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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik


Woohoo your one year older and more buddhier tehee! DUDE tehee totally rubbed off on me from u and Sahar and now I can't stop using it! But dude have an AMAZINGGGG Birthday! This day comes only once a year so party it up and enjoy your day to the fullest!

LOL I remember when I first met ya on KaJen thread and it was almost the 100 threads celebration and your hot pink font left my eyes burning tehee! I won't lie Heartwhen I first met ya u scared me and u sounded like one of those stuck up snobs and u were one heck of a hyper person and u still are LOL! But as I got to know ya I realized ur anything but a snob and I love ya tehee ? I'm glad I've never had to deal with your silent treatments and hopefully I'll never have to :)

Ur a veryyy sweet person and although u call me Rabies which I absolutely despise I still love ya ? I loveeee watching the most randomest stuff with ya anything from KaJen scenes which never get old, moviessss to videos of a special someone ;-) if u know what I'm talking about lol :) U make my life more purtyful with all those FF's and OS's and for that I thank u :)

I shall catch up on all of GG sooooon so we can go on spazzing about Chuck and Blair LOL :) Once again have a dandyyyyy birthday and may this upcoming year bring ya lots of happiness, success, and joy!

- Love ya, Rabies (MOOON)  Heart

This is just a small VM I made for ya its nothing special but I hope u like it ?

Rabiessssssss <3 meriii rabiessss <3 ! lmfao i love you babe! thank youu soo soo soo much :| wow you can ACTUALLY BE SWEET? na uhhhhhhhhhhh this is all a lie right? you can never be so sweet to me <<! lmfao i joke thank you so much babyyyyy!! i love youuuu honestly i love being random with you too! lmfaoo i love how just today we watched the MOST depressing vms :| and cried over them again! i love how we all watch movies and freak out together LMFAO its just SO MUCH FRIGGEN FUN! i love it! thank you soo much for everything babe! 

I LOVE HOW YOU ALL THOUGHT I HAD A ATTITUDE PROBLEM! pssssssssssht! i m glad you got to know mee PSSSHT <3 ! you know even anu thought i was a beeep << psssht! <3 ! 

nyways i love youuu and thank you so much babe! tehe i love texting you around 4 creeping you about the "old lady" under your bed tehe

@ vm i already commented tehe! BUT YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LVOE THAT SONG :| i friggen LOVE IT!! saharu got me hooked onto it :| i swear i loveee it and your vm left me BREATHLESS! i love youuuu thank you so much babe 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 September 2005
Posts: 24961

Posted: 22 December 2010 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Dearest Gia,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Its been just an awesome journey to know you, I just love reading your FB statuses and your comments...it just makes me smile! On IF, whenver I see your pink font in the Kajen thread or the KPS I know it's gonna make me smile:) :) Your siggy dabba, your banana men I love it all KHAN :) Hehe

The best thing about you is that you are so warm and nice to me whenever I get the time to chat with you which is hardly ever!!! I wish I could talk with you more on FB or MSN coz ur such an amazing personality but Im always so neck deep in all my wrk :( But whenever I do chat with u it feels great :) :)

On this day I wish you loads and loads of happiness and the best of both worlds! May you get whatever your heart desires and even more than that!

Have a AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG day! I loveee you loadsHeart muahh

Lots of love,

Tinaaa i miss talking to ya babe! thank you so much <3 i honestly hope we can catch up soon! i remember how much fun we use to have LMFAO! i wish i could catch you online or on fb more psssht <3! but thank you for the wishes and i love you <3 ! 
gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 September 2005
Posts: 24961

Posted: 22 December 2010 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Kameeni, Happy Birthday to you! :D

Okay, I kid. You aren't a kameeni! Well you kind of are! I've been getting together you're birthday stuff for you since this weekend ( my cousins were over too kay, I wasn't lying about that) Anyways, and you're ass is getting angry on me for not giving you attention -_- (Oh and my arm hurts too LOL I aint kidding about that either) So basically this weekend was super busy for me, therefore I barely came on, and organizing all that birthday stuff and then having you hounding me ontop of all that wasn't fun Gia Khan! -_- Mera dimaag kharab ho gaya tha!

Anyways, I kid. Despite all that, you aren't a kameeni. (BUT Like I said, sometimes you can be one -_-) But I guess thats something unique about you Gia << Okay moving along, you're seriously one of the best things that came in my life Gia! It's been like two years nearly LOL and I remember how we first started talking with that ONE proper PM LMFAO! Imagine If i hadn't PM'ed you I would have been still hating on how gia0005( now gia.khan) used to post a "Hi", write her DMG episode analysis, and then log off a minute later -___- OH how much I hated that, I think only I know. If we still weren't talking you wouldn't be PUNKING ME :O Like you do now :O How would it feel to not punk me around Gia? It would be a disturbing feeling right :( You would be adhura! lol.. So like I said, you're a pari that came into my life :D You're one of the people I can share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with. You're my love, you're always there for me no matter what, I love how you know when Im upset, I love how you boss me around, I love how two years back you used to be super sweet to me :| and now its like something else ROFL, I love how you turned me from a sweet girl to a (you know ;)) I love how we randomly text each other, and I love how we get into 989899 fights (mostly cause of gogi :):)), we wouldn't be GiNu without them.. So yeah I think i am thankful for you coming into my life :D SO BE HAPPY and party like a rockstar on this special day!

This year was bad for GiNu :( we got into so many fights, but despite all that, we LOVEEEEEEEEEE each other and we basically break and make up <<  2011 inshallah will be bettaa! Just remember, Im Anita Malik and I LOVE YOU :D:D I wouldn't be Anita without you :D:D:D

So this wish is like an essay lol but imma wrap it up! Hope you get everything you wish for <3 and may all your dreams come true cause you REALLY deserve it! You're my sistaaaaaaa from another mothaaaaa!

OHHH and here's a gift from me to you! I was avoiding you last night cause of this too ROFL, be happy and thankful after you watch it pssht!

Lots of love, Anu Heart

OH and guess who we have a message from :O FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY :D HAILA :D We hope it makes your birthday even more special<3 ( Credit: Amby/Anku)

Save the BEST for last <3 <3 <3 ITS MY LOVEEEEEEEEE <3 

SIGH! what can i say that hasnt been said before about you my babyyyy <3! ALL I WANNA SAY IS THAT! I LOVE YOU 2 3 4 5 RAISE TO FRIGGEN INFINITY BABYYYYYYYYYYY :|! you honestly make my birthday SPECIAL every year :| and I LOVE YOUUU FOR THAT!!!!  i am like having a hard time putting my feelings towards in words for you lmfao! but here i goo! 

FIRST OF ALL! I M SOOO SOO SOOO SOO SOOOOOO SORRY for giving you the hardest time last weekend LMFAO! dudee i was just missing you OKAY! and i didnt know where you were and why were you so MIA! sooo W*H how was i suppose to know psssssssht but you know na I DOOO LOVE YOU <3 ! and you also know na ... that hum unhi sey larte hai jinsee hum sabse zada pyaar karte hai? and you know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU MY KAMEEENI! your the MOST important to me and i would do anything and everything FOR YOU! 

I HONESTLY WONDER where we would be if you didn't send me a stupid pm about papaya's :| lmfaooo i think we need to thank papayas for GINU <3 COME ON THEY DESERVE THAT MUCH CREDIT OKAY! psssht! we need to celebrate with papayas on our ani <3 

OMG shut up okay life would be sooo DULL if i didnt have you :( ... i wouldnt have anyone i could punk or yell at or like take my anger out on! your my punching bag and i love how you always LMFAO just take w.e crap i say to you and never talk back << well minus that one time you did and i disappeared on you! and SCARED YOU! lmfao i remember when i came online again you were all like .. i have to shower but GIA PLEASE DONT GO okay ! lmfao you are so cute :| and i just wanna tell you! NO MATTER HOW MUCH I FIGHT/ARGUE with you ... you will always be MY LOVE <3 and i never mean half the crap i say to you anyways pssht and well i guess .. ladiye sey pyaar barta hai soo in our case bohaut zada pyaar bhar raha hai i guess tehe! 2010 was not a good year for us but heyyyyy 2011 is here and we are all set to make NEW MEMORIES YET AGAIN! i cant waitt another year with you (ewww) LMFAO i m joking i m looking forward to making new memories with you! and looking forward to our fights and arguments too yaa<< cause well we aint "GINU" without them! 

2 LONG YEARS dude and honestly speaking toh i cherish all the moments and memories we have created! we have come a long way from ... PM TO FB CHAT TO TEXT TO FINNALY MSN! lmfaooo and the memories i have made with you will forever live! even when i m married and have kids and and even when i m like a bhudi ama on the bed! i will be thinking about you!!! and telling my bhuda kusat husband << how lovely you were and how much you did for me <3! you honestly mean the world to me and I FRIGGEN LOVE YOU BABY!! 

and OMG did i ever tell you HOW PROUD I M OF THAT CHANGE IN YOU! frig dude SERIOUSLY :|:| i love how that song from kuch kuch khaati kuch kuch meethi use to be OUR SONG! and i was always the naughty one while you were the nice sweet innocent one :| OMG that song cant be ours no more cause like YOU ARE NOT SWEET ANYMORE! we are the same now teheee! you are officially in my category now muhahahha i remember how people use to tell you off for being too nice LMFAO i remember you told me that LMFAO and how they use to tell you .. YOU NEED TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF talk back LMFAO!! only if they saw what kind of a person you have become now :| lmfao!! I LOVE THE NEW YOUUUU <3 ! who doesnt take anyone's shit anymore! WOHOOOO!! 

I LOVE YOU BABYYY AND THANK YOU SOO SOO SOO FRIGGEN MUCH FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID ON MY BIRTHDAY :( ... i m sorry you had to make this thread when your arm was hurting so much :( .. and i m sorry again for yelling at you and being on your case pshtt! I LOVE YOU! 

@ vm i already commented and you FRIGGEN KNOW that vm is friggen ... S........ yeaa :| SEXCIIII ITS JUST :| woahhhhh I FRIGGEN LOVE IT  AND I LOVE YOU! my two hotties :| can i just have them :| NOW :| HERE :| SOMEHOW psssht! 

@ KSG MESSAGE ... i already told you how i friggen felt when i saw it :| I JUST WANNA SAYY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING THIS FOR MEEEEEE <3 ! i swearr i remember you told me you will get it for me but like dmg ended naa so i swear i was not even expecting this but eff YOU PLANNED IT BEFORE <3 ! and i LOVE YOU BABYY I LOVE YOUU! that was the BEST thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! thinking about it still makes mee feel alll tehe inside :| i swear i still go ... OMG OMG OMG I CANT BELIEVE KSG SAID MY NAME and jump around the house! LMFAO <3 sighhhh I LOVE YOUUUU SO MUCH! this was the BEST PRESENT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR <3 now all i need is you to come down here so i can kidnap you for life <3 


and i love you anita malik my babyyyy <3 thank you sooooo much tehe 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
lastly i just want to thank you guys for wishing mee and making this birthday soo special <3 ! 

let me end it with my banana ki barat tehe 

Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!Dancing bananas!

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