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Happy Birthday Archana/Jess!!! We Love you (Page 2)

Ritu.V IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Dear Archana ( Jess)

PartyWishing you a very very Happy Birthday ...Party

" Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!"

May all your sweet dreams come true.

God Bless You

Loads of Love


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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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LOLYayyyyeeeeeee its jess di's birthday....Di? all must be wondering ki Di kyun? kyun she is my di...jess Age boldu kya? LOL Ohkay I just forgot her name is Archana right? Archi as they call her.She reminds 
me of Archana of Pavitra Rishta who cries non stop but Archi DI isnt a cry baby at all. She can make you cry though if she so wants...LOL.

Archana shares bday with my mom...So this day is super special for me.Cause on this day I get to
celebrate and make two very special people in my life feel special. Archana is actually like a mom to
many young talented girls on the forum and loves them so dearly that its heart wrenching to see her relationships with them. From pinging me on Gmail and continuously talking about her online daughters to entirely forgetting I am an entity too( taana maroing tumkoLOL) to getting emotional when I dont comment on her VMs( yeah yeah I know what that I UNDERSTAND LINE means LOL) to putting me on right place when I unnecessarily criticise her..she is a ROCKSTAR and a PURE HEART..LOL

Exremely emotioal but an extremely caring woman with a heart of the size of Lalu prasad's Granary (political Joke samjhi?Wink) She is a wonderful person, very talented and a tigress ready to protect and fight all those she loves...I am very very proud to know her as a person and wish her happiness, sucess and love in gallons even more than greedy Amrika wants from Oil producing country(another faltoo political joke LOL) and good wishes to carry you forward in life...Big smile Big smile Big smile

Some politically incorrect questions to the lady in HOT seat...Cool

1) Samrat ke expressions or Chashmish ke gyaan? (for reporters please note am talking of fictional characters and not actors ..phewwwww kitna hardwork karna parta haiLOL)
2)Me Or Divya?(honestly bolnaLOL)
3)Shahid or Hrithik?Embarrassed
4)Leonardo or Brad Pitt?Embarrassed
5)Best track of MJHT?
6)Best character of MJHT?
7)What will you do if you won 10000 dollars in a lottery?
8)What is the most romantic thing your hubby has done for your birthday?Blushing
9) Rate me in Chaska Meter..
10) who do you dislike most in the forum?
11) who do u respect most in the forum?
12)Whom would u choose- Mayank or Maan?
13)SGP or Geet?
14)Money or Love?
15)India or U.S.A?
16)Who has the best sense of humor in the forum?
17) Your views about reporters and photographers...(samjahdar ko ishara hi kaafi haiLOL)
18)Some tips about loosing weight so that I can look as HOT as you... Embarrassed
19)dance or music? mention genre?
20) describe your emotions right now...Big smile


Gift no 1...

A Mayur VM on Raat kali ek khwaab Me Aai.....I had wanted to make it but couldnt so Swai made it for me....All praise goes to me for asking her to make it and all criticisms to her for making is the link....

Gift no.2....

An O.S written by Genius RinkyLOL...Here it goes....

Nupur opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock. It showed 6 a.m, an hour earlier to 7 when she was supposed to get up.She was super excited
and barely slept at night. Today was her sons' performance in school.How could the rockstar mom forget that and how the hell could she sleep?

She looked at the people lying next to her and smiled. Her do anmol Ratan were lying side by side, her five yr old sons- Amit and Abhi the short form
of Amitabh and Abhishekh and their exceedingly handsome father on the other side of the bed. Yesterday night they had wanted to share their parents bed 
otherwise they were getting trained in sleeping alone. Hayyyeee she thought....mere do bete dono hi ma pe gaye hai. No she thought chhota beta papa pe zyada
gaya hai. Her elder son Amit was more like her.Boisterous, talkative, mischevious, attention seeker- absoloutely adores movies. Abhi was more soft,shy,calm
 and studious.Both of them absoloutely adore their mother- The super star Nupur and are referred to as 'mummy ke body gaurds' by their father. It wasnt long
 ago when they both stood up to ther father when he scolded her for not studying hard enough. She remembered she had her final exams in a months time,
 gosh MBA...Her husband had brainwashed her into
doing it.She decided she would concetrate on her theatre reherasels more after her exams. Bahut Padh Liya.
She got up and went for her bath. She had to do pooja today morning for the success of her sons..................................................................................................................

Mayank opened his eyes. The alarm clock said 7 A.M. He wondered why Nupur needed to wake up so early, it was Sunday and they could easily put in a few more 
hours of sleep.Then he remembered...Oh the infamous play...for which Nupur had done more rehearsels with her sons than the entire cast put together.He smiled ....
Nupur nahi badlegi..He lay quietly,he waited for her to come and switch off the alarm..
She enetered...her hair all wet and towel half way wrapped across her hair. She wore a simple cream salwar and a small bindi on her forehead, her churiya 
clanked as she switched off the clock and pulled the curtains aside. The room became brighter and so did she...Mayank looked at her through half closed eyes 
and sighed. She looked heavenly. In her simple attire, wet hair and morning sun rays playing on her skin. Her skin looked golden in the sun rays and she 
presented an extremely beautiful and ethereal panorama to his eyes. That half smile on her lips, the water droplets on her forhead,her slowly 
drying her hair combined with the perfume of the sandalwood soap she used- lovely he thought. If there was anything he looked forward to among a hefty 
schedule in office it was these small moments of happiness which his family provided....

Mayank finally got up and went behind her...before she could turn he hugged her from the back.
N- Chhodo mujhey pooja karne jana hai...
M- pati ki pooja hi patni ka dharm hota hai..
N- mummy jaag gayii hai, pooja ka saaman nikaal rahi hai...cchhodo na mayank...
M- Lo chhod diya...jao pooja karo..tumhe dekhke lagta hai pehli baar kisike bete ne school play me participate kiya hai...
N- By god mayank...tum bhi na...har baat pe tana maartey ho..
M- apne biwiko tana nahi marunga toh kise marunga....

Nupur finalaly detaches herself from Mayank's arms, emerges from the room and goes the hall where her mother in law was prepapring for the pooja.
Nupur looked at her...Shilpa Sharma..who was more a mother to her than her sasuma. She had nothing in her like other mom in laws.Extremely caring, 
chilled out person.She provided the guidance and love every family desires from an elder. Mayank and Nupur had finally been able to convince her to 
stay with them two years back and life had been more fullsome since then....

S-Nupur meine saarey cheesein ikathha kar diye bass kuch aur....
N- aap chup chaap baithiye aur chai pijiye...mein kar loongi sab....
S- nahi beta tum akele kyun?meine bhi....
N-By god mummy mein kar loongi na...
S- par Nu...

Mayank then emerges from the bathroom and says...Ma,karne do na..thoda pooja paath kar legi toh exams me pass honey ke chances jyada hai...padhai
toh kuchh nai kiya isne..

N looks at Shilpa aunty and says...Phir se tana mara mujhey...poora din mere peechey laga rehta hai...

S- mayank apna kaam karo jao...

N- haha jao..chai banao...mummy aur apne liye....meine upwaas rakha hai...and beams at them both...

M- waah upwaas bhi rakh liya? mata ka jaagraan karana hai? ya keertan? 

N- tum jaogey ki nahi?

Finally the duo wake up and have their breakfast while the pooja gets completed by their mother.They feel quite special when their mom does their arti and 
puts teeka on their forehead and also feeds them their favourite laddu ka prashaad....They notice that their father adds a little too much of sindoor 
on their mom's forehead when she goes with the thali to him, they wonder why their father scolds and also behaves in a naughty manner with their mom. 
Pulling her aachal, messing up her hair,tweeaking her nose, wasnt it for children to do? they were suprised why older people did those things to each other 
and their mother smiling shyly and hitting him lightly not as if she meant it...Abhi and Amit looked at each other and thought they would have to find out. 
Abhi being more of the thinker had the responsibility of thinking while Amit had responsibility of getting clues!!!!!!!

Finally the morning gave way to afternoon when the sons were to be dropped to their schools few hours in advance for makeup and final rehearsel.Mayank took 
out his car to drop his sons to their school.Specifically not allowing Nupur to come and ordering her to an afternoon Nap(which he phrased as the beauty 
sleep of the proud mother) cause he was afraid she was too excited and hadnt sleapt through the night....

Mayank put his two sons in the back seat while he drove through the smooth sunday traffic.He noticed in the car mirror that his sons were in deep 

He asked- Kya hua..kya baat kar rahe ho tum dono?
abhi quickly replied-kuchh nahi papa...
mayank then looked at his elder son and asked...kya hai beta tum bolo..
amit looked at his brother for once who gestured with his finger to maintain silence and then at his father..Though more agressive of them both Amit was more
gullible and yielded more to soft talks. The best way to convince Amit into doing something was use loving words and he would do it.Rebukes generally triggered 
the fighter spirit in him..

Amit said- papa aap mummy ko itna satatey kyun hai?
Mayank said- kya??ohhhh...achhhaaa..padhai ke lie danta isliye? agar koi padhai na karey usey toh dnatna hi hoga...
par iska yeh matlab nahi ki tum bhi dnato sirf barey hi dnat saktey hai....
Amit- kyun?
M- kyunki woh barey hai..unme jyada samajh hoti hai..
Abhi- par aap toh mummy ko bachho ke tarah satatey hai...subah ko uthke unka haath kheechtey hai..jab woh lipistick lagati toh usey agey peechey kar deey
hai..naak pe ungli se maartey hai aur gudgudee bhi kartey hai...woh kyun? he asked very somberly...
Mayank felt like turning the car around, go back home and ask his mom and wife to answer the question..he wondered when did they notice all this?
werent they just too young? werent they just half a decade old and just a few feet in height? he clearly remembered changing their nappy.....

Mayank clears his throat and says...hmmm baro ka ek game hai..sirf barey hi kheltey hai...
Amit- Toh aap yeh game daadi aur doosre baro se kyun nahi khletey..
mayank was going to tell somethig when abhi replies to his brother...arey mummy papa ki patni hai..papa ne us din mummy sekaha na-pati ka patni par haq banta hai...
amit nods his head judiciuosly when abhi asks- iska matlab kya hota hai papa?
Mayank tries to explain haq and why pati can act in a certain way with patni...
He was always so proud of his younger son for his intelligence and likeness towards him but it seems he has surpassed his levels of expectation........ 

Mayank come back home and sees Nupur fidgeting around the room. So she didnt sleep..Mayank thought. Nupur was taking out sarees one by one and trying them
in front of the mirror.He said- tumne kal hi Red saree pehenne ka decission liya tha na. ab kya ho gaya?
N replies with a very serious face..Aaj subah ko meine newspaper me padha hai ki aaj ke liye red unlucky hai..aur blue and yellow sab se lucky..
M sees blue and yellow sarees strewed on the bed...
N- Par problem yeh hai ki woh saree nae dhule nahi hai.. unhey iron bhi karna hoga...soch rahi hoon salwar pehen loon...and she shows him a yellow salwar..
M comes close to her,cups her face and looks into her eyes...Nupur amit aur abhi ke liye humarey dil me jo pyaar hai wohi unko har bad luck se bachaye ga.
red yellow blue isse koi fark nahi parta....
N looks down and finally picks up her red saree...Theek hai...yehi pehen leti hoon...waise bhi yeh meri favourite saree hai...and looks meaningfullyat mayank.
M- oh yeh wohi hai jo meine tumko 5th anniversary me diya tha?
N blushes and says...Aur tumney yeh bhi kaha tha ki mein isme nayi dulhan ke tarah dikhti hoon...
M- raises her chin up and says...woh toh tum ab bhi lagti ho Mrs sharma and hugs her tight...
N- by god Mayank kabhi bhi shuru ho jatey ho...mujhey taiyar hona hai...nahi toh late ho jayengey
M-Itnee jaldi abhi bhi 2 ghanta baaki hai...
N-tumharey jaise mein sab kuchh tez nahi karti...
M- Tez se yaad aya, tuharey bete mujhey aaj pooch rahe they ki mein tumko chkherta kyun hoo?
N- sach???? unhone notice kab kiya?
M-tuhmharey bete hai sab notice kartey hai...
N-aur tumne kya jawaab diya?
M- yehi ki mein tumharey mummy se be inteha pyaar karta hoon aur yeh pati patni ka game hai...unhone yeh bhi bola ki jab mein tumhey chhere ta toh tum mujhe dnatti
kyun nahi?
N- tumne kya bola phir?
M holding her even tighter....Ki tumhari mummy mujhey mujhse bhi zyada yaar karti hai....
Nupur gives a deep blush.....


Finally Nupur Mayank and Shilpa Aunty were seated in front rows of the auditorium.The show was supposed to start half an hour earlier but it was delayed.
Nupur was gettng really fidgety and was relaying to shilpa sharma for the nth no of time how the functions started on time in her moreyna school.mayank was 
trying to solve a problem of his team on phone,it seemed they would never leave him alone. When he disconnected the call she snatched the cell away from 
his hand and switched it off adding..concert khatam honey tak isko haath bhi lagaya toh.....meri sautan ban gayi hai yeh...

The concert starts with the speech of the principal who welcomes the parents and congratulates them in having such talented children...there is a huge round of
appluase with Nupur almost jumping out her seat when her sons get mentioned in participants list.After speech and half n hour of music recital by nursery 1 finally
the play by nursery 2 iss announced..Ramayan they announced..the portion where ram rescues Sita from Ravan's captivity with lakshman, hanuman and banar sena's help.

The play starts-the stage is decorated like a forest.A really strong and tall boy was dressed as Ravan, poor boy had a tough time with 10 heads..A sweet girl 
plAyed sita and another girl played hanuman and looked very embarassed with the tail.Amit stood majestically like a warrior in his saffron costume as Ram and abhi 
stood shyly like a subservient docile younger brother-lakshman...The play starts and almost everything goes well except that Sita looks least frightened of
 ravan, hanuman jumps at the wrong moments and Ravan mixes up his dialogues but Amit and Abhi play their role brilliantly till the calamity stuck..
Amit while making a jump at ravan tripped on his dhoti which was loosely tied around his waist and thus the dhoti fell apart !!!
Amit stood shell shocked in a small shorts while his co actors giggled, especially the girl who played Sita. Amit's eyes welled with tears 
while the viewers watched in silence and he was about to burst into tears when Abhi put his hand on his brother's shoulder.Amit looked at
his sagacious younger brother who was till now  overshadowed by his elder brother. Abhi helped wiped his brother's tears and amit continued his speech 
and the show inthe red printed shorts as if nothing was the matter. It was the first time anyone had seen such a fantastic Ram in shorts...
when the play ended the appluase was deafening.

Mayank Looked at Nupur to find her wiping tears and he gave her a comforting side hug to say...tumharey betey hai..koi shere se kamm nahi....

The concert finally got over and the sharmas went into the green room to congratulate the stars of the day. They were stunned to find Amit in principal's 
lap munching a chocolate. Abhi too sat in a stool nearby enjoying the chocolate and compliments coyly.Nupur was so proud she could
almost dance while a happy saisfied proud expression lingered on Mayank's face.On their way out Mayank Nupur Abhi and Amit were stopped by the Soodh family...

Mr Soodh to Mayank- barey change bachey hai aapke..
Mrs soodh to Nupur- Aapka bare betey ko toh actor banna chahiye..kya naam hai inka?
Nupur prods amit- Amitabh Sharma...
aur inka? pointing at abhi....Abhi replies- Abhishek Sharma
Mrs Soodh-Waah bara filmy family hai...
mayank- meri wife khud hi itnii filmy hai....bachhey toh filmy honey hi the...
Nupur gives a warning glance to Mayank...
Mrs soodh looks at Shilpa Sharma and says...aapke potey mujhey barey pasand aaye ji...ab tak toh mera ek hi beta hai...
par waye guru chahey aur mujhey do betii ho toh aapke poton ke saath shaadi jaroor karana hai...she adds with a laugh..
All of them break into laughter with amit and abhi shyly smiling...Mayank wondered how they knew they had to blush at the mention of marriage...
While the couple fawned over Amit and Abhi mayank told Nupur...waahhhh mrs sharma aapke beton ke liye toh abhi se rishtey aa rahe hai...
Nupur adds with a haughty air- Ana hi hai...saas kaun hai dekhna toh pareyga...

The family finally goes back home.All the way Shilpa Sharma is bombarded with stories of their exploits by the two child heroes...At night when they are finally
put to bed the three adults sigh and realise how much happiness has been broght to their lives by the two bundles of joy....they all retire for the night.

Hope you liked it...Nahi bhi laga toh bhi kuchh nahi kar sakti....LOL

Gift NO 3.....

Siggies made by  Miss_Universe(Anna)

Hope you liked all we did...I will come back with some more...Till enjoy the attention babes...Big smile

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petticoat IF-Stunnerz

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Aww Man!

I nearly ended up openign a new topic for you Jess! I couldnt find your birthday post

Archana ho ya Jess ho! Happy birthday!

WIth every passing year may you bloom like a beautiful flower and spread joy and cheerfulness all around you(I made that up and the blame is solely on me if it sounds too tacky)

May your birthday bring your more blessings on all fronts! May you win a jackpot! LOL!

Everyday is your day but today is a little more special when you get to be the queen! enjoy the throne milady and may all your wishes come true!

I dont know when exactly I met you. I guess somewhere in the paradise(Uggh the whole Bubblypies was a joke which is now embarassing me). We might have had ups and downs in our e-relationships but it is always important to remmeber the love and the nicer parts of our virtual friendships!

Thanks for being so loving and forthcoming!

and Rock On!

I might write an essay later.. my apologies in advance

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a-little-hope IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG Caro... u here? in MJHT phoram for me??? To wish me? Aww...thank u dear... I really feel like a queen now.
Oh... I miss our fun days Caro! Woh bhi kya din the... when paradise was ruled by people like us.
Come back Caro with an essay... I'm really excited to see what you write... I know I'm gonna ROFL... looking forward to it )

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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I have unreserved a HUGE post....Shocked

cant believe it could be so long....LOL

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annie07 IF-Stunnerz

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ok icant call u nething else........and vaise bhi kisi mahapurush ne kaha hai......a rose with a diff. name would smell the same....LOL....

Wish u a very Happy Birthday!!!! Smile

May u have loads of LOWE..Wink, fun and happiness in the world......Big smile

We met, and bonded well.......the days spent in paradise and CC were some of the best days, discussing most weird stuff and debates over two people.
The pms exchanged added another feather to friendship, and with time we may drift apart........but the good memories will always be binding us together. Smile

You are a wonderful person with courage that few show in this world..and thats one thing i admire the most....i will not expand on that as u know whati m talking about, so would just say that even though MJHT ended, and we may move on with life and away from IF, u will always find me a mail or a ping away.

Have a great life ahead...........and be the same........

As for ur gift.......i updated my ff........for u a short while back......

and there will be more........when i get workplcae has too many

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a-little-hope IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG Rinky, what was that???? ROFL Khallas B'day wish Matey!!! I loved it... OMG.. n you wrote an OS for me? OMG.. I can't believe it... thank u dear... chal.. aaj meri B'day ki reason se tumne OS toh likha. I was missing your writing madam.
Going back to reading the OS... bye... I'm slow... kya karu.. old age...ROFL
And my daughter is getting panic attack seeing your post...ROFL

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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finally u are here....i have been here for like ages...yaah that is huge I know......and which daughter got a heart attack? jaldi padh and tell me how it is..VM and siggy baad me appreciate kar lena...selfish selfish me.....also answer the questions fast....Big smile

I will go in some time.....bijee bee hoo na....LOL

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