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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Wish you a very very Happy BIRTHDAY Gia!!

God Bless You and may u get ur all desires fulfill or in other way may ur all ARMAANs get fulfill ;)  Heart

U r too awesome that i loved to discuss KSG's everything :P ;) with you lollll esp posting his chummas for u and i know his one pic can make u relax from ur whole day stress!!!

Take different flavours of cake and mix them and then cut then that will be PERFECT Gia's B'day cake ;) :D

May good times and great memories be the special gifts that fill ur birthday with happiness!

Be Blessed

Enjoy ur b'day

Take Care

Love u loads



Divya  Heart

Divyaaaaaa <3 i love you babe!! thank you sooo much for wishing me and saying everything that you did <3 ! i love you and OH YEAAA I LOVE THAT CHUMMA! i love how you didnt forget yaa!! make sure you give me a KSG chumma every everyyyyyyyyy  FRIDAY <<! cuz you remember right ... jhumma is KSG CHUMMA din TEHE ! muah 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Happy Birthday to you , humaari sabki bubble of joy Giu <3

A bundle of vivaciousness and fun you are !The way you jump up and down with ur enthu talks in the AT made me smile everytime i saw it :D Ekdum bindaas babe this one and i wish I could actually see you do the 'special dance' you have for us everytime we get good news LOL

So here's wishing you all the fun and smiles and laughter in the world and of course wishing that loads and loads of your 'Armaaan's come true ;)

Have a great Birthday and party hard Gia \m/

Love and squishy hugs,

Ishi :)

ishuuuuuuuuu <3 thanks alot babe! LMFAOOO oh you mean the "banana dance" LMFAOOO hehehee i wish i could show you all do cause i actually do it :| lmfaoo <3 ! for now i only have ONE armaan LMFAO and you probably know what it is ;) so yes i did use my birthday wish on that! lets see how long that takes to come true ! i hope sooon ;) 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Oh hey! It's your birthday, guuuurl?

Well have a fantastic birthday, girl!

 xoxo. Heart

Kidding. Obviously, my birthday message cannot be that short, but I seriously don't know where to start, oh my God. Let's start off with the basic  Heart Happy Birthday Gia Westwick Grover Khan! Heart

You know what's funny? I'm writing this on MS Word right, and Westwick comes up as a spelling error, but Grover doesn't. LOL. Anyway, randomness over.

So, I remember the first I talked to you  Heart I really didn't talk to you. Anita Jee had PM'd me about writing a birthday message for you, and I was like, "No way! KaJen thread owner PMing ME? ME!?" And seriously I had this big fan girl grin on my face while I wrote that short message. And you don't even know how I felt when you quoted me, and said thanks. Oh my God. I was seriously GAP's biggest fan; minus Preeti because she yelled at me for mentioning SidNa in KaJen AT. LOL.

Oh how much things have changed in a year! I went from respecting and worshipping you to like being your banamelon daughter. I can't believe it actually happened. I am so glad I decided to randomly add you guys on MSN (or else I'd probably still be one of those "newbies" we make fun of).

I totally credit you for us becoming such good friends! You are seriously one of those people who are really easy to get along with! You are hilarious and it is always amazing when we talk.... which is like pretty much everyday, minus the times we lock ourselves up, away from MSN, for our stupid school/university work.

I know I say this pretty much everyday, but I actually do love you. Heart

You're such an inspiration for me to go to Schulich, oh my God. And you're smarter than what the IF world thinks. You're not a dumb fob from like Narnia for God's sake. Oh right, you're the ROFL-er. But let haters talk, seriously, you're ROFL-ers and trademark Comics Sans MS pink font make me jubilant. You seriously don't give a damn about your reputation, which clearly on IF is made up of ROFL-ers, chaddis, pink font and "actions." And I love you for that. (:

This essay is getting too long. Only if I worked this fast on my school essays instead of staying up until 5am. Anyway, Gia, you're one of the most nautanki-wali girls I have ever met. So dramatic! However, I love you for it! And it's always so much fun watching videos/VMs/movies, etc with you! And remember the good ol' days when we used to spam KaJen AT together (and sometimes KPS too). You're one of the BIGGEST KaJen and KSG fan I have ever met, and I admire you for it!

Okay, long story short, I hope you have an awesome birthday, because an awesome person like you, deserves an awesome day. Party hard! Don't get knocked up though, or KSG and EW will get pissed off at you for deceiving them. Don't be a Riddhima. ROFL. Sorry, had to add that in!

May all your dreams and wishes come true! (:

Oh and I have a special GIF for you. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU READY?

I have an even better one now...


Hbd again Giuuu!?

You know you love me,


from your sometimes banamelon daughter, sometimes lover, Aditi! Heart

OMG its YOU! do i even have to reply to you *roll eyes* 

LMFAO i m jokinggg!  ADUUUUU <3 ! 

btw before i start replying to the birthday wish ... i just wanna say 

OMG grover is NOT a spelling error :O hawwwwwww I LOVE that tehe babyyy!! 

okay anyways LMFAO i actually feel like hugging you right now for everything that you have said in that message!!! lmfao you know i love how everytime we talk about this whole GAP lmfaoo you always share this story with us lmfao and i swearrrr i laugh everytime! LMFAO ! how much has changed seriously :|:| i love how close we have become i love talking to you everyday i love how you randomly vent about your homework and other shit! lmfao <3! 

oh and btw LMFAO this is really random but like saharu was like stalking the old kajen ats <3 lmfao and we found one where you use to just come and say hi ... and sing with me and just go away LMFAO <3 ! you were so cutely RANDOM :|:| and we were loling @ the fact that you give out warnings to the AT members if they go off topic when really :| you were the MOST random person in kajen LMFAO you did everything but KAJEN:| NO FRIGGEN WONDER PREETI YELLED AT YOU! lmfao 

and i know lmfao me and saharu say you were a MISTAKE! banamelon was a mistake LMFAO but you know we joke i do love you baby! and after this message i love you a little more <<! lmfao muah i love kajening and kpsing with you babe! thank you soo so so much for making me smile with your long beautiful birthday message babyy <3 ! 

and HAWWWWWWWW how could you even HAWWWW :| i would never get knocked up on my birthdya YOU KNOW THAT! /fine i would like never you know i love your mommies tooo much to doo that ! tehe ... well the case would kinda be different if it was KSG or ED and both your watermelon mommies wont mind if i cheated on them with ksg or ed but like ... tehe i would never cheat on my wateremelons otherwise tehe ! 

OH MY GODDDDD! ITS SO FLUFFY I M GONNA DIE! omg omg omg i love you LMFAO i m sooo gonna use that GIF <3 ! lmfaoooo muah 

THAT IS JUST ... S......... :| SEXYYYY :| BECAUSE I M CHUCK BASS Wink oh yeaaaaaaaa babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Happy Birthdayyyyyyy Giuu!

I LOVE YOUUUZ and I hope you have an amazing birthday! It's double celebration for you coz exams are over too! So partyy hard, eat lotsa banana cake and do all the things you like to do (including coming on MSN more and talking to us tehe) :D

Okaay so it's time to get a lil cheesy << LMFAO You alreadyy know you're the one person I can say anything to, and I know you'll never judge me. Be it my bipolar opinions about something or my stressing over stupid things...You're always there to listen and make me feel better and for that I honestly love you more than I can express =))

You're probably the most hyper person I've ever come across and that's why whenever you're low or feeling stressed, it makes me feel low too pshht so I want you to make a birthdaaay promise this year - that you'll STAY HAPPPPPPY, keep smiling and keep being your random, hyper, happy, bananaself all year round! ACTUALLY make that two birthday promises..the other one being that you wont ever pull a disappearing act, because whenever you've done that it's not nice Khan! THIS IS MY HEAAAAART....well actually, it's a banana shake, but it is for youuuuz :D muh meeetha kar!

Although I got to know you almost 2 years ago now, it was this time last year that I really fell in love with you =)) When we were all depressed and blahhh, but you'd always manage to make us all laugh teehe.. Tune mujhe sad situations mein hasna sikhaaya and I would likees to thank you dil se for that :D And I guess this is the right time to sayy that although you're my 21st-floor-partner, I would actually never let you go ahead with that :D You're super smart (my nerd in disguise) and I love how passionate you are about all the things you love in life! I know you're going to achieve lots of amazing things and make everyone really proud of you!

I always felt you're kind of really cool and fun to talk to LMFAO but as time has gone on I've seen the more sensitive side to you. ILY for all your madness and sweetness, cheesiness lmfao, naughtiness :D and for there never being a dull moment while talking to you! Oh and, of course, for your random texts and for making my FB wall and newsfeed so fun to wake upto every morning ROFL

OHH and I would like to randomly add here that for some strange reason you are the only person in the world I would dil khush hokar share KSG with << IDK why but yeah..teehe and if I could gift wrap him and send him to you for your birthdaaay, I WOULD! But unfortunately, I can't atm :( So till I can, you'll have to make do with my wishing that you get everything you want (lots of MAC & bananas) and these siggys I made for you (as you must have noticed by now, PS and I do not get along all that well :| LOL but ILY so I went back to it for a bit tehe)

Keep being your awesome self Khan! I hope all your dreams come truee, I hope your birthday is as perfect as youuu, and I hope this is your best year yet!

Lotsa love, always!,

- Preeti xx

Preeeeeeeeeetiiiiiiiii <3 its you its you! i loveeeeeeee youuu <3 thank you sooo much tehe! you know just like you psssht i can talk to you about everything and anything too <3 and i know you will sit there and listen to me and understand meee <3 psssht! 

i love our msn convosss tooooo <3 i love depressing myself with you i lvoe watching kajen depressing vms too and acting crazy with you while the others just roll teheir eyes at us <<! 

lmfao i loveeeeeeeee you for that banana shake tehe! you know how much i love those and i would obviously be having one on my birthday and i did tehe! 

and yes i already told you on msn but like ... you know i promish you both of those things <3 and i promise to nibao them with a sachaaa and saaaf dill <3 ! 

AHHHH those pics are enough for me to faint :| you know how much i love those! YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO PS MORE OFTEN okay! cause your friggen GOOOOOOOOOOD <3 

my three most fav people in the world! OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO HOT :| ksg in the middle nangaa tehe! YOU KNOW I LOVE THAT :| ...ed looking sexyyy in a suit tehe! and srk just looking like an angel i swear <3 

i love youuuuuuuuu <3 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu

You know who it is because no-one else calls you KAAN and no-one else should DARE to call you that either << I'm actually pretty down that I'm not there to wish you on the day and I just want to say that whatever I will be saying from here on will be due to a heavy intake of drugs.

First of all, I don't think I've seen a BIGGER NAUTANKI than you :) A girl who leaves a msn convo at every little thing that pisses her off and then gives silent treatments :) You're basically an entertainment package.

There's a part of me which feels really protective of you and Anu. I don't know why but even though we talk like friends (which we are), I see you as a younger sister and maybe thats why I act like a nagging mum at times. But its for your betterment kameeni!! I hope by your birthday you are feeling better and not puking like a pregnant woman! You know that dialogue from Hum Tum? Kabhi toh ek hi mulaqat kaafi hoti hai aur kabhi bahut si mulaqatein lag jaati hai. Teheee! Well I think I connected with you instantly and it took no time whatsoever because you're so easy to talk although a big B1ch to me now but I see that as your immense lowe towards me. Don't deny it.

Sorry I couldn't make you anything nice but I'm sure the others will do a great job and I've heard of one surprise which IMO is the best gift you can get (if it all works out) and I just wish I was there to see your reaction. From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. Please don't stress too much with the exams because the fact that you worry so much shows that you do the work well anyway. Thank you for being the crazy self you are, I can't imagine my net life without our little gang. We've all been through a lot together <3

Anyway, enough of the lecture. I hope you have the BEST day ever! God Bless you with lots of happiness and bananas (one in particular).

I do love you <3 (Strangely its not that hard to say this time).

Love, Precious ki P_____ ( Reema)

P.S. Give a kiss to Snoochie Boochie from me <<

Reeeeeeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaaa <3 omg first of all i miss you so much you precious ki p________ <3 and i wish you were here to share the excitement with me psssht but anyways i know i may not say it enough but i do LOVE YOU <3 and i do miss you so come back 

and secondly thank you sooo much for wishing mee <3 AND HEY! i do not leave the convo for every LITTLE thing your such a liar i swear PSHT! i love you though teheeee <3

oh btw you be happy to know i was super dooper sweet to anu this birthday << and like i said I LOVE YOU to her like 4781982562174 times I SWEAR teheee <3 i wish you were here <3 

thank youuuu sooo much i really thought i wouldnt get a wish from you this year but i didddddddddd tehee <3 and it made meee smile muahhhh thankkk youuuuuuuuu <3 my snoochie boochie doesnt do this normally<< but like he wants to kiss you back <3 

@ the YT video LMFAO i love you <3 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Dear Ms.Gia Khan,

First of all i miss you very much haven't got chance to talk with you for long time and i miss our talks on MSN hope we catch up soon. i remember how we became good thick friends we have made some history in the past lol hehe but you're truly sweet, friendly and dear to me and all other friends, i adore your love for banana and watermelon tehe ROFL and your love for KSG/KaJen/JJ is blissful to see. So on this lovely day i wish you many many happy returns of the day hope all your wishes and dreams comes true keep smiling <3

This one is just for you <3

you're Khan and you're not terrorist:D

Enjoy your day eat loads of cake & have a great time!

Love Dhara<3

Dharuuuuuu <3 ! thank you soo much babe <3 <3 lmfao yes yes MY NAME IS KHAN AND I M NOT A TERRORIST! lmfao you know how much i love that movie <3 your sweet babe <3 and i m soo happy that we are friends nowwww teheee <3 muah love ya <3 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik



I haven't known you for really long but in whatever time I've spent with you,I can gladly say that you are one of the most fun-loving & cuuuttesssttt people I've ever met  Heart

In such a short time,you've become such a nice friend of mine and I am glad that I met you <3

As much as we all make fun of it,your Snoochiee Boochie'ness is totally adorable! Ah,it must be one lucky I-Phone to have an owner like you :P LOL!

You are a wonderful person & I love how you are so friendly and caring! There's something really unique about you which sets you apart.

I loveeeeeeeeee the wayyy you loveeee KSG.

I loveeeeeeeeee the wayyy you loveeee KaJen.

I loveeeeeeeeee the wayyy you loveeee Snoochie Boochie.

I loveeeeeeeeee the wayyy you vent out on your FB Status.

And ofcourse your Banana baaraat...who can forget that LMFAOOO

It always used to make me laugh out badly and cheer me up whenever I used to be sad..!!

You always bring a smile on everyone's face & make them happy-that's something only a few can do!

I lovee how you are always so cheerful & crazyy about any or everything & you always spread positivity around.

You're a really awesome person and an amazing friend-totally cool and really helpful.

Always stay the way you are  Heart

I realllyyy hoppeee you have an amazing year ahead and a really bright future filled with loadsss of KSG's hotness and droolness LOL

Have a blast and enjoy your day!

And eat lotsss of cake,don't worry you won't get motiiiiii <<

And even if you do,we'll still love you as much!!

God Bless Ya!

Love you <3

Mehak  Heart

Mehakkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiii <3 tehee thank you so much hun! i love how everyone is like calling me BANANA tehee i m known as a banana on I-F wohooo i feel soo kool <3 


THANK YOU SOO MUCH babe<3 i love youuuuuuuuu <3 

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gia.khan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anitamalik

Hi Pink Gunda, I heard it's your birthday? Say word! Ah, well baby, you're amazing, and I hope you have an equally amazing birthday, 'cause you deserve it. I love you oh so very much, and I hope you get all the happiness and the success in the world. May Allah SWT bless you with all the happiness, prosperity and joy, and may you always succeed in life. (Ameen)

Well, how do I start off? Well I guess with a compliment, right? Here it is: You are so astonishing, in so many ways which I can't even start to describe. I could go on all night if I had to, but I know that you are one person I've learned a lot from, and have started to look up to and admire, a lot, and I mean that sincerely from deep within my heart. When I first met you, I was... shocked. You were such a typical phangurl, obsessed with KSG, JW, and just KaJen overall, but as time went on and we started talking more, the REAL Gia Khan was shown to me, and I cannot explain to you how much I admire you. You're an incredible girl who has so many sides to herself.

Whether it is the CRAPPIEST day, you tend to say the most positive things, and make everyone, including myself so happy. You have a way with words, whether you know it or not. You're so inspiring to learn from! You are a person which I've come to love so much over the course of 7-8 months now. It's such a short period of time, but you're one person who I cannot seem to go without talking to, now. That really scares me, though. Don't leave me, kay? Thanks. Heart

I know for a fact that when I've had my horrible experiences, you counter them and you make me smile. Your personality is so amazing, and I hope you realize that. You are so real, and so honest, you are just such a remarkable person to look forward to talking to. Through my horrific university scares, you always tend to calm me down with Nosh, Sary and Anu Didi, and I thank you so much for that. You people are so spectacular; I really hope you know that.

I still remember the first time I spoke to you on MSN; I was shook, no lie. I was trying to scroll up and down trying to keep track of the pink font of yours, and by the time I read your one message, there'd be hundreds more, so I would give up and type in 'lol' and 'rofll' for eff's sake. LOL. I have to say, your one month absence has shown me how much I actually love you, that's crazy, right? Well, it's true. I love you so much, and I love the fact that you're so honest and so easy to talk to. You're absolutely remarkable in every possible way, and though you intimidate me, A LOT, I still have got to say, you're one person who I've come to admire a lot. I love you oh so much, gorgeous, and you always manage to make everyone smile, and that's absolutely astounding!

So let's cut it short; you're absolutely, positively, miraculously, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I hope one day, we get to meet, and have a real life conversation where we actually realize who each other are. Tehe. You make me smile, babe. I love you, have a very happy birthday, and party it up! I know I should give you a gift, but I sort of suck in the creativity department, so I'll gift you with a special surprise soon... hopefully. LOL, don't take my word on it, though. I suck with promises, but what I CAN promise you, is that my love for you shall always be as great as it is today, if not, greater. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Pink Gunda. <3 Lots of love, Phatty

I end with one of my favourite quotes; "Be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else. It means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting."

PS. There's a gift... which shall come soon, pakka!

Phattttttttttyy <3 ! i love how i knew it was you when i started reading this message cause only you could go on religious on mee <3 lmfao MUAH ! thank you babe! 

i love how you were so scared of me LMFAO! so scared that before saharu was going somewhere she told  me to take care of you LMFAO ! i love you babe <3 i know most of the times we act all eeeekss with eachother << but you do know i love you right! thank you so much for everything babe and for everythign that you said today tehe! you made me feel special <3 ONLY YOU could write all that about me LMFAO muahhh thanks alot love! .. i love how randomly you like post banana gif on msn LMFAOOO and they are all soo LMFAO LMFAO! i love that <3 ! 

thank you for always making me smile and well the other times when you are all << i wont thank you for that! LMFAO <3 ! muah! 

"Be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else. It means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting." 

OMGGG that made meee  smileeeeeeeeee <3! thank you babyyyyy muahhhhhhhhhhh love you <3 

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