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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 63)

-shamima- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 August 2010
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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
No your an amazing writer and you created the perfect atmosphere of this person who is following geet and though it's short it was perfect to create this type or eerie feeling and awe poor geet wonder who it is and she had to lie to maan but he knows she's lying but willing to give her time which is sweet anyway great update and ooh interesting precap Smile

.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 October 2009
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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
dear itzz an amazing update
and its getting scary nd horror please conintue like that
and i know who it is but dont wanna shout outLOL
good job!!!Thumbs Upkeep it up!
cont soon plzz dont do 1 week Cryi want da updt soon
thnkxx for the PM
divareena IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 February 2006
Posts: 16799

Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

bechara maan is worried about why geet is quite.

aww geet is trying to lie but is not successful. love maan understanding geet very well to realise that she is lying but does not say anything as he wants geet to trust him,
nahiii someone is playing with geet's mind. I hope maan finds out the culprit soon.ClapClapClapClapClap
pickachu IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 26 October 2009
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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Interestinggg part!!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

chubzy IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 May 2010
Posts: 3424

Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Nice n scary update! Is it rahul? Poor geet is so scard.
-Mrinalini- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 August 2010
Posts: 30529

Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Fantastic FF...

Pls add me to ur PM List!

Continue soon!


londongirl95 Senior Member

Joined: 25 September 2010
Posts: 578

Posted: 23 January 2011 at 2:01pm | IP Logged

omg thats so spooky!! i loved every part of it!  i wonder who is stalking geet!! cant wait for your next update!!

Sameeha786 Senior Member

Joined: 12 October 2010
Posts: 555

Posted: 23 January 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
The Restauraunt - FF

You are so lucky for getting like 2 updates in a day! I decided to make up for all the updates I didn't do.

I hope you like this one!

Disclaimer: This update may be a bit disturbing. Read at your own risk!

Chapter 16

Geet looked at the mirror blankly. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't hallucinating. This was real! She saw that blood, marker... Whatever thing on the mirror! How was she going to prove this to Maan? She knew Maan was going to hate her for being so mad.

Geet just looked at the mirror blankly. She didn't know what to say, or what to do.

Instead, she just lay down on her bed and went to sleep without wearing her pajamas, pulling the duvet right up to her head.

Geet: "Go away"

Maan heard the soft muffle and figured out it said "Go Away". He knew something was definitely wrong and Geet wouldn't cry like that for no reason.

Maan nodded at Nakul and Bahadur, indicating them to leave. Nakul and Bahadur did as he asked and left the room. After they left, he heard soft sobs beneath the duvet.

A huge lump formed in Maan's throat. He wished he could figure out why Geet was so sad today. He decided to ask her again.

So he went over to the bed and sat down next to her. He pulled the duvet down which revealed her wet face and bloodshot swollen eyes from all the crying. He put a hand on her head and patted it sympathetically in a rhythm which relaxed Geet completely.

Maan: "Tell me, what's wrong? I won't be able to help you if you don't tell me" he said softly

Geet: "Maan, I swear it was on the mirror Maan! You have to believe me I --" she said and broke into louder sobs

Maan: "What was on the mirror?" he asked

Geet: "It said 'I'M COMING TO GET YOU GEET!' in blood red writing. I'm so scared Maan. Don't leave me! I'm scared" she said, sat up and hugged him.

Maan didn't know what to believe and what not to believe. His wife was in front of him claiming that something was on the mirror, and when he looked, he couldn't see anything. It was weird, but he decided to find out more about what's going on.

Maan: "I believe you Geet. Just... Just go to sleep for now" he said and gently laid her down. He then stood up and went downstairs. He sat down on the sofa and looked at the window, trying to figure out what to do.

And that's when he saw a shadow quickly pass by.

Maan stood up with a jolt and ran over to the window. He opened them and looked left and right.


Maan: "So Geet is right" he thought to himself.

Maan heard footsteps. He turned around and saw Geet coming back downstairs again. Maan walked over to Geet and held her hand.

Maan: "Are you okay?" he asked

Geet: "Yeah, I figured we haven't eaten anything since we came back from shopping. So i'm just going to go make something to eat" she said in a low voice and headed towards the kitchen.

Maan just stood there, wondering what to do next. He had to find out who this stalker was.

Between his thoughts, he heard a scream.


He immediately ran to the kitchen and saw her shaking and trembling, and pointing to something. Maan looked at Geet, then looked at what she was pointing at.


There was a puddle of, what seemed like blood on the table, and a knife right next to the puddle.

Maan gulped.

Geet gulped.

Then they both looked at each other intensely in the eyes. Hoping that some miracle could happen and they would be vanished from the evil forever.

Their eyelock was interrupted by a phone call on Maan's cell. He didn't want to pick up the phone at all. He wasn't in the mood. But seeing the Caller ID, he had to.

Maan: "Mr Shah" he said in the happiest voice he could muster

Mr Shah: "Because of our huge success I have held a party at hotel Sunrise! You, and your wife are invited. It's at 7:30pm. Sorry for the short notice" he said in a cheery voice

Maan looked at the clock. It was 7:00pm. He was about to deny but then he thought of something.

Maan: "If Geet and I go to the party, the stalker is obviously going to follow her. Maybe I can catch the stalker" he thought to himself

His thoughts got interrupted by the voice on the other end.

Mr Shah: "Will you be able to make it?" he asked in a hopeful voice

Maan: "Me and my wife would love to come. We'll be there" he said and hung up

Geet: "Be where?" she asked

Maan turned to Geet.

Maan: "We're going to Mr Shah's party. I figured it might take your mind off things a little" he said. Geet simply nodded and headed back upstairs to change.

Maan took a last glance at the small pool of blood, then headed upstairs to change as well.

Maan and Geet arrived at the party just in time at exactly 7:30pm. Geet and Maan tried to be as happy as they could, but they secretly looked around themselves just in case of someone suspicious.

Mr Shah finally walked up to Maan and Geet.

Mr Shah: "Hello Mr Khurana! Mrs Khurana" he said nodding at both of them

There was also a man looking at Geet in a very disturbing way. He was standing right beside Mr Shah, and Geet didn't like his way of looking at her.

Maan also saw this and wrapped his arm protectively around her waist. Geet immediately relaxed.

Mr Shah: "Mr and Mrs Khurana, this is Rahul Shah, my son. Rahul Shah, this is Maan Khurana. This is Geet Khurana, Maan's wife"

Geet heard that name before. That name sounded very, very familar.

Then those flashbacks came back in her mind.

She looked at Rahul who smirked back at Geet.

Rahul: "Well... It's a pleasure to meet you... Geet" he said and held out his hand

Geet looked at Rahul, then at the hand. She held out her hand to shake his. They both shaked, but his grip was getting tighter and tighter on her hand.

Geet winced.

Maan saw this.

Maan: "Um, Geet didn't you say you were thirsty? Come lets get you a drink" he said and before leaving, gave a dangerous glare to Rahul.

Rahul looked away.

Arjun and Meera were also at the party. Geet felt relieved she had someone to talk to and she had been doing that for half the party.

Meera: "Excuse me Geet, I just need to go meet someone" she said and walked off to another group and started chatting.

Geet decided to go to the group Maan was in. She started chatting for a while. Maan also felt relieved that Geet was starting to enjoy things a little.

Just then, a waiter came up to Geet.

Waiter: "Are you Geet Khurana?" he asked

Geet: "Yes. Can I help?" she said curiously

Waiter: "Meera Oberoi is waiting for you at room 101" he said

Geet: "Meera? Okay" she said a bit confused. Why did Meera call her to a room? She headed off anyways.

When she reached room 101, she pulled down the handle and went inside.

Geet: "Meera!" she called out

Instead of a feminine voice, she heard a male's voice behind her. She turned around and looked at the man locking the door behind her.

Rahul: "Hello, my lovely young lady. Remember me?" he said as he locked the door securely and walked up to Geet.

Geet: "Who--Who are you? And what do you want from me?" she asked even though she already knew the answer.

Rahul: "I'm Rahul Shah. From university. Does that ring a bell?" he said and laughed in a tone Geet did not like.

Geet got all those horrible flashbacks back in her mind again. She remembered the way Rahul pinned her on the bed, pinning her wrists and force kissing her. She remembered his voice. She remembered that fake date. She remembered everything.

And now her past was in front of her.

Rahul: "Oh and your last question, I want to lay my mark on you. I want your body. I want YOU. Didn't I say I was going to come and get you? Maybe you didn't hear me. I don't want any boy looking at you, especially that stupid Maan Singh Khurana" he said and laughed in the same tone has he did earlier.

Geet: "Excuse me! He's my husband! Don't you dare say anything like that about him or else --"

Rahul: "Or else what? You'll tell him? But by then i'll already have laid my mark on you. Hah" he said and walked towards Geet.

Geet gulped and took a step back. She shook her head in disbelief. She wanted this to all end.

Geet: "Maan" she said in her mind as she fell back on the bed, Rahul on top of her.

Rahul pinned her against the bed roughly, just like he did last time.

Geet: "Maan can you hear me!" she said in her mind as she struggled to get out of his grip. She wanted this to end.

Geet: "Maan please!" she said in her mind as Rahul force kissed her on the lips. She moaned, groaned, and pounded on his chest. She tried everything, but Rahul's weight was too much against hers.

Geet bit on the skin of his hand again and tried to flee.

Her attempt failed.

His other hand grabbed the lower flary part of her dress, and he ripped it, revealing her thighs, and belly.

Rahul: "You won't be able to flee now" he said and kissed her belly

Geet felt numb. She wanted this to end. She wanted some miracle to happen. She wanted anything to happen. She wanted something to happen, but she didn't want to be raped. She wanted to keep the self-respect she has tried to maintain all her life. She didn't want to be called a shameless wh*re in front of everyone. And most importantly, she didn't want Maan to be humiliated in front of everyone. She didn't want the Khurana's to lose it's pride.

Geet: "Please Maan" she thought in her mind as Rahul planted ferocious kisses everywhere.

And that's when she heard it.

There was a loud BANG, and there stood the dangerous Maan Singh Khurana itself in the doorway, with blood red, wide eyes. His face was shaking with anger, and his jaw was clenched tight. A bead of sweat trickled down his neck.

And that's when Geet thought was the right thing to do.

She pushed Rahul so hard, he went tumbling down from the bed. She then ran over to Maan and stood behind him for protection.

Maan stood there with the exact same expression. He looked at Rahul, who was trembling with fear, in fuming anger.

He went up to Rahul and grabbed him by the collar, picking him up, and throwing him right across the other side of the room.

Maan: "You touched my wife. How dare you!" he said and punched him across the face

Maan: "You were the one who was stalking Geet at MY house. How dare you!" he said and punched another one

He then punched another what seemed like 10 times across his face. Rahul had passed out and Maan stood there and looked at him in disgust and anger. He turned around to get Geet, but he saw she was gone.

He then saw the door of the washroom slightly ajar. He went inside and saw Geet trembling in the corner of the room.

He sat down next to her and engulfed Geet in his arms.

Geet: "Is he gone?" he whispered

Maan: "He's gone. I hit him so bad he's going to have to stay in the hospital for the rest of his life" he said and laughed slightly at his own joke

Geet also giggled.

Geet: "You hate me now don't you?" he said, in his chest

Maan: "What makes you think that?" he asked and looked down at Geet

Geet: "I was touched by another --"

Maan put his fingers on her lips, preventing her from saying anything further.

Maan: "What matters is that your fine. He didn't do anything... further did he?" he asked

Geet shook her head in a negative.

And both lay in each other's arms peacefully for what seemed like years.

Precap: Sameera

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