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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 68)

seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
Thank god maan came and rescued geet otherwise god knows wat would have happened.pls PM In your list and update soon.

SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Sameeha! you are so young!Shocked
and u write brilliantly. i love ur FF. Could u please add me to ur PM list as well? Smile
..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
That was a Freakyy Update
Ughh Hate that Rahulll
ow dare he?
The blood part was scary
Ohh no now sameera too?
But Awesome Part
Loved it
Amazingg ..continue soon
Thank u

Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
The Restauraunt - FF

Here is Chapter 17!

Chapter 17

Maan: "Geet! Where's my wallet?" he called out as he rummaged through draws, trying to find his wallet.

Geet, who was at the wardrobe rummaging through draws in there, found the wallet and ran up to Maan, nearly knocking a vase behind her.

Geet: "Here" she said

Everything was back to normal. Maan and Geet haven't spoken about that disgusting incident. They both agreed on forgetting it and moving on with their lives.
Ever since that incident, Maan has been more protective. He has bought extra bodygaurds to secure the house, and he has fixed CCTV Camera's around the house as well. He wanted Geet to be safe.

Geet was also back to her Chalti Firti Disaster mode, always knocking things over, and doing stupid things. She was always happy, and bubbly which relieved Maan a lot, as he liked her that way.

Maan: "Be careful! That's an expensive vase" he said and put his wallet in his pocket

Geet stood in front of Maan and fixed his coller and adjusted his tie. She knew Maan was going to face the biggest project of his life today. He wanted him to look perfect.

Maan: "I'm nervous" he said feeling stupidly nervous for the first time in his life.

Geet: "No your not. Maan Singh Khurana is never nervous" she said and ran her hand through his hair.

Maan and Geet went downstairs and before he left, Geet fed Maan some yoghurt for good luck.

Geet: "I'm going to be the happiest woman on this earth if you win the contract" she said and fed him yoghurt

Maan swallowed his yoghurt, and gave her a passionate, but quick smack on the lips and left. Geet held the bowl of yoghurt in her hands and looked at Maan leave the house in his trademark Maan Singh Khurana walking style with his briefcase in his hands. He was wearing his newly polished shoes and his favourite suit. He wore his sunglasses like always. He looked like a true businessman and Geet was proud of being his wife.

Before he left, Maan turned around and winked at Geet, giving her a lopsided grin as he did so. Geet mouthed 'Good Luck' and Maan nodded, and left

Geet looked at the phone and saw the red light going on and off, which meant there was messages for her to read. She went over to the phone and pressed the button, and sat down.

Message #1: From Meera
"Hey Babe! Send Maan a big Good Luck and huge kisses from me! Hope he gets the contract!"


Message #2: From Arjun
"Hey Geet! Hope Maan wins the Contract. I've sent him a message on his phone, but I decided leave a message on your landline as well. Good luck!"


Message #3: From Pinky
"Geet, you never told me Dhak Dhak was going on stage today! I can't wait to see him on television. He's soooo hot..."
Pinky's Dad: "Pinky, have some shame!"


Geet: "God Pinky, I thought you didn't like him anymore" she said and giggled. She took the remote control and pressed the 'On' button, switching on the TV. She changed the channels but found nothing interesting, then she finally saw Maan on television.

Geet leaned back on the sofa, and crossed her legs. Feeling comfortable at last, she looked at Maan on television, feeling proud.

Geet: "He looks just as hot on television as well" she said and sighed

It turns out Maan had one the contract. Geet felt like jumping with joy, she had a 1000 Watt grin on her face. She was so happy.

Geet: "YES!!!" she said and waited for Maan to say something

Maan: "Actually, I would like to give the credit to my wife Geet for this one. She has supported me every time in my sorrows and joys. Thanks Geet" he said and winked at the camera.

Geet blushed

Geet: "How does he know that I'm watching on television?" she said and turned off the television

She decided to make Maan's favourite cake for Maan. Ever since she made that 'Black Forrest' cake for Maan that day, he had titled it as his favourite.

Maan on the other hand got off the stage, shaking hands with his clients and other important people. He then saw a familar face. Her face suddenly vanished between the crowd. He moved his face to a slight angle to see her face clearer. His heart stopped.


Maan saw the beautiful girl he once loved, walking towards him. Sameera and Maan stood a few feet away from each other. Both just looked at each other blankly.

Maan just looked at her face without blinking. He didn't know what to say, or what to do. Sameera walked up to Maan and held out her hand.

Sameera: "Congratulations Maan" she said and smiled.

A guy came over and stood beside Sameera, he put his arm protectively around her waist.

Maan did anything a wise person would do.

He turned around, and left.

Without shaking her hand.

Geet on the other hand had just finished making Maan's favourite cake. She put the cake gently on the plate and put it on the table. On top of the cake, it said 'Congratulations'. Geet was very proud of her cooking and she couldn't wait when she owned her very own restauraunt.

Geet heard the door close. She knew Maan was back. She dumped her cloth, and ran over to the door with a smile on her face.

But her smile immediately vanished.

Maan didn't look happy. He wasn't even smiling. Instead, he looked like he was in shock. He looked down at the floor without blinking.

Geet: "Maan" she said worriedly

Maan ignored her and sat down on the sofa, resting his head on his hands.

Geet went over and sat down beside Maan.

Geet: "Is everything alright?" she said softly, putting her hand on his shoulder

Maan: "I just saw..." he said and gulped

Geet: "Maan, tell me. I'm there to help you" she said in a sympathetic voice

Maan: "Sameera" he completed his sentence. Geet removed her hand from Maan's shoulder and looked at Maan in shock.

Geet: "Very good. Now I can go over to that hall and teach her a lesson" she said and stood up.

Maan grabbed her hand and made her sit down. Geet slumped down on her seat in anger as she looked ahead of her in a straight face.

Both sat quietly in the same position for quite a while in silence. The silence got broken by a doorbell ring.

Geet looked at the door and stood up. She went over to the door, and opened it. She saw someone who she never expected.

Sameera: "Hi, I'm Sameera. Your Mrs Khurana I guess?" she said and held out her hand politely

Geet ignored the hand.

Geet: "Speaking of the devil, there she comes, ringing our doorbell. What do you want" she said and crossed her arms across her chest.

Maan heard the familar voice and stood up. He went up to Geet and put his arm protectively around her waist, just like that guy had done to Sameera.

Sameera looked at Maan, and then Geet.

Maan: "I've moved on in case you've come here asking me back after so many years. I don't want you. Go away from my house, and don't ever come back" he said in a straight face

Sameera didn't look surprised. Instead, she smiled.

Sameera: "I can see that. I've not come to break your relationship or anything. I've moved on too. I'm married" she said

Maan then looked at the shiny rock on her ring finger. He then looked away in anger.

Geet saw this.

Geet: "So am I" she said and showed off the bigger rock on her ring finger.

Sameera looked at the ring and a sudden glint of jealousy appeared in her eyes. Geet smirked in victory. She felt content in seeing her reaction. Maan also smirked.

Sameera: "I just came here to say congratulations to Maan. I also wanted to say how sorry I am on..." she said and looked at Geet, embarrassed.

Geet: "Don't worry, I know EVERYTHING" she said, emphasazing on the word 'everything'.

Sameera: "Okay, well. I guess my work is done here. I should be leaving now" she said and turned around to leave.

Geet: "Wait" she said, feeling suddenly sorry for her

Sameera turned around and faced the couple. A tear which was resting on her bottom eyelash, trickled down her cheek. She quickly wiped it off, and looked away.

Geet: "Why are you crying?" she asked

Sameera: "I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I shouldn't be standing in front of a pure couple. I'm so... dirty" she said and looked down.

Maan and Geet looked at each other, then looked back at Sameera.

Maan: "Everyone believes in second chances Sameera" he said and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Sameera instantly looked up at Maan.

Sameera: "You mean..."

Geet: "Friends?" she said and held out her hand

Sameera shook her hand and hugged both Maan and Geet.

Geet: "Right, you have GOT to come inside! I made Maan's favourite cake and I swear its so delicious your going to be licking your fingers!" she said

Sameera: "I really have to go. My husband is waiting for me. Really, how about some other time?" she said, happily.

Geet: "Great. Call me" she said

Sameera and Geet exchanged landline numbers, as Geet didn't have a cell phone just yet. Sameera wrote down her mobile number anyway, and told her to call her first whenever she gets one. Sameera then left.

Maan turned and faced Geet, and hugged her.

Maan: "You smell of baking. I love this fragrance" he said and sniffed her, nuzzling his face in her neck.

Geet giggled.

Geet: "Come on now, your cake is waiting for you" she said and both the couple went inside to relish the chocolate cake.

Precap: ?

Right guys, about this precap, I don't know what the precap should be. I need a new idea for a track. Post your idea's here, or PM me! The best idea will be chosen by me. So guys, start thinking!

Please, please, PLEASE hit the like button if you enjoyed this update!

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the update
is sameera really guilty or she acted being guilty
nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
cont soon
pushpi IF-Dazzler

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I hope Sameera doesnt have two sides to show
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
lovely update.....

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