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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 46)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 4:55am | IP Logged
update will be post within 1 hour

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yay m waitingg

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Can't wait Hug

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged
ho gaya baas 10mins more then update will be post.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Next Part:-

Next day morning, geet wake up and find maan is no where near. She gets up and saw a note placed on the side table.

Geet take the note and smile spread on her lips. She read the note and stunned to see her husband's order.

She quickly goes to the washroom. After changing and wearing a light green and yellow color saree . She just wear her mangal sutra and some bangles and her eyes has kajal. She filled her mang with sindoor and saw herself in the mirror.

Here, maan take permission from dadi and told Priya and yash about his important work and some meeting with some landowner. Geet also joined him there as those lands will buy on her name and need her signature,

Dadi naughtily smiles and understand her grandson's intension and give them permission.

Others r not know about the real intention of maan.

Here geet came there and see maan is ready. She takes blessing from dadi and wishes other good morning.

Maan take geet with him.

Here Priya said dadi: - but dadi y I'm feeling something suspicious about maan bhiaya's move.

Pinky who chews chips in the morning and asked matlab?

Priya and dadi looking at each other and said nothing.

Here in the car man driving and smiling to himself.

Geet feel shy and keep playing with her pallu when maan said kya hua mere bak bak machine is silent today?

Geet look at him and then said nothing.

After some time ,maan stopped near the dhaba and said let's eat something.

Geet nodded and came out from the car.both ordered food for them when maan noticed some uneasiness on geet.

Maan get up and sat beside her and placed his hand on her hand and said kya hua geetu, y u r feeling nervous. We r going for a normal date. Can't we?

Geet look at him and cursed her wild thought. Geet smiles and nodded positively and said maan, I know, oh mein kuch , maan ek baat puchu?

Maan:- hmm.

Breakfast come and maan cut the paratha and dip it in a curry and hold it in front of geet and said just bite it .

Geet bit the paratha half and rest maan take it. Geet blushed and maan said so kya kehe rehe thi?

Geet:-oh , delhi mein hospital ke kaam kaise chal raha hain?

Maan:- it's going nice.I called them yesterday and today morning also. All is going fine.

Geet smiled and said maan ruko, I'll eat my my self.

Maan:- what is the problem with me?

Geet:- sab dekh rehe hain.

Maan:- so what, we  r husband wife. Now eat it.

Geet:- maan pls try to understand.

Maan said nothing this time just get up from his there and paid the bill and going from there.

Geet shocked to see it. She also get up and asked the waiter to pack all foods then goes towards car.Maan already sit and waiting for geet. Geet came and sit in the passenger sit and said maan, mere gussa , tum iha kyuon niakl rehe ho?

Maan just start the car .

After some moments again , geet said pls maan, breakfast kha lo.

No response from maan.

Geet thinks some time then said I know u r angry on me but cause of ur big ego and anger ,I have starved now.I"m feeling hungry but now for u.

Maan parked the car in the side and said kisne tumhe bola kuch na khane ki, aapne break fast kyuon nehi complete kya, go and eat ur breakfast.

Geet:-I'll not if u r not taking any bite from here.

Maan:-I don't feel hungry any more now.

Geet:- maan, pls.

Maan:- geet, complete ur breakfast.

Geet:-ok, maat khao, aaj meine nehi khaungi kuch, na breakfast, na lunch, na hi dinner, tab tumhe shanty milega.

Geet tunred her face and frowned. Maan look helplessly and  said geet,

Geet:- don't say anything.

Maan close his eyes and hold geet's waist and take her in his lap and said madam , aajkal aapka gussa kuch jada hi sar pe char raha hain.

Geet who is smiling but still try to maintain  sad look.

Maan take the box and said now open it and feed me and remember here is no one .Only me and u.


Geet smiles and she turns slowly and placed her feet passenger seat and open the box and fed maan and herself.By this time maan just only staring at her.

Geet look at maan and said stop staring at me like this.

Maan:- y?

Geet:- baas , assihe.

After  their breakfast maan  hold her waist more tightly by one hand and placed another hand on back of her head and pull her close to him.At first geet looks confused then she understand and try to free herself but maan said shhhh,,, and quickly give her a peck on her cheeks and said thanks for the lovely breakfast.

Geet shyly smiles and her cheeks r red.

Maan:- waise u r looking beautiful today.

Geet shied and said when we will return?

Maan:- kyuon itna jaldi kyuon hain? Mere sath kuch pal nehi rehe sakthi?

Geet:- of course rehe sakthi, hoon mere pura zindegi aapke hi hain.

Maan smiles and give another r peck this time on lips and said don't worry dadi ma will be fine, Priya is very responsible and yash, kunal and Vicky also there, adi is there so.

Geet smiles and said I know then ruffles his hair.

After couple of hours they reached near a very deserted place. Geet looks at every where but find nothing only a river, a big open placed, some tree.

She looks at maan who is smiling to see her expression. Maan said look at that side.

Geet turns and saw tent set there and maan said so, how was the surprise, it's just beginning.

Geet smiles and hugged him and said so u r planning for this.

Maan: - yes,  but wait u'll receive more soon now come with me. Both sat in the ground and spend time there by chatting about their work, their childhood, at lunch time again both of them fed each other. Geet is very happy then they go for boating in the river and geet enjoyed lots.

Maan  looks at her and said I came here in my every holiday.

Geet frowned and said and u told me that u have no time for hp .

Maan laughed to see anger on geet' her nose was red due to anger.

He pulled her and she falls on his lap and all hairs r scattered on her face. Maan removed them and said u know what u r looking beautiful more when u r angry, and ur cute nose. It's looks cuter and he kissed the nose.

Geet shied and said u know how to divert my mind ha.

Maan:- no but now know .

Geet hugged him but soon she feels maan hand naughtily caresses her waist and back.

She moaned :- maan.

Maan placed some kissed on napped of her neck.

He gently bit there and said let's go geet, it's evening now,

Geet nodded but her face is full red.

Maan: - tum jao , I'll come within 10mins.

Geet nodded and enter the tent.

She sat on the bed when her cell alert her for a new msg. she open it and saw


 Wear this dress for me. And come out side,ur maan is waiting for u honey,

Geet shied and surprised and turn to see the dress.

It's cream and light red color mix saree with halter neck blouse.

Geet shied to see the blouse, she closes her eyes and said I'll tell maan that I cannot wear this dress; this blouse is too much revealing. Then again she said no, I cannot disappoint him, I'll wear for him. But I feel shy in front of him. But she is my friend. Still .I'm feeling shy. No he is my husband now and but I feel shy. Uff kya karu aab mein,.


After 30min.she came out from the tent and saw maan is arraigning the table for the dinner. He lit the candle and suddenly he looks at the front and found geet standing there and looking like angle. He smiles and goes close to her and said u look more beautiful now.

Geet shied and said thanks and u also looks handsome.

Maan grinned and hmmm.

He held her hand and take her near the table and said just wait one min.

Maan: - just close ur eyes jaan.

Geet closed her eyes and after few moments, maan said open ur eyes jaan ,

Geet open her eyes and found no one in front of her but suddenly saw maan sit in his knees and raised his hand in front of her and said will u marry me again geet?

Geet shocked, surprised and her eyes r widen and her jaw almost dropped.

Here maan saw her and then again repeat the question but again no response from geet.

Maan frustrated, irritated, confused then he shouts geeettttt and she came back from her thought and look at maan.

Maan asked geet, will u marry me again?

Geet's eyes welled up in tear and just nodded in yes.

Maan placed the ring on her ring finger and kissed there,He get up and hugged him but sensed something wrong in geet.

He look at her and saw tears falls from her eyes.Maan looks confused and asked what happen jaan?

Geet look at him and hugged him and said  u'll marry me really.

Maan:- ha , mere pagli, waise toh hum dono already married hain but again want to marry u.

Geet look at maan and cupped his face said really.

Maan:- ha baba, I want to marry u .

Geet :- sob…. But y ?

Maan her tears and said cause I love u…. kiss….cause I cannot kiss* live without kiss* u. cause kiss* my life is revolve kiss* around kiss* u.

Geet's full face cover with kisses now maan buried his head on her hair and said geet, we will go back delhi and after that we will get married their with every rituals.

Geet cries and hugged him again then kissed his lips.At first maan surprised then response well.

After some time they broke and look at each other .Geet flushed and hide herself in maan's chest.

Maan smiles then said let's go geetu, eat our dinner.

Geet nodded in yes.

Geet saw just one chair and look at maan with question in her eyes.Maan just naughtily smiles and geet blushed to read his expression.

Maan sat in the chair and then pull her in his lap and said now we will eat out dinner here.

Geet smiles and said tum bhaut badmash ho agye ho.

Maan bit her ear lobe and geet moaned. Maan said wrong, mein pehele bhi aisa hi tha, baas express aaj kal kar raha hoon.

Geet looks at him then slowly said can we our dinner.

Maan huskily whisper yes  darling .

Both fed each other but maan continuously caresses geet's stomach, waist , back.he kisses her back and neck and give her gentle bite here and there.

Geet moaned in between and maan increases his sweet torture.

Geet:-pls maan.

Maan stop and said kya hua jaan and nuzzle his nose in her neck.He taking sweet smell from her hairs and said ur smell driving me crazy jaan.

Geet shied and said chalo utho, I'm feeling cold.

Maan smiled and carries her in his arm.Geet:- maan, mein chal sakti hoon.

Maan:- jab aapke maan, aapke pati iha hain toh chalne ka taklif kyuon?

Geet smiles and placed her head on his shoulder. Both enter the room and maan placed her on the bed and said so mrs was the dinner?

Geet :- very tasty.

Maan:- but not like mine and wink at her.

Geet red due to shyness .she hugged him tightly.

Maan hugged back and said geetu.

Geet looks at him and understand his desire. Maan picked her up and placed her in the bed and looking at her with desire in his eyes. Geet flushed to see those eyes which r lovingly gazed at her eyes then come down at her lips.

Maan to himself, this full lips invite me again and again.

Maan bend down to capture those lips but geet turn her face and maan missed her lips but he kissed her cheeks.

Maan smiles and buried his face in her neck and nibble there slowly.Geet moaned and suddenly maan bit little hard and left his mark there.

Geet hold his shoulder tightly. Maan look at her face and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and then give naughty looks at  her lips.

Geet close her eyes and parted her lips and maan take her lips.both kisses and maan hands slowly go to her pallu and he removed it. Where geet hold his shoulder tightly .After that maan fully removed her dress here geet feel it and try to hide herself but maan held her hand and look at her  lovingly and drink her beauty .Geet full red then maan undress him self and  dim the light and then looks at geet who cover her self with a spread.

Maan smiled to see her shyness. Maan  came close to her and said jaan, if u want to take this slow then I'll give u time , no need to hurry.

Geet just shied and hugged him  and slowly kissed him on his neck .Maan smiles and said so   geet and and kissed her forehead and then cherished her with his love, take her in a new world, give her kisses from head to toe.Geet's leg cover his waist and her nails dig on his shoulder, back.

At the final moments geet cried out and maan take her lips and then saw tears falls from her eyes and kissed them.

Maan:- r u ok.

Geet nodded in yes and maan kissed her lips again then after the final climax they came back to the reality and both breathing hardly. Maan look at geet who looks at her shyly. He smiles and said u r too wild .

Geet hide herself in his chest when maan said now don't shy, that time u give me lots of marks.

Geet look at him with a frown when maan said are I'm joking dear.

Geet smiled and said   r those place hurting u?

Maan nodded and then said but u has some medicine doctor khurana.

Geet looks at him surprisingly and asked what?

Maan look at her lips and said give me that medicine now.

Geet looks the naughty look on his eyes and said dhat and playfully punch him on his chest.

Maan smiled and engulfed her in his arms.

After some moments maan  looks at geet and said so agye kya.

Geet:- nahi.

Maan turn her and looks at her and said geetu, after we back from here, I'll go for some work

Geet look at him and said ha tum work ke liye jaoge.

Maan:- ha , but outside delhi and It'll be not for one or two days. So.

Geet looks sadand said kitne dino ke liye.

Maan:- ummmm,may be more than 2 days.don't know still , depends on work quantity.

Geet get up and cover her with a spread and said ok and try to leave the bed but maan held her elbow and pull her and geet falls on her and maan said I know u feel bad but geet, this is my work.

Geet hugged him and said I know maan, but I feared and feel bad when u r not with me.

Maan:- understand jaan, but promise u before my leaving for work,I'll give u lots of time , and lots of love.

Geet rest her head on her hand and said maan, samal ke jana.

Maan laughed and said geetu, meine aajk iya kal nehi after 2 weeks ja rehi hoon.

Geet:- ummm.

Maan kissed her head and then look at her again feel she is shivering due to cold and take her under his blanket and geet snuggled in to her but maan has naughty intension and without  giving any chance to geet again he repeat his love for her.

At the early morning, geet is really exhausted. Maan wake her up full night and she looks very tired now.Maan said sorry jaan.I just.

Geet give him a smile and peck on his lips and said love u maan.

Maan feel little sad to see lots of bite marks on her and tired looks on geet.

Geet make him assure that it's ok. She is fine. Nothing to worry.and hugged him tightly .

They wake up at 10.30 am and feel hungry.

Precap:- More maaneet moments.



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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.

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