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LTL Express - Issue #40

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The Final Issue

Issue #40

Editors Note

hey party people!!! so this is it…the last issue of the Express (for now at least)…we'd be happy to bring it back by popular demand…life just kind of got in the way…we were so strong at the beginning…but kher…it has been a wonderful ride…I have enjoyed posting and doing the Express for these past 40 weeks…can you believe it…that's like 10 months!! haw!!


I wanted to thank all the reporters…past and present…for their hard work…you guys were the life of the Express…it was a joint effort and we carried  it out wonderfully!! I'd be no where with you lot! love you guys soooo much…special shout out to Ksh and Jani for their help this past month or so!! you guys have really helped in picking up the slack!! love you ladies!!!


enjoy the Express…and don't worry…we wont be completely gone…I've got something up my sleeve!! *jaz winks*


Show Happenings

Weekly Summary


Whoa-K so u all knw this isnt my section n i'll b the 1st 2 say i aint all that gud @ it...but plz plz plz 4give me if its 2 long,a drag or that i missed sumink...sowee in advance...
*kaan pakaring*...hehe...

Dutta rolls up in his jeeps...jumps out...takes a seat...asks 4 Chaskar...Chaskar appears @ Duttz side holding a gun 2 his head...Duttz flips the gun out of chaskar's n in2 his own...he then points it @ Chaskar...2 mins l8r...Duttz men appear wiv their guns pointed @ the back of all Chaskar's men...Chaskar c's things change...n tells his men 2 put dwn thier guns...Dutta takes out his own gun...n as if 2 prove a point...shoots all around Chaskar...missing him by an inch or so wiv each shot...chaskar after looking bk in amazement...tells Dutta he dint shoot @ him on their 1st meeting...although he did take Duttz diamonds...n 2 make up 4 that he'd called him here 2 make amends...he gives bk the guds...Dutta tells Chaskar where n wen 2 make the deal n that he will of course recieve his cut...Chaskar tells Dutta that as a team they will b gr8...Dutta tells him he can work in a place...but under Dutta's rules...Chaskar agrees n Dutta gets up 2 leave...then Chaskar ask that dnt u doubt me...Dutta says he dnt jus kill people wen they are his dushaman...but also dnt 4give backstabbing etc...back home Baji is seen on the fone while Madhu is exiting the kitchen...Baji gets annoyed asking the person on the fone y they cnt give him the info he is asking 4...they tell him cuz Suds has said not to...he hangs up annoyed n then starts askin Madhu who he almost walks in2 2 give him something 2 he will lose his mind sitting idle...Madhu tries 2 make him feel better about the way Dutta is treating him...wen Naku appears sayin 2 Baji that the current rift between DuJi is her fault...Baji tries as always 2 make Naku c that he is wiv her no matter wat...later a man barges in2 PN...calling out 2 Naku...Naku says she dnt knw him...2 which he replies that he is her close friend...n that they was guna get married...Kala steps in saying that he shud shut up or she will giv him a backhander...the person he is talkin 2 is Dutta's wife...the man looks 2 Naku n says but u said u wer working here...but u got married n betrayed me...Naku continues saying she dnt knw him...he tells them info about Naku n Babi etc...2 try n prove that he knew them 4m basti...n also mentions that Ganpat took money 4m him...n promised he will get Naku married 2 him...

Evy1 is shown 2 b shocked by Suresh's word of Ganpats promise 2 get Naku married 2 him...Naku panicing now starts telling them all in a panic that she dnt knw him n has neva seen him b4...Suresh says he isnt lying n Naku shud tell the truth...he says that no1 in their basti knew Naku wasnt kali xcept him...but still he was willin 2 marry her...then they all dissapeared over nyt...he only found PN address after running in2 Ganpat...Baji drags Suresh out of PN...Kala tells them all not 2 say anything 2 Duttz...she will tell him/explain herself...l8r the trio are sitting @ dinner Naku is serving them...Dutta n Suds walks past the dining area...n after Kala's pleading sit down 2 eat wiv them...jus as Dutta's about 2 eat...a sudden smashing sound is heard...Suds gets up wiv his gun...calls 2 the guards n walks over 2 place where the sound had cum from...Suds recovers a letter covered rock...then takes it bk 2 the table n begins reading the letter 2 the rest of them...which read something lyk...tu meri hai nakusha...Dutta n Naku look shocked...Suds reads further...u kicked me out 2day but i will b bk...Suds after reading...q's the cuming bk part of the letter...asking if sum1 had cum earlier...Kala xplains about Suresh 2 Dutta...who's stood lookin sad n shocked...she tells him that a guy had cum saying he luved Naku...n was guna b marrying her wen they all ran away...after Kala's lies...Duttz leaves saying he dnt care about Naku's past...she can stay if she wants...but if she wants to leaves no1 will stop her...Naku stands there shocked by his words...she follows Dutta up 2 his room where he goes 2 b alone...thinkin about wat Kala has jus said...Naku says that she knws he dnt trust her...but how cud believe this...she has neva thgt wrong of anything he has done 2 her...b it wen he hit her or broke up wiv her...but him not speakin up or standing by her was not fair...she had only lied about one thing...she only did wat her aayi had asked of her 2 save her izat...Dutta says maine kab kaha ke mujhe tere charitar pe shaq hain...Naku says but u neva denied it either...he says that she is here by her own choice...Naku tells him 2 say once that he dint luv her n she will leave but that she knew he cud neva say he did luv her still...his actions in the jungle n hospital proved that...he says that those days will neva cum...that old Dutta is dead n makes no diff 2 him if she goes or stays...she's only in the house now as she is a woman...Naku says she will only b a women wen he accepts her as his wife...till then she has no ryt 2 b in this room...she'd only return now wen he calls for her...she leaves cryin...leaving Dutta staring after her then turning away...
Naku n Madhu are in the kitchen cookin...Naku is remembering the tym wen Dutta had eaten her cooked food n told Babi that the food was tasty n that he was full after eatin food cooked by Naku...Madhu calls out 2 her...and says that so much has happened but she has neva seen Naku break down or b angry...Naku says im human n do feel things...but im the bahu of the house n Duttz wife...n so shud keep up the dnt matter how angry or out of order Dutta acts...he still only feels full after eating food made by her...she begins fiddlin wiv a diya n puja ki thali we AS enters the kitchen saying that she matter how dark the nyt was...she wud c Naku's smile in the lyt of day...Kala arrives agreeing wiv AS's words...but adds its jus Duttz luck that wen happiness arrives things go wrong...Naku says that Bappa will sort evything n keep Dutta 4m the evil doings of others...AS tells Naku that she has her blessin...n Naku tells her that she is always wiv Dutta no matter wat...n evything will b ok...Dutta is seen in his room on the fone 2 Chaskar...telling him that the will meet n do the deal wiv the other guy 2gether...Madhu cums 2 his room...offering breakfast sent by Naku...Dutta storms off wivout a word...Madhu chases after him...sayin that she knws he's angry...but why was he turning away 4m the family which unlyk her he has...she says she knws she is younger than him...but she isnt so little that she cnt see his luv...no1 has said anything 2 her...but she can see n knws he still luvs Naku...while Madhu is still talking...Dutta angrily tells her that he has no tym 4 such useless talks...after that Dutta storms off...n goes 2 meet Chaskar n the guy who they are making the diamond deal wiv...once there...he looks lost n not all there...Chaskar asks him 4 the diamonds...once n then again...after which Dutta absent mindedly hands them over 2 Chaskar...the others continue talking...while Dutta thinks about...Kala's words about Suresh,Naku's words 2 him in his room...n then Madhu's words a short while b4...he gets bk in his jeep wiv a p'd off look on his face n drives away wivout a word...Chaskar makes the deal after Duttz leaves...then Dutta is shown pulling over @ the side of sum his car has broke down...(1st of 2 cars in PN...broken...where do they get their cars the scrap yardd...lmao) nhow...after trying 2 start it a few tyms...openin the bonnet...he sets off on foot wiv a empty bottle in hand...he cums 2 a lil dhabba...asks a guy 4 water...the guy gets all xcited saying that he feels blessed 2 see Dutta here...(wat is it wiv these people...Dutta is less lyk a don n more lyk a man calls out 2 his wife 2 bring water again n again...Dutta tells him y cnt he go...does he think he will jus call n his wife will cum running...women arnt gulaam...then guys wife cums over n says that he dnt think im his gulaam...u mayb evy1s bagwan...but her husband is her bagwan...the guy steps out 4m behind the counter n Duttz c's why he cudnt go get the water he cnt walk n has a walking stick...Duttz says he is sorry n that he dint knw...the guy says 2 Dutta not 2 take offence...his wife jus dnt lyk people speaking 2 or treating her husband unkindly...she tells Dutta that people hav told her 2 leave her husband n b wiv sum1 else...but how she can leave the world...but not her husband...they hav a janam janam ka saath...Dutta is l8r seen drinking n drivin while thinking about dhabba womens words...along wiv the words said by Jagi...about how even death cudnt separate him 4m his love...n then about wat he'd said 2 Naku b4 n after she reveled her face 2 him on their weddin day...Naku is shown sitting on the floor asleep...wen Madhu cums 2 her askin her if she has eaten...Naku says wen Dutta has eaten she will eat...Dutta is shown stummblin in2 PN in a drunk state...Naku gets up 4m where she is sittin...looking out the window...then says Saab...Madhu asks her wats wrong...Naku says Dutta has cum...Dutta after lookin thru a few empty pots n pans...calls out 2 Naku...Naku tells Madhu 2 go serve food 2 him...not cuz she herself is angry wiv him...but becuz he is jus calling out 2 her in his drunkness...she wants him 2 call her while sober...then she will go running 2 him...Dutta is seen taken out sumink 4m the fridge...then as if he remembers wat had brought Naku 2 the kitchen last tym...he intentionally...throws his thali om the floor...a shadow appears in the lyt of the kitchen doorway...n Dutta stands lookin xpectantly @ it...

Dutta remembers how the shadow last tym had been Naku...he smiles n says...that he thgt she wudnt cum...he was hungry...n 4 her 2 give him food...then wivout even checking 2 see if it was Naku...he leaves the kitchen n goes n sits @ the dinner table...Madhu brings the food out...Dutta looks up 4m the table towards the plate then @ the person holdin the plate...he face makes it ov the he was xpecting no1 but Naku...but wen he c's Madhu instead...he looks disraught n about 2 cry...saying that she told him she wud only cum wen called...he continues 2 look teary eyed n hurt...while Madhu tries 2 console him make him c sense...Dutta asks her about London...4 the 1st tym taking a interest in her/her lyf...she answers the q...then after xplaining that although lyf has changed she prefers this it has luv n family...n more than anything that here she has him...her brother who she luvs very much...whilst telling him she luvs him she feeds him the piece of food he broke off but was 2 drunk 2 feed himself...Dutta taken bk by her words n her feeding him...hold his finger n thumb 2 his eyes 2 hold bk tears...Dutta tells her she is stubborn lyk him...she agrees but asks where his stubbornness has the girl he luvs is ryt b4 him then y wasnt he accepting her...Dutta says he did in front of evy1...but Naku murder all his hopes n there is 2 Naku's one that brought luv in2 his heart...n the other...who brought h8 in2 it...Madhu tells him she is the same Naku...n 2 4get evything...Dutta gets up 4m the table unsteadyily...places his hand on Madhu's head in kind of a blessing way...n tells her he cnt 4get...after saying that he walks Naku watches the scene 4m nearby...nex mornin Naku is seen doing puja...AS cums 2 her n asks if she is goin mandir...Naku says yes she's feeling uneasy thats y she was goin...AS tells her 2 go...the trio watch 4m upstairs...Dutta also hears their convo 4m his balcony...wen he his fone rings...he tell the person @ the other end 2 b patient...a lil while after he is seen leaving PN...wen Madhu brings him breakfast...he says he dint ask 4 it n leaves...whilst drivin away 4m PN...he c's a car @ the side of the road...n Naku standing by it...he drives past...then stops his jeep n reverses bk n stop beside the car...he asks the driver wats wrong wiv the car who tells him that suminks wrong wiv the engine...Dutta tells him 2 fone the mechanic...then tells Naku wivout looking @ her or addressin her 2 sit in the jeep...wen she doesnt do wat he says he starts reving the engine impatiently...Naku gets her puja thali 4m the car...n goes 2 sit in the jeep beside Duttz...bk @ PN...Suds in shown loungin in Duttz chair in the cctv room...wen Baji enters c's him n asks wat he is doin in Dutta's chair...Suds asks...why did u want to sit here...Baji's says if any other person had sat i Duttz chair...he wud of killed them...but Suds is he will only tell him 2 get up...Suds then mocks Baji about the way Duttz has cut him loose n made him his ryt hand man...he then tells Baji 2 go away as he has work...Baji leaves looking angry n annoyed...bk 2 TaSha still on the way 2 the mandir in Duttz jeep...Naku looks @ Dutta driving then looks away...Dutta then looks @ Naku...n almost knocks a man over while his attention n eyes are on Naku...he stops in tym not 2 hit the man...But Naku who isnt wearing a seatbelt is jolted 4ward a lil wiv the sudden stopping...Dutta worried but trying not 2 show it tells her 2 hold the side of the car...she nods...n they continue on 2 the mandir...having learnt 4m his earlier mistake...Duttz takes 2 looking @ Naku in his rearview mirror instead...once they reach the mandir...Naku asks if he will cum in...he dnt answer but starts making a call 4m his cell...Naku takes his actions as a no...then gets down 4m the jeep n goes in2 the mandir...once inside...she prays asking 4 4givness 4 Dutta...he dint cum in cuz he was mad @ her n not she's goes 2 leave she looks @ Dutta in the jeep...n he 2 looks @ her in his mirror again...Naku cums n tries 2 offer him prashaad...wivout taking it he tells her 2 sit in the jeep n he will drop her home...she tells him she will leave...which gets his attention he turns 2 look @ her...jus then a man cums wiv a bowl askin them 2 give him sumink as his kids aint had anything 2 eat in 2 days...Naku gives him prashaad n Dutta gives him sum money...the man leaves telling him that may god keep them 2gether 4eva...after which TaSha share a eyelock...

Dutta breaks of the eyelock...takes a deep breath n tells her 2 sit in the jeep again...she goes ahead n sits in the jeep...n Duttz drives away...bk @ PN...Suds cums n tells Kala that the driver foned n said that Duttz has taken Naku 2 the mandir...Leela says that Kala's plans arnt working...even the Suresh plan...they tell her 2 think of sumink else...Suds says that in fact after hearing about Suresh Duttz hadnt said a single word 2 Naku...Kala gets mad throws a vase @ Suds feet...n leaves...bk 2 TaSha in the Jeep...Chaskar fones Duttz telling him that they hav2 meet 2 make another deal...Duttz looks @ Naku sittin nex 2 him in his rearview n says he cnt cum...n 4 Chaskar 2 go ahead n make the deal...Chaskar tells him he has2 cum...n gives him Vehani ki kasam...(yani Naku's)...Dutta tells him 2 be quiet...he's on his way...he pulls up outside PN..n after a quick look @ each other Naku gets out of the jeep...Duttz drives the evening Naku is seen in the kitchen cookin...she rembers wat the man had said about hoping TaSha remain 2gether 4eva...Kala cums...n says ur looking it cuz Duttz took her 2 the temple...she made her move...n Naku is out of Duttz room...where cud her nex move leave Naku...Kala asks if she is cookin 4 Duttz...n tells Naku she herself has plans after which Duttz will neva eat another thing made by her...Naku accepts her challenge n tells he 2 bring it on she has faith in god saving her...a lil while after Naku is seen by Bappa prayin...@ PN enterance we see Dutta,Chaskar n Suds enter the house...totally drunk...Chaskar sings sumink about drinking 4m a bottle...hehe...him n Suds are all smiles n jokes...Dutta walks in front unsteadly...not sharing their fun n jokes...Dutta takes a seat...bk 2 Naku praying...asking god 2 save her as her luv was @ stake she's neva so much as looked @ another guy...Kala cums n listens 2 her prayers wiv a silly smile on her face...bk 2 Dutta n co...Chaskar asks where they hav brought him...wen he figures its Duttz house...he says he's leaving as he's tali...n it dnt seem ryt 2 b around AS n Duttz wife in this state...bk 2 Naku...where Kala is telling her that Duttz is home is she ready...Suds tries 2 get Chaskar 2 stay...ov aware of the tamasha that will take place in a few mins...n wanting chaskar 2 witness it...jus then in cums Suresh calling Naku...n saying that he wants 2 save this house 4m dhoka...Baji hears n cums down wiv AS...shouting 2 Suresh..."u'v cum again"...but b4 Baji can say anythng else or drag Suresh away...Duttz halts Baji by calling his name...Suresh cums 4ward n stands in front of Duttz...sayin he is Suresh...Duttz remembers Kala's words...Suresh tells him about Ganpat taking money 4m him n promisin 2 get Naku married 2 him...then them all running...Chaskar tells Suds this is Dutta's personal matter...n he'll leave...Suresh does sum rona dhona telling Dutta that Naku then trapped Dutta n married him...jus as Baji is about 2 go 4 Suresh n giv him a beating...Dutta again halts him shouting his name...Naku starts 2 look worried...n Kala looks smug...Suresh tells Dutta he has lost evything over Naku...he knws that Dutta wnt believe him...its jus the way Naku is...but he has proof wiv him...he then pulls out a picture 4m his pocket...n shows it 2 Dutta...meanwhile Kala asks Naku bk by Bappa if she 2 wud lyk 2 see...she shows her the the picture u can see Suresh wiv his arm around Naku...ov its edited n not real...but Dutta looks furious while looking @ it...meanwhile while Naku looks puzzled...

Friday Precap...
Suresh on the floor Dutta holdin his gun 2 him...saying he will count 2 three...n b4 he reaches 3 Suresh shud tell Dutta who he works for n who has sent him...Duttz start counting 1 n then 2...Suresh stutters a few words n the precap finishes...

Scene of the Week


 First of all a big thank you to all the readers of the LTL express-past and present. The LTL reporters have had a great time bringing out the express. I hope you all had a good time reading it too!

This week was all about Tasha even when Dutta or Naku were not onscreen. But everyone has to agree that one Tasha scene stood out. Its the Tasha scene from Tuesday's episode. Kala tells Dutta about Naku's childhood friend Suresh whom she had dumped and run away. Dutta is too shocked and heart-broken to react. So he does his usual indifferent towards all act. This hurts Naku to no end. Dutta walks away to his room. Dutta keeps thinking of Kala's words about Suresh and Naku and is tormented by them.
Naku walks into the room to see him in that state. She questions him if this is what he knows about her....this is what he has understood about her...that she would go to another man. Its as if the thought itself disgusts Naku. She tells him that it takes only two minutes to ruin a woman's reputation. At such a time its her husband who has to her strength. But he told that she can go away if she wants to.
Dutta says he never has questioned her character...but Naku says he never supported her either. Dutta says that she is in this house because she wants to be there. Naku agrees and says she will go away if he tells her that he doesnt love her but she knows he wont as he loves her. Dutta replies that the Dutta with a heart whom she knew is no more and her voice no longer reaches him. She is in this house because she is a woman. Naku says her being a woman has any value only if Dutta accepts her as his wife and till then she has no place in his room. So saying she leaves the room and tells him she will be back only when he calls her back.
Dutta watches Naku go looking unhappy. When she turns to look at him he quickly turns his head away....
This scene was a landmark scene as for the first time we saw her demanding something from Dutta for herself ie he may not accept her...give her the rights of his wife but if he believes she is characterless then there is nothing left for her.

This is scene I am sure everyone will agree with me as the unanimous non-Tasha SOTW-the Madhu-Dutta scene from Thursday's episode. Dutta as has become his routine now returns home drunk. Naku senses that he is back and sends Madhu to serve him dinner. Dutta wants his Naku to serve him food and hence throws the plate to lure her to him.
He fails miserably as Naku is sticking to her year end resolution. Madhu comes and serves Dutta and everyone expected Dutta would blow his fuse at not having Naku for dinner..err I mean not having Naku serve him dinner. But instead we got look of loss and then Dutta's comment that she said she wont come till I call her. Madhu asks him tenderly that why doesnt he call her then? Madhu then sits with him and Dutta tries eating but he is too drunk to eat himself. Madhu tries to feed him but he diverts the topic to Madhu and asks her what was she doing in London. Madhu tells she was studying. Dutta comments her life changed completely didnt it? Madhu says she is happier here as there is love here. She forcibly makes him eat one bite.
Madhu asks Dutta why doesnt he accept Naku. Dutta says there are two Nakus in this house. One that was honest and lives in his heart and the other who lives in the physically and brings hatred in his heart. Madhu tells him both Nakus are the same. Why doesnt he forget everything and move on? Dutta says he cant forget. So saying he gets up...pats Madhu's head and goes away.
This scene was the first bro-sis bonding scene and also for the first time Dutta spoke up on what's stopping him from accepting Naku back in his life.

Since this is the 40th and the last LTL express and we are also approaching LTL's 1st anniversary I wanted to end this with the scenes that have left a lasting impact on me and turned the course of the show too.

Dutta's entry scene:

The first Tasha scenes...we knew these two had some sizzling chemistry:
1. The first Tasha eyelock:
2. The first time Naku admires the handsome man in front of her:
3. My ALL TIME FAVORITE hand pump scene where Dutta catches Naku staring at him and cant help but steal a glance at the strange girl:

The Mann ki Lagan sequence when Naku admits her feelings towards Dutta to herself:

Tasha have their first proper conversation:

The first time Naku objects to Dutta drinking and he throws her out of his room:

Baji tells Dutta that he hit Naku:

Dutta apologizes to Naku for lifting his hand on her thus winning her(and our) heart some more:

Naku requests Dutta to give his life with Supriya a chance:

Naku tells Babi why she is getting involved in Dutta's life despite the pain it is causing her:

Naku confesses her love for the first time at gunpoint on Dutta's wedding day with Supriya:

Naku confesses her love again even after he tortures her:

Naku refuses to leave Dutta at the point of death:

Jagtap dies and teaches Dutta a lesson on the goodness of humanity:

Tasha hug:

Dutta proposes to Nakusha:


Naku comes to talk to Dutta:

Tasha SR:

Dutta holds Naku's hand in the OT:

Dutta helps Naku with the meds:

Some of my favorite scenes which didnt really have any effect on the story but nevetheless have stayed with me for their beauty and/or chemistry between Tasha:
Button sewing scene:

Dinner time at PN:

Dutta makes Naku stay with him:

Naku challenging Dutta:

Tasha date:

Baji serenades Dutta to Yeh Pyaar Na hoga Kam after Dutta slaps him-The most shocking sequence in LTL till date:

Thanks to Khushi and Ritu for uploading all the scenes.

Dialogue of the Week



"Maine kaab kaha ke mujhe tere charitra paar shaq hai," – Dutta

umm…HELLO!!! this one line itself shows how much faith our Bhao still has on his Naku…*woot woot*…he can deny it all he wants but he loves her and he still trust her!! yah ok…he's hurt…he feels betrayed…but damn it…he still cares!! that shows that he still loves her!! omg I just loved it…and fabulous acting on MR's part for this scene!! he made us really feels Dutta's hesitation…and he REALLY made us feel Dutta's love for Naku…the tone of his voice…wow! just wow!!



"…main chati hoon ke woh mujhe hosh mein bulayeh…main dauri chali jayegi…" – Naku

OMG! I loved this simple line…she won be a conselation prize that Dutta only calls for when he's drunk…no no no! she is #1 and will only respond when he calls her when he's sober!! damn right!! finally she's standing up for herself…a little any way…ha ha…but hey…ill take it!! I hope to see more of naku standing up for herself…maybe that will put Dutta in his place!! gadha kahin ka!!!

Warm & Fuzzies


W&F Moment#1: In Monday's epi when Naku, Baji and Madhu talk about the rift between Baji and Dutta. Madhu tries to boost Baji's morale. Naku is sad as because of her the two friends have parted but Baji expresses his confidence on his relationship with Dutta. Such is the strong bond they share. There Baji is also worried for Naku despite everything has happenned between Dutta and him but Naku tells him not to worry...she is Babi's daughter and will fight her battle alone.

W&F Moment#2: Dutta remembers Naku's word bang in the middle of a business deal and simply takes off from there. Simply love this guy for whom love is the most important thing in life so much so that everything else pales in comparision.

W&F Moment#3: Dutta's scene with the dhaba owner and his wife was heart warming...first of Dutta questions the guy if he considers his wife his slave. Aww! Then on realizing the guy is handicapped he apologizes...this is the humility of the man. Then he learns an important lesson on the strong bond between a husband and wife from the couple.

W&F Moment#4: Naku knows instinctively that Dutta is back home...and there Dutta calls out to Naku in his drunken state to give him food and then throwing his plate to lure her to him. Cho chweet!

W&F Moment#5: The brother sister scene between Dutta and Madhu where they talk properly for the first time and Madhu feeds him like a caring sister.

W&F Moment#6: Dutta stopping on his way to work to give Naku a lift to the temple. Then waiting at the temple to give her a ride back.

W&F Moment#7: Dutta refusing to come for a business deal as he needs to drop wifey back home...that is till Chaskar gives him vahini ki kasam and Dutta has no option left but to go.

W&F Moment#8: Dutta agreeing with Chaskar that the drunk Chaskar must go as the women of his house might feel scandalized. LOL!

Shining Stars of the Week


Hey,hi n howdy all...hope ur all i'v missed LTL forum...but wat i havnt been missing is LTL...n although its been a hassle...watching on my cell...its been worth my Dutta in the kitchen yet again...n wat the hell is Kala is playing @ bringin in this Suresh if Duttz is guna believe that rubbish...*rolls eyes*...Naku leaving Duttz room...cnt she stay there n prove her point...itni mooshqil se tho vaha ponchi TaSha moments will b even more lyk goldust...espesh wiv Naku  saying she will only go 2 gadha wen he calls...he's guna b 2 zidhi n stupid 2 call her wen he is sober...having mentioned this few things...not alot happen did it...really...Chaskar seems lyk he will b around 4 a lil while god only knws wat happened 2 Anna's twin...mayb he got lost on the while im writing this its slowly sinking in that this will b our last issue 4 a while...*wipes away a stray tear...Dutta style*...but i'v got my fingers firmly crossed in hope that our xpress will get bk on track wivout further stalling...shall we jump 2 SSOTW...b4 i cnt control my tears...*weep weep...brave smile*...


Mayb its becum a habit i jus cnt shake off...or perhaps im jus not able 2 notice any other actors while they are acting wiv or around Mishal...wateva it may b this weekslyk so many other weeks...*lmao* SS goes 2 the gorgeous 1 n main reason 4 following LTL...*daydreamy look*...although although b4 u think 2 start throwing things due 2 my one track star giving...this weeks a split...*sticks out her tongue*

Mishal Raheja 90%

1st scene of the week...Duttz @ Chaskar's adda scene...was wkd...MR was awesum...wiv his xpressions n dialogues...espesh lyked the look MR gave wen he jumped out the jeep n looked @ the guy pointing a gun @ was lyk he was thinking...really?!?...hehe...also luved the look on MR's face wen Chaskar is laughin @ the thgt of having the upper hand wiv all his men pointing thier guns @ Duttz...also loved the Dinner scene...wen Dutta sits down 2 eat wiv the trio...then in a huff says he will eat only dhay...then wen Leela tells him 2 eat a certain something as Naku had made...the xpression on MR's face was awww so cute...he looked annoyed @ the mention as if she was stupid 2 not realize this was why he hadnt wanted 2 eat anything else...then wiv a sigh...(more lyk the honey monster in him sufacing...he must of been hungry)...he jus goes about eating wat Naku places in his plate...wivout another word...hehe...also Duttz xpressions n stance during the letter reading was awesum...his dialogue delivery wen he said that he had no interest in Naku's past n she cud stay or leave wivout being stopped...was wow...seriouly u cud jus hear the pain in his was lyk he was fyting himself 2 even think them neva mind say them...then l8r wen Naku cums n says that he dint stand by her or say that he dint believe wat the Suresh guy was claimin in his letter...MR's xpressions wer outstanding...especially wen Naku...asked him 2 tell her once that he dint luv her...ouch...that scene so reminded me of wen Dutta had asked Naku the same...n also the hurt n confused look Mishal gave after Naku said she was leaving the room...was perfect...MR's lost n awkward acting duing the deal scene on weds was fab 2...MR looked so ruffled bless him...n also i hav 2 say i agree his hair did look really cute 2...hehe...wen Dutta arrives @ the dhabba n the guy behind the counter is pretty much worshiping the ground he walks on...MR's uncomfortableness was jus 2 2 was the way MR said the kinda scolding words about the guys wife not being gulaam...but cuter than that was his face xpression wen he cute...after drinking himself in2 a tizzle...Dutta then cums home...hungry as pretty much always of l8...lmao...again he starts looking in pots,pans n then the fridge...then as if findin the getting the food on a plate job 2 hard...n of course having already called Naku...who hadnt cum...he intentionally throws his tray on the floor in hope that Naku will cum do the work 4 him...*giggles* jus was so cute wat he thgt n did...K so Naku sends Madhu...but wen Dutta c's her shadow in the lyt n mistakes her 4 Naku...was ouch the way MR said he thgt she wudnt cum...*flinches*...ah that was torture...n the teary smile...made me want2 cry...then 2 make it worse did u hear the way Dutta asked 4 food...n the way MR made it sound...damn this mans sadness will b the death me...then next part of the scene...the Madhu Dutta scene...was further torture...the look MR gave 4 Dutta wen he looks @ the plate n then up hoping 2 see Naku...n c'ing so *crying* was hearbreaking how he says she said she wudnt cum...awwww MR's xpressions made the scene hard 2 watch...i swear i was thinkin 2 skip the scene as i was wiv frenz...n they may of thgt i'd gone made watchin vids on utube n crying...hehe...the scene was sad but really nice...desipte my dislyk 4 Madhu...their lil talk was a nice 2 watch...but i swear that dnt mean i lyk still hoping wiv wats left of my heart after watching Dutta's pain since the FR...that she will pack her suitcase of awful clothes...n go bk 2 London...others scenes that MR totally rocked...wer...the TaSha jeep scene...wen Dutta takes Naku 2 the mandir...his xpressions wenhe c's her standing n w8ing 4 the driver 2 fix the car...n even wen he was watchin Naku in the mirror wen nearly knocking down that guy wer 2 cute...MR's anger @ the end of fri's ep...was gr8 2...totally had me on the edge of my seat...hehe...

Mahi 5%

Jus 4 one scene really...the scene after Suds reads the letter n Naku goes 2 Dutta in his room...Mahi's xpressions wen she says 2 Dutta that she neva minded any of his past treatment 2wards her...but him not standing by her wen her charitar was in question broke her fully n lifted her trust in bappa n herself...Mahi's xpressions n the way she said her dialogues...wer well sad...the way she began 2 kinda sob in between was gud 2...also...wen she is telling Dutta that he did still luv matter wat he said...luved the knwing/matter a fact xpressions she was giving him...reminded me of koyal Naku...n the

way she always spoke 2 Duttz...

Vinay 5%

Although we dint see Baji all that much...n he only had a few scattered scenes here n there thruout the week...i hav2 say that he really did well in those few short scenes...mainly in the scenes where he was telling Madhu 2 giv him sumink 2 do else he will go mad...*sad face*...also luved his acting in the scene when Suresh cums in2 PN 1st tym his xpressions showed fully that his faith in Naku dint waver even one lil bit...also the xpressions he gave in the scene wen he found Suds sitting in Duttz chair...wer mindblowing...i swear 4 a min

i thgt Baji was guna giv Suds a beating...well thats wat i was hoping nway...


Dutta Shriram Patil 98%
This character is jus beyond perfect...even wiv his flaws...n gadhaness...i mean seriously...if there was ever a character that shud exist in reality this is him...i mean he's angry, hurt n trying his hardest 2 go about his work wivout thinking about things or showing weakness...n yet he still isnt able 2 escape Naku,the way she makes him feel n the betrayal he feels 4m her FR...Naku tells him in the TaSha bedroom scene...that his actions more than anything that he still luvs her...n wants wats best 4 her...he shrugged it off...n mayb sum part of him took note...not 2 do things lyk this further so Naku isnt aware of the feelings he wants so hard 2 vanquish or hide...but wen he saw her standing beside the broke down car...cud he stop himself 4m giving her a lift 2 the temple...or w8ing 2 drop her safely he cudnt...cuz wen it cums 2 Naku...n her need 4 things...his heart cnt say no...whether its her need 4m him @ the hospital or water in the jungle...this tym she wanted 2 go 2 the mandir...but the car she was travelling in im sure this n Duttz jeeps arnt the only cars in why was he unable 2 tell Naku 2 go home n take another car...because its lyk Naku said...his heart is soft...espesh wen it cums 2 her...his anger n stubbornness is nothing in the face of his luv 4 her...

Madhu 2%

I can hardly believe im doing this...*pukes*...i cnt stand the girl...but this week the girl finally did her roti joga in PN...hehe...she tried 2 console Baji n she tried a number of tyms 2 hound Dutta in2 taking Naku bk n 4getting wat had happened...then l8r purely on Naku's saying went n fed the hungry angry sher...even though it has been unmissable 2 her that he has no regard 4 her as his sister...4 all she knew he cud of threw the food @ her n told her 2 get lost...but still she went n gave him food...sat wiv him while he ate...n wen he was unable 2 feed himself...she stepped in n fed him was a nice scene n no matter how much i want 2 say n think otherwise...i njoyed it...

Whoa-K all...thats it for...ah i was guna say this week...*gets sad*...rephrase...thats it 4...i dnt knw...a while mayb...hope ur all guna miss reading the xpress as much as im guna miss writing my section...hope LTL gets 2 where we all want it 2 b...n we get lots more magic TaSha moments...*looks hopeful*...hav a awesum xmas n new yr all...Dutta thgts, dreamz n out...mwah...

LTL Bloopers


Blooper#1: In the Tasha confrontation scene on Tuesday's epi Naku's pallu is shown at times pinned and at times lose. How did that happen? See for yourself:

Blooper#2: Dutta travels to Mumbai from Ratnagiri and back all in one day in Wednesday's episode. Is that possible?

Blooper of the week: The Friday's episode it was very obvious that Naku-Kala had shot their scenes seperately from the rest of the cast when Suresh comes in. An effect of MV's JDJ participation I suppose?

Maha Blooper of the Year: Since this is the closing express issue I also want to list the Maha Blooper of LTL in its past one year. In LTL we have rarely seen bloopers with the writers doing a good job of keeping in mind what happenned in past. But there was one instance when ALL of us were foxed and that is the whole story of Dutta's parentage. It was shown since the beginning that Dutta knows that AS is not his real mother and his sisters are not his own sisters and this whole story was changed in the month of October 2010 when were shown that Dutta doesnt know that AS isnt his real mother. A message to the CVs is that viewers memories are not as short as you were hoping it was!

Signing off!

Fashion Icon of the Week


Well since its the 40th edition and the express will come to a halt for some time ,its only befitting that the entire cast of LTL is applauded for their fashion sense not just this  week but right through out ....Be it AS , Kala ,Leela ,Kishore , Baaji,Roops , Madhu ...Naku or the ever pleasing to the eye Dutta ...all have been in top form fashion wise right thru .But I would like to make a special mention for Dutta cause he just beats all competition and stands out because his persona is his fashion accessory and nothing comes close to beating that.

Fashion Disaster of the Week


Whoa-K Baji Rao sowee 2 do this dude...but your kurta's this week...wer ewww yucks...ur a cutie i agree 100% but even u cnt pull of such busy/crazy looking clothes...*giggles* fact even his bottoms in the Suds Baji cctv room scene...looked kinda wierd...*pulls a face*...hehe...plz CV's give our cutesy Baji sum nice clothes...*smiles*...

Chat-Patta Fun

Comic Relief


Chaskar & Suresh

Suresh & Chickens

Kaala Taking After Suds

Special Awards


1. The Oh-Le-Le Baacha Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…DUTTA!! the man may be a gadha on super high levels…but omg…no matter how much of a jerk he is…when he gets drunk and acts like a child…my heart melts!! like when he came into the kitchen…looking for food…he looked absolutely adorable!! you just wanna go hug him and then feed him!! he looked so lost…bechara…


2. The Doesn't Anyone Care Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…the MEMBERS OF PN (minus Naku/Madhu)…ok…so like really…does no one care that Dutta is out of the house…he'll be coming late…he could be hungry…but what is this…kissi ko jaisi parva hi nahin hai?! W*F?! I mean come on…at least make a plate for him…keep it in the fridge or something so he can get it…then go to sleep…I understand that you all need your beauty sleep (some more than others)…but really!! its like once its night…no one remembers that Dutta too lives in the house!! grrr!!


3. The You Go Girl Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…NAKU! omg…kya bhashan diya hai Naku ne!! I mean the girl rocked when she told Dutta off about that whole Suresh situation…I loved it…after all that she's done how could he think that she wanted to be with someone else!! are you kidding me…while people were pointing all sorts of disgusting fingers at her…he said nothing…im sure he'll make it up on Monday…but that is yet to be seen! go Naku!! asal mein tu Mrs. Sherni hi hai!! *jaz applauds* ..


4. The Cant Be Bothered Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…DUTTA…I don't know about you people but I loved Monday's episode when Dutta finally met with Chaskar…Dutta looked so bored…like he was about to fall asleep or something…lol…i loved it!! Dutta walked around like he owned the place!! *woot woot*…


5. The OMG Aur Koi Nahin Mila Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…SURESH! really…I mean…REALLY!?  that was too funny…CV's ko aur koi nahin mila to be Naku's ex-bf…the man they found is a joker as well…LTL se jokers se bhara hua hai!! come on…ek toh Suds hai hi…phir Chaskar aaya…we were like ok…we'll deal with him…but now this loon!! come one…we can only take so much!


6. The Finally! Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…CV's…hats off to the CV's for a beautiful scene between Dutta and Madhu…I've been waiting forever for a good…substantial scene between this bhai behen ki jodi…and we finally got one…and it was rocking!! it has such great lines…great chemistry and all…fabulous!! I just loved it!!! I was getting tired of the Madhu talking to Dutta and him running away…lol…


7. The Aww You Need a Hug Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…BAJI! omg…I felt so bad for him…Dutta is keeping him out of the loop and Baji toh pagal ho raha hai…when he was asking Madhu to give him work…kyun ke woh aaise khali nahin bait sakta…omg…I just wanted to give him a bear hug! hang in there Baji…tera din bhi aayega!!


8. The Jokers Ka Raja Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…SUDS! omg…ek ke baad ek he was giving dialogues and expressions,…this week toh Suds ki diwali thi…sitting in Bhao's chair and all…I know I didn't mention him in the CR's that I did but omg…I can easily write a paper on this loon!! ha ha….


9. The Bohot Hogaya Denial Award: …goes to…*drum roll*…DUTTA…come on…enough already…the man is so effing stubborn yaar…haad hogaya!! Naku put it very simply…tell her you don't love her and she will leave…but nahin...yeh bhi Dutta se kaha nahin jayega…aur kyun kahe…he clearly loves her!! so W*F!? come one!! this is ridiculous!!! men and their dumb egos!! the look on his face when Kaala said that another guy was here for Naku…omg…that look alone is enough to see how much he still loves her!!!

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dusk IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 May 2010
Posts: 2892

Posted: 20 December 2010 at 6:29am | IP Logged
CryOuchCry kya yaar its the last edition Ouch i remember the days wen i joind the forums nd here ppl wre so xcitd at the end of the week nd waiting for the xpress to kum out nd de day wen it cmz pages nd pagez wre filld wid replies Big smile frst i wznt so aware of dat xpress but wen i got to knw nd read it it wz fab Star nd i really likd nd appreciatd dis concept Embarrassed nd at every sunday r satrday night i usd to cum online jst to read th express i usd to b very curious abt every section dat  wat wd b the W&F MOMENTS ofthe week, SOTW, DIalogues ofthe week, OMG scenez ,shining starz of the week (wch is always gvn to MREmbarrassedLOL) nd dan day by day u guyz kept on adding new stuff dan we had the fashion icon nd fashion disaster nd blooper sectionz Day Dreaming every wrd written byu guyz wz so impressive nd of corse so intrstng dat i usd to read it wid full concentration as if am preparng for xamz LOL
But i left reading it cz i wz so bzy in ma admission suff nd ma xzmz nd now wen em free and came bak to catch the intrstng stuff written by you guyz wat i found FINAL EDITION ShockedShockedCry
But em sure u guyz wd b bak soon wid more intrstng stuff Big smile nd i wd look forward for it Embarrassed
so a big thankyou to all of you who have been doin this sectin r have left but ur guys wrk is really appreciable so thankyou jaz , opra, kshreya, DD. Fivr, yeti ,jani ,shabz, aisha , rdfan, sanju a big thankyou to uguyz wd miss the xpress Hug

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 3:39am | IP Logged
we will miss you and the awards and aisha's moment meter ...everything...sigh

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mozart66 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 3:02am | IP Logged
will miss LTL express and you guys...........
why do i feel like crying?..... feels as if LTL is coming to an end abruptly... with the rumuours of MR leaving the show, the unrest on the sets, mahi's JDJ and her impending marriage......
everything is pointing to an awful inevitability..... on the top of it, LTL express too coming to an end.......... what's this????Cry

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bfunofbb123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 5:30am | IP Logged
First of all guys congratulation on ur 40th XpressClapClapClap very well done guys wehe Hoot Hoot jaz style!
And a big T HAN K  U   2 U guys!  Jaz u r superb Dear with ksh & jani ye & rdfan & all the present & past writers u did a marvelous job guys ! and  big tank u 4 carry in on until the 40 despite ur difficults to keep it going. even though it is sad to c it go CryCry temporarly we look forward to seen it again with all it's reportersSmile!
U guys r so proffessional u didn't leave it hanging u completed it with excellence i really enjoyed reading it alot & enjoyed all ur section @ksh tank u 4 all the links u took me back in time & enjoyed all the moments. @jani ye it is good 2 c u back & enjoyed seen u give out all ur shining stars 2MR always coming out shining! @ jaz what can i say i enjoy all ur sections spsly last week accesory love it D's button & N magalsutra ha ha love it ! well guys all i wanted to say Nimo said it @ Nimo well said enjoyed reading the x-press from the big-now .Smile

Edited by bfunofbb123 - 22 December 2010 at 5:31am

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ImmaculateDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 12:11am | IP Logged
thanks for the Newsletter .. 

Loved reading every section .. 

But i m really missing Aisha's OMG section ... hoping that Everything is fine at her End.. 

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