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3 IDIOTZ- Maan Ki Chuppi, Geet ko Chubhi.Mahi mahi (Page 2)

nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 7:58am | IP Logged




the guy seems more affected than the young lady



Loved Annie calling Adi 'bhaiya' ..this man sure deserves all the love & respect....

Tasha well trained by Sasha ma'am....made her best to spoil everything b/w Annie & Geet....

Still waiting for showdown & consequences



i so wished it was Dadi who could enlighten Annie with the truth ..before she blasts on Geet...

but i wonder why the 'to be' showdown thats being shown as precap since Friday goes without 'done' even on Monday.
Guys are you waiting to read our thoughts...?

i ofcourse wish Maan or Dadi is near by around to help Geet out of it incase she herself does not tell Annie all....all



Okay way to Maan's heart ....  is by being honest & loyal...but to top the chart ..way to his heart is through Dadi maa's heart & Arjun sure did win it now by saving her.

i so hope Maan does not trust him '100%' ...but obviously he will be friendly & warm...

and Maan will also learn that Arjun is the wedding planner.

Arjun be a good boy...not NT's shadow..plz


Dadi & White

Dadi maa...Newton with his prism proved it that all the colors of the rainbow go on to make one color thats 'White'...
what can be more mesmerizing & divine than Maan's fav White...


Maan aur Maan ki Geet

Maan is free from having to bear the burden of 'Sir' ....
its Maan now.

Geet's fears again resurface owing to Annie's question...& this time she wants time alone than reassurance from Maan..

now i'm of two minds here..i'm happy that she needs no more assurance about her place in his heart & life & also she is dead sure what Maan will do if Annie sides with DevTara
i'm unhappy that she asked Maan to leave..she knows that he sensed her fear & sadness asking him to leave her alone she has given him more reasons to worry & be sad.

When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you
Are secrets and lies

I'll be your strength
I'll give you hope
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call
Was standing here all along


precap..i have to say one of my fav number & my fav singers me looking forward to the picturization...hopes are up seeing pics at FB now... hoping to see 'Kurban Hua' get a competition for the best spot

Now this is seriously confusing frame...


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preetgurti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 7:59am | IP Logged

What Rew aaj u opened early

okie no problem btw me tooooooo waiting for Mindblowing mondaySmile
Here is a song againWink
Na kajre ki dhaar , Na motiyon ke haar
Na koi kiya shringaar phir bhi kitni sunder ho
Mann main pyaar bhara , aur tan main pyar bhara
Jeewan main pyar bhara,Tum hi to mere priya wer
Sringar tera yovan yovan hi tera gehna
To taazgi pholon ki kya saadgi ka kehna
Ude khushboo jab chale tu bole to baje sitar
na kajre ki dhaar na motiyon ke haar
na koi kiya shringar phir bhi kitni sunder ho
Sari duniya harjayi tere pyar main hai sachai
Isliye chodke duniya teri ore khichi chali ayi
Thi pathar tune choo kar sona kar diya khara
mann main pyar bhara aur tan main pyar bhara
jeewan main pyar bhara tum hi to mere priyawer ho
Tere aang sacha sona muskaan sache moti
tere honth hai madhushala tu roop ki hai jyoti
teri surat jaise murat main dekho baar
Na kajre ki dhaar na motiyo ke haar
na koi kiya shringar tum kitni sunder
will edit after the episodeSmileEmbarrassed

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Pari76 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:02am | IP Logged

 December 20th      

         Today was a nice episode with issues.

         There was episode continuation.

         CVs and Nissar thank you for a nice episode.

         This was a pretty well blended episode containing romance, comedy and seriousness, anger, danger, suspense

         GC was great.

         DD was great.

         Piyush was good.

         Nikunj was good.


1.                Maan  &  Geet (Store)

       WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (caps for emphasis only.  Geet finally calls Maan "Maan" instead of "Maan Sir".  She does this to save herself from completing her end of the deal. 

      Maan taken back for the trip from "Maan Sir" to "Maan" accepts that as her end of the deal providing she refrains from ever calling him "Maan Sir" again.

      Maan shows what a gentleman he is as he knew Geet was uncomfortable and did not want to force her.  Also, Maan respects Geet and he knows that she only said that because she didn't expect him to answer.


2.                   Anwesha & Arjun

      Liked that Anwesha's character remained constant and head strong. 

      The customer is always right.  Arjun, wants that contract badly, so he'll have to do as the lady says.

      Like that Anwesha took her phone from his hand without moving her body.


3.                   Annie, Adi, Romeo, & Tasha

         Loved that Anwesha addressed Adi as Brother which shows the respect she has for him and also denotes his loyalty.

         Why would Anwesha go to Adi for funds to pay invoices/bills for the wedding? And why would Adi give to her?

         First off KC is a business and the wedding is a personal matter.  It is illegal depending on the type of corporation for monies  to be taken from the business accounts to fund personal matters.

         What was Tasha doing in MSK' cabin?  She could have greeted the delivery boy outside MSK's cabin and take the wedding invite there.

         Annie question was pertinent since she has no clue what has transpired in the Khurana family.

         Tasha seizes the opportunity practice her acquired skills from Sasha on Anwesha.  Tasha opens the lid to Pandora's Box just enough to arise Anwesha curiosity sowing the seed of want to know what happened.

         I thought Sasha would have done a better job.  Tasha I felt was just blah. 

         CVs and Nissar bring back Sasha (Kanika) into the picture to finish up her streak and to bring both her character and Tasha's her full circle.  Viewers , atleast some viewers haven't forgotten about Sasha.

         Where is Sasha?  What happened to her since the night NT tried to kill Geet?

         Adi, the regular good Samaritan.  He with Romeo and Adi sees through the glass of MSK's cabin, Tasha giving Anwesha an ear full.  Adi knows something is up as he knows Tasha is always upto no good.

         Adi and Romeo enter into MSK's cabin and dispel Tasha with work.

         Unfortunate Tasha has succeeded to an extent.


4.                Maan, Geet, Dadi, & Anwesha

         Dadi is very right in say that it is their wedding and they need vibrant colors.  Yes,white is divinity and purity, but even in heaven there is colors so why not on earth and especially at such festive time.  Colors represent beauty, elegance and depending on the vibrancy of the color, happiness, brightness, which are the same a wedding atmosphere and one part of what a wedding represents.

         Geet asks Anwesha's opinion about her clothes and Anwesha shot back with a bullet, "you could also ask you family".  "Where is your family, I don't see anyone here?"  Geet's answer that she has "…no family and that Dadi, Maan Sir and you are my family" is part white lie, part truth, part lie.  While the elders member's in the Handa Family are Geet family they do not deserve the right to have this title; Dadi, Maan and Awesha are Geet's family;  Geet will always hold Rajji and Tito as her family.

         Maan knows something is up and questions Anwesha, who self talks that she'll talk to Geet first brushes Maan off by saying she is tired.

         Maan discusses Anwesha's behavior with Dadi who smiles and says she is moody, but when Maan leaves worry sits on Dadi's face.

         Barry Dhillon what kind of a cheapy chapy dialogue you gave to Dadi here.  It doesn't make any sense.  No one asks these type of questions just because they argued or had a bad day outside with someone.  The dialogues made this scene stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dadi should have told Maan that he is right to worry, why all of sudden Anwesha is bring up this top and Maan should have replied yes Dadi, she asked me about Dev and I already answered her.

         Why did Anwesha only ask for Dev and NT and not Vicky?  CVs and Nissar you need handle this.

         Dadi tells Maan she'll go make the music arrangements and meet the wedding planner.  Maan says he and Geet will go with her.


5.                   Geet & Maan (Room)

         Geet's self talks is justified about Anwesha situation.  However this is something that Geet needs to accept that her past will always haunt her and Maan as well.

         Maan comes to Geet in her room.  He holds her hand and she breaks her hands free.

         Maan's radar goes off that something is wrong he holds Geet's shoulders and ask her what is wrong to which Geet says nothing and Maan says your lips lies while your eyes speak the truth.  Geet breaks free from Maan's hold and turns her back to him telling him to leave her alone that she wants to be alone.

         Maan not able to hear this nor can he take Geet's sadness; he walks closer to her and tells her that you are hiding your feelings from me and questions her is this our understanding?

         A hurt Maan walks away from Geet, turns back to face her and self talks that I don't like to leave you like this when you are sad but I don't want to go against your wishes either so I will leave just for a little bit.

         Geet self talks "I am sorry Maan."

         I disliked the way the CVs and Nissar had Geet behaved in this scene. 

         Geet has broken her promise not to let the past or anyone come between her and Maan.

         Geet has also gone back on her own words, yet again; that if issues come up, they should sit and talk about it.

         Geet breaking herself free from Maan seems…

         CVs and Nissar stop yo-yoing Geet's character; allow her character to grow.  Geet needs to be on the same level of MSK and to date you guys have failed to do so.


6.          Maan, Dadi, & Arjun

         Arjun saves Dadi from the falling pipe.  Arjun didn't need to save Dadi; he could have let the pipe fall on her, but he didn't.  I don't think that his initial intention was to use this incident to gain Maan's trust, but since it happened, he'll attempt to milk it for what its worth.

         Arjun was probably there waiting for Anwesha as she was supposed to take care of the music. 

         Maan look out Arjun is looking for you trust to stab you in the back.

         Maan's facial expression indicates he doen't trust Arjun.


Precaps:  I am not gonna speculate.   Only that I hope Anwesha does not approach Geet in that manner as shown. 


My speculations… (Edited E)

a.       NT is structuring her own plan as she has lost and will lose trust in Arjun.  She trusts herself more than ANYONE ELSE.

b.      Arjun will use Anwesha to get to Maan, but will fall in love with her in the process and stop.

c.       NT's sentence to Adi will come into play once again "loyal employees of Maan Veerji, he'll need them."

d.      From Maan's repetitive dialogue about "as long as he is there nothing will happen to Geet" makes me think that may be for whatever reason he won't be there once due to circumstance and something will happen to Geet.

e.      NT brings in Sameera… or Arjun will bring Sameera (thought about this after seeing FB pics today)

Here is what needs to happen…  (No changes)

1.    Why doesn't Anwesha know that Arjun is NT's brother?

2.    Where was Anwesha all this time?

3.     Whose daughter is she and is she Maan's real sister?

4.     GEET NEEDS TO START CALLING MAAN "MAAN". (caps for emphasis only)

5.    Would like to see Geet do something for Maan just because he is her happiness not because he has done so much for her… this reason seems more of an obligation rather than a want to.

6.    Who was NT's helper that dropped the chandelier which was supposed to kill Geet?

7.    The entire story of the entire Khurana Family and Family Members need to be told now.

8.    Anwesha needs to inquire about her bro Vicky and his wife NT and also Dev's Mom and Dev's sister.

9.    Dev needs to tell Maan everything that has happened from time he came out of jail because of NT to present including his deal with NT for exchange for family freedom.

10.  I want to know exactly when and where NT got POAs, cause it wasn't when Maan was in the


11.  Dev and Meera should go and speak to MSK regarding NT.

12.  Geet needs to give a public statement to the press saying that "she misunderstood the

 situation and acted rash.  Maan is nothing like Dev and Maan is and will always be reputable.   The answer to your question is yes, Maan and I are getting married."

13.  I would like to see Dev slap NT with open palm then bring back to another slap with back of hands.

14.  Sasha needs to be put out of commission once and for all.  She should not have another hand

in causing any more damages to Geet or Maan as for an employee she has already got away with too much.

15.  Dev's mother and sister need to be mentioned as part of the criminal crew and be punished


16.  Geet needs to know Meera's true ties to Khurana's family.

17.  Maan needs to become the ferocious tiger.  Remember his words to NT that if she made Geet

                  cried he would take revenge for each tear drop.  I don't think NT can pay this debt in its'

                  entirety in this lifetime.

18.  Maan still needs to know

                           i.   That NT poisoned Dadi's mind

                         ii.   That Dadi kicked Geet out of the house.

                        iii.   That NT lied to Geet about him not wanting to see her

                       iv.    That NT lied to Geet about the taveez and again Maan not wanting to see her

                         v.   That NT moved him from his original hospital room in order to prevent Geet from seeing

 Him and that she stopped Geet at the door of his hospital room from entering to see him.

                         vi. That Sasha is the reason why the story came out at the office.

                        vii. Nasty Attitude insulted Geet and threw her into the pool.

                      viii. Sasha is working with NT and locked them in store room.

                         ix. Maan needs to know Pindi was working with NT.











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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:03am | IP Logged

Pictures speaks Volumes but when it comes to Videos or motion pictures even minute things becomes far more Evident...But i am still going to BlabberLOL

Above are snaps of Maan from 4 different sequences
look at his eyes....they speak Volumes....Its as though he is making love with his eyes......He can't get enough of her......

But this is missing....
I too agree i did not see this

1)on Sat in "Tere Mast Mast".....
2) or in todays seq where he sees Geet in the white Sari.....
(Is he the same Maan who could not take his eyes off her in the Red Sari Seq???)
3)Nor did i see this in today's Coming up seq of "Mahi Mahi"......

Why are his expressions so cold...????

He has delivered amazing scenes with the so called Expressions Intact and now either there is stillness in his eyes....or his expressions is on an On/Off mode....

I hope GC brings back the Old Maan.....The one in the above Pics....

Love Viji

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Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Who want to kill ANI.....ek to asi hee below avg actress hai....uspe....GEET ko itna suna diya.....I want to kill ANI>.....
Shaadi is on 10th jan....not 31st Dec so.....Too many twist are going to ome for next 2 weeks....

VAH kya trick hai......ANI torture kare hamri geet ko...aur aap hot pic upload ker do....taki hum usse dil se gali bhi na de sake.....Not FAIR>..

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Yasmeen786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:02am | IP Logged

Hello everybody, a very warm evening to you all!!! Geet is finally getting back on track for me, gradually regaining it's momentumClap!!! am also beginning to relish all the anni and arjun scenesBig smile.......but not more than our maaneet!!!! In terms of the content of todays episode it was packed with powerful performances from our maaneet and the whole was overwhelming to see geet's concern towards maan, not wanting him to sever further ties with any of his sibblings etc......Now I only wish for annie to be aware of the revelation regarding dev and geet pronto, I hope this track is imminent this week......then we can rejoice maaneets wedding with pomp and spelndour.........thats it for me.......ciao.......Embarrassed

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-sann- IF-Dazzler

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hopefully again a mast mast episode will take away my dill ki chyen.... Wink
aaaahhhhrghhhh......ani....Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Mahi mahi… mahi, mahi mahi… mahi
Dhadkano me mahi, saanso me hai mahi
Tu hi hai mere dil ki tamanna
Teri hi yaadein har lamha
De mujhe de apna aanchal
Dhoop me jalta main harpal

Tujhme hai kuch aisi ghataa sa
Jiske liye hu main pyaasa sa
Aa tu meri pyaas bujha ja re

Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi
Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi
Mere mahi, mere mahi
Tu aaja mere mahi dil roye ya ilahi
Tu aaja mere mahi

Mahi mahi… mahi, mahi mahi… mahi
Bas mera tu mahi saanso me hai maahi
Hain mujhe hai tera armaan
Hain tujhe hai mera banna
Har ghadi teri dil me aahat
Tu mile mil jaaye raahat

Judd ke bhi tu mujhse juda sa
Milke bhi tu kyu hai khafaa sa
Aaja meri baaho me aaja re

Judd ke bhi tu mujhse juda sa
Milke bhi tu kyu hai khafaa sa
Aaja meri baaho me aaja re

Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi
Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi
Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi
Dil roye ya ilahi, tu aaja mere mahi

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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mpty Threats
- The never-ending journey from Maan to Maan Sir to Maan! Don't blame the ladki, but Mein Stooped Khurana...He's the one who insisted she call him "Sir' and now goes n trades it for a kiss! Is there an opportunity then Maan will surely MISS! In HP he saved ladki, but Dev pataoed her. In Delhi, he proposed and proposed and proposed till he got "Yes" and Dev turned it into a "NO" with 1 appearance while Maan's brains went to Planet Disappearance! Oops sorry....forgot the task at hand ain't to diss de MAAN:P

- Anvil fires Arrow...ladki first get a Bow! Her acting still needs to grow! His hair look's like a crows!

-Seeds of trouble Taasha does sow - Romeo mate no need to aim so low:P Give Adi some competition with Pinky, Yo!

- Looks like Anvil will tapkofy on de morrow on Geet's ki Sir. Someone please find "Maan Sir":P 

- Jokes Apart: Anvil's questions deserve answer! Finally, Nissar & Co. rediscovers Logic! 

Colorless Threads 
- Geet in a Sari? Looking like an hawt abla nari;) Wat Annaari can resist?! D'uh - Maan Sir"! Don't worry it won't last long, he's got prem bimaari:D

Story Beads
- Arjun saves Daadi from Danda! Finally, story moving and Ved drinking's Thanda! I thought we would have to send him aanda:X

Character Deeds
- Secondary Characters - like Daadi serve varying purposes. Daadi's often a neutral catalyst that the creatives use to move the story where they want. Maaneet romance ya separation...watever is the want!
- She moves with the reason of de story.  Loves her grandchildren wholly and wants them to be on happy family.  Nothing wrong with her logic, but life is tragic.  Despite all her wealth, her grandchildren are divergent: some principled and others weak and some sik!   

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