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Hi guys
I'm NEHA and by now i have read like so many ff on arsh and ar so finally decided to start one ff finally.......
This ff was basically a OS written by SWANCY which i continued as a mini ff........

Part 1 is written by swancy and the rest OF THE PARTS is continued by me so for the part 1 and story line full credit goes to her.......

Like every ordinary day he stood in front of the same basketball court, like it was just yesterday he had watched his whole life pass by right in front of his eyes. His eyes scanned the basketball court, that's what he had been doing for the past 2 hours, standing there and watching the cloudless sky pass by. Had it been too long? Well he didn't care, his eyes she moved rapidly from one side to another.

"I guess we were never meant to be Ridhima" he softly whispered, his eyes holding onto the passion that surged through his body. "Maybe love was never in our destiny. Maybe yours was with someone else, and me-" he chuckled humorlessly. "And I with myself"

Armaan Malik, once he himself loved being in love. But right now all the thoughts about that had flew out of the window. His one love was lost, but never did he thought the day would come. Armaan watched in agony as time moved on, his eyes pained across the sky, glancing up and down. But then suddenly his eyes drifted off to another creature, well she was no creature, she was a goddess herself.

Armaan eyes naturally moved along the petit figure, he watched in amazement, as her soft dress swinged in the wind, she looked like an angel in white. Armaan watched in amusement, as the girl stumbled over her own feet, he looked down at her feet, watching the white heels clicked together making a soft rhythm matching his heartbeat. She slowly pushed her hair out of her face, her eyes nice and toned out, her lips shimmering like the golden sun itself. He felt like laughing at out loud, as he watched her agonize with her purse on one side and her hair from coming all over her face.

"Excuse me" armaan snapped up to see the golden girl faced, walking over towards her.

Her legs moved smoothly over one another, while armaan pressed his back on the coiled wired back of the basketball court. He looked up, his eyebrows looking questioningly, while she came quietly over to him.

"Are you like?-" she made a weird action with her hand, but she slowly bent down and whispered to her. "Homeless?"

Armaan eyes bulged out of his head, after so many days he had the urge to laugh, that this young petit woman could make him laugh at the most stupidest thing ever said.

He watched in dismay at the woman in front of him, who just stared at him waiting desperately for an answer. Armaan followed her little eyes, as they moved from one aspect of his face to another, she's probably thinking about why i look like a clown. Armaan thought quietly.

"I'm talking to you mister" the petit lady dropped her bag on the floor, her hands of her hips, looking as if she owned the place.

Armaan made no sign of changing his position, he just watched the white dress blow softly along her dress, showing her smooth creamed legs to armaan. He just smiled softly, but the pain visible on his face. He looked down at the Gucci bag sitting on the floor, he glanced back up at the petit lady.

"No Miss" armaan replied softly. "You should leave!" he exclaimed, leaving his head bowed to the

"Ohey!" the petit lady in front of armaan screeched, while armaan flinched at the loudness of her voice. "Do no tell me what to do Mister!"

Armaan glanced up, the urge to smirk was needed, but he kept himself put, he just looked at her in dismay, of something that didn't usually happen. He quivered his eyebrow up, waiting for her reaction. But then he himself was surprised when the young lady crouched down in front of him. His eyes didn't leave her for a second, her watched as she pushed the Gucci bag away from her reach and tugged her dress over her bottom and placed herself on the ground beside him.

"If you are homeless" the girl said, her eyes pushing out. "You can tell me, there's no need for shame" armaan rolled his eyes at the girl. "Don't you dare roll your eyes at me Mister!"

Armaan closed her eyes steamily, and pulled his lips back. While he heard the soft laughter of the angel beside him. In bemusement he reached up and saw her smiling down at him.

"I'm definitely not homeless Miss" Armaan said firmly, but loosing his touch of keep his smile attached. "I'm just in a mess"

"I can see that" She laughed softly. "But you do make a very good looking homeless dude" At the cue armaan's cheek flushed crimson. "It was nice meeting you homeless dude"

Armaan looked up ready to interrupt. "I meant un-homeless dude" Her laughter softened up the area.

"So your not homeless?" the girl said grinning from upwards. "You should tell me the truth. I don't like double standards" She looked down gravely from up.

Armaan smirked. "Yes mam, very much true"

"Then why are you here?" She asked, feeling a little curious. She then scanned the basketball court. "There's nothing interesting here"

Armaan's eyes saddened softly, his eyes started to glare it's way around, his throat felt pulled off, his words stuck in his throat. "This place holds more memories than one can ever compare to"

He placed his head into his palms, hoping that the girl would go away, so he could cry his heart out, that his love was gone, that he was all alone in this world, that there was no one in this world that could love him the way she did. How could he move on? When his heart had already been hers? How was he able to say that it was okay? That moving on was the right this to do, though going against her decision would just bring up more questions.

Armaan jerked up, as he felt a cold hand place on this shoulder, his eyes slowly moved up to see the same creature standing in front of him, her bag around her shoulder, her eyes looking at his worriedly.

"If it holds you memories than it's good. But if the memories makes you hurt, than it's time to move on" Her words were swift, clear and totally accurate.

She smiled warmly at him, while she pulled her hand back. Suddenly armaan felt lost, those few seconds that she had his hand on him, he thought that he would have found someone who cared, but now it seemed silly to think about.

"Was she pretty?" Armaan's eyes snapped up, while the young girl grinned at him. "Come on Homeless, tell me"

Armaan shook his head at the silly girl in front of him, her eyes looking at him filled with excitement. "Very" He muttered before he had a chance to speak.

"Prettier than me homeless?" She looked almost angry, but the cheeky grin didn't go off, it still stood there mocking him.

Armaan grinned, he felt a little relived. He looked at the young girl, he turn his head to the left and then the left. "Give me a twirl" the girl laughed at turned.

"I think its draw"

Armaan didn't move his eyes from the unknown creature in front of him, when he said that it was a draw, he actually meant it. Of course it didn't mean that he forgot his 2 year of love, though this girl in front of him was just very divine, in her very own way.

"Yo homeless!" he looked up at her very confused face. "Why do you always go off in your own la la land"

Armaan tched. "My land is definitely only called la la" he said back playfully, the smile finally reaching his eyes.

"Oooo, Do you have another name for your land?" the girl asked sarcastically, which appeared clearly in her voice. "My land is called 'Twinkle Town'"

The laughter erupted from armaan's mouth, he grabbed onto the floor for support, while he actually felt like this stomach was going to give out on him, but the sweet ring of her laughter emerged into his own.

"Twinkle Town?" Armaan asked, while coming down from his laughter. "How old are you? 4?"

"24" she answered back with her eyes rolling in dismay. "And for your kind information-" she said with her hands of her hips. "- Being a child once in a while is good for your health"

She turned around angrily, leaving armaan gazing at her. While she moved towards the end of the court.

"Wait!" armaan called out, as he stood up, but then slugged down again. "Stay" he murmured softly, like he was giving out his biggest weakness.

The Girl smiled, her lips curling around the sides, while she started to walk back, dropping her bag on the floor, slowly she started to make her way towards the other end of the court. Armaan watched her every move, taking in ever sync of her body, he smiled, thinking about how ridhima was, how she was so different to this girl in front of him.

Armaan gawked at her, as she bent down to take the basketball in her hand, slowly she started to walk to the middle of the court. Bending just a bit, she threw the ball in the air.

"Dang!" she cursed under her breath, as the ball hit the side of the basket and fell off. "I hate basketball, i'm terrible at it"

Armaan stared in terror, how this girl was nothing compared to ridhima. "You can't play basketball?" he asked putting his hands on the back of his head.

"No" she muttered angrily under her breath. "I'm sure 'your' girl could"

Armaan smirked. "Yes, she could play basketball, and that too very well" he said, his eyes dreamily tuning everything out, just so he could picture his basket again, just once.

"I'm sure she's amazing" Armaan looked up once again, to see the girl looking at him from the middle of the court. "I'm giving this another go" she ran towards the ball and picked it up, very cautiously she dipped the ball up in the air.

Armaan noticed how the ball picked up the pace and hot the far end of the net. He smiled at how terrible she was at basketball, that she didn't know that first thing about it. She cursed again under her breath, her words were definitely prude, and they weren't PG13 either.

"Homeless I hate this game" She announced. "It's horrible" but then again she picked up the ball.

Armaan slowly got up, and started to walk to the figure who was facing away from him, casually he tried to keep his movements steady as he reached the young girl, though she didn't notice that he was there. Armaan put his arms around her and pulled her body in flesh with his. He heard a intake, but then could see her small smirk, she was definitely cheeky.

"Listen okay" Armaan whispered huskily in her ear, he couldn't even sum up how his voice change in minutes. "Bend your knees" he muttered softly, as he watched he bend down. "That's too much, a bit up" Armaan's voice croaked, but the smiled at how she followed his instructions.

"Ready?" Armaan saw her nodding. "Curl your fingers around the ball" he watched as she gripped the ball. "Not too tight, otherwise it won't leave your hand" he chuckled while she breathed out. "Now lift your arms up, and throw gently" Armaan, using her elbows lifted her arms to a certain degree, and watched at how she threw the ball and into the basket.

"OH MY GOD" she screeched as the ball flew in the basketball. "I actually got it in!" Armaan smirked at her, as she jumped up and down, her arms in the air doing a small dance.

"You did it" Armaan whispered softly, while he felt the sadness occurring again.

She shook her head, and turned around. She placed her hands on his shoulders. "But you Mister Homeless, help me" putting a hand on her heart she said.

She smiled at him. Her heart filled up with extra pride. Armaan smiled genuinely from his heart, armaan watched while the young girl smiled at him warmly. She laughed softly, picking up the ball once again in his hand, she bounced the ball from one hand to another, and slowly lifted it up and started to throw it up.

"I can't do it" She mumbled, armaan looked at her wonderessly. "I can't do it by myself"

Armaan shook his head feeling a little stupid himself. "Yes you can" He nodded his head. "All you have to do is bent your knees and lift your elbows high and throw casually"

"All you have to do is bent your knees and blah blah blah" She mimicked him in a very high pitched voice.

She turned around to give him evils. "Easy for you too say Homeless"

"I am NOT homeless" Armaan snitched through his teeth. "I have a very beautiful home, actually"

She turned around and put her hand on her hips. Her legs tapping the floor, and her eyes sending daggers to him. "Did 'I' say that you have no home?" She started off as armaan was about to interrupt. "Did 'I' say it wasn't beautiful?" her eyes got smaller sending him small evils.

"You were implying it"

"Implying shmplying" She said waving her hand up in the air. "Now, tell me if i do this right"

Armaan's eyes concentrated on the figure in front of him again, he watched as she slowly flexed her fingers on the ball and slowly lifted it up and then shoot it was in the basket.

"Score and match" She grinned from ear to ear. "God after 24 years. I've found VICTORY" she screamed, while she ran around the basketball court like a child screaming around.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSS" armaan laughed at the girl as she started to make a small dance. "You did not see that" She said defensively, while armaan just smiled at her childishness.

Armaan didn't move nor did she. He just kept his eyes on the innocent girl in front of him. She was so different from the way she appeared to be, her deep eyes bored into his own, though her style was much different to innocence. Armaan, however didn't think of anything else except from the way she was looking at him, moreover the fact that he didn't want to take his eyes of her was just more disturbing to him then her.

"I should leave now" She muttered softly, probably turning a little self conscious about herself.

Armaan's eyes wondered off to watch her pick her bag up from the floor and dart of to the side of the court.

"It was nice meeting you homeless" Her smile warmed his heart up, but armaan didn't want to let her go, well not yet. "I shall always remember you, from my heart." she said dramatically. "Our hearts will go on and on" Armaan chuckled at her while she giggled along.

She slowly started to walk towards the end of the court, and from nowhere armaan felt like he was losing something, something he should treasure. Friendship was the key word, this young girl had finally brought a smile on her face that no actual person could, and only a friend could do such a thing, and that proved more to him then any other.

"Do you have to go?" armaan called out from the back. "You could accompany me for a while longer" he hoped from his dear heart, but seeing her stop really made him feel like there was a chance.

She turned around on her heels, the wind blowing howlessly through the court, but that fact never crossed their minds. The girl smiled and started to walk towards armaan, the many times that day.

"Do 'You' want me to stay homeless?" her words punchered into his hard. "Only if you want, i'll stay" her grin widened at the words that came form her own mouth.

Armaan smirked at her cunningness. "Yes miss, i would love it for you to stay" they both fell into a tender laughter, though not far away from the topic.

"You make an amazing companion"

"So I've been told" armaan muttered, as he slowly leaned back on the caged net and sat down. Armaan patted the side of the ground for her to have a seat onto.

She shook her head and put her bag down again and started to sit down. "So-" she started off with a smile. "- Do you do this often?"

"Do what?" armaan said confused.

She waved her hand round the court and then a signal between them two. "You know act being homeless just to catch a girl"

Armaan laughed at her weirdness, while she smiled sheepishly. "Do i look that desperate?" he laughed again as she joined in.

"Na" she said out loud. "I do think you'll be able to catch any girl out there, especially with those eyes" She said the last bit softly.

Armaan grinned. "You like my eyes?" she nodded her head in embarrassment. "Out of all the things you could like about be, you pick my eyes?" He asked in disbelief.

She just twisted her head around and gave her head a tilt and smiled. "Your eyes, they hold more emotions then your words" her words truthful to his heart. "I've never seen someone's words been spoken so thoroughly through their eyes, the fact that your eyes speak volumes to others, they mesmerize people"

"I mesmerize people?" Armaan asked cheekily.

She gaped at him. "Out of all the beautiful things i said, that was the only thing you heard!" she accused him, while she just sat there with a cocky grin on his face.

Armaan didn't know what to say next, all that was there was the fact that they both sat beside each other in utter silence.

"You don't talk much" She whispered grinning.

Armaan grinned along with her. "I don't talk much that's why," he said softly "I lost the speech to speak a long time ago"

Armaan felt her nudge him. "You can talk to me, you know?" the girl said to him confidently. "I don't mind"

Armaan laughed softly and slowly touched her hand, which was placed on the front of her white dress, though armaan slowly started tracing small patterns on her skin.

"Do you know how it feels to lose someone you love?" Armaan asked, though his eyes didn't move away from her hand.

"Yes" he heard her whisper. "Everyone has to leave one day or another"

He shook his head, while his started tracing her thump softly, caressing his finger with her thumb. "Not gone, but their with you in your life but not with you in your heart?" Armaan said unsure of it himself.

"Homeless" She whispered. "Love is something we have to earn, it like trust, we have to gain in, we don't buy it or share it, we have to earn someone's love too" her words quiet but stern. "A lot of people have lost their loved ones to God, because he treasures them up there" she pointed to the sky.

"And then there are those who you love so deeply that you hate to watch them leave, that even when you try to forget them from your head you can succeed, but when it comes to pull them away from your heart then it pains one to just think about it" Her voice croaked, when armaan slowly traced her finger nail, caressing it softly within his fingers.

"Have you felt that before?"

She laughed, her voice like bells on chimes. "Every time any of my boyfriends have up with the line 'We have to move on'" she laughed again, while armaan smiled at her words.

"That's exactly what she said to me"

Armaan looked up to see her curious gaze. "It should feel very odd for me to tell this to someone i don't actually know, but then there's you" he breathed in heavily. "Who i just feel like pouring my heart out to"

He buried his face into his palms. "It's called friendship" she said, her eyes glittering in delight. "Love doesn't always have to be physical, it doesn't always have to be sensual, it can just be two people sharing their thoughts to one another" She said truthfully, while armaan just gazed at her. "Love is something we make from one another not something we take from another"

"We gain some, we lose some" Armaan muttered smiling at the flashback of his own Minnie saying that once. "A very close friend once told me that"

"Exactly" She muttered back. "They say na, for every bad thing there's a lot more good hiding just around the corner"

He nodded, but then slowly went forward and interlocked his fingers with her own, the feel on friendship ness, wholeness, and neediness was fulfilled in just one moment.

"Thank You" he murmured, running his thumb across her palm, he looked up to see her angelic face smiling down at him. "You were the only one that made me feel so....-"

"Full" she completed with a smile. "I could say the same back homeless"

Armaan shook his head, laughing, chuckling from his soul. "I assure you i have a home"

"How should i believe this?" She asked back cheekily, her smirk not leaving her face.

Armaan thought for a while. "If we ever meet again, then i'm taking you out for dinner and then to my house"

"Are you asking me out homeless?" She said in gasp, her voice filled with sarcasm.

He smirked and nodded. "As friends, if you like?"

"I would love that" She murmured, as she slowly stood up, taking her bag along with her. "And now it's time for me to go"

"Stay" his voice now firmed. "Please don't leave me" His voice pained. "You can't"

But she didn't stop; she slowly smiled at him and began to leave the court. While armaan followed her, his legs moving as fast as he could.

"Please" Armaan gabbed onto her hand, but she made no move, she just smiled at him for that one last time.

"It was nice meeting you homeless" She said warningly. "But i think it's the last" armaan's heart pained with her words, and slowly her hand was off his hand, and within seconds she went running out of the court.

"I'll miss you homeless" She shouted as she ran into the main street, while armaan tried to follow her moving figure but slowly and utterly motionless her figure was out of his sight.

Armaan's eyes looked pained, his heart felt like it was broken open, he lost his only friend in less then a few hours of meeting her, he slowly opened his fist which was red in anger, and there sat a beautiful silver bracelet. He pulled it up slowly and looked at the charms laying on it and in the middle a beautiful S stood there.



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People are too often attached to the past, to what they are familiar with, and therefore miss opportunities that stand right in front of them. Doors may close, but there are always unlimited numbers of doors ' new opportunities.

Sid and Riddhima had moved to Houston. And had truly given a chance to their marriage. Sid's caring nature and his love for riddhima had made her realize the true importance of him and now they were a happily married couple.

But for Armaan destiny had a different plan. He was living his life just for the sake of it. He life still revolved around his basket (who was no more his ). He was happy to know that she is happy.

Back to present in Sanjeevni

Armaan had been the disciplinary incharge since 3 months and he was doing his job perfectly. Armaan comes, gives duties, does his duty ,goes and never talks to anyone.
It was bright sunny morning when everyone came for duties, Armaan got a letter. He announced that another senior doctor Dr. Shilpa Malhotra from Sanjeevni Delhi is going to join Sanjeevni Mumbai tomorrow.
Next morning the gang was in the locker room n was talking abt the doctor who is coming for this case n busy on discussing different stuff as there was still time to report on duty when their pagers buzzed n they moved towards the nurse station. Dr. Keerti n Dr. Shubhankar were already there waiting for the doctors to join them. Seeing them all coming n summoned at the nurse station she addressed them.

Dr. Keerti: Good Morning Doctors so jaisa ke aap sab ko pata hai aaj humein ek naye doctors join kar hain so I want all of u to show ur best aur aapki koi bhi personal problem ya kuch aur koi bhi problem mujhe kisi baat ki complain nahin milne chahiye n I want all of u to help her and if they need u to assist them or any other matter do cooperate with her.

Here Dr. Keerti along with Dr. Armaan was busy briefing them were on the other side we see a black Mercedes entering hospital premises n stopped in front of the gate n a girl stepped out from the car.

She was clad in a beautiful black dress with a beautiful bracelet with 'S' in right hand with simple yet attractive earing's and a simple diamond pendant around her neck, her hair jet black n open n her beautiful green eyes were tinkling with happiness n a sweet smile was playing on her lips as she was taking steps towards nurse station doctors n ward boys were in awe seeing such a beauty in front of their eyes many froze on their spot n many looking towards her bumped with each other n fell down but she just smiled towards them n resume to her way. As she reaches near nurse station she saw Dr. Keerti briefing doctor's n all were listening carefully, so she in her sweet voice wished them.

"Good Morning everyone" as they heard the voice they moved back to see who is this male staff were in awe seeing such a beauty in front of their eyes where as the gals felt jealous seeing their men looking at her in such way.
Whereas , our hero was shocked seeing her .
Ar: Bracelet ?
Dr. Keerti: Good Morning n welcome Dr. Shilpa (yes guys u got it right it's our Shilpa).Doctors she is Dr.Shilpa

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