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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 95)

sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting for next update yaarBig smile

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The Restauraunt - FF

After a whole week, I am updating as promised. This time you'll be in for a surprise as I'm doing something Ghajini style Embarrassed

Chapter 22

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Geet paced up and down. Meera, who moved in with Geet knowing that Geet wouldn't be able to take care of herself in worry, was sitting on the sofa with a worried look on her face, tap tap taping the table in rhythm with the clock.

It's been a week since Geet discovered that Maan was paralysed. Arjun called Geet earlier on the landline, telling her that he was bringing Maan home today.

He should be here any minute.

Meera: "Geet, have you forgotten your pregnant? Stop pacing about like that and sit down. You need to rest" she said

Geet: "How can I rest when my own husband can't move? He can't even eat himself for God's sake. Meera, if this happened to Arjun then would you just sit and do nothing?" she scolded Meera and continued pacing up and down

Meera: "I guess your right... But I'm not pregnant" she said and liked how this game was going

Geet: "Well... What if you WERE pregnant? What if your pregnant right now but you just don't know about it?" she said and giggled

Meera blushed and looked down. Suddenly the atmosphere was lightening in the house. Geet breathed a soft sigh of relief as she knew Meera always made things better.

But her relief was cut short when she heard the doorbell.

Geet literally sprinted to the door, nearly tripping on the way. It was Meera who was standing close by, she quickly balanced her. If  she would have fell God knows what would happen.

She opened the door.

Arjun was standing behind Maan who was sitting on the wheelchair.

Meera went over and stood beside Geet and put her arms around her shoulders in case she fainted. She gave Geet's shoulders a light squeeze in reassurance while Arjun slowly pushed Maan's wheelchair, so both Arjun and Maan were inside the warm Mansion.

Geet stood rooted at where she was in slight shock. Meera smiled sadly and led Geet back inside.

Arjun: "He hit is head on something and his brain doesn't function properly. He's paralysed and he can't talk, walk, or move" he said and looked down

Maan was sitting on the wheelchair, immobile.

A tear escaped his eye. He wanted to hug Geet and tell her everything was alright. He wanted to get up. He couldn't.

Geet looked at Maan and then looked at the tear.

Geet: "Look! Maan know's what's going on! Don't you Maan?" she said and bent down and cupped his face

Maan just about moved his face up and down. He was trying to nod.

He knew.

Geet: "Don't worry Maan. I'm here now. Everything will be fine. Just wait and see. One day you'll be back in your office again. Which reminds me, i've took care of all the meetings and you even won another contract!" she said and smiled, even though she had a huge lump in her throat and she wanted to cry.

She didn't let the tears escape from her eyes. She was going to be strong if that's what it took for Maan to be okay again. She wanted to show Maan how happy she is and how it didn't matter that he couldn't walk, talk, or move and how she still loved him just as much as she did before.

Geet held Maan's hand. The very faintest smile formed on his mouth and he gave Geet's hand a light squeeze.

Geet: "Arjun look, Maan is improving already. He smiled, and tried to nod. He even squeezed my hand! I told you! In a few days he's going to be all fit and fine again. You'll see" she said and stood up, facing Arjun confidently.

Arjun: "Your love for Maan will cure him anyway. He'll definitely recover" he said and nodded. He then excused himself and left Khurana Mansion.

Geet decided to take him to the downstairs bedroom as it will be easier. So she slowly led the wheelchair to the closest bedroom and helped him onto the bed.

She then quickly ran over to the kitchen to make some soup while Meera took over and looked after Maan. Meera told Maan how quickly Geet saved a contract from being lost and how she looked after the house and paid the bill on time and how she took care of the office and how she was being optimistic, telling her that Maan will be alright in a few days time.

But she didn't tell Maan that Geet was pregnant.

Meera wanted Geet to tell this to Maan himself when he recovered. This way, he would be able to hug her, and scream in joy as well. She knew she was doing the right thing.

Geet came back with Maan's favourite chicken soup and sat down beside him. She blew on the hot soup and tasted a bit, making sure it wasn't too hot and then fed him.

Meera: "Geet, I'm going to go and take a shower. You'll be alright won't you?" she asked

Geet: "I'm fine Meera. Go and relax, it's been a long day" she said and sighed while feeding Maan the soup.

Meera went upstairs to take a shower, and just at that moment the doorbell rang. Geet put the soup down on the table.

Geet: "I'll be right back, Maan" she said and exited the room, heading towards the door.

Before she opened the door, she looked at the clock. It was 8:00pm in the evening. She wondered who it could be at this time of the day.

But she opened the door anyway, and there stood someone with his back towards her.

Geet: "Can I help you?"

The man had his hands in his pocket. He turned around with style, and faced Geet with an evil smirk.

Rahul Shah.

Geet couldn't believe that her deadly enemy was standing at her doorstep. She was ready drag him out of the Khurana Property but Rahul just stepped inside the Mansion as if he was here all day and he couldn't care a hoot what people around him would think.

Geet opened her mouth to say something and then watched how casually he entered Geet's house. Her mouth remained open.

Rahul: "Close your mouth my sweetheart. You don't look good like that" he said and sat down on the sofa without asking.

Geet closed her mouth in disgust and then walked over to the sofa Rahul was sitting at. She didn't sit down beside him. She didn't sit down at all. She remained standing up, with her arms crossed across her chest.

Geet: "Get up, and get out of my house" she said and pointed towards the door

Rahul: "Now, now my sweetheart, don't be so harsh. I'm here to visit" he said and sat back, completely relaxed as if he was having the most casual conversation in history.

Geet: "I think your little visit is now over. Can you go now? I am very busy and I don't have time for your visit" she said and rolled her eyes with attitude

Rahul: "Will you marry me?" he asked, completely ignoring her comment

Geet opened her mouth to reply back with a sarcastic comment, and then closed it again, realizing what he just asked her.

Silence engulfed the both of them.

Rahul: "Marry me, Geet" he said and held out an open box with a shiny ring on it. Geet looked at the ring.

1. The choice of Rahul's ring was ridiculous. It was far too big, and it looked fake.
2. The choice of Maan's ring was perfect as it was just the right size since he knew that Geet liked to cook and clean. He made sure the ring didn't stick to clothes and is small enough to wear everyday.
3. Geet didn't want to marry Rahul anyway because A) He tried to rape her. Not once, but twice. B) He's not good looking anyway C) Maan is way better looking and he's a gentleman not only towards Geet, but other women and girls too. He respects everyone D) Geet loves Maan E) She hates Rahul and Geet is married anyway.

Geet: "You only want to marry me for my body don't you" she said in disgust and looked away

Rahul: "Exactly, and your beautiful anyway. Everyone will be jealous and I'm far more rich than --"

Geet: "I don't care how rich you are. I'm married and happy with my husband. I don't need to marry anyone else!" she yelled

Rahul: "You mean paralysed husband. Your 'husband' can't walk, talk, or move. He's no use to you anymore and --"

Geet: "I'm pregnant" she declared

Rahul was determined to complete his sentence but Geet cut him off. She's pregnant? That mean's Maan has already...

Rahul: "How dare you! How dare you let another man touch you like that? I came to you first. Not that bas***d!" he yelled

Geet: "Exactly. I'm already touched. You won't want me now anymore will you? Good. Now get out of here" she said calmly

Rahul: "If your not going to marry me then I'll force you"

Geet: "Get out of my house. Just get out!!" she yelled and grabbed Rahul's arm.

Geet then dragged Rahul but Rahul used his free hand to grab Geet and push her as hard as he could. Geet fell to the ground.

She screamed.

Her leg was sore. Her body was sore. Her body felt like a giant bruise.


Maan lay in bed with his eyes closed.

His eyes suddenly flicked open. His eyes were wide. He recognized that dark, deep voice. He recognized that scream.



Geet was in danger. He had to move. He had to get out of this bed. He prayed to Jesus, Vishnu, Devi, Bhagvaan, Allah, and all the other God's he could think of to give him strength to get up and move. He had to move.

He moved his arm stiffly to the corner of the duvet. He then used all his strength to yank the covers off him.

That hurt alot.

But he didn't give up.

Maan took a deep breath. Now it was the time to get up and move your legs. He had to try this.

He grabbed the headboard and used it to balance himself on to his two feet. He let go of the headboard and when he did, he fell to the ground.

Sweat trickled down his head.

But he wasn't going to give up. He can't just lay in bed when his wife was in danger. No he can't. He pushed himself up, using the bedside table to support him and stood up.

He stood there.

He was actually standing. He was actually standing!!!

Maan took another deep breath and smiled. This was a good sign. Now he needed to move his legs.

Maan slowly moved his feet, as if he was just learning how to walk. He took tiny, fragile steps and headed towards the door, using the wall to support him.


Rahul: "If you don't marry me then i'll force you into it. And if you still refuse, then i'll be left with no choice... But to kill you"

Geet: "I won't marry you. I don't care. Kill me. It's you who will go to Hell anyway!" she said and tried to stand up.

Rahul's eye caught the heavy, metal shovel which Geet used to do gardening yesterday. It was lying on the ground by the doorstep, abandoned.

He smirked and went over to grab it and before Geet could balance herself on her two feet, Rahul used the shovel to push her down to the ground again.

Geet lay on the ground, on her stomach. She looked at the bedroom door of Maan with her teary, swollen eyes.

This time, she knew Maan won't be there to save her.


He was nearly out of the room.

He used the wall to support him and then he finally caught the handle of the door. He pushed it down with his remaining strength and the door clicked open.

He was out.

He used the wall again to support him as he made his way towards the living room. He clutched the banister for support this time and then he saw it.

Geet, was lying on the floor and Rahul had the shovel in his hands


Rahul pounded the shovel against the ground 3 times. The floor vibrated against Geet's body. Then Rahul lifted the shovel like a golf stick and was about to hit the back of her head.

Geet closed her eyes.

And that's when Maan ran.

He ran.

He ran with all the energy which was left in his body and grabbed the shovel from his hand. He pushed Rahul down to the ground and before he could even say anything, Maan lifted the shovel and hit him on the back of his head.

Meera stood there, shocked.

Precap: Maan Find's Out Geet is Pregnant

So guys! How did you like this one? I think this is the best update I have ever written so far! What do you think? Comment, and press the like button!

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Awesome part... loved it
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aweesome update....very cinematicLOLLOLLOL

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great part...loved it to the core.....
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awesome update.....
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amazing part
Yayy Maan is bak 2 normal Party
Erggg dat Rahul is such a b******--hope Maan beats dis guy 2 death Big smile Big smile
W8in 4 Maan 2 know dat Geet is pregnant
Thx 4 the PM Hug
Cont soon Xx...

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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy maan thekh hogaya yupieeeeeeeeee me sooooooooo happy when i read that part in which maan trying to move and he finally did it yayyyyy  Party DancingDancing Party Dancing Party

best update ever ClapClapClap

loved the end sooooooooooo much pyar kuch bhi kar sakta hai geet kai pyar nai  maan ko theekh kar diya Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

maan beat that rahul to death Angry

cant wait for next part Day Dreaming

and yes dear i really cried that part was sooo touchy the pain of loosing someone is very bad and it hurts alot....

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