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NivRen-Till eternity (Page 95)

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Originally posted by tamushi

@ Shova - Happy Birthday Shova

@Aashi - Awesome, funny bone tickling analysis hon, ur analysis made my day sorry nightLOL yeah Viren do have special nivi smile ...thanks so much jaan
Awww thanks a million darlingHug all you guys are soo sweet. i feel so loved Embarrassed.
aahaha i know aashu does have a beautiful gift of making us all smile. love her soo much, actually all u girls have a special tallent and make my day wonderfull with all the things you write and love you girls soooo much that i cant even express how much.Hug

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Originally posted by qse6

Originally posted by sharma.nat

True Ketty and Shova she was actually smiling and what she was not annoyed at Nivi too. She was smiling at her too I was amazed what happened to her anyway good for her.
Shova Jaani you missed my kulprohit Bhavishvani leave everything and go to page no. 50-51 and read it and tell me what you think about that.Wink
I think ketty is rite i think the change in YD was due to the fear of  dadaji lolz. this lady can be soo two faced.
Rachuu pg 50 of this thread??? ok i will run and read it. OMG i have missed out on soo muchCry ok will read it and tell u what i think. but tell me r u mad at me for missing ur wishes to me.  i am really sorry darling alot is happneing now and also its holiday time so my sister and mom are home so have to give time to them too.
So i will be coming in and going out suddenly for awhile. Man i dunno why mom gets mad when i am front of my laptop, it not like im doing anything bad.
anyways im going to pg 50 so seee u in a while.
JAANU I am not mad at you sweetu but the other way round I was telling you so that you should not be mad at me for not wishing you. I don't want to upset you na.Big smile

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Originally posted by sharma.nat

JAANU I am not mad at you sweetu but the other way round I was telling you so that you should not be mad at me for not wishing you. I don't want to upset you na.Big smile
why will i be mad at you. i should be thankfull to have met such wonderful people like all you guys. so thanks a ton sweety. Hey i have to go for my driving lesson in awhile so will be back and write in details about ur post on pg 50 oki

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Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

Okay girls, my analysis for the day...usual disclaimer about jumbled thoughts and spouting nonsense...LOL

While Nivi is calmly waiting for the moon to make it's appearance in the sky, DD is looking anxious. [Oh! No! the hunger must be getting you, right DD?] She wondering why there are so many clouds in the sky tonight. Nivi's smile on hearing this is sho cute. 

DD has more silly questions!!!! How will she be able to see the moon through all these clouds? [I have a question for you DD:) What if the moon decides not to come out????? What if the moon decides to have a tantrum????Because i read in an article (and as you know articles always contain ACCURATE information) that the moon has been known to be emotionally erratic (and psychotically deranged) like you!!! What will you do then????? 

DD, how old are you anyway? Four? 

VD is indulgent. She smiles and explains to the four year old that of course the moon will come out. The KC moon loves playing hard to get with the keepers of KC but it never fails to come out on time. [And DD heaves a sigh of relief. She has been letting her one baby brain cell wander psychotically in the empty spaces of her mind and she was really scared that the moon might not come out at all. Poor thing. NOT!!]

Well VD, I don't know about the vagaries of the KC moon but if there is one thing that never fails to make an appearance, it is Evil Psycho Witch Bellatrix (aka CC) slithering around to her sinister serpentine music, beady eyes on the search for discord and discontent, hatching plots for spreading mayhem with every hissing breath she takes. Looking for  easy prey, preferably with one brain cell. She sees DD and her eyes gleam evilly as she has found prey with a brain cell still in the embryo phase (as it has been stunted owing to various reasons that we shall not delve into at the moment)

She looks at Nivi with her usual basilisk stare but Nivi is still unscathed, thank heaven. Not to worry Nivi dear. Viren's love will cover you like an invisibility cloak, even death will not be able to seek you out. 

The auntie who caught Viren sneaking glances at his lovely wife laughs and teases DD about her impatience being  less about the moon and more about S.  [Well said Auntie, she's wondering if S has run off with the Sherwani:))]

DD smiles and she even looks cute. Nivi smiles too, she's so adorable. Even YD has her 'absolutely human resembling' face today and actually looks nice, smiling on. [YD, this is because of the magical powers of your dreamy grandson's peck on your cheek a while ago....(And even this statement is causing me to go off into my NivRen day dream...of Viren's dream:))] 

Psycho Witch aka CC again sets her sights on our dear Nivi. She slithers towards Nivi and calls out her name. And takes her aside, saying in quite a sweet tone that she wants to speak with her about something. And of course along with Nivi, DD, YD, VD all turn to look at CC. Well, how often does Psycho Witch seek Nivi out??? In such a sweet tone!!!! YD is surprised and wonders (I think) what's cooking? VD has a look of consternation on her face too. 

And CC leads Nivi away, holding her hand. I was like, yeh family trait hai. Viren already has a post doc in "A thousand dreamy ways to hold Nivi's hand". Even CC can't resist. CC, you have touched something so pure today. Nivi. 

Is that the reason you volunteered information that is going to work towards defrosting Nivi's thawing heart. As it is, every day that passes is melting Nivi's resistance towards Viren. And we are not surprised.

When CC asks Nivi whether she has any fikar about her husband and Nivi looks worriedly at CC. [Of course, she has fikar, you psycho witch.]

And psycho witch lets the cat out the bag. Woh bechaara tumhare pyaar mein pagal subah se bhookha pyaasa ghoom raha hai. [Like hello, CC, he is not some wandering atma. Of course, he is pagal in Nivi's pyaar. She knows it. We also know it. He loves her and so has kept this vrat. But, of course trust CC to dramatize] Oh! but Nivi's expression on hearing this. She gets F/B of Viren leaving for office without BF and then later refusing to taste the pakoras. Well, Viren's actions are always in her mind for instant recall. If this obsession of hers for DD was not so active, she would have figured it out herself, I think.:))

Anyway CC volunteered more information that did no harm to anyone....quite the reverse in fact...(her dialogue about viren saying that if his wife can stay hungry and thirsty for him, how can he eat?) be careful CC, if you volunteer information that does good, even involuntarily or inadvertently, it might become a habit!!!! :-)) Psycho witch gets a shock hearing my statement and immediately takes a vow of Eternal Evilness!!!!!:))

More drama from CC. She can't see Viren bhukha pyaasa...Well, you managed quite well when he left without having breakfast CC. I guess then you must have thought, "ek din bhookha rahega to mar nahi jaayega YA dimaag thikane aa jayega. Pagal ladka kahika." And she entreats Nivi to go speak to Viren (get him to eat etc) Nivi wants to find Viren and wonders where he is (aloud) And of course CC's 24/7 surveillance helps...she directs Nivi to the terrace...(Psycho Witch CC, you are doing good here, sending Nivi to Viren on the terrace where he can romance her to his heart's content, where he can gaze at Nivi uninterrupted by snakes and other unwanted characters.)

When CC says that she does not want any of this "drama" in front of the whole world, Nivi looks at CC. Nivi knows it is not "natak" She knows it is Viren's love which prompts him to do this for her. She does not really like Viren's love being called a "natak" Or so I shall think:-)))) [CC, you wicked psycho witch, each day you lay several sinister plot eggs which you then leave lying about all over the place and then you get JW or somebody to sit on them until they get hatched. Now I ask you, where is that RK locket you evil psycho witch???? Accio RK locket. Accio. I really worry about how she is going to use this.

One adorable cutie waiting on the terrace....wearing the baby pink sherwani. Viren does look beyond handsome in these sherwanis...his eyes searching the crowd below...for his beloved...Awww:)) Cutie:))

Viren is in clear sight of everyone with his vantage position near the railing, looking around for Nivi. CC senses danger and slithers off, full speed to feed pea brain DD with some inane nonsense about some Mrs. malhotra wanting to speak to her. Pea Brain DD walks off with CC, cheered up with her "sought after Sood bahu" status. After all, Mrs. malhotra wants to speak to her and not Nivi. DD 1 Nivi 0. pea Brain is thrilled.

Nivi walks out into the terrace silently and is looking at Viren, who is, *sigh* looking at us...*dreamy face* The moment she is standing there looking at him, Viren's Nivi radar beeps brilliantly into action and he turns to find her looking at him with her lovely eyes. It sent shivers down my spine the way "realisation" jumped into Viren's eyes that his beloved whom his eyes were seeking, had made her presence on the terrace. KM, you are amazing, you really look to be so deeply in love with Nivi. Viren's special smile, the one he always has on his lips when Nivi is in front of him scampers to touch his lips. Viren's look of soulful adoration and love. Awwww.

And the look that NivRen exchange then. OMG!!!! And because she is staring into Viren's eyes and because of the feelings coursing through her mind and heart, some she knows, some she doesn't yet acknowledge, she doesn't even notice the sherwani at first. She is just lost in Viren's eyes for the first instant. His love just radiates from his eyes, from is whole being actually. When we all can be transfixed day in and out, surely Nivi can feel it all the time too. Awww.

And OMG!!!! I can't even describe how Nivi's words just touched my soul and I found my eyes moisten listening to her softly ask him, tears of emotion in her voice, "Ek bhi din aisa kyun nahi guzarta jis din tum mere liye kuch nahi karte ho Viren?" What an utterly powerful dialogue. It must have touched every corner of Viren's awareness and must be resonating within him as well. There was so much feeling in Nivi's voice. I was really touched by her reaching out to him like this. The Sherwani was so secondary. She didn't look at him and immediately wonder about the sherwani. Viren and his love for her took precedence over everything else. Well done, Nivi, jaanu.

Viren is so adorable. "he has nothing else he wants to do other than do something for her all the time." Admit it Viren, you have just been stalking Nivi all around, haven't you cutie???? lol

And she lowers her eyes, the intensity of his gaze is too strong....she will get used to it soon that's when she realises the sherwani is pink....and not cream. She mentions the sherwani and then her voice trails off.

The moment he asks her that doesn't she like it, her eyes go wider....but before she can say anything he just jumps in with his"Here i am fasting for you and you are talking about my sherwani." And Nivi's focus shifts. She couldn't care less about the sherwani any longer. She focuses on the cutie in front of her. We like. We like. :))

Awww, the concern in her voice that he's not had anything to eat or drink since morning, Oh! Nivi, one morning you will wake up and realise how firmly Viren has wedged his way into your heart. Today, there is so much feeling on your face. In your eyes.

And when she tries to get him to eat something, how cutely he refuses and tells her that only after  she looks at the moon in the sky, he will look at his very own moon (Awww!!!!) and then break his vrat. Viren, with each word you say and with every action of yours, I end slipping deeper and deeper into this madness from where there is no recall.... Oh! and the way he speaks with her. he has a special Nivi look, a special Nivi voice...OMG!!!! What this NivRen mania is going to do to me, I don't know!!!!!

And Nivi still is worried that he hasn't eaten or drunk anything, she tries to protest and he places his fingers against her lips to shush her....Nivi just stares at him. Oh! Nivi, if I were you, I would have kissed his fingers...*giggle*

I love that Viren always has this need to touch Nivi. As if if he doesn't, she will fade away....

And I love the way he looks at her while he is shushing her by placing his fingers against her lips.....My heart shivered and fluttered...Nivi, how did you resist this charmer?????? [I guess you won;t be trying from now on...*swoon*]

And Viren, in his Nivi voice walks towards her (yes, come closer, why this need to have a football field between you??????:)) with his "Mrs. Nivedita Viren Sood." [yes, Viren. She was in imminent danger of forgetting her name. Because you haven't reminded her for....what is it....fifteen, "meri patni", meri dharampatni" "meri rajkumari chandramukhi" "meri biwi" "meri zindagi" My dear cutie, Viren, she totally remembers her name now....Oh! but it does send lovely shivers down my spine when you call her that...:))]

How sweetly he tells her that it might be farz for her [well, I don't know Viren, the day is not far away when you will get to hear exactly what you must be dreaming of hearing...pining to hear..:))] but for him, it is his love for her....And I loved Nivi's expression here...she probably feels a little overwhelmed by the intensity of his love, I mean, his eyes drink her in, his voice caresses her, his feelings probably are embracing her as he speaks....And me sitting in front of my laptop can only gaze in star struck wonder.....begging for more and more....

And of course, Viren, we know that you leave no stone unturned to demonstrate your love for Nivi. Even the snowflakes in my garden gossip each morning about your love for Nivi:))

Auntie who caught Viren catches sight of the moon coming out of the clouds....[Auntie, you are so lucky, yesterday, you caught sight of our chand (Viren) Today you caught sight of the earth's chand. Not bad. You do get around....

pea Brain DD is thrilled that the moon came out. She was still worried whether the moon might throw a tantrum and just not show up. 

Psycho witch has an evil smirk as she looks at the moon and then at Nivi-Viren because Viren is now standing with his back to them and only his PINK sherwani is visible. Of course, it is blatantly visible even to those with no brain (reasonable eyesight being the only prerequisite as insight is too much to hope for in no-brainers and pea-brainers) that the person wearing the pink sherwani bears as much resemblance to S as a fire breathing dragon bears to a fluffy bunny rabbit...!!!!! okay, exaggerating.....but the figure in pink looks not in the least like S. Now only if DD would use that solitary brain cell properly.....but it's too much to hope for!!!!

Nivi is looking at the moon, happy, and Viren the adorable is gazing at his very own chaand, his heart, his soul and his very being in his eyes. If anyone ever looked at me like that, I would just evaporate into microscopic euphoric particles, each particle bearing the essence of Viren's (ahem...) look.:))

And when Nivi says happily, "Lo, Chaand bhi aa gaya, Viren actually is overwhelmed by his own happiness at seeing his own chaand smiling like that, for him, his chaand never has to come, she is always in his heart and in front of his eyes......And then he looks at the other chaand (yes, Viren, we know what you are thinking. The earth is not as lucky as you. It's chaand has a daag. Your chaand is blemishless, inside out. She is so lovely and you love her. And we love you both......)

pea brain makes statement about how beautiful the chaand is looking. And now that her worry about the moon not showing up has been taken care of, her one brain cell immediately moves on to the other most important question in her life!!!! Has S run off with his Sherwani???? How can he do this to her? isn't she prettier than the sherwani??? [Mirror Mirror on the wall, please come and answer pea brain's query...asap]:)

And Psycho witch steps in to save her evil plot from self destructing.....She feeds pea brain with some tosh about S coming soon and DD being the new dulhan and everyone's eyes are on her (pea brain happy she is centre of attention and not Nivi...)...blah blah...and Psycho Witch keeps her evil plot surviving.....

And then comes the moment where evil plots are fed oxygen by external unidentifiable sources (even these help our psycho witch!!!!) and DD looks up as Nivi looks at the moon through the sieve and then focusses her gaze on Viren the adorable. And Viren is gazing soulfully at Nivi. And I died with the intensity with which Nivi was gazing at Viren through that sieve. It was so beautiful. I feel like I intruded on a very precious private moment...[Though I'm not in the least apologetic....:))]

And then the moment where I could have reached into my screen and cursed DD the Dreadful with a couple of crucios followed by sectumsempra or something like that,......I still cannot believe that she actually thought she was seeing Nivi doing the KC rasam with S?????????????? DD, you are sick. You are the psychotic. The disturbed mind. The dangerously obsessive psychotic....We shall talk about Nivi in a moment. But is that how much you respect your husband? We thought you loved S to the point of obsession. And here you think that S would do something like this. In view of everyone.....his own brother's wife. And with you standing by. You think S is like that? Why do you love him then? if you think he is a person who can stoop so low, how could you ever have wanted to marry him.

And this is unfair to S, I have to say. S is a good person at heart.  Whatever his short comings, he did not deserve to be disrespected as he has been by his wife. In her thoughts. And soon she will say it as well.

And Nivi, DD, do you even realise what you have just thought? Has your one brain cell even taken into account the meaning of your sick doubt? I am sure not. or at least, I hope not. For the redemption of your soul. For when you realise the actual truth of the matter, you are going to weep khoon ke aansoo. Every single second. [Or I don't know. With you, it's so difficult to say. you might still opt for the easy way out....And this little sister of yours, inspite of the torture you are going to put her through with this absolutely disgusting accusation, she is still going to forgive you...[But, beware DD, this time it is not going to be so simple. I warned you before about messing around with Viren. You might have to pay a very heavy price for every tear that falls from Nivi's eyes and for every little shard of her heart that you will break with your disgusting allegations....if you get to that.....

And I don't even want to think about what Nivi will go through if she realises what DD thought....*tears up*

I am hoping you will think about it and realise that neither Nivi or S could behave like that....and I want you to come back and try to mend what you are now trying to harm. Your own relationship with S. because very wrong thought you take and every wrong step you make against Nivi will only backfire against you, NivRen will grow closer and Viren will wreak unending vengeance against you...

I loved the way Nivi, a smile on her face, is doing the pooja of Viren. Awwww...a sight for sore eyes. Viren must be in heaven.....

DD is having agonising thoughts with F/Bs about the colour of the sherwanis and some F/Bs with S and Nivi.  Psycho witch smirks. All is well in her sinister land of evil plots.

Only one thing, DD is usually a person who would have spoken out. Today, she kept quiet. because she didn;t want to create a scene at her sasural???? or because she was just too shocked by what she thought she had seen????

Oh! No! I wanted to see the whole part of her making him drink water/feeding him on the terrace...Oh! Well!!!! I am so sure Viren the Adorable definitely had his hand wrapped around Nivi's as she held the water to his lips.

When he tries to get her to drink, she tells him she can't. She can only drink or eat after the chaand pooja. His face falls. he wanted to break the fast together. 

And another spoke has materialised which may just disrupt Psycho Witch's evil plot....She sees S walking towards the front lawn, in the cream sherwani. And she immediatey slithers away towards S, fangs in the air.

DD the Dreadful, of course has no sense of radar when it comes to S. She used to have some sort of radar when she used to end up as kabab mein haddi between S and Nivi in the old days but I can't be too angry with her for that:))

So, she does not turn around and see S in the cream sherwani. 

psycho Witches have these things working with them instead of against. Wonder what she does to bribe these "forces"???? Some sort of pagan blood curdling rituals with her as some sort of wicked voodoo queen....

CC corners S and tells him he has worn Viren's sherwani. And a whole load of tosh where she lays the blame on poor N the B...Awwww, his love oil is not bringing him luck today....

Oh! Psycho Witch has also been doing some mind reading...She has gauged that using the "DD card" she can get S to go and change back into the pink sherwani....Whoa, CC, kya chaal hai???? psychopath!!!!

Poor S gets manipulated....(again) and goes off....

psycho Witch is again happy...all is well in her evil world...her plot has again gained a new lease of life....but now she has to go and stop that {in her thoughts at least} nauseatingly sweet KC romance taking place on the terrace between her besotted son and the love of his life. She slithers off wishing she could just apparate in the terrace and save some time.....but she knows not how to...*evil grin*....(cause she is a squib (.no magical power, only evil psycopathic power)

Viren is not happy, he wants Nivi to break her fast with him right there right now....he even gesticulates wildly with the water jug or whatever it is make his point...which was so cute....even Nivi couldn't resist smiling at him....but she explains so sweetly to him...and her..."please Viren" said softly and entreats him to understand....("Tum samajh lo ki humne saath saath vrat toda hai"...she so cares about his feelings. She knows he loves her so much and she does not want him to be sad about this or sulk about this. How sweet. And what a different Nivi we are seeing around Viren...Wow!!!!)

And how can Viren resist such a sweetly spoken plea....that too from the love of his life....I love the way he looks at her and says "Okay" ...Awww And he gives her the water thingy back. Thank heaven, I was getting worried here:))

And she smiles back at him. they are in so much harmony here. Its so awesome to watch.

Every little thing these two say to each other, every little look just has the power to enthrall me and send me into a day dream these days....!!!! kya hoga mera????

And I loved the "Chale" and the answering nod....In such glorious tandem they heart is racing like a fast car....

And the serpent slithers into the garden of eden...Aw Shucks!!!!! 

She walks upto Viren and demands to know whether he has broken his vrat. Viren is more interested in telling her that Nivedita hasn't....(Viren, did you really think your mom would help you out cutie?) Anyway, Psycho Witch doesn't even wait to hear her most hated name...And she doesn't care anyway. She didn;t even care about the vrat thing. It was just lucky for her that Viren kept the vrat so she had this chance to use him in this way....

I have to say, surely CC did not know her son would keep the KC vrat? She has mysterious powers, this psycho Witch. She must have had some other plan then, right???? For switching the sherwanis????Everything just played into her hands...but CC, watch what happens  now. You are going to turn your own son against you very soon...Watch out.

And she jumps in with her now current agenda....switching back the sherwanis...she asks him what he is wearing?

And cutie reminds her that it is her gift. But he asks her whether she also didn't like it? So, Mr Viren Sood, you gauged Nivi's reaction to the sherwani and you thought she didn't like it......

And CC tells him it's S's sherwani. Viren (I don't know what was in his mind at this moment) but he says he was wondering why it doesn't fit properly? And he asks his mom how she can be so careless? See, Psycho Witch, he'll lay the blame at your door first. Anyway, CC the Cunning passes the buck to poor dear N the B. bechara....His bhaiyyas are gonna be upset with him if this things blows up terribly wrong.....N the B, you better watch your step....Viren the obsessive is going to stalk you now. Oh! but I forgot, you want him to stalk you, right...Bechaari Laajwanti....:))

And then CC tells Viren to go and change. he is wondering why he needs to. But she talks him (manipulates rather, psycho witch) into it...

CC, you psycho witch, remember this one thing.....Viren will not forget this whole rigmarole you have created around these sherwanis. You better hope DD keeps quiet about this. Or I guess you would talk her into keeping quiet and then plan some other dhamaka...because if DD opens her mouth about this, you will be dead. So, I guess the sole reason to do this is to create hate and distrust about Nivi in DD's mind. And you are just going to fuel it in such a way that when the dhamaka comes, it will be something else and not directly referenced to this....???? or what????? or will this be a big dhamaka and everyone will just act dumb and not realise what has actually happened????

Okay, why does CC send Nivi into the kitchen first???????? Because she does not want DD to confront Nivi when she sees her...immediately after the "event" Or what?????

What is CC going to get from all this? What will she get by creating a rift between the sisters? what is her motive? Just pure plain evil...or what???????? Or she is some sort of creature that lives on evil. Not food or air. But pure unadulterated evil and the by-products of evil...or something...Because I cannot understand her.....

The look of hatred DD directs at Nivi...and Nivi is sad...She was so happy until now when she was with Viren and one moment he is not with her...and see what happens....Viren, it is really better you do full time stalking only....

Aww, the two brothers come out, arm in arm, how shweet...

And notwithstanding psycho Witch's evil power, she has got one thing right....Viren looks smashing in the Cream Sherwani, the pink paled somehow before his radiance. And S, on the other hand looks very nice in the pink.

Well done CC, Style wise, you are good...Cool...

And the boys are looking...delicious....:))

of course, Psycho Witch had to draw attention to the sherwanis....and pea brain started psychotically thinking again...

he he he...JW has been allowed outside....for the KC rituals. He had been sitting on one of CC's evil plots, trying to hatch it:))

When CC says, how much these sherwanis suit them, our dear Nivi is looking at Viren the adorable and mentally agreeing. And of course, Viren is already trying to find himself in Nivi's eyes. 

pea brain DD is looking at Nivi with a "hurt and OMG how could you?" look and I feel like strangling her....God help me

I just loved the way Nivi looks at the moon and closes her eyes and looks at Viren. It feels SO real. That look through the sieve, she looks at him, unblinking, her affection/care for him visible in her eyes....and love will soon follow.

CC shoots a look at JW as well. If I were JW I would be running away. But I guess he loves the look...Gosh!!!! 

DD is so not into the rituals. She's is just doing them mechanically. S on the other hand is looking involved. He is trying....and also trying to do something...destroy her own happiness, that is:)

And NIvRen...OMG!!!!!!!! how does Viren look at her like that....all the time...his love just burns me up and I'm not standing in front of him. if I was Nivi, I would have to wear armour all the time:))

And Nivi's doing the KC rituals so carefully and so earnestly. She wants his happiness and his wellbeing and it shows in the way she is doing the rituals. He, of course, is just drinking her in...Viren, you psycho vampire...Aww, joking, you cutie...:)) "meri khushiya sirf tujhse, meri duniya sirf tujhse" and Nivi means to make this her motto....I just loved the way she did the chaand pooja...looking into Viren's was awesome...

Awwww, VD has a moment where she looks up at the moon/stars and remembers Bhuvan. I am sure every time VD sees Viren and his love for Nivi, she is taken back into time to her lovely moments with Bhuvan.

When Nivi sprinkles the "is it rice?" on Viren, the grains fall against his eyelashes and he blinks, disrupting his "soulful unblinking adoration gaze" of Nivi....and he smiles at her...Awww

And the moment he give her her first sip of water...Aww, wished he was standing closer, is all....but was still...Awwww!!!!!! And his look of satisfaction when she takes the sip...oH! Viren!!!! You are driving us crazy...

S is wondering what's wrong? He has to prompt DD to sip the water. I'm wondering if she sipped or just pretended to????

The way she is feeling right now, everything should just choke her...

I loved how Nivi looks into Viren's eyes with that tiny smile on her lips as she eats that first morsel. [Nivi, i would have also nipped his finger....but I know you are shy...Chalo, koi nahi....:) aage chance mila, to dance karna, samjhi:))

And what do I say about Viren's happiness...words seriously fail me...*day dreams*

Oh! NivRen's KC rituals were awesome and perfect. And the look on their faces says it all....And I'm not talking about the dreamy daze in my eyes after watching them non-stop on my screen and non-stop in my dreams....:))

DD is upset....And Psycho Witch is thrilled with the discord she has planted...You Evil Woman....!!!!!!! And pea Brain....!!!!!*shakes head* Dismemberment followed by dancing on their remains with hobnailed boots on.....!!!! And that would be a start...*evil look*


DD shoots poison dart with her eyes at Nivi who is unaffectedly gazing into Viren the adorable's eyes...Awwww, Nivi, you just focus on Viren and forget about Psycho Divya....

Dinnertime....Finally, after seeing the Sood family survive on just one meal a day...BREAKFAST, they are finally having dinner together....Yay!!!! celebration time...

And N the B runs in happily and serves his darling Viren Bhaiyya something....was it oily love oil Nandu????? Tsk Tsk....

Why is VD vacillating between calling Nivi "Nivi" and "Nivedita" Last two episodes???????????? Anyway, she now says, Nivedita. Both are asked to feed their husbands the first morsel. And it's like a race...3,2,1...and GO...Nivi has already broken the puri and is halfway to Viren's mouth and DD is overutilising her one embryonic brain cell...

Kya baat hai Nivi....pata hai Viren bhuka baita hai....itni utawli use khilani....Good. I like it. And so does our Viren...

And of course, it has been all of twenty seconds before he held her hand. And he can't let his post doc in holding her hand (in different ways that make us go goo goo gaa gaa) just go in vain. So, he holds her wrist this time....

And asks her to feed him not just a morsel of puri but the whole poori and not to do any kanjoosi with the sabzi...Awww, Viren, you really don't leave even one chance to flirt with your biwi. Not even one chance...!!!!

VD is amused. YD, shocking wonder of wonders has her "actually human" face screwed firmly on and is smiling affectionately at Viren. YD, you chalu cheez, just because dadaji is next to you...but good, at least he has this effect on you. Which cannot be said about your choti bahu, Psycho Witch. Nothing seems to scare all!!!! Psycho DD is looking like she might self destruct any second now....[Wow, that would be a treat. DD, don't stop on our account please:)] JAAL are not amused, the tukda of their non-existent heart, their son is romancing Nivi in front of them and there is nothing they can do or say in front of dadaji....But they would like to reach out and poison Nivi and send Viren to some mental institution...because he has just become pagal for this no akal no shakal...Honestly CC, Nivi is really the most radiant bahu in the house...and tonight, she looks so lovely, everything pales before her...and she's just as lovely inside out and that's the reason your son is so "pagal" sorry about use of P word lol, about her....

Awww, dadaji is smiling at Viren flirting with Nivi...Awwww, Me is thrilled to bits...

And Viren has just begun to enjoy himself. he wants Nivi to put some spice on to his puri-sabzi, "he wants his food to be as chatpati as his biwi" Awwww, what is english for chatpata anyway????? spicy, savoury, delicious or having all flavours???? Anyway, we get the drift Mr. Viren Romantic Sood. Nivi doesn't know where to look and was that a blush again.....

psycho DD would like to force feed Nivi some poison...

S actually looks amused too....Has he really moved on then? Cool...Am glad....And now this Psycho DD is going to spoil a sambhalta hua situation....

And VD pulls Viren's ear..."he is a badmaash but such a cute one....and someday nivi will say, thode badmaash, thode shaitaan....magar humari jaan ho tum..."daydream"

And Viren can't breathe without holding Nivi's hand again as she feeds him. Plus he can't do anything without trying to find himself in her eyes. the way he gazes unblinkingly into her eyes, that's his other post doc...."Nivi eye gazing"

he even chews on his khana staring deep into her eyes....yeh ladka hai deewana, deewana, deewana....

And he's still not done...That declaration "Meri biwi ka haath kya pada...khane ka swaad hi badal gaya" if anyone but Viren had said this, I would not have laughed like I did when he said it. 

JW can't believe his ears....Pata nahi school mein kya padh raha tha???? Romance karna?????? We should not have sent this one away....if he had stayed under our chatra chaya, he could have grown as as a mini psycho wizard like CC or a mini evil plot hatcher like JW. CC is shaking her head quietly, she has given up on her "pagal" son....At least for now... [or wait, is JW wishing he could also say such things to CC???? Ewwww... then the dialogue would not happen at all. because Psycho witch ke hath lagte hi good khana will turn into a most potent poison and JW would have died even before the morsel reached his mouth!!!!:))  he he he...

Auntie with Viren fixation (don't blame you Auntie) is teasing Viren about whether itna laad will happen during next KC. [Psycho witch CC would rather kill them off than let them see agle KC ka chaand....]

But Viren the Adorable has all the right answers and he tells them all that he will love his wife forever...even when they are old, he wants her to feed him...Awww, Nivi looks at him...and he is of course, lost in her eyes...

Dadaji and YD are enjoying this...Sho shweet.... YD is of course victim of split personality so, i will not be surprised if she reverts to usual "not quite human face" when dadaji is not around but i am liking this "human face" of YD today.

And Viren never forgets to reciprocate anything...when it comes to Nivi....he feeds her the first morsel thanking her for keeping the vrat for him. And he says this in such a tender loving voice, my heart nearly jumped out of my body again. Shivery tingles... Nivi cannot believe how much love she is being showered with, it's like a blizzard of love and Viren doesn't care who is witness...poori kaynat ke saamne kahega viren....agar use mauka mile awesome!!!!!!! See Nivi's smile...Viren, I love you So much for loving Nivi So much....[And I also love you waise bhi...for myself but we will talk about that later....Shhhhh]

And true love spreads happiness everywhere....and this is no exception. there is a smile on everyone's lips, even CC [although that might have been a mirage or a miracle or a slip up:)] Except the Extra terrestrial DD with one brain cell.  S is happy too...that Viren loves Nivi so much...Awww, S, if this is true, I love you too...take a hug...JW cannot believe his ears though. he looks at CC...["Kya yeh mera beta hai. Baatein to Bhuvan Bhaiyya jaise karta hain....he he he...Just joking girls, just joking, couldn't resist...sorry*holds ears*)]

And the wish Viren makes with that second morsel, thanking her for doing the chaand ki pooja for him and he is making a wish for her that all her wishes in life get fulfilled and that she gets every happiness in life. And as Viren has pledged to give her everything she desires and wishes for, it's such a beautiful vow he is front of his make up for the fact that they took their shaadi vows akele mein. Nivi is unable to contain her thoughts...her smile says it all....

And Viren has the perfect ending to a perfect KC for NivRen. A lovely gift. He knows exactly what needs to be done....So strange nah, the child who grows up in boarding schools and hostels, away from family, knows exactly what is to be done and when.....Cool. Is that a bracelet? or a bracelet watch? How pretty. I want to see a scene where he is clasping the bracelet onto her wrist...(yes, Viren, you can hold her hand again....happy-happy???:))

pea brain, I am ignoring...

S is happy that he got one thing right, he can't say so many things but he at least has a gift for DD.

dadaji looks on pleased. YD raises her eyebrows at Viren's softly whispered (but she heard it, Hmmm) "Kholo" So much romance shomance sabke saamne....

NIvRen are both looking so happy, they had a perfect KC. And I am so thrilled. We could have had more scenes of the two but I am very content.....And what they showed today between Nivi and Viren makes up for everything, even without any scenes, we can feel the NivRen relationship growing stronger and stronger. And I can feel the bonds of love starting to make their way to bind this perfect couple and soon they will be entwined for ever in the most heavenly relationship and they will begin their magical journey of love together....Awwww....

VD asks DD to do the needful. Nivi is putting her gift back into its box. I want a separate scene for this....CTs please...

DD does as asked, just like a robot, no feeling, nothing....S is wondering what has happened...what an anticlimax after those wonderful NivRen moments....NivRen look on, their faces content...CC has her usual scheming smirk back on....When S tries to feed DD, she is unresponsive, VD urges her on an she eats it but looks like she rather choke. When S tries to take the gift out to give it to her, she stands up abruptly and announces her head hurts. Auntie with Viren fixation tries to ease situation by saying that it is DD's first time at the vrat, so poor thing, her head hurts. VD comes and tells psycho DD to go and rest and that she will send her food upstairs....

As she leaves, Dadaji looks shocked. What has his adored pota S gotten himself into????? And dadaji must again feel guilty as well....YD looks shocked/angry. Nivi is worried. Nivi, stop worrying about Psycho will do you no good...focus only on Viren the Adorable!!!!! Viren is wondering what happened to his Psycho Bhabhi?????

Why does every episode have to end on Psycho Witch's smirking serpentine face????????

Precap: Where is Viren????And please someone look at the precap and tell me is Nivi wearing all her bangles or is she wearing the "bracelet"?

Hey Aashvee, what an absolutely wonderful analysis, once again. I bet, you never fail to disappoint any of us here, with your amazingly brilliant sense of humor. It is such a joy reading your analysis. One funny statement after another, like a roller coaster ride, seriously! And, I love the various appropriate names that you come with for DD -"Pea Brain" in today's case LOL. Thanks dear, once again, for an entertaining analysis..

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SanKi4eva

hello every1?
Wats happening?

not much except loving nivren, debating which would be the most painful way to torture cc and wondering how to transfer some brain material in empty head of DD!!LOLROFL

Edited by tamushi - 21 December 2010 at 8:01pm

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by qse6

Originally posted by tamushi

@ Shova - Happy Birthday Shova

@Aashi - Awesome, funny bone tickling analysis hon, ur analysis made my day sorry nightLOL yeah Viren do have special nivi smile ...thanks so much jaan
Awww thanks a million darlingHug all you guys are soo sweet. i feel so loved Embarrassed.
aahaha i know aashu does have a beautiful gift of making us all smile. love her soo much, actually all u girls have a special tallent and make my day wonderfull with all the things you write and love you girls soooo much that i cant even express how much.Hug

welcome dear Hug

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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The song in today's episode played during KC puja, does anyone know which movie it is from, or is it just made for this show? I really liked that song.

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by gmann2010

The song in today's episode played during KC puja, does anyone know which movie it is from, or is it just made for this show? I really liked that song.
Actually even I love the song and I think it was for serial only they really have a very nice set of songs for every appropriate situation

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