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HiMa LoVe U KaRaN BhAiYa ShIlPa BhAbHi....

nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 5:02am | IP Logged

Hima: ~ Ramu kaka Khana laga dijeya. Main fresh hokar aati hoon.Smile
(Came from college & request her servant to serve lunch. While she came back after freshen up)

Hima: ~ Ramu Kaka Bhaiya khana kha gaye.Question
(Asked while coming downstairs)

Kaka: ~ Nahi betiya aaj baba nahi aye. Smile
(replied while serving lunch to Hima)

Hima: ~ Aaj bhai nahi aye.?Kaka aap khana pack kar dejeye mera bhi saath mein hi pack kar dijeyaga. Main Bhaiya ke saath office mein hi lunch karungi.yes
(Said to servant)

After taking Lunch she left to Karan's Office.

Hima: ~ Karan Bhaiya andar hain kya?Frequently Asked Question(s)
(Asked to receptionist)

Receptionist: ~ Yes madam.Bow Down
(Said while smiling)

Hima goes inside Karan's office and see him working.

Karan: ~ Angel what r u doing here ?Question Mark
(Asked with surprise when see his little sis in his office)

Hima: ~ So what u expect me to do?U didn't come for Lunch at home. U know Shilpa di always says "Always take your meals on time".
 Now please finish your work and join me soon even i have not taken it.
(Said while putting lunch box on table)

Karan: ~ Accha Shilpa di ki chamchi.Tongue Out
(replied to tease her)

Hima: ~ Main koi Shilpa di ki Chamchi nahi hoon. I luv her. Pata hai woh kitni sweet aur caring hai bilkul apki tarah. Mera kitna dhayan rakhti hai college mein.
(Said while having her food)Bouquet

Karan: ~ Achha. So how is your college going on.
(Ask her about her studies)

Hima: ~ Good. Great
(Said and both talked for some time & enjoyed each-other company)Smile

Some days passed . Hima mostly talk about Shilpa. As usual Karan teases her and always say that u luv ur Shilpa di more den me. I feel ur madly in luv with ur Shilpa.

Hima: ~ Yaa i luv her so much. At least she has time for me.Toungue Out
(Said him & start making cute faces)Brows

Karan went for his office and Hima went to meet Shilpa di. When she entered her house she got to know from Shilpa's Massi that some one came to see Shilpa. Coz Massi wanted to see her get married.

Hima: ~ Hi Shilpa Di!

Shilpa: ~ Hi Hima. How r u baby.
(Said while hugging her)

Hima: ~ I m f9 Shilpa di. Massi na bataya apko ladke wale dekhne aye the.
(Asked her and hope she says that doesn't like coz she is afraid if  Shilpa left her den with whom'd she share feelings. She has a lot of friends in college for whom she is important. But still Shilpa is more important to her)

Shilpa: ~ Yaa pata hai kitna sadu tha. Maine toh mana  kar diya.Kicking Dirt
(replied casually and didn't notice the smile on her face)
Hima: ~ Don't worry main apke liya acha sa ladka dhund kar laungi.
(Said to Shilpa and thought of someone for her who'd allow her to meet Shilpa)Birthday Party Blower

After that both went to shopping and Shilpa helped Hima in selecting Karan's shirts. Shilpa bought a dress for Hima. Which she liked too much but she said no she can't take it but somehow Shilpa convinced her.

Hima: ~ Thanks Shilpa di. But karan bhaiya gussa honge ki maine aap se aise gift liya.

Shilpa: ~ Kyun Gussa honge aur agar kuch kahenge toh meri baat kara dena. Ab kya mein tumhe kuch gift bhi nahi de sakti?Valentine candy hearts
(Said authoritatively)

After that both have lunch. Den Shilpa dropped Hima  home.

Hima: ~ Di cum inside.

Shilpa: ~ Some other day Bacha. Massi wait kar rahi hongi.
(Said to her)

  She's worried about Shilpa's marriage. She decided to talk to her net friends. So she went online...

Group members Hima, Maha, Nidha, Nishu, Ritu....

Hima: ~ Hi Maha, Nidha di, Nishu di, Ritu di. Where r u guys?
Best Friends 1
Maha: ~ Thank God you are online main kab se tera wait kar rahi thi.

Hima: ~ Kya Kar rahi hai ?

Nishu: ~ Hi Hima; Hi Maha...

Hima & Maha: ~ Hi Nishu Di, How R U...

Nisha: ~ Gud yaar. Pata nahi yeh Ritu aur Nidhu kahan gaye mujhe sms kar ke bola online aane ko khud gayab hain dono.

Nidha: ~ Hum Tafrih(roaming) karne gaye the. Hi Hima chalo acha hai tum online agayi mein tumhe hi sms karne lagi thi. Where r u even Nishu madam is not online.

Hima: ~ Di mera mood kharab hai???Pouty

Ritu: ~ Oye kya hua?? Mood kyun kharab hai??

Hima: ~ Woh Shilpa Di hai na?

Ritu: ~ Woh jo teri lecturer hai aur teri friend bhi.

Hima: ~ Hain woh hi.

Maha: ~ Kya hua unhone daant diya tujhe aww. Nahi Nahi paka aaj college nahi aayi hongi wohROFL.

Ritu: ~Nahi aaj un ka koi rishta aaya hoga phir se LOL.

Nishu: ~ Guys us ko bhi bolna do!!!

Nidha: ~ Angel bolo na kya hua?

Hima: ~ Nidha di woh Shilpa di ki massi unke liya ladka dhundh rahi hain.

Ritu: ~ Dekha i was right.Oyye!!! yeh thodi koi problem hui. Tujhe toh khush hona chahiye.

Maha: ~ Yaa tera mood kyun off hai?

Hima: ~ Guys aap log samaj nahi raha hoah. Aise nahi ki main khush nahi hoon. Its just thatAngry i mean to say main un se fir aise nahi mil sakungi. If she got married far away or if they don't like me in their life.

Nidha: ~ Ohh fir kisi aise insan ko dhundho jo aapko unse milne de.

Ritu: ~ Hahaha !!!!!!very funny janu ki jaan woh kaise dhundh sakti hai. Woh toh Shilpa ki Massi dhundhe gi na.Rolling Eyes

Maha: ~ But Hima can suggest them na di.

Nishu: ~ Mein Idea doon sari problem solve hoah jayegi.

Maha; Nidha; Ritu: ~ Jaldo bolo.

Hima: ~ Yaa Nishu di plz batao na.

Nishu: ~ Pehle Ritu promise kare ki woh mujhe nahi maregi.

Ritu: ~ Oyye main kyu marungi.Shocked

Maha: ~ Di batao na kya idea hai.

Nishu: ~ Nahi pehle Ritu promise kare.

Nidha: ~ Nishu mein promise karti hoah Ritu kuch nahi kahegi.

Ritu: ~ Aab toh mein kuch nahi keh sakti. Ab toh bol.

Hima: ~ Nishu di plz batao na kya idea haiCry.

Maha; Ritu; Nidha: ~ Plz Hima don't cry.

Nishu: ~ Hima sorry yaar, idea yeh hai ki tu apna Karan bhaiya ki Shaadi Shilpa sa karwa de.

Nidha: ~ Ab samaj aya Nishu tu Ritu se kyun dar rahi thiROFL.

Maha: ~ But Idea bada mast hai di.

Hima: ~ But its not possible. Karan Bhaiya kabhi nahi manege.

Nishu: ~ Ab unhe manana tera kaam hai.

Maha: ~ Emotional blackmail kar Hima.

Nidha: ~ Janu baby aap kuch bol nahi rahe??

Hima: ~
Ritu di aap gussa ho mujse??

Nishu: ~ I know Ritu u like Karan but i know u also luv Hima and wanna see her happy.

Ritu: ~ Nishu tu pit jayegi aaj mujhse. Hima mein gussa nahi hoon iska idea accha hai. I think tujhe Nishu ka idea man lena chahiyeOuchCry.

Nidha: ~ That's like my janu baby who think of others. Now its final Hima u r going with Nishu & Maha's idea.
Best Friends

Hima: ~ But di what kind of Blackmailing.

Nidha: ~ Hunger Strike. Evil Smile
Ice Cream Cone

Nishu; Ritu: ~ Woh Sirf tera kaam hai Nidhu.

Hima: ~ Di hunger strike never. Shocked

Nidha: ~ Guys i mean to say show your bro u r on Hunger strike eat when he is not at home.

Maha: ~ Yaa...Wink

Hima: ~ OK. Final.Big smile

Ritu: ~  Oye time dekha hai mera irada hunger strike ka nahi hai.
Potato Pancake

Maha; Nisha: ~ Ya bye guys see u tom. Gud luck Hima.
Blow Kiss

Hima: ~ Bye Nidha Di; Ritu Di; Nishu Di;Maha.

Ritu; Nidha: ~ Bye & Gud luck. Luv u....
See You Later

Next day Hima talk to Karan about Shilpa & their marriage. And Karan refused. So she goes as per the plan. At last Karan agreed but he is not happy but smiles only for Hima.She convinced Shilpa for the marriage and after a month both got married. Hima is so excited and happy coz now her Shilpa di is her bhabhi. She can spend whole day with her. She decorated the house & Karan-Shilpa's room.
And also made a carpet of Flowers from the main gate to entrance. Sign I Love You

Both Karan-Shilpa shocked to see all this. After sometime everyone went to their rooms. Shilpa sat on bed totally in her bridal attire. Karan goes near his bed & picked a pillow..

Karan: ~ U can sleep on the bed. I m going to sleep on the couch. And yaa no need of formalities. U r my wife in front of society and Hima.

~ Karan kya aap iss shaadi se khush nahi hain?? Agar aisi baat thi toh apne shaadi kyun ki mujhse??
(Totally shocked from his behavior and asked with teary eyes)
Crying 1
Karan: ~ Ohh plz don't start ur drama here. It works on my sis coz she is too innocent n naive can't see ur true face. I know u accepted this marriage for Money. Even i think you purposely came close to Hima ,only to trap her and den get married to me & get Mallik's name.
Arrow Head
Shilpa: ~ How can u think like this Karan??
(Said while crying)

Karan: ~
Ohh plz don't show me ur fake tears. What ever ur reasons are i don't care. I want my sis happy and she wants u. So for her sake i have accepted u & this marriage. But don't worry i'll show ur true face to her soon.
In The Garbage

On the other-side Hima is too happy and celebrating her success
with her friendsPrincess unaware of fact that Karan has not accepted Shilpa yet.
Two months passed like this ,but still there is no change in Karan-Shilpa relation.They even went for a small honeymoon but that was just a Business trip for Karan. Karan gave her credit cards to shop for herself n Hima . But she had never bought a single thing from that Credit card.
One day he came to know that  Shilpa had purchased a Diamond earring worth Rs. 2 Lakh. Karan found that invoice in their cupboard and thought that  she had bought that for herself and decided to confront her. When he open her cupboard to place that receipt something fell near his feet.He picked it up.That was Shilpa's personal Diary. He decided to read it so put it in his bag.

After having breakfast he left. Today he didn't have much work so decided to read. But got stuck due to its code . He tried every possible code to open it.He used  Shilpa name, Hima name, Massi name, Shilpa's Parents name.

Karan: ~ Arghhhhh!!! why its not opening? Is Shilpa ne kya code rakha hai?

Karan: ~
Normal log to unka rakhta hain jinhe pyaar karte hain but yaha na Hima ka naam hai na Massi ka.(Thinks) Zyada se zyada log apni marriage date ya apna partner ka.(Think about their date den remembers its having alphabets not numbers) Wait a minute kahi usna mera name toh nahi.(Den think she is married to him) Nahi how can she? (Den thinks how can she when both r not husband-wife) Anyways i can try for once.(At last thinks to try his name once)

Karan: ~
It opened!!OMG she use my name as her password. Clever Mrs. Karan Malik.
(Talks to himself and start reading)

Karan came to know that Shilpa luvs Hima very much coz she finds her as her sis Sukriti. where as he thought she is trapping her. Even he blamed her and insulted her.

Start reading again

 Came to know her reason for marriage. He is again surprised she took her life's biggest decision just to stay with his sis.

Start reading again

Read about their marriage and know how much he hurted her.

Start reading againScratching

Read about earring and came to know she purchased that earring for Hima as Rakhi gift.

After reading about her intentions. He decided to rectify his mistake & to give a chance to their marriage. But first he has to do something fast so that she'd not able to know about him that he had read her diary. That day he came late from office near about 12:30 Midnight. To his surprise Shilpa is still awake and waiting for him for dinner. Even she herself didn't eat. He'd gone to freshen up and den both have dinner. Karan decided to talk to her and ask that Rakhi is coming so what should he gift to Hima. Shilpa got a chance and told him that she had already bought gift for her and will show him. After having dinner and cleaning she came to their room and surprised to see him awake nd is waiting for her. Den she showed him Earrings.

Karan:~ "OMG!!!! these are so pretty . I hope she'll love it".
 Shilpa told him that she'd loved it . Hima has showed her these earrings in a magazine so she bought it for her. Den karan asked her that she'd not bring anything for herself? She said No.
He replied what 'd Hima think about his brother?He can't even buy a gift for her. And tell her tomorrow they are going to buy gift for her also and she is coming with him. She is shocked after listening this.She is happy but afraid how long this happiness will stay.
Club Me 3 Next day both went to Market and he chose earrings for her.

Slowly both started getting closer. Now Karan started caring about her & liked spending time with her. Both accepted their marriage and are happy with each-other. Hima's Birthday was coming so both decided to give her surprise. So they informed all her friends and also her net  friends.

Hima is too shocked & hurt that no one wished her yet. Even her bhabhi too.So she decided to go to Temple. When she was returning home she got a call and some one informed her that her bhabhi came to attend a party and got unconscious. So if she'd cum and take her....

Hima reached that party hall.

She got biggest Shock .Hall was decorated and everyone was wearing Caps on which her pic was there.

Den she met her net  friends Nidha, Nishu & Ritu. That's her spcl surprise from her bhabhi....
Clapping Hands
Birthday Surprise Party

Hima: ~ Guys u knew it already. Haww no one told me. So Bad.
Be Sad

Nishu: ~ U r not happy we came spcly for ur party.

Nidha;Ritu: ~ Yaa ur not Happy.

Hima: ~ I m so happy...
Blow Kiss
(Said and hugged them)Big Hug

Hima: ~ But thats not fair u all r well dressed and birthday Girl is wearing Simple dress.

Shilpa: ~ Ohh my baby don't worry. We already have a dress for u. Select anyone and wear it.
You Make Me Smile

After that they went to the room & Shilpa showed her dresses so that she could select.

Hima got confused
Rolling Eyes wasn't not able to decide which one she'd wear. Shilpa suggested to wear the 2nd one. After changing she came back to Hall. And everyone wished...

 Some gave her teddy bears & chocolates....

PandaChocolatesPJsMommyDrinking Red Wine

Some gift her watch and cards......

Den came her net friends turn.

Ritu, Nishu, Nidha gifted her Pendent sets....
Maha also send set for her coz she wasn't able to cum on such a short notice from other country. And a Card.

Birthday Fireworks
Happy Birthday

After getting gift from her friends. Karan Shilpa gave her a Diamond set.

Den she cut Cake...
Birthday Candles

And fed Karan & Shilpa.

Hima: ~
LoVe U KaRaN Bhaiya 4eVer N eVeR.......Morph

Nidha, Nishu, Maha, Ritu: ~ HiMa LuV u So mUcH aNgEl...................Heart
Best Friends 1

Hi Guys!
How R U!
I wish u all r gud and enjoying....

Its a gift to Hima from Nishu, Ritu & Me.. I hope u like it.....If u like plz reply and also press Like tab it means lot.... Luv u Hima and I think ur one whom i know who LUV KSG as a Brother....

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LoVe U KaRaN Bhaiya Heart ... Bhabhi Heart

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AWESOME Nidha di ^^

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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awesome dear
loved it

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nice oneSmile

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lol...cute, lovely... Tongue

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loved it

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