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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 72)

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged

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lovely ff.. please add me to the PM list
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great part...continue soon!!!!
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great part
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gr8 but i just hope sam doesnt turn out evil.............
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awesum blossom update
cont soon
thnx 4 the PM
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The Restauraunt - FF

Hey guys! My Inbox was literally spammed with so many ideas! They were all so good but I had to pick one anyways.
(Just to let you guys know I loved all of your ideas)
Anyways, the person's idea who I liked the most, is Sanaya-Luv-Arti's idea!
Now to see what the next track is about, your going to have to just keep reading on.
Thanks so much for giving me all those idea's.
Now don't be disheartened because when this track ends, i'll pick another track from all those idea's you gave me! So there will be lots of winners LOL

Chapter 18

Ring Ring. Ring Ring. Ring Ring.

Geet was busy cleaning the kitchen. She really couldn't be bothered picking up the phone so she told Maan to go.

Geet: "Maan! Get the phone, please!" she called out, cleaning the dishes

But the phone was constantly ringing, and this annoyed Geet.

Geet: "Where is Maan when I need him" she mumbled under her breath in exasperation

Geet dumped her cloth once again on the table, and jogged into the living room. She picked up the phone, and slumped down on her seat.

Geet: "Hello?" she said

Sameera: "Hey! It's me, Sam. You said you wanted me to come over right? Well, I'm free today!" she said cheerily

Geet immediately relaxed. She didn't know what kind of effect Sameera had on her, but it was good. Whatever it was.

Geet: "Great! You can come over any time you want! By the way, what's your favourite food?" she said just as cheerily

Sameera: "My favourite food? I love chicken curry. By the way, i'll be there in 1 hour"

Geet: "Okay, see you then" she said and hung up

Geet smiled and stood up. She decided to show Sameera how great of a cook she was. She was about to head off to the kitchen when she saw Maan skipping down the stairs in his business attire again.

Maan: "Geet, I'm off to Khurana Constructions. There's a very important meeting I have to go to" he said and gave a quick kiss on Geet's lips

Geet: "Again? Seriously Maan. You have no time for me" she said and looked down at the floor

Maan: "There's a surprise for you. I'll give it to you as soon as I come home okay?" he said and nuzzled his face in her neck, sniffing her sweet cooking smell

Geet: "Really?" she said and brightened up

Maan: "Really. Now can I go?" he said

Geet sighed and nodded

Maan: "By the way, when are you going to buy that restauraunt? You cook the most delicious food I have ever tasted" he said and cupped her face in her hands.

Geet: "I'm still saving up money from the salary you give me. Now go, you'll be late" she said

Maan gave her another quick kiss on her lips and half-ran and half-walked out of the house. Geet ran off to the kitchen and immediately got out the ingrediants to make Sameera's favourite homemade chicken curry.

Geet: "Right, first we need chicken, onions, and garlic" she said trying to remember the recipe in her head.

...1 Hour Later...

Geet was stirring the large pan, which was sizzling with Sameera's favourite curry. She was expecting Sameera to come any time soon.

Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly lowered the gas and put the curry into two plates. One for her, and one for Sameera. She then ran up to the door and opened it.

Sameera was standing there.

She was wearing a yellow summer dress with black leggings and she had a matching yellow ribbon tucked neatly in her silky, dark brown hair. She was wearing flat shoes and she also carried an oversized bag with her. Now Geet knew why Maan had fallen over her

She was looking beautiful.

But Geet was looking just as beautiful as Sameera.

Geet was wearing a dress-top that Maan had gifted her. Maan insisted she wore it for the day and like an obediant wife, she wore it.
Dress-Top -
With that, she wore DKNY skinny jeans, and fluffy slippers for shoes. Geet's beautiful wedding ring she wore all the time and never took it off, was shining on her ring finger. She also painted her nails a beautiful french manicure, which was neatly shaped into a square shape.
She had on gold studs that Maan had also gifted her, and her matching gold necklace that Maan had also gifted her.

On top of that, she had on her flower printed apron which had 'Geet' printed on it which Maan had ALSO gifted her since he knew Geet loved to cook.

Geet: "I was expecting you!" she said and stepped aside to let her come in

Sameera looked at Geet up and down and a sudden shine of jealousy appeared in her eyes. Geet, however didn't notice this as she happened to look at her watch at that time.

As Sameera stepped inside, she smelt chicken curry, and along with that Maan's perfume which had also filled the house as he left. The house which was as big as a Taj Mahal, was decorated with red and white curtains which were Maan and Geet's favourite colours. There were pictures of Maan and Geet hugging and smiling adorned all over the house, clearly showing that they were a couple.

Sameera clenched her jaw as she looked around the house, paying careful attention at each and every expensive detail.

The house was perfect.

Geet led Sameera to the sofa and made her sit down. Geet sat down as well.

Geet: "I'm making your favourite chicken curry! That's why I asked you such a random question over the phone" she said and chuckled

Sameera also faked a giggle.

Sameera: "Maan has gone out hasn't he?" she asked casually

Geet nodded.

The phone suddenly started to ring. Geet went over to phone and picked it up.

Sameera suddenly thought of a wicked idea. This time, evil glinted in her eyes as she stood up. She faked some coughs and then asked Geet...

Sameera: "Is it alright if I get some water?" she said

Geet nodded and pointed at the direction where the kitchen was as she continued chatting on the phone to Adi, explaining where the blueprints of Mr Khanna's mall were.

Sameera walked towards the kitchen and entered it. She looked at the steaming two plates of chicken curry. She opened her bag and got out a bottle of poison and poured it inside one of the plates. She set the two plates in a tray, carefully noting the plate which had poison in it and exited the kitchen.

Geet put the phone back down and was about to walk to the kitchen, when she saw Sameera coming towards her with a tray. Sameera set the tray down on the table and then sat down as well.

Geet: "Why did you take the trouble?" she said and sat down beside her

Sameera: "You seem like a busy woman. So I decided to help you out a little" she said and handed over the plate of curry with poision over to her.

Geet: "Thanks Sameera" she said and grabbed a spoon

Sameera also grabbed a spoon and took a taste of the curry. It was delicious, with all the right ingrediants. She wondered how Geet had such a perfect life? Well, obviously because she was Mrs Maan Singh Khurana.

Sameera watched as Geet put the spoon in her mouth and swallowed the curry. She watched as she relished her own cooking.

The poison should have took it's action by now.

But it didn't.

By now, Geet had finished the plate of curry. So had Sameera. There had been no sign of dissyness. No sign.

Sameera was frustrated. She decided to kill her once and for all. She was so jealous of her. Geet didn't deserve such a perfect life. Sameera did. After all, she laid her mark on Maan first.

So she decided to strangle her.

And that's what she did.

She pushed her hands against Geet's neck and watched how she struggled to breath. She watched how she coughed. She watched how she suffocated. This is how she wanted to see her, and she was feeling content. But she still had a lot of talking to do.

Sameera: "You don't deserve this perfect life! I do! Maan is mine do you hear me! I'm going to kill you once and for all. Maan won't be here to save you anyway. After you die, I'll sweet talk Maan and I'll marry him and finally take over this house, his property, his office, his money, EVERYTHING! What did you think? That I actually want to be friends with you? It's all an ACT" she said.

Geet needed to breath.

Maan on the other hand looked in all the shelves and tried to find the file he was trying to find for the past 10 minutes. He banged his fist against the wall in frustration.

Then he remembered he left it at home.

He grabbed his keys and exited Khurana Constructions. He jumped into his car, and drove off, breaking all the speed limits. He had to find that file, fast. Before the next important meeting.

Geet was still suffocating. She prayed to Baabaji to send her to heaven after she died. She prayed to Baabaji for some miracle to happen. She wanted Maan with her. She wanted anything to happen. She wanted any distraction, but she didn't want to die by Sameera's hands.

Sameera: "Why are you more beautiful then me? Why do you cook such delicious food? Why are you so rich? WHY? I want all of this. I deserve all of this, not you!"

Geet eye suddenly caught Sameera's oversized bag. She grabbed it and hit Sameera on the head. Sameera suddenly let go and put her hand on her head in pain.

Geet now thought of what to do. She thought about leaving the house and going to Khurana Constructions.

And that's what she did.

She headed towards the door and opened it.

And there stood Maan Singh Khurana Himself.

He looked at a trembling Geet, and then he looked at her neck. Her neck was all red from Sameera's strangling.

Then he looked at Sameera who was standing there, wide eyed.

Maan touched lightly on Geet's neck, and Geet winced in pain. He was angry. At whoever did this. He was going to murder whoever done this.

Maan: "WHO DID THIS?" he yelled at Geet as his voice echoed around the house

Geet: "S-S-Sameera" she stuttered and pointed her finger right at Sameera's face.

Maan looked at Sameera who stood there, trembling with fear.

Maan: "Excuse me Geet, I'm going to go and commit a murder" he said and pushed her gently out of the way.

He stood in front of a trembling Sameera. He slapped her right across the face.

Maan: "Get out of my house. And don't ever come back again! I was stupid on giving you a second chance!" he shouted and pointed towards the door.

Sameera looked at Maan, and then looked angrily at Geet. She then stomped out of the door, leaving Maan and Geet behind alone.

Precap: Maan's Surprise!

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Wow that was intense. Great idea though, cant wait to hear about Maan's suprise!

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