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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 36)

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cont. soon buddy

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The Restauraunt - FF

Chapter 10

Maan sat down outside the examination room. He was waiting for the doctor to finish examining Geet and tell him the bad news. He felt very restless. He sat up and started pacing around, then he sat back down again. He rested his head on the wall and battled with the huge lump in his throat. If anything happend to Geet, he swore he would never forgive himself.

His eyes, which were closed, flicked open as a thought struck him. He was going to do something he has never bothered doing before.

Maan immediately got up, and hurriedly walked out of the hospital. He got in his car, and drove somewhere he has never been before.

The church.

The church was very close by. After 5 minutes, Maan exited the car and entered the church. There were candles lit everywhere. In the centre, on the wall was a picture of Jesus himself.

He sat down on the floor in despair then looked around himself. It was empty. He then sobbed his heart out, crying, and crying. He tried to stop, but it was like an endless supply of salty water was fitted inside his body. He couldn't stop.

His sobs echoed around the church. Then he looked up at Jesus's picture with red, swollen eyes.

Maan: "Listen, I've never believed in God, but if you exist then you can't take Geet away from me. If anything happens, then I won't forgive you, or myself!" he yelled, so his voice echoed around the church.

He sat down with his head hidden in his hands. He wanted to be alone for a while. And this church looked like the right place for him. He wanted peace.

After 10 minutes, the sudden sound of his mobile phone made him jump. It was Arjun, his friend, and one of the best doctors in the world. He was examining Geet, and he told him to call him whenever the examination was done.

Maan picked up the phone, hoping for some good news.

It wasn't.

Arjun: "Maan, Geet has lost a lot of blood and she needs some right away. Otherwise, she might die. Her blood group is A. Hurry up, Maan" he said and hanged up.

Maan put his phone back in the pocket and sniffed. He wiped his tears and made sure there was no moisture under his eyes. Then he sprinted out of the church, into his car.

He drove to the hospital in maximum speed and made his way into the hospital. He sprinted up the stairs, ran along the corridors, and finally reached his destination. He found Arjun speaking to someone.

Maan: "I think i've got the same blood group" he said

Arjun could tell that Maan had been crying. He decided to comfort him.

Arjun: "Nothing is going to happen to Geet, Maan. She just needs some more blood, and she'll be fine" he said reassuring Maan.

Maan just nodded and Arjun led him into the examination room, where Geet was present. Maan looked at Geet then lay himself down on the bed.

Arjun pierced the needle through Maan's skin. Maan closed his eyes, and winced in pain as Arjun filled up the bag with blood.

Maan: "Is she... Is she going to be fine?" he whispered loudly as Arjun pressed buttons on the mini computer beside Geet.

Arjun: "Don't worry Maan" he said and smiled

After 20 minutes, Maan left the room and sat down on the chair. He still felt dizzy due to loss of blood. So he decided to go to sleep. He didn't want to go home. He wanted to be near Geet. He doesn't want to go home and sleep in leisure while his fianc was battling the jaws of death.

After what seemed like 2 hours, Maan felt a light tap on his shoulder. His eyes took a while to figure out who this person was. Then he immediately stood up, which he regretted doing so as he suddenly felt light-headed. Arjun supported Maan, balancing him on his feet again.

Arjun: "You shouldn't do sudden actions after donating blood. Don't try lifting heavy objects either" he said knowing Maan liked going to gym when he was angry or sad.

Maan: "Is Geet alright?" he said, hoping for some good news.

Arjun: "Geet is definitely alright now. She is inside, waiting for you" he said, smiled and excused himself.

Maan slowly entered the room Geet was in. He saw Geet in a half-lying down, half-sitting position, reading a magazine. Looking very refreshed.

Geet heard the door creak open. She looked up and immediately smiled.

Geet: "Maan" she said

Maan: "Geet" he said and sat down beside her, holding her hand.

Geet: "You gave me blood" she said a tear escaping her eye

Maan: "I can give my life away for you if that makes you feel better" he said pressed his lips on the smooth, silky skin of Geet's hand.

Geet: "Don't say stuff like that" she said and put her finger on Maan's lips.

Maan took her finger in his hands and held it, close to his heart.

Maan: "How are you feeling?" he asked

Geet: "I'm feeling okay now" she said, feeling the steady heartbeats of Maan.

After a while of talking and chatting, Geet decided to tell Maan something she has never told anyone before. Her dream.

Geet: "Can I tell you something I have never told anyone?" she asked

Maan nodded and indicated for her to go on.

Geet: "I have a dream like many other girls. My dream is to open my very own restauraunt and be the best chef in the world" she said and looked away

Maan looked at Geet wide eyed. Of all the girls he new, they wanted to become a designer, or a model. Maan's fianc was definitely full of surprises.

Maan: "Really? Well, I think you would make a great chef. Remember that Black Forrest cake you made for me? That was amazing. My mouth waters just thinking of it" he said and smiled

Geet looked back at Maan and smiled back.

Geet: "Yeah, but I don't know if it will come true" she said and looked down sadly

Maan: "Look, you are going to marry the biggest, richest Maan in the whole of London. I can get you the most biggest restauraunt. Bigger then you can even imagine. Don't look so sad" he said sympathetically

Geet: "I know, but I want to do it with my own money. If I take money from you and buy a restauraunt, all will remain in my mind is that it's not my money I bought it from. I want to buy the restauraunt myself and stand in it proud, that it is my hard earned money"

Maan wondered what kind of a girl Geet is. Most girls would rob him out of his money and leave him bankrupt. This girl isn't even asking for a penny. He made a mental note to increase her salary for work.

Maan: "Right Geet. I promise you, you will have your very own restauraunt one day, and if my promise isn't fulfiled, then you can kill me if you want" he said and rested his hand on Geet's hand to seal the promise.

Maan was about to say something, just then Arjun entered the room.

Arjun: "Hey Maan. Geet can be discharged today. You just need to fill out some formalities" he said and handed over the form.

Maan took a pen out of his pocket and started filling out the form. When it came to 'Relation with Patient' he stopped writing.

Maan: "Geet, what shall I write in this section? Husband or fiance?" he asked and pointed on the section.

Geet: "Relationship with patient? Hmm... I don't know. When are we getting married?" she asked

Maan: "I kind of wanted to get married in two days time if thats..." he trailed off awkwardly

Geet: "Maan. I'm completely fine with that. I badly want to get married as much as you want to get married. Just write down husband" she said and smiled

Maan felt like screaming with joy. He wanted to make Geet his, as soon as possible.

Geet: "Maan, I have another dream"

Maan: "And what else is my lady love's dream?" he said and held her hand

Geet: "To get married in a white dress" she said and bit her lip, then she looked down.

Maan: "Your so cute, Geet" he said and bent over and kissed her on the cheek.

Arjun came back asking for the form and Maan handed it over. Arjun checked the form over, then smiled at the couple

Arjun: "Geet, your free to go now" he said and smiled again, then exited the room.

Geet: "He's such a smiley person, that Arjun" she said and prepared herself to get out of her bed

Maan: "Yeah, he's my friend. He's really nice isn't he?" he said and took out the bag under her bed, which had her clothes and other essentials. He hid the bag under his arm, and used both his hands to support Geet and balance her on her two feet. Maan led her to the washroom so she could get changed. Then he handed over the bag.

Maan: "I'll wait for you outside"

Geet nodded and locked the washroom door. Maan exited the room and waited outside for her to come out.

Precap: The Wedding

See guys! I promised you there will be lots of romantic Maan and Geet moments. You might be wondering where Sasha is, well you'll just have to find out!

Sameeha x

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thank god ..geet is fine now....n I am so happy Maaneet getting married....yippie.....
n yes I want Sasha to be severly punished for what she did.....Angry
n buddy I will be waiting for cute romantic Maaneet moments in your next update....Wink

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loved it awsome one !!! 
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Loved it.... So finally dey r getting married......... Awesome
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Nice part!!!!
Maneet are getting married!!
Continue soonnnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

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awsome superb update
ooo finally geet is f9
waiting for weeding
do continue soon
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Awe that was such a cute update and loved the church scene it was so sad and intense and awe they're going to get married and oh so geet wants to be a chef and wants to own a restaurant I always wondered why the title was restaurant and I got my answer lol anyways great update and continue soon Smile

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