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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 69)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by moonlight44

awesome update dear

thanks dear

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rajjy-tj

Waiting 4 the upd. Update soon

I'll update to night.
Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 5:31am | IP Logged
will be post within 2 hours
Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Next Part:-

Maan came back and sit in the sofa and geet came out after washing herself and only wearing his shirt and her slender legs upto thigh totally visible.

Maan who is placing breakfast , stop there and  roaming his eyes on  there. Geet feel shy and grab the bedsheet and try to cover but maan is quick and pull it and take her in his lap and said abhi saram arehi ahin mujhse.Geet shied and hide her face in his neck.Maan hand roaming on her thigh and geet said pls maan, pls.

Maan smiles and said breakfast karlo.

Geet try to get up but maan :- no from here.

Geet :- but,I.

Maan:- chalo khalo.

Geet smiles and eat her breakfast and feed maan also.

Geet:- tumne phone kya , dadi ko, oh kaise hain?

Maan:- ha kyat ha, tab bahar gaye the, tum complete karlo then karta hoon phir se, pari told me dadi ma is fine.


Maan:- kya hua?

Geet:-hum wapas kab ja rehe hain?

Maan:- itna jaldi kya hain?

Geet turn and her both leg on each side and she looks at maan and said I don't have any cloths. Just one saree and another one which is gifted by u but u torn it totally.

Maan naughtily smiles who told u wear anything, it's our mini honeymoon honey and we don't need too much cloths.

Geet slapped her shoulder and said u r going to naughty day by day.

Maan pull her by her waist and said kya karu, sab aapka kasur hain. now talk with dadi, after u, it's my turn , remember.

Geet nodded and try to get up but maan hold her and said talk from here. Geet feared about maan naughtiness. He just holds her waist and nothing, Geet relief and talk with dadi ma and then Priya,

Here Priya is teasing her for small honeymoon. Geet blushed and maan noticed it, he want to touch her smooth cheeks which r red due to shyness. After this geet gave phone to maan and said now talk to dadi.

Maan is giving little pecks on her lips and then talk to dadi but tightly hold geet.

After their chatting maan look at geet who is sleeping again and rest her head on his chest. Maan held her tightly. He kissed her forehead. Geet slightly stir and said hmmm.

Maan smiled and held her and placed his leg in the front table. After one hour geet wake up and find herself in her husband's lap. Maan who is closing his eyes. Geet traced her finger on his forehead to eyes to cheek to his mustache to trim beard to jaw to lips. She rubbed his lips slowly and then close to him and want to kiss but just pinch his cheeks and try to get up when maan hold her waist and said so Mrs. khurana y r u incomplete ur work.

Geet's eye wide and said shut up, and get up from his lap and said maan, I'm going to take shower and naughtily look at him.

Maan smiles and think so my geet bold also and he get up and followed her in washroom.            

After their shower geet asked him about lunch when maan assured her but she looks little down.

Maan who wearing his shirt and said what happen geet? Y r u looking pale and disturb?

Geet:- maan , I'm worried for pari .

Maan buttoning his shirt and said forget it.

Geet:- u r insensitive maan, she is young and have some feelings but she never crossed her limits.

Maan:- so, I know and understand but it's nothing like I can . Forget it, u don't know this girls, they wil go any extent.

Geet raised her voice a little; I'm also a women maan.

Maan turns and said yes, but different from others. Btw y we r talking about something irrelevant.

Geet: - it's not irrelevant, I'm just, ok, maan pls sit here,

Maan adamant and said no thanks, basically, I want to understand what r u trying to say that I'll go and marry pari or accept her childish love.

Geet smile to see her old maan and he make her sit in the bed and came for ward and make his wrapped well in her slender waist and said my dearest hubby jee, thora mere taraf dekhiye aur gussa kam kijiye and placed kissed on his forehead and then nose and said maan, look at me,I never told u like that ,I just worried about her worried behavior and u know how childish she is, I think we should inform her parents and they will take care of it.

Maan: - I don't care of any one, right now my only care for u and dadi ma,

Geet smiles and ruffles his hair and said u know one thing u r same.

Maan: - what ever and u take some rest, I'll arrange some woods.

Geet:- wait, first reduce ur anger level.

Maan snapped and said before that think logically and try to think about ourselves rather than others.

Maan leave the tent and geet said uff meine kya karu ,uff baba jee, help me.


After some time maan's phone ring and geet saw it. Geet pick it up and before say anything from other side said hello maan, kaha ho tum , tumhara bina mere dil nehi lagta. Tum kaha ho, aajao na, kaha gaye ho, kehe  the mujhe sath kyuon nehi le gaye,I miss u.muhhh but geet cut the call and fuming.

Just then maan enter the tent and said jaan,I forgot to take my cell, where it is?

Geet turned and throw the phone towards maan but he catch it and said geeet, what r u doing now? R u gone mad?

Geet looks angry and her eyes almost red due to anger and she pick a pillow and throw  it towards maan and maan bend then she goes pick a glass and throw it again maan bend and come close to geet and said what happen jaan?

Geet:- what happen ? tum sach meine jaanna chathe ho kya hua, aapne phone check karo, aapne aap pata chal jayega.

Maan looks confused and check his phone but found nothing and said it and another glass throw towards maan and maan again bend and said kya kar rehe ho?

Geet shouts sameera ka phone aaya tha and then mimic sameera, kaha ho tum? Mujhe chor ke kyuon chale gaye, jaldi aao na?ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I'll kill her.

Maan close his eyes and rubs his forehead and murmur uff this sameera and upar madam ka temper ,subha subha pari ka immature attraction ko defend kar rehe the now.pata hain sameera kaise hain, uff, agar phone karti hain toh mein kya karu?

Geet:- stop murmuring and said in loud.

Maan:- jaan, dekho kaun phone karti hain usse hum dono ko kya, hum dono toh jante hain na kaise hain oh sab phir,

Geet grab his collar and said I don't like it. Now u'll go outside and it's easy for her to…..

Maan placed the phone on table and pull her on his lap and now geet's both leg circle around his waist and maan sit in the sofa and said jaan, look at me,

Geet look at him and said kya?

Maan  caresses her face and said jaan, jitna chahe lerki , aaye koi tumhara maan ko koi tumse nehi le sakta, trust me jaan.

Geet :-I trust u maan but I just hate sameera and now more. I want to kill her.

Maan:- understand honey , any one can ur place will react like this , but honey,  may I ask u something?

Geet placed her head on his heart and said hmmm.

Maan:-  y r u throwing things on me?

Geet:-oh and try to get up but maan hold her tightly and said come ans me first.

Geet:-oh gussa agaya toh.

Maan:- gussa agaya aur oh bhi sameera pe meine samajh sakta hoon but mujh pe.

Geet:-oh baas aisi he and hugged him.

Maan:- agar mujhe lag jata toh.

Geet look at him and said laga toh nehi na.

Maan:- phir bhi, I should insure once again , as now days my wife's anger r beyond control and goes extreme every time.

Geet pull maan's hair and shout u r mean, u r bad from childhood  u r just love to tease me.

Maan:- aahhhh, geet it's paining.

Geet freed him and try to examine it when maan placed kiss on her throat and geet froze their and falls on  his lap and look at him and then maan slowly close the gap between them and take her lip and then take her in his arms and goes towards the bed and then take her their world .


At the evening, both cuddled and geet listen maan's heart beat when maan said jaan ,  so gaye kya?

Geet nuzzled her nose on the bare chest and said nehi, but I feeling hungry and for u we skipped our lunch.

Maan smiles and said but not me.

Geet playfully hit his chest and said badhmash.

Maan hugged her and said ok, jan , let's go then.


Here, after taking some lunch , both ready for some outing . maan wear, a blue jeans and black vest and geet wears maan's shirt and long skirt,

Maan:- I bought two new sets of cloths but still u wearing my shirt.

Geet pouted and said then removed it.

Maan roll his tongue inside the mouth and said yes sure but geet saw then naughty look and said don't tease me. I'll not remove it.

Maan :- ok, no problem ,I'll do it when time will come

Geet ignored and said y r u wearing only vest,

Maan:- here is no one, so no problem to wear it.

Geet ignored again and murmur something.

Maan smiles to see her.

 Both come  and watching nature then  boating and then enjoy  the nature  again and geet said it's such beautiful place and so much peace is here.

Maan: - do u like it?

Geet: - very much,

Maan: - then ok, every year we will come here.

Geet: - promised.

Maan: - promised.

Geet:- maan, thanks .

Maan :- thanks for what jaan.

Geet:- for giving me such nice surprise and, such nice family, , giving me love, respect and everything, I don't know how to explain it but I'm very happy but pls maan never leave me. I'm scared about ur anger.ur one time, u r nice but another time …….

Maan take her in his arms and said jaan,I cannot change in one day. But I'm changing for u but I'll never changed for others but don't worry I'll never show my anger on u and btw my temper is not like that the way u mentioned.

Geet smiles and  kissed his chest and said and for others.

Maan:- my life is revolve around u and dadi ma and others r not in that place but I never showed my anger that way or never snatch respect or hurt anyone's respect .

Geet:-I know jaan.

Both hugged and then maan asked kal hume  Chandigarh jana hoga ,, hum dono munshi jee ke baarein mein  pata kar lenge.agar tumhe problem na ho toh.

Geet:-mujhe koi prblme nehi hain .

Here, again maan's cell ring and flashed some unknown no.

Maan:- who is that?

Geet smirked and said sameera.

Maan irritated and shook his head and said this woman, hopeless.

Geet giggle and said I feel sad for her husband.

Maan rolled his eyes and said geet,

Geet:-ok baba , nehi kahungi, but socho , kaise patni mila hain. I think sameera needs some treatment.

Maan:- forget ,let's talk something else.


Precap:- geet and munshi jee face to face.


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for late I'm busy with work .
sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
I know this may be boring part .
I'll post another part soon , cause I'm wrting another part now, it's depends on u now how fast u'll  comment and how fast I'll update next part.
pls comments friends , ur comments inspired me lots.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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awsome update.
thank u

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lovely update 

Edited by madhavipatil - 03 February 2011 at 8:22am

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