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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DOTW:Marriage and Understanding

mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

Marriage, a relationship that a girl has with a man she does
not know. She moves out of her life to a new life and takes on new challenges
posed to her by her husband and her in laws. Her own life and her dreams are
left behind and she imbibes on new face of life just for her husband

Here we are talking about the show GEET- a 18 year old girl
who married a rich NRI guy, Dev,  giving
up her dreams just to fulfill her family wishes.

The guy spends a night with her and dupes her of her money
and leaves her at the airport and now GEET is all alone. Her family goes
against her once they know that she is pregnant with Dev's child and here GEET
shows immense courage and stands up against her family and decides to move out.

She reaches Delhi and in her fight against the world she
finds a man, a man who saved her without question, a man who helped her without
repentance, a man who stood by her without a reason, he saved her from death he
saved her from fall he bent for her only her but not all..and this was MAAN,
the MAAN SINGH KHURANA, a man who hated woman, stood by her, a man who never
knew how to say sorry confessed his mistake a man who never smiled, smiled coz
she taught him to and there were two people opposite in every aspect of life
but teaching each other the small lessons of life

I could never say what he meant to me,

i could never tell wht he had done for me,

made me brave made me smile,

held my hand along the mile,

my life is his to treasure,

my smiles are his to decipher,

no pain i want to go his way,

no suffering to stop him away,

my life could nevr be complte without him,

but now i have nothing but a flower without sun..

He not only saved her but taught her that live the life u
want and don't bother what people say, he taught her to stand up for herself
and most importantly MAAN taught her to love, to love without condition and
reason, to love someone not coz u are like them, u love them coz they love u, u
love them coz they respect u and this is where we the audience were bowled
over. We had seen shows but no show taught us to love unconditionally, he
accepted her with her past, he accepted the child as his, he likes the rain coz
she does, he smiles coz she

Whereas GEET she taught him to smile, she taught him to
leave his past behind, she taught him to love, she taught him to accept his
mistakes and she loved him inspite of him being rude, she loved him coz he
cared she loved him coz he stood by her, she changed for her not because he
asked her to but he never did. She loves the smile on his face, she loves the
mischief in his eyes, she loves the way he stands as a shield between her and
her fate, and she loves him for giving her his arms when she ran out of

And now we have reached the phase where the holy matrimony
of two souls and bodies is to take place. Yes I mean marriage. These two have
their souls entwined but now it's the time to tie the knot for the world coz he
knows she cares what the world says.

But love is not all that needs to make a marriage work. There
are many other factors to sustain a relationship. The world changes when from
lovers you become husband and wife. You have not only left your youth behind
with that one word but you have entered a world where responsibility and
understanding plays a major role.

You are responsible not only for yourself and your wife but
responsible for the new relationships that have been formed. From just a son a
brother u have assumed the roles of husband brother-in-law , son-in-law and in
case of Maan he becomes a father too, a father of child who is biologically not
 So what do u think the future hold
in store for us. If geet and maan have more children in future will maan be able to love this child? Will dev come to claim the child will maan be ready to part ways with the child

If my opinion is asked I will say NO, maan will never differentiate
between the kids and DEV will never have the child even if Maan has to give up
all that he has coz he knows GEET's life is this kid and for him her happiness
comes way before anything else.

The next important aspect of Marriage will be understanding.
Yes we have seen that they know each other well but here we have also seen
their ego clashes and also how they forget to talk over petty issues. She misunderstands him and never ventures forward. She doesn't exaplin herself and maan a man of few words doesn't know how to explain himself he does all to make her happy but they were lovers

What do u think? Will maan continue to be this romantic hero
when they get married over will he get back to his business ? will he stay with her always and make sure no MU between them or his ego will also be huge coz now he will be THE HUSBAND

In my opinion There will be issues about the  understanding coz both of them forget to talk
when needed and love is not only in those hugs and kisses its more than that
and these two will have to embark on this journey together with new forces
leading them.

That's all from me. Hope u like it and do answer the
questions would love to see your opinion about them.

PS: I am not married ,nor getting married any time pls any mistakes forgive me.



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MishtyShona IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 1:39am | IP Logged
jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Shreya wonderful DOTW and some interesting issues raised upThumbs Up
In fact I never thought from this point that after marriage what will happen when MSK will hv his own child and whether he will b able to fulfill his responsibilities loyally towards the other child which belongs to his brotherErmm...
Let me reserve it here..will post my views tomorrowTongue

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veil_of_roses IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
shreya nice DOTW...btw i hardly reply in DOTWLOL so pardon me for any mistakes

will maan be able to love this child n wont be partial to his own child?

yes he will love this child as he has accepted child as his own...the child is part of his life...his n geet's life...thr are many ppl in world who adopts child n they do love maan will go through all development stagesSmile he is connected to child since child is in mother's no doubt he will love his child..the child is maan's child for me n for geet n maan tooEmbarrassed if you have two kids u dont love 1 more than other...i doubt maan will ever remember that child belongs to devBig smile
he wont be partial for sure....u attach with child through emotional bonding not biological genesSmile
1 more thing mostly dev is maan half brother..if he can accept dev as his brother..n love its difficult to accept half brothers at timesEmbarrassed i dont think he'll have any issues regarding his biological child n non biological child....

about dev wanting his child...may be after few yrs not for now sure bt may be after some yrs he might want his child or may be when he'll see child calling maan 'papa' Ermm bt for now he never showed interest for childErmm

after marriage MU or not N maan  "the husband"

hmmm i need to think...
for serial point of view MUs will happenLOL
thr should be some masala in serial to dragLOLWink
in real life hmmm maaneet have difficult a very tough pathEmbarrassed
geet will be pregnant...jail issues..NT issues..Confused
plus after wedding 1 or 2 months are goody goody bt than real story starts...u dont like each others some habits...not use to cooking eating sleeping habits of other takes all most 6 months or may be more to geet pregnant her mood swings, her getting fatigued, uncomfortable situations, sp after having big baby bump...lot of things Embarrassed i wish maan can understand n be with her through out...

maan is possessive so that nature will reflect now n than...which might make us feel he is typical HUSBAND....he will want his hand up in relationship...
hmmm cant think more....
abt being romantic hero...he has to be...viewers will virtually kill CVs n PHTongue

wanna see others view.....

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:51am | IP Logged
nice topic.

If geet and maan have more children in future will maan be able to love this child? Will dev come to claim the child will maan be ready to part ways with the child.

ans:-If maan-geet have more children in future still maan consider this child as his own. he loves this child and he attached with this child from the very beginning.For my point of View , this child maaneet's child. Even for maaneet it's their child.
I don't think dev will claim this child as his own cause he has not feelings towards this child.
Still In future , dev claim then maan will be take necessary to kept his child, maan will not allow dev withing 100 yards.

What do u think? Will maan continue to be this romantic hero
when they get married over will he get back to his business ? will he stay with her always and make sure no MU between them or his ego will also be huge coz now he will be THE HUSBAND

ans:-maan should be remain romantic hero after marriage also. after all TRP ka sawal hainLOL
yes after marriage maan will back to his business with geet .
In real life also couple misunderstands each other but it'll not be so big.Small small mu will increase love more.
and geet is pregnant will have mood swings. let's see how will maan handle it?

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-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mchopra


  So what do u think the future hold
in store for us. If geet and maan have more children in future will maan be able to love this child? Will dev come to claim the child will maan be ready to part ways with the child

If this was reality and not a show, i would think that Maan would be partial towards his own blood than that of brothers, i mean c'mon be honest who wouldn't Confused However this is a show and Maan is portrayed to be a very headstrong but a very loving person, when he loves, he loves to the extreme Embarrassed so i know even if his blood isn't running through the babies veins, he will love her/him as much as he'll love his own flesh and blood, and that's because the babies Geet's, the women he loves, anything linked to her, is his, anything she loves, he loves Embarrassed
About Dev coming to claim the child as his, i personally think that he wouldn't come between his brothers happiness anymore, he knows he's done enough as it is, and he knows that if anyone could look after his child, then it's his brother Embarrassed But if he does try to take the child, what makes you think Maan will let him? He will fight tooth and nail for his childs custody Big smile

What do u think? Will maan continue to be this romantic hero
when they get married over will he get back to his business ? will he stay with her always and make sure no MU between them or his ego will also be huge coz now he will be THE HUSBAND

I think Maan will continue romancing Geet, but he will also take control of his business like he has till date, there isn't any reason why he can't do both Embarrassed Infact after the wedding, Geet could continue working at KC, and together they could take the company to new heights, and everyone knows that ever since Geet came to his office, there has been more profit Smile MU will happen, this is something that might not ever stop, it happens to the best of us in real life as well, and as you had said they have never talked it out before, both their ego and pride always comes in the way, however that doesn't mean that Maan would leave her Confused He won't just be her boyfriend then, he'll be her husband, and it's harder for a husband to leave his wife, than a boyfriend to leave his girlfriend Big smile And we can't forget that no matter how many times they misunderstand eachother, they will always love one another Embarrassed


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Ms-Min-Ho Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Good topics addressed

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Nice Topic Shreya!

The points raised are good Smile

Maan will love the child as his ownSmile why coz he has shown unconditional love towards Geet. Today Geet is an integral part of Maan's life... someone he cannot live without; on the other hand Geet has from the beginning protected the child... never blaming the child for her miseries and braving everyone. She loves her child as she loves Maan. She cannot part with either one of them... In Geet's happiness lies Maan's happiness... so in future whatever be the circumstances... Maan will stand with Geet and their childSmile

Maan and Geet are entwined by destiny and both are in love with each other... For me their love will grow more deeper once they are married... initially they might encounter problems... as living with a person is different from spending time with a person... Geet is living in the outhouse and has more interaction than a regular engaged couple.. living with their respective families; still there are aspects of one's personality that do not come to forefront till we start living with the person. Now being romantic can have different meaning for different people... once there is love..there will be romanceEmbarrassed how it is exhibited is completely individual perspective... LOL

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