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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 39)

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Originally posted by ASMI95

too gudddddddddd

Thanks sweetsBig smile

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Originally posted by SimplyAparajita

Bhuk lagi hai kaheela.. Update karo..

Originally posted by koyal-kajal

ka7eela pls yaar aur tadpao maat  pls update karo

Originally posted by heena_mehta

pls update na........pls kaheela......i m dying to read nxt part...... Cry

Originally posted by MeetPremeer

plz update dear

Originally posted by purva_j

Hey Kaheela... plz post 8th update.. waiting eagerly... not sure how will be todays episode.. I think it will be Abhay less or AbhIYa less.. your update will save us...


hey guys i will try o update soon, i am kinda busy, just bare with meEmbarrassed, and thanks for your loveHug

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amzing update!!! thnx 4 d pm!!!

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ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by cool_maitri03

amzing update!!! thnx 4 d pm!!!

thanksSmile and your welcome

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when are you planing to update pls tell me anxiously waiting

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Originally posted by koyal-kajal

when are you planing to update pls tell me anxiously waiting

i might update tomorrow  as i have started writing itSmile

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koyal-kajal Goldie

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yayyyyy but if possible pls update it today .
no pressure only request

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Piya opens her eyes slowly with a deep sigh and for few moments she feels lost. In her mind she wonders if what had happened last night was just a beautiful dream! then she smiles shyly as the flash backs of their passionate night flicker in her mind  
She stares at the wooden ceiling and sighs softly then sits up slowly, then she realizes that she was still undressed, she covers her self with the sheet and wonders where did Abhay go!

She stands up and wraps the sheet around her, then she notices a big red roses bouquet with a note, she reads the note 'I will be back soon, love you, Abhay'
She kisses the note, then inhales deeply the refreshing scent of the beautiful flowers and sighs
She withdraws the curtains and looks out side to the beautiful river view, the sun was out shining bright, and there was no sign of last night's blizzard

She notices some fishing boats sailing far away and some bigger boats too, and then she hears the door unlocking as Abhay enters the hut, she turns around feeling overwhelming mix emotions as she was a bit excited, a bit nervous, a bit shy and a bit awkward, he was holding allots of shopping bags in his hand he looks at her gazing her from her head down to her toes and smiles mischievously  

She smiles back and then shyly looks away biting her lips pushing away a strand of her hair behind her ear nervously

He puts down the bags and walks towards her, gazing her, she feels her heart racing and that it will jump out of her rips

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" says he in his deep voice, as he holds her bare arms, she mutters "good morning" and nods 
He senses her shyness and nervousness and he smiles affectionately, he lifts up her chin with his thump and she looks up at him sighing, he bends and kisses her cheek gently and then embraces her in his arms tightly 

She rests her head on his chest sighing deeply and feeling so secured
"I love you so much, and I missed you! So Mrs. Abhay Raichand, Did you miss me?" he says with passion and she becomes more breathless, Mrs. Abhay that's her she fondly thought and whispers "I love you too", he sighs deeply

"You go on and take a shower, I will make you a nice breakfast" he says tilting his head backward looking down at her 
She smiles all her nervousness gone "no, I will make it" she says softly smiling, he smiles

He looks at her and notices a hickey on her neck; he raises an eye brow and says with a deep voice filled with concern and a hint of guilt as he gently touches her neck with his fingers "did I do that?"
She knew what he was talking about as she felt her neck skin was a bit sour, she smiles shyly.

He glides both of his hands to her neck, stroking it gently, her closeness and scent awakening his desires and he swallows
"First tell me, are you hungry?" he says his eyes becoming playful and filled with passion his voice husky, and his touch on her neck becoming more intense

His touch send shivers down her spine "just a little" says she softly with a broken voice swallowing 
He licks his lips "you mean you can wait!" he says looking deeply into her eyes, she gets taken back by the raw passion burning in his mesmerizing eyes and she looks at him eagerly and shyly

He reaches out behind her and draws the curtains with one fast swift and the room become dim lighted, she swallows hard, then he slides one of his hands down her back, she closes her eyes in ecstasy, as she could feel the warmth of his hand through the thin layers of the sheet, he caress her gently, her heart beats become so fast that she felt that he could hear them too, then he slides his other hand from her neck down to her chest where the sheet was firmly secured, then he grabs the sheet between two fingers, trying to pull it gently away from her, She raises her hand abruptly in a jolt and holds on to it with a tight fist, feeling that she can't breath, his lips curl in a seductive smile and he bends his head kissing her hand, his warm wet lips make her feel very weak, and she loosen her grip and she whispers his name with so much yearning, her chest heaving as her breath become heavier by second, she touches him, her arms wrapped around him and he lifts up his head and kisses her neck line teasing her, his hands following his mouth caressing her gently  

He leans her in his arms to expose her neck as he savor it tenderly kissing, sucking and teasing it, then he kisses her shoulders passionately and then his mouth goes up with a trail of sweet kisses, in her chin, ear and cheek then it seeks her lips impatiently, kissing her with raw passion now, they both get lost as waves of pleasure fill their whole beings making them pant and shiver and then he sweeps her in his arms, and places her over the mattress lying next to her, looking down at her, both breathing so heavily, their heart dancing. 

he traces her face line tenderly with his fingers like he is drawing her, with feather light touches he traces her eye brows, her eyes nose, lips, chin, neck, arms and shoulders, his fingers going back and forth, as he says with passionate breathless voice:

Every moment spent with you is a dream come true"

When I look into your eyes all my fear just dies
To see you smile is all worthwhile
For you, all trials I'll bear
I love you now and forever.

From dusk till dawn
Everything else but you is gone
When I hear your name
All I think of is love
I love you now and forever.

Behind me now is the sorrow I've faced
Now there is only the light you
Bring to me with your presence, grace
Truly I adore you with all that I am
So I tell you this again and again
I love you now and forever.

Thru this poem I define
My feeling for you
All I ask in return is that
You will be mine forever 'n ever
And that you know
I love you now and forever"*

He smiles swallowing, gazing her with so much affection, his tender touch and the sweet love poem send tingling sensation under her skin, her mouth quivers and then he whispers "you are so beautiful, you take my breath away Piya and I never felt this way before, I am madly, helplessly in love with you" his voice filled with intense passion as he gazes her with raw desire now she raises her hand and touches his face gently, he closes his eyes leans his face on it, rubbing his cheek with her hand before kissing the palm of her hand then opens his eyes again.

She smiles her eyes filled with so much love and passion "I love you so much, you are my life Abhay"  she says with a quivering passionate voice, her words and touch excites him more then before, he bends down over her kissing her locking their lips in an intense passion, she raises her arms wrapping them around him helplessly pulling him closer.

After few passionate hours, Piya was lying on her tummy covered with sheet, her head resting on her arms, watching Abhay fondly with a huge smile on her face as he takes out the things he brought for breakfast placing them on the pantry's table
"I didn't know what are your fav, so I brought many different  things, there are different cereals, different jams, butter, cheese and margarine, egg, milk  different breads  tea, coffee different juices , fresh fruits and some veggies for omelet, so tell me what do you want?"  he says

She looks at him affectionately and feels that he looked very adorable, she chuckles "Abhay looks like you have bought the whole shop!"

He smiles and looks at her "I was confused! And you stop looking at me seductively like that!  And go on and take a shower and get dressed, before I change my mind about the breakfast and join you again" he says with a playful tune
She swallows hard "but I am very hungry I haven't eaten since yesterday noon"

He smiles "I know! That's why I am telling you to move on! You lying like this is a temptation I can't resist for long!" he bluntly says, gazing her

She blushes as she wraps the sheet quickly and heads for the bathroom, grabbing her last night dress

"I brought you some new cloths and there is shampoo and some other stuffs, sorry if I forgot anything" he hands her 2 shopping bags 
She feels so touched "that's so thoughtful and sweet of you, thank you Abhay" she kisses his cheek gently, he tries to get hold of her but she wiggles as she slips away from his clutches, grinning and rushes towards the bathroom.

To her surprise he didn't forget anything, from tooth brush to hair brush, everything else that she needed to freshen up and get groomed, moreover he made sure to bring her the same brands that she usually uses, her eyes get tearful 

After the shower she checks out the cloths he brought, there were towels a beautiful dress, a top and a pair of jeans and some undergarments too! She blushes and wonders how it was possible for him to know her size? But they all were perfect fit

She gets dressed and wears the light purple dress and steps out side with her hair wrapped in a towel 
Abhay was busy making her some eggs 
He checks her out in the new dress "did you like it?"

"It's beautiful thanks but how did you know my exact size?" she says with a blushed face

He smirks and says: "do you really want me to answer that?" she blushes, he chuckles

"Let's say I have a very visual memory" he winks looking at her with playful eyes

She looks at him shyly and says trying to change the subject "What are you making? It smells yummy!"

He smiles flipping the omelet "chef's specialty maim! Egg with cheese and mushroom"
Then she notices that the old fridge was working too she gets baffled "Abhay there was no gas and no electricity before"

"Oh I fixed all that, all I had to do is make a call, tea or coffee?" he asks
"I will skip, I will have juice" she says
"You get your juice and go get seated in the terrace, I will be your chef for the day" he winks 

She looks at him with a big smile, and then shifts her gaze to the open terrace door and gets surprised as he had set the old table covering it with table cloth, her vase in the middle filled with red roses, and there was a plate filled with fruits and another with breads.
"Abhay how did you manage to do all this? I mean go shopping and fix everything so quickly?"

"As I said all I had to do is make a call, and I brought the car so it was a piece if cake"
Soon they were seated on the old wooden table on the terrace having their breakfast and enjoying the beautiful river view

"this is really good!" says  Abhay as he eats! She was surprised as he seemed he really was enjoying him self
"You never, eat breakfast do you?" she says
"What makes you say that?!" he says

"Ever since we got married, I have never seen eat anything in the morning all you have is some kind of juice!" she couldn't say anything about lunch and dinner as most of the time they didn't  have the chance to meet at those two times

He smiles "yeah I just have juice! But from now on we will always eat together" he smiles, her eyes get tearful as she felt he was doing this for her sake, as he was trying to make it up to her now, what she didn't know that for her sake he had taken a special herb mix too, which his mother made long time ago especially for him that enables a vampire like him to taste the food and enjoy it too like a normal human
"I love this omelet, You should be a chef" she says humoring him

He smirks "you think so? Unfortunately apart from eggs, pancakes, coffee and tea I don't know how to make anything else!"
She giggles "ok then you are the breakfast chef"

Then she says on a serious note "Abhay we have ditched collage today" she says
"Would you rather be there then here?" he says raising his eye brows, teasing her

"There is no place in the world I would like to be but here with you Abhay, but exams are after 4 days, and today we were going to get some revision sheets" she says 
He smiles "Don't worry we will get them tomorrow, beside I can help you too with anything you want" he says with confident 

"Yeah right! Abhay Raichand, most of the time you don't attend the classes!" she says in a hyped voice
He smirks "So! Trust me Piya Raichand, I can still help!"
She narrows her eyes looking at him doubtfully with a smile 
He chuckles "I might be a bad student, but believe me I am a good teacher!" he winks

She smiles and gazes him with affection, and for a moment the whole scene looked unreal for her, it seemed like a wonderful dream!, as there she was having breakfast with Abhay for the first time ever since they got married, after he has confessed his deep love and passionately made love to her, both smiling and talking like any normal couple, who are deeply and madly in love, she pinches her self and suddenly feels anxious 

What if this was a temporary phase for you Abhay! Because If you had loved me all along then why were you so cold and so distant before last night? Why did you hide your feeling? And who were those two girls that I have seen with you! She thought with a troubled mind!

Her heart starts to ache and she looks away her face all frowned
"Whets wrong?" says Abhay wiping his mouth with a tissue looking at her disturbed face with a deep concern 

She shakes her head gazing him, he looked relax and happy so she didn't want to disturb him with her doubts and questions that were invading her peaceful mind, haunting her and killing her joy

He holds her hands across the table "you can tell me anything Piya"
She looks at him and then stand up quickly and rushes towards him, hugging him tightly burring her head in his neck as tears roll down, he gets taken back and wraps his arms around her pulling her down and letting her sit on his lap 

"Hey sshh! What's wrong?" he strokes her head and then pulls her away gently to look at her tearful face, she looks down sniffing, he feels a lump in his throat, it pained him to see her cry, he moves her damp curls away from her face, and then he wipes away her tears gently, then he tries to wipe her nose with a tissue! she chuckles softly feeling embarrassed and takes the tissue away from his hand, biting her lips 
He smiles "that's better, now tell me" he says caressing her cheek with his hand.
She was still sitting on his lap she sighs deeply and then stands and moves away from him 

Hesitantly she says "Abhay I don't understand all this! I mean you said you loved me all along, but then why did you keep me away from you ever since we got married? Why were you so cold and distant that you never spent any time with me or talked with me? Why Abhay? I don't understand!"

He closes his eyes and looks away then looks at her helplessly, how I could explain to you Piya! What could I possibly say to you that would make any sense! And I can't tell you the truth, not now at least!

He thinks for a moment and then says "maybe because I was a fool Piya! And I didn't know how to deal with the situation! I love you so much; I loved you all along, but maybe I thought that this marriage was forced on you! And I didn't want to take advantage of you or impose my love on you! I kept distant so I won't give in to my feelings or lose control on my emotions, or give in to my craving for you! I know I was wrong because you loved me too! and you wanted to be with me, but then at the time I was confused and thought that this way was best for you and for both of us! I didn't want to force my self, I know you might feel I am not making any sense but believe me the last thing I ever wanted to do is to hurt you or cause you any pain, what I did was for your sake, trust me"

There I have blurted out the truth maybe not the full version, but still I have managed half of it, I just hope she gets satisfied with it, he thought with anguish looking earnestly at her

She looks at him, the pain was very visible in his eyes, he was standing near the rusted wooden picket fence of the terrace the fresh morning breeze moving his bangs away from his forehead. 

Tears roll down her cheeks as she runs towards him hugging him tightly "how could you think like that! I love you so much, I loved you ever since we met, I always had this feeling that we are connected ever since" he hugs her and sighs in relief!

"Piya please just forget what happened in the past two months, we have started a new leaf now" he urges her, she swallows and nods

Then she pulls away "Abhay who were those two girls"
He smiles "I was wondering when will you ask me about them?" he smirks 

She squints her eyes  "Abhay I have the right to know!"
"OF course you do! Ok my love the first girl that you saw in the store was a girl that I helped long time ago, she saw me in the shop after a long time and she kissed me thanking me for finding her a new job, and then I gave her a lift that's all"
"How did you help her?"

He sighs "she was a club dancer and she wasn't comfortable as she used to get constantly abused, so I offered her a job in one of my dad's companies after sending her to take some IT courses!"
"I see, and that other girl, you told me you were in business meeting Abhay!"
"I was! and the meeting finished early, but then Rita called she and her fiance had a major fight and were in verge of breaking up"
"Who is she?" she says
"She is my dad's secretary and she is very friendly with me"
"Why did she call you Abhay?"

He smirks "you ask too many questions! Ok she called me cause her fiance suspected that there was something between her and I, they were having dinner in that club when they fought, she called me and pleaded that I go there and make it clear for him for once and for all, that there was nothing between us"
"But Abhay I only saw you with her!"
"The man left in anger after I confronted him, few minutes before I saw you but he came later after we were gone, she called me this morning and told me that everything was fine between them now"

"Ok why did her fianc suspect that there was something between you two?"
He chuckles "because he is like you! He sees something and then jumps into conclusions without getting the facts right!, he saw me once dropping her to her apartment late night, as I offered her a ride because her car got broken, I think he would have preferred her to wait alone on that empty road!" he says shaking his head
She thinks for a while "but she should have called him! and told him that you will drop her!"

He shakes his head in disbelief "when you love someone you got to trust them too Piya"
 She felt he was hinting about her out burst sos he says "Trust comes with a deep bond Abhay and it's gained, how do you want me to trust you at the time, when you were ignoring me and making me feel unwanted? I thought that you hated being with me! That you hated.."

He puts his fingers over her lips "sshh, not another word Piya! I can never hate you! How could you even think of that! I am sorry, I know now that I was so wrong and that I hurt you"

She hugs him "I love you so much Abhay, promise me that you will never stop loving me, promise me, that you will never leave me!"

He embraces her tightly "I will never ever leave you, how could I? when you are my earth and my sky, when you have become the air I breath and the smile that fills my heart with joy, I love you so much Piya more then you can ever imagine" his words fill her heart with warmth and tingle her sense, it was his way to reassure her that from now on nothing and no one can come between them 

He kisses her on top of her head and she kisses him on his bare chest through his unbuttoned shirt he sighs deeply and closes his eyes, her tender lips sending a tingling sensation throughout his body and then she buries her head again in his chest as both stand there in each others arms on the terrace of the old hut near the river.

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