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FF: Ek Paal Epi pg103 April 1 (Page 103)

SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 1:28am | IP Logged
That was just superb and what not....really awesome...Maaneet finally one...
loved it to core...Jaz u are too good...ClapClapClapClap

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ajenn IF-Rockerz

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hai Jaz.. i jst finished reading all ur maaneet's  FF..
ALL were wonderful.
Perfect ending for this FF. It was a beautiful story.
I really luved d way u narrated every details.
Eagerly waiting for d epilogue.

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jst lve ur ff.......

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Amazing end!!
Did you stop sending PMs? Apparently I havent been getting any for the past couple of updates... read the last few at 1 stretch & mst say I was missing smthing!!



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Hello everyone Big is the much awaited Epilogue of Ek Paal...hope you all enjoy it and cant wait for comments...please read past the last post for a message...thanks Embarrassed





Mere maan yeh bata deh tu

Kis orr chala hai tu

Kya paya nahin tune

Kya dhund raha hai tu

Jo hai ankahee joh hai ansuni

Woh baath kya hai bata

Mitwa kahe dhadkane tujhse kya

Mitwa yeh khudse toh naa tu chupa


Santa Monica Pier, CA – 2 years later


Geet was standing in her most favorite place in the world, Santa Monica Pier. She was just taking in the familiar scenery in front of her as she waited for her workaholic husband to join her. As she thought of her husband, Maan Singh Khurana, a smile spread across her face. They had been blissfully married for just over two years. Those two years had been the best in her life so far. After all of the heart ache that she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Manmeet, she finally saw what true happiness was all about.


Life had been a whirlwind, but in a good way. Life had been unexpected, but in a good way. Life had been crazy, but in a good way. Life had been almost perfect, but something was missing.


The past two years passed in a blur. They had spent three glorious weeks in Aruba for their honeymoon. However, after that Maan had become busy shifting the home base of his company from London to Los Angeles. Once he was settled in out here, he began getting more and more contracts; which meant more and more work. He did have help in the form of Nancy and Pinky. Nancy had quit her job at the hotel, only to happily. She had been absolutely ecstatic the day she told their boss to "shove it". Pinky had graduated from UCLA and was now an architect in Maan's company. Of course, Maan spent half the day trying to pry Nancy and Pinky away form each other – either they were gossiping or at each others throats.


Nancy was now seeing a very nice gentleman named Steven Sandoval. They had met through Maan, because he was employed at Maan's company – he was the head of accounting. Pinky on the other hand, had met a very nice young fellow at school, Adi Kapoor. They had been dating for about a year. Even Marco had managed to get a lovely girl, who he married only 7 months back, Gloria. Everything was going good for everyone. Everyone was happy, everything was perfect. Well, almost perfect.


Geet glanced at her watch and saw that it was nearly 6pm. Maan was supposed to have met her nearly an hour ago. She had big news to tell him. The moment they had hoped for, prayed for, and even planned for, was finally here. What better place than to break the good news to him than the pier. The pier was a witness to their love and their journey. The pier was what had brought them together, the pier is what kept them together.


It was getting a bit chilly so Geet turned to go get a sweater from her car when she saw Maan running down the bike path.


"I'm so sorry Mishti," he said as he came to a stop in front of Geet. "I completely lost track of time in the meeting."


"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," Geet said as she gave him the cold shoulder. "Don't make excuses, just admit that for you work is more important than your wife."


Maan put his arms around Geet and hugged her. "You know that's not true. My wife is my life." He teased her as he placed a kiss on her cheek.


"You have kept me waiting for nearly one hour! One hour!" Geet yelled. "You could have at least called." Geet was becoming distracted by the kisses Maan was showering on her. Trying to gather her thoughts and keep her anger intact, Geet pulled away. "Your kisses are not going to win me over this time Mr. Singh Khurana!"


Maan knew he was trouble, but he wasn't worried. He knew exactly how to pacify his wife, in fact, he had managed to turn pacifying into an art form.


"Mishti, I am really sorry," he said as he pulled out a single long stemmed rose from his coat. "I'm really really sorry." This time he pulled out a single chocolate kiss from his pocket. "I'm really really really sorry." Finally he pulled out an orchid.


"Maan," Geet whispered as she took the orchid. It was her favorite flower, and Maan knew how much she loved it. "I hate that you know me so well," she said as she wrapped her arms around him.


"I love it," Maan said. They stood like that, embraced in each others arms, for a minute or two when Maan spoke up again. "So, what did you need to tell me that had to be done here?" he asked.


Suddenly, Geet became shy. She had pictured this moment in her head countless times. She had even practiced what she was going to say to him a million times on her drive to the pier. Now, her mind was a complete blank and she was nervous.


"Geet, what happened? Why are you quite?" Maan asked.


"Um…the thing is…I…" Geet was stammering.


"Mishti, you are really beginning to scare me. What happened?" Maan asked.


Geet took a deep breath and began to talk. "God has finally answered our prayers," she said as she took his hands into her own.


"What do you mean?" Maan asked.


"What do we want more than anything else in this world? What would complete our lives?" Geet asked. She was giving him an opportunity to guess.


"What? Pinky getting married?" Maan asked. He knew that Geet wanted her sister settled with Adi.


"No," Geet said trying to keep her cool. "What have we been waiting for? What news have we been dying to hear?"


"What? Oh my God, is this about the New York contract? Did I get it?" Maan asked as he looked excited.


"No," Geet said between her teeth, "Think harder. What do we both want more than anything else in this world?"


"Umm…" Maan tried to think of something.


"What do YOU say would make our lives PERFECT?" Geet asked. She could feel her calm fading quickly.


"What would make our lives prefect?" Maan repeated. Then Geet saw it click, she saw the light bulb go off in his head. Maan gave her a huge smile and said "Nancy is moving to Siberia?"


That was it. Here she was trying to tell her husband the biggest new in the world, and he was teasing her about Nancy.


"It's about time. I'll be glad to have her out of my hair. I never get a moment alone with you because of her. She just pops up all the time, out of nowhere…" Maan continued his complaints about Nancy.


Geet couldn't take it anymore. "No you idiot! Nancy is not moving to Siberia."


"Then what?" Maan asked as he became quite.


"I'm trying to tell you that I'm pregnant!" Geet finally yelled.


Maan was stunned into silence. "What?" he finally said minutes later. "Really?" He looked like a deer caught in head lights.


Geet couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, really," she said.


"You're…we are…I'm gonna…" Maan just couldn't form a sentence. He took a deep breath and calmed himself before he asked, "I'm going to be a father?"


"Yes you are," Geet said what a smile.


"Oh my God Geet! Thank you," he said as he pulled her into his arms. He hugged her tight nearly crushing her.


Maan pulled back and looked at Geet – his wife, the love of his life. They had wanted to have children right away but the doctor advised them not to. She said that Geet wasn't ready to get pregnant so soon after her miscarriage. Geet had been seeing the doctor on a regular basis and was elated when they got the green signal to have a family. Geet was afraid that she may never have children. But now, now she was pregnant. Maan was beyond happy.


Maan leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Geet's lips. "Thank you," he whispered as he took her into his arms again.


"Thank you too," Geet said as she snuggled closer.


Now it was time to break the news to the two other important people in Geet's life – Pinky and Nancy. Pinky was her sister so she couldn't wait to share the news with her. But Nancy, she was Geet's best friend and so much more. Nancy had been with her through the worst years of her life, and not once did her friendship fail. Nancy had kept Geet alive when she had wanted to die. Nancy had kept Geet smiling when all she did was cry. Geet owed Nancy her life. So did Maan.


Once Maan and Geet reached home from the beach she glanced at the clock, it was just past seven in the evening. Geet knew that by 7:30pm Pinky and Nancy would come barreling in for dinner. It was a Friday and that meant family dinner. It was a tradition Geet set up so that at least once a week they could all get together for a meal. She knew that Gloria and Marco were on their way. Adi left a message saying he would be a bit late because he had a quick errand to run for work.


True to form, it was 7:29 when Pinky and Nancy came in laughing about something they had just heard on the radio. They knew Geet was in the kitchen so they went straight there.


"Mmm. What smells so good?" Nancy asked.


"I'm making Italian tonight," Geet said.


"Ooo! What is going on?" Pinky asked as she grabbed a water bottle and sat at the table. "You only make Italian when it's a special occasion."


Nancy joined Geet in the kitchen and began helping her cut mushrooms. "Pinky is right. What's going on?"


"Nothing," Geet said, suppressing a smile.


Maan walked into the kitchen with a bottle of wine.


"Jiju, what's going on? Why is Didi making Italian?" Pinky asked.


"Nothing. I guess you could say she just had a craving," Maan teased.


"O…kay," Pinky and Nancy said.


"Forget this food talk. Didi, you know what I found out at work today?" Pinky asked.


"What?" Geet was busy at the stove sauting the veggies.


"Carla from marketing, her sister is pregnant. She's going to be an aunt," Nancy said.


"Didi, I want to be a Massi," Pinky whined.


"Pinky you say the same thing every time I see you," Geet complained.


"I know but me and Nancy want to be Massi's. Right Nancy?"


"Absolutely," Nancy responded as she chewed on a carrot.


"Ok fine," Geet agreed.


Pinky and Nancy looked at Geet and Maan, who were both smiling.


"Ok fine, what?" Nancy asked.


"Ok, I'll make you two Massi's," Geet said.


"How?" Pinky asked.


Just then Marco and Gloria walked in with a chocolate cake.


"If you don't know how babies are made, UCLA didn't teach you much. I think you need a sex-ed class," Marco teased.


"Ok eww!" Nancy said, as she tossed the carrot she was chewing on in the trash and made a face.


"I mean, when?" Pinky clarified.


"Oh, I'd say in about eight months…give or take…," Maan said as he leaned against the counter right next to Geet.


"What?" Pinky and Nancy said at the same time.


It took a moment for the information to set in.


"Oh my God! You're pregnant!" Nancy yelled.


Geet shook her head. Both girls squealed with excitement and began jumping up and down. The rushed to hug her but found Maan in the way. Nancy shoved Maan aside so hard and he nearly fell over.


"Congratulations!" Nancy said to Geet.


"Congratulations to you too," Geet said.


Then, Pinky and Nancy pulled away from Geet and embraced each other.


"Congratulations! We are going to be Massi's!" they yelled.


The congratulations went on the rest of the night. It was definitely a memorable dinner.



*continued below*


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Dr. Davis' Office – 5 months later


Geet was waiting in the exam room when Maan walked in with a smile on his face. He went directly to her side and kissed her on the forehead.


"How is my Mishti and my baby?" he asked as he placed a hand on Geet's growing belly.


"We are fine," Geet said, as she put her hand over Maan's.


Geet was amazed at how much Maan had changed since he found out she was pregnant. He had become a master delegator which allowed him to come with Geet to her appointments – he hadn't missed even one. He kept extra special care of her health by making sure that she ate healthy. Of course, he didn't know that Pinky and Nancy fed her chocolate and ice cream on the side when he wasn't there. She was to rest and not strain herself, as per doctors orders. Geet was more than happy to comply because she wasn't going to do anything that put her baby at risk. Maan wouldn't even let her go out unless it was for doctors appointments. Again, this is where Nancy and Pinky came in because they took her out on small outings for lunch and shopping when Geet was feeling up for it.


"Has the doctor been in yet?" Maan asked.


"No, not yet. Are the girls here yet?" Geet asked.


Today was the day that they were going to find out the sex of the baby so both Nancy and Pinky wanted to be here.


"Well no. Pinky and Nancy are busy at work. They were just wrapping up a meeting as I was leaving so they should be here soon. But incase they are not, they have sent their representatives, Adi and Marco."


"Wow, you let Marco off the clock," Geet teased.


Marco had quit the LAPD and was now the head of security operations for Maan.


Maan raised an eyebrow at Geet and asked, "Do I have a choice?"


"No, I guess not," Geet said with a giggle.


When it came to Pinky and Nancy, no one won against them.


The doctor walked in and asked how Geet had been doing. She quickly began to check Geet and did the ultrasound. She told them what they were having and then left the room to give them a moment to themselves.


"Oh my God, we are going to have a girl. A girl!" Maan said in excitement.


"I know," Geet said as she felt tears of joy sting her eyes.


"That is the…" Suddenly Maan's face fell and his mood completely changed, "…WORST news ever!"


"What? Why?" Geet was confused. Only seconds ago he was delighted on having a girl, now he was devastated.


"How am I supposed to raise a girl?" Maan asked as he began to pace around the room.


"You can do it…we…" Geet began to say, but didn't get a chance to finish her thoughts.


"How? I wasn't raised a girl who played with dolls. I was raised a boy who played with monster trucks," Maan said.


"Not all girls play with dolls. What if our daughter wants to play with monster trucks?" Geet asked.


"Daughter? Oh my God, I'm going to have a daughter!" Maan said.


He was growing paler by the second.


"Having a girl implies she is your daughter," Geet teased.


She tried to suppress a giggle but failed.


"It's not funny!" Maan yelled. "She is going to grow up and turn into a teenager. Then teenage boys are going to come to take her out. Oh my God! No, she is never going out. Not until she is 30."


"Maan you are over reacting," Geet said.


"No. You have no idea what teenage boys think about, ALL THE TIME. They have only one thought running through their minds. They are hormonally charged bodies," Maan said in a rage.


"That is not something we will have to worry about for a while." Geet we trying to calm him down, but it did no good.


"No way she is going out with one of them. If any boy comes to take her out, I'll either put her in a convent or shoot the boy," Maan said.


Geet could see Maan plotting what exactly he was going to do if any boy ever came to take his baby girl out on a date.


"Maan…" Geet began to say, but was cut off.


"You know what? Screw it. I'm going to do both!" Maan announced.


Geet knew he meant that he would put their daughter in the convent AND shoot any boy that tried to take her out.


"See now you are just being crazy," Geet said.


"You don't know what you are talking about…you don't know men. You're a woman, you don't get a say," Maan said without thinking.


The minute the words were out of his mouth he regretted it.


"What do you mean I don't know what I'm talking about? I'm her mother!" Geet yelled. "I'm the one who is going to carry her for nine months, not you. I'm the one who has to deliver her. I do all the hard work of raising her and you say I don't get a say!"


"Geet I didn't mean…." Maan didn't get to finish.


"All men are the same!" Geet said. "We, women, do all the work and you just swoop in like you are in charge!"


Maan knew when to argue and when to keep quiet. This was a situation to keep quiet. Not only was he the one who made a mistake, but he could see Geet's pregnancy hormones kick in. This was not going to end well. He saw Geet leaving the room so he quickly followed behind her.


Geet came to the lobby of the doctors office to see Marco and Adi waiting. The both stood when they saw her.


"Everything alright?" Marco asked.


"Do we know if it's a boy or girl?" Adi asked at the same time.


"It's a girl. Marco, please take me home," Geet instructed as she turned to Marco.


"What about Maan?" Marco asked. When he saw the look Geet gave him, he changed his mind. "Alright, let's go."


Marco took Geet's coat and bag from her just as Maan came into the lobby.


"Where are you going?" Maan asked when he saw Marco holding Geet's things.


"Marco is taking me home," Geet said without looking at Maan.


"No he isn't. You are going home with me," Maan argued.


"Marco, let's go." Geet began to walk away.


"Marco you make one move and you are out of a job," Maan threatened.


Marco looked stunned as he looked at Maan, who was giving him a very angry look. Geet didn't pay any attention to them. Instead she took Adi to get herself a bottle of water from the vending machine.


"Don't make eyes at me," Marco said. "I'm not scared of you. Your wife on the other hand…" Marco looked behind him to make sure Geet was our of ear shot, "…she scares the crap out of me now."


"You are such a wuss!" Maan said.


"If I don't listen to you, I don't have a job. If I don't listen to Geet, I won't have a life. She will literally cut my head off! So if I have to choose between a job and staying alive…I chose staying alive," Marco countered.


"Come on Marco," Maan pleaded. "She is mad at me, I have to fix it before she kill's me!"


"And have her kill me instead, no thank you!"


Adi and Geet returned just as Marco said those last words. Geet didn't seem fazed, she was too busy eating a chocolate bar Adi had bought for her. Maan wanted to say something but didn't, because now was not the time.


"Adi man, help me out," Maan begged.


Adi looked back and forth between Geet, Maan and Marco. He knew what he had to do.


"Yeah…I'm with him on this one," Adi said as he pointed to Marco.


Maan rolled his eyes. Two grown men, scared by a pregnant woman. Then again, who was he to talk; he was terrified of his wife's mood swings.


"Marco, shall we?" Geet asked.


"Sure, let's go." Marco headed towards the door with Geet.


Just then Nancy and Pinky rushed in.


"So?" Pinky asked as she tried to catch her breath. "What is it?"


"A girl," Geet said.


Nancy and Pinky both had grins on their faces that reach from one ear to the other. "Oh my G…" they began to say.


Geet didn't let them express their joy. She looked at Marco and said, "Let's go."


Without another word Geet walked out of the door as she heard Maan call out to her again. Geet didn't so much as turn back. Marco just shrugged and left. Nancy and Pinky quietly watched as Marco and Geet disappeared. As soon as they were out of sight, the two women looked at Maan.


"What did you do?" both women asked with their hands on their hips.


Maan knew that look. "Oh hell…" he muttered under her breath.


Round two of women against Maan Singh Khurana. *ding* It didn't help that Adi was standing of to the side enjoying Maan's torture.


"What are you laughing at Adi? I won't help you talk to Geet about proposing to Pinky anymore," Maan said in a whisper.


Adi just shrugged his shoulder. "I don't need your help anymore. I bought her chocolate. She loves me now," he teased.


Maan cursed at his own fate. His pregnant wife loved everyone, but him.




Northridge Hospital: Labor & Delivery – 4 months later


It was two in the morning when Maan brought Geet to the hospital.


She had been complaining of back pain for a few hours but Maan thought it was just because of the baby. The doctor said that back pain was very common in the final trimester. It happened because the baby was growing rapidly, and the extra weight put stress on the mothers body. The last few months had really taken its toll on Geet. Even if she could manage to find a comfortable position, the baby moved around so much it made sleep impossible. She was definitely a night owl. Maan felt useless because he couldn't do anything to ease her discomfort.


When Geet first complained about her back pains Maan wanted to bring her in to the hospital right away. It had been Geet who talked him out of it. She said that they were just Braxton Hicks contractions. He made her promise that if the pain didn't die down or got too strong, then she had to tell him. Maan knew that he was so tensed he wouldn't be able to sleep, so he needed something to do. He set up Geet with a few movies before he went to work in his study. He planned to check up on her every so often so make sure she was ok. However, things didn't go as planned.


Maan began working and before he knew it, over an hour had passed. Stretching out he decided to go and check on Geet before he got back to work. Since Geet hadn't called for him, Maan figured that she had fallen asleep. When he walked into their bedroom he was shocked at what he found. Geet was doubled over in pain clutching onto her stomach. She was covered in sweat and was very flushed.


"Oh my God Mishti. I'm talking you to the hospital," Maan said.


"No, no. It's not so bad. I don't need to go yet," she said.


Maan didn't bother listening to her. He went to her side of the bed and scooped her up into his arms. When she didn't fight him back, Maan knew something was definitely wrong. Lucky for them, since it was so close to Geet's delivery Nancy and Pinky were staying in their house. Maan woke them up immediately and told then what happened. Marco and Gloria lived down the street so Maan called them – there was no he was in any condition to drive. They all packed into Maan's SUV and drove to the hospital.


The doctors immediately admitted Geet and transferred her from the ER to the labor and delivery ward. Maan had made sure that Geet got a private suite, and he had obtained permission to have Pinky and Nancy in the room for the time being.


Geet was in so much pain that it was killing Maan to see her like this.


"Dr. Davis, cant you give her something for the pain?" Maan asked when the doctor stepped in to check on Geet.


"No Maan…women do this all the time…" Geet began to say.


"But I can't see you like this Geet," Maan said.


"I'm afraid not Mr. Khurana. It's too late for an epidural now. Geet is already 10cm dilated," she announced.


"What? Already?" Pinky asked.


"My guess is that Geet has been in active labor for some time now. Why didn't you come in sooner?" the doctor asked.


"Yes, why didn't you come in earlier?" Nancy asked.


"I told Geet we should come in but she wouldn't listen to me," Maan said in his defense.


"Uff, Jiju. You should know better than that!" Pinky yelled.


"She doesn't listen to me," Maan said.


"Excuses," Nancy replied.


"Alright guys, we don't have time for this. Geet is ready to have this baby now. Who is going to be in the delivery room?" the doctor asked.


"Cant they all stay?" Geet asked.


Of course she wanted her husband there, but she also wanted her sister and her best friend in there as well.


"I'm sorry but no. I can only have two people in the delivery room."


"How about if Maan stays and we wait outside?" Nancy asked.


"Yeah, I think that's best. That way me and Nancy don't kill each other about who gets to stay and who has to leave," Pinky said.


"Ok, that's fine. The waiting room is down the hall. I'll send a nurse to get you once the baby is delivered," the doctor said.


"Do you think you can handle this?" Pinky asked.


"Of course," Maan said unconvincingly. "I'm Maan Singh Khurana, I can handle anything."


Pinky and Nancy rolled their eyes. Men and their ego – never a moments peace. They walked out and were both discussion how excited they were, what they were going to name the baby, what they were going to do to spoil the baby. The had only gone half way down the hall when they head foot steps behind them. Turning around, they saw a ashen looking Maan following behind them.


"What happened Jiju?" Pinky asked.


"I lied. I can't handle that. I can't," Maan repeated, looking rather pale.


"What do you mean YOU can't?" Nancy asked.


"She is in so much pain. I can't handle it. It's too hard," Maan whined.


"Too hard for YOU!?" Pinky asked.


"Maan Singh Khurana, you march your business tycoon ass back into that delivery room, or so help me God, I'm going to kill you!" Nancy ordered.


"But I…." Maan began.


"You put Didi in all that pain. It's your fault she is in this position. You better be there," Pinky ordered.


"She is going to be doing all the hard work. All you have to do is hold her hand. You can't do that much for YOUR Mishti!?" Nancy asked.


Guilt trip – it always worked.


"But…" Maan really didn't want to be in there, he was terrified. However, when he saw the look on Nancy and Pinky's faces, he knew he had to go.


Nancy and Pinky both waited in the hall until Maan was inside the room. They burst into laughter. Men. Idiots – the whole lot of them.


Less than twenty minutes later a nurse in pink scrubs came to call Pinky and Nancy from the waiting room. By this time Adi had also joined them. Nancy and Pinky nearly tripped over each other in their rush to get to the room. As soon as they entered their eyes went to the little bundle of pink cradled in Maan's arms.


"We have a daughter," Maan said as he grinned at Pinky and Nancy.


"Can I hold her?" Pinky asked.


"Of course," Geet said.


Maan gently laid his precious daughter into Pinky's arm. "Hold her head," he instructed.


Pinky looked down at the baby girl who was staring up at her with big brown eyes. "I'm a Massi," Pinky said as she felt her eyes tear up.


"Me too," Nancy joined in.


Pinky and Nancy were too busy drooling over the baby, giving Maan a private moment with Geet.


He ran his hand across her head and then leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead. "Thank you," he said.


Women, he thought, they are amazing. The strength that men had was nothing when compared that of women's. Not only were women caring, nurturing and loving. But, seeing Geet deliver their daughter, another living person, shocked Maan. It was miraculous, that was the only way to describe it. He had so much more respect and admiration for Geet – for all women.




Santa Monica Pier – 6 years later


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the entire clan was gathered at the pier. Nancy and Steven had come early with Hannah, their 3 year old daughter, to set up the Bar-B-Q.  Steven paid extra special attention to Nancy, because she was 6 months pregnant with their second child. Marco and Adi were off getting drinks, because they forgot the girls Ginger Ale. That left Pinky to look after her 2 year old son and daughter, Ajay and Naina, while Gloria ran after her 1 year old, David. Maan and Geet were the last to arrive, but they had a good excuse. It was not easy gathering up three children and all of their belongings for a trip to the beach. It took Geet nearly 2 hours to get EVERYTHING together. Of course, she wasn't complaining.


They had been blessed with three beautiful children. Of course, there was Roshni, their oldest daughter who had just turned 5 a few months ago. Then they had Ketan who was 4 and Vidya who was 2. Everyone made fun of Maan and Geet because they had so many kids in such little time, but they didn't care. Early on Maan and Geet had decided that they wanted to have a big family.


The day was spent beautifully. The food was great, the company even better. It was just around sunset when Maan and Geet walked hand in hand to the spot of the pier that they were familiar with. From the distance they could still see their kids playing with their cousins as the adults relaxed.


"I hate this," Geet grumbled.


"What? Having a good time with your family and friends?" Maan teased as he hugged her from behind.


"No, of course not. I hate that we only have these few moments where we are all together," Geet said. "Everyone is so busy now."


It was true, things weren't like before. Now with all the children, and the every growing business, things were crazy. Everyone had a million and one things to do everyday. Their weekly dinners had been changed to every other week. They rarely got to go out and enjoy a day like this. However, Geet was thankful for one thing. Regardless of the fact that they didn't spend too much time together, the bond they all shared only got stronger as the days passed. Even if the girls may not talk every day, Geet knew that she could still count on them as a shoulder to cry one. She knew that if she was having a bad day, all she had to do was call and all of them would come over with Ben n Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream and chocolate fudge brownies. Maan too, knew that the same was true for the guys.


"I know Mishti, but what can you do? This is life," Maan said as he kissed her on top of her head.


"I know, I just miss them that's all," Geet said. "These isolated moments aren't enough."


Maan thought about his wife's comment. It made him think back to the fateful night ten years ago when he first ran into her. It made him think of the night that had started their relationship. He thought back to all the moments he could point out that held importance in their relationship. Then he thought about what life would be like if those moments hadn't happened. What if he hadn't meet Geet? What if he hadn't come back? What if he hadn't protected her? What if he hadn't fought for her? What if?


"Sometimes Mishti, all you need is one moment. One moment to live your life. One moment to fall in love. One moment for dreams to shatter, one moment for dreams to take flight. Sometimes Mishti, all you need is one moment…to change your life."


Saying that, Maan sealed his fate with a kiss.  A kiss – just one kiss. A moment in his life, like so many others, that were just too precious to forget.


Ek Paal…


Ek paal ke liyeh hi sahi,

Ghadiyaan humko milli makmali, pyaar ki

Iss ek paal ko, jee le zaara…


Yeh lamhe phir mille naa mille,

Kho jaane deh sabhi duriyaan, faasale…

Aa dil milla le aur paas aa…


Phir kya ho, kya khabar

Dekha hai kisne kaal,

Aa raath rok leh, phir ho naa jaaye seher….


The End

**Please see NOTE below Embarrassed*

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So...that was the absolute final installment of Ek Paal...

i hope you all enjoyed reading this story of Maan and Geet...about how a single moment in your life can change it without you even realizing it...i had a blast writing it...i wanted to thank you all for sticking it out to the end and for being more than patient with me...ha ha...thank you for all your comments...your encouragement and all that...its the comments and the wishes that keep us writers going...cant thank you all enough...from the bottom of my heart...

but...fikar not...while one story comes to an end...another one is just below the worry...ill send out PM's once i post a new story...

again...thank you all so much


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absolutely loved about a sequel?

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