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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 67)

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
ok ok ok...i late...and considering where i left surprised that you havent killed me yet LOLLOLLOLLOL any is the next part...hope you all enjoy it...

NOTE: some questions may be answered in this part Wink

Part 10

Woh Meri Neend


Woh meri neend, mera chain

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh mera pyaar, mera daard

Mujhe lauta doh


Neend jitni bhi maine khoyi hai

Chain jitna bhi maine khoya hai


Woh meri neend, mera chain

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh mera pyaar, mera daard

Mujhe lauta doh


Ek masoom dil hai

Aur sitam hai kitne

Iss mohabbat ke siva

Aur bhi gham hai kitne


Mere ishq ka imtehaa yun naa lo

Tumhe hai kasam meri jaan yun naa lo

Khawb jitney bhi maine dekhe hai

Yaad jitna Mishti hai maine tujhe


Woh mere khawb, meri yaad

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh meri neend, mera chain

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh mera pyaar, mera daard

Mujhe lauta doh


Yeh meri bhul thi joh maine tujhe pyaar Mishti

Naa milne wali mohabaat ka intezaar Mishti

Yeh kya rang laayi hai meri bafaa

Mili hai mujhe kis liyeh yeh sazaa

Teri chahaat ki pyaas thi mujh ko

Tujhko paane ke thi umid mujhe


Woh meri pyaas, woh umid

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh meri neend, mera chain

Mujhe lauta doh


Neend jitni bhi maine khoyi hai

Chain jitna bhi maine khoya hai


Woh meri neend, mera chain

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh mera pyaar, mera daard

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh mere khawb, meri yaad

Mujhe lauta doh

Woh meri pyaas, woh umid

Mujhe lauta doh


Valley Presbyterian Hospital – 2:15pm


The man who had tortured Geet for these past four years stood before her once again. The man who had violated her, who had abused her, who had given her nothing but pain and sorrow, the man who took her peace and her self-respect, he stood in front of her once again. Geet stared in shock and disbelief at Dev who was taking steps, coming closer and closer to her slowly. He had a look in his eyes that sent an ice cold shiver down Geet's spine. She was still very weak so it wasn't like she could jump out of bed and run away from him. Geet franticly looked for the nurses call button but for the life or her she couldn't find it. She began pushing herself back on the bed with her arms.


"Who is this 'Maan' that has you smiling like an idiot?" Dev asked.


"You…you shouldn't be here. Pinky got a restraining order against you," Geet told him.


"You didn't answer my question," Dev stated, still coming closer to her inch by inch, "You know how I don't like it when you don't answer my questions. I don't like asking the same thing more than once."


"What do you want? Just leave me alone. Go away!" she yelled, or at least she tried; her voice barely came out as a whisper.


"Oh come on honey, how can I leave you? You are my wife and you are in the hospital, I can't leave you now," he said with a sarcastic tone, "If I leave you now, what kind of husband will people think I am."


"Don't do this…please," Geet begged, now with her back hard up against the head board of the bed.


"Has saying 'please' ever gotten you anywhere with me?"


Dev was now right at the boot of the bed, his fingers tracing the edge of the foot board.


"Go away…just go away. I won't tell anyone that you were here. Please just go," she pleaded with him more.


Dev completely ignored Geet's pleas when he said, "Show me where it hurts, I'll kiss it make it better."


Dev's voice came out almost as a venomous hiss, he was so close to Geet that she could feel his breath on her face. Geet was scared stiff, literally, she couldn't move for some reason, no matter how much she wanted to. Her body shuddered when Dev took his hand and pushed a strand of unruly hair back behind her ear. He then proceeded to place a kiss on her cheek right where there was a bruise which was still raw, therefore causing Geet to flinch. Dev pulled back just enough so that Geet could see the evil glint in his eyes. This time when he leaned in he aimed lower than her cheek, he aimed for her lips.


Tears welled up in Geet's eyes again as she recalled the many times that Dev had forced himself on her thorough out their marriage. She remembered him hitting her, scratching her, kissing her, and touching her. Her mind was frozen back in time as well as her body. As she tried to brace herself for the kiss she closed her eyes and tried very hard to not actually cry.


Geet was expecting the kiss but the next thing she knew she heard a loud thud across the room. Opening her eyes she saw Dev on the floor by the door and an angry looking Maan standing next to her. Maan glanced over Geet looking to see if he had actually hurt her.


"Are you ok?" he asked.


Geet didn't say anything; all she could manage at this point was to nod her head. Getting the ok from Geet, Maan had crossed the room to where Dev was in a few steps. Dev was still attempting to get up onto his own two feet, but he didn't have to try for too long because Maan bent down, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up. As Maan pulled Dev up, Geet saw Pinky and Nancy enter the room.


"Get security now!" Maan yelled, apparently he had seen the girls too.


Nancy raced out of the room towards the nurse's station while Pinky came to Geet's side and hugged her.


 Maan was seething with anger as he pushed Dev up against the wall. He had done it so hard that he decorative fame that hung on the wall shook. Maan still said nothing; instead he took a swing at Dev and hit his square in the jaw. A loud grunt of pain could be heard coming form Dev as he crumpled to the floor. That didn't stop Maan though; with Dev on the floor Maan began kicking him, causing Dev to curl up into a ball to try and cover himself form the blows, not that it helped.


"You filthy, sorry-excuse-of-a-man! How dare you come here! How dare you touch Geet!" Maan roared as he kept beating up Dev.


Nothing and no one was stopping Maan today, he was going to give Dev exactly what he had deserved. 


"I should have done this as soon as I found out you were an abusive ass hole, but I didn't! If I had, then Geet wouldn't be in the hospital today. If I had gotten you then, an innocent child wouldn't have lost the chance to live."


Maan was able to give Dev a good round of kicks and punches before three security guards stormed in; two held Maan back from killing Dev and the other jerked Dev up to a standing position. The guards held Maan back as he began to calm down just a bit, so that he was no longer on the verge of killing Dev. A moment later, the guards eased their grip as Maan stepped away from them.


Maan looked Dev up and down inspecting his injuries. Dev had a busted lower lip; a laceration right above his left eyebrow, blood was dripping from his mouth, nose and various other places where he was cut. His shirt was stained with blood and even torn in a few places. He looked like he had the beating of a life time; just the results Maan wanted.


"Call the police, get this man arrested," Maan ordered.


"You cannot do that Mr. Maan," Dev said sarcastically, "I am her husband. If anyone is leaving it is you."


"Oh think again, we have a restraining order against you; you cannot come with in 500ft of Geet or else your ass will be in jail," Nancy said.


"That restraining order won't stand up in court, it was obtained without the consent of Geet; Pinky did it, that won't count," Dev said, thinking he'd won.


"That one won't since Di is awake now, but the one we got her to sign after she woke up, that one will hold in court," replied Pinky, causing Dev to shut up.


Nancy walked up to Dev. Now it was her turn to give her two cents. "You son-of-a-bitch! Haven't you done enough to Geet! Why the hell did you come back? You have abused and raped her for years but she didn't say anything, but now, now your game is over. She lost her baby because of you; I hope you rot in hell!"


With that, she raised her hand and slapped him across his face as hard as she could.


The guards began escorting a very vocal Dev who was cursing out Geet and the whole lot of them.


"Wait," Maan instructed.


The security guards stopped right outside of the room and Maan walked up to Dev.


"If I ever so much as see you in the same building as Geet, then you better watch out. If you ever scare her, talk to her or touch her again, you won't see what is coming your way. You thought this was bad; do so much as look at Geet and I will kill you with my bare hands! Now get out of my sight!"


Dev suddenly began yelling before the guards could escort him out, "He threatened me, did you all hear that, he said he would kill me! I need police protection. You three have to tell the police and corroborate my story!"


"Carl, did you hear something?" asked the first guard.


"Nope David, not a thing. Jake, what about you?"


"No, I tend not to listen to other peoples business," said the last one.


"He said he would kill me, you heard Mr. Maan say he would kill me with his bare hands," Dev protested.


"No, I didn't hear that, I head him tell us to arrest you," said the last one again.


"I did hear one of the girls mention something about abuse and rape of your wife though, let me tell you, I hate men who disrespect women," said the first one, as they dragged Dev into the elevator.


"You know the cuts on your face look pretty bad, huh nurse?" asked one of the guards. "Looks like he needs stitches."


"It sure does, I'd say about 5 but since he is so special, we will make sure he gets 10," replied one of the nurses behind the desk at the nurse's station."


"Hope you've got anesthesia," said another guard.


"Oh, sorry…we don't. Just used the last bit we had on a little kid down in ER," she replied.


"Aww, now that is just too bad, isn't it mister. Looks like you are having a bad day."


That was the last thing one of the guards said as they shoved Dev into the elevator at the end of the corridor, but not before they 'accidentally' ran him into the wall.


Maan couldn't help but crack a weak smile at the comments the security guard and the nurses had made. He was about to go inside but then a though occurred to him. Quickly pulling out his phone, Maan searched for a second until he found the number that he needed and then pressed 'send'.


"Mr. Adler this is Maan Singh Khurana. I need you here at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, I need you here now!" Maan didn't clarify anything else before he hung up.


When Maan re-entered Geet's room he saw Nancy pacing nervously while she talked on the phone with someone in hushed tones and Pinky still sat next to Geet rubbing her back trying to get her to calm down. Giving Geet a  once over Maan could see that she was visibly frightened and her entire body was shaking, despite that fact that she had her knees curled up to her chest and held on to them in an attempt to stop shaking.


Without saying anything Maan walked over to the other side of the bed and sat next to Geet. Seeing him, Pinky gently pushed Geet out of her arms and into Maan's waiting arms. Geet looked at him for a split second before her eyes welled with tears again and she grabbed onto Maan as if her life depended on it. Maan put both of his arms around her and pulled her in close, leaving no space between their bodies what so ever.


"Shh, he will never bother you again Mishti," Maan said as he tired to sooth her, "I promise you; you will never have to deal with that man again. I am never going to leave your side…ever."


"Sorry to interrupt," Nancy said as everyone looked at her, "I just got off the phone with my brother, he said that because Dev violated his restraining order he can only be held in lock up for a day or two, max, but then he is out again."


"What if he comes after Di again?" Pinky asked worried.


"Don't worry, he won't but if he does, he will answer to me. Besides, he will no longer be a problem in Geet's life."


When Maan said that, the three women looked at him in confusion but also with a twinkle of hope in their eyes.


"What do you mean?" Nancy asked.


"I called my lawyer; he will be here soon to draw up Geet and Dev's divorce papers," Maan informed.


"Oh thank God one of us had the brain power to think of that," Pinky said as she relaxed a bit and sat down in one on the lounge chairs in the room.


Maan looked down at Geet as if looking from some sort of sign that he had done the right thing by calling his lawyer. Geet too looked up at him and gave in a small, weak smile giving him the sign he needed. Maan kissed the top of her head and then took her back into his arms and just held her until her shaking stopped, which wasn't until she had fallen asleep.


It was nearly an hour later that Mr. Adler had showed up. He greeted Maan in the lobby and asked what was the urgent matter that Maan had called him for. Maan took about 20 minutes explaining the entire situation to Mr. Adler and told him exactly what had to be done. Maan and Mr. Adler went up to the floor where Geet was and were greeted by Pinky and Nancy as they entered. Maan panicked for a second as he asked where Geet was, Pinky informed him that she was just inside the bathroom washing her face.


A few minutes a weak and wobbling Geet stepped out wrapped in a robe. Maan was at her side in a second giving her support as she walked back to the bed. Maan set her down gently and muttered a curse under his breath as Geet flinched and groaned as she sat down, obviously her injuries were causing her pain. When Maan stepped back he looked at Geet's face.


"Mishti," he whispered as he ran a finger across her cheek where a big bruise rested.


Bending over he kissed it with the utmost care and tenderness. All Geet could do was give him a small smile.


"Geet, this is Mr. Adler my lawyer, he does corporate law but has agreed to help out with your case," Maan informed. "Mr. Adler any questions you have are welcome, we want this done and over with as soon as possible."


That started off Mr. Adler and his million and one questions. He asked the most non-sense type of questions to the types of questions that caused tears to come into Geet's eyes. Geet had to recall events that she had tried for so long to forget. Maan stood by with his hands balled into fists and uttering curses every once in a while as Geet recalled the first time Dev had forced himself on her. She then she recounted the times he had physically abused her and other incidences of his marital rape. The session finally ended with Geet accounting for the last time he had beat her; it happened as she tried to leave him. Dev would not have his once subservient wife walk out on him, which raised questions about his manhood, he would not tolerate that.


"What do you think Mr. Adler, how long will this divorce process take?" asked Maan.


"Well, usually these things take about a year if not more," he said.


"Damn it! There has to be another way to get this done faster!" Maan yelled.


"Mr. Khurana, please listen. Normally these things take that long, but this case is anything but normal. With the reports of marital rape and physical abuse which, if verified by medical evidence, will speed up the process. Add to that the fact that Mrs. Malhotra lost her baby due to his abuses, her case is strong. With this degree of violence involved, the judges too end up being sympathetic and siding with the victim."


"Oh thank God. But how long will it take, time wise?" Pinky asked.


"I cannot guarantee that now, I will consult with a colleague who specializes in these types of cases, but my best educated guess is that this should only take a few months, given that…" he trailed off.


"Given what?" Maan asked.


"Given that Mr. Malhotra signs the petition and doesn't plan to fight the divorce in court."


"Dev will never do that, we will never let go of me," Geet cried as she sunk back into her bed, feeling dejected.


"Don't worry, he will sign the papers and he will let you go…I'll make sure of it," Maan replied.


"Well then I will draw up the papers as soon as I get back to the office and overnight it to you. Bring them to me once they are signed and we will take it from there," said Mr. Adler as he gathered his things to leave.


"Mr. Adler," Geet called, in a weak voice, "Thank you so much."


"Don't mention it dear, I hope that you get out of this marriage soon. You deserve a man who loves you; you didn't have that with Mr. Malhotra, but you have that now," he said before he left, but not before giving Maan a knowing glance.


Hours had passed since the lawyer had left. It was well into the night and Maan had stayed with Geet. He had instructed Nancy to go home with Pinky and get some rest. The hospital only allowed one person to stay with Geet and there was no way Maan was leaving. The girls only left because the feared that if for some reason Dev returned, Maan would be the only one able to handle him.


Maan and Geet were lying on her bed, it wasn't really big enough for the two of them but they still made it work. Maan held her in his arms as she rested and tried to look forward to her future, a future without Dev.


"Can I ask you a question?" Maan asked softly.


"Hmm…" Geet replied.


"Why did you do it? Why did you stay with him…all these years…why?" Maan asked.


He heard Geet sigh deeply before she spoke.


"He was all I had," she said. "With Maa and Papa in the hospital and Pinky away for college, he was the only family I had. After we first got married he was sweet. He was the Dev I'd always know growing up. He was attentive, caring, loving and a gentleman."


"Yeah, right!" Maan said.


"I'm serious. He was a good husband for the first year or so of our marriage. But then…he got fired for some shady business that put his companies reputation on the line. He couldn't get a job after that…it was like he was black listed in the field. When it first started getting bad I want to leave…I really did…but I couldn't. Marriage wasn't a joke for me. Good or bad, thick or thin…I had to stick it out."


"But Mishti…marriage vows don't include domestic violence and…and rape! Why did you stay?" Maan began.


"Because I had no one else…and because every now and then…he was the sweet and caring man I'd married," she said.


"But you did have people…you had Nancy and Pinky…and…Me," Maan said.


"I didn't know I had you," she said simply. "Just like you didn't know I needed you."


He sat holding her for a long while before he spoke again.


"I love you," Maan whispered to Geet.


"I love you too," she replied.


"When did you fall in love with me Mishti, because I fell in love the minute you took one step away from me four years ago," he proclaimed.


"I fell in love with you when we danced under the stars on the pier for the first time. I had given you my mind, heart, body and soul; I had surrendered my everything to you at that moment."


Maan looked into his Mishti's eyes and saw the truth and love shining in her eyes. He then gently and passionately took her lips into a kiss; it was a tender kiss that showed how much he really loved her, because he too had given her is mind, heart, body and soul that night, he had given her his everything.


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam


Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hai hum

Teri kasam


Yeh duniyah kare sitam

Tujhpe mitenge hum

Teri kasam


Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hai hum

Teri kasam


Umidein tum hi se hai mere sanam

Thama hai tumhara hi yeh daman

Bhoolenge khabhi naa aab tumhe hum


Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hai hum

Teri kasam


Teri yadoon ke sayeh mein guzre gi yeh zindagi

Uss khuda ke baad toh pooja hogi baas teri

Chahe jo mang lo saab tumhara hai


Hum dil de chuke sanam,

Tere ho gaye hai hum,

Teri kasam


Teri kasam…


NOTE: So...many of you have been asking...and wondering...why Geet stayed with Dev considering he was a jerk (and thats putting it lightly) reason was explained above...i know to many it might not make sense...but a lot of women in situations like this dont know how to get out of it...and they make all sorts of it may not make sense to you...and the explanation might not make you happy...just try to see it from Geet's POV

ps: pls share your thoughts Big smile cant wait for comments!! Wink

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 9:43pm | IP Logged 1st 2 comment on this part.....Party..Dancing
amzing part......the way the officers were answering dev was awesome n bit funny as well......
hope maan makes that bas**** dev sign the divorce papers soon.......

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Thanks for a wonderful update .Clap

Maan  the rescuer will erase miseries and sorrows from Geet's life.

Hope to see more maneet scene in your next update.

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
loved the update
i am just glad that maan thrashed dev..................the guards and nurses comment was very nice...........
maan being a brainy did the best thing to get geet out of this mess but how ugly its gonna turn is not known.................sure dev wudnt give it to her easily............
amazing to read the love they share with each other.............
u r right there r still some cases where even literate lady suffers domestic violence and still bears it rather than taking nay steps against it.................
pl cont soon.................

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what should i say....
it was beautiful... 
that day u gave a heart attack by ending on dev.. and today u gave the satisfied smile playing across...
i loved it to the core!......
jaz.. u r really the superb writer.. and wil alwayz remember u... might b just for ur work.. bt i wil.. i know!..

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Jaz  Hug......Thank u sooooo much. Big smile......Maan came in time to save Geet from that idiot Dev Angry......glad Maan bashed him up ......loved the scene with the gaurds and nurses.......hope the divorce happens fast......loved the Maaneet moments Day Dreaming......yeh dil mange more Embarrassed...the songs u used were awesome.Thumbs suitable for the situation.......plz continue....TC Smile

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Tht was a good update...thnks..

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 12:11am | IP Logged
^^ Kanjoosi!! what is this shreya? haw!!! so not fair!! i give itna lamba updates...and you give...chindi chor jaisa comment...he he


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