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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 53)

VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Amazing ... Please update soon ... Can't wait to read the next part :)

JRia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
i'm getting ur pms 4 the ff
it's a nice storyline
thanks 4 sending me the pm even though i dont give u any long comments
sorry dear but do keep writing
as u make my day much beautiful
and haan pls add me to ur pm list
Happy new year
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedsorry 4 the late wishes
Water. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Update soon.
Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Author's Note

I'm in my school library posting this. So I better hurry up because it's gonna close in like 5 minutes...
Anyway, I know I haven't updated in a while. Don't worry, I'm not dead. It's just school Dead. So please don't throw your chappals at me! I might update tonight, and if I don't it's probably more homework and assignments to complete Ouch

P.S (I am NOT sending PM's for this note)

Okay I need to hurry because the librarian is yelling at me Dead I'm so exhausted, I hope you understand!

Sameeha x

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Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

The Restauraunt - FF

If you haven't read the Author's Note yet, I want everyone to read it. Don't worry, your not in trouble! Wink

Geet's sleep got disturbed by the sun peeping through the curtains. When she opened her eyes she wondered what she was doing in Maan's room. Then she remembered last night and blushed. She found Maan's arm around her waist and Geet herself rested on Maan's chest. She smiled. But when she looked up at Maan her smile immediately changed into a frown and her expression changed to concern.

Maan looked lost. He was staring at the ceiling without blinking.

Geet: "Maan" she said softly

Maan didn't blink. He just continued to look at the ceiling. It was as if he was alive, but dead.

Geet: "Maan" she said and shaked him slightly

Maan came out of his trance and then looked at his side. He blinked for a few times then he smiled.

Maan: "Good morning Geet"

Geet: "What do you mean 'Good Morning'? I've been calling out to you for ages, and you were ignoring me. What's wrong?" she said worried

Maan: "Should I tell her? No. Should I tell her? Yes. Yes. I'll tell her" he mumbled

Geet: "I can't understand what your saying" she said leaning closer to hear

Maan: "Geet... There is something I need to tell you" he said and sighed, getting up in sitting position

Geet: "Right. But first we should get changed" she said and bent down to get her night dress

Maan remembered he was stark naked, so he agreed with Geet and he headed off to the washroom to get changed.

After both got changed Geet sat a very troubled Maan down on the bed.

Geet: "You were saying?"

Maan looked at Geet and sighed.

Maan: "It's my past" he said

Geet put a hand on Maan's and nodded. Indicating him to go on. Maan took a deep breath and started his story.

-- Flashback --

Maan caught Sameera Kapoor just in time and held her in his arms as both were lost in their own world. They both stared deeply into their eyes as they were oblivious to all the passing by students staring at them.

Sameera's friend coughed and both broke out of their trance as both straightened to fix themselves.

Sameera: "Thank you" she winked and walked off.

Sameera was the most beautiful girl in the whole university. Every boy fell for her and wished she was theirs. However, they didn't know that Sameera was also very cunning. Sameera had her eyes on the hot, and rich Maan Singh Khurana. Not for love, but for money.

Maan's friend nudged Maan and whistled as Maan looked at her walking off, wiggling her bottom perfectly.

Maan: "I wish I could tell her how much I love her" he said and sighed

-- Flashback Ends --

Maan: "I was finally going to propose her, but when I found out she was only eying me for her money, I didn't. Instead I went off to ask her why she was doing this. She begged me to propose her but I didn't. Instead, I just walked off to the pub after school. And --" he said and gulped

Geet: "It's okay Maan. If you don't want to tell me --"

Maan: "No. I just..." he said breaking her off.

Geet smiled reassuringly and encouraged Maan to continue.

Maan: "I asked the bartender for a drink. The drink wasn't strong at all. Sameera came and switched my drink to a very strong drink. I was drunk. She led me off to a room and... We slept together... And... And... I never meant to!" he ended and hid his head in his hands, ashamed of what he had done.

Geet froze.

There was a very awkward silence and stillness in the room. Geet broke it by taking her hand off Maan's hand. She stood up. Maan looked up at a very shocked and shaken Geet. Maan thought she was going to leave him. Why wouldn't she? Every wife deserves a clean husband, and Maan wasn't clean.

Geet: "I can't believe..." she said and looked at Maan wide eyed.

Maan: "Your going to leave -- "

Maan was about to complete his sentence, but Geet cut him off.

Geet: "I can't believe you thought I was going to leave you, just because that wh**e made you drunk, just to have bloody sex with you? Are you crazy? How can you THINK that?" she said with her hands on her hips

Maan just looked at her, baffled. He thought she was going to throw her wedding ring right at Maan's face and walk out. Here, something else was happening. He didn't know how to react, what to say, or what to do. He just sat there, and looked at a frustrated Geet.

Geet: "That Sameera just wanted you for money and for..." she said waving her hands in her air so she didn't have to say the S word.

Maan: "She did more than that" he said, anger forming in his eyes

Geet: "What?" she said sitting down, finally calm

Maan: "Just because I didn't propose her, she went off and set my house ablaze while I was out with a couple of friends. When I came back I saw my house tattered to ashes, and I guess my parents' died in there as well. It wasn't confirmed whether my family died or if they were still alive. My father had cancer and he was about to die anyway, so he transferred all his business to me on that day. If he didn't do that, I would be in the streets right now" he said and sighed, hiding his face in his hands again.

A tear escaped her eye as he hid his face in his hands. She felt like tracking that wh**e down right now, and murdering her for troubling her Maan. Anger formed in her eyes, and all over her face. She wanted to track her down and ask for an explanation. She stood up, and began to walk out of the room.

Maan hearing the footsteps, looked up and gulped. She probably changed her mind.

Maan: "Where are you going?" he asked in fear

Geet: "I'm going to go and track that Sameera down" she said and walked off without saying more.

Maan breathed a sigh of relief. He knew Geet would understand him. She always does, thank goodness. Then he rewinded what she said.

"I'm going to go and track that Sameera down" is what she said. He started fidgeting.

Maan: "What if Sameera hurts Geet? No... Geet is very vicious. She's not that weak. But Sameera, she can do anything. But Geet isn't gullible..." he said comparing Sameera's strong points to Geet's weak points in his mind.

Geet was downstairs looking flipping pages in the phone diary. Maan must have a detective or someone's phone number in the diary. After skimming lots of phone numbers, Geet sat down on the sofa with the landline phone on her lap.

Geet: "Time to make use of being a Khurana" she said and dialled the number

After a few redialling and a few rings, someone finally picked up the phone.

Person: "Hell-oooooo" he said sleepily

Geet: "This is Mrs Khurana speaking" she said sternly, trying to copy how Maan speaks with people.

The person on the other end (which happened to be a man) sat up from his lying position as if someone had electrocuted him. His hands had started shaking already.

Man: "Y-yes" he said trembling with fear

Geet: "I want you to track down a girl called Sameera Kapoor. FAST!" she said remembering Maan's dialogue:

"I want you to get me the Sharmas' file. FAST!" he yelled as Geet looked at Maan with trembling eyes.

Man: "It will be done within 24 hours ma'am" he said completely startled that a woman can be just as fierce as her husband.

Geet: "Good" she said and hung up. After she put the phone back on the table she couldn't believe how she spoke to that poor man back there. She was finally becoming a Khurana. She was proud. She still decided to cut down her stern behaviour a little bit. Geet then suddenly remembered that Maan was still in his room. She ran upstairs and saw Maan staring into space. She suddenly felt her heart flop with sympathy.

Geet slowly walked up to Maan and sat down beside him. She decided to tell Maan HER past as well.

Geet: "I have a past too" she said softly

Maan was clearly oblivious to Geet's presence and when she spoke he jumped and looked at Geet as if he saw a 10 headed crocodiles. He then sighed, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

Maan: "You... Have a past too?" he said, after he calmed down.

Geet: "Yes. I too once loved a boy in high school. We both liked each other, and we were together as well. But something changed our relationship" she said and took a deep breath and started her story.

-- Flashback –

Rahul: "Hey babe!" he said and gave a quick peck on her cheek as he sat down on the chair in front of her. Both were on a date, but Geet didn't know Rahul had other intentions on his mind.

Geet: "Hi!" she said and smiled

Rahul: "It's been ages since we've went out and I thought we could... You know" he said

Geet: "It was a great idea, Rahul. I too felt like getting out. I was stuck in the house since the summer holidays" she said and gave a chuckle

Rahul ordered the food and both relished and savoured the tasty food. Geet wanted a refill of her drink and Rahul thought this as the time to strike.

Rahul: "I'll go ask the waiter for a refill" he said, picked up her glass and walked off towards the waiter who was serving another couple.

Rahul checked behind him to see if Geet was near him or not. Geet was waiting for Rahul and she suddenly caught his gaze. Rahul smiled and Geet also smiled back.

Rahul: "I want a refill of coke. Add something drowsy in it" he whispered and handed over a thick bunch of cash.

The waiter looked at the bundle of cash in his hands in surprise.

Rahul: "Give it to the lady. That one there, on table No 16" he whispered

The waiter gave an evil smile and nodded, agreeing to the deal. Rahul went back to the table and the waitress came back too, with a glass of ice cold coke.

Waiter: "Ma'am" he said and handed over the glass

Geet: "Thank you" she said and put the glass to her mouth and started drinking. She drank it in one go and then put her hands on her head

Rahul: "What's wrong Geet? You look tired" he said and smirked, evilly.

Geet: "I need some sleep" she said, her head wobbling slightly

Rahul: "Sure, sweetheart" he smirked and both stood up, Rahul helping Geet get on her two feet.

Geet and Rahul were at a hotel for the date, and Rahul had booked a room ages ago. He wanted to make Geet his, forever, and if he didn't fulfil his mission he would die in agony. He wanted it.

Both were finally in the room, and Rahul locked the door behind him then pinned Geet to the wall and licked every exposed part of her body, planting ferocious kisses everywhere.

Geet, however didn't mind as she thought Rahul was just being romantic. She giggled and put her hands around his neck, also savouring the kisses.

After a while of kissing, Rahul reached for the zip of Geet's blouse, and unzipped it. Geet's eyes widened. She felt suddenly uncomfortable.

Geet: "W-hat are you doing?" she asked breathing heavily

Rahul: "We should do this now" he said, planting love bites on her neck everywhere

Geet: "Rahul... I don't think I'm ready" she said and pushed him away

Rahul's jaw clenched in anger.

Rahul: "You aren't, but I am. I want more of you. Two months ago you still said you aren't ready. Why aren't you ready? I've had enough" he said and threw her on the bed, his hands pinning her wrists as well.

Geet: "You can't force me!" she yelled, struggling out of his grip

Rahul: "I have every right on your breath, your actions, and your body. I can control you however I want to!" he said and gripped her blouse, ready to rip it off.

Before Rahul could go any further, Geet bit into the skin of his hands. Rahul let out a loud yelp and let go, and Geet thought this would be the right time to make her move.

She quickly got up from the bed, putting her hands around her to protect her modesty and scurried out of the room.

Rahul was on the bed, angry he lost it all.

Rahul: "I'm going to get you Geet Handa. I'm going to get you, just remember that!" he yelled behind her

-- Flashback Ends –

Geet: "And now I feel scared going close to any guy. I even felt scared going close to my own boss in the restaurant. I only jumped into your car that day because it was an emergency. I tried to act normal. When you proposed me I felt like I had to move on. So I did. You were the only person I was comfortable with Maan, after that incident. Thank god nothing of that sort happened though, but I am still just as scared. What if... What if he comes back? I was about to phone and tell my parents, who were on their second honeymoon. I decided to tell them when they came back and... They died in the plane accident. I didn't have any sisters. Not even a brother. I was a lonely child and ever since then I decided to never make friends. Never fall in love. Until you came" she said and sighed deeply, looking down.

Maan looked at the woman sitting beside her. She had suffered more than him. He knew how it felt to be deceived. He knew it. He had experienced this before. He was speechless. She didn't deserve such a poor life. She didn't deserve any of this. Now he was glad he married her. He made a solemn oath that he was going to give her all the happiness she has never experienced before. He was going to make her so happy, that she would feel like she was in paradise. He promised that to Jesus, Allah, Baabaji, and all the other Gods' he could think of. He was going to give her all the happiness she has never experienced before.

Maan: "I promise" he said, in his mind.

Precap: Someone stalking Geet...

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
maan's past so sad
hate sameera 
what a w***e
rahul such a dog
trying to force geet
how dare he
loved the promise maan made to himself
someone stalking geet
hope its not rahul
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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hinal_maaneet IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the update yaar good maan and geet both told each other thier pasts now hope geet punishes tht sameera and maan punishes tht rahul
ibelieveinpink IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the Note!!! OMG!! This was so good! I loved the re-tellings of each other's past...very nice! Quite an interesting read! Geet called Sameera a WH#RE....awesome! Ultimate revenge it!! so intriguing and interesting!!!

Fantastic job...loved it to death!

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