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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 71)

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Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedso may be our small abhay will be coming soon ,but will abhay want it?lovely and exiting and suspensive update......................

thanks hunSmile yeah maybe a cute lil  Abhay or maybe a cute lil PiyaWink

so do you mean it will be coming i mean abhay will agree?Confused

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Originally posted by ilove99

Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedso may be our small abhay will be coming soon ,but will abhay want it?lovely and exiting and suspensive update......................

thanks hunSmile yeah maybe a cute lil  Abhay or maybe a cute lil PiyaWink

so do you mean it will be coming i mean abhay will agree?Confused

LOLLOL to find out keep reading!Wink i cant unfold the story now can i?Tongue
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Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedso may be our small abhay will be coming soon ,but will abhay want it?lovely and exiting and suspensive update......................

thanks hunSmile yeah maybe a cute lil  Abhay or maybe a cute lil PiyaWink

so do you mean it will be coming i mean abhay will agree?Confused

LOLLOL to find out keep reading!Wink i cant unfold the story now can i?Tongue
aye aye!!
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Im sure Abhay will be very very happy when he hears the news.
I wonder what the baby is half vampireConfused but Im sure it will be super cute.It has the best genes.Embarrassed
Thanx for the pmBig smile

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Originally posted by shaggyscooby

Im sure Abhay will be very very happy when he hears the news.
I wonder what the baby is half vampireConfused but Im sure it will be super cute.It has the best genes.Embarrassed
Thanx for the pmBig smile

@ bold don't be so sureLOL about the baby who knowsWink and you are welcome hunSmile

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Originally posted by ilove99

Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by ilove99

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedso may be our small abhay will be coming soon ,but will abhay want it?lovely and exiting and suspensive update......................

thanks hunSmile yeah maybe a cute lil  Abhay or maybe a cute lil PiyaWink

so do you mean it will be coming i mean abhay will agree?Confused

LOLLOL to find out keep reading!Wink i cant unfold the story now can i?Tongue
aye aye!!


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As they were about to leave the canteen, she notices Abhay coming to their direction, he had this huge mischievous smile on his face his dimples are visibly deep! Her heart starts to race.
"Hey look who has finally decided to show up?" says Misha

As he gets closer "hi Misha" says Abhay, and then he looks at Piya and says with a playful tune "and you! You are going to get it for what you did in the morning" and then he tries to grab her

Piya giggles and hides behind Misha holding her shoulders 
he tries to grab her again, while Misha laughs moving away and being caught between them both. 

Then she tries to run away laughing now and he grabs her pulling her then he holds her arms and pushes them behind her back, trapping her against his chest
She was now all ticklish "Abhay don't" she screams laughing

He laughs "oh! you have no idea what I am going to do with you!" says Abhay in humorous threatening voice   
"Guys get a room!" says Misha looking at them and some students start to clap cheering

He pulls her closer making her more breathless, then he whispers in her ear "Hmm you know what! I will let you of the hook this time" he stops and let go of her, both smiling now

One of the students whistle! While another clap shouting "woo! Carry on!" 

"Oh shut up!" says Misha and Piya blushes hard
"So Mr. Businessman has decided to attend his classes today let's give him a big hand" Misha claps and so does Piya; both laughing, while Abhay smiles shaking his head.

Kabir joins in, greeting Abhay and looking mischievously at Misha
"Loser!" Says Misha

Abhay looking at them amused "what's that about?"
Kabir tells him about the NRI marriage proposal 
"I don't want to meet him" says Misha

Abhay looks at her  and  then says "I am afraid it's too late to avoid him now Mish, before I came here, your dad has invited us for a dinner party  especially organized in honor of his friend, who lives in USA he said, and is here now with his family! I think it's his son whom is interested in you"

"Oh no they came here! I don't believe this! We were supposed to meet them in Delhi! Uff! Since I refused to go there my dad invited him here how shrewd of him, but I am smarter then him I won't attend the stupid party"

"What if they are staying in your house? How could you then avoid them?" says Kabir teasing her
"No way! Are they? No no! I don't think dad will be that cruel!" she says agitated with a frown on her face 
"Relax! See no one will force you to get hooked up, just chill and behave normally and politely with them" says Piya wrapping her arm around her; Misha sighs while Abhay and Kabir smile

After the classes both Abhay and Piya walk towards the car hand in hand. 
"So, Mrs. Raichand junior, why did you bail on me today morning? We could have spent some quality time together"

She blushes and looks at him with playful eyes "I know what you mean by spending some quality time!"
He chuckles "so! Can't I enjoy my wife?"

"Abhay! You know how embarrassed I feel at those odd times when your parents are home! They always barge in or send someone asking for you or call for you! I still shudder in embarrassment when I recall the awkward situation we were in, when your mom barged in last week!"

He laughs grabbing her, as her face turns to bright red 
"My little blushful Piya!" 

She sighs "even today morning! Thank God that I left, otherwise we would have faced another awkward embarrassing situation but this time with your dad"
He shakes his head amused laughing mischievously 
"So why do you get bothered? It won't be shocking for them!" he says humoring her and grabbing her from her waist now.

"Abhay if you have no shame! I still do!" she says in a hyped cute voice

He laughs softly "so what do you suggest? Should we get our own place?" says he as he rubs his lips against her cheeks  
His warm lips tantalize her cool cheeks "Abhay we are in the college!"

He looks around "no one is watching! Hmm you still didn't answer me!"

"Are you serious? But then your parent will feel bad!"

"Not more then me, the way they are spoiling my love life is agonizing me!" he huskily says

She could feel him smiling against her skin now; she laughs softly her heart beat start to race "Abhay!"

he grins "So should I look up for a nice place for us?"

As much as she loved that, but she felt she can't take him away from his family's home
  He is their only son and they accepted him marrying her in such a young age, She felt she can't be that selfish 

She cups his face, smiles and pushes him away gently "no! It's better we stay with them we can't be selfish"

He lifts her up from her waist and let her get seated on his car's bonnet and leans towards her
"in one condition that you won't run away from me any time of the day" he says now looking at her deeply his lips curled in a playful smile

She feels her cheeks prickling as blood rush making her face red "Abhay I can't promise you that!" 

He raises his eyes brows "then I shall find us a new home!"

"Abhay! You just can't do that"

He chuckles watching her nervous blushed face "Ok how about this? we can put a sign of (do not disturb) out side our bedroom every time we are engaged in.."

"Abhay!" she exclaims interrupting him, her heart beat racing faster


He was looking at her shaken flushed face amused, he smirks "I was about to say awkward situation as you put it" he winks teasing her emphasizing on the words 

She swallows hard as they gaze each other with intensity now his hands were stroking her back, his conversation has excited her and all she wanted now that he would take her in his arms  passionately "Are we going to stand long in this parking lot?" she says in playful husky voice 

He swallows and smiles "you know what! Let's go for lunch and then.." he says playfully tracing her face with his finger down to her neck gently "then we go somewhere private where there will be just two of us" 

She looks at him with loving eyes "i would love that! But what do you have in your mind?"
"How about the hut?" he says softly

Her heart dances "the hut? I thought your dad wanted to demolish it last week? Is it still there?"   

He smiles "I know how much you like it, so I decided to keep it"

Her eyes get misty "but Abhay I don't want to cause any problems between you and your dad"

"Don't worry, it's ok the land is big enough for the project! So they can spare this small spot!"

She hugs him "thank you so much!" laughing softly in joy

"So is that a yes?" he says smiling

Her heart dances and she looks at him affectionately and nods 
I can tell you about the news in the hut, and I hope you will be happy to hear it, she affectionately thought gently touching her tummy.

She gazes him with so much love and his heart like her was racing now "Stop looking at me like that with your seductive beautiful eyes! Otherwise I will skip the lunch part and go direct to the hut" he says in a teasing threatening voice

She blushes and says "I don't mind, though I am starving!"
He hugs her feeling his heart beat getting faster then he smiles and pushes her away


"We will go and eat first, as i want you with your full strength!" he smirks rising an eyebrow and she blushes again "Abhay!" and hit him on his chest softly

He chuckles "I love how you blush so easily and then call my name, my name never sounded sweeter"


She smiles her heart filled with joy, then they get in the car
both smiling and he drives to a nice restaurant

During the lunch he tells he about the new project which was a sports club that includes a coffee shop, a gym a swimming pool a tennis court and a horse track for those who enjoy horse riding.

She was impressed and he asks her about her days when he was away though he already knows about them, as they went through them when he used to call her

"So how was the bar-BQ party yesterday did you have fun?"

The memory makes her nervous, how she told Misha about her doubts and the things that followed in the pharmacy, and her own reaction.

She swallows and bites her lips! Should I tell you now or should I wait when we are alone in the hut? I am not sure how would you react, she looks around. The posh restaurant was almost full; she sighs and decides that she will tell him when they are alone. 

She smiles "It was fun; you know how is the gang, especially Mish! By the way they all loved the gifts and our shots too! And hey we saw a strange aunty, such a freak and a very horrible woman she always hooks up with younger men! I don't know why old women become so shameful and go after young boys, it disgusts me and it amazes me why do these boys don't get hook up with girls their own age"

He raises his eye brows smiling "men who hook up with older women have some serious mental issues and so do women who always choose to be with younger men who are old enough to be their little brothers or kids! But sometimes they might get in this mismatch relationships just to gain something like money or carefree sex or whatever"

She was listening carefully but she seemed a bit disgusted "That's repulsive! Getting in a relationship for money or an old woman lust after a boy or vice versa"

He grins "you would be surprised of the reasons people get hooked up with each other"

"I can't think about a reason other then love" she looks at him fondly

He smiles and caresses her face gently "sadly not all people think like this, but even love can be viewed differently by different people!"

"I know! But that doesn't make them right does it? I mean we can't mix lust with love! They both are two different things, in love although there is the physical attraction aspect  but there is also care, trust, understanding and respect. While lust is just physical! Beside I can't understand how can any one indulge in a physical act with someone without loving him or her, its just beyond my comprehend!" she exclaims

He smiles "my little innocent Piya! Lust is a physical need for both genders my love! Some people just indulge in it for the thrills and the pleasure. Most men might only need physical attraction to get into the bed, while most women need more then that; as they need emotional attachment and a degree of mental stimulation too and there is also the ethical implications which controls most of us"

"Abhay you sound like an expert!" She looks at him
thoughtfully, and then a thought starts to disturb her.

Then she says hesitantly "Abhay I haven't asked you this before, but how many girlfriends did you have before?"

He chuckles "You are not seriously asking me this now? Why do you want to know! That was my past!"

She gets a bit upset thinking of him in arms of some random girls.
He holds her hand across the table as if he has read her mind
"That was my past, so just leave it and don't think about it" he says smiling looking at her with loving eyes

She smiles and nods, you are right Abhay I know how much you love me! She thought 
"Ok if you say that women need emotional attachment and mental stimulation then how come we see many loose character girls and women who indulge in physical acts with any random guys!"

"I said Most women, as there are exceptions to every rule" he says smilingly

"Can I get you anything else sir, maim!" says the waiter

Abhay says wiping away his mouth with the cloth "no thank you what about you Piya?"
"Yes I would like to have some green tea please"
"Ok then a coffee for me" says Abhay and he stands up "excuse me I have to use the wash" 

She sighs watching his broad back as he walks, I love you so much Abhay but why do I feel that there are so many things I still don't know about you!


Stop it, it's his past as he told you, but I want to know! Why do you want to torture you self by knowing about it? What will you gain? she was telling her self, she sighs and looks outside the large windows of the restaurant, the ancient city looked beautiful under the sun and then she looks back to the people around


There was a cute couple seated next to them, the woman looked blotted and now she knew why! She was pregnant as her belly looked very large as if she was in her 8 or 9 month. As she stands her husband gives her a hand to help her, and she heads for the wash 

Piya felt the woman looked very cute, she smiles looking at her and she smiles back and she sighs touching her own tummy!

And then she sees Abhay striding towards her Abhay glances the pregnant woman with a smile and then he looks at Piya, both smile, when suddenly a girl who has just entered grabs his arm "Hi Abhay! Long time no see!" 
"Hi Ritu! What are you doing here?" says Abhay looking at Piya
Piya looks away feeling a sudden rage of jealousy sweeping inside her 

"I am holidaying with some of my friends so how is life?"
"Good and you?" says Abhay
"Good! Ok good to see you take care" and then she hugs him and kisses him on his cheek gently and then walks away 

Piya looks at them feeling like someone slapped her, anger sweeps inside her Abhay walks back to Piya "who was that bimbo?" she says angrily 

"An old friend" he senses her anger 
"An old friend or girlfriend?" she says agitated 
"Does it make any difference?"
"Of course it does! Why did you hug her? And why did you wrap you arms around her and she kissed you too!

"Piya calm down, it was nothing just a pick on the cheek and.."
She stands up abruptly "yeah i guess if you see a random guy hugging and kissing me like that you would still say it's nothing" 

He becomes angry and whispers with a furious voice "sit down you are creating a scene!"
"I don't give a hoot!" and then she walks angrily outside the restaurant

Soon he catches up with her as she was walking restlessly still fuming and he grabs her arm, she shrugs it

"Let's go to the hut and we will talk there" he says calmly
"I don't want to talk, and I don't want to go to the damn hut with you! I want to go home"
"Piya now you are just being irrational!" he says impatiently
"If you don't take me home now I will walk" she fumes
"Walk! We are miles away!"
"Ok I will catch a taxi!"

He shakes his head and swears underneath his breath "damn it! ok I will take you home"      

He looks at her flushed frowned face her eyes were tearful and she was shaken a bit he feels a lump in his throat, he sighs and drives in speed. He knew she needed time to calm down so then he could talk to her 

As they reach home, she gets out of the car and slams the door and then angrily walks towards the house Abhay follows her silently

As they get inside the house they notice that Haseena was standing with a guest who was about to leave

Piya manages to smile as she goes and greets the guest with her mother in-law, Abhay follows her lead

The middle-aged woman was there to invite them for her pregnant daughter's 'gawd baray' ceremony, Piya asks puzzled what gawd baray means! and the woman explains to her and Piya smiles nervously

Abhay remembers the old woman; as she was one of the few sincere  and good hearted guests in their wedding, who were truly happy and wished them the best, and it shows as the woman with her smiling face seems like a very good hearted woman

She pats Piya and Abhay on their cheeks "kitni pyarai hai dono" she says with affection, both smile.

"When you have to do this ceremony don't forget to invite me" she says humoring Piya and she blushes, while her mother in-laws face changes "it will be too soon for them, they are still young for this" says she in a cold tune

Piya gulps, its sooner then you think! She thought and she looks at Abhay who was smiling and she gets agitated again remembering him in that girl's arms

The woman leaves, and Piya glares Abhay and then rushes towards the stairs, he follows her to the room  

"Why don't you just leave me alone, and go catch up with your old girlfriend or do a project or whatever you want to do!" she says furiously
Abhay smiles he knew she was jealous, he holds her arms, and she shrugs and moves away 

"Piya now you are just being foolish! Yes she was my ex girlfriend! I just saw her after so many months and she was just saying hi!"
"Huh! Why did she hug and kiss you?"

He shrugs "I can't answer that! You have to ask her! Beside what did you expect me to do? Push her away and tell her don't touch me! It was just a friendly hug and a simple pick! This is really stupid!"

"Huh! Now you are irritating me more! A friendly hug! Let's see how you tolerate it, if you see my ex hugging me a friendly a hug and kissing me"

He smirks "What ex? You don't have any ex! Now you are not making any sense!" 

"I am not making any sense! And you are the sensible boy! Why didn't you tell her that you are married? Maybe then she wouldn't have dared to be all over you! And stop smirking you are making me so angry now arghhhh!" she grits her teeth 

"I have no interest in touching or kissing any other girl but you, so there is no need for you to be jealous!"

"But you like the girls to do that to you don't you?" she hits the floor with her feet agitated

"No I don't" he grins watching her jealous rage and that makes her more furious she grabs a pillow and throws it over him, he grins catching it and then she throws another and then she throws a vase, he moves away and it hits the wall and get smashed

"Piya stop it!" he says softly in a threatening voice, but she was way too angry, she grabs a crystal show piece and he quickly comes closer grabbing her hands and then he bends her arms gently holding her hands at her back crushing her against his chest

"Leave me!" she yells 

He shakes his head smiling feeling his heart racing now "not before you calm down"

"I don't want to calm down!" says she avoiding his gaze, her chest heaving up and down

"By the way seeing you all worked up like this turns me on! And makes me want to make love to you now! You are driving me crazy" his hoarse words send a tingling sensation through her spine and she swallows hard feeling an overwhelming excitement overpowering her anger but she didn't want to give in.

"No!" she protests widening her eyes 
"Oh yes" he smiles seductively, gazing her deeply his eyes gleaming with raw passion now

"No stop!" says she with a weak voice and he bends his head and possesses her mouth, taking it fully in his own, her eyes were still wide open and she struggles to set herself free for few brief moments as she wiggles, but as he kisses her more deeply, exploring her mouth, she loses her defenses and she kisses him back with matching blazing passion.

His mouth shifts to her neck brushing his parted lips on the hollow of her neck teasing it searching then it goes down and much lower as he set her skin on fire by his sweet trail of wet kisses and he whispers "No?"

She shivers, her head bent backward her body arched in his arms her eyes still closed in ecstasy her voice quivering in a soft whisper "yes, oh yes!"

He laughs huskily and his searching mouth captures her soft luscious lips in his own as they kiss each other with hunger now and he let go of her arms and grabs her waist pulling her up closer to his chest and her arms cling to his neck helplessly as she let go of the crystal piece and it crashes on the floor, and he pushes her impatiently to the bed.

Meanwhile Chand upon hearing the crushing sound of the glass approaches his wife grabbing her and pulling her in a gentle embrace "what's going on?"
Haseena was looking upstairs she was aware that there was a dispute between her son and his wife
"Lovers quarrel!"
"Ah! Their first quarrel!" he says rising his eye brows
"No they had few before!"
"I see that you are keeping a track about your son and his little wife" he says sarcastically

She smiles in affection "He never looked happier! You don't have any idea of how happy i am for him, he loves her very much and she loves him too" 
Chand looks up "They are silent now! Seems he has reconciled with her"
She smirks and says "He is your son after all! So he knows how to tame his wild woman" and Chand chuckles 

Much later "so you are not mad at me anymore" says Abhay playfully as he holds her hands in his crossing his fingers around her delicate fingers; her head is resting on his naked chest

She sighs deeply "I wasn't mad at you I know it wasn't your fault"
He chuckles and her head moves along with his chest, she laughs softly
"You weren't mad?! That's why you wanted to hit me with a vase"
"I wasn't aiming at you!" she says with a cute voice 

He smirks and she wraps her arms around him and says "I can't bear to see another girl touching you or being close to you, I know I am not the first girl in your life but I don't want to see any other blasts from your past like that bimbo I saw today"

He laughs "Trust me Piya there is nothing in my past that you should be worried about! You are the first girl I ever loved and ever been with"

She raises her head now looking at him doubtfully "What do you mean by ever been with?"

"It means I have never had a physical relationship with another girl before"

Her jaw drops and she looks at him in disbelief "Now why do I find that hard to believe!"

He chuckles "you think I am lying?"

"No! but Abhay you seem so.. Err I don't know how I can explain it?" she says with a blush

"Explain what? What do you want to say?" he says mischievously

She gathers her self and says shyly "Abhay you seem like an expert, you seem you know exactly what to say and what to do"

"You mean in bed?" he says playfully. She blushes hard burying her face in his chest

He laughs hard "My little innocent Piya! People don't have to indulge in umpteen sinful affairs to know about this, this is a natural act, beside people can also get the knowledge and ideas about the whole love making, and how to please their partners from various sources, like books, media, internet and even from discussions with real people" he winks

She felt an overwhelming joy, knowing that she was the first girl for him, and tears roll down her cheeks, he holds her arms pushing her up to see her face 

"Why are you crying?" he says with a worried tune kissing away her tears 

"I am so happy that you are mine! I love you so much Abhay, you can't imagine how much I love you, promise me that no matter what happens you will never stop loving me, promise me that we will always be together, if you leave me I will die"

He rolls her down and now he was on top of her, he cups her face looking deeply into her eyes "I promise you that we will always be together and the day I stop loving you, will be the last day of my life Piya, you are for me like the beats of my heart, the air that I breath" 

He starts to kiss her passionately, and then there was a knock on the door.

He raises his head and Piya gets startled pushing him away "damn it" he swears underneath his breath and then he looks at her nervous face

"Relax, the door is locked" he whispers and then they both start to laugh softly as they recall how Haseena days ago barged in the room casually after just knocking, while they were still in the bed. 

"Hush, they might hear" she says laughing softly covering his mouth with her hand, he kisses her hand and then he asks with a loud voice "Who is it?"

"Sir, your dad wishes to see you now" says the maid
"Ok tell him I will be right there"

Then he looks at Piya and says shaking his head in annoyance 
"I should have put that sign of (Do not disturb) and seriously now I want a place of our own more then ever" and they both start to laugh heartily hugging each other!


Later in the night, Piya was waiting for Abhay as he still didn't come , after leaving with his dad for some business errand, she decides she gets ready for bed so she changes to her night gown and as she looks at the mirror she touches her tummy, it was still very flat and there was no sign that she was pregnant, she smiles and then she remembers the pregnant woman in the restaurant

She grabs a rounded cushion from the bed and then inserts it inside her gown placing it on her belly, she giggles as it looked so odd, but somehow she felt she looked pregnant, she tries to walk like that woman, unaware that Abhay was inside the room and he was watching her amused, leaning on the door his arms folded across his chest.

Then she notices him and she gets startled and the cushion falls

He smiles and walks towards her "What are you doing?"

She blushes and bites her lips "umm..I" she mumbles

He grabs her "so you were foreseeing how would you look if you were pregnant, like that woman? I bet you will make a hot pregnant mama!" he smirks teasing her, she giggles; her nervousness gone, she rests her head on his chest; I sure hope you feel this way when you get to know about it! she thought

Next day in the 'gawd bhray' ceremony, Piya was thrilled by the love and affection the pregnant woman was receiving from her own family, friends and her in laws too, every one was gifting her and they danced and celebrated the occasion, Misha nudges her and tells her that she too will have such a ceremony soon, she smiles in joy, and then she looks at her own mother in-laws face she seemed she wasn't enjoying it and she remembers how she reacted yesterday she sighs feeling an unknown fear sweeping inside her.

Later in the evening "Abhay where are you taking me?" says Piya as the car stops, Abhay has placed a blind fold on her eyes ever since she set her foot in the car

"Sshh, we are almost there" says he as he sweeps her off of her feet in his arms

Then he let's her stand up and removes the cloth from her eyes, Piya was wearing a beautiful white sari with beautiful silver sequence,  per Abhay's request, he has gifted her this designer sari and asked her to wear it for their romantic evening, Abhay was wearing a white mat finished silk shirt with a dark grey pants     

She looks at the small three deck yacht on he harbor puzzled and then she looks at Abhay!

He smiles and holds her hand "come"
He help her get on board, she notices a table for two was set on the first deck with candles and flowers and there were three musicians standing on the corner playing live soft music and a waiter standing to serve them, her jaw drops! "Abhay what is all this?"

He holds her waist from the back and pulls her till her back gets attached to his chest and his arms wrapped around her, he kisses her on top of her head and then rocks her in his arm placing his chin on her shoulder "I have noticed how you liked cruising in Italy, so I decided to get us a small yacht so that we can cruise whenever  you feel like it, and tonight we will dance and dine here in style"

Piya becomes so thrilled that her heart beat become irregular she couldn't believe that he bought a yacht just for her! And arranged all this so they can spend a private romantic evening together 
He pulls him self away and says "do you like it?"

She turns around her eyes tearful and then she hugs him tight "I love it and i love you!!" 

He smiles "I love you too, Come I will show you" he grabs her hand  

The luxurious yacht had a  bed room with a small bathroom, a small pantry and a sitting hall and there was a small Jacuzzi and pool room too, placed on the other side of the deck, she looks at the jacuzzi and then at Abhay with a blush, he smiles and says "by the way this is custom made" he winks

Her heart start to race as she recalls the times they have romanced inside a jacuzzi and how she felt very awkward the first time.

He holds her hand and then leads her to the table, she looks surprised at the waiter as he asks them what would they like for dinner as she expected that there would be a set-menu. 
To her surprise he tells her that their house chef was around to cook them anything they like to have. 

"Would you like to dance or eat first?" he asks her

"Dance" she says with a smiles, he holds her close and then swirls her around the dock both lost in each others loving gaze smiling affectionately

After a while they dine, talk and laugh and then dance some more

This whole thing seemed for her so unreal like a fairytale 
They dance till late then he dismisses the servants along with the musicians and they were alone now. 

He holds her hand and takes her to the Cockpit (the driving cabinet) soon they were sailing along the river the full moon reflection on the water was very romantic and the night breeze was very refreshing

She rests her head on his shoulder as he stops the yacht in the middle of the rive

"Abhay this was such a lovely surprise and a very romantic evening, thank you so much"

He raises his eyes brows and kisses her cheek gently "Was?! We have just started!"

"I am so sleepy" she pretends to yawn
He looks at her deeply and laughs softly "really?"

She looks at him playfully and yawns again stretching her arms like was she really tired "what do you think?"

He narrows his eyes pulling her in his arms in a jolt "I think you are playing me" 

She laughs softly "No I am serious"

"No you are not, and even if you were, I think I know how to refresh you my sweet love" says he as he bends to kiss her ear teasing it

She shivers, and then he says mischievously "change to your swimming costume and let's relax in the jacuzzi"

She chuckles again "Relax! hmm that is the last thing you have in your mind" she says playfully

He laughs softly and then winks "You will be surprised! Go on and change or maybe you would like me to help you" she laughs softly and walks away to change

The next morning, Piya wakes up and looks around the room in the yacht Abhay wasn't beside her, but there was a red rose with note on his pillow "meet me on the dock, love you"

She smells the rose and smiles and looks at her watch it was almost noon she sighs deeply, stretching her arms,  they slept very late almost early morning and then she heads for the bathroom and takes a shower.

When she gets up the second deck the table was set for breakfast but Abhay was not there, and they were still in the middle of the river she looks around and then she starts to panic and calls his name repeatedly 
"Hey I am here" yells Abhay

She looks down again and there he was in the water, he was diving 
She sighs in relief closing her eyes holding her heaving chest, her heart beat still racing "You have scared me!"

He smiles "Sorry, I waited for you but then decided to take a dive, have something to eat and then change and come join me"
She shakes her head smiling "No" and then she heads for the table to have some juice, he gets out of the water climbing up, and then sits next to her breathing heavily 

"I can make you some eggs if you want"
She shakes her head "thanks, its ok, I will have some cereal"

"Ok, I will wait for you in the river" he says and then jumps again

As she finishes off eating he calls her again to join in but she laughs and says she can't he tries to persuade her "come I promise it will be fun"
He pouts and frowns and she laughs, and then he says "fine" and he dives Piya watches him with affection and wait for his head to pop out again but it doesn't, she calls his name panicking now still no answer

She runs along the deck looking around still no sign of him, tears gather in her eyes as she yells looking down and then she feels dizzy like the whole boat is swirling round and round and then she collapse passing out, she was about to hit the hard surface of the deck when Abhay gets hold of her grabbing her in his strong arms and he quickly places her on a pool chair.

"Piya! Piya!" he calls her name in a worried tune, patting her cheek gently. 
She slowly opens he eyes and as she sees him she hugs him tightly, crying loud, tears pouring down her cheeks "oh Abhay! Thank God! I thought you have drowned"

He smiles a hint of regret in his eyes "I am sorry I was just playing with you, I wanted to take you by surprise and throw you in the water, I didn't know that you will get so scared"

She looks at him shocked a bit and hits him on his chest crying "don't you dare to do this to me again; you almost gave me a heart-attack!"

He hugs her tightly "shh I am sorry!" he rocks her in his arms calming her down, and she cling to his damp body his wet hair dripping on her back 

Then he pushes her away and wipes away her tears "are you ok?"
She nods and then as she tries to stand up she feels dizzy again and he holds and let her sit 

He looks at her with concern "Did you feel dizzy before or have any passing out episodes?"

She did, yesterday in the ceremony and Misha was with her and she knows why! She closes her eyes and nods 

His face had this worried frown now "I think we should consult a doctor then" he says now feeling very worried cupping her face" how many times"

"This is the second time" she softly says

He sighs and feels a lump in his throat; just the thought of her being ill made him anguish, and there was so much pain in his eyes  

She looks at his worried face and his eyes and she feels that she has to tell him, though it was her intend to tell him last night but she was so into spending some quality time with him that she was afraid that the news might spoil their romantic date. 

Now watching him worried like this about her well being, she felt she was obliged to tell him the news without any further delays

"We have to go back I will try to fix an urgent appointment today with a good physician" he says in an anguish voice though he tried to sound very calm

As he tries to walk away to drive the yacht back to harbor she holds his hand "Abhay I know what's wrong with me" she says very softly with a blush on her face he looks down at her and then sits crouching next to her 

He feels his mouth suddenly became dry "you mean you consulted a doctor what did he say?"

She shakes her head now holding both of his hands in her own and says "Abhay I..." she pauses, bites her lips and lower her head and looks down.

He lifts her chin up and she looks up at him

He looks deeply into her eyes, she gathers her courage and says in a quivering voice holding her breath "Abhay I am pregnant!"...


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Clap it was just awesome , loved every bit of it  OMG! Abhay is sooooooooooooo romanticEmbarrassed (the credit goes to u). The romantic scenes were very well narratedBig smile, it proves u are a great writer. Smile  She told Abhay that she is pregnanShockedt oh God what will be Abhay's reaction? cant wait for it update soon dear. Love u always Smile

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