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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 61)

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Originally posted by sugaryanu

What a sweeeet cute smiley update! hehe
"This is not simple Abhay! But I have learned to appreciate everything even the simplest things, and enjoy them to max while they last, so I don't tend to take anything for granted because we never know when things turn around or life takes a drastic change"

Loved this part. So true. One should learn to appreciate everything in life and not take things for granted cuz most of the times when we lose something after that we realize its value. so better do it when we have it rather then later repenting. 
And so happy to read Abhay-Kabir part! i really wish to see them as good friends. Embarrassed
And now who's this new girl??

thanks allot AnuEmbarrassed..@ bold thats so true and when you lose them there is nothing you can do about it  as sometimes its too late

Abhay doesn't hate Kabir nor he hates him in this FF, but Abhay had this jealousy issue because he knows that Kabir had feelings for Piya, but now he knows that he is a decent guy!Wink

to know about the enw girl keep on readingWink

Originally posted by Ritz93

oh my god Kaheela - that was great. Good to have you back in your writing mode. 

Abhay is much better when he has expressed his feelings to Pia. It was very sweet of him to treat Kabir as a common friend than as a rival. 

The funny thing was Pia can't hide from Abhay. hee hee. But I don't think she want to hide from him after seeing this side.

And who is this girl now? What is this new twist in the story? ummm.. The story is too smooth, right?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the hut. The change in hut was romantic, I could actually imagine the hut in my visualisation. Haseena does have a good taste in this FF.LOL  You know I have started having feeling that it is important to have love in the life but at the same time if the beau is rich than that will be awesome.Big smile See they have most romantic moments at the most romantic place. 

thanks a bunch hun Embarrassed..btw Abhay always loved Piya but he didn't know how to deal with the situation in a wise way and since things have developed between them he cant go on being the same old cold Abhay, but he is still struggling deep inside as he has to tell Piya about his true identity and about the truth of their marriage too

@bold which girl on her right mind wants to hide from such a loving and caring husband?LOL

@ blue to find out keep on reading!Wink

i am glad that you can visualize the hit@ brown hehehe its true, wealth makes life much easier and more excitingWink

Originally posted by lighteningbuzz

10th Update:
The update started off as blissfully romantic yet again!   Day Dreaming
Awwwwwwwww Abhay is such a sweetheart. He let Kabir drive his car, that is very sweet of him. I probably wouldn't let anyone touch my car either if I was him...........LOL 
Piya is truly lucky isn't she? to have such a loving and down-to-earth husband. 
Sometimes, I wonder if such kind of love stories can truly happen in today's time? I mean to have such a blissful married life and such a loving husband where everyday is a fairytale. Day Dreaming
Regardless of how annoying and illogical the show is getting, I am glad that we still have your updates to treasure. Thanks for making my day. 
                                                                          Love urs, sis, Payal

aww thanks sweet sis @ bold, i am kind of ok about itLOL i dont mind!Embarrassedi let my friends drive my car, maybe its because my mom lets me drive her car and so does my dad!

@ blue she sure is lucky, if only he wasn't a vampire that isLOL

@ brown aww thanks so much for the confidence and for loving my writings dear payal, your comments i really treasureEmbarrassed love yaHug

Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

awesome romantic...............kabir and abhay talking to each other civily is great............who is the new girl?...

thanks allot hunEmbarrassed glad you liked it @ bold keep reading to find outWink

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Originally posted by koyal-kajal

awesome update
Awesome type by James White

thanks allot hunBig smile

Originally posted by Gals1110

Hey Great Update... Happy 2 c u back.. Loved d Abhay-Kabir thing... Plz update ur other ff also... Thanx for d pm... As usual 'll b waiting for d next part.. Do pm me... lol..

thanks a bunch Smile sure i will pm you

Originally posted by ilove99

great Claploved that abhay changed his mind about kabirEmbarrassedand who's that girlConfusedand why was she asking for help?anyways update soon. 

thanks hunSmile @ Abhay now knows that Kabir is a good guy and to know about that girl keep reading! 

Originally posted by RB81

felt really happy that u have finally updated..thanks a lot for that kaheela..

now coming to the update..
its was awesome..
i hav a ques 4 u.wat r u studying?u really hav good taste n skill in xplaining architectural facts..u can become a wonderful architect i think..keeping the pent house of the other FF also in mind..

kabir n abhay getting along was so cute..
abhay is such a down to earth person..oh god just to keep piya smiling he does anything.

Note:Pls dont ever get an idea of quitting the forum yaar..if u do so v may suffer a lot without ur FF..


hey ramani, you are welcome hun and thanks allot for appreciating my writings Embarrassed@ bold aww thanksEmbarrassed, but my major is business adminSmile

Abhay is such a sweetheart isnt heWink @ blue thanks dearEmbarrassed you guys make me want to stick aroundSmile

Originally posted by shruthiR

It was a very nice chp.It was so sweet of Haseena to get the hut completely revamped.I loved the way you described the way it was furnishedThumbs Up It nice to see that things are going smoothly between Abhay and Kabir.Looking forward to the next chp and thanks for the PMSmile

thanks sweet shruthiEmbarrassed glad you liked it and you are welcomeBig smile

Originally posted by Rozy77

kaheela darlingBig smile thank u soooooo much 4 updating. u just made my entire week. great 2 have u backHugHugHug
such a beautiful update n soo romanticBlushingBlushingBlushing i just love these two
really enjoyed misha n kabir and i wudnt let ny1 drive my car tooLOL
but abhay is such a sweetheartEmbarrassed
am not dwellin too much about that girl, i know u'l reveal it soon. im just over happy that u've updatd n included the romance, cuteness etcBig smile
plzz dnt ever scare me like that again. u know hw addicted i am to ur ffs. it always puts a big smile on my faceBig smileBig smile and thanks for the pm sweetyHug

sweet RozyHug you are welcome hun, and thank you so much for liking it and i am glad that you loved itEmbarrassed@ bold hehehe btw i don't mind if my close friends or family drive my car although i LOVE my car!Embarrassed

Aww thanks a bunch i am glad i make you smileBig smile

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Originally posted by Tahani01

very good fantastic update and i love how haseena decorated the hut i can  imagine it it lookes so beatiful and romantic all i need now is abhay lol keep updating

thanks allot sweetieSmile glad you enjoyed it @ bold aree yaar kyun apni jija je par ankh mar rahi hu TongueLOL

Originally posted by charmingkiller

lovely part Tongue

thanks a bunch sweetsSmile

Originally posted by mandy1024

Hey Ka7eela, first of all, where were u gal? Was missing ur updates so much.Ouch Infact I thought u'd given up on FF for some reason Cry Don't do that. Prefer reading ur updates to watching that illogical show. Anyways loved it. Was very interesting. Curious to know about this new gal. By the way the show is so full of bloopers that it should be called 'Bloopers kii ye ek kahaani' Dead now. Reading ur updates feels so good.[/QUOTE]

sweet mandy, hey i am around hunBig smile..@ bold aww thanks so much and hey i was about to quit the forums as this show is getting on my nerves!Ouch but then i changed my mind and thought to give it a another weekSmile

thanks allot for loving it@ red so trueLOL its so annoying at timesDead

[QUOTE=Antara106] hey Ka7eela.... great update ok.....Big smile WOW!!!... am speechless.... since when has Haseena Raichand started being so nice.... nice to Piya, anyway....LOL It was amazing, the way Abhay was being so polite and friendly to Kabir.... And then I enjoyed reading the part in the hut...... umm, to say clearly, I enjoyed the exchange between Piya and Abhay in the hut.... Blushing Amazing update as ever.... keep it up!!!!!!....
 Thumbs UpAnd Ka7eela what is this that i'm hearing from you....Shocked Why on earth are you thnking of quitting your ffs?????... Why would n How could you do that????? Dead I and many others love reading your ffs.... I'm sort of addicted to them... PLEASE ka7eela, I request you, don't stop writing and upating your ffs.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEE.......Cry

aww thanks allot AntaraEmbarrassedEmbarrassed@ bold no worries hun, it was just  a phase the show was giving me bad moods but i am cool now for the time beingLOL
and thanks for loving my writings and fro you sweet commentsEmbarrassed you guys made my day!

Originally posted by sadhz

Awesome update........loved ur writin style.........
hey bt wt.......u r quittin urs ffs............plz dont...........
u r great writer............plzzzzzzzzzzz continue...............
waitin for nxt update......n thnx for d pm...................

thanks allot sweetsBig smile glad you like my writings and you are welcome and hey i am no quiting for the time being 

Originally posted by purva_j

Fabulous update Kaheela...Big smile  Haseena is so nice... She decorated hut  for Abhay-Piya... Aweeee AbhiYa..Embarrassed  what to say, awesome moments they are having and enjoying their married life.. Heart I am happy that Abhay does not any missunderstanding for Kabir... Its so much releif for Pia... Thanks for updates dear.. keep the good work.Clap

thanks a bunch hunEmbarrassed yeah Haseena in my ff is nice, and she is Abhay's real mother so she loves him allot! i am so glad that you liked it

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Originally posted by heena_mehta


firstly thankuuuuuuuuuu so much for updatingSmileSmileHug
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww dat was such a stupendous part.........just luvd it.....i m head over heels in luv wid ur ff...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
abahy is ssooooooooooo cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..........n i reli luv haseena's character in ur ff.......she is soooo swt!!!......n abhay....awwwwww...he is such a sW*Heart......his n kabir's scene was damnnnn swt!! u made ma day dear by ur amazing piece of writing!!!

sweet HeenaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed thank you a ton and you are welcomeHug i am glad you enjoyed it and trust me you made my day too with your sweet commentEmbarrassed..

Originally posted by Naughtynatty

ahh these 2 really have no sharam loool =D
buh i like the besharam Abhiya !!!! 
Thanks for the pm dude !

@ bold LOLLOLWinkTongue..hey when people are married so why sharam?!Tongue the religion, society and law give them the right to be together and do whatever they want Wink you see they have the full right to express thier love for each other and to be besharam!LOL

and you are welcomeSmile

Originally posted by sosweetsumi

lovely one dear
abhay pia were very sweet 
do continue 
bye sumi

sumi thanks sweets Big smile glad you liked it 

Originally posted by Sweet_Shalini

Hey dear ur an awesome writer jst lv ur ffs

thanks sweets glad you love  my writings Embarrassed

Originally posted by ania_1234

hey.....i read ur entire ff in one go today n blieve me its real gud
u r a fab writer!! Clap
cud u add me to ur pm list plz

thanks hun for your sweet comment Embarrassed sure i will add youSmile

Originally posted by sana_sajan

awesome ff
pls continue it soon
n do add me into ur pm list

thanks sweets Embarrassed sure i will add you and i will try to update soon

Originally posted by Rajani-Jadhav

common yaar its not that!!!LOL
your ffs are awesome as i always please dont quit.
so many of us love to read them...!
and this particular ff of yours is awesome...
keep updating it soon...loved  abhiya scenes..!

@ bold you mean the showLOL naah its not it just gets on ones nerves from time to timeWink

thanks hun for loving my FFEmbarrassed and hey i will try not to let the show bug me and will try not to quit!Tongue

Originally posted by zoozoo123

Thanks a tone dude.................jaan me jaan aa gayi......................pls a humble request..................dnt quit d forum or ffs..............................
super cool update wrds....................i dnt know wht 2 say.............
1ce agn pls do cntinue 4 ur fans............including me.....................
2 our awesum writer.....................

thanks allot  hun for loving it Embarrassed @ it was just a phase i hopeWink and i love you guys too for your never ending support and encouraging words Embarrassed 

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Originally posted by RB81

felt really happy that u have finally updated..thanks a lot for that kaheela..

now coming to the update..
its was awesome..
i hav a ques 4 u.wat r u studying?u really hav good taste n skill in xplaining architectural facts..u can become a wonderful architect i think..keeping the pent house of the other FF also in mind..

kabir n abhay getting along was so cute..
abhay is such a down to earth person..oh god just to keep piya smiling he does anything.

Note:Pls dont ever get an idea of quitting the forum yaar..if u do so v may suffer a lot without ur FF..


hey ramani, you are welcome hun and thanks allot for appreciating my writings Embarrassed@ bold aww thanksEmbarrassed, but my major is business adminSmile

Abhay is such a sweetheart isnt heWink @ blue thanks dearEmbarrassed you guys make me want to stick aroundSmile


even if u r doing business admin u can try something like interior designing..if not professionally u cud give better ideas..start doing tat for ur family n friends..thanks a lot for staying back for us..HugHugHugHug

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Originally posted by RB81

Originally posted by RB81

felt really happy that u have finally updated..thanks a lot for that kaheela..

now coming to the update..
its was awesome..
i hav a ques 4 u.wat r u studying?u really hav good taste n skill in xplaining architectural facts..u can become a wonderful architect i think..keeping the pent house of the other FF also in mind..

kabir n abhay getting along was so cute..
abhay is such a down to earth person..oh god just to keep piya smiling he does anything.

Note:Pls dont ever get an idea of quitting the forum yaar..if u do so v may suffer a lot without ur FF..


hey ramani, you are welcome hun and thanks allot for appreciating my writings Embarrassed@ bold aww thanksEmbarrassed, but my major is business adminSmile

Abhay is such a sweetheart isnt heWink @ blue thanks dearEmbarrassed you guys make me want to stick aroundSmile

even if u r doing business admin u can try something like interior designing..if not professionally u cud give better ideas..start doing tat for ur family n friends..thanks a lot for staying back for us..Hug[/QUOTE]

aww thanks allot  hunHugmy family and friends always tell me i have a great taste in everything, including decor!Embarrassed so they already take my suggestionsEmbarrassed

 and you are welcomeBig smile

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Awesome update yaar.. I dont think hasina will do this.. Wo itni achi kaise ho gayi yaar

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Immediately Abhay and Piya walk towards the troubled girl
"What's wrong?" asks her Abhay

"My roommate! She fell from the window down the cliff!" says the girl with tearful eyes and broken voice pointing to the hostel 
Piya looks at Abahy feeling  anguish
"Show us" says Abhay and they rush towards the hostel followed by some other students 

As they reach the girls bedroom the warden along with the principle  were already there and the warden was calling the fire department and she looked very much disturbed 
Abhay walks towards the open window and looks down but he couldn't see anything as the mountain was not straight nor smooth as there were big sharp rocks in the edges sticking out making it difficult to see down bellow 
Abahy concentrates  trying to catch any sounds of the girl and he hears a very weak moan 

"I told her not to sit there! but she always does and today she lost her balance! Oh God she might be dead" says the girl sobbing now Piya tries to console the girl putting her hands on her shoulder but she didn't know what to say Abhay asks the girl about her friends name and she tells  him
"bring a long robe I will try to go down and find her" says Abhay calmly
"Abhay, it's dangerous" says Piya in a worried voice 

"It's ok I can manage" says Abhay reassuring her

"I wont allow anyone risking their lives I looked down but i couldn't find her she might  have fallen all the way down to the valley and she might be dead! I won't endanger another student's life! We need to wait till we get some professional  help I have called the fire department and the police are on their way  too they said they will send help and might send a helicopter too to locate her" says the principle firmly 

"But by then she might die! Will you have that in your conscious? I am no less then a professional! I have climbed high mountains before! please let me help her and get me a rope fast" says Abhay

"But I can't take your responsibility what if something happens to you? I have to answer to your parents?" says the principle

"Tell them I didn't listen to you and these students are all your witness including my wife" he says looking at Piya, who by now was worried like hell, looking at him in anguish, as much as she wanted the girl to be rescued, but at the same time she didn't want Abhay to do anything that endanger his life she walks towards the window and feels a bit dizzy watching down the valley from the high cliff

"Please someone get me a very long rope" says Abhay impatiently
Some students rush to look up for a rope and soon one of them hands it to him. 
He checks it out then ties  one end of the rope to something solid and as he ties the other end around his own waist in a certain way, Piya runs towards him hugging him tightly tears gathering in her eyes
"Abhay no!" he hugs her back and then gently pushes her away "Don't worry! I will be fine but that girl is not! And she needs our help"

"What if something goes wrong? I am so scared" she says tears rolling down her cheek now he cups he face" nothing will happen to me I will be fine, I promise, trust me" he says that and kisses her forehead and then walks towards  the window he tells the boys who were standing there to pull when he yells Later

Piya watches him going down feeling that her heart is sinking, he looks at her and smiles and then he was gone she runs towards the window  
and looks down he looks up to her then he disappears behind a rock
"Abhay!" she yells in panic
"I am here don't worry" he yells back

Abhay reaches the girl and she was laying on a rock half of her body hanging and she was unconscious, using his powers he checks her out very quickly, her pulse was weak and one of her legs was broken 
Then he slowly checks her neck and head although there were some bruises but nothing seemed broken. 

But there was a blood pool around her side as she had a deep cut in one of her arms, seeing and smelling the blood Abhay gets tempted for few seconds but his self control takes over as he looks at the injured girl in sympathy. 

He quickly takes his shirt off leaving only his vest and then tears a long part of it like a wide ribbon and then tie it around her arm in a certain way as an attempt to stop the bleeding and it helps to stop it, then he tears some more pieces of the shirt and finds a dry branch, he makes it smooth peeling the rough surface with his hands and then places it under her broken leg and ties it with the garments of his shirt securing her broken leg.

He calls her name, the girl responds moaning in pain he tells her what he was doing 
then he holds and ties the rope around her and then around himself and then yells for the boys to pull. As they pull them, Abhay gets some deep cuts as his back, arms and hands rub against the sharp edges of the rocks, but he makes sure that the girl doesn't get in contact with those rocks and soon they reach the window. 

Piya was standing  near the window holding her breath her hand on her chest with teary eyes silently praying. Boys rush to help holding the girl and placing her gently on the ground

Abhay breaths deeply as he jumps inside the room, Piya runs towards him crying and hugging him tightly 
Abhay hugs her and says  "see I am fine"
"Did any one of you called the ambulance?" says Abhay looking at the rest
"It's on it's way, it will reach after 5 minutes" says the warden
"My God Abhay! you are bleeding" says Piya Feeling worried 
"Don't worry I will be fine" he says
The girl's friend says to Abhay crying "thank you for saving her" 
Abhay smiles and says " you are most welcome, don't worry now she will be fine"

The principle and the warden pat Abhay on his back and tell him they are proud of him
Soon the ambulance reaches the hostel. The paramedics get impressed by Abhay's first aid skills that saved the girls life, he tells them that he had taken some first aid classes, they ask Abhay to follow them to the hospital so they dress up his wounds but Abhay refuses then Piya insists he tells her that they were minor wounds and that the college clinic can take care of them

As they walk down the hall way to the courtyard he wraps his arm around her shoulders and her arms wrapped around his waist everyone start to clap Piya looks up at him proudly with misty eyes 

Kabir and Misha walk towards them with fast steps "bro that was a brave thing that you did I am just in owe" says Kabir 
"Yeah very impressive, you have just saved her life" says Misha
"I didn't do anything more then anyone of you would do to save a life!" he humbly says
"Don't be so modest dude! You are declared a hero now, so flaunt it while it lasts" says Misha jokingly Abhay smiles shaking his head.

In the following day Piya gets stunned how Abhay's deep wounds got healed so fast as she checks his body and he tells her that they weren't  deep, although she was sure that they were!

For the next couple of days, Piya gets busy studying and Abhay becomes very supportive helping her to understand the unclear aspects of their subjects. 
Piya was impressed, as he seemed he knows them very well, and sometimes she would go to Misha so both would study together.

Soon the final exams were on, so they shift back to stay at Raichands mansion again
Then finally  the exams get over and both pass with flying colors and so does Misha, Kabir, Angad, Ruhi and T and they all celebrate the occasion, partying all night long and having a blast, Piya was very happy that they all passed and that Abhay become a part of their gang 

Moreover she liked the fact that Abhay and Kabir become more close too, and that was a sign of a blossoming friendship between the two boys.
Soon Abhay makes the necessary preparations for their delayed honeymoon, he asks Piya where she wanted to go, and she tells him as long as they are together it doesn't matter where they go, so its all up to him.  

So first he takes her to Mumbai and they spend few days in their beautiful pent house that lifts Piya flabbergasted, astonished by it's high tech and it's romantic atmosphere,  where Abhay teaches her how to swim in the privacy of their own swimming pool. 
Piya  enjoyed  being taught by Abhay as he was very romantic while teaching her and very mischievous too.  

Piya likes the pent house to the extent that she tells Abhay that they don't need to go anywhere and that they can stay there for their honeymoon, but Abhay laughs brushing off the idea as he wanted to make their honeymoon very special and very memorable 

After few days Piya and Abahy fly to Italy for their honeymoon, as it's one of Abhay's favorite traveling destinations and she was very thrilled, as this was her first time flying and Abhay tells her so much about the country, that she fells in love with it before even seeing it.  

They spend some days in the romantic Capri Island relaxing, swimming,  diving and exploring the beautiful island, then they travel to Venice the sinking city of love where they enjoyed its romantic views canoeing in it's canals, after that they travel to Cicely and from there they take a few days cruise in a luxurious ship to Rome the ship had it all from swimming pool to a ballroom to a gem, she loved all the places they traveled to and she was very thrilled as they were very romantic and everything was a whole new experience for her. 

The whole journey was like a dream come true for her. Abhay showed her a very romantic and passionate side of himself that she didn't see before.

They would take long walks exploring the ancient cities and would dine in the most romantic restaurants and some times dance till morning, and they stayed in the most luxurious hotel suits, basically they had allots of fun

Piya felt this was the best time of their lives; talking with each other, knowing each other better, sharing everything and being intimate and passionate with each other in ways she couldn't have ever imagined even in her wildest dreams.

This all was a whole new world for her; Abhay's passionate love and tender care overwhelmed her and filled her heart with tremendous joy.

The journey wasn't of exploring a new country or culture it was more of exploring each others minds, hearts and reaching with each other to new heights of love and passion.

In their last two days in the country, in the ancient and beautiful city of Rome, Piya wanted to buy some simple souvenirs as gifts for her friends back home, but Abhay suggests to her to buy them things that they like the most.

So she starts shopping, he takes her to all the leading brands and the most prestigious malls, he encourages her to buy things for her self too but she says that thanks to his mom she already has so many new things that she didn't even have the chance to use yet! But nevertheless he chooses for her on his own.

It was the last day now as tomorrow they were going to fly back home, Piya was checking out a bag in a shop when a tiny hand pulls her dress she looks down and there she sees a beautiful baby boy sitting in his stroller she smiles and he chuckles Making funny sounds "you are such a cutie pie" she says lovingly as she crotches next to him, the baby smiles showing two front teeth "Oh my! you have dimples too!" she giggles 

The baby reaches out and holds her hair Piya laughs unaware that Abahy was gazing her with affectionate eyes with a big smile on his face, the baby's mother notices that too and she comes to Piya's rescue, to Piya's surprise the girl was a teenager, She asks her "your baby?" the girl nods and replies in broken English 

Abhay walks towards them Piya smiles as she sees him and as soon as the baby sees Abhay he gets overly excited and stretches his arms like he was asking him to carry him, Abhay's smile widens and he asks the mom "may I?"

She nods so Abhay carries the cheeky cute baby
the baby pats Abhay's cheeks, Abhay chuckles and then the adorable baby rests his head on Abhay's broad shoulder smiling 

Piya look at them fondly and her heart skips a beat! Both of them were smiling and almost had the same deep dimples, she takes out her camera and takes some shots and then she asks the mother to take shot of them and she stands beside Abhay and the baby throws himself on Piya now

Piya giggles and carries him affectionately and Abhay wraps his arms around her as the girl takes few more pics then Piya thanks her with a big smile

The girl asks them if they were Girlfriend & boyfriend, and when she says they are married, the girl smiles a huge smile and calls a boy who was checking a baseball hat and she tells them that he was her husband and with broken English she tells them they got married because she got pregnant and because they are in love and then she looks at Piya tummy and bluntly says "you pregnant?"

Piya blushes hard shaking her head in denial and then giggles
the girl thought since Abhay and Piya both were young too,  maybe like them they got married so soon because Abhay got her pregnant!
Abhay looks at her amused smirking

As they leave the shop Piya kisses the beautiful baby and waves him goodbye 
As they walk hand in hand back to their car and it was dark now "Such an adorable baby his cute smile resembles yours! Chow chweet" she pinches Abhay's cheek and he grins, then she shows him the shot in the digital camera Abhay smiles

"I wonder how our babies would look like?" she says softly with a blush in her face

Abhay becomes very edgy "we are still very young to think about this"
"I am just saying! Beside they are young too and they.." she says 

He interrupts her "for them it was mere a mistake! a product of  pre-marital unsafe physical relationship, which as a result forced them to get married so soon, just to keep the girl's honor or maybe to give the baby a name! It's not right to become parent in such a young age!" he says irritated

They reach the rented car which Abhay parked in an alley, she looks at him a bit disappointed  "you make it sound like it's something very terrible Abhay! What about love? They are in love! And if you forgot you were forced to marry me too, to keep my honor" she says her voice breaking

Suddenly she feels very hurt then she says "so I bet you consider our marriage as a big mistake too?"

She leaves his hand and walks in fast steps towards the dark alley, she was hurt and she felt she needed to get away from him 
"Damn it!" curses Abhay then he quickly puts the shopping bags in the car and then turns around and Piya was out of his sight and then he rushes after her "Piya" he calls her name

But there was a junction between the buildings and he couldn't see her, he concentrates but all he hears several foot steps from different directions and as he was about to jump high so he could have a better view, he sees a man walking and he asks him whether he has seen a girl walking by wearing so and so and he says yes pointing to a certain direction so he runs fast

Then he catches her sight, and his heart skips a beat and he gets  panic, she was cornered by two men in the dark alley!

Piya was standing frozen and rooted on the spot, her eyes widened in fear as cold sweat of horror rolling down her spine 

It seems they knew from her look that she is a foreign tourist as one of them starts to talk to her in English with that distinguished Italian accent "what a pretty girl like you doing alone here? Are you lost?" 

"Leave her alone" yells Abhay as he runs towards them his heart filled with fear now as he instantly recognized that both men were no normal human, they were predators, they were vampires!

Piya looks at Abhay and screams out his name but one of them grabs her arms now and then cover her mouth and then Both Italian vampires turn around and look at Abhay and they knew who he was immediately too! 

"Well well! What are the odds? One of our own kind! But from another part of the world! Now this is interesting, it will be fun! Come and get her" says the taller guy, Piya's shocked state of mind doesn't help her comprehend what were they saying! As it felt very odd as Abhay runs to their direction 

Suddenly the boys run fast dragging Piya along, kidnapping her
and Abhay runs on their trail, he chases them down to a deserted old building 

As they get inside the shabby building, the one who was holding Piya pushes her away and she flies like a rug doll, she screams and was about to hit the ground when Abhay grabs her in his arms saving her from falling  

He puts her on the ground gently then cups her face "are you ok?" with a concerned voice she looks at him with shock, tears of fear rolling down her cheek "Don't be scared I am here"

Both the attackers start to laugh sarcastically walking restlessly in the hall of that old deserted house and the older one seemed he does the talking all the time he says "very sentimental! Does she know who you are? Or maybe you brought her all the way to Rome to have her as a dessert?" he smirks

What are they talking about? Piya thought with a disturbed mind, she was shivering and she looks around her in horror, she couldn't see clearly as there was no electricity in that old building that was marked to be demolished, so there was no light in the place, and it smelled bad too, it had a mixture of smells of dust, rust and something dead! everything except for Abhay seemed like a bad nightmare, it's seemed not real at all!

Abhay stands up right in front of her, he checks out his opponents carefully, they both seemed relatively young but both were older then him, he looks at them with a challenge in his eyes "You either let me leave with her in peace, and I promise I will spare you two and let you go in one piece, or I swear tonight you will regret that you have ever messed up with me!" roars Abhay in a threatening voice

"OH OH! We are scared now! Dude if you haven't noticed, you are in our territory and there are two of us! Tell you what? I have a better idea, let's share her!" says the tall vampire

"Shut the hell up! She is my wife! If you even lay a finger on her, I swear I will rip you both apart" Abhay roars furiously

"What! Are you serious?" and they start to laugh again and then he continues "Dude you don't need to marry them to feed on them!"

Abhay growls in anger and stands in an attacking position both the kidnappers hiss and growl too as they come closer,daring Abhay
Piya couldn't see clearly but she gets scared from the unusual sounds that she was hearing "Abhay" she screams in terror
"Don't be scared I am here, I won't let anything happen to you I promise, you just stay still" says Abhay

Both the other boys smirks and mimic Abhay's words! like they are some kind of lunatics

Piya watches in horror shaking uncontrollably, her hands placed over her ears tightly as their sounds were sending a chill down her spine, her heart beating very fast so fast that she felt she can't breathe!

Then the fight begins, as both attack Abhay at the same time but Abhay was faster and much stronger as he beats them both punching them hard and they fly hitting the walls, again they stand up very fast and again they jump high attacking him and again e hit them then they get hold of Abahy as one of them grabs his arms and holds them  tight at his back the other one tries to punch him but Abhay moves fast and frees himself. 

Then Abhay holds both of their heads and let them collate across against each other  with a thud, and they both fall on the ground, but soon they jump standing up in an acrobatic move, blood gushing out of their mouths and noses and they try to attack him again 

"Enough! What's going on here?!" roars a very deep voice as he comes in between of Abhay and his attackers 
Abahy hisses checking out the new comer and he was a vampire too but he was  a middled age man 

"He started it! he is the one who came between us and our food!" says the tall vampire
"Shut up Antonio! Where are you manners? Since when do we attack one of our own?" says the mature vampire furiously

"It's his fault! And he says she is his wife!" protests the young vampire

The man looks at Abhay in disbelief! "You are married! To her? she is your wedded wife?"

Abhay still in his defensive mode, now more scared for Piya's safety then before as now there were three of them, while he was all alone on his own, and  he wasn't  sure about this new guy's intentions but he seemed stronger, more calmed and sensible then the other two 

"Yes she is! Would that make any deference?" Says Abhay in a daring voice yet he was very anguish inside

"Uh! It does!" says the man staring at Abhay and then he hits the two boys who were standing nearby on their heads and scolds them in Italian "you idiots how many times do I have to remind you not to attack any random tourists! Especially the rich ones! You never know who they are with! And what they capable of! You have to watch out! And plan and choose those who are alone and weak, you morons, do you want to expose us and involve the police? And how could you attack one of our own kind? Are you out of your minds?! We too have our own ethical implications!"

What he wasn't aware of is that Abhay understood each and every word he has said because he understands Italian
"But.." say both of the boys protesting 

"Shut up now!" and they do! then they both start to curse in lower voices

then the man looks at Abhay "please accept my deepest apology as my two boys here have forgotten their manners, you are free to go now with your wife safe and sound!"

Abhay looks at him skeptically "do I have your word for it!

"yes and I am a man of my word, Sorry again! And have a nice stay in Rome we are not that bad!" he says smiling

Abhay sighs in relief and grabs Piya from her shoulders pulling her up she was shakings so he carries her in his arms and she closes her eyes "everything is fine now don't worry" he reassures her softly 

He looks at the man feeling grateful and says "thank you very much" the man nods and then  he gets out from the building and walks in fast steps towards the car but he tries to listen to what they were saying

The man was still angry he yells in Italian "how could you be so stupid and attack her? Did she strike you as poor helpless tourist, when they both are reeking of being filthy rich! This is my last warning to you two if you attack any one and it becomes a police case, then you are on your own and with your stupidity and weakness you won't last without me one day!"

He sighs in relief as he puts her inside the car she was still shaken a bit she looks at Abhay as he leans towards her and buckles her up fastening her seat belt and she hugs him holding him tight, tears gathering in her beautiful eyes "I am sorry" she says, he hugs her wrapping his arms around her "its ok Piya I am sorry too but believe me I wasn't talking about us, and I didn't mean it the way you took it"

Then he pushes her away wiping her tears gently stroking her face and he drives back to their beautiful hotel

In their honeymoon suite in the hotel, Abhay was standing looking out side the huge window bare chest, he was in a deep thought and a bit disturbed; that was a close call! What if something bad happened to her tonight! and what if she witnessed my transformation in this scary life threating situation ! Thank God she didn't, Thank You God! thank you so much for watching over us! He rubs his face with his hands  

Piya comes out from the bathroom drying out her hair

"I have ordered the dinner, I am sure you don't have the strength to go out now" he says, she nods

He checks her out in her silk and lace black mini night gown and smiles, she walks closer and hugs him, he embraces her tightly and she goes "Ouch!" 

He pushes her away and says in a concern voice"What's wrong? Are you ok?"

She shrugs and touches her back in pain, he turns her around and moves away her hair, there was a nasty bruise on her upper back, "The son of biatches, I should have killed them all!" he snaps angrily

"Abhay I am fine, but why didn't you call the police?" she says doubtfully

"Do you seriously think that they would be still staying there? I am sure by now they would have gone out of the city, beside what would I tell the police? I don't even know how they look? it was dark and thank God that the other man came along and you are safe now!" he lies feeling edgy

"Abhay why did that guy say you are one of their kinds? And the way they were talking, it was so weird and scary! They referred at me as I was some kind of food!! And they were growling and hissing"

"How do I know Piya? As far as I know they were total nut job! Some kind of dangerous psychos! we should be grateful that we came out of their clutches in one piece" he says nervously

"Let me see that bruise" he checks it out then calls the room service asking for ice bucket for her bruise

then he gives it a thought and says "I think it would be better if I go to a pharmacy and get something for this bruise, it will help sooth it!"

She holds his arm "no, don't leave me alone, I am fine"

He smiles and hugs her very gently she bends her head backward and he gazes her with loving eyes "tonight is our last night and tomorrow we will be back home, I still can't believe that it's over so soon" she softly says

He grins "do you want to stay more! I will extend our stay; we can go to some other cities around here, or another country if you want to?

She shakes her head "as much as I want that, but I miss the gang a bit, especially Mish, don't you miss home and your parents?"

"For me home is wherever you are Piya" he says looking at her intensely 

Her eyes get misty "and my home is your heart Abhay" 

Then she starts to kiss his chest softly and he closes his eyes overwhelmed by the emotions her kisses evoke in him and he strokes her hair gently, and then they get lost and mesmerized in their own special world, a world filed with so much everlasting passionate love.       


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