brownie point. It seems to me that arjun will have the opportunity to interact with all three females of maan's life and finally discover his kamzori or weakness. Although I am not convinced if arjun's discovery will be helpful for him or not. Because whoever or whatever arjun may interpret as to be maan's weakness may actually be his strength. So hitting on maan's weak point may increase maan's strength to fight which would be a bad news for the enemy. No matter what, one thing is for sure, we would definitely get to see one maan vs arjun wrestling match in the future for reasons yet to be devised. I mean, maan's all breaking ice and wood and arjun's beating the champion should not go in vain after all.

Finally as a caution to the Gteam we the fans would love to see a wonderful wedding ceremony of maan and geet without any interruption. No pre or post ceremony new entry is required. If the Gteam has any intention of entering sameera in the scene then please hint us beforehand with some spoiler pics/SBB/SBS/TT article and we will express our opinions and requests within time. Don't know about dadi, but we want the wedding to be as peaceful as a white dove. Let the evil plans go in vain.

Today's episode brought the logic back. Thank you Gteam for not forgetting about the story while shopping for the wedding.  And please don't forget our strong geet, we know she can handle this situation. Its ok to shed a few tears but afterwards we wanna see her in action.

With Loves and prayers..............

About dadi, initially she was cupid later in the middle she was completely stupid because if she is so convinced that geet played with maan just because she was missing at the right time during the engagement night, then how come she was so sure of geet when she asked her to come over to stay in the outhouse? She could trust a total stranger (geet) in the office but not her would be granddaughter in law?  
At the moment, she is balanced but i am not sure if dadi would take the pregnancy thing easily. Because the old writers are no more there who would care for dadi's character. New writers are good but they would want to create suspence to linger the story to fit in the six-days-a-week schedule rather than bother about dadi's character. So its most likely that dadi would fuss about geets' pregnancy in the future. But as long as maan is with geet, who cares what dadi thinks? Wink

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:34am | IP Logged

cannot analyseOuch

but ill speak about Daadimaa!..

well she is a GranDMotheR!
matlab she is a Grand one at being a Mother...
n i guess tat justifies her annoying
Stern Smile but  family oriented moves as well as swings!ROFL

PS : i miss u guysCry

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Taiyo IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Where is Vicky's name in that wedding card. It's a big conspiracy against those who are waiting for Vicky to arrive in the show and elope with Geet and have a live-in. Why are you all scared? He will for sure break 206 bones of Mann and woo Geet, convincing her to come with him. But, this is no reason to omit him completely from this show. Angry

What is NES still doing in this show when MSK never had a sister? Angry

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:46am | IP Logged

1.Opening scene: Maan tries to get Geet fulfill her part of the bargain- accept his kiss and backs her to the wall. She panics and calls him Maan which both stuns him as well as pleases him so much that he accepts it for now instead of the kiss and threatens that if she calls him Maan sir he will ' and looks at her lips leaving her no doubt. She shyly says she knows when to say 'Maan' and when to say 'Maan Sir'.


My confusion: Did Maan really want the kiss?  If he did, he would have kissed her when she leaned in towards him expectantly after saying that he too belongs only to her (in the Sat epi), instead of standing like a statue and letting the lights ruin the moment.  Having lost that opportunity he would have at least tried to make up in yesterday's epi. Instead he is pleased she called him 'Maan'. Now I would have understood it if was the very first time she ever called him Maan but it was not. So I was left confused.

And to add to my confusion, after hearing Maan's  threat which quite clearly implied that he will kiss her if she called him Maan sir, Geet says she knows when to call him Maan and when to call him Maan sir. Now does that mean on their SR she will call him Maan sir? That is the only way she will get him to kiss her it seems!

If I remember right, the first time Geet called him Maan was in HP when he was attacked by the goons. Fearing for his life she yelled out Maan. After their promises in the jungle, she was fairly consistently addressed him as Maan. It is only after the MU and Maan insisted that she call him Maan sir, did she switch back to it.  I feel they should have shown Maan insist that she reverts back to Maan when he accepted her back in his life. It would have been a symbol of normalization of their relationship.

Getting back to this issue at the current juncture looked a little out of place to me.  

What I would have preferred to see: When Maan approaches her for the kiss, Geet tightly squeezes her eyes shut and waits in anticipation and fear of the inevitable. Maan comes within inches of her lips but stops, asking her to recall what he had said earlier about not wanting to take his rights without her permission. So although he has won her challenge and gained the right to kiss her, he will not do so till she willingly grants him that. He knows that she will, once they are married and he is prepared to wait to then. 

Now this would have not only made the scene sensuous, it would have also shown how much Maan respects Geet's wishes, both spoken as well as unspoken.  

2.Arjun-Annie scene: Both get out of the lift and he calls her Anvesha. She wants to be called Annie. He provokes her by asking her what if he calls her Anvesha and she threatens that she will even cancel the contract if he does. She then snatches her cell from his hand (or was it his??).

My confusion: How did her cell land in his hand? Did I miss something here?

What I would have preferred to see: Frankly have no clue. I don't like this pair mainly because NM is so hopeless in the acting dept, I'm plain irritated to see her on the screen but I have to give it to the CVs for giving a sort of connection between this scene and the previous scene. Both the scenes had one thing in common.  In the first, Maan had a problem with Geet calling him 'Maan Sir' and in the second scene his sister had problem with Arjun calling her 'Anvesha'. It reminded me of earlier times when they always contrasted Maaneet scenes with Devtara scenes. Some thought seems to have gone here.

3.Annie-Tasha-Adi scene: Annie gets to see the invitation card which, by the way, had a grammatical mistake. It read "Mrs.Savitri Devi Khurana invites you with family for the Reception-Cum-Dinner on the auspicious occasion of the wedding of her grandson Maan weds Geet on 10th January 10 2011 (which someone pointed out was DD's birthday) between 6.30 p.m to 9.00 p.m."

It should have read Maan with Geet and not  Maan 'weds' Geet as the 'wedding' word had already come in the previous sentence.  Call me finicky but I did create quite a ruckus in the case of my own invitation card over such things. Moving  on to the scene, Annie is surprised to see Dev's name dropped from the card and is told by a 'helpful' Tasha that it was on the insistence of Maan, who did it for Geet. She also added that Geet is a family breaker. Adi and Romeo intervene and stop before more damage is done.

My confusion:  Why is Annie not surprised that Vicky's name is not there in the card? Do they have any intention of reviving this forgotten character? Has Vicky really turned into Annie as some of us feared? Or has Vicky been missing for far too long that no Khurana member really has any hopes of his existence? Although they showed Annie ask about Dev earlier, they did not give a proper conclusion to that scene. She seemed satisfied with Maan's vague answer. It required a wedding invite to make her think of her bro again?Highly unrealistic.  


What I would have preferred to see: Actually my mind goes blank every time I see Annie on the screen. I still can't digest her sudden appearance, especially when the existence of a legitimate character like Vicky is not confirmed.  I guess I could have lived with her saying (at least to herself) "I can understand Vicky's name not appearing in the card because we do not know where he is but why has Dev's name been dropped? And where is he, by the way? I have not seen him ever since I returned."

4.Maan-Geet-Dadi-Annie scene: Geet proudly shows her purchases to Dadi who is not too pleased with the white/offwhite dresses she has bought for an auspicious function like a wedding and advises her not to shop with Maan who will only make her select white (loved both GC's and DD's expressions in this scene).

Annie arrives there and Geet enthusiastically seeks her opinion on the dresses as she has a good fashion sense. Annie coldly asks her why she is not seeking her family member's counsel and wonders why not a single member of her family has arrived yet. Geet is sad and says that she has no family but Maan, Dadi and her. 

Dadi assures that Geet is right and she does not require any family but the Khuranas. Annie then questions where is the entire K family as she does not see Dev and NT. Dadi and Maan have no answer and Geet escapes from the delicate situation saying she'll go try the dress. Annie is surprised that Dadi does not seem bothered about Dev's absence. When asked about the wedding arrangements, she leaves saying she wants to rest.  


My confusion:  While Annie questions were all pertinent, I felt they were all ill timed. Should she not have raised these questions much before now? They seem to have been triggered only after she saw the card. That I find hard to digest. Why did Dadi and Maan not give a proper answer for Dev-NT absence? Did they think they can hide such a big truth from her for long? The whole town knows about the tamasha. Would it not be better for Annie to know the truth from her own family than a third person? And why is Maan not able to understand Annie's mood even after hearing her questions for which she did not get a satisfactory answer?

Would have preferred to see: At least one of them tell Annie the truth but then they may have wanted to retain the drama element.    


5.Geet-Maan scene:  Geet in her sexy saree thinks over Annie's words and laments that she has come between Maan and his family. She wonders what would Annie's reaction be if she comes to know the truth about Dev. When Maan enters, she pretends to smile. While initially he does not notice her pain, he does so later when he holds her hand in his and a tear drop falls on his hand (I think). He gets concerned but is not able to understand why she is sad. He questions her but she asks him to leave her alone. This hurts him for if there is one thing he cant stand, that is being away from her. He respects her wishes though and leaves thinking that he will give her some time alone but will soon make her happy again.


My confusion: This was the only scene I liked in the episode. Geet's fear, regarding the choices Maan may have to make in future, was well portrayed. Although Maan had earlier assured her that she was not responsible for this situation and he was merely supporting the truth, she feared that he could get cut off from Annie too if his sister did not think like him and instead supported Dev.  Knowing how close he is to his sister, Geet feels bad about what may be in store.  So I guess her feelings are justified. What I found confusing is why Maan could not read her feelings after listening to Annie's questions earlier? Especially with Geet herself voicing her concern over breaking up his family in the terrace scene, should he not have connected the two together?  If not that, he could have at least thought that Geet may be missing her family as Annie mentioned them. He knows how close she was to her parents from what she said in the HP scene.  So why did he not think in that direction at least?


What I would have preferred to see: Maan at least presuming that Geet's sadness is to do with missing her family and planning to get her parents for the wedding.


6.Maan-Dadi-Arjun scene: Maan and Dadi have gone to the wedding planner's office to discuss the sangeet arrangement. Maan is on his way to the office. Dadi stops to attend a phone call. Some men are repairing a pipe above and accidentally let go. Pipe crashes and Arjun saves Dadi just in time.

My confusion: Didn't really have any except an observation that it was a lame way to repair pipes.

What I would have preferred to see: I guess I'll get to see it today. So will reserve my comments for now.


Overall, the episode was good in bits and pieces but the overall effect left me confused. It took me to read Jyo's take and also rewatch the episode to realize what I was confused about and what I would have liked to see instead. I have to commend the CVs for bringing back the pace in the show (which had gone missing for some time) considering that they gave us 6 scenes yesterday but I felt there was some sort of disjoint.

Sorry for this extra long take. If you are still reading it, thank you for your patience.

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-RD- Moderator

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Why cudnt Dadi take NE aside and tell her the truth and ask her to keep shut .....what a loser knowing her bratty grandchild she shud have done something........

Dadi is gonna be MSK's weakness
She is gonna land Maaneet in a Mess
And cause them a lot of stress
She is epitomizes complete barbaadi
From her and NES Maaneet need azaadi
She never does the right
With her pendulum ways Khurana's future doesnt look bright

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged
TSP: Increasingly the mythical Vicky is reminding moi of John Galt! 

<runs and hopes Jaya never ever reads this LOL>

EDIT: Apparently I am one of the few people who were waiting for John Galt to make an appearance in the book...he took forever to appear and after the 50 page monologue I wished he hadnt...LOL!

EDIT 2: I think Godot is better..Hence I now christen Vicky as Godot!

TSP: Keep waiting for Godot!

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:49am | IP Logged
can someone give me the link to tanu's update...or any other update for that matter...Stern Smile i wanna watch the epi LOL

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:52am | IP Logged


watched the epi in bits and pieces coz was watching JDJ more
how was the epi?? saw the Maan and Geet saree scene though
Drashti Dhami u take my breath away Day Dreaming

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