Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [20/12 - Epi. 37]

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

hey guys, i wont be online after the episode ends, but will surely edit mine soon
i am like 75% free now compared to before LOL

yay our thread has finally got its name Embarrassed
have fun!!Big smile

finally got time to edit, was out all day, so tired Sleepy...hmmpphh i will try to edit early once this week LOL

the episode was so nice today!!!! the jealousy of Arjun Arohi too adorable Embarrassed i love how Arohi in her drunken state kept telling Chiku to be close to her and look in her eyes while dancing LOL and he was soooo confused, idiot kahin ka LOL

Karan is really improving with his expressions Clap i loved his expression when he broke the glass and then when he was in the dark drinking ClapClap and his tears Cry i couldn't see him cry!!! poor guy!!! gosh i felt so bad for Arjun today

ROFL Chiku was soooooooooo dumb in the car 
ROFLROFL baby please don't cry, i love  u ROFLROFL has he come from mars?? Ermm oh sorry i might be insulting the people in mars ROFL

oh god Arohi was so cute in the car and then the way she told DJ to slap her but not harsh ahhaha how cute is she!!! and i love that she can tell DJ anything Embarrassed her heart still knows that she has the fear of loosing him over her fear of darkness...that fact will never be gone now Embarrassed

the convo between Arjun and Arohi was soooo amazing!!! i am more in love with Karan now LOL the pain he went through as a kid, the love he has been longing since a kid but since circumstances as a kid were such, he never let anybody break the wall he created, though Arohi broke all those somehow and touched his heart

Arohi i feel has stopped caring that she was kidnapped, i think now whats hurting her is what Rudra said and Arjun didn't say anything he stood there and let Arohi get insulted like that...that is hurting her more than anything
the shocking thing is i don't think the things Gauri said has impacted her much...maybe tomorrow she wakes up and realizes her mistake since she was drunk and couldn't really figure out what she was saying but since the engagement is happening, i am guessing Arohi will take a few days to realize what she has done
i wonder how this is going to work, she will be engaged to him and she'll have to find a way to break it off with Chiku but i dont want any more problems for Arjun-Arohi after Arohi breaks off her engagement with Chiku
either we see Arohi engaged but romancing with Arjun or we see her breaking it off
hmm i am sure the CVz have planned something nice for us because this engagement track is a little tricky and kinda waved off by some people

Tuesday's episode should be awesome...

how sad i wont get to see Karan as Santa shaking his belly
ROFL what plans i had, uff CVz u ruined it for me ROFL

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Loved the episode again ClapClap, even though a sad one.   Karan superb as Arjun todayThumbs Up.   The voice and the expressions during the last scene made it look so real.  please bear with my super long post, not my fault if the episodes have these kind of dialouges it is hard to ignore them. Tongue  

'jo  tum kar rahi ho woh mein bhi  kar sakta hoon' but could he really do it.   neither of them  were happy of what they saw and didEmbarrassed.    I wish he danced with arohi instead in that  anger.  The way he lifted the girl was the limit  of his patience that's all he could take.   I liked how he just leaves the dance floorThumbs Up.   what makes him more mad?  that arohi is trying to make him jealous or that chiku is really  enjoying dancing with her,  either way arjun cant take it anymore physically hurt,  expression of painOuch.    If the lift in the dance  was an end to his patience the way he crushes the  glass and his  blood  makes her stop tooEmbarrassed.  Chiku  bas ho gaya tere kaam, drop her home it was irritating how he was trying to relate himself to what she was talking couldnot he see that she is  going thru something seriousErmm,  told u na he is a selfobsessed guy.   (wow what all did we guess might happen today in that party and what happened,   they  dont fail to surprise us).  just loved itClapClap.  Kritika and karan well done in this whole sceneThumbs Up,  the way he reacted to the whole thing  was just wow.
Arjun steals the show today.  Breaking things is the way he knows to relieve angerOuch,   remember he was either punching bags or axing  logs  earlier.  This is another such way.  I like how he is still determined to talk face to face and clear  things outClap,   his sister is a sweetheart 'pyar mein nafrat ya gusse ke liye jagah nahi' m surprised  that living in a that kind of family she actually has such sentiments about love, love her for the timely  advice she gave and for taking care of his hand.Thumbs Up The actresses playing his sister and karan were really good here,  they gel really well.
Dj coming in search of Arohi to see if she is afraid and instead coming to know that the dard or zakhm arohi is refferring to is not as small as she had thought but it is just a beginning of a toofanThumbs Up.  Arohi is so much changed that she is not afraid of dark anymoreEmbarrassed.   'baat itni aage nikal chuki hai'  Ouch  they have gone too far now even if she wants to  back out arjun wont let her.   Dj is right in her place when she is thinking of the family's reputation.    Loved their convo and also the fact that dj is coming to know about arjun more and more.  scene very well done by kritika and DJ.   Thumbs Up

I had not expected that he would come to meet her the same nightShockedClap.   I am not going worry about how he came there but just  appreciate the thought that he couldnot wait to meet herThumbs Up.  and that too when it is dark and she is completely lost in  his thoughts.   I felt it was actually romantic. that when she is thinking of him he steps in.  How confident he was  that she wont call for help and that his truth is her truth and  that she afraid her eyes will give away the truth. Embarrassed
Highlight of the episode : Broken HeartCryClapThumbs Up
We all knew he is an orphan and that he is deprived of love, but  all that is coming straight out of him now.  'mein nahi janta mere maa baap ne mujhe kyon chod diya' Disapprove  the most tormenting question an orphan has for an entire  life,  the child who had to even find an orphanage on his own will never know the reason for being deserted,  or if  the parents are alive,  if they are who are they and what happened.   some might go on a quest to find out all this  and some just close themselves from the world like arjun did'mujhe aaj tak kisine apne god mein tak nahi bithaya'  rudra even  after adopting him has treated him like an orphan. watch his expressions.   'pyar mamta daya' Broken Heart  look at the choice of words,  shows what little  he wanted and even that he could not get.  'mein akela tha'  he still isOuch. how cruel of  whoever left him at the jungle to die,  but doesnt such situations  make one tough, so he became tough, built a tight wall around himself,  learnt  to live in whatever circumstances. 'phir dad mile, parivar mila, ek anath ke liye in cheezon ka kitni ahmiyat hoti hai'  Cry. 'deewaro ke peeche apne aapko kaid kar liya tha'   'mein kisiko apne kareeb aane nahi deta tha'  did  he let arohi come near his heart or did she make her way through it before he knew, or  is it the same? 'aur phir tum ayi' Embarrassed  the kmh tune hereThumbs Up, she had already come so close that   'tumhara awaaz tumhara yehsaas seedha mere dil ko chune laga'  how well he put all his feeling in words. Clap  how I wish she was not drunk  here and took the meaning of whatever he said in its true sense, who can say no to him  after listening to these last few lines, coming straight from his heart. his voice and expressions made the scene beautiful.  Karan nailed it.  ClapThumbs Up

'aur phir maine aisa kuch kiya jo kabhi nahi kiya tha, pehli baar dad ki baat nahi maani'  that is the change love has caused in  him, differentiating between the right and wrong even when it comes to his dadEmbarrassed.   But she is deeply hurt by the fact that he did not say anything then,  I remember saying he should have atleast nodded a 'no' when rps was implicating her,  atleast for arohi's sake.   She is still stuck there and above that gauri's tum kuch karne ko tayar hui thi line.  She  is not able to understand the fact that he stood mum in front of  his dad.  But still she should have overlooked that fact for now, all he needed was atleast a  touch, a hug  or atleast she should have wiped the tears and checked the hand that crushed a glass.   Her insult is deeper at this point,  hope   she will sit back and reflect on what all she just heard. 
Only thing I didnot like today is the way the episode ended on garui,  in the typical BT style listening to the convo going on inside.  what a timing and place to be at that time.   must say garui's mind is sharp when thinking evil.   what will happen tomorrow, inorder to prove the she doesnot like him arohi  is going  to say yes to chiku, and arjun will be humiliated by her family.  looking at the   kind of anger he displayed today will he be able to think rationally at that time?
@pooja  -  thanks for the thread .  ah the Mohabbat we have for this lounge and the show.  

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Du_Nish Goldie

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had a lovely reading take on today's ep in Ada! will go missing too and update mine in weekend but will read ur notes!
and kavya right,we are fidas of mohabbat
awesome take kavya/neethi: ! must say dear,i have not watched it but ur take is so powerful that feel it.
 perhaps thats the song for them,last time I had en extract for myself and now its on arjuhi:
Song: Tere Ishq Mein
Link :
Tere ishq mein, haye tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein, haye tere ishq mein
Rakh se rokhi koyel se kali
Raat katte na hijraan wali
Tere ishq mein, haye tere ishq mein
Rakh se rokhi koyel se kali
Raat katte na hijraan wali
Tere ishq mein, haye haye
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein

Teri justajo karte rahe merte rahe
Tere ishq mein
Tere roobaroo bethe hoe merte rahe
Tere ishq mein
Tere roobaroo teri justajo
Tere ishq mein, haye Tere ishq mein
Badal dhune moasam bune sadiyaan gini lamhe chune
Lamhe chune moasam bune
Kuch garm the kuch gulgule
Tere ishq mein
Badal dhune
Moasam bune
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein, haye haye
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein

Tere ishq mein tanhaiyaan, tanhaiyaan tere ishq mein
Humne buhat behlaiyaan tanhaiyaan
Tere ishq mein
Roh se kabhi manwaiyaan
Tanhaiyaan tere ishq mein
Mujhy ttoh ker koi din gayea
Mujhy cherr ker koi shab gayi
Maine rekh li sari aahatein
Kab ayi thi shab kab gayi
Tere ishq mein kab din gayea shab kab gayi
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein haye haye haye
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein
Tere ishq mein

Rakh se rokhi koyel se kali
Raat katte na hijraan wali
Dil sofi ye tha hum chal deye jahan le chala
Tere ishq mein
Hum chal deye
Tere ishq mein
Haye tere ishq mein
Main asmaan main hi zameen
Gili zameen sili zameen
Jab lab jale pi li zameen
Gili zameen tere ishq mein
Agree with you on the gauri thing too! Its like she will spy 24/7 Arohi and forgeting on hubby!
As you said she was drunk nah,so guessed even if Arjun has said the truth,Arohi has not heard anything! Kash she heard that he was orphan rather than Gauri! Coz for sure more masala spice from Gauri on this note and she gonna be hurt to the peak!
Love all the takes again! Clap

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:28am | IP Logged
 sniff sniff ...Cry
     uff the way the story is going ..m falling for this Arjun Singhania Embarrassed ...the story and KARAN KRITIKA's acting is touching  the heart...FANTABULOUSCRGTYDSFGH !!!!Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
      in the party ...Arjun's possessiveness,his jealousy Arohi's Jealousy ,her  hurt ,her anger everything more than perfect .THe passion ,the Fire ..ufff m drifting in a dreamland.  Day heaven Day Dreaming
    chikooo was at his best tooTongue he wa sreally shocked when Arohi said kasake pakadO ..LOL and in the car i love u ROFL Clap
   Arohi's mixed emotions when arjun hurts himself was ..excellent.her crying in the car .FAB .ClapThumbs Up
 one time toh i thought Arohi is gonna drop all her fences and go running in ARjun's arms .Day Dreaming Embarrassed.
    loved Arohi's convo with DJ ..simple best so true to her character.telling DJ that she drank and tappad maaro usse but thoda dherese.awee..simpley cute a small innocent child telling her Grandma everything.nothing was kept in her heart.Thumbs Up
Arjun's scene with his sister was heart touching too.and the FINALE scene between Arohi and ARjun .....oh ma .Day there was fire in the ROMANTIC .and when Arjun was telling Arohi about his life ..KRitika was so expressive ..Arohi's turmoil..was well expressed ,.one side she wanted to love arjun tell him she understands his feelings and the other her anger still holding up.the passion was phut phut ke flowing ..i was wondering whats gonna happen the next .WinkWinkEmbarrassed
     KARAN and KRITIKA at their BEST !!!!Thumbs Up simply LOVE THEM !! absolute perfection in expressions...Heart
   Vaooo this story IS damn intense .

Edited by Allwaysindian - 20 December 2010 at 1:38pm

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:37am | IP Logged
:-( another sad epi..but
..wot an episode..dil ki baat aaj zuban par ahi gai..WOT ACTING..WOT'm speechless..beautifuly portrayed, and acted with the craft of a genius..:-) JUSt amaisingClap
Highlights of todays epi..
Karan hurt himself - but Arohi was hurt....CryCry
LOVED the way arjun said 'Arohi' when he was in pain and his sister asked him wot happend...
absolutely loved the dialogue between DJ and Arohi - too real and original..just touched my heart..
Arohi has learned to win from her fear, and has the bullet with her...
ahhhh...Arjun comes into Arohi's room ..ufff...dat scene was just amaising..and when he was telling her the truth behind arjun, arohi's expressions were just amaising..arjun's tears..Cry..
GOd it was such an amaising episode...i can't believe how real the acting was today..just amaising and too good...LOVED every second of it..

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Anchi. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Guys I wasn't supposed to come here...SleepyOuch..but still I couldn't stop myself from comin here jus coz of d silly sweet reasonLOL.....Karan called my name "Aanchal" in d epi........Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...........LOLLOL....u must hav noticed too..?.TongueConfusedLOL.....n i was thinkin did he call my name...?ErmmDay Dreaming...n i loved  d epi..when Karan cries even I feel like crying...CryCryOuch.d scene was so emotionalCryCry.Arohi also cried when Arjun told her about his past...but she din believe him..?ConfusedOuch..Cry(sorry olly i need ur emo today..OuchLOL)....n Gauri was havin fun listening their convo..Stern SmileShockedAngry...ok need to leave now...LOL..carry on d discussions...WinkTongue

Btw Congo our thread has a new name....ClapClap...enjoy n take care.........Hug

I see a new TB article...Shocked..lemme read....Arohi n Chiku gettin engaged...Ouch...n Arjun bashed by Ahluwalia'sCryOuch...but Karan did say we will soon see a romance in d story...Confused...

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tanu111a Goldie

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Words r less to tell abt today epi.arohi dj convo was like a liitle gal kid wid was so so real.i m in luv with kritika.after it arjun story ohhhhhhhh it was so touching.sorry frds but i dont think i m able to discuss this was d best epi so far.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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