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The Restauraunt - FF [MG] Ending: Page 110

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The Restauraunt - FF

Hey guys! My name is Sameeha, and well I finished my pile of homework, and tests so now I am writing another FF. This will be based on Maan and Geet who fall in love with each other slowly. I hope you enjoy this FF and please leave long comments!

Just to make things clear, Geet isn't pregnant in this FF!

Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Geet Handa looked at her watch which was beeping continuously. It was 4:00pm. The time where she had to get ready and go to work.

Geet looked around herself. She lived in a small, but cosy flat which she payed the rent for. She didn't really care it wasn't her own house. At least she was living under something.


That's what Geet is stressed about 24/7. She doesn't get enough salary to pay the rent and if she does, there is none money left for herself.

Geet went up to her wardrobe and took out her uniform. She quickly went into the small washroom and changed out of her  t-shirt and skinny jeans to the navy uniform.

Geet folded her hands and read a small prayer and hoped her day will go smoothly. Although she knew, it always didn't.

Geet was so poor, she had to skip breakfast and lunch. She had JUST enough money for dinner and a taxi to, and back.

Geet quickly tied her hair in a messy ponytail and exited her flat.

Unfortunately, Geet couldn't find a taxi. So she jumped into a random car. She really wanted to get to work early. She can't bare to listen to any more of the lectures that come from her boss.

She looked at her side and looked at him. He was smart. He was wearing a neat suit, and polished shoes. He was also wearing sunglasses and he had a stubble. He also had in his hands, a laptop.

Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan took off his glasses, and looked at the young lady in front of him.

She looked tired. She had dark under eyes. Her face was pale, and she looked sad. But she looked pretty, and innocent all the same.

Maan suddenly felt sorry for this young lady, but he immediately returned from his trance.

Maan: "Excuse me? But you can't just jump into some stranger's car" he said angrily

Geet: "I'm really sorry but I honestly have to get to work! I couldn't find a taxi and I don't want to hear more lecture's from my boss. Please be kind and drop me to my work!" she said

Maan didn't seem convinced.

Geet folded her hands and looked at him in a pleading way

Maan: "Fine. Driver, take us to..." he looked at Geet so she could announce the destination

Geet: "Ciao Roma, please" she said with relief

Maan: "Ciao Roma, huh?" he said, impressed

Geet: "Yeah" she said and looked down at her fingers

Maan knew that Geet was in some sort of trouble. So he asked.

Maan: "Is everything alright? You look... Tired?" he said, cursing himself for asking her a question.

Maan: "Why do I care?" he thought to himself

Geet: "So where do you work?" she asked, ignoring the question

Maan clearly understood she didn't want to talk about it.

Maan: "Khurana Constructions. I own it" he said proudly

Geet: "Wow!" she said impressed

The car suddenly came to a halt.

Driver: "Sir, here is your destination" he said

Geet took out her purse and looked at the money left. It was only a few pennies.

Geet: "I don't have any --"

Maan: "It's okay. I don't charge" he said and smiled. Then looked away, realizing what he had just done. He SMILED?!

Geet smiled and thanked her Baabaji for introducing her knight in a shining armor. She exited the car and ran into the restauraunt.

Maan looked at the running woman. He looked at her going in the restauraunt and smiled in satisfaction.

Driver: "Sir, where to now?" he asked

Maan: "Khurana Constructions" he said in his usual stern voice, and got back to his work on the laptop.

Geet on the other hand was being lectured about how her attendance was bad.

Geet: "I'm very sorry! It's just that --"

Boss: "NO EXCUSES! Now get to work young lady, before I change my mind and fire you!" he then stomped off leaving a teary Geet behind.

Geet: "Why does this always have to happen to me?!" she cursed her luck and started her work

... A few hours later ...

Geet was now cleaning the tables.

Geet: "I'm so exhausted" she said and sighed

She heard some footsteps and looked at the man who walked inside.

Geet: "It's that man! I'm going to make him the best food he has ever tasted today!" she said and threw the cloth away and got out her notepad.

Geet went up to the table where Maan was sitting who was looking at some files.

Geet: "He must be a workaholic" she thought to herself and coughed for attention.

Maan put the file on the table and looked up to the lady who coughed for attention. He naturally smiled, then looked away.

Maan: "It's her... Wait, why do I smile when I see her?" he wondered to himself and looked back at Geet.

Geet: "Can I take your order, sir?" she said sweetly

Maan looked at the menu for a few seconds.

Maan: "Um... Number 41, chicken lasagne, and champagne for drink please" he announced

Geet noted down his order, while she did so, Maan looked at her. His stern expression slowly turned soft. He was mesmerized.

Geet: "Anything else, sir?" she asked

Maan was still mesmerized.

Geet: "Hello, sir?" she waved her hands in front of his face

Maan broke out of his trance and looked away.

Maan: "No" he huffed

Geet walked away.

Geet: "Ajeeb kisam ka admee hai. First he's nice, then he's arrogant. Waise, I like guys who like Italian food" she thought to herself and then cursed herself for thinking such stupid things.

Maan: "Beauty and brains" he thought to himself then started reading the file again.

After 10 minutes, Geet arrived again with his order.

Geet: "Enjoy!" she said and turned around.

Geet, who was heading off to a couple to ask for their order, stopped in her trance.

Everything was blurry, she couldn't see anymore. Her knees couldn't take it anymore...

Maan was about to take a bite of the lasagne, stopped. He looked up, then looked at his left side. His eyes widened. He ran for it, and grabbed her just in time.

Precap: Doctor: "She hasn't been eating properly, which has caused her this sudden fainting"
Maan looked at the Doctor worriedly.

I hope you liked it. If you want to be added to the PM list, make sure to tell me in a post below!

Sameeha xx



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Character Sketch


Name: Maan Singh Khurana

Age: 26

Maan Singh Khurana is a workaholic. He is the most biggest businessman in Dehli, and because of that, he is a celebrity. Every girl dies to be with him, because of his good looks. His parents' died in a fire and he has no-one with him and he likes to be aloof from people. He tends to be reserved, and his attitude is very angry towards people. He doesn't care what people think about him. He doesn't have time for romance, or love. Will this behaviour change?

Name: Geet Handa

Age: 24

Geet Handa is a girl who doesn't have much money. She lives in a flat by herself, and she is modern. She still prays to her God once in a while though. She is bubbly, caring, and she has no friends in Dehli. Her family died in a plane accident and so she is very lonely. She considers herself very unlucky as everyday, something bad happens. Unlike Maan, she is waiting for her dream guy to sweep her off the ground.  When will she find her four leaved clover?

Name: Sasha Malhotra

Age: 25

Sasha Malhotra is a girl who is always plotting something in her mind. She gets jealous, if someone is more superior than her. She wants money, and wealth. She is one of the millions of girls who are behind Maan Singh Khurana, and luckily, she works as an architect at his office 'Khurana Constructions'. When she decides to do something, she is determined to do it.

Name: Pinky Shah

Age: 22

Pinky Shah is the youngest employee working at Khurana Constructions. She is very kind, simple, caring, and encouraging. She believes in love and she secretly has a crush on Adi, but she doesn't show it.

Name: Adi Sharma

Age: 24

Adi is a very innocent person. He secretly likes Pinky, but he doesn't show it. He is quirky, and weird. But people like him just the way he is. 

Name: Meera Oberoi

Age: 23

Meera Oberoi is a very nice person. She is funny, and kind. She has a solution to every problem. She is a Muslim and she wears Salwar Kameez, outside or in the house. She likes praying to Allah, and watching TV. She is traditional, but she loves going to weddings, and occasions.

Name: Arjun Ganguli

Age: 24

Arjun Ganguli is a very famous doctor who works in City Hospital. He is friendly towards people, and he wants people to get justice and he makes sure he gets justice. He is hot, and every girl falls for him and his looks. He is also a good friend of Maan Singh Khurana.

Name: Sameera Roy

Age: 25

This is Sameera Roy, Maan Singh Khurana's past.

Name: Rahul Shah

Age: 26

This is Rahul Shah, Geet Handa's past.

New Character's will be added as the story moves on.

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great start! if u can, please add me to the PM list. 
hope u update soon (:
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charmed ones

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Great update add me to your pm list
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Like the idea, plz pm me
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  hey, that was intresting...
  continuee soon and add me ur pm listSmile
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interesting story line

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