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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110 (Page 11)

kellz Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:07am | IP Logged
aww maan is uper sweet

bdas Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 10:58am | IP Logged
hey add me to thw pm list
Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
The Restauraunt - FF

Chapter 3

It was snowing in London, and Geet looked at herself in the mirror. Maan gave Geet a full outfit to wear for the day, and Geet was really impressed with his taste for clothing.

Maan gave her a long black top with grey horizontal stripes, a long warm grey blazer, and grey skinny jeans. Including knee length black boots. She looked amazing.

Geet got out her purse and took out her hairbrush, and gave her hair a good brush. Then she popped a chewing gum inside her mouth and exited the washroom.

As Geet walked, her boots made a clickety clack sound, and all the workers turned to look at her.

Pinky was impressed with what Geet was wearing and so was Adi. Meanwhile Sasha, who was wearing a tight miniskirt, and a tight top on a snowy day remained shocked.

Geet smiled at Pinky and Adi, but when her gaze turned to Sasha she looked at her up and down.

Geet: "I hope she can afford warm clothes. Baabaji, Sasha Maam ki raksha karna!" she murmered to herself and went off to Maan's cabin.

Adi and Pinky heard this and giggled. Sasha also heard this.

Sasha: "Everyone, get to work. NOW" she huffed and went off.

Geet on the other hand knocked on Maan's cabin door.

Maan: "Come in" he said in his usual stern voice.

Geet came in and sat down on the chair.

Maan hearing the clickety clackity sound looked up at Geet.

Maan was obviously mesmerized. Again.

Geet saw Maan's gaze on her and asked nervously...

Geet: "I look bad... Don't I?"

Maan: "No, no! You look... Beautiful" said Maan.

Geet: "I... Do? Thanks!" she said and blushed

Maan looked away and sighed.

Maan: "Why do I always stare at her so much?" he thought to himself

Geet: "So what can I start working on?" she asked

Maan looked back up at Geet

Maan: "You can start by printing 10 copies of these, and arranging them into a  file" he said and handed over the sheets of paper.

Geet: "Right. No problem. I just need to know where my cabin is" she said

Maan: "Your cabin is the one right next to mine" he said

Geet: "Cool. I'll get to work then" she said, stood up, and walked off.

Maan: "How many secretary's did I fire last week? 8. I hope this can be the start of a good week" he thought to himself and got back to work.

Geet on the other hand entered her cabin and looked around her.

Geet: "Right. This cabin needs brightening up" she said to herself, put the sheets of paper down and started by opening the blinds.

Geet knocked on the window and waved at Maan.

Maan heard the knock and looked at his right and saw Geet waving at him. He smiled at her childishness then pointed to a file, indicating her to get to work straight away.

Geet nodded, went back and sat down on her new chair and looked at the sheets of paper in front of her. She decided to read them first.

Geet suddenly stopped reading and looked at the file.

Geet: "This file has a huge flaw in it!"

Geet thought about what to do, then took the pen and started to do the corrections.

... 3 hours later ...

Maan looked at his right and looked at Geet.

Maan: "It's been 3 hours since I asked her for the 10 copies of the file, and she hasn't even bought them yet. Don't tell me she's another rubbish secretary. I'll go in and find out"

Maan stood up and exited his cabin, turned riqht, and opened the door of Geet's cabin. He just stood there in the entrance and looked at Geet who was so engrossed in her work, she didn't bother looking up.

He looked at her for a few minutes then coughed for attention.

Geet still didn't look up.

Maan went up to Geet, and patted her on the shoulder.

Geet immediately broke out of her trance and got up from her chair like she just got electricuted.

Maan: "What's wrong with you? I've been trying to ask your attention for 5 minutes and you've just been ignoring me. And where are the 10 files I asked you for?"

Geet: "Actually Sir, I --"

Maan: "I knew it. Your another one of those rubbish secretary's who can't do anything to save their life. No wonder your boss was fed up of you" he yelled then looked at her, realizing what he just said.

Geet looked at him in shock for a few seconds.

Maan: "Geet I --"

Geet: "I thought you were some saint, but it turns out you did all this just because you felt sorry for me. I don't need this job" she said, picked up her bag and walked out.

Maan looked at Geet walking out then looked at the sheets of paper scattered all over the table. He sat down on her chair and looked at the papers.

He picked up a piece of paper then looked at it.


Maan: "Oh... My... God" he said slowly, then picked up another piece of paper.

Maan: "This had such a huge flaw in it and I... Maan Singh Khurana, didn't notice it. Then on top of that, I misunderstood Geet and yelled at her for no reason. She spent 3 hours just to correct the flaw and I..."

He looked at the papers again.

Maan: "I have to get her back" he thought and exited her cabin.

Maan was about to walk out of Khurana Constructions when he heard his name being called out.

Sasha: "MK! MK! Wait!" she called out

Maan stopped and looked at Sasha angrily

Sasha: "MK... Sorry, but I just wanted to ask where you are off to"

Maan: "Is it something important?"

Sasha: "No MK, it's just that --"

Maan: "Then i'll talk to you later" he said and walked out

Maan was now looking left, and right. He didn't understand where to look for her.

Drip, drip, drip.

He felt it on his neck, then all over himself.

Maan: "Great, just great. It's just what I needed" he said sarcastically then looked left, and right again. He saw a small figure faraway. Maan narrowed his eyes, and saw the brown boots, then grey jeans, and the grey blazer. It was her.

Maan: "G... Geet!" he called out and ran towards her.

Geet was too tired to walk any further. She sat down on a nearby bench and hid her face in her hands and started sobbing.

Maan called out her name again.

Geet heard this and she immediately stopped crying, and smiled. Then she remembered what Maan did to her and started crying again.

Maan: "Ge --"

Maan looked to his left side and saw her sitting on the bench, and sat down next to her.

Maan: "Geet, look I'm sorry. I didn't know you were correcting the files I gave you. I'm also deeply sorry for all the harsh stuff I said to you. I didn't mean it"

Geet: "Yeah well it doesn't matter if you didn't know I was correcting the files. It matters about what you said to me. It really hurt me. You were my only friend in this whole world and I wasn't expecting this from you"

Maan: "Friend?" he said aloud

Geet looked at him.

Geet: "Well, you helped me out and stuff. I thought you considered me as your friend"

Maan: "I do actually. To make you feel better, your my only friend in this whole world as well. To make you feel EVEN better, I don't have a family either"

Geet looked at him again.

Geet: "What?"

Maan: "They died in a fire" he said sadly

Geet: "And that is supposed to make me feel better?" she said

Maan: "Okay. You know what, i'm taking an early leave from work today, and so are you. So what do you want to do for the rest of the day? We can do anything you want"

Geet: "Anything?" she asked

Maan: "Anything"

Geet: "Fine. I want to... I want to go to your house" she said

Maan: "MY house?" he echoed

Geet nodded

Maan: "Why do you want to go to MY house?" he asked

Geet: "I just want to see what it's like"

Maan: "It's big and --"

Geet: "Well obviously it will be a Mansion or something. Actually, i've never been in a mansion before. The rain has stopped and plus, i'm soaking wet and so are you. You'll catch a cold"

Maan sighed

Maan: "Fine" he said and took out his iPhone 4

Maan: "Send the car over" he said and hung up

Geet looked at Maan in shock.

Geet: "Don't tell me that's an iPhone 4"

Maan: "It is actually"

Geet snatched the phone away from Maan.

Geet: "I wanna play some games. Please?" she asked and pouted her lips

Maan: "Your such a kid. Okay, go on"

The car arrived and Maan went over to the car and was about to sit down. He looked at Geet, who was glued to the bench with her tounge stuck out one end in concentration.

Maan: "The car has arrived Geet" he said and rolled his eyes

Geet got up and walked up to the car and just stood their playing the game. Not bothering to open the door. So Maan opened the door for her.

Geet walked forward and banged her head while sitting down.

Geet: "OUCH!!" she yelled, holding the iPhone

Maan: "That's what happens when girls buy, or get the iPhone in their hands. Give it back now"

Geet slammed the phone in his hands then put her hand on the spot where she hurt herself.

Maan sat down beside Geet in the car and then looked at her.

Maan: "Is it bad?" he asked

Geet: "What? Oh this? No I don't think so. Does it look bad?" she said removing the hand from her wound.

Maan: "I'll put something on it when we get home. Just keep your hand on it" he said

The car came to a halt and Geet and Maan stepped out of the car.

Geet: "Wow. This is your house?" she said looking up and down the building in front of her

Maan: "You know some girls would ask how much it was... Then they would ask to stay in it. Your different" he said

Geet: "Don't worry. I'm not a s**t like your employee Sasha" she said then put her hands to her mouth.

Maan just burst out laughing.

Maan: "I think the same as well. She wears a tight short skirt on a snowy, or rainy day. I always think she can't afford warm clothes"

Geet: "Same here!" she said and giggled

Maan and Geet walked in to the Khurana Mansion. Maan showed her around, then took her to his room.

Maan: "Uh... Actually all the other rooms are getting painted so your going to have to..." he trailed off awkwardly

Geet: "That's okay!"

Maan: "I'll bring you some dry clothes to wear" he said and turned around

Geet: "Maan?" she called out

Maan turned around again, so now he was facing Geet

Maan: "Yeah?"

Geet: "Where do you get these clothes from? You don't have a girlfriend do you?" she said teasingly, then giggled

Maan: "I do actually" he said and smirked

Geet: "Really?" she asked slightly disappointed

Maan: "You"

Geet's eyes widened. She took a step back.

Maan: "What? Your a girl, and your my friend. Join that together, that makes you my girlfriend. See?" he said rationally and took a step forward.

Geet clumsily took a step backward.

Geet: "No... I meant. You know, a girlfriend who you really like? You know?" she asked trying to find a way of explaining

Maan: "But I like you. I really like you" he said, smirked, and stepped forward.

Geet stepped backwards again.

Geet: "No... I mean, a girlfriend who you really, really, really like?" she said

Maan: "But I really, really, really like you" he said and took a step forwards.

Geet took a step backward again.

Geet: "I mean, a girlfriend who you... really love?" she said

Maan took a step forward.

Geet's back hit the wall. She gulped.

Maan: "But I really lo --"

Maan realized what he was just about to say. He stepped backwards.

Maan: "Go take a shower. You'll catch a cold. I'll get you clothes" he said, slightly embarrassed and walked off.

Geet entered the washroom, locked the door, and took off all her clothes, and then entered the shower.

The shower was hot, and it felt good against her skin after the cold rain.

After a good 30 minute shower, she exited the shower and realized she didn't have a towel. So she took nearest towel which she could find and wrapped it around herself.

It smelt of Maan.

Geet smiled.

Geet: "Maan's towel" she whispered and cuddled herself. Then realized she didn't have any clothes.

Geet unlocked the washroom door, and peeped out.

Geet: "Maan! My clothes?" she called out

Maan came running into his room. Then looked at the wet Geet. Her body was hidden behind the door. But he still got turned on by the wet face. A drip came out from Geet's forehead, down her cheek, then it ran down her neck.

Maan gulped. Then handed over the clothes to Geet without looking at her.

The slightly damp, cold hand touched Maan's fingers while the hand grabbed the towel.

Geet: "Thanks Maan!"

Precap: Geet teaches Maan to cook food

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divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
awww maan is going to give her a job. so sweet of him. Smile
annie03 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
awesome update......blooming love;)......loved the really really prt......cont soon.....
dhrashtee Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
hey sameeha,
i enjoyed reading ur FF.. pls add me to ur PM list... waiting eagerly for ur next update... pls cont soonBig smile
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:49pm | IP Logged was cute...the whole girlfriend was funny yet cute at the same time....and maaneet cooking, fun :D
Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:51pm | IP Logged

i loved it!!!!!

i love where the story is heading as well!!!

hayee their so awesome!!!!!

will be anxiously waiting for ur next update!!!!

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