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FF- Love Will Find A Way- 13th UPDATE page 74 (Page 18)

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The sun rays penetrate between the thick curtains, and cast some light on Piya's eyes; disturbing her from her deep slumber and she slowly moves her head and opens her eyes lazily she sighs deeply and then yawns, then slowly sits on the bed. 
for few brief moments she feels lost, looking around her.  She was alone inside the huge bed room, Abhay was gone and he has placed his pillow on the bed, she holds his pillow and buries her face in it inhaling deeply Abhay's distinctive smell, and then sighs deeply smiling.

Then she looks at her own hands, the color of her mehindi has become darker now, and it's distinguish smell reminds her of her new status!
She looks at the big ancient clock on the wall and realizes that she has over slept as the time indicated it was past 10 am! she jumps out of the bed and heads to the bathroom

Later on she was all dressed up and was brushing her curls, when Abhay opens the door and gets inside the room, she gazes him through the mirror of the dressing table and he his gaze flies back to her, she looks so amazing, he thought, her heart starts to beat faster, why every time he looks at me, my heartbeats become so fast, this is disturbing, she thought she checks him out, he was wearing as usual  a black  shirt with black jeans, last night was the first time she saw him wearing a different color ever since they have met

"Good morning Piya, did you sleep well?"
She smiles "good morning, yes thanks, and you?"
He nods "you can call the maid via intercom and tell her what you want to have for breakfast" he says pointing to the intercom on the side of the wall.

"Did you have yours?" she asks him and he nods

She feels disappointed, what did you think Piya that he would wait for you? It's your own fault for over sleeping! But then why didn't he wake me up? she thought 
She turns around and stands up, she notices that he was checking her out from her head down to her toes and she blushes

She was wearing a black sari with flashy pink  border line embroidered with black sequence and it complimented her complexion making her look even fairer, she was wearing underneath it a black halter petticoat 
He smiles, his head tilted to one side and his fingers on his lips, she feels that he was looking at her like he was about to say something 
She swallows and smiles "what!" Softly she says

"You haven't worn a sari before have you?" There was humor in his voice.
She gets nervous looking down at her self, but he was right she never did! Oh why did I choose to wear a sari and make a fool of my self? She thought then she says nervously
"Why? Is something wrong?" 
He shakes his head nodding still smiling, his eyes playful "yes! This is not the way it gets tied, let me show you how it's done" says he 

She says nervously and gulps as he comes closer

"No Abhay! Its ok! I will wear something else"

She moves towards the dressing room and he grabs her hand! She looks at him and feels her mouth was becoming dry.
"Don't! You look very beautiful, beside you need to know how it's done" says he.

Her heart skips a beat, this was the second time he tells her that she looked beautiful! last night was the first, when he saw her as a bride, she swallows and stands still feeling that her breath was becoming faster by second, as he approaches her looking at her with his light eyes having a strange spark in them and she gets lost in his gaze

He sits on the bed still holding her hand then gently pulls her so she becomes closer to him and she holds her breath
She was standing facing him now, while he was sitting on the bed

He holds the palo and takes it off of her shoulder gently, she tries not to make any move or sound,  but her heart was pounding like crazy
He unties the knot of the palettes that she has so wrongly done, by pulling it gently, she swallows and looks away, he looks at her naked waist and belly and then looks away feeling his heart beat becoming faster, and then he starts to unwrap the sari without moving her, his arms around her without touching her, he was just moving his hands, handing the fabric from one to another.

She watches him feeling that she is becoming breathless by minute she could smell his hair aroma and his scent, as his head was just beneath her, and the smell dazzled her senses, as she looks at him, he wasn't looking at her he was busy gathering the palettes neatly, and then he tucks it inside the waist petticoat and his fingers touch her bare flesh and she gasps, he raises his head and their eyes meet, he looks away as he sighs and wraps the fabric around her again and then stands up resting the palo again on her shoulder

Then says "that's better" and he stands up  moving away from her and avoiding her gaze and trying to breath normally

What are you doing? Was this what you thought and planed last night? That you would keep away from her! Have a grip on your emotions!
He rubs the middle of his forehead, you totally forgot what you were about to tell her too, stay focused dude! He reminds him self

Piya sighs, looks at him and says "thanks" 
"You're welcome, Piya why don't you have your breakfast then we will talk"
She looks at his serious face talk! oh well let's see what more  is going on in your head "You can tell me now Abhay, I will eat later"

He brushes his hair with his hand "ok I just want to say regarding our conversation last night" he pauses 
"Yes Abhay what about it?"
"I don't want anyone to know about it, I mean about whatever happening between us! Like my parent or any of your friends"
"I don't get you Abhay?"

He sighs "I meant I don't want anyone to know about our last night agreement, as far as other are concerned, we are married in true sense, you know what that means don't you? What's between us should be just between us! This way no one will interfere because no one has the right to interfere"

She feels biter and says "I am not a stupid kid Abhay, who will go on talking about her married life out side, I have this much  sense to know that what's between a husband and wife should stay between them both alone"
He looks at her smiling "good I am glad" and they look at each other silently 

You are confusing me Abhay, why every time you say something I feel you want to say something else?! You look at me and I feel so much loved, then when I see your actions it's like you want to run away from me, am I wrong? Maybe I am! maybe this marriage is a mistake, you just did it for my sake! I can't blame you; who wants to get married so soon! You are just 18! Am I seeing in your eyes only what my heart desires, reflected in them! Maybe you don't like me at all! Bitterly thought Piya

Piya please stop looking at me like this! Your eyes are killing me! I can't bare the love I see in your eyes, your eyes have so many questions that I can never answer! Thought Abhay with anguish

A knock on the door interrupts their eye lock and shakes them both from their thoughts
It was one of the servants asking Abhay to go down as his father wishes to speak to him, so he leaves the room, Piya looks at her reflection in the mirror feeling a bit confused and a bit sad

She calls the maid and tells her what she wants she asks her where should she bring it she decides looking out side the beautiful garden that she would have it in the garden near the swimming pool

As she goes down the hall there were no one there the huge hall was empty but then as she was about go out to the garden, she hears Abhay talking in angry tune "I said no dad!"
Chand: "why not?"
Both seemed very furious, they were inside his office but she could hear them
"Dad it's my decision! Not yours, we will not go for our honeymoon today, you can cancel the whole trip, I told you exams are on in less then 2 months, Piya can't afford to leave and lose all the important classes"

"She is your wife now, she doesn't need these stupid classes and even if she fails, it doesn't matter! She can start all over again, even if she doesn't it doesn't matter too"
"It makes a difference to her, and why are you pushing it?! It's our honeymoon and I want to postpone it till the exams are over!"
"What do you want people to say about us; that the Raichand can't afford sending their only son and his bride to a proper honey moon!" says Chand agitated

"It's always about what people think or your own prestige dad! It always was that! What you want and what you feel, and to hell with my feelings and what I want! But this has to stop now! With all due respect dad and for the last time I am telling you that we are not going" he says and barges out side the office.

Piya quickly tries to go out before he could see her but it was too late as he spots her as soon as he gets out the room!
She gets nervous as he looks at her, he looked very angry "Piya!" and he knew from the look on her face that she has heard them 
"I.., I ab" she mumbles 
He sighs deeply and quickly recalls if they said anything that she shouldn't suppose to hear! 
Piya sighs deeply and says with a soft voice "I didn't mean to ear drop but you both were speaking loudly"
"It's ok Piya! I wanted to talk to you about it ,but since you over heard it's ok, I was telling my dad that we will go to our honey moon later because of the exams, it's better this way don't you think" he smiles 

She was feeling very disappointed, but she smiles and nods. the maid comes and tells her that her food is ready and is set in the garden she thanks her
He looks out side" I have to go, you enjoy your food" and he leaves 
She looks at him walking out side the house, she could sense he was still angry even when he smiled at her

She sighs as she steps outside the house into the garden. As she sits there alone nibbling her grilled cheese sandwich and sipping her coffee, she feels an over whelming sense of sadness, she looks around at the beautiful garden and the old mansion, everything looked ravishingly expensive and well chosen. 

She goes into a deep thought, they have it all, from rare jewelries to the most expensive cars, they can get whatever they want so easily with a snap of their fingers, and now she is a part of them too, but then why she feels so empty like she has nothing at all? Why she feels that they are not like a happy normal family? Abhay's voice that was filled with so much pain and frustration about his dad not caring about what he wants or feels; echoes in her mind, and her heart aches.

She looks at her own self, from her designer sari and diamond jewelries to her designer sandals that she was wearing
 What's the use of all this, when there is no one to appreciate and share, as there she is in her first day as a bride having her breakfast alone!

Her thought wanders to what Abhay has said to his dad about her exams being the reason for not going to the honeymoon, this was a lame reason Abhay! We could have gone for a week at least!  

Then she remembers what he had said last night about them! Maybe that was his reason, how could we go to honeymoon when we are not together! She blushes, but then this trip would have been a good start for us to know each other in a better away, being alone and away from everyone! She kept on thinking about his refusal reasons, and the more she thought, the more it didn't make any sense to her! 

What's going on Abhay? You said that you want us to give each other time to know each other well! But yet it seems like you are trying to avoid me! It's like you don't want to be with me at all, otherwise you wouldn't have said No to this trip!

"Oh there you are, good morning" says Haseena cutting her away from her thoughts as she approaches her, she stands up and greets her smiling, and she kisses her on her cheek, then Haseena looks around "where is Abhay?" 
She says "he went out"
"Now what's wrong with my son? going out like this leaving his beautiful bride behind in her fist day in her new home, let him come I will give him a piece of my mind"
"No aunty! I mean mom, I was having my breakfast and.."
Haseena looks at her and sense that something was wrong "did anything happen while I was away?"

She gets nervous and feels hesitant to tell her about Abhay and his dad's argument or not!
"You can tell me beta" says Haseena touching her face, so she tells him about their argument regarding the honeymoon
"I see! What do you think? Do you want to go or not?"
She didn't know what to say but she knew that if she said anything against what Abhay said then she will create a bigger problem so she says "Abhay is right aunty, we can go later on, after the exams" she says smiling
"Are you sure this is what you want?" says Haseena looking at her doubtfully.
"This is what we both want aunty" she shyly says
"Good, As long as this is what you both want, don't worry every thing is fine, you know how it is, sometimes dads and sons argue!"

She pats on her hand and stands up "I have brought some new dresses, shoes and some other things for you, I asked the Maid to put them in your room"
"Thank you mom, but there was no need! You got me already plenty of things!"
She smiles "the more the merrier! Beside you are a Raichand now, and you should look your best all the time, by the way, I loved this sari on you" she pats her cheek gently smiling and then goes inside
Wow she sure loves to shop allot, she thought! 
Her phone rings "Hi Mish"
"Good morning runaway bride Mrs. Abhay Rai-moon" says Misha

Piya giggles then she hears Panchi yelling at her "leave the girl alone Misha, how could you disturb her in her first day with her hubby!"
"Birdie, Duh it's not like they are still busy doing it, it's almost noon now"
"Misha chup!" says Panchi
Piya giggles
"So when are you guys leaving to Italy? Is it till Rome, Venice, and?"

She swallows and says "no Misha it got postponed cause of the exams "
"Oh sorry babes! You must be feeling disappointed!"
Tell me about it she thought but says "no it's ok, we will go later after the exams" hopefully! she thought
"It's all good as we will not going to miss you, and you can tell us about the gory details of your suhaag raat sooner!" says Misha joking

"Misha shut up" says Panchi yelling at her, both giggle

"So are you both coming to the college tomorrow?"

"I think so" says Piya
"That's sad! Why don't you at least elope to somewhere nearby for few days"
She wished for that but she somehow knew Abhay doesn't want to "no Misha I am really late catching up with my studies, due the events of last week and then getting ready for marriage and all so I need  time to concentrate on my studies for time being, if I want to pass this term"

"Oh well I guess you are right on catching up, I need to do that too I feel I don't understand most of my subjects, hey babes don't get disheartened I have heard that a couple who are in love don't need to go anywhere as long they are together that's where their honeymoon is"  says Misha and then chuckles

"Oh how wise of you Misha! Since when you become so smart" says Panchi. 

They talk some more and Misha and Panchi's pickering makes her laugh
she sighs after she hangs up looking around her to the beautiful greenery 
A couple in love! Well Misha this doesn't apply on me and Abhay at least not from his side! She bitterly thought.

The following days had almost the same routine, as she would wake alone and have her breakfast, as whatever time she wakes up seems Abhay had his breakfast before her, and that made her feel that he is trying to avoid spending time with her, so she started to skip it too
However they both went together to the college and once they were there, he would be so loving and caring, he would hold her hand or put his arm around her shoulders.

She loved that in the beginning, although she knew it was all an act from his side, because as soon as they were alone, he wouldn't touch her or even come close to her or try to connect with her, and this all started to bug her to the core, making her confused and disturbed, for the simple reason that she loved him so much that she wanted to spent some time with him, just two or of them to talk and get to know each other well as he promised in their wedding night, and she sensed that something is terribly wrong and that there was something that he wasn't telling her and this all made her feel even worst! 

He was doing the same act of a loving husband in front of his parent too! And she played along, although deep down she was feeling very hurt! moreover she felt an over whelming sense of loneliness in that huge house, as seems everyone in it have a life of their own, as they never gather for main meals, the only time they do is when the three of them share a drink and even then they keep quite most of the time when she is around, with Haseena occasionally talking to her. 

This goes on for a month or so, she tried during the time to study harder so she would keep her self busy and sometimes she hanged around with Misha and the gang for studies or just to go out for lunch

One day Misha asks her to help her choose a gift for Panchi's birthday, as they were shopping, she spots Abhay talking with a beautiful girl in one of the shops, the girl was wearing a very revealing dress, he was smiling and flaunting his dimples, the girl leans and kisses him on his cheek and then both get inside his car and he drives off, he senses that someone looking at them he looks towards her direction but she hides behind a pillar. 

Piya looks at them and felt like someone slapped her and stabbed her in her chest and she felt like she got hit by the harsh reality of what was between her and Abhay!
When Misha sees her tearful eyes, she tells her that she wasn't feeling well and that she needs to get back home 

As she reaches her room she lays on the bed and starts to sob silently! Now everything started to make sense to me Abhay, your weird behavior towards me all along, now I feel I know why were you avoiding me? Why were you keeping your self away from me? Why were you behaving so cold and distant whenever we were alone? Why didn't you even try to spend some time with me, for us to know each other well, it's simply because you are not interested in me, you have a life of your own! she bitterly thought her heart aching

When Abhay comes back home late at night, she confronts him about that girl and when he tries to tell her that she was falsely accusing him and tries to explain, she snaps at him angrily tears rolling down her cheeks "don't Abhay! You are not countable to me! As we don't have anything between us, you can do whatever you want, with whomever you want, I know I have put you in so much distress but now I know that the only reason for you to marry me was because you felt sorry for me, but I don't need your pity anymore, you can let me go! I had enough of living in a lie!"

What makes the matter worst that Abhay listens to her painful accusations, standing silently looking at her tearful face and watching her hurting coldly, without defending himself or saying a word.

Then he calmly says "are you done?!" then he walks to the door, to leave the room.
She grabs his arm wiping her tears now feeling angry "I am not done! As you are not countable to me, I am not countable to you too, as long as we get a way to get out of this mess that is called marriage" she says with sarcasm 

Abhay looks at her coldly then leaves the room, as he gets out side, he sighs deeply brushing his hair with his hands! Maybe this is for better for the time being! Maybe you will stop now looking at me with those loving eyes that question me, making me feel guilty! Maybe this will keep you away from me!
But God Piya! How could you ever doubt me cheating on you! When my heart can't desire any other girl but you! Piya when you can't trust me in these small issues, how can I trust you with my true identity! He thought feeling disappointed, his heart filed with bitterness and sadness 

5 days later,

Piya looks at her self for the last time in the mirror and she feels satisfied from the way she looked, her makeup was a bit different from the way she usually wears it, as her lips were well defined, painted with pale pinkish lipstick with shimmering  gloss that made her lips look seductively bigger and her eyes were drawn carefully with black kohl and defined with eye liner and her eye lids smudged with dark eye shadows enhancing her beautiful eyes.  

For the first time she has tried the smoky look for her eyes, and it made her look totally different, she liked the way she looked, so older and more appealing, though she was hesitant and nervous a bit about the dress in the beginning, as it wasn't something that she would normally wear, as it was too revealing to her likings, although  she felt that she looked hot! And this is precisely how she wanted to look to get Abhay notice her, and make him see what he is missing!

The backless halter dark soft silk maxi with it's long slit that went up to end of her thighs; was complimenting her slender figure very well, the V neck line was very low that it reached up to her naval revealing a long line of her well defined bust, waist and belly.

She strides as she goes out of the room and  she looks down to the crowded hall that was now filled with guests, she looks for familiar faces, she was looking for Misha and the rest when she spots Abhay who was talking with one of the guests, and he looks up to her, She looks at him feeling her heart beat becoming faster and then she ignores his gaze and then walks down slowly, to her surprise he climbs up towards her, in fast steps, she ignores looking at him but he stands right in front of her, one step down, blocking her way.

 She looks down to him and to her surprise he looked very angry, he glares at her with squinted eyes and a look of contempt as he looks at her from her head down to her toes, his mouth twitched in disgust 
She gets taken back "what?" she says with a challenge in her beautiful eyes! This wasn't the kind if reaction she has expected to get from him! and she felt a bit disappointed!

"What do you think you are doing?! you are not seriously thinking of going down to the party wearing this piece of crap!" he snarls with angry yet a bit low tune so no one can hear him but her
"Why what's wrong with it? Don't you like it? I didn't see you mind seeing other girl's wearing this kind of attire!" she was hinting to the girl that she saw him talking to and giving lift to!

"What's wrong with it!! There is nothing right about it! Its like you are almost naked! I can see every detail! I don't care what others wear they are not my wife!" he growls looking down at her!

Blood rush to her cheeks and she blushes, but she feels humiliated by what he had said and she nervously and in a furious tune snaps "huh! Your mom bought this dress for me! You are just being a pest! I like it and I am not going to change it!"
"You will change it! And I don't care where did you get it from? You are not going down looking like a s**t! It's like you are wearing just lingerie!"

"What the hell? It's none of your business ok! And I am not going to change period!"
"Oh no! You will, and I swear if you don't move now and go back to the room to change, I will carry you there by force and change you by my self!"

"You wouldn't dare!" she says with a challenge looking down around, but seems no one was looking at them! Although both were talking in an angry tune but they kept their voices very down
"Don't push my buttons Piya!" he roars 

She looks away with a challenge like she is not going  to move, and to her shock he holds her in a quick fast move and then carries her up his shoulders with no effort at all, her jaw drops in shock and she wiggles trying to escape him, but in vein and in a low angry tune she threatens him" let go of me, or I will scream!"
"Go on, be my guest!" he sarcastically says as he pushes the room door and then throws her on the bed, she looks at him now feeling very angry "ok then! Fine, I won't go down period!"

"You will change and you will go down like a good wife, I don't want you to create any scenes, don't let me use force with you!" She stands looking at him with challenge 
"No one could force me! Not even you Abhay! I Said I am not going down, and there is nothing you can do about it" she says furiously snarling 
"God Piya! Why do you have to be such a pain?"
"Either I go with this dress, or am not going at all!" says she daring him.

He slowly comes closer to her staring  at her and she backs off  slowly,  both looking at each other with intensity their eyes filled with anger
And without any further notice he grabs her shoulders she gulps and with a quick move he tears her dress from the middle all way down, all she could hear was a sound of tearing as the dress falls into two pieces above the ground, leaving her in her transparent bra and undies.

She shrieks as she grabs the bed sheet, pulling it and covering her self, he looks at her coldly and sarcastically says "don't worry, nothing that you have! I haven't seen before!"

She was standing now looking at him shocked and yells "I hate you! You are disgusting! How dare you!"
He smirks "I will dare to do more" and he walks to the dressing room and opens the huge cupboard and then looks through her dresses and chooses one and throws it on the bed "wear this one!"

"I am not going to wear it and I am not going down" she yells at him
"Stop behaving like a 6 year old Piya! And don't try my patience! Don't push me to my limits! Get ready in 5 minutes otherwise I will be back and put the dress on you my self! This is my parent's anniversary and I won't let you spoil it! do you hear me" he says impatiently

She looks at him with disgust standing there with the sheet covering her front
And he strides towards the door saying "by the way I still can see your back through the mirror" he smirks
she growls "Urgh!" and throws a pillow at him but it hits the door as he closes the door behind him "I hate you" she fumes
"4 minutes left Piya" he says from behind the door.

She knew that he would carry on with his threats if she doesn't comply and wears that dress, and goes out, and she felt that she is obliged to attend the anniversary, so she grabs the dress and puts it on and quickly tidies up her hair, then she hears a knock on the door before Abhay gets inside the room, she looks at him irritated 

He checks her out and says "this is better!"
"Any thing else master! Your slave awaits your orders" she says sarcastically, he gets taken back "I am sorry Piya! But I couldn't let you go down with that stupid dress it looked very transparent! And you were behaving irrationally!"

She looks at him irritated and sighs! Knowing that somehow he was right! but was too stubborn to admit it

"Beside I wouldn't have minded if you were wearing that dress or even more revealing dress just for me! But not for every Tom dick and Harry to see!" he says teasing her his voice filled with sarcasm

She gets all worked up as she was wearing it, just for him to get under his skin and somehow she managed to do that! She looks at him and says sarcastically "what do I want to do that for! Maybe you have forgotten dear hubby! We are not real husband and wife! We are just playing our roles! Remember!" she says sarcastically

He gets taken back! Suddenly feeling angry again, he twitches his mouth and narrows his eyes and marches in fast steps towards her, and then stands just right in front of her! She gulps as she backs off. 
"I can easily change that! All you have to do is ask!" snaps he, looking deeply into her eyes
Blood rush in her face as she blushes, and she becomes very nervous breathing heavily now "thank you, but no thanks, not interested!" says she trying to act 

He comes closer slowly now and she backs off, till her back hits the room wall and he was few inches away of her, her heart starts to pound quickly making her feel breathless now.

"Are you sure?" he says sarcastically 

"Abhay, we need to go down to the party" she says shivering with a broken voice, reminding him

He brings his face closer, so close that she closes her eyes waiting eagerly in anticipation, she could feel his breath on her face and smell his scent, her heart starts to  beat faster, but nothing happens, as Abhay moves away from her.

He sighs and says without looking at her "let's go" and she opens her eyes!


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4th updateEmbarrassed

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he likes ppl hatin him srsly !!! 
y do tht he shuld hav stayed frnds poor piya !!!
I am sure he cant keep himself away for long !!!
Thankd for the pm hun 
loved the update !!! =D

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loved the update......

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It was a very nice chp.Woah!! I never expected him to tear her dress and stuffShocked but anyway,I wonder how it's going to continue like this with them pretending and all.Looking forward to the next chpSmile

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poor piya.. dont play with her Abhay..

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Omg kaheela.. Its awesome... So intense... Pia is not wrong at her side... Nor is abhay.. Omg.. Abhay is so possesive about her.. He couldnt tolerate her in that dress.. He tore it.. Go ahead abhay... Haha.. Naughty me... Mindblowing update yar.. Every word of praise falls short when i read your update:) you know i read it i dunn know how many times.. Every thing is so so intense.. I just feel goosebumps in my stomach for every next line... Plish kaheela continue soon...

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oooooooooooooooooohhhh. Simply loved it, Kahila. Awesome update. Abhay is so possesive, he can't see Pia wearing that dress for everybody. He is struggling so hard to keep his emotions under control. 

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FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 23 24

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KC294 184 40047 04 November 2008 at 6:06am by sweet cherry

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