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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 31)

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Ka7eela..., I don't have any words to express what I feel...Shocked awww, poor Piya, she's married to him but still he wishes to remain distant... Unhappy  that's too bad and sooooo sadddd... And, Hassena and Chaand being soooo nice to her...LOL 
like I said, you truly, unbelievably, are a genius... You should get professional, you know... You write sooo well...ClapClapClap.. hats off to you, although am not wearing any hat now... but really, keep it up... and update really soon please....Big smile and the other ff as well...
 am jumping with joy now, at least I got to read another interesting ff written by you..... and thanx 4 d pm... luvvvvv u n ur updates..... n a big big big big big big HUG to YOU....Hug

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Awwie such a cute update! I love it when Abhay shows his soft side which is rare. But i totally adore his sadu side too! :P Embarrassed
And the last part was hmm dreamy and wonderful! Embarrassed
Passionate Abhiya to soft laughters..ah! so beautifully written! Clap
Thanks for the pm. Looking forward to the next part! :D
And about the last update. I know Chaandeena in your FF are quite different from the show ones isiliye it was hard for me to imagine them like that. lol. Your version of Chaandeena is more sweet and relatable. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Suvi7884

--I cant read it today, but I want be first!LOL
 Nice update, the AbhIya scene's soo adorable!Day Dreaming Abhay got covered in mudLOLLOL Nanananana!LOL Hayye haye they are all over each other, he should have just gone ahead and kissed her, I wish he didnt have such a control over himselfUnhappy
Well, the scenes later made up for the earlier fight! the song's really sweetSmile
Thanks for the pm, update soon!

thanksSmile..well he has to control him self naWink.. glad you enjoyed it

QUOTE=aamirkhanfan]lovely update..........................[/QUOTE]

thanks a bunchSmile

Originally posted by pallavisarkar

thnx for updtig me
n thnx for d pm
n it was gud but its very sad dat they both love each other but  still far

your welcome is sad cause everything are against them 

Originally posted by shruthiR

Thank you for the PM.The chp was very nice.I could imagine how Abhay must've looked with mud all over himselfLOLAnyway,wonder when they'll catch up with the rest of the gang.Looking forward to the next chp and update soonSmile

thanks allot and you're welcome Embarrassed..evne with mud Abhay looked super hotTongue..after all Abhay =VivianBlushing..about gang maybe they catch on and maybe notWink..will try to update today

Originally posted by MeetPremeer

totally awesome update dear

thanks hunBig smile, but i don't understand you like my story yet you never press the like buttonTongueLOL

Originally posted by SimplyAparajita

Ok.. So kaheela decided to give us glimpses of abhiya romance.. I feel so bad for both of them.. Bechare mil ke bhi nahi mil sakte.. And that cottage omg am hell scared.. Is that cottage of maithili..hope pia doesnt find something strange there.. Eagerly waiting for next update.. This one was awesome yara..

dont worry you will get plenty of glimpses in upcoming updatesWink..@ bold now who brought Miathli in this? do you want her be kabab mai haddiLOL
thanks hun for loving itEmbarrassed..btw i am still waiting for your FF about Chandeena! serioulsy cracked me up the other day with your comment they truly are Na-moon-ayeLOL

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by heena_mehta

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.dat was such a quick update....ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
thanku so much kaheela dear 4 such a sweet cute n super quick update n 4 ur pm also!!........their muddy romance was superb cute EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.....WinkWinkWink....too gud.....StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar.....n ur song choice was reli nice....
update soon!!!

aww thanks allot sweet HeenaBig smile, (btw i love your name)..glad you enjoyed reading itEmbarrassed..will try to update  today

Originally posted by Rozy77

hey kaheela, really nyc update. Im glad dy had a moment 2day n hopefully der wil b more in da future. Thanks 4 da pm sweetheart n continue wid ur brilliant work, readin ur ff always makes my day

hey Rozzy, glad you liked it hunEmbarrassed your welcome..and sweet comments always make my day tooHug

Originally posted by Ritz93

Thank you so much Kaheela. This was really nice change in Abhay's mood. Both of them laughing and having eye-locks. I am eagerly waiting for the next one now. (No pressures to update soon but please please)

How do you make your characters so live and lovable if you are not.

aww thanks Ritz, glad you liked it , Abhay has his matter how hard he tries to stay aloof, he cant resist Piya's charmWink
i will update today, @ blue n red , hey i didn't get this sentence but then when i read Payals comment i got itWinkLOL
you are too sweet..btw i know you didnt mean it in  bad way, thanks for appreciatingEmbarrassed

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lighteningbuzz

6th Update:
I like the turn of events and how slowly they starting to open up with each other through their conversations rather that be about songs, at least they have started to share their likes/dislikes Wink
 I can just imagine a vampire listening to Razia Sultan.......LOL LOL Okay, I'm just kidding, but Abhay's choice of songs are so emotional and romantic. Wink He must be a very romantic guy! Day Dreaming *passing into my dreamland*
Poor guy was covered with mud! ROFL Feel so bad for him. Piya is very cute in this update.
Looking forward to what happens next. SmileTongue

@ bold..the poor girl is trying, but this was just the tip of the ice berg that melted, there is a huge mountain underneath it, as Abhay  doesn't want to open up, he has built this huge wall around him, he is too scared to reveal his identity as for now he doesn't  know that he can trust her or not , in this ff Abhay has a serious issue of trusting people he doesn't trust anyone, and so far she didn't do anything to gain that trust. so he is bottling up everything although  he loves her so much, also he doesn't want to end up hurting her and he is afraid that she might reject him after knowing what he is and then there is his dad's deception issue! 

like my other ff Piya by saving his life and then not telling anyone about it managed to gain his trust but he was only protecting her by not revealing his identity and keeping away from her

@ bue LOL, yeah weired vampire! but you are right he is a total romantic at heart as you will discover later onWink

even with mud he still looks hotLOL

will try to update today..


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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lighteningbuzz

Originally posted by Ritz93

Thank you so much Kaheela. This was really nice change in Abhay's mood. Both of them laughing and having eye-locks. I am eagerly waiting for the next one now. (No pressures to update soon but please please)

P.S. You lied, you are a professional writer. I know that after reading your FFs update again. How do you make your characters so live and lovable if you are not.
I totally agree with you. In fact, I have also suspected many times if she is a professional writer. Like you said, the way she manages the story's sequences so well and is able to have her readers feel the characters' pain by describing their emotions and actions in such a realistic manner that even I am compelled to believe that this girl is a professional writer in disguise. Her way of telling a story is way better than the serial creatives! And she can just completely take the reader into her characters' world. I think only a professional writer is capable of displaying such a talent and creativity. Hats off to her!

awwwwwwwwwwwwHugpayal you just made my day brighterEmbarrassed Hugthank you soooooooooooooooooo much sweet sisEmbarrassed

this was the sweetest comment ever!!..i am really moved that you feel this way about my writings, thank you from the bottom of my heartHeart
 so should i start writing my first novel or notTongue WinkEmbarrassedLOL

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by zoozoo123

Awesum update.
I have pressed like button. Actually I forgot to do the same.
Waiting 4 the next update
Update soon

thanks allotBig smile

Originally posted by shaggyscooby

Mindblowing update I love that they got lost and can at least spend some time together.Clap
Im sensing some intense Abhiya momentsWink
Thanx for pmHug

aww thank allotHug ..@ bold you are sensing rightWink

Originally posted by Naughtynatty

awww tht was so sweeet !!!
Thanks for the pm hun !!! =D

your welcome hunEmbarrassed and thanks for liking

Originally posted by Chill_Out

Nice part, ka7eela!! Abhay was covered in mud?? Lol!! I think that's the only way to see him in another colour! LOL
So, I'm glad that they're finally going on the trip. I hope their car gets fixed soon so that they can catch up!Approve

Neethi..thanks dearEmbarrassed @ blue ROFL..@ red maybe they catch on and maybe notWink

Originally posted by purva_j

wow!!!  nice updates Ka7eela...!  Clap wow Abhay and Piaya stuck in lonely road, and that too in rain.. how romantic...LOL
Waiting for more updates.. thanks for PM..
I am hoping their car should not get fix very soon so that they can spend some time with other.. to know each other more...

thanks a bunch dearBig smile.. glad you enjoyed it, and your welcome..

Originally posted by mandy1024

Lovely update. Loved Abhay Pia's conflicting emotions Smile. I hope they confess their feelings for each other soon n I so hope Abhay stops feeling guilty for something he isn't responsible Cry Poor guy.

thanks allot for liking it, apart of feeling guilty Abhay has this huge battle between his mind and heart, that what makes him keep away too 

Originally posted by .:.MONA.:.

aww such cute update..gosh for the first time abhay is not avoding piya even though he wanted were covered in mud lol peolpe might get scared at the sight of nice udpate...thankx 4 the pm and update ASAP...


Mona thanks dearEmbarrassed..glad you enjoyed it..and you're welcome 

Originally posted by Ridwana1234

Awwww Abhay is so caring he cant see her crying  , It was superb please continue soon.

Ridwi, thanks hun , he do cares though he doesn't want to show it most of the timesWink

Originally posted by moully

very very nice.
cn't wait 4 next.Smile

thanks for liking my writingBig smilethough you never press the like buttonConfused

Originally posted by RB81

nice update.
u make us ask 4 more updates.
it is getting worst than eagerly waiting 4 next episode.
update soon yaar.
ur FF is more lively.
hats off....

aww thanks for liking my writing Embarrassed..

Originally posted by Antara106

Ka7eela..., I don't have any words to express what I feel...Shocked awww, poor Piya, she's married to him but still he wishes to remain distant... Unhappy  that's too bad and sooooo sadddd... And, Hassena and Chaand being soooo nice to her...LOL 
like I said, you truly, unbelievably, are a genius... You should get professional, you know... You write sooo well...ClapClapClap.. hats off to you, although am not wearing any hat now... but really, keep it up... and update really soon please....Big smile and the other ff as well...
 am jumping with joy now, at least I got to read another interesting ff written by you..... and thanx 4 d pm... luvvvvv u n ur updates..... n a big big big big big big HUG to YOU....Hug

awww thanks allot hunHugEmbarrassed..for liking my writingsEmbarrassed , glad you enjoy it..@blue hehehe well here they are his real parents so they love him and they know that he loves her thats why they are nice to her but Chand being the cold hearted businessman  and vampire he is. he has his own hidden agendasWink  

Originally posted by sugaryanu

Awwie such a cute update! I love it when Abhay shows his soft side which is rare. But i totally adore his sadu side too! :P Embarrassed
And the last part was hmm dreamy and wonderful! Embarrassed
Passionate Abhiya to soft laughters..ah! so beautifully written! Clap
Thanks for the pm. Looking forward to the next part! :D
And about the last update. I know Chaandeena in your FF are quite different from the show ones isiliye it was hard for me to imagine them like that. lol. Your version of Chaandeena is more sweet and relatable. Embarrassed

AnuHugthanks so much  for liking itEmbarrassed .. glad you enjoyed reading it Abhay is trying to be sadu to keep her away, but deep down he is a gem of a guy!Winkabout Chandeena , i like me version more tooLOL at least here they truly love Abhay  because he is their real son, though in their own weired ways

thank you all for your heart warming comments, and never ending love and support , i will try to update todayHug 

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It takes them a while to reach the cottage and they were totally drenched now. Abhay knocks on the door and an old man opens the door, he looks at them puzzled 
Abhay tells him about their situation, then he asks them to get inside, as both get inside an old woman comes along "you poor kids drenched like this Come! Come near the fire"
Piya smiles, Abhay again asks the man if he has a truck or a car so he can tow his car! The man tells him he has but its not working now Abhay feels disappointed and asks Piya to get moving so they can look somewhere else for help 
"Where will you go? Dragging her in this heavy rain! stay here for the night" says the old lady 
Then she asks him "she is your girl friend?"
"She is my wife!" says Abhay
The woman gives them a huge smile "wah! Married so young! Buhut ache, not like my son" she bitterly adds shaking her head, the old man clears his throat like he wants her not to say anything more, Piya smiles 

Abhay says "thanks aunty but we have to go, we have to get somewhere"
"But it's raining and it's night you can go early morning and my husband will help you with your car too, look at her she looks so tired" says the old woman patting Piya's head, Piya looks at Abhay,  she not only was tired but also hungry as she didn't have anything since breakfast

The old man says "yes tomorrow morning I will try to fix my truck, if not then maybe one of my friends can help" 
He looks at her and asks her" do you want to stay the night here?"
Piya was feeling cold now and she looks out side the rain was  getting heavier and there was roaring thunder too "yes Abhay"
He sighs deeply "ok aunty, but we don't want to trouble you"

"No trouble at all! Come I will take you to my son's room, he lives in the city now, we don't see much of him" says the woman
She takes them to the room "I will bring you some fresh cloths and some food too"
Food! Thank God! thought Piya 
She starts to shiver in the cold room Abhay looks at her and says
"You are shivering,  you better change, I will go and bring our bags" 
"No don't!" says Piya. He looks at her puzzled

"It's heavily raining and there is lighting too, and the car is far" she says in anguish 
"It's ok, don't worry! I will be quick" says he as he walks towards the door, she grabs his hand feeling worried "Abhay please, I have read somewhere that when there is lightning one should better stay inside the house" he looks at her worried face, he was moved by her concern for his safety "ok! but what would you do? You need to change"
The old woman comes along and brings them a pair of pajama of her son and a night gown of her own, some fresh towels and a tray of food

She takes the gown and looks at Abhay "the problem is solved see" says she smiling 
and heads for the bathroom
She quickly takes a hot shower and then wears the gown it was very huge because the old lady was very large and it kept slipping from her shoulders she holds the neck line and gets outside the bath room, her wet hair wrapped in a towel

He checks her out in the bulky night gown and notices how she was holding it
he smiles and hands her the shirt of the pajama "wear this! I think it will fit better; I will only use the trouser"
"Are you sure? It's cold here"
"Have you ever seen me wearing a shirt when I am sleeping?" he says raising his eye brows, she smiles nervously
The room was very cold as it seemed it wasn't used for a very long time, Abhay lit up some wood in the fire place.

She gets inside the bathroom and changes, the shirt was big a bit so she rolls the long sleeves, and it reached up to her knees
As she steps out, he checks her out and says "that's better,  you  better eat I will take a shower"
"I will wait for you" she says
"No need, I am not feeling hungry" he says and heads for the bathroom "but Abhay you haven't eaten since morning"
"I will eat when I feel like it"  he says 

She gets puzzled and feels bad, he is upset! Maybe that's why he doesn't want to eat and he looks tired too and its all because of me, first I dragged him into this stupid trip although I  knew he didn't want to come, then I gave him wrong directions! She thought and then swallows and looks at the food; suddenly feeling that she is not hungry anymore

She stares out side the window the rain was getting heavier and the lightning was getting worst, and she felt grateful that they both found a shelter from this storm
"You haven't eaten?" says Abhay looking at the tray as he steps out of the bathroom towel drying his hair

She turns around and looks at him? he looked fresh, and was wearing the trouser
"I am not feeling hungry too" softly she says
"But you haven't eaten since morning! You must be hungry and I am sorry that through all the chaos of the wrong turns and twists I forgot to ask you" He sighs 
"It's ok Abhay! But you didn't eat too" she says now looking at him

So you are not eating now because of me! God Piya! Stop caring about me, I don't deserve it, he thought
"I told you I am not hungry, you go on" impatiently he says
"I am not hungry too" she says
He shakes his head! Now how could I tell you that I can't eat this food! And it tastes like grass in my mouth he thought but he smiles helplessly "Ok if I eat, will you eat with me?"

She smiles Suddenly feeling hungry again "sure just to keep you company" says she in a cute tune he smiles
They both start to eat, he looks at her amused, she was eating very fast as she was hungry , he tries to pretend that he was enjoying the food too, although he was disgusted and felt like he wants to throw up

After a while "you should get some sleep, if you want us to catch up with the gang early morning, you sleep on the bed I will manage on the ground" he says
"I don't want you to sleep on the ground after this tiring journey, you have been driving for the past 5 hours, I will sleep on the ground" says she hesitantly 

He looks at her and then looks at the bed "I am fine I can tolerate"
She looks at him with a challenge and then grabs a pillow and a sheet leaving the blanket on the bed and then lays on the ground covering her self 
"What are you doing?" he says impatiently sighing
"Trying to get some sleep" she says without looking at him 
"You can't seriously think that I would sleep on the bed and let you sleep on the ground!" he says
"Why not! Seems you want me to do just the same with you, I am not that selfish Abhay!" she says in a hyped voice
"Piya!" he says with frustration 
"Good night Abhay" says she and closes her eyes

To her surprise he suddenly leans towards her and carries her in his arms, and she opens her eyes looking at him but he doesn't look back at her, then he places her on the bed, she sits  in protest looking at him "Abhay I said.." he interrupts her and says with a stern smile "I guess the bed is big enough for both of us" 
She smiles back! Sheesh! that's what I was trying to make you understand all along! 

Later as both lay on the bed she feels awkward having him sleeping next to her on the same bed after so many days of their marriage, so she couldn't fall asleep, she was excited and tensed at the same time and was sleeping almost at the edge of the bed to keep away from him, the sound of the rain and the roaring thunder made  it more difficult for her to fall asleep

Abhay was in struggle too, as her being next to him made him feel her even more he could smell her and the smell excited  him, and he was sensing her tension and her fast heart beats too, the flash back of them in the field with the mud makes him more disturbed 

The next morning when Abhay opens his eyes Piya was cuddling up in his arms, her arm was on his bare chest her head next to his heart, he looks at her with loving eyes , he knew that the cold made her seek his warmth while sleeping!
her warm breath caress his bare flesh and her soft warm arm and hand send tingling sensations in his skin.

He becomes uneasy so he tries to pull away without waking her up, as he moves, she moans and opens her eyes slowly, he closes his eyes pretending to be asleep, she  looks at him with sleepy eyes and realizes that she was cuddling up in his arms her face near his naked chest and she feels nervous a bit, slowly she moves away looking at him.

She smiles, you look like a baby while sleeping! But one should see you awake to know what a kharoos you are Abhay! She fondly thought. 

She gazes him with affection checking his face features with loving eyes, you are so beautiful, she thought and she slowly and hesitantly brings her face closer to his.

Abhay could feel her closeness as her breath caress his face but he doesn't move an inch as he holds his breath as he gets taken back by what she was doing and he grasps the bed tightly with his fists to stop himself from giving in to his emotions and wrapping his arms around her and kissing her

She leans closer till her face is just inches away from his, she had this urge to kiss him. What are you doing Piya! he thought his eyes still closed 

She brings down her face closer then her mouth almost touching his lips then stops feeling shy and moves away her face, smiling, then she quickly and nervously gets out of the bed and heads to the bathroom

He sits in a jolt breathing heavily looking at the bath room door
The old woman knocks the door and Abhay asks her to get in, seeing him bared chest she mischievously says "did you sleep well" Abhay nods
The old woman looks at Piya who was getting out of the bathroom now, checking her out wearing her son's shirt Piya gets a bit nervous 
"I brought your cloths back but they are still little wet" she says
"It's ok aunty we have fresh cloths in the car" says Piya
"you two are not runways, are you?" says the woman skeptically looking at Piya, she giggles "No aunty we are really married with the family blessing and all" 

Abhay smiles and gets out of the bed and heads to the bathroom
"Children should get married at younger ages, this is what I always told my husband, but no! He let our Bellu on his own and now he is 29 and still not married! And he is living with a girl in his apartment in the city! Kaissi besharm Larki hai! Na samajh ka parwa na dharam ka! I dont understand how her family let her do that! Che Che Che! You know she came with him to visit us, but I didn't let them sleep in the same room and he got upset" says the woman with a frowned face and Piya giggles softly 

Abhay waks out of the bathroom smiling as he has heard everything
The woman goes on "if they are living together then why don't they get married?" Piya looks at Abhay's smiling face fondly, as she loves his dimpled smiles and says "why don't you tell him aunty"
"I am tired of telling him, but he says they have to know each other well before! They're living together and sleeping together and 
doing everything shamelessly like a husband and wife chee! What more he wants to know?"
Piya trying to stop her self from giggling" they are doing everything" she says amused moving her hands 

"Ha! Sab kuch" says the woman agitated
"Wah! Without marriage and he is doing everything what a man" she says jokingly giggling, the woman looks at her puzzled shaking her head "belkol besharam hai mera baita, but what can I do? he is my son after all, I will bring you something to eat" says she sighing in a frustrated tune shaking her head and walks out the room

Abhay was gazing her with a weird look now
She looks at him baffled "what?"

He raises an eye brow and imitates her words sarcastically "Without marriage and he is doing everything what a man! So Piya are you pro living-in relationships Or maybe you are hinting to something else?" he walks closer to her 
She backs off" Abhay I am not pro it, nor I am hinting to any thing I was just humoring the old lady"
"Really!" he looks at her, his eyes playful and goes closer, she backs off again, he was too close for her comfort and she hits the bed and falls over it on her back, he smirks and 

Then her phone rings She sits up and picks it up" hi Kabir " 
"oye what happened you both were supposed to come yesterday! Did you change your minds?" says Kabir

She giggles "no we are on our way, actually we got lost and the car got jammed, we will probably catch up with you guys today"
"Actually we got worried about you two yesterday but then we thought maybe you have changed your minds! anyways take care see you"
"You too ,See you Kabir"  she hangs up smiling 

then she looks at Abhay, her smile fades away when he sees him fuming

"What was that about? Why is he calling you?"
She shakes her head "what? He is my friend! He was calling to check upon us"
"On us! Or on you?  I don't like you to be too close with him or hang out with him do you hear" he says furiously 

"What! What's wrong with you? Kabir is such a nice and sweet guy, and he sees me as a friend"
"Nice guy my ass! He is a known flirt! and known of having so many girl friends, do you really think he thinks of you as just a friend? Are you so naive? I don't like the way he looks at you!" he says fuming

His words hurt her deeply and she burst out in anger "huh! What way? Kabir always treats me with respect, he is truly a gentleman and he is a dear friend and always will be! You don't own me! Beside before you judge me or Kabir why don't you look at your own self! Have I asked you about that bimbo that i saw with you the other day kissing you! No! and God knows how many more of them you have!  Abhay those who have dirt inside them see dirt in others!" 

Then she tries to get out of the bed but he grabs her hands now fuming in anger he holds her and in one move he pins her to the bed while he was on top of her, she gasps, he was very angry snarling now, his eyes squinted his lips twitched looking down at her 
"If I had dirt in me then I would have taken advantage of our situation and you long time ago! But maybe it's not too late yet to do that, and maybe that's what's really eating you up!" 

She looks at him disgusted by what he said and implied "shut up!" she says
He leans closer to her she moves her head and tries to get away from his clutches but in vein he says angrily
"Keep away from Kabir! You will do as I told you! Or else"
"Or else what? Don't try to intimidate me Abhay! get off of me!" says she breathing heavily her heart beating fast now trying to cut loose
He was fuming and was feeling very hurt of what she had said and what she accused him off, and that she thought of him as a dirty minded guy and the fact that she was defending Kabir made him feel very bitter.

"Let go of me, you are hurting me" she says in a painful voice, he realizes that his hands were pressing hard on her wrests he loosens his grip and leaves her hands
"You are doing the same to me!" He brings his face closer to her, both looking at each other with intensity. 

He leans closer till his face was only few inches away from her, his chest was pressed against hers gently although he kept all of his weight on his own hands now!

Piya gazes him feeling lost in his intense grey eyes that were lighter now, mesmerizing her now, his closeness dazzling her senses and she whispers in a weak voice "Abhay"
He was lost in his own emotions, his mind was telling him to back off, but he was too dazzled by her closeness, inhaling her smell, her warmth and softness awaken his passion, exciting him, his gaze shifts from her eyes to her trembling lips, and he leans his head closer to kiss her and she closes her eyes  

As his mouth brushes against her parted soft lips tenderly they get interrupted by a sudden knock on the door and the door flies open as the old lady gets inside the room holding a tray 

He gets off of her in a very quick jerk,  so quick that the old lady doesn't even notice!
Piya opens her eyes breathing heavily and sighs, sitting up, wondering what has just happened! she looks at the smiling old lady and then to Abhay who was standing now and says without looking at her "You have your breakfast, I will bring our bags" and he leaves the room
She touches her lips with trembling fingers and looks puzzled at the old lady
"My husband fixed his truck, now he can tow your car" says the woman

After half an hour both were dressed in fresh attires, and were well groomed but were in total silent mode. She looks at Abhay feeling awkward  and he looked gloomy. 

They bid the old couple goodbyes after thanking them for their kind hospitality.
Abhay hands the man some cash as a gesture but he refuses to take it saying that they were their guests and he can't accept it, so Abhay gives  him his card telling him that whenever he needs help in anything he can call him, and they hit the road

Her phone rings and she looks at the screen and it was Kabir she swallows he looks at her " why don't you pick up the phone?"
"Hi Kabir, yeah we are on our way!" she says looking nervously at Abhay" no, you guys can go ahead it will take us a little time to reach there" she hangs the phone and says" Kabir was   Asking where we were they're going for canoeing and he..." she stops.
Oh God! He looks upset again! she thought looking at Abhay's stiff face
"Abhay what's wrong?" says she hesitantly  
"Why do you care?" says he rudely brushing his hair 
then continues in angrily "you go on do whatever you like!"
"What did I do! You are upset because I talked to Kabir? What do you want me to do? Break my friendship with him, and tell him that don't talk to me! because my husband suspects you are a jerk and have some sick interest in me!"
She says suddenly feeling an out burst of anger

He looks at her angrily "I just don't want you to be too close to him for the time being that's all! Especially now in this trip, whether you like it or not he has a thing for you" says he angrily
"What do you mean by this? Till when? and why? You know what Abhay let's go home I don't feel like going to this stupid trip after all" says she feeling hurt 
He looks at her angrily" what do you mean go home again! You brought us this far, now you say go back home"

She screams "yes go home I don't want to go with you anywhere! You don't want me be near Kabir! Well he is there! I can't ignore him when he behaves so sweetly with me can I? so it's better I don't go period!" Says she fuming with anger
"what do you mean? I didn't ask you to ignore him I just said don't get too close to him"
"Abhay please! Let's end this and let's go back home! I had enough, I just had enough!" she yells
"fine! Have it your way" says he angrily and turns the speeding car making a huge screeching noise that its echo she could hear in her aching heart!

After few days..

"Hey Mish, where are you guys? I am inside the club but there is no sign of anyone of you" says Piya looking around her 
"We are inside but I can't see you too? Where are you standing?"
"Ground floor, near the entrance!"
"Ground floor! Where are you babes?  There is only one floor in the exotic passage!"
"What! I thought you told me the bash was in triple apple?"
"Duh it was! But we changed the venue! I thought I told you, I sent a message to both you and your hubby "

She sighs "Mish! I didn't get any messages! How could you forget? Ok no problem! I will call the driver to pick me up as I told him to leave, cause I thought I will ride back with one of you guys" and then as she looks up she spots Abhay "oh I can see Abhay is here, I will ask him to drop me if not then I will call the driver"
"Do come Piya! And drag that ray- moon hubby of yours too, but I thought you said he has a businesses meeting with some of his dads business associates and that he would join us later on"

"Yeah he told me! Maybe this is where it is! Any how mish hope it's over and we will be soon coming together"
Misha says "business meeting in triple apple! That's odd! Oh maybe he meant business dinner! Hey don't be late"

She hangs up the phone and looks up to the second floor where she spotted Abhay but she couldn't see him! Her mind tells her to call the driver and just leave but somehow she wasn't so  keen then she thought of calling him and asking him, again she ignores that urge and decides to look up for  him to see what he is up to! As she clearly remembers that he has told her that he has a business meeting!
She felt her heart beating irregularly as she climbs up the rounded stairs 

As she reaches the second floor she turns around, her eyes searching for Abhay
there were many tables that were set privately as they had thick spiral glass walls around each of them in a decorative way adding a touch of elegance and privacy 
And she sees him, he was sitting cozily with a girl! His arm was around her and he was talking to her like he was consoling her as she was crying 

She feels like some one slapped her hard! and she was about to turn and walk away and at the exact moment he looks at her direction she quickly sits on one of the tables! She felt so hurt and felt that she could burst now in anger! Business Meeting! Abhay you were lying up to your teeth! 

"Oh hello there, can I join you?" says a mid-thirty man who was a bit high, as he approaches her checking her with his roving eyes making her feel uncomfortable 
She wanted to yell at him but she managed to keep her self calm, she whispers so Abhay can't hear her" no you can't! Just buzz off!".

He ignores her request and says "are you waiting for someone! If not then why don't you join me? You won't regret it, I am very generous" he winks
Her jaw drops in disgust "what the hell!! What do you think I am? Just go to hell!" she whispers again almost gritting her teeth

"Ah playing hard to get! Come on now don't be a tease! I will give you double what you get" says he trying to grab her arm!
The man was loud and he caught Abhay's attention, who along with his escort were looking at their direction now!
Abhay stands up and walks towards her table she could see  from the thick glass that he was coming and she bends her head down oh God! Now what! She thought
"What's the problem?" says Abhay and then he looks at her! She bites her lips as she looks up to him! He looks stunned "Piya!"

The other man says "back off! Wait in line I have found her first!" and he pushes Abhay and grabs Piya's arm "ouch" says Piya with a frowned face
Abhay now very angry grabs the man from her collar pulling him up and then he pushes him the man falls on the ground and then stands up again trying to attack Abhay
Abhay just holds him away from him by holding his collar and then looks at Piya and snaps angrily "what the hell are you doing here alone? Weren't you supposed to be in Panchi's birthday party?"
"I can ask you the same question Abhay? how is your business meeting?" looking at him with disgust

She was trying to not sound angry or hurt  but her voice gives her away, and then she grabs her bag and rushes towards the stairs, tears start to roll down her cheeks 
he calls her name but she Just walks down as fast as she could and soon she was out side the club walking on the street with fast steps, and it was softly snowing now 
"Piya wait" says Abhay as he grabs her arm, she shrugs off his hand angrily and says
"Abhay just leave it! you don't need to explain anything to me! I got the picture well!"
He closes his eyes in pain "no you don't!? let me drop you?" she screams "NO!"
"Ok let me call the driver at least? Where are you going now in this snow?"

"It's none of you damn business where I go! I will call the driver by my self! You just leave me alone! Just leave me alone Abhay! I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see you" she screams her voice filled with deep pain and anger!
Then she runs along the street  crying and he follows her silently, he knew she was way too hurt to talk to him and very upset and angry to reason with
She runs across the woods, towards the river, she looks back and Abhay hides him self letting her feel that she was alone and that he wasn't following her but he was clueless where she was going to

She runs till she reaches the old  hut near the river, it was full moon so she could see her way through the woods, she unlocks the door then gets inside the hut, it was very dark she lit up the lighter with shaking hands and locks up the door still crying and shaking she lights up the scented candles and then crashes on the mattress sobbing uncontrollably she wanted to stop her self  and not to cry but she  just couldn't stop! As the pain was unbearable, the pain of knowing that he lied and that there is some one else in his life and that she doesn't matter to him at all! the unbearable pain of loving him  so much and craving to be with him and yet knowing that she can never be with him!  

She cries howling tears pouring none stop and her whole body shaking!
Abhay listens to her from behind the door his heart aching, then he feels he can't take it anymore, he knocks the door "Piya please open the door; let me explain"

She screams "go away Abhay! God how did you find me! I don't want to talk to you! I don't want to see you! We are done! Just leave me alone I beg you! Oh God! This was my only hide out from you! From my miserable life now I have no place to turn to"
she says hysterically 

he bangs the door, her pain disturbing him highly now " open the door Piya please.  Or I swear I will knock it down!" he says impatiently pleading her 
"Go away! Just go away!" she screams
"Damn it Piya, open the door!" he was getting highly worried and very anxious about her  
he holds the heavy wooden door and pulls it up taking it off it's hinges effortlessly without breaking it then he places it against the wall and gets inside 
his heart filled with pain as he looks at her helplessly as she cries her head buried in a cushion
the hut was very cold, he realizes that so he puts some dry woods inside the fireplace and light them up.

She senses his presence and raises her head looking at him her face wet, tears still pouring down her eyes she was shaking and then she looks at the door then she rushes outside the hut into the snow "Piya stop!" says he, following her and then grabs her hand, she tries to shrug his hand away but he doesn't let go "Leave me Abhay for God sake!" she yells and he pulls her into his arms embracing her gently, she tries to push him away 

"Piya I swear there is nothing between me and that girl or any other girl, please calm down! Please stop crying" says he as he hugs her tight trying to console her, his eyes closed in pain
"Don't lie! You don't have to lie for my sake! I am nothing to you, nothing! You are not obliged to tell me anything"
"I am not lying damn it!" says he in a hyped tune"Leave me and go back to that bimbo of yours" she screams and tries to push him away. 

he grabs her arms now and screams at her "you don't know what you are saying, shut up! Just shut up! And listen to me, I have never cheated on you, do you hear me! Never!" he roars in an anguished voice filled with so much agony 

She looks at him shaking but she felt the pain in his voice and she could see the hurt in his eyes as he was looking deeply into her eyes now, he sighs deeply "Please tell me that you believe me!" he pleads

She looks at him and burst out pushing him away "I don't know what to believe Abhay! How would I know? Ever since you married me, you treat me like a total stranger! You only put an act of a loving husband when we are around people and when we are alone you are so cold and indifferent, and run away from me like I am some kind of plague! Do you know how that makes me feel? I feel so unwanted! Do you have any idea how you are hurting me! By making me feel that I don't mean anything to you! That you married me as a charity case! Just because you pitied me! You said you like me Abhay, and that we should give our selves some time to know each other well, but you lied! Because if you meant what you have said then tell me apart from that disastrous trip, how much time did we spend together since almost two months ago? How many times did we go out? Or talked like a normal couple or even like normal friends? You don't even have your meals with me! You know what!  I lived as a poor orphan for the past 8 years but I never felt as lonely as I feel living with you in your huge house! at least when I was alone I knew that I had no one but I still had a hope that some day I too will find love and have a Family and a home, but now even that hope is gone Abhay! Here I am married and living in a huge house but I am alone as my husband doesn't want to be with me, nor he is interested in spending his valuable time with me! But hell he has time to spare for other bimbos! And I have to bottle whatever bothering me to my self because we don't want anyone to talk about us, and above all this I have to keep an act to be happy and that everything is ok! Well everything is not ok Abhay! It's not ok! I feel I am dying everyday knowing that I have everything yet I have nothing at all! That day you said to your dad that he cares about his prestige and about what people think and not about what you want or feel, tell me Abhay how are you different from him? When you are doing the same thing with me!" then she breaks down on her knees crying, nearly howling

He looks at her speechless! Feeling a painful lump in his throat and an unbearable ache in his heart, I thought I was protecting  you by keeping you away from me! I thought by ignoring you, I won't let you get attached to me and make you some how dislike me! So when the time comes it would be easy for both of us to let go but I failed miserably, I didn't know in the process I was causing you such a tremendous pain! I didn't know that I made you feel so lonely and so much traumatized that you chose this old shabby Fishing hut as a sanctuary! To get away from me and from the life of pretence that I have imposed upon you!

His eyes get tearful as he watches her sobbing then he slowly walks towards her and grabs her arms pulling her up gently "I am sorry Piya! I am so sorry, the last thing I ever wanted is to hurt you" she looks up to him and she gets taken back by the tears in his eyes and the pain that was so visible on his face and voice she whispers "Abhay" as she touches his face gently and he closes his eyes in pain 

Then she slowly and hesitantly hugs him, and he embraces her tightly in his arms, she cries pouring her heart out holding him tight and tears roll down his cheek silently for the first time in decades as he consoles her "sshh Piya! everything will be fine I promise!" her rocks her in his arms gently pats her head tenderly, stroking her hair and back, telling her time and time again that everything will be alright, till she fully calms down only sniffing now and she raises her head looking up to him his gaze goes down to her mesmerizing her, he cups her flushed tearful face and says in a passionate voice "trust me Piya there is no other girl in my life and there never will be, how could I think of any one when all I desire is you! All I want is you! I love you Piya" his words shook her and she looks at him stunned and then closes her eyes tear rolling down "I love you too! I love you so much that it hurts Abhay" he wipes her tears away gently with his fingers and softly says "I know" smiling sadly, she opens her eyes looking up at him and she says "then why Abhay? Why did you.." he puts his fingers over her lips "sshh! " 

Then he leans his head and kisses her forehead, she sighs and shuts her eyes, then he kisses her eyes placing a tender kiss on each closed eye lid, she starts to tremble, his touch and closeness make her shiver in ecstasy, then he kisses her nose, then brushes his lips over her cheek kissing her softly, he was breathing heavily and so was she as she stood there in his arms so weak that she couldn't stand on her own, but he was holding her waist firmly not letting her fall

Her heart was beating fast, so fast that she felt she could hear it, and she felt his heart too that was pounding like crazy,  he looks down at her parted lips and swollen eyes and then he moves his mouth placing a trail of sweet gentle kisses all over her face till he brushes his lips against her lips, kissing her for the first time, and she shivers.

At first he kisses her mouth gently and tenderly and then passion takes over him as he pulls her up closer, crushing her against his chest and he kisses her hungrily now, with so much passion and she kisses him back as she clings to him helplessly, her arms around his neck and her hands touching and stroking his soft hair impatiently
His lips move over hers urgently and impatiently savoring her, sucking and teasing her soft tender lips making her feel weaker by second, and she kisses him back with equal passion now, then gently his mouth parts her lips both were shaking and he leans down to her neck and kisses it gently, his wet mouth teasing her flesh, then he kisses her bare shoulders, she was gasping for air now and he whispers his voice full of pain and passion "I love you so much Piya,that I crave for you day and night and it hurts" his words send a tingling sensation through her spine, then he places a trail of kisses from her shoulder to her neck up to her chin and then again her lips, his hands were moving over her body touching her and stroking her, exploring her curves and sending waves of pleasures through her whole body, and she too was touching him and exploring him as her hands move to his neck and back and waist, both were so lost in the ecstasy of each others touch and kisses, gasping for air and softly humming and moaning that they didn't mind the heavy fall of the snow over them, that was now turning into a blizzard 

As the raw passion took over them both and he sweeps her into his arms both still kissing each other passionately not wanting to let go, and he heads towards the hut. 

After long passionate hours, Abhay looks down at Piya who was peacefully sleeping in his arms; her head resting on his naked chest, there was a faded smile lingering on her lips as she laid there next to him, under the sheets, on the old mattress near the fireplace, the fire flames still blazing casting light on them both.

His face was guilt-ridden, his eyes filled with pain and his heart was aching, he felt a painful lump in his throat, you are so innocent and so beautiful Piya!

What have I done! How could I do this to you! Why couldn't I control my emotions! How could I give in to my desires like this? And deceive you! Oh God Piya I have failed you! But everything happened so fast! And one thing led to another and before I could stop my self, I was making love to you! sweet passionate love, oh how could I be so selfish! His thoughts tortured him and he closes his eyes! And swallows hard

Then a voice inside him tells him, you haven't done anything wrong, she is your wife! 

No it's wrong! She doesn't know who I am! And she doesn't know the truth about this marriage! This is deception!

Again the voice says, stop torturing your self! There is nothing you can do about it now! What has been done is done,  you can't change it, nor you can turn back the time to undo it! She loves you and you are madly in love with her, you both deserve to be happy, what she doesn't know won't hurt her!

No, I can't let her live a lie! I have to tell her!

The voice says, you have to tell her but not now, tell her later when time is right! Don't kill her joy now! Make it up to her now for all those lonely days and nights that you made her suffer, and tell her in the right time! and he sighs deeply! reassuring him self, calming his own haywire emotions

He looks around the shabby old stone hut, everything looked old but it looked relatively clean and the new curtains added a new touch to it and the scented candles aroma was still lingering in the air, the door was fixed as he has fixed it
His thoughts wander on their passionate encounter and he closes his eyes 

She was so innocent and so shy in the beginning and then she tried to match up with him, he thought, then he smiles looking down at her his heart filled with so much love and warmth, his face was glowing, his eyes are lighter sparkling with so much passion!
He was afraid that he might end up hurting her because of his overwhelming desires that were driven by his deep love, and because of the monster inside him, so he was surprised from his own self as he managed to be so gentle and so caring, he didn't feel like a monster at all! As his deep love for her stopped him from behaving like a monster.

He was like any passionate man who was deeply in love, and like her this was his first night too, as he has never been with any girl before! So this was a very special and sacred moment for both of them, as this wasn't just a moment for bonding of their bodies but it was that blessed point of the time for two hearts to beat as one, and for two souls to entwine together

He tries to pull the sheet off of her a little, he needed to know if he had bruised her in any ways, and she sighs and then moans softly, he smiles affectionately and covers her again and kisses her on top of her head, inhaling her hair scent deeply and then closes his eyes.

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