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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 71)

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so...shocked to see another update so soon?'s the thing...i have another idea i want to get out there but i dont want like a million ff's one...start posting so that we can get on with it...he he...hope you all enjoy this part...i have a sinking feeling that you will TongueTongue

Part 11

Naa Tum Jaano Naa Hum


Kyun chalti hai pavan

Kyun jhume hai gagan

Kyun machalta hai mann

Naa tum jaano naa hum


Kyun aati hai bahaar

Kyun lutta hai karaar

Kyun hota hai pyaar

Naa tum jaano naa hum


Yeh madhoshiyaah ye tanhaiyaan

Tasavur mein hai kiski parchaiyaan

Ye bhiga sa maan umangein jawaan

Mujeh ishq le jaa raha hai kahaan


Kyung ghum hai haar disha

Kyun hota hai nashaa

Kyun aata hai mazaa

Naa tum jaano naa hum


Dhadakta bhi hai tadapta bhi hai

Yeh dil kyun achanak behekta bhi hai

Mehekta bhi hai Chehekta bhi hai

Yeh dil kya bafa ko samajhta bhi hai


Kyun milti hai nazaar

Kyun hota hai asaar

Kyun hoti hai saher

Naa tum jaano naa hum


Encino, Ca : Valley Terrace Apartments (Nancy's Apartment Building) 11 am

-the next day-


Geet was discharged form the hospital early that morning. The doctor had made his rounds and said that she was ready to go home; as soon as Geet had heard that, she couldn't wait. She had the doctor stop his rounds, find her chart, fill out her discharge orders and get the nurses to stop their rounds so they could explain the med schedule to her. Well, Geet didn't stop them herself, Maan did; all she had to do was ask him once and then it was done.


Geet felt an odd sense of peace and contentment. She knew that her divorce with Dev was still pending and that anything could happen with him; but still she felt calm. Geet felt like everything was actually going to be ok, that she was going to be ok. Ever since she had let Maan back into her life it seemed like she had started fresh, it was like her life was going to be beautiful now, and the cloudiness was gone. She felt like she was hearing the birds singing for the first time in years, she finally felt the warmth of the sun, she could finally smell the sweet scent of flowers and she could finally smile…really smile. Geet knew that this was all due to Maan. Those were her last thoughts as she was wheeled out of her room to be discharged.


Maan had helped Geet sit in his car and had driven extra carefully. They were followed by Nancy and Pinky in Nancy's car. Geet knew that there was no way she was going home, she had the idea that she would be going to stay with Nancy for a few days and then figure something out; she wasn't going to be a burden on Nancy. When they had reached the apartment building Maan helped Geet out of the car and slowly walked with her. When they had gotten to the stairs Geet had only taken one step and flinched in pain. Maan didn't waste anytime as he quickly scooped her up into his arms and carried her the rest of the way.


"Maan, you…you just passed Nancy's apartment, it's 210 remember," Geet said as they walked right past Nancy's room.


Maan paid no attention to her, "Hey, which one of you has the keys?" he asked.


"I do!" Pinky yelled from behind them.


She was just rounding the corner and was soon by their side. She fished in her pocket for the keys and quickly opened the door, pushing it in to let Maan and Geet in.


"Whose house is this?" Geet asked as she inspected the fully furnished apartment.


"Yours," Maan said as he gently put her down on one of the two couches in the living room.


"What do you mean my 'mine'?" she asked.


"I mean that this is where you will stay from now," Maan answered.


"How? I didn't pay for this apartment or this furniture, I frankly can't afford it." Geet said.


"You can't, but I can," Maan replied with a wink.


"Maan, I cannot take this from you," Geet said.


"And why not?" Maan asked.


"I just can't Maan," Geet protested, "I refuse to be a charity case."


"This isn't charity!" Maan yelled, outraged by the mere fact that Geet could even think he would give her charity.  


"It doesn't feel right? What are people going to say? Who am I to you?" she asked.


"Who are you?" Maan repeated.


He walked over to her, sat down next to her and took her face in his hands.


"You Mishti are the woman that I love. I refuse to let anything happen to you," he said before he kissed her forehead.




"No 'buts'; I know you wouldn't want to be a burden to Nancy, so this is your only option," he said.


After a short pause Maan looked at her with a glint in his eyes and a mischievous smile.


"Well you do have one more option."


"What?" Geet asked.


"You could move in with me," he said with a wink.


"No! I can't do that," Geet said in horror, "I'm still married…I…"


"That is a minor detail, but anyway, it's this or my place. I think you might like this place more only because Pinky would be here with you."


"Pinky?" Geet asked, "She can't stay, she has to go back to school in Arizona."


"Actually Di, I don't," Pinky said, coming in to the room with a cup of tea for Geet.




"Remember I was telling you the last time we spoke that I was thinking about transferring to UCLA so I could be closer to you?" Pinky asked.


"Yeah, but that wasn't until this school year was over."


"Well, the school year is almost over and well…" Pinky didn't finish her sentence because Maan broke in.


"I made a call to the admissions head at UCLA and got her transferred for the fall. I also had a talk with the dean of ASU and they have allowed her to complete the last few weeks via email and she can take her final online as well," he said, answering Geet's questions.


"How?" Geet asked.


"Well I went to college with the UCLA guy and the dean of ASU is married to one of my old friends."


"The man's got connection," Pinky said with a smile.


"So, that means that you are back for good," Geet asked as she looked at Pinky.


"Yeah Di, I'm back," Pinky responded as she hugged her sister.


Geet was so happy that her baby sister was coming home. With everything that had been going on for the past few years, Geet had really missed Pinky; having her home was going to be great. Geet broke from the hug and then looked at Maan with love and respect in her eyes.


"Thank you so much," she said gratefully.


"I'm glad I could help…" Maan had begun to say before he was cut off.


"Oh, nice to see you are all getting settled just fine," Nancy said as she stumbled in with Geet's things, which consisted of one large luggage, two small hand carry-on's, her bag from the hospital and an over sized Guess purse. "I had no problem lugging all of these things up two flights of stairs; no problem at all!"


Maan, Geet and Pinky all had guilty looks on their faces; Maan even ran up to help but by then Nancy had dropped everything on the floor and plopped down on the couch.


"Sorry, we just caught up in talking," Maan said.


"Yeah, yeah," Nancy said as she blew Maan off. She then turned to Geet with a smile on her face, "Oh my God, can you believe it, we are going to be neighbors!"


"I know," Geet said as she looked at Maan, "I just found out."


"Yeah, he's great isn't he," Nancy boasted, "Mr. Pier is a keeper!"


"Nancy! Hush!" Geet said in horror as Maan smiled a wicked smile.


"What? He has heard it before," Nancy defended.


"How?" Geet asked.


"Umm…" Nancy didn't know what to say because she had let the little nickname spill when Maan had brought Geet to her house.


"Mr. Pier huh? It's catchy, I like it," Maan teases as he cut in.


Maan stopped talking as his phone rang; looking at the caller ID he knew he couldn't ignore the call. He had answered and then asked a few questions and gave a conformation, then hung up. He immediately dialed another number.


"Is it ready? It is, good. I'll be over to get it now," he said into the phone before he hung up. "I need to go, I have something important that I need to do," he told the girls.


Geet noticed the serious look in his eyes, "Is everything alright?" she asked, worried.


"Yes everything is fine, I'll be back soon. You guys should start unpacking, I'll help once I come back." Maan then leaned in and placed a quick and soft kiss on her lips before he headed to the door. "Hey, you girls watch out for my girl…my Mishti," he said to Pinky and Nancy, causing Geet to blush.  


Pinky and Nancy simply rolled their eyes.




Road Kill Bar – Hollywood Ca 1:30pm


Maan parked his car in the parking lot of a bar whose sign rear 'Road Kill'. Other than his car there were only two other cars parked there. Maan exited his car with an envelope and then headed inside the bar. As he entered, he could smell the alcohol and cigarettes already, and it was still the afternoon. The room was dark with only a few lights over head illuminating the place. Maan scanned the bar counter, he saw the bar tender and a man dressed in a wrinkled suit. As he scanned the back of the room his eyes fell on his target. Maan walked up to the table where he sat and kicked it waking the man.


"Mr. Dev Malhotra, great place to be in the afternoon," he said sarcastically, "…real classy."


A drunken Dev looked up and had to squint to focus on Maan's face.


"What the hell do you want?" he hissed, "Aren't you supposed to stay away form me, with the restraining order and all…" he slurred.


"You really are an idiot aren't you?" Maan asked as he sat down. "Wait, don't answer that question. You have to stay away from Geet. If you want me to stay away form you, you will need to get a restraining order against me," he said, "However, if you do one thing for me, I promise I will stay away from you."


"Huh? What can I do for you?" Dev asked.


"You…can sign these divorce papers for me," Maan said as he pulled out the papers form the envelope.


"We are not married," said Dev in his intoxicated state, while pointing at Maan and then himself.


Maan looked at Dev not able to believe that someone could be so drunk at this time of the day.


"First of all…that isn't even legal. Secondly, you…hell no!" Maan said. "These are your and Geet's divorce papers you dimwit." 


"Hell no! She is my wife!" he yelled.


Dev was about to stand up but Maan put one had on his shoulder and pushed him back down.


"Look, I suggest that you sign these papers without a fight, or else…"


"Or else what, you will kill me, beat me up?" Dev asked with a shaky voice.


"Oh I wont do anything…nothing at all," Maan said as he leaned into the chair, "I do have friends though; friends that enjoy torturing people just for the hell of it. They really like the sight of blood, don't ask me why. One of them, he is totally crazy and loves to just chop off peoples fingers, one joint at a time."


"W…what?" Dev stuttered.


"Yeah," Maan said casually, "I suggest that you sign the paper if you don't want your darling little fingers chopped off."


"But…what will I get out of all of this?" Dev asked.


Maan let out a disgusted chuckle, "I knew you would ask this question," he said as he reached into his coat and pulled out his check book.


"How does $500,000 sound?" he asked.


"Are you serious or are you shitting me?"


"I'm dead serious. You want it or not?" Maan said in a murderous tone.


"Hell yeah I do! Where do I sign?"


"That's what I thought," Maan said as he handed Dev a pen.


Dev quickly signed the divorce papers which stated that he had no issues he wanted to hash out in court, he wasn't contesting the divorce and that he just wanted this marriage to end as soon as possible. As soon as Dev signed the papers Maan put them back in the envelope and proceeded to leave.


"Hey, my money!" called out Dev.


Maan stopped, turned and then grabbed Dev by the collar bring him to his feet.


"If I ever, ever see you within a mile of Geet, so help me God, you will be a dead man. I never want to see you anywhere near Geet ever again. Understood?" Maan roared.


Dev silently shook his head in agreement. Maan threw him back down onto the chair and threw the check at his feet before he left.




Encino, Ca : Valley Terrace Apartments 5pm


The sun had already begun setting and Geet was really worried that Maan wasn't back yet. She didn't know where he could be she was worried sick about him. A part of her was mad at him as well, couldn't he have called to at least touch base with her.


"Where could he be?" she whined.


"Dear Lord Di, he will be here when he is done," Pinky said as she and Nancy began unpacking another box of things.


"Yeah chill! He is a grown man, he can take care of himself," Nancy offered, "You did see how he handled that scum bag back at the hospital?"


"Yeah, Mr. Pier gave that ass hole one hell of an ass kicking!" Pinky said as she punched the air.


"Will you two stop calling him Mr. Pier?" Geet said exasperated.


"It's cute," Nancy complained, "Besides, don't worry about him worry about how we'll get Dev to sign the papers."


"I don't…" Geet had begun to speak but suddenly the door to their apartment opened; Geet in relief as Maan walked in.


With him Maan carried a bouquet of exotic flowers, a bunch of colorful balloons, a huge box of Ferrero-Rocher chocolate, a bottle of something and an envelope tucked under his arm.


"No need to worry about that either," he announced as he set the things down on the coffee table, "He signed the papers."


"He what?" all three of the girls asked at once.


"He signed the papers and I already gave them to Mr. Adler to begin processing," Maan said, "Fingers crossed, this whole nightmare will be over in a few months."


Geet's eyes glazed over with tears that she tried to blink back, "Really?" she asked.


"Yes, really, you will finally be free," Maan said as he sat next to her and pulled her into a hug.


Breaking the hug he saw that even Nancy and Pinky were tearing up.


 "Oh come on, this is a good thing; no water works, lets celebrate! I brought champagne and chocolate."


"I don't drink," Geet said.


"I know," Maan said as he attempted to open the bottle, "That is why I brought sparkling apple cider."


"Pinky, go grab some glasses while I get a vase for these gorgeous flowers," said Nancy.


"We don't have any glasses yet," Pinky said.


"Top right shelf, second rack…there are some champagne flutes there," Maan told her.


"Wow, you really did go all out, didn't you Mr. Pier?" Nancy commented as Geet nearly smacked her head.


"Of course, anything for my Mishti," Maan said as he kissed Geet on the cheek.


A minute later Pinky returned with the glasses and poured the gold liquid into them, Nancy had also come back with the flowers that were now settled in a bronze colored vase. Maan handed a flute to Geet and then raised his hand in a toast.


"A toast to happiness, freedom," then he turned to Geet and continued, "to my Mishti and the most important thing in the world…LOVE."


"Cheers," they all rejoiced.


"Too Love," Geet said softly before taking a sip and settling against Maan.


Pyaar Ishq aur Mohabbat


Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat

Jo bhi inka naam le, pehle dil ko thaam le

Naam lene se hi kayamath ho jaati hai

Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat


Humko bhi rog yeh lag jaaye agar

Aisa ho toh ho kya, aisa kyoon ho magar

Jisne bhi yeh dil diya, jisne bhi yeh gham liya

Kuch na poochho uski baatein

Lambi lambi kaali raatein

Uski aankhon se neend rukhsat ho jaati hai

Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat


Iss jagaa hum mile phool dil mein khile

Kya khabar, kya pataa hum mein tum mein ho kya

Baaton baaton mein kabhi, aankhon aakhon mein kabhi

Chaar din ki dosti mein

Ek zara si dillagi mein

Bas kisi ek din sharaarat ho jaati hai

Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat



Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat

Jo bhi inka naam le, pehle dil ko thaam le

Naam lene se hi qayaamat ho jaati hai


Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat


ps: eagerly awaiting comments

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that was lovely..

glad that dev is out of geet's life.. 

but aren't they divorced since dev signed the papers..

why few more months ??? 

btw nice updates and continue soon :)

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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lovley update dear .....................ur are g8 ..............................superb update loved maan and geet.

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just wow
happy to read ...
geet now free...

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loved it....
finally things r getting back to normal...
maan knows his misti too well....Big smile...bought her apartment coz he knew she wud not want to b a burden on nancy...
even i like the name Mr. Pier....LOL
maan got the divorce papers signed...Dancing...what can b expected from in return...
wish maan wud have punched him again...but doesnt matter...maan is not that kind of man....
the warning was enough for dev to stay away from geet...just wishing he will never come back...coz if he does....then he will die...Big smile
cant believe its coming to an end...bas ab uss EK PAAL ka intezaar hai when they will be one...Wink
waiting for the remaining part or parts n other new FF's...

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Double Thanks one for the lovely update and the other for ur PM.

Freedom from Dev.Clap

Now what next  ?

Marriage ?

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superb superb superb update... loved it.....

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Jaz   Hug.....Never thought i would get the chance to say this for your was soooo lovely and dreamy Day Dreaming.......loved every word u do u expect comments my dear... u just leave me speechless i being too happy too soon.....we never know what u have planned next Tongue......plz continue soon.....thank u for the PM......TC Smile

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