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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 46)

ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SimplyAparajita

. :) :) :) kaheela.. Good morning.... Yesterday they kissed...*i was jumping all night on my bed*..... So may be we deserve a update as treat from your side... What so so so waiting :) :) :) :) :) :) :)..:) tc hun.:)

LOL..aree yaar i am trying to write earlier, but i have  a life too naEmbarrassed and this is juts a hobby, so i write whenever i have time and whenever i feel like it so bare with me hunEmbarrassed

Originally posted by .:.MONA.:.

hey awesome update...yeye so happy that is was all abot abhiya and thier new happy piya asked him all those questions and got them out of the way..cant wait to get more of abhiya....cant wait to read plz update soon and thankx 4 the pm..

hey MonaEmbarrassed glad you enjoyed it! yepe they are bonding and the misunderstanding is over or is it?Wink your welcome hunHug 

Originally posted by Rajani-Jadhav

was awesome!!!!!Clap

thanks allotBig smile

Originally posted by Ridwana1234

ClapI am totally speechless after reading this. Wow it was so magical, You are awesome sis. But why u did not pm me? I was waiting for it with such eagerness. No, problem u writing made up for it. But next time please pm me and eagerly waiting for ur update. please update soon please pleaseEmbarrassed 

aww thanks allot RidwiEmbarrassed gad you loved it and sorry if i forgot to pm you, but i thought i didEmbarrassed..i will try to update soon hunHug

Originally posted by Antara106

heyy yaa Ka7eela, this was great...Clap i luved d lines... they were, like from d script of a movie or serial... And I really hope that they don't get separated, even when Abhay tells Piya the trurh about himself.... Smile 
You are great, awesome and soooo intelligent... keep writing n updating....Thumbs Up  n thanks for updateing... n lotz of luvvvvvv......Hug

aww thanks AntaraEmbarrassed @bold which lines?..@  blue you have to read to find outWink@ brown awww thanks allot for your sweet wordsHugand you are welcomeSmile

ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chill_Out

Wow, ka7eela, that was such a romantic updateDay Dreaming Day Dreaming I love this new Abhay. Seems so chilled out and tension-free! 
And Pia is toh uff!! Aaj bhi she didn't spare Abhay from her 20 questions?ROFL But I'm glad everything is sorting out and falling into place slowly. I don't blame her reaction. Obviously, if Abhay has been cold and distant for two months and one fine day he makes all her dreams come true, she's bound to find it weird. But all her doubts are now sorted so that's good! Let's just see how Abhay reveals himself to Pia. 
And ya, I'm still waiting for why Chandeena wanted AbhIya marriedConfused

NeethiHugthanks a ton hun@ blueLOL she has to naWink 

you are right, she has to get it out her system and clear all the doubts she had

@ brown it will be revealed soonWink just bare with me

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
plz update

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heena_mehta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. kaheela...swts..............dat waa an awesome part......ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
abahy is such a sW*Hrt......EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..d entire scene b/w abhay n piya was so damn natural n gudClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap..abhay's passion,desire n piya's shyness....chooooooooooo cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed............hats off to u........ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap..........u r such a fab writer.!!.....GOD bless u!!!Smile
(thanx 4 d pm)
n plsssssssss update sooooooooooooooon!!...itna inteezar mat karvaya karoTongueTongue

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ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by heena_mehta

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. kaheela...swts..............dat waa an awesome part......Clap
abahy is such a sW*Hrt......Embarrassed..d entire scene b/w abhay n piya was so damn natural n gudClap..abhay's passion,desire n piya's shyness....chooooooooooo cuteEmbarrassed............hats off to u........Clap..........u r such a fab writer.!!.....GOD bless u!!!Smile
(thanx 4 d pm)
n plsssssssss update sooooooooooooooon!!...itna inteezar mat karvaya karoTongueTongue

hey heena thanks allot hunEmbarrassed i am glad you enjoyed reading it Embarrassed

@ red aree yaar you have juts reda it and you want an update so soonTongueLOL

thanks again and  God bless all of us Hug

heena_mehta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ka7eela

Originally posted by heena_mehta

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. kaheela...swts..............dat waa an awesome part......Clap
abahy is such a sW*Hrt......Embarrassed..d entire scene b/w abhay n piya was so damn natural n gudClap..abhay's passion,desire n piya's shyness....chooooooooooo cuteEmbarrassed............hats off to u........Clap..........u r such a fab writer.!!.....GOD bless u!!!Smile
(thanx 4 d pm)
n plsssssssss update sooooooooooooooon!!...itna inteezar mat karvaya karoTongueTongue

hey heena thanks allot hunEmbarrassedu r most welcome swts!! i am glad you enjoyed reading it Embarrassed .........
@ red aree yaar you have juts reda it and you want an update so soonTongueLOL hehehe.dats ma i cn understand it takes time......especially wen u rite so well. dat no one cn beat pls try to understand...v guys r like addict na dat y!! .....WinkWinkWinkWinkLOLLOLLOL

thanks again and  God bless all of us HugEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by heena_mehta - 31 January 2011 at 8:48am

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Courageous_Leo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Tell me 1 thng ....r u from creative field....looks like that whn i read ur ff
no wrds 2 describe...cnt say anything
playing with words is an art...god's gift
maintain it n go ahead
vl wait 4 ur next pdate...update soon

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"Are you sure that you want us stay in that old hut till the exams?" says Abhay looking at her affectionately while driving 

She nods "yeah I am pretty sure, I feel I can concentrate there more on my studies, beside my main reason is I want to be alone with you" she bluntly says with a blush on her face
He smiles seeing her blush "but I told you, we can have a suite in any of the hotels around here, it will be more comfortable" 
"Why? Do you feel uncomfortable in the hut?" she says in a concerned voice
"I am not talking about me; I am more concerned for you! In a hotel you will have all facilities so you will be more comfortable and still we will be alone together!" he says his eyes sparkling mischievously  

She thinks for a while, he was right it will be more comfortable indeed with the room service and not having to be bothered about making the meals, or tidying up the place and all, but she didn't want to go, she felt very comfortable in that old hut knowing that there is no one around, not even servants but the two of them, alone near the beautiful river, somehow she found that very romantic

"But the hut has a beautiful river view" she argues 
"There are many hotels with a view of the river" he argues back,  then continues "Any how it's up to you my love, let me know if you change your mind, you know if it was a weekend we could have eloped somewhere near by! like Goa, Manali or Ooty or even Mumbai as we have a pent house there, I am sure you would have liked it" he says smiling 
Soon they reach the Raichand mansion as they came back home to get some stuffs, like cloths and other things and it was afternoon now

Abhay parks the car and she sighs feeling a bit edgy. 

"What's the matter?" says Abhay sensing her nervousness 
"What will your parents think? We were out all night long!" she says blushing now

He chuckles "Piya you are my wife and not my girl friend! So why are you feeling embarrassed? What we do, and where we stay the night, is none of any one's business, beside don't worry my parents are not nosy! They are very prude" he says his eyes playful
"I can't help it Abhay! I am feeling nervous!"
He holds her hands pressing them tight "look at me! I am here, so you just relax ok!" she nods
He wraps his arm around her slim shoulders reassuring her with a smile on his face. 

As they enter the hall and the pump to Chand and Haseena who were all ready and set to go out side "hi mom,   hi dad" says Abhay as he bends to kiss him moms cheek, Piya does the same
"Oh there you two are, enjoyed your time at Panchi's party?" Says Haseena in her husky voice

"Actually we didn't go to the party" says Abhay very casually 
Piya starts to become more nervous, Abhay looks at her and tells her "you go and pack your things, I will follow you after a moment"
Chand looks at both of them with a weird look "are you going somewhere?" 
"Yes" says Abhay
Piya says "excuse me" and then walks away nervously 

"Aha! so you both spent the night in a hotel I assume! Are you going back there again?" says Haseena
"We were in a hut and we will be going back there, we will stay there for a couple of days" says Abhay
She raises her eye brows "hut! Is that a new hotel?"

He smiles and tells her about the old stone hut near the river and Chand says "isn't that in that new land we bought? But that's really shabby! I was going to demolish it once I build the new night club in the area near by"

"Yes it is!" says Abhay
"Why do you two want to stay in an old hut?!" Says Haseena stunned 

Chand says sarcastically "don't you know my love! Sometimes romance rekindles in the weirdest places"

"But an old shabby hut!" she says hyped

Abhay feels uneasy about what his dad implied and says "its ok mom it's clean, anyways I have to go now excuse me!"

As he was about to walk away Haseena calls him and then she looks at Chand and says "I want to talk with Abhay"

Chand smiles his sarcastic smile and walks out saying "I will wait for you in the car" and then he looks at his son and says with a very playful tune "enjoy your time in the hut"

Abhay turns around to face his mom "Abhay are you both being careful?"
He looks at her puzzled, she hisses in an angry tune "Abhay I am talking about the birth control pills, Is she taking them?"

Abhay gets stunned for a moment and he was in loss of words as he didn't bother about it before as there was no need! But last night! and today! God! How could I be so careless! He thought with a disturbed mind but, he maintains his calm

He recollects him self "of-course mom! She is taking them regularly" he lied 
"Good!" She smiles and pats his cheek then says "Take one of the servants with you to the hut to help you around"
He says" there is no need for that mom, beside there is no place for him!"

She looks puzzled "oh! It doesn't have a servant quarter! Ok then enjoy your selves!" and she walks out side 

He sighs shaking his head, mom you really need to come down from your high bridge and mingle with others and look down again! Who have heard of a hut with a servant quarter!

He thought affectionately looking at his mom, who was walking out now and then his thought shifts to what she has said about the precautions and then he thinks for a moment and the sighs in relief and goes out 
As soon as he gets back he runs up to Piya, he enters the room very slowly she was busy choosing what to take with her, she had lingerie's in her hand. 
His lips curl in a mischievous smile as he slides his arms around her waist and grabs her pulling her towards himself, till her back was attached to his chest and then he slowly takes the lingerie's away from her hand and says in a seductive husky voice "I don't think you will need these!" she blushes her heart beat becoming faster

Then he moves her curls away baring her neck, bends his head and brushes his lips on the back of her neck gently, she gasps and closes her eyes! Then his mouth shifts to her bared back making her more breathless

Then he turns her around in a jolt so she faces him now "though I don't mind you seduce me wearing them!" he whispers "Hmm, you smell so good" then he bends his head to kiss her, she bends her head feeling a bit dizzy, her face bright red and then she buries her face in his chest

 "Are you still feeling shy from me?" he says in a husky voice, she doesn't say anything, she was becoming breathless. He embraces her tightly and then kisses her on top of her head then slowly pushes her away and then holds her from her waist she looks up at him his eyes were playful and she gets taken back by the love and the passion that were so visible in his beautiful grey eyes that looked very light now! 
He traces one finger on her face his eyes shifting from her eyes to her lips "are you tired?"

She knew where he is getting at, she catches her breath "yes I am" she says mischievously, and then pushes him away smiling and sighing deeply avoiding his gaze.  

"I didn't know what stuffs you want to take, so you pack your own things" She says trying to catch her breath 

He ignores what she has said, and grabs her again and pulls her in his arms 
"Are you sure that you are tired?" he says in a husky voice
his voice was very playful now and then he bends his head kissing her cheek
"Abhay its afternoon! And we are home!" She says in a quivering voice 

He smirks still kissing her, now his mouth shifting to her jaw line and then to her neck, making her whole body get heated and her heart beat race!

"So! You are my wife!" he whispers his mouth on her bare shoulders now 
She starts to tremble and whispers "Abhay please!"
He stops and stands straight, facing her now still holding her, both breathing heavily

 "Do you really want me to stop?!" he was gazing her with intensity now his voice husky 
She bites her lips as she was very much aroused, but she was feeling embarrassed knowing that anytime his parents might barge in or ask for him!

It's like he has read her mind "by the way we are alone in the house" he says swallowing and grabbing her hands and then bringing them up to his mouth kissing them passionately and then placing them on his shoulders, both gazing each other with intensity now and she closes her eyes as she holds his broad shoulders tightly breathing very heavily and he pulls her closer and bends his head kissing her very passionately and intensely and she kisses him back her shyness and nervousness vanished 

Much later, both laying on the bed and it was getting dark 
her head was resting on his chest and he was stroking her hair twirling a curl with  his fingers, her hand stroking his arm 

She sighs as she recalls what Panchi said about newly wed couple and how they can't keep their hands off of each other and she giggles!
He smiles "what is it?" she tells him what Panchi said
He smirks "You know I respect her allot as an elder sister"

She smiles affectionately, she is my elder sister so its like she is yours too, and some day I will tell you about this she fondly thought
"Piya there is something I want to discuss with you" 
She raises her head looking at him
"You know that we are too young to have a baby now" he says bluntly 
Blood rush to her face and she rests her head on his chest again, he smiles sensing her shyness 

Then he tells her about birth control pills and how it's important, since they both are still students, he tells her that she has to take a special pill now too, which has an after affect as contraception, since she didn't take any yesterday nor today
She shyly agrees though in her mind she didn't mind getting pregnant as she loves kids but she knew he was right they both were way too young to become parents now!

 After an hour they were set to go, and it was dark now, Piya sighs in relief as her mother and father in-laws were still out

"We missed Panchi's birthday last night, she must have thought that we didn't care!" Says Piya as soon as they get inside the car 
"We can wish her now, if you want to" he says touching her face gently 

"Really can we go now?" she says excited
"Sure! What gift did you get her?" he says smiling
"I still didn't get her anything, I didn't have time"
"Ok then we will buy something before we go there"
"I will call Misha and tell her that we are coming to visit"
He nods looking at her smiley face, she calls Misha and tells her

"Piya can I ask you something?" says Abhay
"Sure Abhay!"
"How old were you when your dad left you and your mom?" he says his voice filled with compassion

Piya looks at him puzzled as she doesn't remember she told him that her dad left her and his mom, she never discussed it with him or with anyone else for that matter!
"Abhay! How did you know that my dad had left us?" 
Abhay feels nervous but he says calmly "that's cause you never talk about him the way you talk about your mom, so I assumed that he had left you"

She looks at him doubtfully and says "I was 8 at the time!" 
"I am sorry it must have been hard!" he says touching her face
"It was in the beginning! But eventually I got used to it as my mom was my anchor, she was my whole family and she never let me down or make feel his lose, she was a very strong woman, but then she got sick and died, so I ended up in an orphanage" she says sadly

He looks at her, his heart aches, so you have recognized your dad! You know that Misha and Panchi are your sisters and that you are a part of Dobrial family! You think your dad left you and never looked back, but you don't know that he thinks that you both are dead for long time now, but I can't tell you that now!

"You were a kid Piya you don't know what actually happened between both of them"
"I just know that he wasn't there for us when we needed him the most and I don't like to talk about him! so please Abhay" her voice quivers 
"Ok I am sorry, just relax" he sighs caressing her cheek and stops the car near a jewelry shop 

In the Dobrial residence
"Papa, you can't leave they are coming now!" protests Misha
"Ha Arnab we will invite them to stay for dinner you can't leave!"
"I have promised my friends that I meet them for dinner" he says
Misha puts her arm around her dads shoulders "tell them you have guests na!"
Arnab shakes his head "uff, ok I will call them"
"Yay!" says Misha and soon they hear the bell ringing 

Abhay and Piya enter the hall greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Dobrial along with Misha
Soon they get seated in the hall "I can't see Panchi!" says Piya looking around
"She went somewhere with Danish but they are on their way back home" says Madhu
soon Panchi and Danish join them and Piya and Abhay express their regret for not making it to her birthday party and they wish her and then Piya hands her the gift, which was a beautiful emerald and diamond pendant

Panchi likes it allot and tells them they shouldn't have, then later Madhu insists that Piya and Abhay stay for dinner

During the dinner Piya looks fondly at Abhay who was engaged in a conversation with Arnab, he was talking about business and both him and Danish were impressed by his high knowledge in the business field
"Now I know why your dad send you to make his business deals, and why he depends on you allot, you seem like you did MBA! I am really impressed, my boy!"

"My dad used to let me accompany him since I was a little boy, that's how I learned the trade" Abhay says proudly, not only that but he really has degrees in both accounting and business administration! But he couldn't tell them that 

"Yeah, yeah! Very impressive! you go around in your trips and leave my friend behind making her sad, Abhay you are still a student and not a businessman" says Misha in a hyped voice, Abhay smiles nervously

"Misha!" says Madhu agitated 
"What! I am telling the truth! She always makes a long face when he leaves her alone, why can't you take her along with you?"
Piya blushes looking at Abhay, who now was smiling a sad smile feeling a lump in his throat, while Arnab and Danish smile feeling embarrassed

"Piya, Abhay please don't mind my little sister's blubbering she doesn't think before talking as there is no connection between her mouth and brain!" says Panchi
Everyone laughs Misha gets agitated and had an urge to retaliate but Piya holds her arm and whispers to her to stop 

Soon they get seated in the hall again having their drinks and some sweets
Piya looks at Abhay and at her own dad who were again engaged talking about history, at the same time he was humoring with Misha and the rest, and she felt so happy.  

She couldn't believe how life could take such a beautiful turn, the love and the family that she had longed for her whole life, and what she couldn't achieve in two months ever since she got married, she got it all in one single day, and its all because of Abhay, as here she was among her own blood with the man whom she loves the most and married to, and they were all like a big happy family 

She looks at Abhay, who looked very relaxed and was talking and smiling and her eyes get misty and he too throws glances at her 

"Arre yaar you both are looking at each other so intensely like you got married last night and not two months ago!" Misha whispers
She blushes "Misha!"
She grabs her arm "hey now rest your eyes a little while and come with me, I am about to change my room's decoration, I feel it's too childish, I need your help I want to make it more grown up" she stands up 
"Excuse us, me and my friend" says Misha and then drags her fast, everyone look at them smiling

Misha shows Piya some color samples and some curtain samples and she helps her to choose and make up her mind, when they are done she hugs her 
"You are the best! you know I have been trying to choose for two weeks now finally I am satisfied, thank you, thank you"
Piya giggles "you're welcome that's what sisters are for!" then she realizes what she has said 
"Yes you are truly my sister and my friend, and now tell me how is marital life?" she winks 

"Misha I am not going to tell you anything, so don't even try" she shows her tongue

"Oh shucks! But hey I am not that besharam! I was only joking! Beside I can Google it" and they both chuckle

Piya shakes her head "Misha you are a riot! I think we should join them again"
"Join them or your ray-moon hubby!" Misha winks
Piya smiles and looks at her self in the mirror tiding her hair
"Woo! What's that?!" says Misha pointing to her neck
"OMG! Is that a hickey?" Misha giggles covering her face 

Piya blushes her face turning into bright red and covers it with her hair
"Oh! There are two more! Naughty Abhay!" Misha chuckles 

"Where?!" Says Piya feeling nervous looking at the mirror
Misha shows her "Oh God! I hope no one has noticed them!" she says feeling embarrassed 
"Don't worry babes your hair covered them, now you moved your hair away, that's why I could see them, if you are feeling uncomfortable, I can conceal them with makeup"

She agrees, Misha giggles as she dabs concealer on her neck
Piya checks her neck and they weren't visible now! "Thank you Mish!" 
"You are glowing today Piya, in fact you both are! I am so happy for you two" says Misha, Piya's eye get misty and she hugs her sister, and then they walk out side of the room.

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