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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 27)

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 1:09am | IP Logged
rakhi sunday is hereeeeee
waitingggggggggg for ur updateeeeeeee

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Within 1 hours hopefully I'll post next part.
 I'm just typing and it's almost done.
rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

Within 1 hours hopefully I'll post next part.
 I'm just typing and it's almost done.

will b waitingggggggggg

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged

Next part:-

Next day morning, geet wake up and find herself in her husband's arm. Maan tightly wrapped his arms in her waist and slept there.

Geet shyly smiles and think about yesterday night. She caresses maan's face and hair. She give him a little peck on his forehead and said captain khurana jitna acche dikhte hain, utna hain nehi.

Maan with close eyes said toh kaise hain?

Geet surprised and blushed to know that her husband already awake and heard and know all things. she said tum uth gaye the.

Maan pull her more close and said hmmm and nuzzle his nose in her neck. Geet close her eyes in pleasure when she found maan's hand caresses her waist lovingly.A moan escaped from geet's lips maan.and that is excited maan more he continue his teasing session.his hand wander on geet's waist , stmach and his lips on her neck, shoulder. Her neck and shoulder full cover on wet kisses and now close to her face and saw her eyes are close and her cheeks are full red due to shyness. Maan caresses her cheeks by his nose and said mere geetu itna sarmata hain pata nehi tha,mujhe toh lagta tha iye koi sherni hain. Par mein galat tha.

Geet open her eyes and push him and said tum majak suj tha hain ahar baat ka, meien sherni hoon iya kuch aur baad meine bata ti hoon.

Maan chuckled and said that is like my geetu, always ready to fight with me.

Geet: - u r, and runs and enter washroom.

Maan smiles and again lay on the bed.

After geet came out and find maan still sleeping and she said captain khurana uth jaiye , subha ho gaya hain.

Maan: - hmm, geet, I want to ask u something.

Geet looks seriousness on maan face and asked maan , any thing serious?

Maan get up and sit in the bed and said no.

Geet:- but u r looking serious, what happen? Pull her and make her sit on his lap and said geet, I want the key of mushi jee's room and study room.

Geet:- I don't have any keys but I know where he kept those keys.

Maan:- good, then I'll take my shower then we will go there.

Geet:-ok, but every one want to go to picnic so,

Maan:- Vicky cancel it cause he and yash will go to meet some land owner for hospital and then they will do some paper work in amrtisar so they will be return by night and we r alone so, thora kaam and thora and give geet naughty smile and kiss her cheeks.

Geet blushed and said jao aab washroom mein.

Maan :- man nehi hain tumhe chor ke jane ke.

Geet:- accha aaj bahut pyaar aarha hain, jab mujhe avoid karte tab kya hota?

Maan:- geet, I know it but sab kuch kya tumhe mujhse dur karne ke liye par all u know I failed every time.

Geet pouted her lips and said hmmmm.

Maan give her another kiss on her cheeks and get up from the bed.

After break fast , pari and pinky going for shopping and explore the hp and  kunal going to meet some relatives in amrtisar when Vicky and yash going to meet land owner. Priya and dadi ma decided to do some work for library and select books for library and hospital, and checking design for library and school.

Here, Maan taking geet with him and here Priya and dadi said now both love birds cannot stay away from each other for single moment.

Priya smiles and remember she saw love bite on geet's shoulder .They both maaneet stealing glances. She is very happy to see maan is happy after long time. When she first met maan after her marriage on kunal, how he looks sad and lonely. No very much friends, all time busy with work. But some how whenever dadi ma mentioned about geet , his face lighten up but soon he recovered. Don't know what the problem was that time.

Here maneet enter the room of munshi jee, and maan is searching something there.

Maan:- look this man has some good taste on the furniture.

Geet:- yea I saw it, and he is . tum kya dhoond rehe ho?
Maan:- pata nehi kuch profe agar mil jaye .

Geet sat in the bed and said toh tum dhoondo , mein aati hoon.

Maan:-Kaha ja rehe ho?

Geet:-Dadi ma ke paas, kaam hain.

Maan turns and hold her wrist and pull her and said no.

Geet raised her eye brow and said what?

Maan: - tum kahi nehi jaogi.

Geet:- par mujhe bhaut kaam hain maan, pls.

Maan:- kya kaam hain?

Geet:-Dadi ma liye soup banake aati hoon, tum tab tak dhoond lo.



Maan:- jaldi aao, kuch batana bhi hain.


After geet left the room, maan is busy with his searching.

Here, geet came and heard Priya said dadi ma about sameera and her psychic love for maan.

Dadi ma looks worried and said maan know about it?

Priya:- yes .

Dadi ma:- and geet, hope she know about it?

Priya:- un fortunately maan refused to tell anything about it to geet.

Dadi ma:- but y? she is his wife and she has the rights to know about it.

Priya:- we told about it but maan said no, he will not say or tell anything about it to geet.

Dadi ma looks tensed and Priya said dadi ma ,I  know the problem but if maan.

Geet goes from there and try to make soup for dadi ma.

After some moments she feels pair of hands cover her waist tightly and pull her towards his chest.

Geet startled first and said maan choro mujhe.

Maan:- kitni baar bolu chor n eke liye thori na pakra hain.and hide his face in her hair.

Geet close her eyes in passion but she want to ask something and said maan, pls , stop it now.

Maan who sensed something wrong on  geet's voice and turn her by her shoulder and asked what happen geetu?

Geet:- oh oh.

Maan held her chin by his finger asked don't hesitate geetu, u r my wife but first we r friend now tell me what happen to my darling wife and y r face is so pale?

Geet hugged maan and said aapko sameera trap karma chathi thi?

Maan shocked to hear it and paused for some time then again geet repeat her question when maan said yes but geet push him and said u want to hide it from me?

Maan surprised to this reaction by geet then said geet, if any one love me that is their problem I don't love them na.

Geet:- it's not only love, she want to….chi chi, now I understand her lustful eyes on u that day.

Maan:- geet, there are lots of women like sameera but we should ignore them y we r bringing them here, they r no one to us,

Geet:- yes, they r no one but  u r the one who r …….but stopped in a mid way when she heard dadi ma's voice.

Geet quickly turns and concentrate on the soup, dadi ma enter kitchen said are maan beta, aap iha,geet aapbhi.

Geet making the soup and said ha dadi ma oh meine aapke soup ke liye aayi hoon aur kuch kaam hain?

Maan:- aapne medicine liye aapna.

Dadi ma :- ha geet aur Priya ne milke mere medicine , food sab dekh rehe hain.

Maan weakly smiles at dadi ma and said geet, after ur all work, just come to the room, have urgent work. Then maan leave the place.

Geet close her eyes and try to think different possible solution about maan is still hiding about sameera and her trapped.

Geet made the soup and gave it to dadi ma and complete some work with Priya try to distract herself from those horrible thoughts.

At lunch time pari and pinky came and every one join the luch but geet still avoid maan.

Maan who want to tell everything and the reason behind hiding the story of this sameera and trapped but geet.

After lunch geet is busy with Priya to clean the tables after that maan cannot want any more he said geet, come with me now.

Geet calmly said I have lots of work maan.

Maan hold her wrist and take her to the washroom and claen her hand and said Priya said the servant to clean everything u also take some rest.

Geet said maan what r u doing now, leave my hand now.

Maan: - no and then picked her in his arms and said just stay silent, enough of attitude.

He take her and placed her in the bed and lock the door but geet get up from the bed and try to move when maan said geetu, y r u behaving like this. Don't want to hear my side of story. Doesn't u trust me any more now?

Geet stop and said I trust u more than myself but u hurt me by hiding some stuff.

Maan came close and said look, geet, I want to hide that matter cause it's only creating problem, it's only creating tension and I don't want this.

Yes sameera want to trapped by first mixed my drink but fortunately that drinks fall on another colleague of mine , second time she try to come with me in pune .I told everything to her husband and told him to go pune with her. , u remembers 1 year ago when I refuse to came here but still came just for that. I missed ajay's marriage that time for that. ajay one of my mate who married that time in pune and I want to go there but.

Now I want to hide it cause it's only creating more tension, nothing more. I know u have ful rights to know everything about me. But I just want to ignore this part cause I want to give u happiness and mainly first she is no one to me and ….

Geet: - understand ur each and every word but maan think logically, still some where u want to hide it and job hi reason ho. Itna sab kuch hogaya, tab na ho, aab toh bol sakte the.

Maan :- kab bolta bolo, humara shaadi kaise hua, kaise hum ek doosre ke sath adjust karnke  try kar rehe the do din pehele bhi aur meien tab iss topic ko le aau, great.

Geet :- nehi phir bhi. Waise bhi meien uss chudail ko nehi chorungi, she want to hurt u, she  keep her evil eye on u.I'll snatch her eyes, I'll kill her.I'll maan came forward and hugged her tightly and said hmmm samajh gaya. U will kill her now before that ready for ur punish ment.

Geet look little up and asked punishment,

Maan nodded in yes and said for late arriving at ur husband service.

Geet look at him and playfully punch his chest and said bahut badhmash ho rehe ho.

Maan hugged her more tightly and said hmmmmmm.

At the evening maan busy with yash, Vicky .When geet came and saw her husband still on phone from previous 2 hours. She looks frustrated and try to leave when maan hold her wrist and indicate her to stand there.

After the call , maan said they will return tomorrow morning and day after tomorrow we will go for picnic.


Maan hold her arms and made her sit on his lap and asked only great. No excitement, nothing, but last few days u want to go for a picnic with every one rather than spending time with me.

Geet touch his face and said I'm sorry maan.

Maan:- for what?

Geet:- just for a moment I thought u have some feelings for that….

Maan engulfed her in his arms and said no darling, it's ok , it's proved u love me but u r possessive about me. And in love it's also necessary. But u know what is the actual meaning of this fight, if u fight then ur re union will be more passionate.

Geet blushed and said maan.

Maan :- kal yash and Vicky ko subha aarehe hain so we will busy with meeting but I'm free at evening so, want to spend my time with u and will u go with me some where?

Geet lowered her head and said hmmmmm.

Maan:- pucho ge nehi kyuon aur kaha ja rehe hain hum?

Geet:- no,I trust u .par kyuon ja rehe hain  , oh may be u want to spend time with me.

Maan:- yes and have some surprises for u darling.

Geet smiles and said I'll wait for ur surprises.

Maan look at her eyes and then his eyes falls on her lips .Maan want to taste them again, those lips are like sweet and  geet noticed it and feel shy , she want to move but maan's grips strong and he slowly touch those lips and start to nibble it. First that kiss is very gentle and slowly maan use his tongue to invade geet's lips and geet parted her lips and maan enter in her mouth. Here geet slowly respond in him back. Maan's hand goes on her back and gently caresses her back. But soon some one came to the room and said sorry and goes back to outside.

Here maaneet , break their kiss and geet's look flushed , she lowered her head and closes her eyes tightly.

Maan shook his head and said aww , my geetu is blushing and geet just in return hugged him .After some time she said koi aaya tha  maan iha, aab mein bahar kaise jau?

Maan:- tum aapne room mein,aapne pati ke sath ho, so , waise koi bhi aaya ho, don't take tension about it.

Geet still blushing and feel embarrassed.

Here pinky who saw it and still flushed and going to her room.when pari saw her and asked her but pinky said nothing oh, kuch nehi and divert her.

At the dinner table maan informed dadi ma about their hospital in delhi going good.then he told Priya and other Vicky, kunal and yahs will be return tomorrow morning.Thne day after tomorrow they will go for a picnic.

Dadi ma excited about picnic then every one chatted for some time but pinky still looks at geer who looks shy still.

After dinner every one goes to their room. Geet gave medicine to dadi ma .Priya came there and said today,I'm going to sleep with dadi ma .hope no one have any problem with this.

Geet and dadi ma smiles and said no problem.

Geet wishes them good night.Ma came and said dadi ma  tomorrow we will go out side.

Priya asked we means?

Maan smiles and said we means me and my wife.

Dadi ma :- good.

Priya winks at geet who  turns and leave the place.

At their room, geet lay besides maan who is playing with her curls.

Geet:- maan, mujhe lagta hain pinky ne dekh liye.

Maan:- kya.

Geet:- oh. Jo, shaam ko.

Maan:- hmm. Now his hand going on her stomach and caresses it.

Geet close her eyes and said maan.

Maan naughtily smiles and pull her towards him and said  good night.

Geet just open her eyes and saw maan close his eyes but his lips played naughty smile.

She murmur iye kya kar rehe hain mujhe kuch samajh mein nehi aaraaha ahin, ek baar paas bulate  aur mujhe iss tarah.she close her eyes in frustration when Maan came close to her and said in her ears what do u want ?shall I continue or ….Geet's cheeks red and she hide herself in maan's chest.

Maan kissed her hair and hugged her.geet hugged him back and think about maan's change behaviors. how he looking for geet happiness first instead of  own. but it's always  from child hood  may be he angry on her sometimes but still he placed her happiness instead of  own. how maan fulfill her every dream. how maan take care of her dream , wishes.and specially his love for her now growing more.

geet thanked her baba jee for give her back maan, her maan. geet ki maan.she smiled and shied and just placed her head on his chest.


Precap:- propose and sr of maaneet.


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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for late I'm busy with work .
sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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i am waiting 4 ur update 4 longDay Dreaming
awesome updateClapClapClapClap
continue soon

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LadyArwen Goldie

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cute one... Smile

Edited by LadyArwen - 16 January 2011 at 3:01am

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Ummmmm precap !!! Plz jaldi update karo

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