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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 96)

muskaan_cute19 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
ooo dear just loved the part it was amazing really 4rm the core of my heart
every bit of it was just fabulous the song emotions dialogues everything
oooo maan is sucha sweet heart the way he arranged all 4 her that was marvellous nd then wen he asked sorry
she was so hurt as this was nt in her control as she wont b strog enof to bear this now
all she needed was maan nd was nowhere there
bt loved the proposal it was really amazing
loved it dear
du continue soon will b waiting dear eagerly
thnx 4 the pm

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
wow JAZZZZZZZZZ tht was so romantic..hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
really isse zayadda wht do i say...
except when we getting the next update...hehe..
i know my short and late comment..u must be in a mood to kill me..but sorry darling i was busy..

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:37am | IP Logged
till part 13
nice glad that i read the parts till happy scenes................that Dev can rot in hell....................hes so worst............finally Geet is seeing some happiness in her this life coz of Maan.......................and they are gonna get married..................cont soon and pm me.................

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
im back!! he he..and hey...dont you people go updating after only 12 days...just ask my readers from other forums...sometimes they have to wait months before i dish out another update...i think my longest was 6 months...lmfao!! any is the LAST part of Ek Paal...hope you all enjoy this part...

im not as horrible as you all think i all for happy endings...but beech mein thodi bohot mirch masala toh honi hi chahiyeh...ha ha...cant wait to see comments.

Part 14

Tu Meri Zindagi Hai


Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har kushi hai

Tu hi pyaar tu hi chahat

Tu hi ashiqui hai


Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaah hai tu

Bujhke ke joh bujh naa paya

Voh pyaas hai tu


Tu hi meri pehli khawwish

Tu hi aakhri hai

Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri haar kushi hai


Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har kushi hai hai

Tu hi pyaar tu hi chahat

Tu hi ashiqui hai


Malibu, CA: Malibu Library (outside) 6:00am – Next Day


Maan and Geet both sat on top of a little cement bench right outside the Malibu Library off of Pacific Coast Highway. After Maan's proposal the night before they had not gone home. Instead they spent the night reliving a moment that meant the world to both of them…the night they had first met. They had walked the beach and the pier. They had ridden the rollercoaster and had churros and frozen yogurt to eat. Finally, they had driven along PCH until they ended up at the spot where they had said goodbye so many years ago.


The memory was bitter sweet for both of them. On one hand it was painful because it had been where they had said goodbye to each other after one magical night. However, it was also the place where they were both embedded in each others minds, hearts and souls. It was ironic that they had finally come back where it had all ended only to start anew.


They had just spent the night sitting on the bench talking to each other, feeling each others warmth and love, and finally just being together. Maan and Geet had just watched the moon illuminate the night, the stars twinkle in amusement, and they had listened to the waves that came crashing onto the shore just below them. They had been so engrossed in each other and the moment that neither of them had realized when they had fallen asleep. Geet had her head resting on Maan's shoulder and she was cuddled up into the warmth of his body. Maan had one arm around Geet as if holding her to him in fear that she may not be there when he woke up. He also had his head resting gently on top of his Mishti's. Lucky for the both of them, when they had come out to sit last night they pulled a blanket out of Maan's trunk and had wrapped it around their shoulders.


Maan was the first one that had stirred awake that morning. Opening his eyes he saw the sun making its appearance for the new day just ahead of him. He wanted to stretch but couldn't when he felt a weight leaning against his body. Turning to his right he saw his Mishti sleeping just like an angel as she held on to him. A smile broke on Maan's face as all the happenings of the previous night rushed back into his working memory. Not being able to resist himself he placed a kiss on top of Geet's head.


Geet stirred when she felt something on her head that sent an odd yet welcome sensation through her body. Geet had begun to stir herself awake when she felt a warm wall that kept her from moving. As she opened her eyes and looked up, she was pleasantly surprised to see Maan's staring back at her. For a moment she was bewildered and not able to figure out what they were doing or where they were. The smile on Maan's face brought an automatic smile to hers. It was only a few seconds later that her smile deepened and she blushed slightly as she remembered the night they had shared.


Geet looked down at her left hand almost half expecting the ring not to be there; one part of her was sure that it had all been a dream last night. Geet felt elation when she saw the exquisite ring glimmering back at her. As she stared at the ring Maan intertwined his hand in hers.


"Good morning soon-to-be-Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana," he said.


Geet couldn't help but giggle as she said, "Good morning."


"You know," Maan continued, "I could really get used to waking up like this every morning. I think I'm going to love waking up next to you."


"Well you keep thinking," Geet teased, "I'm absolutely positive that I am going to love waking up next to you for the rest of my life."


Geet pushed herself up just a bit and placed a sweet, soft kiss on Maan's lips.


"Hmm…I know I'm going to love waking up next to you if you wake me up like that every morning," Maan said.


Geet cuddled more into his chest as she blushed. Maan knew his Mishti was shy so he just pulled her in closer and held her. They both stayed silent as the watched the sunrise over the horizon of the ocean. After another half hour of just holding each other Maan and Geet decided it was time to go home; they not only had to get freshened up, but Geet had so share her engagement news with Pinky and Nancy.


"We should really get going," Geet said.


"Yeah," Maan said as he patted his coat for his keys. "Wait, sit back down," Maan instructed.


"What? Why?" Geet asked confused.


"Please, you will see soon," Maan pleaded.


Not having any other choice Geet sat back down on the bench. Much to her shock she watched as Maan kneeled down in front of her again.


"Umm, Mr. Khurana, in case you have forgotten…you proposed to me last night," Geet teased.


"Lift up your sari," he instructed.


"Huh?" Geet said, or more groaned.


"Lift up your sari, just up to your shins," he repeated.




"Mishti please," he said.


"What are you doing?" Geet asked as she did what she was told to do.


Using both her hands she lifted her sari up just above her shins exposing her ankles. Geet let out a small gasp as she saw anklet Pinky and Nancy had given her. The shock wasn't due to how beautiful it was, the shock was due to the fact that she recognized the anklet. The fact was that it wasn't an anklet at all, it was a payal.


What Maan did next shocked Geet even more and left her speechless. Maan put his hand inside his coat and pulled out something. At first Geet didn't recognize the silver colored metal object in his hand. However, when Maan held it up to her, Geet felt like she was in an alternate reality.


The payal that Pinky had put on her had been Geet's own payal. It had been a payal that was part of a set, one of which Geet had lost years ago, but she didn't know where. Since she had stopped wearing the payal because it's other half was missing. Geet could have gotten rid of it but she didn't; instead she had kept the payal in a box at the back of her dresser. Geet believed that the payal was in some form a representation of her. In her mind that payal represented her extraordinary night with Maan at the pier years ago. She had lost the payal that night and in some sense she had lost herself to Maan as well. So she packed up the payal and all it represented – her love, her free spirit, her magical moments – and pushed it out of her life. To say that Geet was stunned when Maan pulled out the missing payal was an understatement.


"Maan…where…where did you get this?" she asked as she stuttered.


"The girl who stole my heart and the girl that I love had left it behind years ago in my car," Maan said as he clasped the payal around Geet's other ankle.


"All these years, you had this?" Geet asked.


"Yup, all these years…it kept me connected to our night and to you," he said and he rose to his feet and kissed her.


Now Geet realized why she had never been able to get rid of the solitary payal. Her heart knew that one day the matching pair would be found. It was prefect…everything was perfect.




- 3 Months Later –


Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Pier 1:00PM


It had been three months since Maan had proposed to Geet at this very spot. It had been three months of frustration, planning, stress and fatigue. However, it had also been three months of joy, laughter, happiness and fun. Geet had spent the last three months planning her wedding with the help of Nancy and Pinky. They had been to so many banquet halls, so many cake/food tastings, so many florists, so many designers…so many everything! The three people who were inseparable at all times were then at each others throats with clashing ideas on how the wedding should be done, where it should be done, what kind of cake they wanted; everyone had an opinion about everything.


However, after hours, day and months of planning…the big day was finally here. At first Geet didn't think that it was going to happen because every place they called was booked for the next year; as one site manager told her, rushed weddings were not in fashion. It had been Nancy who had suggested that they get married on the beach by the pier. Maan and Geet loved the idea, but Geet was afraid that it wouldn't be possible; after all it was a public beach. However, Maan Singh Khurana could get anything done and for his Mishti nothing was too hard or impossible.


So now everything was set for their beach front wedding. The caterers were set and preparing the food. Maan and Geet had both decided that they would have a traditional Indian wedding since they both had strong ties to their background. The mandap was set off to one side decorated beautifully with traditional marigolds and roses. The holy fire was burning as the pundit chanted the holy hymns. The chairs were all laced with white carnations and roses. The famous pole was even decorated with flowers. There were large torches that outlined the entire wedding area, which were going to be used at night for the reception. Along the edge of the wedding area were a few tents; one was for Geet and the girls to get ready in, one was for Maan and his guys, the other was for the guests who didn't want to wait out in the sun.


"I think we should go with the red," said Pinky as she came towards the area where Nancy was helping Geet get ready.


"No, no! The red is too strong and bold. I say we go with something glittery and shiny," Nancy said.


"Yeah, so that my sister can look a drag queen!" Pinky yelled. "No offence Didi," she said as she stood next to Geet.


They girls were in their tent getting ready for the wedding. They decided that it would be best to do it that way because then they wouldn't have to worry about travel time and they wouldn't have the hassle of running around LA in a bridal gown. At this point they had begun arguing about the color and type of lipstick/lip gloss that Geet should wear. Nancy and Pinky were nearly yelling at the top of their lungs.


"This…right here, this is why not one…but three wedding planners quit," said someone.


The girls stopped their arguing and turned to see that it was none other than Marco, Nancy's brother. Marco walked in with a bunch of orchids that were supposed to be for Geet's hair. Unlike Nancy and Pinky, who were strictly on the bride's side, Marco was a bit of both. Marco had always been like a brother to Geet ever since her friendship with Nancy had begun. He had become extremely protective, more so when he had realized what was happening with Dev and her. However, this time Marco was on the groom's side. Maan did have friends out here in So-Cal but he had a unique bond with Marco. From the moment they met they got along great, but that was probably because both Maan and Marco wanted to kill Dev and then dump in body in the ocean for the sharks to eat. Many times they could be heard plotting Dev's 'murder'. So for today's occasion he was standing in as Maan's best man.


"Excuse me," wailed Nancy, "…who asked for your opinion?"


"Yeah, I don't remember asking," Pinky said, "Besides, aren't you supposed to be in the other tent?"


"I am but I had to bring these for Geet as instructed by Maan," Marco said, "Since we couldn't get orchid out here I had to drive out to the Valley to get them."


"Oh Marco, that is so sweet, thank you," Geet said.


"That was very thoughtful," Pinky said.


"Why?" Nancy questioned with a raised eyebrow, "You are never that considerate."


"Hey, anything for Geet," Marco said as he hugged her. "Besides, it's a best mans duty to fulfill the grooms every wish."


"Yeah, that's what I thought…no way this was your idea," Nancy remarked as she returned to arguing with Pinky about the lipstick.


"Will you two please stop arguing," Geet pleaded, "I was thinking…"


Geet had begun to speak but no one paid any attention to her.


"And you wonder why so many wedding planners walked out on you," Marco said, "With these two, anyone would go running for the hills. That explains why they are still single."


That was it, that is all it took to get Nancy and Pinky to stop arguing. They both looked at Marco as if they were going to eat him alive. They then grabbed the first thing they could find and threw it at Marco's head. Marco ducked out just in time and missed getting hit by a water bottle and compact face powder. Suddenly you heard someone yelling outside the tent; this caused Geet to stand up and everyone turned towards the opening.


"Bhaia stop!" yelled a female voice.


As soon as Pinky and Nancy heard 'Bhaia' they knew who it was. The Pinky pushed Geet to that her back was to the entrance and then grabbed Marco to crate a barrier around Geet. They hid Geet just in the nick of time because in walked Maan with his sister, Anne trailing behind. Anne had flown in from London, with her husband and son, for the wedding.


"Sorry," Anne said, "I stepped out for one second and he flew the coop."


"What is this Jiju? You know dulha cannot see dulhan before the wedding," Pinky said annoyed.


"You all are so unreasonable!" Maan protested. "I haven't seen Mishti for three days! Three days! This is torture."


"Bhaia, didn't Dadi always say, 'sabar ka phal humesha meeta hota hai'," Anne teased."


"In English please," Nancy said.


"There is an Indian saying that says that the fruits of patience are always sweet," said Pinky.


"Hey, you are my best man, what are you doing here?" Maan asked when he finally saw Marco.


"I brought Geet her orchids," Marco defended himself.


"Oh," Maan said.


"Thank you," came Geet's voice, soft and sweet.


"Oh come on, let me see her…just one glance!" Maan begged; it was almost like hearing Geet's voice was too much for him.


"Nope! No can do Jiju. Now you get out," Pinky instructed.


"I won't leave, what will you do?" Maan said as he stood his ground.


"Geet will you tell you shameless fianc to leave," Nancy said.


"It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, I think you should go," Geet said.


"But Mishti…" Maan began.


"Please," Geet pleaded.


Maan let out a very audible sigh, "Ok fine, I'm going." As he walked towards the door with Anne he said, "I love you!"


"Aww so sweet, not get out before I gag!" Nancy yelled.


Maan finally left with Anne and soon Marco followed.



**Continued Below**

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It was almost time for the wedding to take place as Nancy and Pinky were putting the final touches on Geet. She looked gorgeous and perfect; all they had to do was secure the dupatta to her head. Just as the ceremony was about to begin Anne and Marco walked in pushing two wheelchairs that had Geet's parents. Immediately Geet's eyes became flooded with tears that she tried to hold back.


"I thought you'd want to take Maa and Papa's blessing before," Pinky explained.


Geet went over and hugged Pinky before she went to her parents and took their blessing. A few minutes later Marco and Anne took Mr. and Mrs. Handa back out to the wedding party. Pinky announced that it was time for them to go because the wedding was ready to start.




There was a sudden lull that fell on the guests that had been chatting away seconds ago. Maan looked up and was left speechless as he watched Nancy and Pinky escort Geet towards the mandap. Geet was dressed in a red and white bridal outfit. She looked stunning, beautiful; there weren't enough words to describe just how magical she looked. Maan watched dazed as Geet sat next to him. He wanted to reach out and touch her to make sure it wasn't a dream and he almost had touched her, had it not been for the smack he got on his hand from Marco, Nancy and Pinky.


Maan had flashes of their first meeting right there at the pier. The night they had met he had found her in a red ghagra right after her engagement. That night she had been crying and upset. Today she was happy and smiling. That night she had left him for another man. Today, she was finally going to become his forever.


The pundit read the holy mantras and preformed the wedding. Maan put the black beaded mangulsutra around Geet's delicate neck. He took a pinch of sindoor and filled Geet's mang with the color. As they took their pheres around the sacred fire the both pledged their lives, their love, their faith, their loyalty and their fidelity to each other.




The celebrations went on well into the night. Geet and Maan hadn't been able to spend too much time together after the wedding was completed. They had taken the blessing from Geet's parents; that had been the last time they were within 10 feet of each other. Nancy, Pinky and Anne were all hell bent on keeping Maan away from Geet; it was their way of making him pay for trying to see her before the wedding. Maan was frustrated while Marco laughed at the entire situation. Maan and Geet had been able to enjoy their first dance together but then again they were pulled apart.


Maan was looking forward to the night that waited for him as he drove to the Beverly Hills Hilton with Marco. He thought he would be driving with Geet but the girls had taken her and left 30 minutes before Maan had left the beach. Once Maan stepped out of the elevator he could see Pinky, Nancy and Anne waiting outside the door of his and Geet's honeymoon sweet with greedy smiles on their faces. Maan tried to get past them but it did no good.


"What do you guys want?" he asked irritated.


"Not much Jiju, just $2,000," Pinky said.


"What?! Why?!" Maan asked.


"Well, if you want to see you beautiful wife, you have to pay the fee," Nancy teased.


"Hell no!" Maan said.


"Come on Bhaia, you can't pay up $6,000 for Bhabi? How sad," Anne teased.


"$6,000?!" Marco yelled.


"Yeah, $2,000 each," Nancy clarified.


"You have to admit Jiju, Didi looked awesome, the wait paid off," Pinky said.

"Yeah, she did," Maan said with a dreamy look in his eyes. "Ok fine, you will all have your checks at lunch tomorrow. Now can I go and see my WIFE?" Maan asked.


"No checks, only cash…" Pinky said, as she crossed her arms over her chest.


Maan smacked his head. He just had to have two annoying sister-in-law's and one very annoying sister.


"Ok fine, cash!" he said.


Then, instantly, the three girls separated allowing him access to his room.


"Ok, go ahead Bhaia," Anne said.




Maan walked into a room that didn't look like a hotel room, it looked like something out of a fairytale. It was decorated with candles all over that illuminated the room. Flowers were tossed all across the floor. The bed was decorated with flowers from floor to ceiling. There in the middle sat is wife, his Mishti. Maan couldn't believe that their night had finally come. Maan took a few steps and sat down on the bed next to Geet.


"Mishti," he called.


Geet was too shy and nervous so she said nothing. Maan then slowly lifted up her ghungat and exposed her face. Against the glow of the candles Geet looked almost mythical.


"You look beautiful," Maan said in a whisper.


"I love you," Geet said.


"Oh Mishti, I love you too," Maan said.


Maan pulled Geet closer and kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose and then finally her lips. As soon as their lips met a fire was ignited in them both. Maan gently removed her dupatta from her hair. One piece at a time Maan removed Geet's jewelry; starting with her earrings, bindi, necklace and then her bangles. In his state of arousal he had begun to remover her mangulsutra but was immediately stopped by Geet's shaking hands. She gently shook her head in the negative indicating that she wanted that to stay on. Maan felt a rush of pride and honor at that moment so he bent down and placed a kiss on the mangulsutra and her collar bone.


Before he commenced tormenting his wife Maan took a moment to undo the buttons on his kurta and chucked it aside leaving him with a bare chest. As soon as she saw this, Geet became shy and turned her back towards Maan, she didn't want him to see her face turning 100 shades of read.


Maan sensed Geet's shyness, so instead of trying to get her to face him again he began to tease her. Geet's blouse was completely backless with only a handful of strings holding it together. One my one he undid the strings and placed kisses all along her back as he worked his way through. Every time his lips contacted her silky skin, Maan felt Geet shudder; seeing her respond to his touches was wreaking havoc on his senses. He slowly pushed the blouse off her shoulders but Geet still held the fabric close to her chest. Taking his time, Maan released one pin after another from her hair causing it to slowly cascade down one curl at a time. Soon her glorious, raven black hair was resting loosely on her bare back.


Maan put his hands on Geet's shoulders, this time he pushed gently and turned her around. Geet couldn't look at him directly and still held her blouse to her chest as if it was her life line. Maan leaned into the crock of her neck and began placing tantalizing kisses all over her neck. Over come with pleasure Geet leaned her head back allowing him more access and let out a small moan.


Enough was enough, Maan couldn't take anymore…he had to see her. He slowly dragged the blouse off of Geet and saw her squeeze her eyes tight. Geet suddenly threw herself at him and hugged him for dear life. Maan's mind and body went wild with a new awakening as they touched bare skin to bare skin for the first time.


After a few seconds Maan thought he was dreaming when he felt Geet's feather like kisses on his chest. As the initial shock wore off he realized that her hands were also roaming all over his back. Maan couldn't take it anymore, he would go mad if he didn't have his Mishti right then at there. Maan pulled Geet up and gently held her face in his palms as he kissed her with love, passion and ecstasy before pushing her down on the mattress.


That night Maan and Geet finally became one. They fit perfectly because they were made for each other. After so many years of loneliness, heart ache and pain they were finally together. Geet remembered something her mom and told her years ago. She had said that God made us with half hearts only, when we find our soul mates they become one and we become whole; people who are destined to be together will find their way to each other, no one can stop it…because it was God's will.


It was God's will for Maan to be with Geet and for Geet to be with Maan. That is why, after so long, they finally were. God's power, God's love and God's faith were shining down on these two lovers with all its greatness.


Maan and Geet were made for each other; they were destined for each other. That is why they found their way back, to each other, to happiness…to LOVE.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste


Jitne door door ho un dono ke raaste

Mil jaate hai joh bane ek duje ke vaaste


Jaise dil hai dhadkan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste


Jaise aankh hai darpan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste


Jaise barkha sawaan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste


Ek saajni ek saajan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste


Uss raab ne jaab dil diyeh

Dil ke doh tukde kiyeh


Dono pe ek naam likha

Ek Radha ek Shayam lika


Aab yeh dil dhadkte hai

Bicharte aur milte hai


Ek duje ke vaaste


Hum dono ek jaan hai

Doh dil ek armaan hai


Ek duje ke vaaste

The End


NOTE: Yes...there is an epilogue...ill post it once im satisfied with your comments Wink

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wow is this the ending then

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a beautiful story so well told..........

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enjoyed reading the ff..............the final parts were awesome.................
finally the soul mates meet

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