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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 47)

jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

alright people i was planning on waiting until sunday to update but...seeing that my Candy posted a comment as i had asked...its my turn to keep my end of the bargain...LOL...thank you all for your wonderful comments for the last part...i really enjoyed reading them...hope you like this update...and you all can thank macho_muffin for me updating tonight and not 48hrs later here it goes...

Part 7

Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna


Hume tumse pyaar kitna

Yeh hum nahin jaante

Magar jee nahin sakte

Tumhare bina


Sunna gham judaai ka uthate hai log

Jaane zindagi kaise, bitate hai log

Din bhi yahaa toh lage, baraste samaa


Hume intezaar kitna

Yeh hum nahin jaante

Magar jee nahin sakte

Tumhare bina


Tumhe koi aur dekhe, toh jaalta hai dil

Badi mushkiloon se phir, sambalta hai dil

Kya kya jatan karte hai, tumhe kya paata


Yeh dil bekarar kitna

Yeh hum nahin jaante

Magar jee nahin sakte

Tumhare bina


Hume tumse pyaar kitna

Yeh hum nahin jaante

Magar jee nahin sakte

Tumhare bina


Hume tumse pyaar…



Maan just stood there not knowing what came next. The girl he had loved with his whole heart and soul had just simply told him to forget all about her. It had been only one encounter that had changed him four years ago; in all these years he hadn't been able to let go of her. In all these years he had known in the back of his mind that she was married and belonged to another man, but still that fact didn't deter him from loving her. Now, he could see how much pain and trouble she was in, and whether she admitted it or not, she needed him; there was no way he was going to forget her now. Maybe she could get him to stay away from her, but there was no way he was going to allow her to control his feelings for her…they were too precious.


Maan was broken from his thoughts when he heard the ringing of his phone.


Even though he didn't want to answer, he knew that he had better, "Hello?" he said.


"Maan, it's me, Nancy. How is she? Where are you guys?" Nancy asked, worried.


"You were right; she did come to see her parents, so we are in Reseda. Actually we were in Reseda, now it's just me."


"What do you mean, where did she go? How could you just let her go like that?" Nancy on the other end sounded highly frustrated with the situation.


"I didn't want to let her go!" Maan said. "She broke down in my arms, but then suddenly she iced herself up again. I tried to get to her but she wouldn't let me."


"Still, you know the condition that she is in, how could you just let her go?"


"She asked me to forget her," Maan said, defeat in his voice.


"She what?" Nancy asked in pure shock and disbelief; almost as if she couldn't comprehend what Maan had just said.


"She told me that I had to forget our time at the pier and the beach four years ago. She asked me to forget that I ever loved her."


A barely audible gasp could be heard from Nancy, "Oh, Maan, I'm so sorry."


Nancy herself, was speechless, she wasn't expecting something like this to happen. She could hear the pain in Maan's voice, and she knew that nothing was going to make it go away; nothing and no one, except Geet.


"I think she headed home. Is Dev still in Vegas?" Maan inquired.


"Yes he is. I just spoke to my brother 15 minutes ago. Dev is still holed up in the motel," Nancy informed him.


"Good, at least she can go home." After a small pause, Maan spoke again, "Look Nancy, as much as it kills me to do this, I will stay away from Geet because she has asked me to. I cannot forget my love for her, but this I can do since I have to. Just keep and eye on her for me, please. Be there for her when she needs you."


"You know I will," Nancy reassured.


"If she ever needs me, or if you think she may need me, call me. I don't care how stupid the situation may be, just call me. This is my private cell line, only family has this number, if you call this number you will always reach me, where ever I may be. Ok?"


"Ok Maan."


"Take care, and please take care of my Mishti," Maan pleaded.


"I will," she promised


That was it, the conversation was over. Maan cut his phone and let out a sigh of pain and cursed as he moved towards his car. What else was there for him to do here in LA now? What else was there left in his life now?




Next Morning


The Inquirer – Cover story: "Maan Singh Khurana, no longer a sexy Bachelor?"


The rich and sexy multi-millionaire Maan Singh Khurana may no longer be one of the most eligible business tycoon bachelors. As it has been reported Maan Singh Khurana has been in Los Angeles trying to finalize a big business deal that will catapult Sweet Heart Industries way beyond the moon. Khurana has been staying at the famous five star Angels Hotel right in the heart of Hollywood. However, business hasn't been his only focus.


Guests staying at the Angels Hotel claim to have seen Khurana in hot pursuit of one of the employees on the staff of the hotel. Guests claim that they had seen Khurana chasing a woman out towards the employee entrance, and then a few minutes later the woman ran inside in tears, followed closely by Khurana. These however, were all allegations, now we have something more substantial.


Yesterday afternoon our reporters and photographers saw a woman leaving Angels Hotel in a rush, and trailing behind her taxi in his car was Khurana. Both Khurana and the woman disappeared into a convalescent home, Valley Village Care Center, where the woman apparently has family. Moment later visitors and staff of the facility had seen Khurana consoling a clearly distraught woman outside on the bench of the facility. What was the issue of interest is the fact that the woman has a wedding ring, where as Khurana does not.


We had contacted the facility for information, but the representative of the facility declined an interview. They simply sent out a statement, "We respect the privacy of all of our residents and their families. We do not interfere or intrude in their lives. Other than that, we have no comment."


Khurana has been known to keep his personal life under wraps and severely discrete since coming into the public eye a few years ago. No one has ever been able to link anyone to Khurana. This situation not only raises a few eyebrows but also a few questions. Who is this woman? Who is she married to? Is Khurana having an affair with a married woman? And most importantly, what does this woman mean to Maan Singh Khurana?




Maan threw the magazine across the table and it landed with a thump on the carpeted floor of his room. The stuff they printed was utterly ridiculous, intrusive and down right disgusting. The media and managed to spin him giving a shoulder to lean on to a friend, into an adulterous affair. He wanted to wring the neck of the reporter, photographer and editor of the article.


There was a picture of Geet and himself splashed across the cover of the tabloid magazine 'The Inquirer'; inside was an in-depth article about the two of them. The picture was taken when he was holding Geet in his arms as she wept over the sorry state of her life. Thankfully, Geet's face was turned away from the camera so it was only Maan's face that could be seen. In side the picture that accompanied the article did get a shot of Geet as she pulled away from him and entered the taxi, luckily, you couldn't tell who she as thanks to the sunglasses she wore. One thing that could be seen and that was highlighted was Geet's wedding ring, and Maan's lack of one.


Maan knew that people were falling over themselves trying to figure who she was, because they thought she had to be someone famous; never in a million year would they think that Maan Singh Khurana fell for a simple Valley-girl from Panorama City. He was just thankful for small mercies at this point; he made a mental note of donating funds Valley Village Care Center for keeping their mouths shut, it helped immensely.


As badly as Maan had wanted to sue the magazine, he had no grounds. It infuriated him that these magazines made money off of the trials and tribulations of others.


Maan couldn't help but read and re-read the last question of the article, 'What does this woman mean to Maan Singh Khurana?' Maan smirked at the fact that if the reporters every really found out what Geet meant to him, they would have a field day. Geet wasn't just some woman, she was his Mishti. She was the only person that mattered in his life, she was his life. Geet was his identity, she was his love, his past, his present, his future…she was his heart and soul. If only she knew what the press wanted to know…if only she knew.




Hollywood CA. Angels Hotel – 6:00pm


Maan had fallen into a restless sleep sometime during the day, he wasn't sure when. He didn't want to be bothered at all so he had put up the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on his door. He was finally awakened by the shrill ringing of the hotel telephone.


"What part of 'do no disturb' do you people not understand!? I asked for all my calls to be held!" he barked into the phone.


"I am extremely sorry Sir, but I have someone on the line claming that they have an emergency," the receptionist said nervously.


"Who the hell is it?" Maan asked, already losing his patience.


"A Nancy Garcia."


That was all it took to wake Maan up fully. "Put her through."


A few second later Nancy came on, "Hello, Maan?"


"Yes, what happened?" he asked without wasting time.


"What the hell? I have been calling you for the past two hours! I tried your cell phone, your listed business number, the hotel; I just couldn't get in touch with you!" Nancy said in one breath.


Maan looked on the table for his phone and saw 25 missed calls from Nancy, and also saw that it was on silent. By looking at the volume of calls that Nancy had made in such a short amount of time, he already knew that something wasn't right.


"I'm sorry, I put it on silent," Maan explained.


"Look I don't have time for explanations; I need to ask you something," Nancy said quickly.



"Is…is Geet with you?" she asked hesitantly.


"What? No, of course not, why would she be?" Maan asked, confused.


"I…um, I just…" Nancy began stuttering and scrambling for words.


"What happened Nancy? Tell me!"


"I…I can't find Geet," she admitted after a short pause.


"What!? What do you mean by that, how, why, when?"


"I talked to her this morning after I had seen the article," Nancy said.


"Did she see it?" he asked.


"Yes, but she wasn't upset about it, just mad at how they spun the situation. Anyway, that was at 10am; she had told me that she wasn't feeling well so she was going to sleep. I hadn't heard from her since then, and have been trying to reach her, but I've had no luck."


"Shit! Where could she be?" Maan asked.


A million questions popped into his mind.


"I don't know, I thought I'd call to see if maybe she was with you for some reason."


"Well she isn't! We have to find her!" he said getting to his feet.


"I was actually hoping you could go by the nursing home where her parents are. I would go but I don't know where it is and I don't want to get lost and waste time," Nancy said.


"No problem, I'll leave right now."


"Good, in the mean time I'll call a few other people and see what I can find out."


"Go by her house before that, maybe her phone is off the hook or something," Maan suggested.


"Yeah, yeah…I will."


"Ok, bye…let me know once you hear something." Maan was about to hand up when Nancy spoke again.


"Wait, there is one more thing."


"What?" Maan's instincts told him that what ever it was, it couldn't be good; the shaking and uncertainty in Nancy's voice only confirmed that fact.


"Dev is missing," Nancy said in one breath.


"What!? What the hell happened to the police watching him?" Maan roared at Nancy.


"They were, but apparently there was am emergency at one of the casinos and there was no one watching him for about an hour. When they returned, the car was there but no Dev," Nancy said.


"The police were supposed to be watching him!" Maan roared.


"They were watching him, under the radar. They couldn't draw any attention to themselves because it was a favor for a fellow officer, they were not authorized."


"Damn it! Where the hell is the bas***d?!" Suddenly a thought occurred to him, "What are the chances he saw the magazine?"


"I don't know but it is a national magazine."


"Shit! Look no matter what, we have to find Geet first! Who ever finds her, calls the other one right away! Got it?"


"Y…yes." The fear and anguish was evident in Nancy's voice.


"We will find her Nancy, we have to."


That was all Maan said before he hung up.




Valley Village Care Center – 7:20pm


Maan had almost gotten out of his car and walked to Valley Village Care Center himself. The traffic on the freeway was as worse as it got; it was rush hour traffic, on top of that there was a major accident blocking three of the four lanes. The thing that infuriated Maan the most was the fact that there was no other way of getting to Reseda except this freeway.


It had taken him over an hour to get there. When he finally reached the facility, he was heartbroken that Geet wasn't there. Maan had just walked out of the facility and was about to call Nancy when she called him.


"Yeah?" he answered.


"Maan, w…where are you?" she asked, her voice shaky.


"I'm in Valley Village at her parents care center, why did you find Geet?" he inquired.


"Maan, come to Geet's apartment, now," she said simply.


"What? What happened?" Maan was too afraid to know the answer to that question.


"Just hurry Maan, please hurry! It's not good." Nancy managed to get out before she broke down in tears.


Somehow Maan had managed to get directions to Geet's house. He sped like he had never sped in his life, breaking every traffic law there was. Even before he pulled up to her apartment complex he could see flashing lights from the distance. As he got closer and closer, he saw that they belonged to a police car, an ambulance and fire truck; all gathered in front of Geet's apartment complex.


Maan raced up the stairs, his hear in his throat as he saw the commotion by Geet's house. He managed to dodge through the police and other authorities and get inside.


"Oh my God" Maan said in a whisper as he saw the condition of the apartment.


There was glass all over the place, papers thrown about, and furniture turned upside down; there in the middle of the floor was the magazine with a knife sticking out of their picture.


Nancy had spotted him when he came inside and went to him, "Maan, I didn't know what to do so I called the police. I didn't get here in time. What has he done to her!?"


Nancy broke down as Maan placed a comforting arm around her shoulders.


"Where is she?" Maan got his answer before Nancy could say anything.


Three paramedics dragged a stretcher out of the bedroom, and on it lay and unconscious Geet. At that moment, Maan saw his heart, life, body and whole world shatter…………


Jaag Soona Soona


Chan se jo tute koi saapna

Jaag soona soona lage

Jaag soona soona lage


Koi rahe naa jaab aapna

Jaag soona soona lage

Jaag soona soona lage


Jaag soona soona hai toh

Yeh kyun hota hai

Jaab yeh dil rota hai

Koi sisak sisak ke hawaein, jaag soona lage


Chan se jo tute koi saapna

Jaag soona soona lage

Jaag soona soona lage


Koi rahe naa jaab aapna

Jaag soona soona lage

Jaag soona soona lage re


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omgg really gotta work my butt off in the presentation, though i keep on procrastinating....and its already like almost 1am here LOL

but omg omg omg am i dreaming? know this is the first time i am the first one to comment *woot woot*Dancing
but i would like to say a special sowiee to guli cuz i really love her first "me" postsLOL
okay so just came here to say I love youuuuu twinnie and thank you sooooooooooooo much for updatingHug
will give my littttttttle comment tom!!Wink
omgggg twinnie......this was sooooo sadCryCry
seriously, your writing moved me to know while reading it, i felt as if i was one of the people reading the magazine and somewhere in CA, all of this is really happening....i hope this is enough to tell you what magic you create upon readersEmbarrassed....really twinnie, i don't have enough words to express how much i truly adoree your stories!....i really hope (well i know how to pester too hehe) that one day you will publish your stories and i will be there, standing in the gigantic line of people wanting autographs and excaliming omgg she is my twinnie!Embarrassed
coming to the update, i am still too sad to even bring my bulldozer this pains my heart to even think such abuse takes place in the real me a coward or whatever, but i really hope i never have to see this happen to anyone....but really, others should seriously help such people and not just become mere spectators....once again twinnie, i wanna applaud you for picking this conceptClap
urghhhhh that gadha did all that to her?....what a psychoAngry.....oyee ab to msk ka roop la ff main?Wink.....pweez, mujhe ab dishoom dishoom dekhna hain *pouts*.....ohh man, i don't even wanna imagine what he did to her this time....i know you will describe her condition in the next update and sowiee in advance twinnie, but i am soo gonna skip that the story taking a turn now? the justice fight coming or is there still some time left?....well either way, i can't wait!!.....oyeeee if you said u aren't making any promises, candy ke world main, it is a vaada so i will be looking forward to homecoming update!Wink.....ain't i angelic? *muhahaha*
lovee you!!
P.S. you aren't suppose to like my posts u know, before even reading themLOL

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ninand IF-Rockerz

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wt  do i sayConfused to tht. I hope that spells the last of Dev.ever.

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am feeling so sadCry..... what happend to geet...sab kuch theek kaise hoga????Stern Smile
plz jaz kuch accha karona.... bahut dard horahai kahani mein....plz plzzzzzzz.

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awsome one yaar..loved it ..why do u need to stop at such a place ??? please do cintunue soon

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i really have no words for you right noww
you do an amazing job in putting such emotions into writing
i feel terrible for the situation geet is in right now...and seeing her in such condition is tearing maan apartt
i hope dev gets what he deserves while maan gets his mishti
keep writing hun!

Edited by annu_825 - 21 January 2011 at 10:44pm

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darkice7_12 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update. knew something horrible was going to happen. don't understand geet not wanting to take maan's help, but hopefully she'll be okay and more willing to accept his help now. update soon.

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Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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omg.... i m hating this dev... just wanna kill that bas***d!......
gosh!!... hope nothing happens to geet.... 
hope this is just last  part where dev is shown
cannot bear him now...

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