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Itna Kaafi Nahin Hai...100% Ishq-Pt 17, updt pg 40 (Page 28)

MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
just came across ur ff
loved it
plz continue soon

-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
wow tbh i just read the whole story from the start am simply fell in love with it
sarah can u plz continue on with the story :D
LoveMJ Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Hello Guys! Remember me? Or rather this fanfic? Well I wrote another part to it! Please read and tell me how was it!

Part 12

The day soon came and Gopi was excited as well as unsure. She didn't know anything. She didn't even know what happened that night and what would happen later and where she would be. But her Ahamji, he was there na? He would take care of things. Everytime she thought about her Ahamji, she would enter a dreamland far far away. She wouldn't even notice that she was smiling. It then when Rashi caught her and knew something was up with her little cousin. Rashi noticed how smiley and dreamy Gopi had become and to put it in simple words, she hated it. Gopi was supposed to be terrified going with that monster Aham for 5 days. She started her investigation.

"Gopi, wow, nowadays you are very happy huh, whyyy?" she asked, pretending to tease the innocent Gopi.

Gopi just looked towards her shyly and said,"nothing Rashiben."

Rashi then blackmailed,"now you won't share your happiness with your only sister? Its okay, maybe you never considered me you sister."

Gopi got worried hearing this. She didn't want her Rashiben to be angry with her.

Gopi then said,"no no Rashiben, its nothing. I am just happy that everything is fine in the family."

Rashi knew that wasn't the real reason and so she snapped,"nevermind Gopi, don't have to tell your sister, actually you don't even have to talk to me," and pretended to leave.

As expected, Gopi held her hand to stop her. Afterall, Gopi needed to know what Aham did to her so maybe since her Rashiben was educated, she would know. She then shyly told her about how Aham fed her and shifted back to his room. She even said that Aham did something to her but she didn't know what and ask Rashi to enlighten her. By the time Gopi was done, she looked at the wide-eyed, open-mouth Rashi. Rashi couldn't digest the fact that that full of ego, scary and angry Aham had been so nice to Gopi. He fed her?!?! And to top it all, he actually got intimate with her. She never thought Gopi would ever be able to let alone experience, but even know that such an activity did exist! But here Gopi still was not fully aware of such an activity but she had already experienced it. Wow, how sane! Rashi then decided to educate Gopi as well as poison her mind.

"Gopi!!! You know what Aham just did?! He used you, he used your body! Men are like that. Did you see how big his body was? Of course with a body like that, he would have a huge appetite. Just his hand would be enough to crush you. Gopi, he is a healthy man. Healthy men have certain needs which only a lady can fulfill. Aham being a healthy man, also has some needs and he just used you, your innocence to satisfy his need. He doesn't love you, if he did, he would show it much earlier and not just one day before he used you. Also before he used you, he would have explained everything. But he didn't na? Gopi, what have you done? You lost your purity to him. Him? Who is deceiving you? God knows what he will do to you during this five days. You have became impure and dirty."

With that, Rashi just shook her head, with a disgusted expression, and left. Gopi was left there, too shocked to cry. All her dreams shattered, her heart shattered. She lost her purity? So now she was impure? Aham made her impure? Suddenly all the bad memories reeled through Gopi's mind. She then remembered Aham feeding her, hugging her. That night. But what did he do?!?! She was frustrated and confused and really frightened. She was to leave in 2 hours time. She had 2 hours to convince the family not to send her. She didn't want to go. He was not her Ahamji, he was a monster. He deceived her. Made her dirty. Till now, he only hurt her on the outside, emotinally. She thought it was all behind her now. But no, he was going to hurt her again, he was going to violate her. He was going to use her again. She was dirty and impure. She just hated herself. She didn't know how long she stood there, she felt numb. She didn't know who to turn to, what to do. Maaji and Kakiji would just either force or sweet talk her into going. The other members were out of the question. Soon she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Hetal Kaki. How Gopi wished she could hug her and Hetal Kaki could tell her everything was alright. But no, she couldn't.

Hetal just smiled sweetly at Gopi and said,"dear, go get ready, get ready nicely, you will be with your Ahamji the whole time."

If this was told to her an hour ago, she would have blushed and would happily get ready with extra care, especially for her Ahamji. But now? What's the point? Aham was only interested in using her to satisfy those manly needs. He didn't love her. On the other hand, Aham was on his way back from the office after solving some last minute issues. He couldn't wait to see his Gopi in the salwar kameez. He couldn't wait to reach Goa. He was determind to make these five days memorable for her. They would do all sorts of things. He would give her lots and lots of love. And of course he would spoil and pamper his wife although he knew that would be difficult. He wanted to know every single thing about Gopi. He reached home and tried to go straight to his room, only to be stopped by Hetal Kaki who told him to go drink his tea and that Gopi was getting ready. They were to leave after that since everything was done. He tried to make up an excuse but failed when his Kaki smiled at him. He just pursed his lips and nodded in his 'Aham's style' and walked down. Hetal just smiled at her nephew, anything would happen, but he will always remain serious. Meanwhile Gopi was in a very bad condition. She knew she couldn't cry now. The poor girl submitted to her fate. What was done, was done. She couldn't do anything about it. She just believed in her Kanhaji and prayed for protection. Maybe that's why she was brought to this world, to be used. She just prayed for protection and guidance. She got ready without enthusiasm and walked down the steps. To Aham's dissappointment, Kokila has sent him to get the car. So now he could only see her in the car. Great! He had to wait to see his own wife! He waited impatiently in the car at the entrance of Modi Mansion. Soon his princess came out accompanied by a smiling Hetal Kaki. He looked at Gopi from top to toe. She looked so beautiful, young and fresh, making him feel old. He then noticed that Gopi's face wasn't depicting any happiness. Instead she looked uncomfortable and was really forcing herself to smile at Hetal Kaki. When she was settled at the seat beside him, he started observing her. She had turned her face away from him and was not at ease at all. Something was wrong. Since the family was watching them, he decided that he would question her later. He drove out of the gates of Modi Mansion after waving at the family. Gopi got more scared and uncomfortable by the minute. She would be alone with him, he would do anything to her. She was terrified like hell. Although she did not remember feeling much pain of any sort, she knew something unusual happened and since Rashiben said whatever happened was dirty and wrong, maybe it was true. Afterall, Rashi was her sister, she wouldn't lie to her. Aham was still observing his wife. He did not have a good feeling about the way she was behaving.

He tried talking,"Gopi?"

Gopi literally jerked although hearing his voice although he said it so gently and softly but to Gopi, it sounded threatening and scary.

In her small voice, she answered shakily,"ji?"

Aham noticed the tremor in her voice and also the way she jerked when he called her. Why was she so scared? What happened? Till he left for the office she was fine, so now what made her so scared and uncomfortable?

He then gently asked,"sab theek hai na? (everything's fine na?)"

Without looking at Aham, Gopi replied with the same tremor in her voice,"ji (yes)"

Tense silence after that. Aham knew this was not the right time to talk to Gopi as he would not be able to give her his full attention. He would wait till they reach there and he would be able to console and reassure his sweetheart. During the rest of the journey, neither of them spoke so Aham switched on the radio. That was probably the worst drive for Aham while Gopi was quite relieved. Finally when they reached the resort, Aham was relieved while Gopi was terrified. Aham parked his car and got out of it. It was already late evening. Aham's neck was hurting and his back was extremely stiff. Gopi too slowly and shakily got out. She saw Aham's wincing face and for a moment felt really concern. 'It was a long drive, maybe I should massage him?' she thought. But then Aham stretched and she heard his bones crack really loudly. She got scared of him again and looked down. Once Aham was done with his mini exercise, he noticed Gopi standing there with her head bent. If she was shy and happy, he would have been really amused and at peace. But she was uncomfortable and terrified. He really needed to talk to her and couldn't wait to reach their room so that he could know what was troubling his girl.
Aham got their bags out of the car boot and placed them on the ground while he closed the boot. Gopi saw this and dutifully tried carrying the heavy bag which she struggled with. When Aham saw his delicate wife carrying the bag which was probably of her own weight, he immediately took the bag from her and carried it with ease. Gopi, instead of marvelling at her husband's strength, became frightened of it. With that much strength, he could finish her off in seconds. She would be of no match to him. Maybe he won't kill her, she would just have to give in to his 'manly needs'. But Rashiben said it was dirty and he was hurting me. But he was so gentle while doing that. I only felt a little pain, nothing else. But... Gopi's mind was in a turmoil, whatever it was, she dreaded this place. She then felt Aham's hand on the back of her waist pushing her forrward. She looked up at him with eyes full of fear only to receive a gentle and reassuring smile in return. Aham noticed the fear-filled eyes and hated that moment because he knew that something was making Gopi scared and uncomfortable. He saw this as a kind of torture. He held her hand and led her to the hotel reception area where a porter took the luggage from Aham. Still protectively holding the lost Gopi, Aham spoke to the receptionist and enquired about their room. Since there was still an hour and a half to go before dinnertime, Aham decided that they freshen up and relax in their room first. He also wanted to check on the arrangements. He told Gopi of the plan and asked if she was okay with it or if she wanted to do something else. Gopi just nodded and looked down, fueling Aham's frustration.

They were shown to their room which Gopi just loved. For a moment her face lit up seeing the cozy room but thinking of what was going to happen to her again, her face fell. Aham noticed this too. Once the porter was gone and they were both alone in the room, Aham walked up to Gopi who was standing near the bed and sat her down. He tried making her comfortable but failed so he kneeled on the floor in front of her and took her small hands in his. His whole hand could cover Gopi's and Gopi started trembling in fear when she noticed how big everything of his was. Aham felt Gopi trembling and looked up at her. She was looking down. He continued looking at her gently and with eyes filled with concern, waiting for her to look at him, even if it took the whole night. These days when they would be alone were just too precious for Aham to waste. He would make full use of these five days to know everything about Gopi, to see her laugh, to see the naughty little child in her and of course, to see the woman in her. He would settle this problem tonight itself. Clear all doubts, make Gopi open up to him. Gopi didn't know what to do. What he was waiting for. She was so confused. He was so nice and gentle to her till now. In the car, at the lobby and now here he was kneeling in front of her holding her hands so nicely. Could he really hurt her? Finally she lifted her unsure gaze to meet his affectionate one. She did not want to look away from those brown eyes bacause what she saw in them made her have second thoughts about what Rashi said.

When he saw that finally his wife was not going to look away, he started,"Gopi, kya huwa? Itni dari huwi si kyun ho? Mujh se darr lag raha hai?(Gopi, what happened? Why are you so frightened? Are you scared of me?)"

Gopi didn't know how to answer that because she herself didn't know the answer. Was there anything at all to be frightened about? Whatever Rashi said didn't necessarily have to be true. She wasn't there when he was feeding her, when he hugged and slept, when he did 'that' to her. Rashi was probably just making assumptions based on what she though about Ahamji. To her and everyone else, Aham was a strict and serious man. But with Gopi, he was really just so nice and even naughty. For God's sake he even smiles when he's with her! Not once, but many times.

She didn't realised that Aham was waiting for her answer and she had been staring at him trying to decide if he was her prince or the villain.

Finally she got to her senses and looked down again, this time at their hands. She said softly,"maaji ne kaha hai ke ponchte hi phone kar lena, (maaji said, call when you reach)" totally not answering Aham's question.

Aham just frown hearing that. But didn't question her. He was just grateful to the fact that at least she said something. Maybe he should just listen to her for the time being to make her comfortable with him first.

Aham then replied,"theek hai, tum baat karlo, main bathroom mein ho kar aata hun (alright, you speak to them, i will just go to the bathroom and come)"

He then left her hands, stood up, and took out his handphone from his jean's pocket. He dialed the number and held the phone towards Gopi who seemed to be deep in thought. She still sat there looking into space not noticing Aham holding the phone towards her. Aham then took his free hand and carresed the top of Gopi's head gently to get her attention. She looked up at him and stood up. She then took the phone and waited for someone to answer. Aham gave her a half smile and a nod and went into the bathroom.

Gopi spoke to Baa, Hetal Kaki and her Maaji who blessed her immensely making her eyes moist with tears. How she wished she was there, at home where she could be busy with the housework. Just as Kokila was telling her to take care of herself and Aham, Aham came out of the bathroom. Gopi just said hmm as she didn't trust her voice and passed the phone to Aham without looking at him. Aham hated that moment. While talking to his Mom, Aham was distracted as he was observing Gopi. She seemed to be in a daze as she took her necessary toiletries and went into the bathroom.

Aham was so disheartened. What he wished and dreamt! Nothing, not even one thing that happened from the long drive till now made him happy. What the hell was wrong with Gopi?! He hasn't even had a decent conversation with her yet.

Finally when Gopi came out Aham led her to the hotel restaurant exchanging only a few words. He had to choose what to order for Gopi as Gopi did not seem interested in anything. All this was getting on his nerves. He refrained himself from touching her and kept his hands in his pockets the whole time they walked. Once they were done with their tensed up dinner, Aham suggested to go for a walk around the hotel. Gopi as usual, just nodded, face devoid of any expression. Aham just sighed dejectedly. That was it, once they reached their room, Aham was going to make Gopi talk and tell him what was bothering her. He would use any method, patience, love or even force.

As they were walking like two strangers, Aham's phone rang, it was a business call. Aham would have gotten irritated and ignored the call if Gopi was not behaving the way she was, however right now he was thankful for the distraction. As Aham got engrossed in the conversation, Gopi wandered off into a nearby carpark which was out of the hotel boundary.

It was quiet and deserted. Suddenly a man grabbed Gopi and pinned her to a car bonnet. The man was drunk and very strong. Delicate Gopi was off no match to the man. She let out a loud cry for help as she dug her fingernails into the man's flesh at his face in an attempt to save herself. The man was like a beast. Gopi's tattered Dupatta was already on the floor. The man was tearing at her sleeves.

Meanwhile Aham realised that Gopi was not beside him. He immediately hung up and went in search of her. He was having a very bad feeling.

Soon Gopi got tired, moreover she had no motivation left to fight. Why should she save herself? She was already abused. Her husband whom she loved more than herself did not love her, he was just using her just like this man. However something was telling her that she should not allow this. Her body was only for her husband. Gopi's mind was in a turmoil due to all these conflicting and contradicting thoughts. She could feel the rough stubble on her cheek. She was so disgusted. She let out another scream, a louder one.

Before the man's lips could come into contact with Gopi's neck, an angry Aham grabbed the man and gave him a punch on his face followed by a kick between his legs which sent the man to the ground unconscious. Aham then scanned the carpark for his wife but could not find her. He saw the tattered Dupatta on the ground and winced. He should have kept an eye on her.

To be continued...

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swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Thank you for the much awaited update.
Just when you anticipate a special romantic time in Goa we are faced with this.
How much evil and wickedness can Rashi inflict? She is destroying Gopi's innocence and warmth to love. She must pay for her evil doings.
Ahem will have to work very hard to change this. Hopefully it will not be an uphill battle.
Looking forward to the next update. 

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged left me hanging. But let me say you are back with a bang. Please don't make us wait long for the next part. I was hoping you would continue this one, and I am so glad you did. It was a fabulous update. Thank you so much(PartyDancingyou are back, and I am so happy)Big smile
angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Welcome back Sara

I read the entire FF in one go and have to say its fabulous, You definitely know how to spice things up. 

I was wondering if the FF would see some action and there you are with a great update...many thanx

Just loved it... Rashi n her twisted mind were just amazing, esp. at a time where you think nothing can probably go wrong now...

Gimee more !!!

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LoveMJ Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swasthi

<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Thank you for the much awaited update.</font>

<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Just when you anticipate a special romantic time in Goa we are faced with this.</font>

<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">How much evil and wickedness can Rashi inflict? She is destroying Gopi's innocence and warmth to love. She must pay for her evil doings.</font>

<font color="#0000ff" size="3" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Ahem will have to work very hard to change this. Hopefully it will not be an uphill battle.</font>

<font color="#0000ff" size="3">Looking forward to the next update.</font>

Rashi is still the villain but Aham is the knight...he will definitely make things better!
Yup will try to update soon!

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Originally posted by sbp1971 left me hanging. But let me say you are back with a bang. Please don't make us wait long for the next part. I was hoping you would continue this one, and I am so glad you did. It was a fabulous update. Thank you so much(PartyDancingyou are back, and I am so happy)Big smile

Omg shilpa!!! I missed you so much...just read your fic which ended and i loved it!!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Love you for it!

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