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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 83)

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The Restauraunt - FF

I just wanted to clear that this FF is based in LONDON! If you read the start of my FF and you understand what's going on you'll know this LOL
If you didn't, doesn't matter. Now you know Smile

Chapter 20

It was past midnight, and Geet and Maan were sitting in bed, playing a game where you had to throw a dice in a cup as many times as you can from far away. Maan was playing, as well as writing the scores down on paper. The person who reached 200 first, wins. So far, Maan's score was 198 and Geet's score was 199. The game was tough.

Maan focused intently on the glass. Maan Singh Khurana has never lost a contract, let alone lose a game. He was sure he was going to win this.

Maan threw the dice and it landed successfully inside. Geet frowned, and got up to retrieve the dice back.

Geet: "Cheater" she muttered

Maan looked at Geet in disbelief.

Maan: "You can't possibly cheat in this game. Actually, this might be the only game in the world you can't cheat on unless you go up to the cup and put the dice inside it" he said and shook his head

Geet pulled a funny face which nearly caused Maan to crack up laughing, and while Geet focused on the cup, Maan started laughing.

Geet: "Stop distracting me, while I'm trying to win!" she said

Maan put his hand to his mouth and bit his cheek to prevent himself from laughing. Geet focused on the glass and threw the dice and it landed perfectly inside the cup.

Geet: "YAY!" she screamed in joy and got up. She decided doing Bhangra and jumped up and down until her stomach ached.

Maan sat there and clenched his jaw and his fists. He has never lost before, and he lost against his own WIFE. What has Geet done do him?

While Geet danced with joy, she nearly knocked a vase over which caused Maan to stand up and catch it just in time before it fell.

Maan: "Geet! It's the upteenth time you've nearly knocked a vase over, and this is my favourite vase!" he said and gingerly held it, carefully checking for cracks or scratches.

Geet: "Maan Singh Khurana LOST!" she said and sat down on the bed, holding her stomach she started laughing out loud. She didn't care about the vase, obviously.

Maan sat down on his bed in anger.

Geet looked up at Maan and saw him clearly angry about the whole vase incident. She didn't want to get in another fight. Not now.

Geet turned to face Maan and crossed her legs. She then held her ears.

Geet: "Sorry" she said in a low voice.

To Geet's surprise Maan cracked out laughing. Geet was confused for a second, then it struck her. Maan was pulling her leg.

Maan: "I was only kidding" he said and laughed some more.

Geet was determined to teach Maan a lesson but a strange feeling hit around about her chest, and her stomach. She felt a sour feeling at the back of her throat.

Geet widened her eyes.

She put her hand to her mouth and quickly climbed out of bed, she went into the washroom and locked the door behind her. Then she stumbled her way towards the sink.


Maan, who was continuously laughing, abruptly stopped. He didn't realize Geet has gone and for a second he was worried. Was she angry at him?

Then he heard the flowing of taps. He sighed with relief then another thought struck him.

Maan: "Why didn't Geet tell me she needed the washroom? Why did she just leave? Like that?" a knot formed in his stomach as he was suddenly worried for her again.

Maan climbed out of bed and turned the handle down to open the door of the washroom. It was locked. Then he put his cheek against the door to listen.

She was coughing.

Not normal coughs. She was coughing real hard coughs. Coughs that didn't sound normal at all. She sounded unwell.

Maan: "Geet are you okay? Open the door" he said softly and knocked.

After a while of coughing, Maan heard the tap stop flowing and he heard footsteps. Geet slowly opened the door.

Geet was as pale as paper. The glow she had on her cheeks a minute ago wasn't there anymore. She was shaking, and she had her hand on her chest. She wasn't well.

Maan looked at Geet, horrified. He held her hand and lead her to a chair. He made her sit down and he then massaged her shoulders.

Maan: "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell? We should take you to a doctor" he said and felt her forehead.

Geet: "No Maan. I think I ate something that made me like this. I'll take one of those pills. I still have some left" she said and got up. She went over to the side table and rummaged through some draws.

Maan put some water in a glass from a jug on the table and handed it over to Geet. Geet swallowed the tablet along with some water and sat down, rubbing her chest.

Maan was about to ask something when he heard his phone vibrating in his pocket. He sighed, again knowing it must be one of those endless meetings or whatever. He really didn't feel like going to any meetings, not when his lady wasn't well.

But he picked it up anyway.

Maan: "Hello?" he said, frustrated

As the man on the other end spoke, Maan frowned, and his frown turned to anger, and then his anger turned to concern, and then his concern turned to exasperation. He mumbled OK's throughout the call. He sighed and then hung up.

Maan: "Geet, I need to fly off to Delhi. The flyover has collapsed and I need to go and see if everyone is alright and if everything is fine. I need to go" he said and rubbed his temple.

Geet: "Right now?" she said

Maan sighed. "Yes, right now. I don't want to leave you like this, alone and everything but it's really important. Nakul is at home and there are CCTV Camera's all around the house and if anything happens you'll promise to call me and I'll come right away" he said and held her hand.

Geet: "For how long are you going for?" she said wishing he never had to leave at this time of the night

Maan: "2 days" he said

Geet: "Two endless days without you" she said and sighed


After Maan packed his suitcase he kissed her on the cheek. He made her promise she would go and see the doctor tomorrow and he also told her to call him and tell him whatever the doctor said. Maan told her to take her medicine on time and he also told her to get Nakul to make some soup for her, seeing as Geet wasn't well.

Geet nodded and agreed to all his commands and he finally left the house, giving her a final, passionate kiss on the lips.

Geet looked at Maan leaving out from the window. He got into his car and drove off. She watched the car as it disappeared right into the darkness.

Geet wasn't happy about this at all. Something was telling her that Maan shouldn't have gone. Something was telling her that something bad is going to happen.

Geet looked at the huge house around herself. The house seemed so lonely without Maan. She didn't feel safe anymore like she always had when Maan was in the house or next to her. She wanted him back.

She slowly went back upstairs and as she did, she stopped outside Nakul's room. She heard the loud snores of Nakul sleeping.

Suddenly, Geet felt relaxed and she smiled at how clumsy Nakul can be sometimes. She decided to help Nakul do the chores tomorrow and stick with him all day. He could be good company sometimes.

She walked back to her room and climbed back into bed. She pulled the covers right up to her head and drifted off to sleep.

Geet was happy. This was the happiest day of her life apart from her Wedding Day. She couldn't wait to tell Maan! She really couldn't. She felt like screaming out to everyone all her joys. She wished Maan didn't go to Delhi. She decided to phone Maan and tell him, but his phone wasn't reachable. Geet frowned, annoyed and lazily picked up the TV Remote and switched on the TV. She changed the channel to a News Channel and she saw the photo of her husband Maan Singh Khurana on television. Geet wasn't surprised as she was used to this. She smiled at the handsome photo of Maan but her smile immediately vanished.

BREAKING NEWS: Maan Singh Khurana is dead.

Geet screamed and sat up.

Sweat covered her body as those 5 words still haunted her eyes. She looked down and saw the duvet wasn't covering her body and then she realized she was really cold.

Then she looked around her.

Everything was normal. The walls, the curtains, the picture frames, were all normal. The TV in her bedroom, thankfully wasn't on either.

Geet sighed in relief and then turned her head to her right side to check the time. It was 11:00am already. Yet, it only felt like she slept for 2 minutes.

She felt that sour feeling at the back of her throat again. She put her hand to her mouth and quickly scurried off to the washroom, not bothering to lock the door this time.


Geet came out of the washroom feeling fresh again. She decided to go to the doctor just like Maan had told her to and then she decided to phone Maan and tell him that she was alright and she was doing just fine.

After Geet had planned her day, she grabbed her sunglasses and her handbag and left her bedroom. As she was walking downstairs, she saw that Nakul was cleaning the photo frames.

Geet: "Nakul, I'm going out for a while. Take care of the house while I'm gone, okay?" she said

As Geet was about to make her way towards the door, Nakul stopped her.

Nakul: "Sorry to stop you Ma'am, but you haven't had lunch yet, and you even skipped breakfast" he said with concern

Geet: "I'm not that hungry. I'll come back and eat" she said

Nakul nodded and continued cleaning the photo frames, and Geet exited Khurana Mansion. She sat inside her car and ordered the driver to take her to City Hospital.

Geet still had that sour feeling in her throat. She prayed to Baabaji to spare her just this time. She didn't want to vomit inside her new car.

Finally after what seemed like ages, Geet arrived at the City Hospital. She asked at the reception if her Doctor was in. The Receptionist guided her to the room her Doctor was in and lead her inside.

Receptionist: "Ma'am, Mrs Khurana wanted to see you" she said and left the room, leaving the Doctor and Geet alone.

Usually, Geet's doctor was Arjun but she decided to stick with her Female doctor this time for some stupid reason. She didn't know what that reason was, but she pushed it to the back of her mind.

Doctor: "Mrs Khurana? What brings you here? Sit down" she said and gestured her to the seat in front of her.

Geet sat down and then looked at her Doctor, Mrs Malik.

Geet: "Everything is fine. It's just that since yesterday, I have been feeling nauceous and I have been vomitting constantly. This morning I have been feeling the same. I wanted to know what's wrong with me and the medicines I should take"

A sudden smile formed on Mrs Malik's face. She knew what was wrong with Geet, but she wanted to take the tests just to make sure.

Mrs Malik: "Right Mrs Khurana, come this way and we'll get some tests done" she said and stood up.


Geet got out of her car and entered Khurana Mansion. Today, she was the happiest woman on earth. She couldn't wait to tell Maan that she was pregnant! She has a growing baby, inside her stomach! The thought of her own baby made her feel excited.

She picked up the Landline Phone. Geet smacked her head telling herself to stop forgetting and invest in a mobile phone. She dialled Maan's number and it ringed.

Instead of hearing Maan's voice on the other end, she heard the operator's voice. It told her the number wasn't reachable.

Geet tried a few more times and put the phone back down in defeat. She decided to tell Maan in person when he comes back. It's more dramatic and exciting. She couldn't wait to see the expression on Maan's face when he found out he's going to be a father!

Maan Singh Khurana is going to be a father.

Geet wanted the baby to be born right now so she could earn the title of a mother, and Maan could earn the title of a father, but of course that was impossible.

She decided to watch some TV so she lazily picked up the TV Remote and turned on the TV. She flicked the channel to her favourite News Channel and she saw the picture of her husband.

Her happy expression vanished.

Geet had ALMOST forgotten about that dreaded nightmare. But it haunted her back. The Breaking News was:


Precap: Is Maan really dead?

Goodness! My fingers are so tired from writing!
I wish you can write essay's as fast as you can write FF's. I'm also stuck on writing an essay just now but I couldn't be bothered doing it so I decided to write an update.
You all are gonna hate me for making Maan dead in the FF...

Hit the like button if you enjoyed this update! And most importantly, do leave long juicy comments for me to relish LOL

Sameeha x

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Whats happening here oh boy! Update the next part stat
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Great part!!!!
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great part.....loved it...
wat was dat precap?????
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I'm happy for maneet!
But Maan is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee don't make him dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

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Awe the game in the beginning was so cute and I had a feeling she was going to be pregnant but was scared about the podium taking its effect now and ooh geets dream scared me and Woop she's pregnant and Omd I hope she dreamt that again not real I know you won't kill him well I hope you don't anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile
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luved d update..
b8 plz plz dont make maan dead...
update soon..

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