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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 57)

nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
amazing update
cont soon

Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
awesome update....
.Sanayaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
wow!! i hve to tell yur an amazing witer
and how they were telling their past nd understanding it!!
but hate that saameera nd rahul!!Angry
kellz Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
i love how maaneet were honest with each other
i rok IF-Dazzler
i rok
i rok

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Nice update
Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

The Restauraunt - FF

Now before you hit me with your chappals and your rotten apples/tomatoes/banana peels/cakes/pies and what not, please hear me out...

*Someone hits me with a tomato on the head* OUCH!!!

*Shields myself and grabs the microphone*

Right, okay so I haven't updated for like a week. And I think you know my excuse. School.
Oh wait before we get to that let me tell y'all my age as my Inbox is getting spammed with those questions
I'm 12.
Yeah. Young.

And that's exactly why I am so BUSY. School, school and school. Too much homework, and it's so cold over here I swear I could freeze any minute while typing this. Baabaji, himmat do na! *Looks up at the sky*

But fikar not.

It's the WEEKEND!! Let's celebrate because that means I might get to update tomorrow!

Anyway you might be wondering how I am so young and still a good writer. The answer to that question is.....

I don't know to be honest. Talent?

Okay let me stop babbling on and on and start writing this update. Ye update ne meri jaan kahlini hai

Chapter 14

Geet's sleep got disturbed my the sunlight peeping through the curtains. She slowly opened her eyes and wondered what she was doing in Maan's room, then she remembered last night and blushed.

She looked down and saw Maan's right hand fitting perfectly and securely around her waist, and his other hand was behind his head.

Then she looked at the clock and nearly screamed. It was 11:00am.

She slowly, uncurled Maan's fingers and successfuly got out of his grasp, but then she felt a hand pull her back, making her land seductively on top of Maan.

Geet: "What are you doing? Have you seen the time?" she said struggling out of his grip

Maan: "I don't care about the time, and anyway there's no work today. We're still in bed so..." he said and smirked at his thoughts

Geet: "That is not going to happen" she said and tried harder to get out of his grip.

Her attempt failed as his hands were too tight for her. She instead put her hands on Maan's chest and leaned in closer, so their lips were only a few inches away.

Geet: "I give up" she said surrendering and relaxed on Maan's body

Maan: "I knew you would" said a smug Maan

Geet: "So... What do you want to do today?" she asked casually

Maan: "Keep you to myself and stay in bed" he replied just as casually

Geet: "Maan!" she exclaimed and playfully hit his chest

Maan: "Geet!" he mimicked

Geet gave a look to Maan, which Maan responded to.

Maan: "Okay fine, how about we go shopping today? We can get anything you want" he said knowing this will cheer her up

Geet: "Really?" she said brightening up

Maan rolled his eyes and nodded.

Geet then started babbling on about what she wanted to get and what she didn't want to get. She obviously forgotten how she was lying on top of Maan so seductively. Maan enjoyed this and didn't say a word. He wanted time to stop right there.

Geet then stopped babbling halfway and looked down at Maan who was smirking and staring at her intensely.

Geet: "I've been talking for ages and your not even saying anything" she said and frowned

Maan cleared his throat and looked down, indicating her to do the same. Geet also looked down and saw her position.

Geet: "I... I... Actually... I... I mean..." she stuttered and tried to find words to explain this. Her face had turned a shade of beetroot red and she tried to think of a good explanation.

Maan: "If you don't stop sitting in that seductive position, your going to turn me on and that will tempt me to..." he said and trailed off, waiting for her reaction.

Geet immediately rolled off Maan and stood up. She quickly picked an outfit from the wardrobe and scurried off to the washroom. Maan stopped her midway.

Maan: "You forgot to pick some trousers" he pointed out, trying hard not to laugh.

Geet's cheeks turned an even deeper shade of red as she went back to the wardrobe and picked out her trousers. She scurried off to the washroom even quicker, without making eye contact at Maan. Maan stopped her midway again.

Maan: "I love you" he said sweetly

Geet looked down at the clothes in her hands and smiled, blushing even more than she had ever before.

Geet: "I wish I could stay in that position with you forever" she said, giggled and entered the washroom, locking the door behind her.

It was Maan's turn to blush this time. He thought Geet read his mind. He made a mental note to ask Geet if she was psychic, then he hid his face in the pillow and smiled.

Geet and Maan arrived at the shopping mall. Both their arms were linked together. Geet felt like shouting "I'M MAAN'S WIFE!!!" to the whole world. She was so happy, she felt like going around to everyone in the shopping mall and tell them that she's Maan's wife.

But she didn't have to do that.

People she didn't know hugged her and congratulated her on her Wedding Life. There were also some people whom she had met once or twice. Strangers hugged her so warmly, as if they had known Geet for years. Arjun and Meera also happend to be at the shopping mall together with their arms linked as well, and congratulated them one more time.

Geet: "You didn't tell me that you guys are together" she said, surprised

Meera simply blushed, so Arjun had to cover up for her.

Arjun: "Yeah well... It happened so fast" he said and looked down, blushing as well.

Geet nodded and grinned. She was really happy for them both.

After Meera and Arjun left, Geet and Maan decided to go over to another shop. Maan told her the best dresses were there and he said he wanted the best thing for his wife.

Geet decided to try a dress on and she headed off to the fitting room to change. Maan waited outside for her.

She stripped off her clothes, and slipped on the dress. She thought it looked beautiful, but she couldn't reach the zip.

Geet: "Maan!" she called out

Maan: "What?" he said texting clients on his phone

Geet: "I need help. I can't reach the zip" she said, struggling even more

Maan put his phone back in the pocket and went over to the cubicle Geet was in. He peeked through the curtains to see if Geet was decent and smirked. He saw that she was struggling to reach the zip. He went inside and closed the curtains behind him and nuzzled his face in her neck.

Geet gasped and then relaxed completely when she saw it was Maan in the mirror. He put his arms around her belly and pulled her closer to him. So close, nothing could seperate the two souls.

Maan: "You look sexy in this dress" he said as he trailed kisses up and down her bare arms

Geet: "You think I look sexy in everything" she said and frowned

Maan: "Exactly. You look beautiful in everything I don't even have to look at you to say you look nice. Because I already know before hand you'll look sexy in anything you wear" he whispered so other people couldn't hear them

Geet simply blushed and let Maan do his flirting and romance. After a while of romance and kissing, the woman who was incharge of the fitting rooms made Maan and Geet jump.

Woman: "Is everything... alright?" she said even though she knew what was happening in there

Maan continued to kiss her on every exposed part of her body.

Geet: "Y-yeah everything is --"

Geet let out a loud gasp as Maan planted a lovebite on her neck. She then put her hand on her mouth and realized what just came out.

The woman at the other end giggled.

Geet gave a glare to Maan and Maan simply smirked at the commotion he was causing. He was enjoying this.

Geet: "Everything is absolutely fine" she said between embarrassment and pleasure.

The woman walked off, deciding to leave both of them on what they were doing. Maan on the other hand pinned her against the wall, kissing her even more.

Geet: "Did you not see what just happened? That woman..." she said trailing off, not even want to think of it.

Maan: "I don't really care. Why are you so beautiful?" he said and smacked his lips on hers, kissing her ferociously

Geet sighed, knowing he wasn't going to stop this and responded to the kiss, kissing him back just as ferociously and passionately.

Her eyes widened as her eye caught the time. The store would close in 30 minutes. Geet then moaned against Maan's lips and pounded his chest. Maan broke the kiss.

Maan: "What?" he snapped

Geet: "Maan I'm sorry. We should really go. I need to buy lots of more stuff and we only have 30 minutes to do this!" she said and pointed to her watch

Maan's eyes widened as well. He never thought kissing was a good time passing hobby. He made a mental note to do this when he was bored.

Geet bought the dress, and they quickly rushed off to all the other shops they had to go. Geet thought that today she was having the best time of her life. Obviously her wedding day was her first. She was really happy.

But this happiness didn't last for long.

She felt someone's piercing gaze on her as she hurriedly picked a few more outfits and other accessories. She felt like her back was on fire. She turned around and saw nothing but Maan faraway in the distance in the Mens Section, picking t-shirts and texting at the same time. She turned around again and looked at the clothes in her hands.

Geet: "I'm over-reacting. This is a mall. There will always be people around here" she said to herself and continued to browse through the variety of clothes.

But she was still uncomfortable.

She still felt the same burn on her back. Now she was sure someone was following/stalking her. She decided to go to the Men's Section to find Maan, but when she turned around to see where he was last time, he wasn't there.

She went around the whole shop, looking for Maan, but he wasn't there.

He was gone.

Geet: "Calm down Geet. He probably had an important business call and went out to take it. Lets look at some more clothes" she said and quickly picked up a random t-shirt. She felt a bead of sweat trickle down her neck.

She turned around again and found no-one. She walked backwards and looked around herself, to see if someone was following her, but no-one looked suspicious. There was only a couple with children near her. They wouldn't do anything like that.

Her heart started beating faster.

As she was walking backwards, she bumped into a hard chest. She thought someone had come to kidnap her and she turned around, ready to scream.

She opened her mouth to scream but she saw the very familar face.


Maan: "What's wrong? Why are you sweating?" he said and felt his forehead to see if it was hot in the room. It wasn't, and it was perfectly air-conditioned.

Geet: "Where were you?!" she said half relieved and half angry at Maan for just leaving her like that

Maan: "I... I went to the washroom. Is everything... alright?" he said and looked around to spot anyone suspicious

Geet felt the invisible fire on her back extinguish immediately.

Someone was definitely following her.

Precap: She screamed.

I hope I lived up to your expectations, especially since I didn't update for like 1 week. If you enjoyed this update PLEASE hit the like button! 

Edited by Sameeha786 - 22 January 2011 at 12:42pm

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Great part!!

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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