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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 2)

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrk_1

congrats for the new thread post the next update soon,,,,

Thanks  dear.
I'll update it now.

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 7:03am | IP Logged

Next Part:-

Maan lay besides her and noticed geet snuggle next to him and shivering badly. He placed a hand on her forehead and found it's little burning, he tucked her with a blanket and uff this girl na , never take care of herself.kya karu isski mein.

Maan :- nehi aise blanket se cover karne kuch nehi hoga, I have to give her medicine and food.

He look at their luggage and find little snacks said isse hi kaam chalana hoga… and medicine also.

Maan:- geet, get up sona,

Geet;- hmm, pls let me  sleep. Maan

Maan:- ok , but let eat it first. Sona.

After some moments, geet reluctantly get up and said u have problem with my sleep also.

Maan smile and said  mrs Khurana now eat it and gave her snacks but geet rufused , maan said psl geet u have fever and with out any food I cannot give u medicine .now eat something.

Geet make a baby face and said I don't like it.

Maan roll his eyes and said geet, ok have these biscuits atleast.

Geet nodded and finish couple of biscuits and then said now, maan smiles and give her paracetamol for reducing the temperature and asked do u have any problem in ur throat?

Geet:- no.

Maan:- now sleep.

Geet lays on the bed and maan carrassed her head and geet slowly dose off to sleep.Maan still carrassed her head and kiss her hair .

Next day morning, maan wake up early and found get is looking at him.

Maan:-  good morning, jaldi uth gaye.

Geet smiles back and said morning, ha baas thori der pehele.

Suddenly geet placed her head on maan's arm and said maan, I'm sorry.

Maan shocked to hear it and said y and what sorry?

Geet get up and said I forced u to marry me.

Maan:-  get up and held her shoulder and said look at me.

Geet turns and look at his eyes when maan said  remember most important thing about me, no one dare to force me,  it's my choice to marry u, yes there is some reason but now I want this marriage will work.

Geet:- but  y? U don't love me, then y r u waisting ur time here? May be u'll find a better girl than me. May be she will love  u and vice- versa.

Maan get up from the bed and said  hmm. Let's go , change dress.

Geet:- ans me and then pull him and by sudden pull maan lost his balance and falls on geet.

 Get lay on the bed and maan on top of her..Maan face very close to her and both loss each other eyes.

Maan then slowly said geet, if u trusts me then u'll understand me and my reason of and  y I don't want to break this marriage?

Maan get up from geet and said get up and go ready.

Geet: - no first tell me.I don't know anything. Well for dadi ma.

Maan:-thanks for understandgin me well now ,I'm going to take shower and if u have little time for me then order breaks fast and don't go out side with out shawl as u have fever last time and till now u r  not well fully.

 Geet pouted her lips and said haar time gussa, ek baar khul ke nehi bol sakte ho , kyuon iye shaadi torna dehi chathe ho, peheli o meine baat karne accha lgata hain , pata hain but aapke patni ko peheli aacha nehi lagta.

Maan:- dekho but his cell ring and he pick it and said vicky we will be there by  night.

Geet heard it and said night but y?

Vicky from other side but bro, y, if there is any problem then tell me?

Maan:- no actually I was bearing ur bhabi's nonstop drama so , when it'll be complete , we will try to re start our journey  and but soon geet hit him by pillow and snatched the phone and said geet, nothing happen ur brother want to stay here cause night journey  is not safe in high way, we will reached by evening,don't worry.anyway, how is dadi ma?

Vicky:- she is fine , and now busy with pari.

Geet :-ok,  vicky.

Vicky smiles and said don't worry bhabi, I'm taking care of dadi and pari is here also.

Geet smiles and said thanks Vicky. After some time she cuts the call and saw maan standing there and his both hands are on his hips.

Geet murmur now what happen? Y r u giving me this look.

Maan:- will stop ur chatter box for some time and go ready or stay here.

Geet:- hmmmm. But first u give me the reason of our marriage and y u want to continue it?

Maan:- do u have any problem.

Geet:- no.

Maan:- then ,  don't ask me again and again.

Geet:-ok fine, don't tell me , who ,I'm  . huh.

Maan turns and enter the washroom.

Here geet giggles  to see maan  like this.Geet:- so captain Khurana, u r really fool , u don't know that y  u want to continue this marriage.  U love me but don't know or don't want to tell me , uff what will I do with u? u r really child. ok honey my sweet husband I'll continue this game also and soon u'll confess ur love.

 Maan came out and said geet, go and quick.I'll order the break fast as u forget to order the breakfast.

Geet bit her lower lips and said sorry,

After their breakfast  maan again give her some antibiotic and said don't try to argue with me now. U r doctor but u forget basic thing when u start any medicine then full fill the course other wise the affect will reduce from next term. Now eat it .

Maan call vicky and said  except u no one can give  medicine to dadi ma.

Vicky  said ok but want to know the reason.

Maan:-I'll tell u later.


 Here at HP, in pari's room, pari sitting in the bed and looking at some pic and said   u reject me and told me that u'll never get married to any one but u  married to geet and  u declared it's  a love marriage , how could u broke my heart.I'll never forgive u.

Pinky know the door and pari quickly said wait,

Pari weeps her tears and washed her face and open the door.

Pinky said what happen?

Pari:- don't ask me, I want to pick that book but un fortunately dust falls on my eyes.

Pinky:- oh no , how's it now?

Pari:- much better,.

Pinky:- ok, le'ts go  some where.


Both of them going out side.

 Here, Maaneet is ready to leave,Geet looking at maan and said  kya hum uha…

Maan paid all bill in the hotels and said nehi munshi jee uha nehi hain, vicky informed me about it  but I doubt may be we have to face Rishav and rahul there.

Geet:- tum mere bolne se pehele kaise sab samajh jate ho.

maan:- well same applicable to u geetu, mere bolne se pehele samajh jate ho, but still we have to communicate more cause still we fight,.

Maan call kunal and heard there are waiting for them

Maan introduce kunal and her wife to geet.

Geet says hello to both of them,

Kunal:- well I have my car and will drive it, aur aap dono aapne car se aajao.I think both of u need some private place, nayi nayi shaadi hui hain.

Geet  murmur. Ha naam ka hi nayi nayi shaadi hua hain humara.

Maan heard it and smirks.

Maaneet sit in the car.

 After some time maan's phone ring and it's pari.

Maan cut the call.

Geet:- pick up na, may be she will tell something,

Maan glare at geet and said just sit silently.

Geet:- hmm, and turn her face.

At after noon , maan told driver to stop the car near dhaba.

Geet turns her face.

Maan :- let's go and complete our lunch first.

Maaneet saw together. Maan order geet's fav  food for lunch.Kunal and her wife said they will meet them late, cause they will go some market near the city.

Maaneet nodded.

Geet:- lagta hain kuna bhaiya jaan bhoojh ke aise kar rehe hain.

Maan:- yes, he want to spend time with her wife alone.

Geet:- hmm, lucky.

Maan:- hmmm.

Maan look tensed and said geet,I want to tell u something,

Geet put a roti on her mouth and raised her hands to feed maan also .

Maan take the roti from her hand and said pari and her wrong work and her proposal .

Geet smiles and said captain Khurana I guess it , yes it's u who told me about it but I guessed something wronged with her. I fel like that specially the way she looks at u and me.

Maan:- aur tumhe koi problem nehi.

Geet:- abhi tak usne kuch aisa kya nehi but baad meine agar she will cross her limit then I'll not leave her.

Maan:- hmm , possessive. Well if I feel but before he could complete the sentence geet hold his coller and pull him and said don't u dare to do it think about it.I'll not leave u either also.

Maan smiles and said yes I see it now.

Geet smiles and both complete their food.

At the evening both reached hp. Vicky send a servant who take their luggage.

Maaneet entert the home and dadi said now both of found time to come here.

Maaneet take blessing from her and then geet hugged her and said dadi ma.

Kunal and her wife came and take blessing from them.

Kunal noticed pari there and don't feel good.

Dadi ma told every one take rest specially maaneet and kunal and his wife.


Vicky and pinky and adi join dadi ma spend time with her. While sasha and tasha doing some planning for day after tomorrow picnic,

Pari return to her room and don't feel good to see maaneet happy together.

Here in the room, geet feels little dizzy and maan said what happen

Maan hold her and said what happen geet?

Geet hold his arms and said nothing just feeling little dizzy.

Maan:- take rest.

Geet:- maan , my cloths are not  good, let me change first pls.

Maan:- but.

Geet:- I'm going no where. Pls just going to wash room and will change my cloths.

Maan:-hmm, if any help needed then call me.

After changing the cloth geet came out and maan saw her pale face and feels guilty.

Geet notice this on maan's eyes. She stand close to him and cups his face and said captain Khurana I like ur angry face more than this sad face. Now give me back my angry young man now.

Maan smiles and said u know na how to make me happy?

Geet:- yes. I know, after all,I'm ur geet.

Maan:-how r u feeling now?

Geet:- good.

Maan:- ok but still u should take rest here and no movement.

Geet:- but maan ,If I'll stay here then dadi will be worried and who will make food for every one.

Maan:-dadi will understand and I'll prepare the food.

Geet:- wiase kal raat kaise kya khana khaya tha , tum sahi kehe rhethe mein hi galat hoon, dadi ko iha ekele.

Maan:- geet,  can't u forget last night.

Geet smiles and said no. cause last time is one of my special day with my sadu husband .

Maan give her fake  angry glare and said geeeet.

Geet laughs and said see.

Maan smiles and said now sit here.I'll change and come back soon.

After change in track suit and black vest , maan standing infront of  mirror and said geet, how r u feeling now?

Geet:-  maan, stop being over protective. I'm not a kid,It's just small fever .

Maan:-I know u r not a kid but it's my fault if I  worried about health and  never will  ask u any  thing related to ur health.

Geet get up and higged him from behind and said maan, u r really changed now, I want my angry young man but tina bhi gussa nehi, pls maan.I'm alright If I'm feeling not well then I'll tell u first . trust me..

Maan turns and hugged her tightly and said I'll make the food for to night.

Geet:-ok, but,I'll go with u.

Maan:- no.

Geet:- I'll if u not then ,I'll skip my dinner.

Maan:- geetttt.

Geet laughs at his irritation.

Maan:-accha lagta hain mujhe pareshan karke.

Both maaneet heading towards the kitchen.

But vicky said wow, look at the loving couple  ek sath aarehe hain.

Dadi ma:- stop teasing . she noticed geet look  little pale and asked what happen beta?

Maan:- oh dadi ma.

Get quickly hold his hand and said nothing dadi ma. Baas little tired due to journey .

Dadi :-oh, take rest then .

Geet:- oh dinner.

Vicky:- bhabi , already maids made dinner fo today.We will eat tonight early, we will go for picnic tomorrow.actually pehele thik tha, we will go day after tomorrow. But then.

Maan:- pehele mujhe se puch liya hota toh, dekh nehi raha hain tere bhabi ko tiredness hain, no picnic tomorrow.

Pinky:- but maan.

Geet:-'s ok,We will go tomorrow.I'm fine.

Maan:- geet , u r not fine and it's my final decision now no more argument.

Geet:- but maan,

Maan  leave the place angrily and here pari saw it and smile .

Pari:- oh oh so captain Khurana angry on his darling wife . good.I should take advantage of this now.

Here, geer feels sad to see maan like this. And runs behind maan.

Vicky:- dadi ma when I'll see them behaved like mature or r they will behave like this   till my hair will gray.




Dadi laughs and said hummm,I love the second option.

Adi laughs and said same here.

Vicky:- my loss.

Here at the terrace, maan standing alone when some one hug him from behind.


Precap:- no.

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updated next part. pls read it and comment it.
 hope u all like it.
all my silent readers pls press the liked button also.
I'll send pm soon. who don't received any pm then pls empty ur inbox.
 any one want  pm from me then pms add me or send buddy request.

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yay me
ok firstly congrats on ur new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!
now.................omg omg omg pariiiiiiiiiii ki toh main..............baaal noch loongi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not fair!!!!!
i bet its her thats hugged him haina???
im liking the togetherness b/w hubby wifey
i want more!!!!

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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hey rakhi....congo to you fot second thread...
loved the update...waiting for Maan to confess his love to geet...hate pari...what the hell is she upto...hope she does not create problems in Maaneet's married life...waiting fot the next part.....

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who s hugging from behind ??? pari ???

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awesome part dear... so Maan falling for Geet and Geet love teasing him... wh is hugging Maan if its Pari then she is gone...

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i think, it is pari who is hugging maan from behind

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