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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 54)

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Originally posted by aiyesha

Thanks for pm,awessome update. Waiting for your next updateDay Dreaming

thanks sweets and you are welcomeBig smile will try to update soon

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Originally posted by sosweetsumi

lovely yaar
just love it
bye sumi

thanks sumi glad you loved itEmbarrassed

Originally posted by shnehi

kahela sorry i am was busy to respond to ur update longer. i will promise next time .

no problem yaar it's okSmile

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kaheela dear wen u r gng to update nxt part.....wating swts!!

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Originally posted by heena_mehta

kaheela dear wen u r gng to update nxt part.....wating swts!!

will try to update both FF soon just bare with meEmbarrassed

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Smilehey awesum part 
ur amazing writer keep it up Big smile
plz add me to pm n buddy list
upadate soon

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:) hey part was tooo good 
plz add me to buddy list 
upadate soon

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When they get back to the hall, Abhay and the rest were laughing loudly as Danish was throwing a joke and he was making some funny faces and all were enjoying it.  She looks at him fondly feeling thrilled to see him laugh

Abhay looks back at her still laughing and she smiles feeling an overwhelming sensation in her heart as she never saw him laugh whole heartily like this way before!
Misha asks Danish to repeat the joke and when He does Misha and Piya laugh so hard that laughter tears roll down their cheeks! Abhay looks at her amused laughing
After another hour  of chit chatting Abhay and Piya decide to go back home 
"Thank you for having us, and aunty your food is among the best I ever had" says Abhay

Madhu pats Abhay's cheek" you are a sweet boy thank you beta and come along again and it was our pleasure to have you two"
Misha nudges Piya "wah kya scene hai" whispers She
Piya smiles as she hugs Madhu, Panchi and Misha to bid them good byes and when she turns to her dad he pats her on her head and cheek and then pats on Abhay's shoulder 
And says "hamesha khush rahu"

She smiles looking at him and then to Abhay and soon they head back to the hut
Abhay looks at Piya as she yawns covering her  mouth, he smiles and touches her face " you are tired!"
She smiles "aren't you?"
He raises an eye brow and smirks "not at all!"

She looks at him with playful eyes "you should be! Beside tomorrow we have to go back to school!"
"Can't we skip tomorrow too?" he looks at her mischievously 
She wanted to, but she bites her lips and says" no" 
"Why not? beside most of the students will skip as after few days exams are on" he continues 
"No I want to go, I need the revision sheets"
He shakes his head "ok"

"Thank you Abhay" she softy says
He looks at her puzzled "for what?"
"For everything! I am so happy today" she says with a huge smile 

He swallows and caresses her cheek "I have done nothing Piya! I have to thank you for forgiving me, and for loving me the way you do"
Tears gather in her eyes and she rests her head on his shoulder smiling her wraps his arm around her
As they reach the old hut Piya gets puzzled as it looked totally different as it had beautiful lights outside the garden fixed on small polls, that made the old hut look fabulous.

She looks around, there was a net swing hanging between two trees near the hut and lots of new huge pots with some exotic plants!
the trees surrounding the house were lighted with tiny decorative lights that made the whole place look dreamy and romantic, the dry bushes were gone!

She looks at Abhay, her jaw dropped and then notices that the rusted wooden door was changed too with a beautiful new decorative colored glass and wood door 
"Abhay!" she says looking at him astonished, he smiles shaking his head "I am sure this is mom's doing!" and he was right as they approach the door there was a note attached with the new key of the hut on it "enjoy, love, mom"

He opens the door Piya gets thrilled from the sight of the hut! The whole stone hut looked like it was newly built 

There were new curtains, new sofa and new wooden bed covered , a rug and even the old pantry had a new fridge, new cupboards, a new electrical cooker and a small microwave!  Different sizes Candles were placed every where and A new fan was fixed with some new  beautiful lights  and a large LCD, was fixed to the wall too  a receiver and music player, small speakers were fixed around the hut  

Her jaws drop as she checks the hut, and then she opens the terrace door and there was new wooden table with chairs, a chair swing and some pots with flowers 
In few words the place looked lavishing , everything looked color coordinated in earthy colors.

The only thing indicated that it was still  the old hut, it's old stone walls!
She looks at Abhay, who was smiling looking at her amused by her reaction and her thrilled smile! She covers her mouth looking around 
"God Abhay! This is so amazing! How is it possible for her to change this all! We have been away for just few hours!"
"It's not that difficult if you know who to contact and have the right people to do the job!" he says gazing her fondly
"But how? I mean she changed everything" she says in surprised tune
"Do you like it?" he asks her fondly
She inhales deeply "like it! I just love it! It smells even fresher and cleaner now; this is simply a big WOW! Did you know?" she asks him
He grins "I didn't have any idea!"

Then she takes a peek of the bathroom too. And to her amusement the shower was changed and there was a shower cabinet fixed along with a corner bathtub, and a new WC and a wash basin with a huge mirror too, there were candles all around, and scented dry flowers, in few words, it looked new and smelled good too

"This is not possible! How can they change these too in such a short time!" she says surprised shaking her head 

 He chuckles looking at her "Every thing is possible my love! that is when you have excess to unlimited employees and labors!"

"And excess money of course!" she adds with a playful tune and he smiles 

"But hey won't we get into trouble when the owner finds out that we changed his hut?!" she says 

"Why would anyone mind changing his old thing to something better? But hey did I forget to tell you that we own this place and the land surrounding it too" 

"Oh really! Why didn't you tell me?! Oh God even my hide out belonged to you" she squints her eyes 

"That is because you wholly belong to me! There is no hide out from me" he says humoring her

She looks at the comfortable bed, which was covered with beautiful bed spread and the cushions and she throws her self over it giggling "wow! This is simply beautiful your mom is amazing! I love her"

He looks at her smiling and then lays next to her "you get overjoyed by the simplest things, I like this quality about you" he says affectionately resting his face on his hand looking down at her moving her curl away from her face 

She smiles and gets closer to him wrapping her arms around him and he embraces her 
"This is not simple Abhay! But I have learned to appreciate everything even the simplest things, and enjoy them to max while they last, so I don't tend to take anything for granted, because we never know when things turn around or life takes a drastic change" she says resting her head on his shoulder inhaling his scent

He feels a lump in his throat, he knew what she meant and what she has lost in her life, he bends and kisses her forehead and sighs

"That's very wise of you; that's the best approach in life, by the way you look very tired! You better get ready to sleep" he says and she nods 

Soon she was all set to sleep, wearing a cream silk night gown brushing her curls as he gets out of the bathroom wearing only a night trouser 

She looks at him through the mirror the fire burning in the fireplace casting light on him and on his sharp features, she holds her breath as he approaches her, he smiles and then sweeps her off her feet in his arms then places her on the bed both gazing each other then he covers her with the blanket and lays next to her cuddling her gently stroking her hair she embraces him inhaling his body scent deeply, he kisses her on her forehead and says "good night" she sighs and says" "good night" She feels so secured and peaceful, and soon she falls asleep in his arms
Abhay smiles and closes his eyes

Next morning she wakes up slowly then she sees Abhay was in the bathroom, he has just taken a shower, a towel was wrapped around his waist and he was shaving, she gazes him through the slightly opened door checking him out yearningly from his head down to his toes, her heart beat start to race and she slowly gets out of the bed and walks towards him, he sees her through the mirror as she gets inside the bathroom and says "wait a minute, I am almost done!"

She stands behind him and then wraps her arms around his waist hugging him tightly and resting her face on his damp back 
he swallows, her closeness affecting him as he could feel her warmth and her softness from her silk seductive night gown, 
her naked arms and hands sending tingling sensation through his body, her warm breath caressing his back evoking his desires

"You should get ready for the college" he says trying to control his emotions
She ignores what he has said about college and whispers shyly "I love you so much Abhay"

He sighs deeply "I love you too Piya", and then she starts to kiss his naked back gently brushing her warm lips over his damp skin 
He groans softly and closes his eyes feeling the ecstasy of her tender sweet warm lips over his flesh and her soft touch sending sweet sensation under his skin  

His heart beat getting faster by second and he could feel her racing heart beat too as it's pound attached to his back he stands still as she shifts her mouth to kiss his shoulders standing on her tip toes now, then she kisses the back of his neck and he mutters her name in passion

She slides her hands from his waist to his chest touching him and stroking him, he gets more excited now and he bends his head down kissing her searching hands, his warm lips teasing hr fingers and he could feel that she was shivering being overwhelmed by her own emotions and by his closeness and kisses

He wraps his arms around her arms, holding her hands in his own crossing their fingers together and leans his head backward, her kisses are tingling his senses and evoking his desires, then he turns her around in a  jolt, she gasps both becoming more breathless now 

They gaze each other with raw passion as their breath collate and then they both get close to each other in a sudden jerk embracing each other tightly and kissing each other passionately, his hands move over her urgently, he pulls her up closer and then walks impatiently while she was still locked in his arms her feet above the ground and both overwhelmed by the pleasure of their tensed kisses and touches as he walks towards the bed. 

Much later in the college, "hey guys wait up!" yells Misha running towards them, she wraps her arms around Piya's shoulders "Hi piya, and hello there jija je, welcome welcome! no meeting veeting today eh? You came to our college and the sun has become brighter" Misha says teasing Abhay, Piya giggles 

"Really Sali je, then I should come more often" he says smiling

"But hey you are late, the miss has already left she gave us the revision sheets and we got some yesterday too"

"Oh no" says Piya frowned faced

"Relax dude I can copy them all for you" says Misha

And piya thought yeah what was I thinking!

"So did you guys have breakfast?" says Misha

Abhay looks mischievously at Piya with a smug smile and says with a playful tune "did we have breakfast Piya?"

Piya blushes hard and looks nervously at him and then at Misha

Misha giggles with a blush on her face "OH God! Your hubby here has no shame Piya! subah subah hai shru hogaye! But I am talking about real breakfast, you know real food! sheesh!"

"Why do you think I was talking about something else?" says Abhay humoring her and then laughs watching the blush on the both girls faces!

Soon they get seated "Abhay it will be your treat today since you were so mehrban on us and came to our humble college"

"It will be my pleasure" says Abhay flaunting his dimples

"Hey there is Kabir"  says Misha and she calls his name waving to him, Kabir walks towards them and Piya starts to feel nervous looking at Abhay, to her surprise he looks at her and looked calm and was still smiling

Abhay stand s up and shakes hand with Kabir

"What's up guys? Are you guys ready for the finals?" says Kabir

"Kind of, and hey do you believe it? we survived the first year of college YAY!" says Misha

"What survived? Let us survive the final exams first, then we can celebrate the survival" says Piya in a worried tune

"Don't worry you all will, you guys are smart" says Abhay smiling

"First year for you all freshers, but it's my second year" says Kabir with a hint of pride

"Hey Kabir we will talk later, lets order some food I am starving, come join us its Abhay's treat so we can order whatever we want , lets order the most expensive things in the MENU" says Misha giggling

Kabir looks at Abhay and says "no Mish I have to go"

"Come on man let's have breakfast together" says Abhay waving his hand inviting him

Piya's jaw slightly drops and she looks at Abhay in surprise

Kabir smiles flaunting his dimples and he sits with them

Soon they start to eat Piya looks fondly at Abhay who was engaged in a conversation with Kabir and wonders what has changed that made Abhay change his idea about Kabir!

Only a week ago he asked her to keep away from him and not get close to him because he thought that Kabir had a thing for her!!

"Hey Kabir did you find the car you like?" says Misha

"Not yet yaar! I have been searching but I couldn't make up my mind yet"

"What happened to your old car?" asks Piya

"It broke down a week ago! And I just hate it now too many problems that's why my dad decided to buy anew car for me"

"So what do you have in mind?" asks Abhay

"Well I am two hearted whether to take 4wheeler or a sports car! I am done with salons, hey you have both so you tried both, what do you think?" says Kabir

"Well it depends on what you want your car for! If it's for off roads, then a 4W will do, but if you want it for daily uses and you like to speed then a sports car is a better option for sure! Hey why don't you try driving my car" he gives him his car's keys

Kabir looks at him in surprise "dude! Are you giving me the keys of your Porsche?! To drive it!" Abhay smiles

"See, if that was my car I wouldn't let anyone touch it! let alone drive it!" says Kabir bluntly with a smile

"Its ok dude I trust you! Beside its fully insured so now worries" Abhay says jokingly

Kabir gets excited and grabs the keys "so I am off the hook if anything goes wrong! You girls are our witness!"

"Sure Kabir" says Piya with a smile while Misha nods and was busy eating

"On a second thought, you are not countable Piya, you will take your husband's side for sure!" says Kabir and he chuckles

"NO! I will say the truth no matter what!" says Piya

"That's my girl!" says Abhay caressing her face gently with his hand, Piya smiles shyly 

Kabir looks at them with a smile and grabs Misha's arm "let's go I will take you in a spin

"Hey I am still eating!"

"Enough you will become motti" says Kabir

"Kabir you are telling me this ever sine we were kids, and so far I haven't become motti" she giggles 

"It's a strange phenomenon! I still can't get it! you eat allot but still manage to have this beautiful figure, how come? Sometimes I think this food vanishes once it gets inside your tummy" 

"Kabir you are a meanie! Stop bugging my friend about her food! You will put an evil eye on her" says Piya 

Kabir chuckles and drags Misha, and as soon as they get out of their sight Piya says "That was very sweet of you, to offer him to test drive your car?" 

Abhay smiles and says "he is a nice guy"

 "Nice guy! Really! That what I was trying to tell you but you didn't listen! So what has changed? only a week ago you asked me to stop talking to him" she looks at him puzzled 

"Wrong! I asked you not to get close to him but I never asked you not to talk with him!" he says

"So what has changed?" she says 

"I realized that I misjudged him, I was blinded by my jealousy! But it's true he had a thing for you! But he is a decent guy, he sees you now as a friend and he wouldn't ever cross the line, as he respects you allot" 

"Oh God Abhay! You don't know how much that makes me feel relieved" she says with a big smile on her face, her eyes a bit misty 

He holds her hands in his own "I will do anything to maintain this beautiful smile on your face" and he leans kissing her hands gently

She feels shy "Abhay people are looking at us!" 

"So! How many times do I have to remind you that we are married" he smirks humoring her brushing his lips over her soft hands 

"Help! Someone help her please!" Abhay and Piya both turn around and they see a girl running along the courtyard shouting for help, and she looked very much troubled!

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