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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 50)

VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 12:28am | IP Logged
came across ur ff
loved it to the core
very well written

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
If he so much as lays a finger on Geet...I think Maan should kill him no matter what the consequences! Arrghhhh....I Haat Dev!

I feel so sorry for did she manage to get stuck with this pig of a man!!!

I am amazed at Maan's self control- how he can easily step into the sidelines just to respect her wishes!!

Great update....cant wait for the next part

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shivangi783 Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged

Just read Part 7 and my eyes are moist. This was so heart-wrenching!
I hate that bas***d DevAngryAngry Why did Geet marry her? Why is she still tolerating him? I don't know when will you give this answer through your updates. But it really pains to see Geet going through excessive torture and abuse everytime. I can't even imagine what has Dev done to her this time! 
I just pray that no woman should go through this ever! 

Nancy is a darling. She's truly Geet's well-wisher, friend, mother, father, sister-everything!
And Maan is a sweetheart-he respects her wishes. He decided to stay away from him just because she had asked him to no matter how much pain this gives to him. 

I am waiting for the next part now. Please Geet ko kuch mat karna and don't let that Dev die easily. He should die everyday for the pain and abuse he's been giving to Geet since four years!

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
alright is the next installment of this story...hope you guys like it...cant wait to see the comments...Wink

Part 8

Tere Bin


Tere bin, main yoon

Kaise jiya, kaise jiya

Tere bin.


Lekar yaadein teri

Raatein meri kaat.

Mujhse baatein teri

Karti hai, chandni


Tanha hai, tujh bin, raatein meri

Din mere, din ke jaise nahin

Tanha badan

Tahna hai run

Nam meri akheen rahe

Aaja mere aab rubaru

Jeena nahin bin tere


Tere bin, main yoon

Kaise jiya, kaise jiya

Tere bin


Kabse akheen meri,

Raah mein tere bichi

Bhulse hi kahin

Tu mil jaye kabhi


Bhule naa mujhse baatein teri

Bheegi hai, har paal akheen meri

Kyun saas loon

Kyun main jeeyoon

Jeena bura sa lage

Kyun hogaya, tu bewaafa

Mujhko batade vaje


Tere bin, main yoon

Kaise jiya, kaise jiya

Tere bin


Valley Presbyterian Hospital – 9:00pm


Maan was sitting in the waiting room that was just outside the emergency unit at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys; it was only a few minutes form Geet's house. The drive from Geet's house to the hospital was only a few minutes but even that time felt like it stretched on too long. Maan had been lucky enough to follow directly behind the ambulance so he got there exactly when they did. It took them all of a minute and a half to get from her house to the hospital because the ambulance had its sirens on. He knew that if had to drive like all the other drivers at that point, then he could have gone mad for sure; having to stop at the red lights, and stop signs, he would have gone insane.


As Maan looked around the waiting room he saw only one other man in there with him; that man however was sleeping on one of the couches. Sleep was the farthest thing form his mind, but Maan was exhausted; he decided to lean back and just rest his eyes for a minute. As soon as he closed his eyes the scene from Geet's apartment flashed before his eyes. It was like he reliving that incident all over again; he could see her on that stretcher, blood dried on her lips, the smell of rose scented potpourri filled the room, the sound of the sirens outside the building, Nancy's cries, the voices and commands of the EMT's and firefighters. He remembered that many of the tenants in the apartment building were standing outside, watching all the drama unfold. Maan wanted badly to go with Geet in the ambulance, but they only let one person go with the patient, and that person was Nancy, she was in no condition to drive herself anywhere; he was shaking himself but had to pull himself together for his Mishti.  


Maan's mind kept traveling to Geet and how she was doing. The doctors refused to give them any information due to doctor-patient confidentiality and also due to the fact that neither Maan nor Nancy were blood relatives of Geet. In situations like this, when the patient can't make decisions for themselves, the doctors wait for family to arrive. Nancy had been trying to get a hold of Geet's sister to see how far she was from getting here. Geet's sister was a student at Arizona State University, the drive alone was over 5 hours. Apparently she had tried to get a flight out here but the soonest one she could book was for tomorrow, and that was just too long, so she was driving.


If anything happened to her, he would just die; he knew he would. He had spent years apart from her; the only thing that kept him whole was knowing that she was off happy somewhere with someone. Sadly, when he found out the true reality of her life, it almost killed him. The only thing keeping him form not taking her into his arms and going away with her, was the simple fact that she had asked him to stay away; Geet had asked something of him for the first time, and he was going to give her what she wanted. As hard as it was for him to stay away from her, he would do it; but he would do it only after he was absolutely certain that she was okay.


Maan's thoughts were broken when he felt the seat on the couch next to him sink in. Opening his eyes he saw Nancy sitting there, her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands.


"Any news on her sister?" Maan asked hopefully.


"No, nothing. She is probably traveling through some areas that don't get cell service. I just hope she gets here soon," Nancy said.  


"Me too," Maan said, "any news on Dev?"


"No, nothing on him either. I just talked to my brother; LAPD and LVPD have no idea where he may have disappeared to."


Maan felt his anger rise just at the thought of that scumbag getting close to Geet again, "I'll kill him if I ever see him."


Nancy didn't say anything, because there was nothing to say, all she did was put hand on his shoulder in support.




Valley Presbyterian Hospital – 1:10am


Hours had passed and still Nancy and Maan were sitting awake. Coffee cups could be seen littered all across the table because they had gone through so many. Still the doctors refused to give them any word on Geet's condition and Maan was working on his last nerve. Looking at the clock overhead he saw that just a little past 1am. He needed to stretch to legs so he got up and walked across the room to the large windows that gave a view of the busy street in front of them. Suddenly, there was noise in the once silent room.


"Nancy? Nancy?" yelled some one.


Maan turned to see a girl not more than 21 come running into the waiting room. She was dressed in a pair of flats, jeans and an ASU sweatshirt. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, a pair of black rimmed glasses resting on her face and no make up. The look on her face, that of distress, worry, confusion and anger, told Maan that she was none other than Geet's sister.


"Pinky? Oh thank God!" Nancy exclaimed, as she got up and hugged the girl.


"Where is Di? How is she doing?" the girl said franticly.


"We don't know anything, the doctors refused to let us know anything with out her family being here," Nancy informed her.


"What?! Why would they do that?" she screamed, but then spoke before Nancy could give an answer, "You know what I don't care, take me to her, I have to see her."


Nancy led Pinky out of the waiting room towards the ER unit. Maan finally was able to settle with some ease, at least now they would be getting some answers about what was going on with Geet. Maan's ease vanished a minute later when Pinky and Nancy came back.


"What happened? Why are you back so soon?" Maan asked as he strode over to where the two women were standing.


"They are transferring her to ICU now, and the doctor is busy with another case," Nancy said.


"Who the hell cares how busy he is, we needed answers hours ago, they cannot expect us to wait longer!" Maan roared.


"The nurse told us that Geet was stable at the moment, and that as soon as she was settled in the ICU unit she would send the doctor over," she explained.  


"I'm sorry," Pinky broke in, "..who are you?" she asked.


"Oh, sorry, Pinky this is Mr. Maan Singh Khurana and Maan this is…"


Nancy didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Maan intervened, "This is her sister, Pinky."


Maan watched as the girl hesitantly took his extended hand. She looked him up and down almost accessing him; he could tell that she was trying to place him.


"I'm sorry but I don't recognize you," she said as she studied him.


"I don't expect you to," Maan said softly.


"Excuse me, but if you like I can show you to the ICU now." It was the voice of a nurse who had come into the waiting room looking for them.


The nurse took the three of them up to the ICU which was on the 4th floor. Before anything else, they went in search for the doctor to get an update on Geet's condition. They saw two doctors talking outside of Geet's room, when they approached them Nancy was shocked to see a familiar face.


"Dr. Davis, What are you doing here?" Nancy didn't know what to make of the fact that her and Geet's gynecologist was there.


"Oh, Nancy. Hello," The doctor said, then turning to Pinky she said, "You must be Geet's sister?


"Yes, I'm Pinky. How is my sister doing? And please, before you ask, you are welcome to disclose her information in front of these two," she informed the doctor.


Nancy jumped in before the doctor could say anything, "I didn't know that you worked at this hospital."


Nancy was still confused as to why Dr. Davis was there.


"Oh, I don't really. I just have some of my patients come here for their deliveries. I was just on my way out when they brought in Geet," the doctor said.


"Oh, so you were just checking on her?" Nancy asked.


"No, actually, I was consulting on her case."


Now Nancy was confused, "Why would you be consulting on Geet's case, I mean why would she need a gynecologist right now?"


"I know that you and Geet are very close Nancy, but I don't know if she had time to tell you… she came to see me today," Dr. Davis said.


"Geet didn't mention that she had an appointment today with you," Nancy said as she tried to remember if Geet had said anything.


"She didn't, she was a walk in. You see the thing is that…well…Geet came in for a pregnancy test."


"What?" said the three of them.


They were all shocked beyond belief; Geet and pregnancy test.


This is when Nancy realized that Dr. Davis wasn't simply a gynecologist, she was an obstetrician as well – an OB/GYN.


"What are you trying to say Dr. Davis?" Pinky broke in.


"Her test results were positive," she said softly.


There was a running silence that fell across the room, they were all speechless. What were they supposed to do? What could they say in a situation like this?


Finally, it was Pinky who broke the silence. "Di is pregnant? Oh my God."


"Uh, I'm extremely sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…her pregnancy was still in its early stages and her body couldn't take the stress and pressure that was put on it due to this incident, so," there was a stretched silence of a few seconds as the doctor gathered up some courage to continue, "I'm sorry, but she lost the baby."


Nancy and Pinky both gasped and held each other for support; there was just too much going on, too much information was given in such a short amount of time. First they hear that Geet went for a pregnancy test that turned out positive, but then they hear that she lost the baby. How were they going to tell Geet that?


Maan felt like his world shake on its foundation, it was like everything was crumbling and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Geet was pregnant and just like that she was not. How could that be? Everything was happening because of that ass of a husband she had. If Maan so much as saw his shadow, he would kill Dev with his bare hands. Maan's thoughts were interrupted by Nancy.


"Other then…the miscarriage, how is Geet doing?" Nancy asked, her voice barely audible.


"This is Dr. Thomas; he will fill you in on her condition. I have another delivery scheduled, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions." With that Dr. Davis took her leave.


With all eyes now on Dr. Thomas, he began to update them on Geet's condition. According to him, she had two broken ribs, a sprained left ankle, and of course the cuts and bruises all over her body. Dr. Thomas told them that she was given a sedative to sleep and that she would be out the entire night, but they were welcome to wait.


The policy was that only two visitors at a time were allowed in the room, so Maan had sent in Nancy and Pinky; he wanted to see her, but he knew that she needed her sister and her best friend. I killed him to not be able to be there for her but he had to do what was best for Geet, no matter now much it tore him up inside. Maan was pacing back and forth, in the small waiting room they had right outside of the ICU. Suddenly, a drunker voice broke the silence.


"Where is my darling wife? Someone take me to her," the man said.  


When Maan looked up he saw that it was none other than Dev and his blood began to boil. Maan's hands automatically formed into fists and he was holding Dev by his collar in no time.


"You son-of-a-bitch! What did you do to her?!" Maan roared.


Before Dev could even react, his face came into contact with Maan's left hook. After that, there was no stopping Maan. Dev felt the wrath of a Maan's broken and hurt heart in the form of kicks, punches and curses. All the commotion that they caused drew out nurses, doctors, as well as Nancy and Pinky. 


"I won't spare you today! I'll kill you with my bare hands!" Maan yelled once more.


It took two doctors to hold Maan and another one to pull Dev free from Maan's clutches. When they were finally parted Dev was bleeding and already turning black and blue.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Pinky asked, "Haven't you done enough already?"


"Well, well, if it isn't my sister-in-law, not going to say 'Hi' to your Jiju?" he taunted.


"The biggest mistake of Di's life was the day she married you! She should have left you at the alter like I told her to!" Pinky yelled.


Nancy couldn't take any more, "Why did you have to hurt her? What did she ever do to you?"


"I'm sorry but I'm going to ask you to leave sir." The voice came from somewhere in the back, as the group turned and faced two security guards that were called.


"Why should I leave?" Dev asked, "After all, I am the husband."


The guards then turned to Maan and asked him to leave. Maan was about to answer when Pinky intervened.


"No, you should leave," she said looking at Dev, then she turned to the security guards, "This man physically abused my sister, I don't want him anywhere near her. My sister can't make decisions for herself now so I will do it for her."


Dev was escorted out by the guards, but he did not go peacefully, he fought with them all the way to the elevator, his slurs and curses could be heard up and down the hall.


"You know him Pinky, he won't stay away. I think we need to get a restraining order against him." Nancy said, "They took him away now but legally he has the right to see his wife."


"I think you are right. I have to go get it since I'm next of kin," Pinky said.


"You are in no condition to drive, I'll take you," Nancy offered.


Maan finally spoke, "Neither of you are fit to drive. You stay with Geet and I will take Pinky to the Van Nuys police station; if you don't mind that is."


Pinky looked from Maan to Nancy in search of an answer. Nancy gave Pinky a look of approval telling her it was okay to go with Maan. As Maan and Pinky headed toward the elevator, Maan missed another knowing glance that was exchanged between Nancy and Pinky.




Valley Presbyterian Hospital – 4:00am


The drive to the police station was quite; neither Maan nor Pinky said anything. Maan noticed that despite the warm weather, and her sweatshirt, Pinky was shivering; he quietly turned on the heater. Once they got to the police station they directly filed the restraining order against Dev. They had to pay a certain amount of money and Pinky became frantic when she realized that she had left her purse in Geet's room. Maan put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and then quickly took out his wallet to pay the clerk. It took a while because they had to find a judge that was going to sign the order.


Once that was done, they had come back to the hospital.


"Why don't you go up, I'll get some coffee for Nancy and you," Maan suggested.


"Umm…why don't I help you," Pinky suggested. 


Maan didn't reject Pinky's offer, so they both went towards the vending machine. As they waited for the cups to fill, Pinky looked Maan up and down again, as if assessing him.


"You're him, aren't you?" Pinky asked.


"Excuse me? I'm who?" Maan asked, confused.


"Him, you're 'him'. The man my sister fell madly in love with after only one chance encounter. You're Mr. Pier," she said with a slight smile.  


Pinky's eyes told Maan that she knew exactly what had happened between him and Geet four years ago. He didn't have to do or say anything to confirm her suspicions, because in her heart, Pinky already knew the answer.


"How…how did you know?" Maan asked, curious about the answer.


"The way you attacked Dev, the way you paced over and over in the waiting room, they way you didn't complain when me and Nancy went to see Di, and the look in your eyes when the doctor has said that Di had lost the baby," Pinky said.  "No one reacts that way unless you love the person with every fiber of your being. It's good to see that Di's love wasn't one sided."


Pinky took her cup of coffee and headed towards the elevator, but the stopped and turned to Maan, "Help her, take her away from here. My Di deserves every happiness the world has to offer; she deserves to be loved and cherished, and I know…you are the only one who can truly give her those things."




Valley Presbyterian Hospital – 7:00am


It had been one hell of a night for Nancy, Pinky and Maan; they were all exhausted, hungry and worried. They had all taken turns sitting with Geet in the ICU; Maan was truly grateful that Nancy and Pinky gave him time with Geet alone. He would just sit there and stroke her head, hold her hand, talk to her, telling her that she had to come back, he knew she could hear him.


It was past 7 o'clock in the morning when a frantic but happy Pinky ran into the waiting room.


"Di's awake, Di's awake!" she yelled.


Maan quickly shot to his feet and raced towards Geet's room. He stopped outside the door remembering Geet's words for him to stay away. He tried to get a glimpse of her form the door but she was surrounded by doctors and nurses. After what felt like hours, the doctors finally moved away and he saw her. His Mishti lying on the bed; she looked pale, weak, and breakable. He watched her breath in and out steadily, he watched her give a faint smile to Nancy and Pinky as they hugged her.


The next scene broke his heart. Geet placed a hand on her stomach and seemed to be asking the girls about her baby. Both Pinky and Nancy looked to each other not knowing what to say. Finally it was Pinky who broke the news to Geet that her baby was no more. She broke down, yelling and crying, refusing to accept that fact. Finally she collapsed into Nancy's arms, holding on to her as if her life depended on it. He saw Nancy whisper something into Geet's ears, as she looked up towards him.


Maan felt tears stinging his own eyes, so he turned to leave, when he heard a faint voice calling his name.


"Maan," the voice came in nearly a whisper.  


Maan stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Geet looking directly at him. Nancy and Pinky quietly left so that the two of them could be alone.


Maan walked up next to the bed but remained silent. A few second later he looked up and into Geet's eyes; eyes that quickly filled with tears. The second the tears over flowed, Maan had taken Geet into his arms. He stroked her hair and whispered into her ears.


"He took my baby Maan, he killed my baby!" she cried.


Maan held her as she wept in his arms, his heart breaking more and more with each of her sobs. When her sobs died down, Maan pulled away and stood to leave.




Geet watched Maan stand up, but he didn't get far; something in her made her grab his hand.


When he turned to look at her, she spoke, "Help me Maan. Take me away from this pain, please."


She could see the relief and joy in Maan's eyes as he took her back into his arms.


 "Anything for you Mishti, anything," he said in relief.


Geet held onto Maan and cried out four years worth of pain and misery. She knew that everything was going to be okay now, in his arms she felt safe, loved and wanted. There was nothing that would cause her pain, because she knew that Maan would die before he let her get hurt again. She knew that he was the man she had loved since she had met him; she knew he was her soul mate.


What Geet didn't know, is why she hadn't let him in to help her before? She didn't understand why she didn't have faith in the precious relationship that they shared.


Tera Mera Rishta

Tera yakeen kyon
Maine kiya nahin
Tujhse raha kyon juda
Mujhepe yeh zindagi
Karti rahi sitam
Tune hi di hai panah

Tera mera rishta purana

Hai kya tadap
Hai yeh kaisi saza
Tu kyun mujhe
Aaj yaad aagaya
Bechain din mere
Bechain raath hai
Kya mein karoon kuch bata

Yeh mere paau hi
Khud meri bediyaan
Usse tu mujhe chooda

Tera mera rishta purana

Joh mujh mein hai
Sakas woh keh raha
Aah aab mein doon
Karz tera chuka
Aankhen hai nam meri
Saasein chubhan meri
Zakham hua phir hara
Dil ke virane mein
Mere fasane mein
 Tuhi toh har dum raha

Tera Mera Rishta Purana




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thanks for the wonderful update!!!!!!

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome update.

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Me first, awesome as usual. Some kind of reunion atlast but doubt how long you will let it last Jaz.

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Viji79

Me first, awesome as usual. Some kind of reunion atlast but doubt how long you will let it last Jaz.
Oh not first.

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